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Stu Jr and Stu Sr. Father's Day Special Part 1

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 15, 2018 8:02 pm

Stu Jr and Stu Sr. Father's Day Special Part 1

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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There is a big day coming up. It's going to be an exciting celebratory day for many is going to be a very, very sad, dark day for many, as well.

It is Father's Day. You hear the thought the idea Father's Day on the calendar rapidly approaching what comes to mind when you think about your dad, your father what kind of images there is there pain is hurt his or her excitement. Are you so grateful you miss some of. He's gone all already to heaven which grew up without a doubt we had an amazing mentor. Yet some adopted dad just stepdad the coach that stepped in and fathered you so good to be with you today.

I'm Stu Epperson in for my good pal Steve Noble who is riding high right now because of what God did yesterday Texas Stadium in front of hundreds of thousands of people, not just on Siebel all the world harvest America and thousands came to Christ.

Hallelujah. Thousands became sons of the father yesterday Dallas Texas and all the world harvest America.

Thank you Steve know we actually was part of the play-by-play. The call with the team there broadcasting and it's just really meet with Greg Laurie's doing his casting that he's inviting people. This is an invitation were on the radio.

Steve's on the radio on the radio with him today as toasting to call you the father's call you through us through other sons of his to become sons to be adopted. It's amazing.

It changes everything. So today there's a lot of negatives is a lot of sad things about our fatherless society are John MacArthur see this morning, listing the Truth Network on my way to a team meeting as a Truth Network. I listened him say that some like 26/27 of the last shooters, school shooters didn't have a dad in their life. So today were to talk about that in order to talk about some statistics. But then, here's what I want to do. I would invite you to something working to create an infomercial. Rather, let's say let's just suppose this was. I like the word transformers will better suppose this was an hour-long snapshot of the supernatural goodness of fatherhood. What is sound like someone is listening.

Some of you are down on dad's deadbeat dads there there just down on them and there's a lot of school thought a reason for that. But what is it look like to be a good dad and what is the greatest impact. Your father had on your life. That's the question today. What is the single greatest impact. Your father or father figure had on you on your life. I want you to call in until Saturday on this radio show toll-free 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. The single greatest impact the greatest way your father impacted your life work in a shout out to fathers today in a positive way before we get there and take your calls as they come in. We have an awesome man of God in there watching over us. Kim is in the house and he is he's on his game. There, he's ready to go over the calls, it's good to get rowdy in here, man. We have a man of God who is close to me. I've known this guy forever and it's ironic that our guest today is name. I'm just toasting for Steve Noble, but the car guest is also named Stu Epperson. If you have a some do, that Kelly will have this tested on with the same name as the host today.

I don't understand that but will just go to see where God takes us misrepresenting their inherent is your father feel good. I got it you would actually invite me on your show well will will were honored to have you and I and I tell you what we go way back to Louis. Okay will we know we may get in that someday we we sure appreciate you and it's an honor to have my dad on John this Father's Day program and I think God for him and really he is had a passion, one of your greatest passions and all your business and ministry enterprises. Dad is to get the message out about fathering.

Can you tell us a little bit about what sparked that and then tell us about the Wall Street Journal editorial you are submitting this week that may land in the big papers on Sunday on Father's Day. Go ahead.

Well we got into it. We invited young man to Kevin is that our house shortly after our children, it gone off to college you and your three sisters and that he was a model young bad, but he was torn with their grief and some anger because his father had checked out when he was so I guess 76 or seven years old, very difficult to handle for his mother so invited a couple of back basketball camp at Calvary Baptist church in Winston-Salem.

He was such a nice young man up on time. Everything that we fit so much that Lola G let them come and stay a year with you and go to Calvary date: and so on so up we finally talk to everybody all the kids yeah were not there.

What do it so we only found out that the good news for a week was short-lived once he got familiar with everything it has some major major anger issues of violence issues with lots of other things and we got attached to him and that but then we got really attached, and we really learn to love them as they say, our nervous system like that that is meant anyway.

He had a rough time I went to the range of of the camp really became a Christian. While in the Marines of came out finished college. I think in three years and then went to law school and attorney and also accessible business plan. So anyway, that process could then status that yes there is redemption or young men, there is hope for all young men regardless of their route of parental status, but I would just want to say yes mentoring is great. That's the second best thing, but a father who sticks close to it like that that one what it takes. That's the best thing that that we can have an and of course you know and everybody know that in today's society that is not talked about a lot the goodness of having a father and with me on the line here is big Stu my dad happy Father's Day early pops. Thank you very much great day for me and I look forward to it that you get if you get what I look forward to a few phone calls with people close to one day a year and I dig deep in my pocket I get out 1/4 and I make a phone call but don't expect a lot of those throughout the year, but Father's Day is coming pops up telling this is bonus coverage here on this talk, so this is Steve Noble's talk show. I'm just toasting Steve's just come back from Dowson awesome harvest America last night. Thousands came to Christ powerful Greg Laurie what a great ministry and I broadcasting for Steve today and were doing like this kind hour-long shout out to dad's my dad and Stu Epperson is is meant as written article to what you tell us about this only give the phone number if you want to call this national radio show you username if you want your barristers Scheiber you can't see the 200 million people there listening to you, so be shy about that but you want to call this radio show and say hey my dad made this kind of impact them alive or do shout us to dad's were trying to restore the hope that there is a that there there is joy in the land are still dad to love the Lord like my dad like maybe like your dad maybe like your dad is in heaven, or maybe like your coach or your mentor or that teacher that came alongside of you that stepdad so were given shouts out, but you call us to this number nationwide 866-34-TRUTH 86634. Truth is our toll-free Raceway just give a shout out on the air and working out were to play the show back closer to Father's Day as well on my national show truth talk weekend sore side about that in.

If you are watching me on Facebook live right now.

I see some friends on their I see I see big boy hurt. Yes, I see face 13. I see some awesome friends comment on how your dad made an impact on your life and I'll read it right. Your off that screen give me some thumbs ups and shout outs are read that to our national radio audience listening right now.

86634 truth 866-348-7884 the toll-free number nationwide a call and tell us how your dad made a positive impact on your life.

No Mr. Epperson, you have written an article that is that you are praying the Wall Street Journal will run well on a Father's Day potentially tell us what compelled you do such server. Well, you know you look at that is never the true correct, totally correct story, but the statistics are so much in favor of fatherhood. You would think everybody in the country would say please Father's Day involved with your children stay with a family, don't get it of Boris okay the statistics are so high, 5% more likely to do this 75% more likely to do that. You all.

Right. And so that is overwhelming. We play on things like it takes a village to village does tell that right raise a family. What difference is a father make Stu Epperson Senior we back to tell us why he's so passionate about is that he would write an article submitted to the Wall Street Journal could be out this weekend. It's all Father's Day our own Stu Epperson Junior working up hang on to talk

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