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Amazing Law

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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July 7, 2019 8:00 am

Amazing Law

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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July 7, 2019 8:00 am

Pastor Robert shares that although we are released from the law, we can relate to it as a master, mirror, map, and measure for our lives.

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Welcome to worship in a word with pastor Robert Murray today continuing amazing grace with a message titled amazing law. I'm your host Ginny in here with my cohost Patrick hey everybody. Well, today's message picks up where Pastor Robert left off last week when he shared about how we need to live out of relationship. We were once married to the law and now were married Jesus.

Essentially, we've been released to live out of the relationship instead of rules and regulations and this week he's going to talk more about God block and why God gave US knowing he was going to introduce grace when Jesus came to the you know I always found the laws from Leviticus and Deuteronomy to be intriguing.

There were so many rules and specifics keep track of. I can imagine living under all of those rules and restrictions. It sounds really stressful. It really dies that I'm excited to hear what Pastor Robert have to say about why God gave us a lot less diving series called amazing Grace, and the title this message might shock you a little bit, but the title this message is amazing wall amazing law.

Last week we talked about our amazing new husband that we were married to the law, but never married Jesus, but I want to show you how amazing the law is and why God gave the law why did even give the law and if we been released from the law is Romans seven says then how do we relate to the wall and why did God give us the law so we'll talk about this, but the law is amazing. Now the law according to Jewish tradition would be divided into two categories. The moral laws of God and the ceremonial laws of God. Gentiles then divide those two categories as well. Under the ceremonial walls would be the ceremonial laws in the dietary laws ceremonial would include the feasts and sacrifices and things like In the dietary you know the things there were clear on the plane to eat and then under the moral laws of God.

Gentiles normally divided into categories. The moral laws being the 10 Commandments and the judicial walls we get our laws about murder and manslaughter from the Bible from the Bible, God tells the difference between murder and manslaughter and he gives judicial loss when you include the 10 Commandments you take the laws in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. The word Deuteronomy means the second law or the law. The second time. So God's like I will give it to you again case you missed the first time. Make sure you get this when you add those together all of the laws. The moral the judicial was ceremonial in the dietary laws. There are 613 laws that God gave 613. But why did God give these laws. I want you to understand the law is not bad. God wants us to live moral lives is modified when Jesus is saying that they're only many people come to me say you, Lord, Lord, that we do all these things in your name is. I will save you part for me, for I never knew you, you who practice law last mass, you who practice lawlessness. Now again were not married to the law.

But you know what happens when we do get married. Jesus was very carefully he writes his laws on our heart so we can talk about why God gave us the law. My building some intrigue for you here okay nevermind I so you have to understand that the only way that the Jews knew to relate to God was through the law and law keeping. That's the only way they knew to relate to God until Jesus showed up in the Bible says that Jesus was grace and truth and delay with the law. The truth of God's law, but Gray showed up also.

So Jesus had to make some clarifying statements about the law and were about to reach the clarifying state right Paul. By the way, had to make clarifying statements also about the law. It's a lot in Romans and Galatians. I cohere here is Matthew five verse 17 Matthew five verse 17 do not think that I came to destroy the law or the prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill. For Shirley, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one table that we compare that to the Nolte of Nottingham and Iowa crossing with the beast similar to that about one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law, till all this fulfill whoever therefore breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches men so shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven.

Notice then say goes to hell. This apparently is a believer is called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever does any teaches them does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven from God is not saying he wants us to live moral lives. He wants us to live moral lives, so let me show you the for purposes of the law is number one. The law is a master.

The law is a master now told you if you want to put a marker Galatians chapter 3 Galatians chapter 3 verses 24 and $0.25. Therefore, the law was our tutor this morning milking changes translate schoolmaster to bring us to Christ.

The law was our tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith. But after faith is come.

We are no longer under a tutor.

Now I don't know about you but I was always afraid of teachers always, it's probably because I was a bad student and I used to have this teacher that walked room with the regular and you have a teacher like that and she would just gonna show up at your desk and say the American Revolution and she just pop you like that that schoolmaster teacher. I was thinking about this today. John you you you grew up Catholic set right and and did you ever get pop by the rumor of any country freedom ministry that I so but how old were you when you accepted Christ 18 so what was the law doing for Pastor John until it before he accepted Christ centered with the law was doing well with say you need to do this. They do this they do this you don't do this, don't do this, don't do this do this do this do this don't do this, don't do this and not the moral laws of God right but here let me sum up what the law was saying to John before he accepted Christ unit Jesus.


That's what the law that's the laws job is to bring us to Jesus. Now what is the lobby force.

After we had stayed at this. This might shock you listen is what the law is still saying to me to this day he still may Jesus cheat or steal made Jesus us with a lot of the law is, is that the teacher noted (with the rumor. But what if you were in her class and you heard about the teacher. They merely College of this time he heard about this professor that would come in actually annual down at your desk and want to explain to you very gently very kindly and help you understand and would stay after class and spend time you and everyone in this class. God pays what would you do transfer right.

That's what I'm telling we transfer from the law being our teacher to Jesus being our teacher, so the laws a master to bring us to Christ and to worship where the pastor rapidly today. Pastor Robert is talking about the law God gave the Old Testament and how although he released friend through Jesus life and law still has purpose for believers you know today. It's interesting to think of the law is a teacher or guy to show us how much we actually need was so glad Pastor Robert mentioned verse in Matthew 517 Jesus said he didn't come to abolish the law always found it interesting how exactly does Jesus fulfill the law. The first time I heard this message neatly maintained to you know without Jesus the law is just a bunch of groups because machines are hard to renew our minds and all we Jesus the law fulfilled God for the purpose of bringing the realization of how much we need Patrick have to say how grateful I am not only in this scenario been talking about for the lively teacher bringing the teachers patiently and willingly dedicate their lives to educating and absolutely you know I wasn't bad but I certainly gave my clown.

This illustration has given me a newfound appreciation for the lot. We've only just begun left continue Pastor Robert is a segment about the law.

The law is mirror James chapter 1 verses 23 through 25 per evening if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror. For he observes himself and goes away and immediately forgets what kind of man he was. But here he looks into the perfect law of liberty to me that truth and grace and continues in it and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work. Now watch this carefully. This one will be last and what he does, one who reads the perfect law of liberty that the moral laws of God through the eyes of grace, the one who does the and he reads it and he doesn't forget it. It's a mirror chose him who he really is and he he does what's in the word everything he does will be blessed.

That's incredible so the law reflects the moral standards of God right. The law reflects the moral standards of God.

If you want to know if something is is good for you are bad for you. You can read the law of the law help you this what Paul said what he said in Romans seven verse seven he said I would not know I would not of known covetousness unless the law had said, you shall not covet to see the law helps us understand the morals of God and if we walk morally through the power of the Holy Spirit, through the grace of Jesus Christ.

It's going to help our life did not have training website. That car wrecks.

That's why gives us tomorrow.

It's a mirror that reflects the moral standards of God. Now when explain this to you. The law will reflects the parameters of God's desires, but it does not reflect the parameters of his love. This is very very important understand the law reflects the parameters are the boundaries of God's desires, but it does not reflect boundaries of his love lately safe. This what does the world everyone in the world.

This everyone in the world keep God's law known but does God love the world. Yes, his desire is that people wouldn't steal the people on July the day we commit adultery but his desire, but he still loves the person who lives in a sentence done for that person so so what what this does is it helps me understand how I relate to other people but say that you have a growing child who is not walking with the Lord in a growing child says you did do you disagree with my lifestyle you would say well it's not my desire that you live that way because according to Scripture, you got a car wreck in front of you got a train wreck in front of you, but I still love you I love you with all my heart. God loves you seven think it doesn't it's like when that the woman was caught in adultery where the Bible says John once a Jesus was full of grace and truth. Grace and truth that she's called in adultery. They said the law says owner what you say he never disagreed with the law.

He did not disagree with the law. He did disagree with heresies added laws and interpretations of the but even this rate, God's law. Never one time. Here's what he said. I said the law since toner what you say. He said when you're right, but the one who is without sin.

Let him cast the first course none of them work.

By the way he qualified himself as the only one. Put a cast stone if he was lesson, but when everyone walked away. Send this woman is no one condemned you. She said no Lord listen what he said, not grace and truth. Grace and forgive what he said neither derived that's grace going sin no more strength is that I don't condemn either but don't continue in this lifestyle because it's bad for you. This titration parts of the laws is a mirror here's number three the law is a map laws a map shows us which way to go if we want a have a good life and joy filled life. Psalm 119 verse 105 your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path all through Psalm 119 it says your word, your laws, your precepts, your statutes all say this is this is the roadmap it would be like this.

I'm reading that the roadmap I'm reading God's map and I'm walking this way, but I'm looking at the map I get right here in the roadmap which I stop because there's a precipice there in the map would say turn right thing. I keep walking, this one since I adultery is a precipice.

God is all you to follow up because you get hurt your family get hurt your friends will give her another family get hurt their friends would get hurt.

That's why God says is why God gives us a map of God's word is a map if you will know how to be married in the book, you'll know how to raise kids in the book, you will know how to run your business in the book God gives us a map of how to live a joy feel like listening, here's how good Satan is exterminated around Satan has convinced many people if you do something and it's fun. It must not be God and God is sitting on. I'm telling you that living with the same woman for your entire life and loving her and laying your life down for her is the way you experience joy on this earth not going from person to person to person and partake the heartache, the hard welcome back. You just tuning in, listening to worship and where the pastor reverently, even if the first couple of messages in this amazing grace.

You can find many other resources online.

Pastor quote Jenae you know there is so much in this message I want to talk about but I particularly love what Pastor Robert said that the law of reflects the parameters of God's desires, but it does not reflect the parameters of coming out right. I love that is a moral mirror for how God wants us to live. But that doesn't put a boundary on God's love for he's a perfect good father who shows us how to live the way to go and still love the swimming.

I was lucky to have a great family around me coming too often exemplified this kind of laugh and bring me to and I am so grateful throughout this message in also becoming more and more grateful for the law needs to allow really is amazing. Let's jump back in one more time with peers. 4. The law is a measure.

It's a measure this number for the law is a measure. It shows me how I'm doing. Keeping moral standards of God that remember remember when we can say were not married to the line were married to Jesus. But remember he says in the new covenant, right my laws on their heart. So there's an internal compass that God gives me to be a lot morally so I can enjoy this life have a good life.

So here's what the law does law keeps keeps me a line that helps me understand some of the slaves again through my relationship goal is for appointments like this, like before I got saved I was a liar. I was a liar. I like I told lives. After I got saved someone asking me about something and I said to will have a problem with exaggeration feel God's word said to me know you from allowing now you need understand that law keeping is not the measure of true spirituality. The very clearly on this law keeping is not the measure of true spirituality. If law keeping had been the measure of true spirituality than the Pharisees would've been the most spiritual is what Jesus said to look like a cemetery pretty green grass and nice flowers but you have dead men's bones on the inside so that there are people that haven't been saved long at all and and don't even know some of the things that they shouldn't but they love God with all your heart. Now they grow in a mature but they don't know.

I member when I was associate pastor at Shady Grove church.

I one of the things I did for part of the time was the young marriage ministry and so we had this retreat and we have these young marriage were set around the campfire and we retell our testimonies allocating products. There was a couple there been saved three weeks and cite three weeks, the husband and wife, and ending the minute the got sick sick. I guess you might just want to share my testimony. You share your testimony so I grew up said never went to church been no godlike stalking recent pocket people respect cigarettes out and started packing.

If you don't know what this is asking a former smoker base packet is tobacco noise like he says and I didn't know.I know one thing about godly people cigarettes argument came few weeks.

No church. He says not heard for the first time that Jesus Donald Ross. I look around. You should've seen the church people's eyes when I'm taking the efforts of Petra are you going telling you talk too much smoking you're talking and I said you know what I'm let the Holy Spirit talk to nonmember when I turned off when I had this thought about what if the Holy Spirit doesn't talk to and then I had this slow lift.

The Holy Spirit doesn't talk to my would you talk to. He loved Jesus you know anything that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit in you know that yet and I must say we shouldn't help people grow and learn mature but he saved another way right I give you for idioms and all the laws, a master, a mirror, a map, you know, I'm getting these these eons. You know, a measure that will give you another EM another point, but if you want to write it down, something that the law is not the law is not the machete. It's not something that used to hacked up other people with you.

You don't wear your hair right. Heck, you know where your makeup right Or here's here's one that you don't believe like our church believes. Heck, God never intended to be used that way to measure helps me see how I'm doing.

I'm growing in my relationship price effects less illustration.

I have a friend, pastor Clark Whitten and Pastor Clark tells a story that when he was in seminary and his ethics class class on ethics okay. They took the test and afterward, he said. Now the professor said let's much greater task, but I don't want you to pass your test forward to me and I don't want you pass your test another person. I want you to grade your own test. Pastor Clark thought, you know, being the brilliant person that I am I know what he's thinking he's thinking okay this is ethics you know and so he's on take our test up, he's gonna see if we graded our test correctly Asia hold up a few that didn't. As examples, he's a hold up a few that did in mind will be one of those that the and so he was very meticulous and is greatly improved professor at St. Matthew if you got this part right, but you didn't get say this, then you need take half often so he did everything just graded it just perfectly and select again they set up at your grade up the test they said okay anyone got your grade is that okay now I said let's let's go to chapter 30 but open your books. Let's go to chapter 2 illustrates the white women. What legalists do like yours pastor test for what he was doing test and the professor said I don't care what you do a go to chapter. Thanks and I simply when I said if we don't pass our test in how will you know how well we're doing in the professor's in all honesty returned from. He said this task as all task in life are this test was not to show me how well your it's to show you how well you know assuming the loss of test but it's not to show God how well you it's not to show others how well your it shows you how will you and will take this a step further because of grace again almost a statement that might be shopping okay the law is the test that God does not grade for believers is a great. Here's the reason because there 613 questions and here's what God says okay now I have a test. There are 613 questions on all and by the way, if you miss one question you fell this valve you get all wrong.

You get one wrong so James 210 says, yet one wrong you're guilty of all immiscible that you can take that testing your old bottle. I forgot to this actually already have been taking a test and you already failed the just so you know you've Artie found or I want you to know that my son took the test and he scored a perfect score. And if you like you can have his that's amazing. Rex that's amazing Grace God's grace in replacing Jesus is mine is hitting me hard. I know when you get a passing grade on that yet deftly not meaning.

I guess that's the point of the law to show us how much we need Jesus in his grace right well. We encourage you to take a moment and really listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you about this message.

Where a mysterious, amazing Grace theories. If you would like to copy this message. Pastor or call 833933 where you can get the complete account to share with a friend or family member to be sure to visit Pastor or call 833933 where you can also follow up to Robert and Nick's time were continuing this amazing Grace and Pastor Robert will be sharing more about whether works. Thank you for listening for your continued support

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