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How Do I Know There Is a God?

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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October 11, 2020 8:00 am

How Do I Know There Is a God?

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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October 11, 2020 8:00 am

Pastor Robert explains why it’s important to have a correct worldview and how we can confidently know there’s a God.

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The word today were beginning a new series called how do I know Pastor Robert uses Scripture proven evidence and personal stories to help us find answers to common questions about faith Bible and how God feels about us will let's jump in the title of the series is how do I know how do I know this week is how do I know there is a God. How do I know there is a God.

So I want to talk to you like I were just sitting across the table from you and I want to let you know what I'm going to tell you is how do I know. In other words, I want to tell you my personal study.

In my personal experience, and you may have a difference of opinion that we can disagree agreeably so please don't don't please don't get offended if I have a different belief in you because I'm not going to get offended if you have a different belief that I have Lester say that you and I worked at the same factory and we weren't able to work for a while because of COBIT Nike and then the factory reopens and we come back together and were in the cafeteria in the lunchroom and there is chair opening where you are at your table and so I come and I sit down beside you.

Across from you.

Let's say him and I say man I'm glad to be back at work and you say what's on my and I said well it wasn't just COBIT Nike for me. Now I'm I'm just making this up as enemies example. So this didn't happen to me but I'm just trying to give you an example. And I said well actually I was out for two years and you say will what what he means well for two years. I said well I had a disease was a COBIT.

19 but it was incurable. I couldn't work could be get out of bad. Eventually there was a new drug approved by FDA, and about our interest in covert payment took up collection.

At work and at my church, and so I was able to do the new drug and it cured me and I'm completely cured text. So now that didn't happen. I just give you an example. But if you and I were sitting in the cafeteria talking and I told you that story. Listen to you wouldn't think that I was trying to cram something on your throat, you wouldn't be mad at me for telling stories might affect rejoice with me that something happened to me and I found a cure and I was simply telling you about. That's the way I feel when I answer the question, how do I know there is a God.

So I'm not at all trying to pin something throat I'm just telling you how I know that there's a God okay so here's the range the top three points to maybe help us to remember them okay so here's number one. There is a correct worldview, there is a correct worldview. Now if you don't understand know what worldview has its how you see the world how you see life in your worldview should help you with some questions that help you through this life brings comfort to you as a person to your thinking process into your soul and let me just explain there is actually only one correct worldview. When you define worldview correctly and that is Christianity that again I'm just sharing with some some things you think that might never thought about what worldview are correct. Worldview must address for issues. Let me say what the four issues are okay origin, meaning, morality, and destiny.

If you have a worldview that helps your you're the way you think it helps your soul to be at ease in needs to address origin, meaning, morality and ethics telling me.

Let me give you some questions. So you remember these are I origin would be how did I get here, how did I get here every human wants to know that meaning would be why am I here while I'm on this earth why my here morality would be how do I define good and evil. How do I define good and evil, less morality and destiny is what happens to me after death. I think about it every human wants know these four things. How did I get here.

Why am I here.

How do I define good and evil.

And what happens to me after death that there's only one worldview that answers no otherworldliness evolution does not answer these four doesn't tell us what happens after death.

It doesn't tell us why were here, and even how did I get here. Just think about most people have never even thought of this. Do you realize that evolution is still referred to in science books, listen as the theory of evolution and most people don't even know how long it's been a theory.

Would you like to know 161 years, the longest theory sciences ever theory the theory it began again. Many people don't know this yet they say they believe it began when Charles Darwin wrote a book called the origin of species. In 1859 she in that book. He uses two entire chapters to doubt his own theory to chapters. One of them. He talks about the human eye, and he said just think about the human would disprove my theory.

When you think about how complex human eyes but he also makes a statement similar to this. He says if solid scientific evidence does not come forth in a reasonable amount of time to prove this theory, then it disproves this theory is been 161%, and there is no snow. Look it up for yourself.

Don't just listen someone else. There is no evidence, none. Listen, this one will say before you discount the sentence. Listen in the sentence. There is no evidence that one species has ever mutated to another species never. It's what we still call this day the missing link is still missing 161 years later, with all of our scientific knowledge and we can find this one bone is one fossil shows one species mutated notes enough it within a species we involve. We change, human you, you probably will not believe what I'm about to tell you until you think about it for moment moment you look at my size.

Okay, I used to be 20 inches long. Jennifer 20 inches used to way about 8 pounds now I'm 6 foot two and I weigh some pounds.

I'm sorry that didn't come out the exact number but I'm not a salient art so the point is, I have changed.

That's all the more developments I have evolved but no species has ever evolved from one species to another never hit. Here's what evolution tells us to Wear time matter and chance, time, matter transmitters where only metaphysical we don't know what happens after that were only metaphysical problems that if your only matter then why do you react when you hear that someone passed away from COBIT not why do you feel sad because you're not just matter. Your soul, you have a soul. You have feelings you have emotions you have thoughts you're a person you have a soul. Another thing that so difficult is morality. How do I define good and evil. Many people say will morality is subjective.

In other words, each person decides what's right for humor is horrible but is horrible. And many Christians will even they been sucked in by this I said, well, each person should decide what's right for him or no II think I can disprove that in the instant when one question, do you lock your doors at night. You know why because you're afraid of subjective morality. In other words someone might not believe it's wrong to enter your home and shoot you and it is wrong. Murder is always wrong. Always, always, so you have to understand, there is a correct worldview, such .1. So here's point to another. Before give it to you. Let me say this atheism by definition explains you in a moment says makes the statement, there is no God. Those four words, there is no God that so just hang on this day with okay here's my point to, there is no atheist.

It is scientifically impossible to be an atheist and I can prove it to you. And even if you might have a different opinion.

You probably will still have no answer for this apprenticeship because I want to be on your sites, okay, the word science means knowledge is what makes the definition of science actually wrote it down from Webster's dictionary is knowledge about our study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation so in other words, the only way if it science you have done a study and you have based your knowledge own facts and experiments are very, so let's talk about this know God. That is what the word atheist makes. Now let me just say there there today changed the definition now. They changed it because they realize that it's impossible in a fixed again. Look at the original work. A theism or a 3 feet off the yoke comes from the record, God a is an Atheneum, which is B's opposite Argonaut or know it literally the word literally means's what makes she can go changing the definition now or you could create a new work if you want to come up with a new word to say. I don't believe there is a God and come up with new work but if you want you sort atheist.

Scientifically, there's no atheist because you can't definitively say there is no God an opportunity in order for you to say that something exists, you have to have done a study you have to have the facts to back it up.

But in order to say something doesn't exist. You have to have all knowledge you have to know everything to say that this doesn't exist yet know everything you give an example, if you said to me, there is no city called Paris Texas. I would save you show me your study show me how you came to that knowledge. What facts you base that on what experiment you dad, but otherwise it's not a sign is nonscientific is just your opinion if you say there is no Paris Texas then I'd say had you been to every city in Texas and if you haven't been to every city in Texas are studied every city and you can definitely say there is no city like Paris, Texas. I can say there is, by the way, because I've been there and by the way, it's nothing like Paris France, but it's a nice city if you watching from Paris, Texas-it's my city I grew up in East Texas so I know there's a Paris Texas because we beat them in football. This one didn't know we we be removable, but there is a Paris Texas you can say there's not a Paris Texas unless you done a study that facts and you been the every are you studied every city in Texas is absent.

So in the very same way you can say there is no God. If you don't have all knowledge. Now let explained that how much of all knowledge is the smartest person in the world have all knowledge, all knowledge, all history of every culture that exists now and has ever existed. How much do you know the smart people in the world say that probably the smartest person the world might possess that they say it's less than 1% slicer save 1%, so you're that person.

Is it possible in the 99% of all knowledge that you do not possess. Is it possible that something exists that you don't know about. Of course you couldn't answer that question in the other way were not talk about even probabilities Donna possibilities, but the probability mathematically would be yes as well is 99% probability. So is it possible in the 99% of all knowledge you don't possess something exists yes of course of this so you can't say definitively. It does exist. Unless you have all knowledge you cannot say there is what you can say is I don't North there's a God that is an agnostic.

Now we say add Gnostic is when we divide work, but the G actually goes with Gnostic it comes from a Greek word the GSI life gets Gnosticism. It means knowledge. A again is an premium and it means not are. I don't know.

I don't know if there's a God, you can say I don't know. There's got but you cannot definitively say there is no God. And if you do say it, I would think that you don't because you have all knowledge is 99% that you don't have even if you're the smartest person I would say it's foolish to my statement. The Bible says the same thing.

Some 14 one the fool said in his heart there is no God. The exact statement of atheism. There is no God. And again I'm saying if you look at the definition either changing it to a person who doesn't believe in God, but the reason I changed it is because I realized scientifically, you can say there's a few years ago Deb and I were on vacation and we were seated beside this couple at the end of walking on the beach and there was just there right beside us and we just talking to them they were young couple their respective first child. She was about eight months pregnant and they were from Indian to see on their grandparents or great-grandparents came here from India and distant beautiful pleasant couple and we were talking to them what you do when you live in course I told him I was a pastor and you know and so we got talking and then I can run order. She asked can you do this without meat. I'm a vegetarian. And so after they left their take our order. I said to her. Do you mind if I ask a question about being a vegetarian. She said no, Manuel. I so I don't offend you. She said no, no, no, go hit. I said are you vegetarian for dietary purposes or religious purposes, and she said religious and as she said I said are you Hendrik she said yes. I minute now. You remember her husband sit right beside her. She's eight months pregnant, pastor what she did, she said, him. But he's an atheist societies in atheist and I and I don't know maybe being pregnant, she will start a fight. I just guys 40 years of marriage, your topic is. Once you know pregnant always wins the 29th. If a favorite argument starts pregnant always wins and normally about that last month they get mad at you just want you know guys they will get mad at you because you did this to associates Deb just let you know because I can't figure out any other reason was woman just say things like this like that note to pastor so she says things like this and the guy actually said well he said I will inseminate this at St. common agnostic and I thought this is a great chance to to find out if the way I share something is offensive because I don't offend people.

So I told him what I just told you about atheism my agnosticism.

I said, does that offend you that I don't believe that you can be an atheist scientifically, but I do believe in agnostic and he said no. I does the female because that's actually I would say things that what you said it, but I will now I say because that's a great way to say it but he said that's actually why I changed because I realize that I didn't have enough knowledge to say that God didn't exist. So I'm not from the conclusion that I don't know if God exists, and we had a great conversation, so that's point number two. Your support number three there is a God, there is a God may have to remember that I'm telling you how I know there's a God day so this is how I know now you might take what I just say it might take the argument that I just use and hopefully was argumentative, but you might take the argument that I just use and so okay pastor will turn around. You told me that I couldn't say there is no God, because I don't have all knowledge, so I'd like to say to you, how can you say there is a God and you don't have all knowledge either in your right not only have less than 1% on unlock it .0000000 a low low low 001 okay. I understand that X right here. It's a great question is a great question again. Let me repeat what she might say pastor you told me that I couldn't say there is no God, because I don't have all knowledge. How can you say there is a God. So let me take my illustration of a place which is Paris Texas and use another noun a person okay so a person limit issues of personal I could. What if I said BS. There is a person named Thomas Miller, now pastor pharmacists see the writing on the front row say had everybody there is pastor Thomas EC Pastor Thomason and Debbie, can you hear me today so is very sweet of them in a 4000 seat sanctuary skylight when I started preaching at the highway. The rescue mission Anyway hearts. But here's the point. What if you said to me, there is no person named Thomas Miller what he told me I would say to you will have you met every person in the world doesn't make sense.

How can you tell me there is no Thomas Miller unless you've met every person world. You can, but I can tell you that there is a Thomas Miller because I've met him I talk with him and he's my friend. Listening carefully and I can tell you that there is a God because I've met him I talk with you and he's my friend say I don't have to met everyone in the world to tell you. Thomas Miller exists I just have to met Thomas Miller, it would be foolish for you to say Thomas Miller doesn't exist as a person, unless you've met every person world but is not foolish for me to tell you.

Thomas Miller does exist, because I have met him and I've talked with him and he's my friend in the same way.

This is what the standard study shows today over billion people in the world today over a billion say that they have met God that they've talked with him and he's different God exists now. Years ago I met this guy who Toby was an atheist and I said to him, can we talk about that and still be friends and can I give you different point of view and he said yes he said but I'd like to keep the conversation on an intelligent level of scientific level that was meat in front of my eyes. I said oh that's right. That's what I wanted to. I shared with him what I shared with you, we got down to the end and I said to him, so you can't tell me there is no God but I can tell you there is and he said I think you're right. So I guess I'm in agnostic, not in excess. And I said okay so let me just ask your question. If God does exist.

Would you like to meet, and I remember watching Don Tomei like not in the in the metaphysical.

But in the spiritual world. I remember watching his heart turn just like the icing of a lot because of let a lot of people Jesus and there's a point in the conversation, we can see their heart go. I saw it. I'm sitting here talking to him and I said if God exists, would you like to meet him and he was silent for about a minute, his eyes filled up with tears. His lips started quivering his heart went like that and here's what he said to me I'll never forget it. He said I'd like to meet him right now I'd like to meeting right now and I share with them the gospel, how God didn't want robots really gave us a free will that each of us could choose and how he sent his son to die for some the and I led him to Christ. When I go back and visit and see him two or three years later he had one countless people to Christ and he's always telling I used to be an atheist until I found out you can't be an atheist, scientifically, and he was leading people to Christ, one after the other, his whole life changed because he realized there is the possibility of a God.

And if there's the possibility.

Would you like to take him to think about what pastor Robert and listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying you if you want to connect with us or check out some of pastor Roberts other messages visit pastor Robert Doc if you haven't already, go follow us on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter so we can be a part of your community.

Thanks so much for joining us for the start.

This news next time pastor Robert is going to talk about how we know God loves. We hope you have a blessed

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