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4/9/2022 - A Conversation with Jeff Hyde of Buffalo Christian

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland
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April 9, 2022 12:00 am

4/9/2022 - A Conversation with Jeff Hyde of Buffalo Christian

Truth For a New Generation / Alex McFarland

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April 9, 2022 12:00 am

4/9/2022 - A Conversation with Jeff Hyde of Buffalo Christian by Truth for a New Generation

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PNG radio for today's culture and timeless truths come together it's recent relevant content apologetics worldview and answers to the questions that you need to know need to know from Alex McFarland evangelistic ministries welcome to truth for a new generation radio and now the man who preached in states and 50 days speaker, writer, and advocate for Christian apologetics Dr. Alex McFarland in Proverbs 22 verse six the word of God says train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not apart from it by Alex McFarland here and so to have an exciting exciting program on this edition of truth for a new generation of people see the news they lament what's going on in the world people are very concerned about our nation and obviously as Christians we think about the spiritual condition of our nation. We think about the moral condition of our nation. If you are a fan of American history. You think about the Constitution and how our liberties have not been granted by the Constitution but guarded by the Constitution and you look around the world and, perhaps, like myself, you often say what can be done. What can be done to influence the lives of young people, and ultimately contribute to the restoration of our country. Well, this is a show you don't want to miss because there is a church in North Carolina that I want to feature on this program that has started a school called Buffalo Academy. It's in Greensboro North Carolina and if you listen to me much.

You have numerous times heard me reference Buffalo Presbyterian Church because that was the church I grew up in the church for my family has been involved for, though a couple of centuries but that even though I'm always on the road traveling somewhere in the world I think about Buffalo prayer about Buffalo will they have started a school and if you happen to be in the central North Carolina area, especially Guilford County, Greensboro, High Point. I want you to pray for the school and I want you to become familiar with it, but first of all, will get into the details about the school lets talk with that the one of the leaders Jeff Hyde and Jeff what is your title is headmaster or principal perhaps will and one of the leaders of the school project and on the school board and on the secretary of the school board but I'm not the headmaster. We don't have a headmaster yet. We just have a team of members of our church that are interested in getting the school going.

We hired an outside consultant and tech to help us and so you know my role is just as a member of Buffalo church caring about our community and wanting to be salt and light in that community well of folks if you've never been to Buffalo Presbyterian Church and this place is steeped in history, it predates the Revolutionary war and Jeff. I remember when when I used to go here and I the privilege of being interim pastor some years ago I used to pray that one day the church would start a school and let me just say if you go online and in Google Buffalo Presbyterian Church. I mean, I couldn't think of a more ideal location in the entire country. I mean incredible facilities. Perfect beautiful. It looks very collegiate, but there's a lot of history here, so I know what my reasons might member what was the motive. What prompted you in the current leadership to want to undertake the Herculean task of starting a Christian school will Buffalo Presbyterian Church.

Like he said.

Alex does have a very strong tradition of being a community leader in Guilford County 1756.

This the church was organized the sanctuary that we still worship in was built was the third sanctuary, but it was built in 1827 and that we still worship in that beautiful eyes, sincere sanctuary and in the in the backyard of the graveyard behind the the church. David and Rachel Caldwell who are formational patriarch matriarchs of Guilford County. He David Caldwell was the first minister and was minister for 40 years at Buffalo Presbyterian Church and he while he was here he was, you know he's also a physician. He was a lawyer and he was a you in colonial days.

He did everything and he was very good at all of it and he started a law college and in that college he which is really a theological and classical school. He would educate 5060 young men every year, and of those folks, seven of them went on to become governors in North Carolina Congressman. They were the doctors the lawyers the business leaders in in Guilford County and later Greensboro and it's that tradition of his classical school where he taught theology, where he taught the classics Greek and Latin epic curious you know mathematics know is that that's the the mold that we want to be in and we see that as a legacy for you know, our church also buried in the cemetery is Col. Daniel Gillespie and he donated land and started a school of free school for its folks in the in the county, which later became donated to the city became Gillespie school, which is still there, still Gillespie middle school, and in Greensboro it certainly it's a different building, but it's on the same land that his family gave to start that glossary school so there note is not just David Caldwell.

It's not just Col. Gillespie but there's a rich tradition of being not only educational leaders in Guilford County but leaders all in every community aspect what well yeah and you know throughout church history. As I'm sure you know not only throughout church history, but certainly in American history in the colonial period, up through really the modern day, the church, the body of believers have led out in literacy and in bettering the lives of people and education.

You mentioned a Dr. David call of the founder of the church who is is well known throughout the nation.

You know it.

As I travel Jeff. I was in Connecticut and the one of the leaders of colonial America in Connecticut was a man of the Earl of Guilford, who for him.

Guilford County is named this County.

One of the largest counties in North Carolina. I was in Mississippi in a town called Kosciusko Mississippi and so I was reading one of the plaques about general Kosciusko who fought at the battle of Guilford Courthouse in all probability was here he was a Polish war hero, but my point is folks and I hope to stir some passion in the hearts of people all around the country who hear this, not just local to North Carolina. There is such a rich history and we are not an exceptionally old nation. I know 240+ years. However, in the scheme of world history where young nation. However, we are a nation that needs a course correction and Christian education is a part of that and when we come back looking to delve down in the conversation with Jeff hi, one of the founders of Buffalo Academy state and were going to be right back after this break in America today is like a patient struggling to live yet is being forcibly euthanized by her quote doctors. The life force within the patient fighting for survival is the honest citizens like yourself team of quote caregivers are the local and national leaders actually contributing to the demise of patient economy is crashing crime is exploding.

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Visit Alex will go back to truth for a new generation talking about Christian education and a brand-new school. Folks if you happen to be in central North Carolina. The Greensboro area. I would strongly urge you to pray about checking out Buffalo Academy and death people that want to learn more about the school or may be considered enrollment for fall of 22.

What's the website Buffalo NETs Buffalo Jeff, I want to ask you, what are the grades that you will be offering in this inaugural year fall of 22 kindergarten through fifth grade and then we plan to add 1/6 grade 7th grade, etc. up to 12th grade.

Just one grade each year to accommodate our students and eventually be K-12. And I know that we don't need to get into too many numbers here but schools the tuition you have scholarships don't and you're working with the state to get scholarship money that will not will not change the curriculum. This is a thoroughly Christian curriculum but there there are tuition offerings for families to this right, we are tuition is set this year versus $7800 and that's an all inclusive tuition. It includes all field trips. It includes all fees and the only additional money. Parents would come up with would be for there's child school uniform and their child's lunch so supplies everything is taken care of. After that, $7800 and then, in addition to that, for families that qualify Nortel and offers opportunity scholarships for families that are currently enrolled in public school or a public charter school or their eye.

They are foster kids or their active military or their kindergarten first grade or second grade in a private school or home school they qualify for these opportunity scholarships.

It's 175% of the free and reduced lunch ratio for the state North Carolina and that 175 it would for an example of that would be for like a family of five with that they would have three children all three of those children would qualify for a scholarship and the income the qualifying income is around $105,000 a year for their family. So 70+ percent of all North Carolina households qualify for the scholarships.

Let's talk about what you hope to accomplish why a school and an egg. A decade from now assuming the Lord hasn't returned yet they were still here, 10, 15, 20 years down the road. What do you hope Buffalo Academy will accomplish will it in the last two years we have seen a great anxiety from parents in our community about education and and there's a whole lot of reason for people to be worried about public education about just offerings out that are out there and there's been a call for more parental choices for education and our general assembly.

Note saw that you hate this is the art can our citizens will want this. And they've expanded that opportunity scholarship program. The anxiety about the future and about what kids were learning in school and I don't need to. I'm sure you can go into detail about what they's anxiety causing things might be, but we saw ourselves as a as a refuge or a sanctuary away from what kids were being taught in public or secular schools and we we thought that there was a need. There certainly was an expanded market because of these opportunity scholarships in the way they've they've increased, and we thought that we have a building that is vacant Monday through Friday. That's her beautiful as you said before, it's a beautiful campus.

It's a great facility and why not use that as a place for parents who wanted to bring their kids to educate them in in a way that's classical traditional centered on God and in the same way that David Caldwell you taught when you say classical education. What does that mean Jeff will we have we have partnered up with Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan Hill still has for everybody out there freak online courses in all kinds of subjects, history, mathematics, and literature and just a whole wealth of of things out there that anybody can tap into and watch these lectures and really learn a lot but they also have the Bonnie initiative for charter schools, and they been doing that for about 20 years and they've opened up a whole lot of charter schools K-12, and this past year they decided to create their curriculum and make it available to private schools and home schools that same classical curriculum and soak in, and in our school were were beginning kindergarten through fifth grade.

So all of those kids that come in will start in a grammar program and grammar unit. Sometimes people think about grammar as you English you were learning were learning words and nouns and verbs and you know what happened, how to diagram sentences as part of grammar and and that's true, but grammar really just means foundations.

Kids that are five, six, seven, eight years old can memorize anything they they are very inquisitive.

They always want to know what something is, they they can memorize dates and names and we know this. This is their natural disposition to learn this and that's not how we teach in public schools. We teach kind of a contrary a theory debiting classical education, we take the natural development of a child's mind and work with that to teach them. Beginning with foundations math facts, natural science and and lay these foundations out and then move those into a dialectic program which where it centered on why is that no you know Pete kids that are 678, the ninth grade. They ask a lot of why they want to know why these things happen. So we build on that foundation of memorization that they had in the grammar stages and then figure out the why. Why does a rock fall from the when you drop it.

Why does it follow how is that gravity works so and then we can move into the rhetoric stage where people learn to order our students would learn to argue and debate about those lies. What you end up with is thinkers without being taught what to think.

We gotta take a brief break will to come back with more of Buffalo Academy story on this edition of TMG radio don't go away and radio send your kids to a summer camp that'll change their lives for the gospel and equip them to defend the truth for a new generation presents the unashamed biblical worldview can go deeper with God at the refuge Of Eastern North Carolina July 17-22 through 12th graders will hear from evangelist and apologist Dr. Alex McFarland as well as conference speakers, profamily activist and radio host will and Mickey Addison from American family radio as they share with your kids ways to effectively engage and transform the culture. Campers will also enjoy swimming, canoeing, fishing, soccer, volleyball, archery, and a whole lot a great summer camp of fun and building TMG unashamed can July 17-27 at the refuge cabin, North Carolina. To learn more and to register, visit Alex are you tired of liberal agendas ruining our country but you don't know what to do about it. That's why truth and liberty coalition was founded. We want to equip you to take back our country and impact the world.

Here's how we do it educate broadcasts conferences in our website resources that form equip and motivate reunified by collaborating with like-minded organizations like the family research Council, the family policy and my feet mobilize by providing practical tools you can use to impact your local community as Christians we are called to make disciples of together can change the course of our country for good joint truth and liberty to connect with believers in organizations not only want to see change in our nation but a community that is actually doing something about it. Join us online for our broadcast describe the relevant updates on our website. Truth and in the midst of a culture obsessed with relativism.

Alex McFarland is a voice you can trust to speak the timeless truths of Christianity in a timely way.

You're listening to the truth for a new generation radio. Welcome back to TMG radio Alex McFarland here along with Jeff Hyde of Buffalo Academy to resume our conversation with Jeff Hyde in just a moment, but I do want to remind everybody speaking of young people. We've got a very exciting summer camp July 17-22. Our biblical worldview camp that we always do a dinner for 24 years were going to be just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina at a wonderful camp at your to check it out online is called the refuge and see refuge. Our theme this year is unashamed building your biblical worldview is for middle school and high schoolers. We do have scholarships available so you can go to my website which is Alex war and see and let me just say this. Our theme is always like investor week that counts for a lifetime with you to be doing all the fun camp staff, hiking, fishing, swimming, doing all those things but were talking to these youth about God and country, and let me just say this and will resume our conversation with Jeff Hyde but for decades.

Really we talk to young people about the gospel and obviously that is the most important thing in life is to have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

But more and more we are talking to kids about America because, listen, we're in a battle of worldviews, as I'm sure you know and there's socialism. Marxism is critical race theory. There's all manner of worldviews competing for the souls of young people worldviews that don't allow for God and truth in Scripture and so whether it's camp with us and we we see always, it doesn't matter if we have 75 kids are hundred and 25 kids one hundred percent will make a commitment to Christ they will. For some it's a first time commitment to pray and accept Christ and others that are believers, but that they commit to live for the Lord it will change their life and so July 17-22. Are our annual truth for new generation camp is coming. But as we resume and we've only got a few more minutes with Jeff Hyde but a gentleman should give your website again and folks listen.

I've spoken 200 universities. I couldn't tell you how many public schools and and I know there are a lot of Christian people that are trying valiantly trying to shine the light of truth in public schools were talking about the future of your kids not only the adults, they become the citizens they become. But their soul will they believe in the word of God or will they be evolutionists, secularists, relativist, so if you live in the Greensboro area and you have young people in your life or your parent or grandparent put them under the teaching by godly people at Buffalo Academy. Jeff give this website. Again, if you would sure it's Buffalo Buffalo NET with a quote out here and then I want to commend you for what you doing 60 years ago and tenure ground ski was a communist and that the Communists had an idea to bring America towards Marxism and for years, people said oh it's unthinkable. But here we are, and you look at leaders like Alexander Acacia Cortez AOC that wants this to be a socialized nation and folks, the very future of our country hangs in jeopardy because we've abandon a Judeo-Christian moral code and part of the solution. Jeff, it's education is and tenure ground ski 60 years ago challenged his fellow communist to quote make the long walk through the institutions." Not by that he meant if there were to change the Western world to Marxism.

They would have to go into the classroom, they would have to go into the public square and the elected office. They would even have to go into obviously media culture, but the church and you gotta give them credit, they did it, but we can we can help restore America by restoring truth. Now all of that I want.

I want to give you ample time for any final thoughts this is not easy, it's probably going to be the most strenuous undertaking of your life, my dear brother. But what what led you to for God and country make the long walk through the institution will Buffalo is a great place of tradition and legacy and our membership here just has a vision that is based on the past, but it's all for the future and the future is that we need to become the salt and light of our community that Buffalo church used to be 200 years ago hundred and 50 years ago hundred years ago, but where it were currently not in one of those ways could be that we we start a school that teaches not only the truth about the Bible but Western civilization and the classics and is very very rich in cultural literature that you 50 years ago was commonplace in the United States, and it certainly art the founders of the country. This is that the same curriculum that they would've learned and so we wanted to do that and make it available at a price where most families could afford and and we been helped out to me that's just a God sent that the general assembly has decided to raise the funding of these opportunity scholarships raise the threshold of income to allow more more families to take advantage of that and the beauty of that is that it's not part of the Department of Public instruction or the school system. It's outside of that it's a nonpublic education and very very minimal strings are attached and no ideological strings, so it allows a church and this is what I would encourage anybody that's involved in a church that has a building that has three or four or 20 classrooms that sit idle, you know, Monday through Friday to look into starting a school save your kids in the generation and and and allow people an alternative from what they think is the only place their kids can go to learn which is the the public schools in the district schools. They think that's all that there are allowed to do, but the opportunity scholarships allow everybody to participate in a private school education. And if your church you teach values on Sunday.

You should be teaching a Monday through Friday to an end not give up that teaching to someone else.

Well Jeff Hyde of Buffalo Academy.

I thank you so much will have to visit again releasing folks. We have options we still have liberty and freedom. Proverbs 22 six train up a child and then years after the fact, they'll deliver it though know what if they drift still return to the seeds of truth that were planted so I commend Buffalo Academy for what they're doing. I urge people to pray and throughout America stand for truth. Pray for this country and represent Christ to a world that needs himself.

TMG radio is made possible by the friend of Alex McFarland evangelistic ministry, PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404. That's PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404 call us at 877 yes God one that's 877 yes, God, and the number one. Forgive while you're there, listen to program archives. Read Alex's blog invite Alex to speak at your event or contact Alex with a question or comment, Alex Thanks for listening today and join us again next time. For more truth for a new generation on TMG radio

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