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Taking the Lid Off Hell, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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November 26, 2020 7:00 am

Taking the Lid Off Hell, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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The glory of God matters is the glory of the Lamb.

What matters is the truth of revealed scripture as relates to who you all made it very clear when he said whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be what shall be saved.

Romans 1013, not anything is not to say that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ, not any word this work not have anyone, one of Christ. God delights saving sinners through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everyone who responds in true faith is saved and becomes the recipient of eternal life now. Some people try to deny that hell exists at all. Some teach that it's temporary, but eventually you can escape here on wisdom for the hard work committed to telling you the truth in today's lesson. Stephen Davey is going to help us develop accurate theology regarding how so let's get started. The wrath of God will be personal to all who suffer it will be terrible on diluted anger the wrath of God will be painful. There's more to this angels warning it and have our attention yet all have it now. Perhaps he goes on to say in verse 11 that the wrath of God is eternal that phrase and the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever. They have no rest day and night, those who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name across the meeting context as those who choose to follow after this religion rather than Jesus Christ. Broader context as those, of course, to deny him. One day Hades will be poured into an everlasting lake of fire. There are those that would say that the wrath of God is not eternal, and there are more and more in our generation or more men now filling the pulpits of churches in our country today who are denying this doctrine that up until about the early 1800s was universally believed by those who claim to know Christ and the Scriptures. In the last hundred and 80 years or 200 years. It's amazing to see is JI Packer universalism that they the idea that that hell is not eternal for people in conscious torment.

He said it has quietly slipped within the evangelical church and I I am. I don't hesitate to say names at times but I really do this job because I think it would be too embarrassing to be recorded and played on the radio, the name of men who abandoned the eternal truth of hell have to contend with Christ said in Matthew's gospel with those who are condemned will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous will go into eternal life.

You might write this reference down because you have people asking about the neutrality of health. Matthew 25 verse 46, the condemned will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous will go into eternal life. In that text, the same construct. The same vocabulary you have a parallel between eternal life in one verse, and eternal punishment, clearly stating that both are without, and you can't believe that one not last forever. You don't believe the other not last forever, and how they want to believe in an everlasting just about everybody I talked in other words, in the torment of the lost in hell will last as long as the blessedness of the saved, the redeemed in heaven. Furthermore, Mark chapter 9 Jesus Christ refers to how is that unquenchable fire. He refers to hell is a place where their worm does not die in the Lord.

They have some sort of body immortal, but yet it is it is capable of enduring the corrupting influences of of disease and the effects of this torment. He said in Mark 948 again the fire is never quenched his message is consistent with the prophet Isaiah said that the transgressors will suffer where their worm will not die and their fire will not be clenched.

Isaiah 6624. Add to that the Lord Jesus will one point pulled the curtain back and allow us to see down to Hades, as it were, a place separated by a chasm. All those unbelievers went to the side of torment those you believe prior to the resurrection of Christ went to Abraham's bosom. I believe now taken paradise and he allowed us to see not a parable but in a true story, the place of torment where he says that this rich man who didn't believe in Christ as Lazarus to do or the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob fulfilled in the person of Christ that this rich man went to a place of torment and he was in anguish in the flame.

Luke 16. Now let me ask and answer quickly. Three.

Question related to this doctrine of eternal conscious punishment. First, are these flame fire and brimstone. Revelation 14 Luke 16 the place of flame Isaiah 66. The fire that will not be quick are those flames literal flames literal. This is really fire while you you have a choice. You can either hold a solo script, Torah with the Scriptures answer the question for you, or scramble as religions do for another explanation. Let me give a further answer, beyond what we've Artie heard from the lips of Christ in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke and from the pen of Isaiah. Another insight is provided.

In fact, in the parable when Jesus Christ preached his parable of the wheat, referring to the believers and the tears were the weeds referring to the unbelievers. It's interesting that as he came back later to explain to his disciples. Each element was given a figurative meaning except fire in Matthew 13 the Lord explained that the one who sows the good seed is the Messiah, the field is the world the good seed is the cell are the sons of the kingdom, the tears or weeds are the sons of the evil one.

The enemy who sowed them is the devil, the harvest is the end of the age and the reapers are our Angels.

But then Christ stepped away from parabolic analogy and he said this is what can happen when I come through and call through read through the kingdom and will take those who are lawless, that is, those who deny the gospel and we will throw them into the furnace of fire in that place where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. He that has ears led him here that you 13 hours are you listening everything in this parable has figurative meaning to describe what will happen except for fire in this place of torment is to be understood as it is in the words of Christ and several passages of Scripture as literal and their fire will not be quenched. The angel here reminds them in this in in this gospel message and he will be tormented with fire and brimstone to literal language. Number two second question. If the fire is literal will then literal fire consumes so then people would be consumed in hell.

In other words, then we have found us a a reasonable even annihilation is the popular belief that is growing more and more popular again with in evangelical circles is a loophole that basically says that for some time based on how bad of a sinner you you are extinguished or snuffed out. You cease to exist if you're not so bad a sinner it's quickly if you're one of those really bad guys for long long time. This is, I would love to believe that you could push me across the the line into annihilation is him with a feather.

If it were up to me I would love to believe in a place other than an eternal place of conscious torment. I would love to believe that those who disbelieve in Christ will at some point in time be snuffed out.

I can't because of the record of Scripture and what it teaches. Isaiah uses the same language that it is literal, which means just as the resurrected body. The believers raised to enjoy the eternal conditions of heaven, and there are going to need to be some changes for us to enjoy the eternal conditions of heaven right so also the resurrected body of the unbeliever is equipped to endure forever. The eternal suffering of hell and silver told here that this fire even smoke goes up forever and ever. One evangelical stalwart who defends the truth of the literal interpretation of Scripture made an interesting point is that I'd like for those people who believe that the wicked are going to be burned up.

I'd like for them to explain of God is going to burn up the wicked Y and put out the fire goes on and on forever and ever. But doesn't the Bible say that the unbeliever will be destroyed. Does Peter writes that a judgment of fire is coming for the judgment and destruction of ungodly men.

Second Peter 37. There is a proof text for the annihilation is those who are leaving abandoning orthodox doctrine is taught in Scripture there is there proof text.

The only problem is they they must ignore the Greek language the word for destruction is a polio and it can be translated ruin or wasted. In fact, the same word is used by the disciples in Matthew chapter 26 verse eight to speak of the ointment that was poured upon the head of of Jesus Christ. They complained that it had been wasted or ruined Apple it's the same word used here so that ointment didn't cease to exist is just in their assessment. It was really it was wasted so the unbeliever then is Apple Leah.

He is destroyed doesn't mean he ceases to exist, it means that his life is ruined. His life is eternally wasted in the assessment of God. So the fire is literal and yet the flames only torment they do not consume 1/3 question would be this is this really Steve, is it really eternal. In other words does forever mean forever. Will the angel warns using again the phrase in the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever.

They have no rest day and night, those who effectively denied the true Messiah when I phrase forever and ever appears 11 times in the book of Revelation. I'll give them to you expresses first of all, the eternal existence of God. How long will that forever relation 47, 10 and 15.

It speaks forever and ever its use in Revelation to speak of Christ's eternal existence.

It speaks of God's eternal reign. Chapter 11 verse 15 Christ's eternal existence.

Chapter 1 verse eight juice to speak of the eternal glory of the Lamb. Chapter 5 verse 13. It appears again to describe the eternal reign of the believer.

It also is used to describe the eternal doom of the devil.

Chapter 20 verse 10 would you like a loophole that allows him to get out. Would you like an escape hatch. Or maybe after so much time. He also enters heaven many that I've talked to would like to believe that so this forever and ever.

However, consistently with his other usages would mean that the doom of the devil is eternal and finally it is used to speak of the eternal torment of the lost chapter 19 verse three and here in our text today.

Chapter 14 verse 11.

Listen eternal means eternal forever means forever. The same Greek word used over and over again to speak of the E turn Valley of heaven is used to speak of the E turn Valley of hell and no kind of semantic manipulation or the twisting of Scripture can get around the horrifying message contained in the gospel that just as heaven will last forever so will tell. So one last question. Is there no way out of. Is there no way out of. Certainly religions worldwide. A found loophole. Mankind is desperate to find one. Universalism is one of them growing in popularity. This belief says that hell does last forever, but the devil and his angels are the only inhabitants simply because everybody else can be saved in different ways of explaining in universals believe that everybody somehow connected to some truth of Christianity. No matter how diluted or strange, even though they may deny the deity of Christ, even though they may deny the sufficient atonement of Christ even know they may deny many of these other cardinal doctrines that we would consider salvific saving they they somehow at some point out their intersect the truth and God will see that and their sincerity and say come on in. All I have to believe perhaps is in some kind of force, and that intersects truth some bizarre way.

And even though they deny Christ and who Christ is, they will be led into heaven.

Gentleman came up to me a couple weeks ago with a bulletin from a church that he attended about a month earlier. He was traveling to another state and he said here is an illustration of what you been talking about in Revelation 14 about the inclusive universal belief of the church and how quickly the Protestant evangelical churches now abandoning historic doctrine for this. So I gave it to me and sit on my desk this past week opened it up beautifully done amazing is massive famous Protestant church there any communion the entire liturgy was laid out, printed out about eight pages. The list of pastors in the back column was the length of the page. The opening statement of the bulletin gave the church's mission statement and read believe in one God known to us in Jesus Christ, also known by different names in different traditions, others a tipoff go to another church for communion.

The program goes along just fine affect some well-known hymns or song about the triune God and am wondering today connect the dots here, but in the confusion returns later in the program.

The worship leader says alleluia we break this bread for those who journey the way of the Hindus.

For those who follow the path of the Buddha for our sisters and brothers of Islam for the Jewish people from whom we come.

And of course just in case left anybody out for all those who walk the way of faith muttered under my right yeah and that way leads to destruction is a Broadway was interesting that after reading the bulletin getting to the end of it, where they included the Buddhists and Hindus and Muslims and everybody denies atonement of Christ denies the deity. The singular equality of Christ with the father does matter.

Then they come out and and they sing this. Somebody didn't check the lyrics and sentences salvation the God who sits on the throne that all cry aloud and honor his son. The praises of Jesus. The Angels proclaim fall down on their faces and worship the Lamb is a layman time I confuse, but everybody's getting into heaven, and that's what matters. Know my friend. What matters is the glory of God would matters is the glory of the Lamb. What matters is the truth of revealed Scripture as relates to who you Paul made it very clear when he said whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be what shall be saved.

Romans 1013, not any name.

His name Paula not to say that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ, not any word.

This word not have anyone, but of Christ to know what you don't have to travel far to hear the sounds and strains of universalism today somebody handed me a month ago. A copy of our own news and disturber ran an article in the faith section that usually very is very disturbing to me section on the unity church of our County. Read the interview with one of its pastors said this article, we honor all religions, unity is a spiritual movement respects the individual's right to choose his or her own unique paths to God. How tragic is that unity practices positive, practical Christianity. In other words, it is negative will worry about.

We honor the universal truths in all religions is either you have the intersecting, whatever that truth may be were all getting in one thing about Jesus. Well, he said we see Jesus as a master teacher of universal truth. We believe Jesus expressed his divine potential. And every person has the potential to express that same perfection was not reassuring. How many of you are living up to the potential of your perfection. Nobody mean either universalism. You can choose your own path told it will lead to God. Jesus Christ made very clear that only the Pathmark by him in his name to the father right across the page of that very encouraging faith section was a question and answer guy, sort of a religious Ann Landers and even asked us a question. I wish I could've written the answer, but the question was about how to get to heaven and who knows the way there and this man evidently some kind of religious leader responded in a quote. We can't know who has the right password until we die testimony from our own Scriptures doesn't suffice. Christianity read further does have to deal with that exclusive's claim of John, 46 were Christ that I am the way the truth and life. No one can come to the father except through me. But even with this belief. There's theological wiggle room for those who want why do you want here is my writing resolution will only come when our souls stand before God after death. I got news for you my friend according to the Bible.

It's too late that it's too late.

That's why we have the gospel delivered.

That's why this angel is circling the globe.

It's too late. Unless everybody's getting in and then when they stand before God.

Everybody's given the password until the letter. The fact that we are given the password now gives this angel objective reason to let us know that why were blessed. In fact, after saying all of this horrifying stuff. After delivering the truth of hell. He uses the word happy if you can imagine it in the same context.

Look at verse 13 he says blessed your translation may read or happy Mike Iris happy are the dead.

Are you kidding happy are the dead. I don't want to die mistake with the lights on the night do something good happen.

I norm going perhaps no happy are the dead who die in the Lord from now on immediate context those reviews the Christ brought context. Those who accept Christ and the gospel.

Blessed are those these the dead who die in the Lord. How are you happy can you be happy in the face of death. When you die in the Lord that is in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God who is your living Lord. And since the Lord, by the way, is alive after you die you will live because of him forever. And I thought what a great Easter sermon tax you thought I'd forgotten Stephen.

It's Easter. Hell, you know leave that for next week is a great why because everything you have been given the horror of his wrath follows with this wonderful promise that we we we can be happy. God has not promised any of us a long life. He has promised us – we said earlier, the wages of sin is what is, but he has promised, we can be happy even in that prospect. If we are in Christ Jesus.

We can say with a redeemed because of the truth of what we have heard and the truth of God's wrath and the truth of God's pardon in this person and the life that he now lives resurrected, having defeated death, we can celebrate life, because we know were headed. When we die so we can say with the church with great joy. He is risen he is risen indeed.

That's our confidence, he is risen is risen and that's our assurance. He is risen he is risen indeed listen our appreciation for the resurrection of Christ is only genuinely possible because we believe who Christ is and our appreciation for him Mardi Gras to this kind of this text and context that this one for the wrath of God. He took the cup of on diluted wrath. He took our punishment upon himself so that he could take our sin away. He is in just a teacher. He is just a model of perfection. He is our Savior. Those of us who come to place our faith in him find in him. Forgiveness and he himself is our password to everlasting life, that would be I would be the final point of this angels sermon if we had time to give him another point is this understatement close the wrath of God is not only personal, it is not only terrible, is not only painful, it is not only a term the wrath of God is entirely avoidable is the wrath of God is, I encourage you to evaluate your faith today and place your faith in Jesus Christ. If you haven't already. Thanks for joining us today here on wisdom for the hearts. This is the Bible teaching ministry of Stephen Davey Stevens working through a series called a preview of things to come. Today's lesson is called taking the lid off hell if you want to listen to this lesson again or share it with a friend. We've posted it to our website.

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