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Unity of the Body

Voice of Power Broadcast / Pastor Garry Adkins
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April 15, 2021 9:41 pm

Unity of the Body

Voice of Power Broadcast / Pastor Garry Adkins

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April 15, 2021 9:41 pm

Listen as Pastor Garry Adkins continues his series in Ephesians.

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Welcome to the voice of power by cast willingness as Christian Center in Keene, North Carolina in a postmodern culture pastor Atkins preaches an old-fashioned message under a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit, pointing, meaning winning to the truth of Scripture and freedom found in Jesus Christ pastor Atkins police the body of Christ is a voice and when we declare Jesus is Lord voice of power is a recent message from the tabernacle of willing vessels Christian center was good news to the research anymore. What's good for us to applaud spiritually and have a new art gospel loses but it was anointed with the Spirit. John 334 shows the dog the spirit without measure. Not a double portion the spirit without measure. It was baptized and covered in closing Gordon of the spirit of God, and he ascended to heaven.

John said the comforter the Holy Spirit to anoint the body of Christ which you and I are. It started at the head and the anointing of the Spirit goes down body now. The Holy Spirit is all my present is with us now is with you watching these all around as but there's also the manifested presence of the spirit and I don't know about you but that's what I want to see where people are made whole where people are radically transformed by God's power. But notice he said, behold, how good and pleasant it is permitted to dwell together in unity seasons one through three chapters 1 through three are the call of the believer.

Paul tells us how that we are called by God elected by God saved by God's grace, but in chapters 4 through six. It gets practical and he says here is the of the believer.

So you have the call of the believer. Chapters 1 through three chapters 4 through six. You have how we are supposed to well and live out our faith that we can do this in the flesh can wait we can do this by making a decision that were going to do it.

The only decision that we can make is that we are going to walk in the spirit and surrender our lives to Jesus Christ. That's the only decision that you and I can make and we walk in the spirit with the help of his anointing, a man shout if you want to be anointed shall you with that anointed it will help you welcome the spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh, all right, verse one of chapter 4 of Ephesians.

I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord beseech you that you everybody shall walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called location is another word for calling can I tell you this morning that every one of you in this place you are called number one to live for Jesus Christ.

I truly don't believe that anybody was born necessarily to be lost. That's why he said that it's God's will, but none should perish but that all should come to repentance. There is one God and one mediator between God and man. That's the man Christ Jesus, who will have all be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth so I truly believe that if you're here this morning that you are part of the elect of God. Part of the chosen of God and I'm telling you allow that to bring you into the family of God because he has called you to himself.

It's not by chance that you came into this church today. It's not by chance that you're here hearing this message.

Hearing the word of God. It's not because you're pleasing somebody. It's not because you said you'd be here and well. Now I'm here know it's because the divine hand of God strategically placed you in that you so that you could hear his word, and here's the deal.

This may be the last time you ever get the opportunity to hear his word.

Now what is your decision going to be.

Are you going to say yes to Jesus Christ. Are you going to continue to deny him and walk after your own lusts and desires in a pit of despair. I'm telling you today that he can reach way way down into the pit of despair and pull you out and set your feet on a solid rock and that rock is Jesus Christ, you'll simply say yes I will answer the call Minnie or call Jesus said, but few are chosen.

What separates the called and chosen well. The ones who were called and the ones were chosen, they answer the call and read your call this morning so I want you to answer the call and say yes to Christ because your call, but beyond that, ladies and gentlemen, those who are born again. Today you are called into the ministry, talking about standing in the pulpit. Many of you shouldn't and couldn't stand in the pulpit but he has called you to some type of ministry to fulfill the purpose that he is placed upon your life and he's imploring us to walk worthy of the vocation wherewith we are called verse two with all holiness and meekness. That's humility with long-suffering patience, forbearing everybody shall forbearing forbearing one another in love. What does forbearing mean well when you render it in the Greek it actually means to put up with to tolerate one another. A man not get mad at your brother and go to another church right not get mad at the preacher and say well I'm just gonna find somewhere else to go.

None of the same forbearing one another, put up with one another tolerate one another because that's what not everybody is as spiritually mature as you are a man and sometimes we just have to look at our old selves in the mirror right and if you're going to be administrator fulfill the call that God is placed upon your life. I'm telling you there's going to be.

Sometimes a frustration you're going to want to pull all of your hair out. Case in point right but you have to learn with the love of God to tolerate an forbearing one another. People are going to say things that will offend you going to hurt your feelings but you are in love to tolerate and forbear because this is what develops unity and this is what develops the power of God in your life because believe it or not there are people in your life. Spiritual authority that no way more than you do about ministry in the call of God, and if you could just humble yourself and say you know a lot I don't listen to that and take the instruction you will have a far more blessed ministry that if you reject the instruction turned her back and walk away, endeavoring verse three to keep the what the unity everybody shall unity the unity of the spirit and the bond of peace, unity of the Spirit endeavoring.

That means you make an attempt you try come on a man you put forth some effort if you say you're going to do something for God do it with your whole heart. Give him your home can't tell you there is nothing more important than your spiritual life.

Parents ballgames are not more important.

Soccer is not more important.

Baseball is not more important.

Football is not more important. I'm telling you there is work is not more important. There is nothing more important than your spiritual life, I tell you I see a trend I've seen it for years now. You know, we used to go to church on Sunday morning, Sunday night Wednesday night Thursday night prayer meeting. Come on, a man oh yeah and Sunday school now.

You're lucky to get folks in church for Sunday morning worship Wednesday nights falling by the wayside. And before you know it, it will be going every other Sunday and every other Sunday will just go live because that's the new cool thing to do now watch it on the live Facebook and before you know it it'll be once a month we gather together because people just don't have time and before you know it.

People will quit altogether under polis come out in America, 47% of people declare that they are part of a religious organization or congregation. And I know the cool thing is to say, well, I don't belong to any church and to be some kind of spiritual gypsy.

But God hasn't called you to be a spiritual gypsy.

He hasn't called you just to float around and go wherever you feel like he's leading you to go.

He's called you to a place called you to a ministry called you to a spiritual covering that looks after your soul and looks after your life and you have to endeavor to keep that unity in the spirit of the bond of peace. Because if you want peace in your life church, God's house, and God the number one priority in your life because once again, there is nothing more important than your spiritual life tell you the enemy will come in their and he will kill steel and destroy Mark his word. He will do that you have to make an endeavor. You have to put forth an effort you have to make it a priority to strengthen your spiritual life you believe it say a man all right. Look with me. Verse four there is one body say one body and one spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling one body right there if you want to fix the racial tension America preach the gospel. Why, because the gospel says that there are there is one body.

Did you hear what I said red, yellow, black and white to Gentile, male or female. When you come to the foot of the cross. We are all on level ground and we need the red shed blood of Jesus Christ to heal our heart and our soul hallelujah to God, you are called in one hope of your calling one the Lord understand the text. The context being unity which means he's emphasizing right one, Lord. That's one supreme authority everybody say 11 supreme authority and that is the Lord God a man, one faith, the only place proper to place your faith is in Jesus Christ, not a law, not Buddha, not hire Krista Jesus Christ are you hearing me today. Jesus Christ, one faith, Jesus said, I the way the truth and belie those before the father except through me. I'm telling you that's not popular anymore. I know everybody wants to put a coexist sticker on the bumper but I'm telling you when we get the glory. Jesus Christ will be the supreme Lord of our lives. Are you hearing what I'm saying and he is the way truth in life. One baptism may have taken this Texan says there is no Spirit baptism. There is no water baptism only one baptism is in the body of Christ. In this context it is one baptism into the body of Christ. But there are three baptisms in Scripture into the body of Christ. First, with its 1213. We are all baptized by one Spirit into the body of Christ. Jesus is the baptizer and the Holy Ghost, and then you are to be baptized in water not from heaven but to obey the command to identify with Christ in death, burial and resurrection. In this context there is one baptism we are baptized by the spirit into the body of Christ, which means we are all part of that one body.

A man one God. Verse six and father of all who is above all through all and in you all.

Notice it says he is above all.

Hallelujah, he is the supreme solving God Elohim is his name Yahweh. This is referred to from the burning bush. Tell them I now that I am has since you Jehovah Shirer my provider Jehovah nisi my banter of protection Jehovah signature new my righteousness Jehovah Shambaugh the Lord who is always present Jehovah shalom the God who is peace Jehovah Riverfront but God that heals all my diseases. That is who he is and we can call them by name and he is the one supreme God will use and will love in him, Christ Jesus unity is what brings his power. Unity is what brings his latest, you have to be one with God in Christ Jesus number one. And secondly, we have to be one with one another, endeavoring to keep the unity of the spirit of the bond of peace and forbearing one another, tolerating one. Yes, that includes your spouse come on, a man entered church family. My wife is shouting forbearing. I forbearing tolerance to say this, and I say this tolerance and acceptance are two different things.

We live in a culture where a small sector of our society wants us to tolerate them.

They don't want you to tolerate. They want you to accept them and accept their way of life. And if you don't you will be punished for that. I can say that I tolerate everyone. I don't care who walks into this church building, how they identify what they call themselves I will tolerate that in the love of God, but the next thing I'll say is that when the word of God is preached, you hear me today when God's word is preached. People are faced with the decision to die to themselves and resurrect a new life in Christ and I said I was born this way. I can't help but only even if you were born that way.

Jesus said, take up your cross and follow me.

You are not to live after the loss of your own for us… To yourself that Christ may live within you were seven but unto every one of us is given grace same God. Theologians call it unmerited favor, but when you get down to brass tacks.

Let me tell you what grace is God doing something for you that you could not do for yourself. That's the grace of God and for by grace you are saved through faith, not of yourselves, it is a gift of God not of works lest any man should boast in the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men teaching that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts that we should live soberly and righteously, and godly and holy members present. That's what grace teaches us but is talking about here.

The grace that is given to you. According to the measure of the gift of Christ. Your giftedness more gifted to do something for God. All your giftedness. When I walked into this building on Sunday morning. I see the shiny floor and freshly vacuum carpet I'm singing Brenda's praises, she zeroed out that I sing her praises God gifted to take care of God's come on, a man gifted to take care of our children when Alicia Bennett has a lesson plan for our kids. What a gift that is a man when those take care of the babies. What a gift that is a man when I stand up here and sing his praises on the stand back there and give you words to read on the screen and when they provide a live fee for people to what what I that is according to the measure of God's grace that is given you is what I say here every one of us is giving that you put your finger to go with me to Romans chapter 12 quickly. Romans chapter 12 Romans 12 of your watch and I hope you are joining us in such a joy to have you integrate abilities technology like this. All right, Romans chapter 12. Look at verse four for as we have many members in one body.

This is Paul McGann course and all members have not the same office were not all called to do the same thing. One of the major problems in ministry is that the self-centeredness of the sin nature plays out often times people in the microphone. I want to be heard they want to be. See praise and worship in the church today is can be the Achilles' heel of the congregation.

I sing that wok because there's a spirit of Lucifer that works within their minutes. He was a worshiping angel say the Bible says that there were pipes prepared in him so if you're in worship ministry. You need to guard against that type of spirit come on a man. If your pulpit ministry. You need to guard against that type of spirit. A man because he's given you a gift. According to the grace that he's given it to you and you cannot measure your success by somebody else's rule, a man he may have called you when one person of Jesus your whole life. He may have called me to.

When a hunter he may have called Billy Graham to win millions. But if were faithful to the call.

That's all that matters will have to measure our success to get somebody else's rule, somebody might have 30 in their group. You may have one but be faithful over the long just as you would be faithful over the 30 promise you he will say well done good and faithful servant. According to the grace that is given the right and all members have not the same office so we, being many, are one body in Christ and every one members one of another.

We are in this thing we are laborers together. Everybody say that we are laborers having then gifts for differing according to the grace there is that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith. In other words, if your purse I'm prophetically speaking right now I'm encouraging you I'm exhorting you not foretelling prophesy in context of encouraging and building up an uplifting some people have the ability to do this, by the grace of God.

Some people not so much.

If your teacher don't try to be a preacher. Come on, a man, don't try to be something you are not.

Don't build your ministry behind what somebody else is already accomplished. It's okay to have mentors.

It's okay to have people to give you direction but don't ever think that you could get up here and sound like me and I want everything I could get up there and sounded look like you cannot a man understand the gift of the grace that he has given you, and use it for the glory of God. Verse seven or ministry. Now the Greek.

This actually translates assistance.

Everybody can be ministry. Everybody can open the door and say hello to someone who comes into God's house, on a man. Everybody can use their gift. Hanging a light fixture or whatever fixing the toilet hanging drywall. I don't know use the gifts that God has given you for his glory. Come on, a man assisted.

Let us wait for our ministry or he that teaches on teaching self explanatory event exhorting. Now this is an interesting word integrates its Paraclete else, which is where we get the root word Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, the comforter, so maybe you are someone who is called to exhort somebody to come alongside them and to encourage them in the Lord when you're helping a neighbor when you're speaking words of life into their heart and into their family that's exhorting that's encouraging. You are actually taking the role with the Holy Spirit and bringing comfort to somebody's life that wonderful the Holy Spirit is an show up in physical form and bring comfort to people he doesn't through people. He doesn't through you and I he manifests the nine gifts of the Spirit through us in the best times are when he does it and you don't even know it. Hallelujah God called to be an exact order assistance encouraging, and needed to everybody highlight that. Did you know there's a gift of giving because there are some who can give way more than others and maybe you have the gift of giving. Come on, a man giving of your money, giving of your time giving of your talent giving of your intellectual ability.

Come on, a myth giving of what you have for the calls of Christ dwelling together in unity, let him give with simplicity. Even rulers with diligence he that shows mercy, with cheerfulness, let alone be without dissimulation know that brings that's a fancy way of saying don't pretend you do not pretend to love somebody come on, a man I'm telling you when the whole hallelujah to God when you are full of his anointing of his spirit. You can't help but love your enemies, you can't help but love your neighbor because that's the fruit of the spirit, love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance against such there is no law.

So when you're walking in the spirit working in the unity of the Spirit is the body of Christ. You can't help but get along with one another. Yes, there will be disagreements. Yes, there will be arguments.

Yes, there will be dysfunction. Yes, there will be folks who get offended, but learning how to respond and to deal with that is a major key ladies telling you you can't do it without the help of the Holy Spirit. You can't discipline yourself enough. You need God's Holy payroll like Jesus said were to love what you say in John 1334 a new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you for by this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have a love one to another, that we read that passages are well.

I just made a lot more know you need to read the passage and save the Holy Spirit needs more of my life so that I can move like God has called me that's the only way could happen through the help of the Spirit, a man I want you to step out from where you are and I want you to walk up to the front here in what you're saying is that I give my life to Christ. I want to do that. He said if you ashamed of me. I'm very ashamed of you and when you stand before him and you will stand before him what you want him to say well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord when I and I want you to experience that today so with me Lord Jesus here. I I am a sinner in need of a Savior I need you, I desire. I believe with my heart. I confess with my mouth.

Jesus Christ is Lord is my Lord is my Savior and today I belong to him. I am part of the body of Christ. In Jesus name, amen. I sure hope you prayed that prayer, believing that Jesus has forgiven you of your sin and that he has transform your life from this moment, and I'm so glad that you decided to listen to the voice of power broadcast and we pray that it has been a blessing to you. If so we would encourage you to consider giving a financial donation to help the horsepower stay on the air give in three ways. The simplest way to give would be through text message by simply texting a dollar amount to 336-747-3336 and following the instructions and also you can go to the website and force of and click on the give point and it will take you step-by-step on how to give financially to the voice of power and thirdly you can get by mail, PO Box 243 9T NC 27021.

Once again were delighted that you decided to listen to the voice of power broadcast to the next week at the same time, and I pray that the words of your mouth the meditations of your heart be acceptable in his sight, for he is your strength and your Redeemer

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