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How to Reach 40,000 College Students for Christ

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 23, 2019 5:00 pm

How to Reach 40,000 College Students for Christ

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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February 23, 2019 5:00 pm

Stu sits down with Will Baird of Campus Outreach to discuss how to reach college students with the truth of Jesus Christ.

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One of the greatest mission fields in the world today is the college campus and so many parents are sad or brokenhearted. Their kid goes off to the secular school. They come back indoctrinated with socialism and atheism, and the like what happened to my little by little sweet Christian baby girl are son how to get swayed and turned will friends there is hope on the way because that old comes in the form of young men will talk to you right now is a part of a ministry called campus outreach will beard great having on trees talk we can different think is a M is the result was good to have you in.

It's good to hear you came to our Wednesday in the word you lit up all the guys they were so excited they want to support your ministry and really anyone that wants to reach his next-generation year. I think you're the best investment because again when God sent salvation to mankind. He said a person right Jesus Christ incentive plan a program paradigm. He sent a person and in a very real sense as the Jesus that is a father sent me so I send you so you're a human being that pretty soon you're a walk on that campus of the University of South Carolina gamecocks Columbia and you are going to be doing what. Well, to be basically my job is to build laborers. That's the mission of campus outreach. When Jesus said the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

That's really the heartbeat of this organization just to know that the fields are white and ripe for harvest ominous 40,000 students at University of South Carolina and there interested in spiritual things and you talk to students. I think that's one of the lies of Satan today is that we live in such a a secular culture where people don't want to talk about spiritual things that everyone's an atheist in actually go out there and people do want to have these conversations and so just just to be on that campus and have those conversations with students to share the gospel, many of which have never heard it while sharing it with a guy on Thursday and he just be like as a first time of ever heard this know and yeah and just growing up in America. In America, I will bill in the South is he up and I had when I got to college either and so yeah just so cool.

Beg God for conversions and build laborers yes okay so let's back up and I want everyone that's listing the noted this is a group of young people that are 17 to 25 in that swath of age maybe by late everyone's graduated college. Okay, the students will then once you're reaching the half yeah right price, 17 to 22 staff relational board at your 2324 graduated recently last year.

Yup, and I kind of publicly excoriated him will or jumping in a ministry to a campus. What you think, and go get a job at a Wall Street in a good go work as a coffee manual and not to denigrate those job stressors.

Often Christians serving other witnessing for Christ in those places, but you know is he to calving is the American dream to jump into a full-time ministry gig like this of overture pretty counterintuitive. What kind of feedback or pushback. Have you gotten doing this this outreach to this campus. Others there's a good bit. I mean just from my upbringing.

I think my parents my family they really want me to be a doctor came in the college in I switch to an English major and I was already, hit in my family and and so it to go from someone who's supposed to be or might you know there's a lot of hope for me being this successful, wealthy. This honorable profession which is good for sure but to go from that to raising my own support to doing campus ministry. There is definitely a lot of pushback is pushback in my family, my friends, my teammates, a play tennis at Presbyterian College.

It just doesn't make a lot of sense to people to be spending your life this way.

So now so tell us a little bit about your journey, who is I will bared how did you end up come to Christ were to grow up as you end up doing all this crazy stuff or Jesus taught us to take us back to it that the earlier days real quick give us the snapshot of your testimony. Well I grew up in an Raleigh North Carolina. I play tennis very much my whole life. Those kind of the dominating force in my life first 18 years or so, play tournaments every weekend. Never really went to church grew up in a family to consider ourselves Christians. Both my grandfathers were pastors. We had a family. Everyone would say they were Christian but we didn't read the Bible, we didn't really pray you set a quick blessing over dinner and tells about it is my whole experience I can. I grew up thinking that Christianity is just this list of rules and so when I got to college I heard the gospel for the first on my freshman year, same year that I can, went nuts a little bit just dove into a lot of things trying to find life now that I was freeing as independence and so one of the staff people at C O'Brien share the gospel with me and my first thought was free grace like this must be.

But you're telling me I can do whatever I want. So I kinda like it blew my mind intellectually. Obviously, I was pretty far off the mark there but when I really grasp the fact that I got to have a relationship with God. Those fall my sophomore year of our bus to a tennis tournament in Gardner Webb and I was listening to music in just got really convicted about what I was listening to, and all of a sudden is just like beam of glory got hit me and I realize that the living God of the universe wanted to have me in his family so that was it was a really mind blowing moment I went to Brian who share the gospel with minnows like I don't know if this is different than anything I'd read up knowing would you teach me, would you show me what it's like to be a Christian. And so he discipled me over the next few years. I changed my major.

Basically, by the time I was in junior year I was like I feel like God is calling me into ministry and it almost felt like to be sin for me to do anything else. And so how old were you when you receive Christ when the when the fire fell down in your heart about 20 years old almost 20 rep for Ono yeah Brian can get on the campus involved in ministry like you're going into. I guess yes just had been available yet, so this is this is one of the cool things I like about campus outreach. So Brian was a student at PC. He came to faith my guy name Paul Klein was on staff shared his faith with him. Paul Klein came to faith at PC when guy was on statures faith with him.

Then Jake McCown and so it's great to meet in the other dates. My spiritual great-grandfather.

That's right see that still has meaning in that's what's neat.

You never know who's going to be in your path, and is a check it's a rule convicting but encouraging message to believers out there to be available to be ready and ended in the prayer your kid comes across someone like you are like Brian yeah for sure that's awesome. So you got excited, change your major you're playing tennis you're going into that decision time writer was like what you do all your life, your graduate unit market that diploma calving down what's next.

Yeah. So one of the biggest things that hit me was after after I came to Christ after I've been growing is learning to learning to pray. Learning to spend time in the word I started administrator of the share my faith and what really got me was, so I was in attendance. The most guys in tennis, especially in colleges in America from Europe and South America. So a lot of Prince of Denmark suite in and those guys were never discussed show up to Bible study for not just a walk and I sure not sure I have no doubt, variance, and so someone has to go get them. Someone has to care enough to build relationships with them to share the gospel with them to have uncomfortable may be conversations and as I was doing that and realizing that they did want to have those conversations. They wanted to know when it engaged in that before and so I wanted to be part of something where I could give that to students are just like I'd received it, like I'd come in didn't have an identity.

I didn't know who I was or what my purpose in life was just got a college campus where I can give that to students in the time when they are deciding how to spend the rest of their lives. I realize I can make a pretty big impact and so is that eluded us tremendous man. So what you do. So what how can we pray for you what you deal with this campus outreach at University of South County gives a quick snapshot and how we can pray for what you're doing.

Yeah so basically what I'll be doing is I raise my full support.

And so that's one way you can RA that God would provide.

In that way so I can get on campus just in secondly so once I do that I do that in order that I can spend all my time on campus. I don't have to work a part-time job I can spend 40 hours a week meeting with students sharing the gospel or leisurely pilot studies, all that stuff yelps for sure we will make checks out to capture outreach with your name in the memo will bear you get a number people we people can connect with us to find out how they can support you absolute were investing. We love what you're doing.

We want to give interviews exposure invest with you if the guys came were gracious morning. It was inwardly over sure to get you. They want to support you, they were charged drop and you know stuff for you there get you nose giving us some financial aid in prayer we are 40 people praying for is not bad. This amazing gutter thousands praying for on the cross and Truth Network Ella Ross and affiliates like the Wilkins radio network that listen to truth. Talk every weekend, so man that is awesome so bottom line challenged everyone out there about reaching the next generation of the college campus. What is it honestly the I think the biggest the biggest thing that has to be done is it was at the beam courageous enough to share. I think a lot of a lot of fear drives people just kind of been concerned about themselves, not being willing to be uncomfortable, it's a it's a struggle for me sometimes to put myself out there and and have a spiritual conversation with someone who might totally reject me. But the thing is that students the harvest is plentiful and there are people that are desperate and they really want to hear some truth, some life that they've never experienced before and so honestly just just caring enough about people to share to share your life with them share the gospel with them to ask them how they're doing to carry their burdens and really just engage think that's the biggest thing campus outreach is ministries names will bear pray for this young man and support young men and women of God were going to the campuses to be witnesses soul winners deciphers to should turn the next generation back to Christ. You're the sooner rather thank you for being on man awesome, thanks to

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