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The Prison Test

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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December 6, 2020 7:00 am

The Prison Test

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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December 6, 2020 7:00 am

Pastor Robert shares how you can pass The Prison Test and why you can believe the Bible is not just a bookit’s the living Word of God!

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The word about halfway through Pastor Robert from dream to destiny's where we discussed character building test from the life of Joseph that we all must pass on the way to our dreams. And God ordained destiny will today pass Robert Shearing on the prison test, which is a test of person there's some really great insights that pass. Robert has the ship so let's tuning within were in a series called greed to destiny every person has a God-given dream and every person has a God-given destiny and were basing this on the life of Joseph. The TN character test that Joseph had the pastor fulfill his destiny and this weight will talk about the prison test.

If you remember last week we talked about how Potiphar's wife try to seduce him. He did the right thing and yet he was cheat sheet lied about it and he goes to prison so don't talk about the present. That's right. Genesis 39, beginning in verse 13 and so it was when she saw that he had left his garment in her hand and fled outside, but she called to the man of her house and spoke to them saying see he has brought in the referring to Potiphar, he is brought into us the Hebrew to mock us became intimate ally with me. I cried out with a loud voice, she just sold an outright lie. And it happened when he heard that I look to my voice and cried out that he left his garment with me and fled and went outside so she kept his garment with her until his master came home and she spoke to him with words like these thing the Hebrew servant whom you brought test came in the meter mock me. And so what happened as I lifted my voice and cried out that he left his garment with me and fled outside so it was when his master heard the words which is why spoke to him say your servant did me after this manner that his anger was around then. Joseph's master took him and put him into the prison, a place where the king's prisoners were confined and he was there in the prison, but the Lord was with Joseph. Notice God will always be with you through every trial and showed him mercy and he gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the president and the keeper of the prison committed to Joseph hey on all the prisoners who were in the prison.

Whatever they did there it was.

He is doing the keeper of the prison did not look into anything that was under Joseph's authority, because the Lord was with him and whatever he did. The Lord made it prosper. Now I want did notice something about these last few verses that we read that I haven't even brought out in the series yet, but every test has to do with stewardship.

Every test how well would Joseph Stewart. His actions how well would he steward. What was what belonged to another man, including another man's wife, how well would he steward his own body. How would he steward his own attitude so it all has to do all 10 task have to do with stewardship. Please understand I will talk a little bit more about this as we go along but you will not fulfill your destiny that God has for you. If you're not a good steward we have to become good steward of the prison test. In particular, is the task of perseverance. It is talking about God developing character in our lives through things that we go through and persevering through those legs. So now flip over to Romans chapter 5 and I want to show you what I feel is a formula for character.

We talked about all through this series that in order for us to fulfill our destiny. We have to allow God to work character in our lives. I'm excited about this series because it seems like in every message there is a formula or there are some keys or there are some simple steps that we can do to pass that test. I think it's the same for this test.

Romans chapter 5 verse three it says and not only that, and is referring to verses one into talking about the grace by which we stand that we stand by grace and not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance and perseverance, character, now the implied verb here is produces again memories Artie said the Lord produces. That's the verb so tribulation produces perseverance. Perseverance produces character, and character hello are produces about now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God is been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given this one didn't notice it says we glory in tribulation. Now there are two Greek words for glory. The first one is used nearly all the time get you the hundred 38 times in the New Testament and it needs the outshining when it speaks of the glory of God.

It means how God shines are when you look at God is what you see this word is that use very often for glory here. It means rejoice.

Here's what this actually says. We rejoice in tribulation, the root of this word by the lake means with our prey. In other words, we wish our prey for tribulation because it's going to cause us to rejoice and why in the world what it calls us to rejoice. While I have for points for your right.

Here's number one tribulation produces perseverance and you write out a word. Romans five verse three tribulation produces perseverance. Now let me explain something to you.

You don't have to wish for our prey for tribulation. It will find you. John 1633 Jesus said in the world you will have tribulation that Jesus spoke that's going to happen but be of good cheer.

I've overcome the world. But it says that we rejoice in tribulation. Think about this is another Scripture almost similar lack. James 123. My brethren tell it all joy when you fall into various trials, no way that the testing of your faith produces patience. Now want to notice. Trials produce patients. Tribulation produces perseverance somewhat explain to you what patience and perseverance on what trials and tribulation is voluntary. What patient for patient is waiting with contentment. It's not just waiting for something.

It's not tapping your foot looking at your watch.

That's not patient patient is keeping your heart right while you wait for something. It's what you do when you're at the drive through line at the bank. I know that it never bothers you that the point Liberian is the slowest. I know that I know you don't get upset you look at your watch. I know you don't yell at the person in front of you. I know I know but let me say this, if you want to go through the drive through line quickly at the bank never never get behind me because no matter which line I choose. It is obvious to me that the person in front of me is depositing thousands of pennies and that he's never seen a 24 because the to come to when he gets to do. It's like it's in his car for like five minutes.

II always fascinated by the way I write in place by the white that has with the two comes back at C3 you know because I want some encouragement. I want to see the two coming back. I was another blanket he couldn't fit a change but I want to see the two and limited study something that that that's wrong. Some of you do this and you don't know what's wrong with the two comes back. You know I go from park to drive him ready to go and then the person since the two back again. You cannot spin the tape back.

You have one chance to get your money, get your money and go and if you have to send the two back go inside, it's not right symmetry back right you can't figure it out. How did one time get online go to another bank. Now that is not patients. Patient is waiting with contentment thing and all.

Praise the Lord on the read my Bible and while there okay so I anyway that's what patients rewrite what's perseverance. Perseverance is fighting the battle while you're waiting with contentment. In other words, perseverance involves a war in involves a battle. It involves something difficult everything. Why trial at trial is brief, tribulation is long, so tribulation produces perseverance and you just need to know that perseverance is a long trial for Joseph. It was 13 years.

By the way, I don't know what God has about 13 years, but David was anointed king and then for 13 years. He ran from Saul before he served as King Paul by the way, was in the church in Antioch for 13 years before he went on his first missionary journey China know what God has about 13 years but I think the least amount 13 years just like that and some of you might be thinking, well, hey, I've been in trial longer than 13 years past would have said about that. Will Abrahams lasted 25 years.

Wesley longer okay. Moses was 40 years probably got everybody there designs that will drink longer than 40 okay some of the children of Israel never got to their destiny.

It's very possible. Listen that our response to our circumstances determine how long the travelers so tribulation produces perseverance as number take perseverance produces character, as I said a moment ago I looked through the Bible save anything else produce character. Here's how I'd like to get character. I would like to ask someone who has character to pray for me when I be great. You know Pastor so-and-so Dr. so-and-so you lay hands on me and pray for me and then I could have character know you have to go through a long and difficult trial and that's I get character. Perseverance produces character. This is right out of Romans chapter 5 lit listen list. The worst thing.

If you have authority or if you have resource when we going to say this to the worst thing you can do for someone. The worst thing you can do for someone is to promote them before they're ready or deliver them out of a trial that God is taking them through the work character in the life source and you can all through Scripture we had this that this perseverance works character lot and Joseph was a man of great ability and whenever he goes he rises to the number two person is in part for Soucy becomes number two Oliver doesn't looking anything that's understand it says that they go to the praise of the present keeper. The president becomes number two keeper the prison doesn't looking anything under his hand when he becomes number two to Pharaoh, Pharaoh, everyone says I get tired of looking anything that was unearthing so he's obviously he's a man of great ability, but was that his ability or was it God's favor, that predicts this. That's Winterset now. I think Joseph prolong his. In the present just a little bit and were using Joseph of example but obviously the human side and do everything perfectly, but he did a lot of things right when you read your Scripture Genesis 40 if you remember the Butler and the Baker habitat each have a dream and he interprets their dreams and then after the he says to the Baker you know in three days you're going.your exactly don't cut your head off. Purging prussic and then he says to the Butler three days. He's gonna raise you backup Pharaoh you will be as Butler get right.

Then he says in verse 14 of Genesis 42. The Butler but remember me when it is well with you and please show kindness to me make mention of me to Pharaoh and get me out of this house now in in that of Isaac Ellison when he rises you up. Don't forget to mention me and then if you look down verse 23, it says that the chief truck Butler did not remember Joseph, but forgot. Now again I sent you the Baker and the Butler bakery don't lose your head. Butler will be restored so he tells the Butler remember me doesn't do any good to tell someone to remember something, you know, doesn't have a head so he told the butler to make it says the butler did remembered I forgot.

I know if you ever thought about this but two years later Pharaoh has a dream and the Butler says hey I know someone that can interpret dreams but it's two years later, I think think with me for moment who gave Pharaoh the dream.why didn't God give Pharaoh the dream. Two days later.

In step two years later. Here's my opinion. My opinion is that Joseph interprets the dream he ministers these guys and goddesses was so good. Is in prison, still ministering to people and then ate but that he says don't forget drop a hint dropping him and God goes up, not quite ready, because if I promote him now. He'll think the way to get ahead is by dropping it. Listen carefully. God never never rewards manipulation never. I think God waited two years because Joseph's character wasn't ready to support the destiny and listen.

It's God's grace that he doesn't put you invest me before you're ready to fulfill the destiny because then you fall he's waiting on your character to be big enough to support the destiny my wife and I have been blessed with great resources because we we love to give. Everybody knows we love to give. We talked a lot about that Lord is blessed the books that I've written and so we now have tremendous resource to biblical people and less we let the blessed people. I also have tremendous authority, responsibility. We have a very large staff. I can't tell you the number of times that I've been just about to bless someone financially or about to promote someone in the person drops a hint to me and tries to manipulate the situation and here's what I think will thank you Lord, Lord, I was just about to do something that would not have been a blessing.

I thought it would've been a blessing, but would not of been a blessing because the person is not ready for that.

Please hear me.

We got stop manipulating situations, and allow God to be the one who rewards us and blesses us so tribulation produces perseverance.

Perseverance produces character, here's number three character produces hope character produces hope. Member this right out of Romans five.

I'm not making this stuff up. Character produces hope, and let me tell you something about character.

Character is not only how we act. We talk a lot about characters, how you act, the guy will act like if he has character. What's true, but character is not only how we act. Listen, it's how we react. Joseph did the right thing and suffer the wrong consequences. Now I can ask is that ever happening never done the right thing and someone misinterpreted or said or did something wrong or accuse you of been something or spread rumors about you or lied about you that were true lies about you is exactly what happened to Joseph. Joseph did the right thing and suffer the wrong results by what ever thought about this.

What what was the evidence they got in trouble this time, let's decide you want to show you how Satan has no new tricks do you remember that Satan produced evidence. This is an earlier message. He produced evidence to support the lie that Joseph had been torn to pieces by wild animals was the evidence that he produced to support that life. Joseph's coat right what was the evidence Satan used two to support the lie that Joseph had tried to write part of his life is coat if I did, Joseph.

I never worn another coat please Joseph. He said the raises the bar but don't get behind me Satan. I don't now I use that as a humorous reference, but let me just say this.

What is it that Satan keeps tricking you with. We talked last week about lust is that the Internet put some safeguards in place. Use the computer for a boat anchor. If you have to get rid of it man do whatever you have to because Satan has no new tricks.

Whatever he's used to track Your you in the past to use it again in the future. I was really good, but what was even in my notes and said that I will show you one thing about hope. Proverbs 1312 says hope deferred makes the heart sick hope deferred makes the heart sick.

Remember, Joseph interprets the dream of the Butler and the Baker and I will show you that just a moment, but what that shows me is that he did have a sick heart because he was still concerned about others.

He did have a pity party. He wasn't just looking at himself for his own needs he was thinking about others and how to minister to others and how to help others around that shows we didn't have a stake partner.

Listen to me. That shows me that for the most part, other than maybe a few slip-ups.

He kept his heart right before God, hope listen carefully.

Hope is not that God will deliver you from your circumstances is not hope is that God will help you walk through your circumstances. Let's hope our hope is that God not in our circumstances changing because our hope is our circumstances changing the longer it goes without changing the more our heart grow sick and here's the last point. Hope produces appointments.

Hope produces appointments. Now remember when we differ on your Romans five and I'll show you where I got this verse in verse three says tribulation produces perseverance. Perseverance, character, and character, hope. Now hope does not disappoint. I don't know if you know this but that Scripture hope does not disappoint. That's double negative. Because the word of the prefix DS means not think about the words approve, disapprove day approve or disapprove if someone disapproves he does not approve what it says. Hope does not disappoint you means hope does not not appoint say take the knots out. I see some guys just glazed over.

I'm sorry but grammatically this is what the site is that hope points, hope points. This is why safe. Hope produces appointments listening to carefully you I know you're going through tribulation because we all around the world. Jesus as your Lord, you can go through tribulation while going through some form of tribulation that tribulation produces perseverance in our lives that perseverance if we respond correctly will produce character. That character will produce hope and hope. Listen will produce a divine appointment for us to step into our destiny. That's what we just saw in Scripture that's what have because here is Joseph in prison and here's what it says in Genesis 40 it says verse six and seven Joseph came into them in the morning and looked at the end. This is the Butler and the Baker and Saul that they were sad so we asked Pharaoh's officers who were with him in the custody of his work cell site. Why do you look so sad today.

It produce because he's not hope in his life to produced a divine appointment in order divine appointment as archer appointment God has revived what that's what disappointment meets, it means you missed an appointment.

That's what we get disappointed because we believe we missed an appointment that God had for us a job raised the promotion of a relationship with our family that that's what disappointment is a missed appointment. That's when this he kept his heart right in my keeping his heart right. It produced a divine appointment that divine appointment led to him stepping in his destiny.

That's what I'm telling, so I understand you're going through tribulation understand if you respond correctly though you'll develop perseverance, that perseverance will develop character in your life. That character will develop hope and that hope will produce an appointment for you to step in your destiny and that a great formula is right there in Scripture that wanted to say one thing I drew some analogies of Joseph and for previous message. Joseph is an Old Testament type of Christ. Now let me explain something theologically to your right because you might hear another pastor site. Most this is an Old Testament type, price, and you might think. No, Joseph is a festival is Joseph was. There are many Old Testament types of Christ invite Moses was. David was Solomon was Isaiah was Isaiah spoke about a virgin conceiving and bearing a child he didn't even know what you say in the government will rest upon his shoulder, he shall be called great. She recalled the preprinted pace almighty God. Okay so everlasting father is finished, the verse affect Ezekiel was the Old Testament type of Christ. Daniel was an Old Testament type of Christ.

Abraham will focus isolate the corneas Old Testament is his point of Christ.

That's the point. So Joseph was let me tell you a couple ways. Joseph was numbered with the prisoners, although he did nothing wrong. Jesus was numbered with the prisoners, although he did nothing wrong. Joseph was specifically numbered with two prisoners. One of those to the Butler and the Baker one of those prisoners was condemned.

One was set free.

Jesus was numbered with two phase 2 prisoners one was condemned by his own heart and one was set free by his own that Joseph said to the Butler remember me, but the Butler the thief on the cross that Jesus, remember me and Jesus.

Here's the last thing one thing, even if people forget and don't keep their word. Jesus will never forget and he will keep his word, which you take a moment to think about what pastor and Richard and listen to what the Holy Spirit seem if you want to connect with us or check out some of pastor Roberts and other messages visit Pastor and if you haven't already, go follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so we can be a part of your community.

We hope you found today's message encouraging uplift were so glad you teaming with us and we pray that you have a blessed

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