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Over-Churched and Under-Saved

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 17, 2018 5:00 pm

Over-Churched and Under-Saved

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 17, 2018 5:00 pm

This week Stu sits down with Walter Spires, author of the new book All Men are Desperate Whether They Admit it or Not, to talk about faith, prayer, cheer-leading, and the meaning of the phrase "over-churched and under-saved".

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All men are desperate. Whether they admit it or not. Friends is actually the title of a book in the author the book is in the house right now. His name is Walter spires.

I'm Stu Epperson this is true, thought weekend.

What about that title of that book men being desperate. He's got a heart for many hard for everyone to lead people to Christ in the build them up in the Lord, but Walter spires man I know you're getting some heads turning some eyeballs, Nadja. With that title. What's up with that man is that it is been a very provocative title in some ways, and it was intended to do that, you know titles of books or movies or things that generally you put something wants to grab someone's attention right and someone look twice or it causes them in with a book to pick it up and then turn it over with the back cover to see what it says is on the inside of this thing so it has been good came out of my ministry for many years with men I've been involved with the homeless men, men with addictions men in prison and in the hardest group involvement in the church and so where the tagline came from was men in the prison and the mission homeless man there desperate and admitted they have hit lice rock-bottom. The challenge becomes men in the church. Men and business are successful there desperate and won't admit it ends our definition of God and his goodness is typically tied to specially in the United States with such a wealthy nation to our stuff right if I have my six-figure job and my wife is faithful my kids on drugs and things like that.

God is good let's of those things start to unravel as some of my dear brothers who are less fortunate and also we question the goodness of God out of that and so we tie this to material thing in our stuff and so this remains about peeling that back to show that we really all desperate and it starts with five different characters is added to prisoner a pastor rich man and who's my fifth one of the business guy and traveling business, God, parallels all of our lives and we take him to part one just a what that looks like in the fact that, for example prison, even in a been in prison to serve time but is a section talk about all not all prisons have bars on top of the prisons of life.

Prisons of what other people think prisons of opinions of others things it trapped people and and imprisoned us in. There's no bars around us prisons of our past is a huge one kiss when speaking with women you people get caught up in that whole thing. So that's what the part one part two is called journey through the cross. And that's with the most important part of the book because like you stew I'm a believer in challenging people in their faith and make sure they understand what the real gospel is ended to define what a true biblical Christian is, and I use that phrase because we talk about cultural Christians, but cultural Christian really isn't a Christian at all units at thing of well I'm a Jew because I was born a Jew, or I'm in on Catholic clematis on the bad disk that has nothing to do as you know with with Annette were truly saved and so part of the book journey to the crutches walks them through what it means to be a born-again biblical Christian identifies that and and third parts called journey home, which is how we grow in Christ. How we continue to what would a desperate man looks like who's desperate for more of Christ and more from him and that change. A preposition is a big thing. We want more of them, rather than just more from them.

Too many people have, God is our heavenly gumball machine right our eternal blessing machine in silk that sort of the three parts of the jury's book, taking men deeper really, everyone. Their life is honestly you see your meant unity may see your dates for desperate men, but there's desperate women, desperate children, there's there's all kinds of senior adults.

It need the Lord. Only the Lord but we get so into the we get so distracted like we talked about this morning. You know when you are in our Wednesday in the word.

It was really good to have you there. You shared a word.

Goodness gracious.

It was such a blessing about how your ministry is helping so many folks that are playing professional dress-up professional church right what was that statement you made it really it really was a shot over the ballot like wow I just need to shut up and let this guy take over this whole thing here, but what he thinks is Spears going to redo my spirit is that this ministry really isn't as much to the classical desperate man is a mention people that are homeless and really desperate from a financial point of view, but to the to the guys in the church only challenges to because we have so many that are what I call over church and under saved an estimate of discipleship or not discipling men. I spent time last year, spent five months going in the country and of guilt developing the book out of it called how the church and America's failing men. It's on the website. You can download. It's video pieces as well as the PDFs parts to that what came out of that was the challenge in the church begins in senior pastor special men's ministry going on because, for example, one of the stats, it's staggering is over 30% of pastors arguing pornography. That's it. And I was talking to couple pastor friends mine senior pastor's season in the retired acid that sounds ridiculous and highly said not sexy, but pretty low that that's disturbing right and so the point they made was how are men that are leading church is going to call me. Need community into discipleship, community within either themselves or calling accountability cannot be held accountable. It happened all levels of pesticide is for the furred guy the top of the guys about everyone accountability as to nothing.

It starts with accountability. This would a missing piece and I would like to stress that I started teaching homeless women as well fairly recently in I was in the homeless. The women's mission in Nashville know about hundred 50 or so women there with the children and I had this lesson prepared and as we went. As it started to go through it I discuss agreed to my spirit looking at these women that were really desperate in every sense of the word looking to me to teach and I couldn't teach what I like and what I had and I just sit up there and began to suck hard not to weep through this but begin to apologize vicariously for the men in their lives because most of those women were there. I just cling and the children had no place to go homeless raining cola in their in their because of the failures of guys like us who abandon them who abuse them in the hall.

I was overwhelmed. I was so overwhelmed starting speak better now that guy just did you know that this is even more important even realized because the women are just desperate to have godly men in their lives.

You know when I talked to women that are mothers of my wife and she that's everything that I do and so she wants a godly husband. She will someone bring in my spirit. She wants a godly father to our children. Most women in particular women in the church want that right.

They want that for their husbands. They want that for their children, and yet again in the church were dealing with children's ministry youth ministry college ministry, women's ministry, but the tip of the spear is not being dealt with where the tip of the spear.

If you believe what the Bible teaches.

We follow biblical mandate for that. So anyway that's what I do what I do and while work I get into that in the next segment. What is it look like to be a man desperate for God and how can how can men really all people come to the point where they will admit that there desperate know I given that with you and then I got a very important question asked will have to hold us to the next break next segment after this break, and that is who is Walter spires. We gotta talk about you a little bit your journey to Christ. Your journey to the cross. Your journey home and I'm telling you what, stay tuned. This is a podcast of this whole podcast will be one but for radio friends were to take a quick break to let local affiliates identify themselves and to tell you a few cool things in between those breaks.

This is what Walter says his book, my dear friends, lean in closely lean in closely and read what God has to say to you, you may be desperate or without and without hope. Apart from any relationship with Christ who loves you completely and unconditionally, or maybe deftly try to find your way back to and perhaps you are simply desperate for more of him.

I have good news for you just as you are wherever you are, no matter what you've done in the Lord God invites you to come come in. Come closer, fire, please do not pass up his invitation, Walter spires in his book all manner desperate. Whether they admit it or not. Maybe wrote this book to me because I'm starting to get really convicted encourage Walter.

This is so cool your book of courses at your website, desperate is at right is right. See also have some Facebook but presence of this book is on Amazon's way when we come back Rossi to play your little 62nd devotional spark plug eight she get on my email on a regular basis and will talk more about how we can impact men and women of God. Desperate but not admitting it and were to hear firsthand from Walter on the other side is break on truth talk weekend hang on podcast is coming.

Also, follow Epperson on Twitter on Instagram as well and on Facebook and were coming right back and all men are desperate. Whether they admit it or not. What a provocative title in the provocative author who God put this on his art is in the studio with me right now in her to talk weekend podcast our radio show or video.

It is also for TV. His name is Walter spires great manna God water reducing tweeting and I put you on Instagram to challenge people I love what you say is said about that.

I was at the church under saved over sober church sender SADE we allow overture. We a lot of folks are over church under saved, but this book really. You said something little bit about you what you know and let's go there.

This is very relevant in working to hear little of your testimony, which is really powerful to what is it mean to be a desperate man yet to be lasting for the definition of that in early on in the book he got had unpacked that, did you tell her what what that means. Why didn't have a definition. Initially, I just the first page of the book you see were talks about things that look like a desperate man manner. Desperate for success, recognition for achievement things are desperate for that. I was leading a group in prison and out of the Lord just impressed upon me that here's the definition hears the word of desperate man is a man whose come to the end of himself, with or without a relationship with Christ, with or without ablation Christ as I know men and you do to that are desperate and lost a partnership to Christ, and we know men who are in Christ, but struggling maybe walked away. Circumstances things push us away. Sometimes we let that we have a powerful enemy, Satan is out there to do what steal, kill and destroy.

Jesus: the father of liars. And so he's on us to constantly do that and make sure that were broken and are desperate for the wrong things moving us to the wrong place awesome and you just are also going on Instagram live. We got some folks on the way back to them that are watching this so were conducive video product for dishonest YouTube and were doing radio were doing podcasting and this is the book friends all manner desperate.

Whether they admit it or not this is powerful. This needs to be the any man in your life. This needs to be in their hands is a simple retail Abascal playwright and have our time reading so which is not true of everything you know.

So we are so glad you're here Walter spires and you got a journey you can tell us about. He just talked about for those he disjoint his what it means to be overcharged and under saved, which is really cool. He came to my men's group this morning and lit us up with some powerful words and sharing.

Afterward, the guises jumped on you manner like Ellen at our talk is guided day when Eckel is very cool and gives great group with regrouping and blessed God bless you for just what you do with that men's ministry and was trying to get that going and stirred up when you know there's a mythic man I don't want to be in groups don't want to be in community, Gus could not be further from the truth. Once we get them there. They open up. They want to be there.

It's just the coolest thing I've got groups going around about one a businessman right now going on. It just going to mean this guy's really one open up in here that tell the stories of my story is simple.

I'm a Navy brat group. All of the country and my father retired Navy self-care lens we call home. I did undergraduate work at Clemson. The really good right now, not so much when I was there and you share for Clemson when they were when NASA Shifts. I know that I was a cheerleader Clemson when there is actually nothing to cheer about their yelling that he could stand actually pretty girl so that made it worth it

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