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The Principle of Purity

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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August 4, 2019 8:00 am

The Principle of Purity

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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August 4, 2019 8:00 am

Pastor Robert explains the principle behind the second commandment and warns against idolatry.

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Welcome to worship in a word with pastor Robert Murray today. Pastor Robert is continuing his new series titled relationship, for he shares how the 10 Commandments are really a series of principles for us to develop a deeper relationship with God. I'm your host Jenae and I'm here with my cohost Patrick pay a everybody who were so glad you're listening.

Today's message is about the second of the 10 Commandments and it's really interesting that Pastor Robert titled this message the principle of purity you the first time I heard this message. I wasn't exactly sure how the commandment you shall not make a carved image or idol correlated with purity, but it does and I'm excited to hear again to know this series is so insightful. In fact, if you miss the start of this relationship series last time be sure to check it or call 833933 word to get a copy. Well Pastor Robert explained how the 10 Commandments part just a list of do's and don'ts, but there actually a way for us to enhance our relationship with God and with other people to it definitely opens up your eyes to the complexity and the purpose of the 10 convenience and how they're still so important for us today so let's jump right in.

As Pastor Robert talks about spiritual purity series called relationship through God's talk to you and will talk about the 10 Commandments.

We did the first commandment which was I believe that there is a principal behind each commandment that is a principle of relationship and so we talk about the principal priority this week you will import but the principal of purity when we go through the three points diverse report number one. The danger of impurity not exist 20 you're over there. Exodus 20 the second commandment is three verses, take each verse 411 of the points that I have the right, so will first look at the first verse of the second commandment which is Exodus 20 verse four you shall not, you shall not, for your good make for yourself a carved image of what you notice for damage because most will reduce this and say idol and that's okay it is referring to idol but we got, George image in a moment, any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is the earth believe are that is in the water under the earth, the Canaanites worship idols more than any other people on the face of your they had idols for everything for fertility for Ray for blessings all that and they made hard images that you have to understand Israel was the only nation that did not worship images of their God. Only one so he say don't do this by the way. Colossians 115 talk about Jesus. He is the image of the invisible God is the only one that had the invisible God. So when they go in there. The Canaanites begin to talk to them about God and the Canaanites begin to get understand they had a personal God of family God in the national God. And here's the way that they tricked Israel they said to them all. We understand that you have a national God Jehovah.

We have a national God to but you need a personal God and unity in the family. God, and they told them you needed Asherah as your personal God and unity bail is your family God and this is why all through the Old Testament you will see that Israel built Asherah poles and bail idols because God said is really going on land. The going to try to deceive you, and they did listen to something scriptures judges 37 so the children of Israel did evil inside of the Lord. They forgot the Lord their God, and serve the bales and the*and then when Elijah called everyone about Mount Parmelee called fire down first things I did.

19 now therefore see him together all Israel, Camille, not Carmel. The 450 prophets of bail in the 400 prophets of Asherah eat at Jezebel's table.

Remember Bob life when God was telling poses: the mountain do not make an idol do not have a carved image while he's telling Moses this only mountain the children of Israel are at the bottom of the mountain make the true goalie tax and they say these have brought us out of Egypt. Now sometimes I find humor in the Bible just what you here's what they said these tabs that we just made brought us out of Egypt. How crazy wild while God selling them don't have any images there already making an image now think about this.

The Canaanites believed that the gods lived in heaven and that when you carve the image the God in heaven about image would put his spirit in that image and then they would take that damage around to Baylor fields to bless their props they would make an image of fertility and put it in their bedroom so they we can see that who gave the Canaanites that idea.

Listen to me, seconded know where you got it because God fashioned an image of himself on the earth and put his spirit.

Genesis 126 he said, let us make man in our image. That's why there doesn't need to be another image of God on your you are the image of God on the earth and God puts his spirit in you now.

Again, these are idols, but think about the work image board image is the root word of the word imagination. I almost made this message.

The principle of reality. Because when you live in a fantasy world when you live with imaginations that are ungodly.

If you imagine yourself with another person sexually than your spouse. If you imagine yourself in another job or another house and I'm talking about where you can't be content you can be happy until you get this raise of this promotion of this title or this position this much money in the bank when you begin to imagine your self doing something other than what God has provided for you. You have and I just teaming you listening to worship in the word passed around. Today's message is about the second commandment is a warning against him. So when Pastor Robert was talking about not allowing the mixture into your life.

I was thinking how it's so easy to do just that. To blend the good and the bad in your life and think it's only a little thing Sylvia to watch a certain movie because it*is your favorite actor or to listen to music because it all all those things. When we allow them into our hearts and minds.

They start to make it in here that reminds me of the watertight life held one small drop of through diet and water changes the color of the entire.

In fact, the Bible says that one small bit of yeast can actually infiltrate an entire batch of doubt we going to be legalistic about this staff looking around for people to devour and we must be on guard all the time.

Absolutely and beyond guarding is just mean those physical things, but they can also mean our imagination. I love how Pastor Robert broke down the idea of an image just a few minutes ago. I feel like I can't relate much to the idea of a golden calf necessarily, but I can relate to the idea of our imaginations taking over and not allowing us to be content until we have that one doesn't even have to be a bad thing can be really good things such as job or a child warehouse open.

We can't be content with all that God provided that's when it becomes a problem with this message is really one to make Philistine backend to hear more about relationship building can.

Secondly, here are the consequences of impurity. This is the second verse of the second commandment verse five you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. Here's what he's telling will go to more detail, but still a little taken bondage.

They're going to take you in the bondage. You will serve them well here's the reason one for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting what you notices were visiting, because I feel totally misunderstood this as well. Visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate me okay first swallow what you notice that this happens to people who hate God, love people who love God, you can imagine how this is been misapplied in the body of Christ.

This happens is that I visit the iniquities to the 34th generation of those who hate me his own. Tell us a moment what he does for those who love him to the 34 generational vector just think it's not as as as I just I just think you will understand the grace of God, even in the Old Testament.

He didn't say the word visiting is a great word, think about visit when you visit, listen and say I'm going to cause these iniquities to inhabit the next generations. Some around 11 visiting not a habit but this visits a big word so the saline after how this could happen in Israel. Most houses have for generations living in one house in my own life.

My parents are still alive. Debbie's mother still alive.

So when we gather for Christmas, Thanksgiving family functions where my parents and Debbie's mom. Then Debbie and me and our children and our grandchildren, generations, for every holiday will for generations. So in Israel for generations living health.

This is amazing God said to the third and fourth generation. Think about my father is a very godly man is a very godly man so this is not applicable to him today at all. But think about if my father was an alcoholic and he showed up at all these family functions drop, it would influence it would affect my children and grandchildren. The third and fourth generation.

Are you following. So God says it's going to do this, but why would God even allow this. Why would God say I am going to visit that what he gives us reason I'm a jealous God. I'm jealous. I'm jealous for your affection if I'm going to do something to get your affection.

Alex all explained you moment how it does get your bike. Let explained jealousy for moment jealousy is listed as a work of the flesh, but there's a good jealousy and about jealousy. The bad jealousy is your jealous for another person because of selfish reasons. The good jealousy of your jealous of another person because of godly reasons because you love that person only thing that happened in the same way. Listen God says all through the Old Testament.

I'm so jealous for intro. He's not angry at them. He's angry at the ones are taking them captive. He's upset usually come in. So why would he visit the iniquities. While it's amazing. It's because that iniquity actually frustrates the next generation so that they search for God. They see the consequences of the iniquity, like an alcoholic in the family and they decide I'm never gonna have anything to do with the matter fact based they have a saying in Israel were they misinterpreted this commandment and they're saying laws the sun shall die for the sins of his father. It's like I'm say. Like father like son son shall die from sin. But in Ezekiel 18 electron result But God considers that you will no longer say that because I'm a just God and he says that is what he says is straight couple scriptures. If I have any idea on the bike. Thanks. This 18 verse 14 says give.

However, as this is the bad guy.

He begets a son who sees all the sandwiches father is done and considers considers that thinks about it, but does not do likewise. And then in verse 70.

He the son shall not die for the iniquity of his father, he shall surely live.

It comes in and says listen I want to visit these iniquities on you. You have a choice when you're going to continue in that where not, and if you'll turn from that of your considerate turn right is an illustration about my father. My father grew up in an alcoholic he Saul alcoholism. We never had a drop of anything in the house will align because he saw it. He considered it. Listen to me and he broke that generational curse over our family because she turned away from listening to worship in the words of Pastor Robert Morris. This part of the message is a little heavy, so getting there consequences of impurity that I like how Pastor Robert assured us that God still offers grace and the consequences. I love the story he shared at the end I think there are so many people who learn what they do or don't want to do in our lives out of deficit.

You know, like their upbringing was lacking in some sort of way or there is some sort of abuse and they said no no I don't want to live this way for let my children experiences in their home and so many people have stories like that in some ways flat can be a great teacher, but it's amazing how God can use terrible situations to turn people not just away from certain lifestyle 16 toward now we are destined to repeat things are family. We are getting such a beautiful grace to be able to consider the sins of our forefathers and in turn from not only can we turn from them ourselves. But we can declare that freedom and break that curse over our future families free legacy of belief in God, I'm so grateful for now, let's return to the message Pastor Robert goes into the blessings of purity .3 the blessings of purity in verse six, which is very third verse of the Second Amendment, but but what you just said on the visit the iniquities 34 generation of those who hate me, but but showing mercy to thousands and Emily is your generation.

So how do you know that I back it up with another Scripture to those who love me and keep my commandments. Let me show you go to because Lagos I will.

That's just thousands be 1000 generation problem is there are three other scriptures that state thousands of generations in Deuteronomy 70 Deuteronomy by the way, is the second law got X.

This is the law.

Deuteronomy is the second law number explore repeated Deuteronomy 7 verse nine therefore know that the Lord your God, he is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations with those who love him and keep his commandments and the crew.

I made it so many times again we read the Old Testament and we see judgment all the stuff all of it is for relationship. It's all for good God doesn't want you walking impurity because it affects your relationship with him will set up your relationship with not only will affect you but it will affect your children and your grandchildren and great-grandchildren now without frontward visiting when to say just a moment about the word showing showing this word showing his Hebrew word is translated otherwise.

Some of the ways it's translated our fashion accomplish prepare a point or day Institute bring about produce press and squeeze that when you think about this God is going to fashion mercy for you is going to accomplish it is to prepare mercy for these on a point mercy for you is an ordained mercy puke Institute bring about produce press and squeeze mercy and blessings all over you and all over your descendents for a thousand generations. If you'll simply love him and keep his commandments. So please hear me 10 Commandments are bad.

Paul says that he really does exist or not. I have had a good and what they're doing is or not this list. Thou shalt not bow shall not bow shall not because God doesn't want us playing Street because the streets more fun.

There list of principles that if we understand this principle. It's going to bless us and is going to bless everyone lives after us.

Everyone some of you know that we have three children Josh James and Elaine, two boys and a girl in the their spouses and grandchildren.

Elaine lived a double life for about two years when she was a teenager like teenager and we knew that her attitude was wrong and some of you who had older children gone through some like this you can see it in her attitude, but we didn't know how long her actions were during that time, until she confessed us but for about two years we did what any parent would do and let's pray and seek God and try to get through and try to talk and do what we can do, but they only some sharing this by the way she shares is publicly she's actually prescient. Pastor Jim Ross's church today so she teaches and preaches and conferences and all now love the Lord serves Lord godly husband anything, but she walked away from the Lord for two years and she did it privately shut up secret life and so she repented and asked the Lord and probably truly got saved in 19 years old and she said to when after she repented she came to Debbie. She said I need to confess something to you guys so we went outside to the on the patio to talk and be in our house we have a grandchildren candy jar just so you know it's it's for grandchildren. But anyway is Mike so sorry I got those little tootsie rolls you little little one juvenile case I got to those Tootsie Roll's. We got Sinai don't know what else usually confess like starting going Tootsie Roll.

She starts confessing and ends.

It's pretty bad and my heart begins to break for my daughter and so I did the second Tootsie Roll so we talk we love dear we prayed out for prayed over her. Things like that and were reunited and when I went in that night, I saw this Tootsie Roll in my pocket. I started to throw away and I felt like the Lord said keep them in, so I put it away somewhere and I kept it six months later. Now she's met Ethan is her husband. Now, godly man she's been serving the Lord. She's doing great and we started talking during that time we went for counseling together because some of the reason she rebelled was her response to me and I felt her in some ways church was large that's not it's not your fault, my fault the television. The books the things like that. I didn't know how to handle some of that stuff and again that's not an excuse. She understands it's a reason. But it's not excuse but I wasn't there for her.

During some formal teenagers as much leisure sobbing and asked for things like that of how did I fail you. How can I ask your forgiveness. Make that up to during that six-month time. One of the things she said. She said that this is so small, but it's it's just been in my heart but it's a small thing. So what is it all and she was three years old. We were driving the Dallas one day and read it was at night and reunion tower was lighted usually reunion tower when it likes, and the lights flashing all that is first time she ever seen. And so she's three and so she said that she's had Dan look at that us again and prayed and she said yes. She said that please bind that for me will obviously seek I can buy reunion tower four*sugar. I buy bad said but it's a restaurant in a sauté you up when you get older I'll take your date to reunion and I forgot all about but she didn't forget about and she said that is just a small thing, but you never did. And so we set up a date and I was getting ready to take her to reunion tower Lord spoke something to my heart and put that Tootsie Roll in my pocket and so we had our dinner.

Two days later, I knew that Ethan was going to propose to her in order to talk to us about it and I said to her. After dinner I said you want some dessert.

She said yeah and uphold Tootsie Roll. She said that's arts are so we can order something else the moment. Blessed you have any idea what this list. He said no and so I told her about the two Tootsie Roll's said the Lord told me that you and I are going to eat this Tootsie Roll tonight because were closing the chapter on the time you walked away from God and were breaking those persons to our future generations.

Are you hearing when God said, you shall not, it's not because it is what you have fun because you won't you walk up your relationship. Wow, what a testimony. I love hearing stories like that and I'm thankful for pastor who is open things he and his family have struggled.

I love what he said earlier about how if we remain pure God is going to squeeze blessings on what a cool picture well for everyone listening.

We encourage you to take a moment to think about what Pastor Robert shared today and really listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you if you would like to get a copy this message or any of the upcoming messages in this relationship. Pastor or call 833933 when you can get the complete 10 proceedings for yourself or to share Pastor or call 833933.

You can also follow Pastor Robert Instagram for 2012. We really hope that you enjoyed today's next time for continuing this relationship in pastor. Rather, will be sharing about how the third commandment is God's principal have left

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