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Compassion and Hope

The Voice of Sovereign Grace / Doug Agnew
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May 15, 2022 7:00 pm

Compassion and Hope

The Voice of Sovereign Grace / Doug Agnew

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May 15, 2022 7:00 pm

Join us as we worship our Triune God. For more information about Grace Church, please visit us at

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Have your Bibles with you turn with Vicki Woods in Mark chapter 5 and will be looking to begin with. It at verses 21 through 24 and when Jesus had crossed again in the boat to the other side, a great crowd gathered rounding he was beside the sea.

Then came one of the rulers of the synagogue Gerace by name seemingly fell at his feet and implored him earnestly saying my little daughters at the point of death. Come and lay your hands on her so that she may be made Waylon live and he went with the great crowd followed him and thronged about him spread heavenly father we lift up our sick to you today week.

Pray for little Thomas Rainey Brandon Robbins grandchild who is heart complications helping to strengthen, to be ready for surgery. Pray for Fran Ruiz EU suffering with cancer and Nicole Losey's balanced vertigo pray for healing for Jan Beauchamp. After operation this week or there many others. Please bring healing to the mall.

Heavenly father story before us in Mark five is put here for a divine purpose. You want to increase our amazement of Jesus. You want us to marvel at the power and the glory of your son this story we see Jesus do another man could not do it raises a little girl from the dead, he heals a woman of a bleeding hemorrhage that she has suffered with for 12 years. Medicines didn't help. Homemade remedies were useless doctors were powerless to do anything for when by faith. She grabbed onto the hem of his garment you healed are completely bleeding stopped her energy returned, she was no longer social outcast.

We too often take Jesus for granted week. Love him as our Savior, but we too often don't praise him as our Lord bothers I preach this message. Please help us Lord that we might take the truth of your word into our hearts that it might change us and make us more like Christ. What is the precious and holy name of Jesus that we pray. Amen.

You may be seated. How many of you have seen a St. Jude's Children's Hospital commercial I have to, I'll love those they they are special to may they always get to my heart that little children who have been beaten down with a deadly disease.

Just horrible, terrible situations, those children are all the TV screen and they got these big smiles in their faith faces because now they have been given hug, take a minute and read you the mission statement of the St. Jude's Children's Hospital. The mission of St. Jude's children's research Hospital is to advance cures and means of prevention for pediatric catastrophic diseases. Through research and treatment consistent with the vision of our founder Danny Thomas. No child is denied treatment based on race, religion, or families ability to pay.

I love that that rings my bail live I use that to start off this sermon today.

Cousin RC Sproul's commentary on the Gospel of Mark. He says that that Mark chapter 5 is a St. Jude's chapter because it is a chapter that is absolutely filled with hope.

Jesus takes hopeless situations and then turns them upside down through his compassion and power.

I think the last section of the of the fourth chapter of the Gospel of Mark as Jesus and the disciples rather little but here in the sea of Galilee.

Jesus is asleep in the bottom of the Bowden and this terrible storm comes up is hurricane force winds in the bunch me and tossed to and fro like a cut loose Styrofoam cup on the water waves are just crashing into the boat.

Looks like certain death for them. Much like no hope at all the go and they wake Jesus up, Jesus walks over to to the, the, the bow of the boat and he looks out at this huge storm and he says please feel and all of a sudden the wind stops the torrential rains stop and the sea is just just as smooth as glass, and the disciples realize that they're not just alive and well, but they realize that Jesus has power even over nature. We get in the first 20 verses of Mark chapter 5 and there's a man who is a demonic attack and this man has been just put in a situation where he is absolutely miserable through demonic activity via suicidal's life is falling apart piece cutting himself. He can't stop crying. He lives out in a graveyard. Nobody will talk to doing children run from me again standing me this is a terrible situation Jesus goes up to this man cast the demons out of nothing and immediately the man is in his right mind. He has perfect peace. PS absolute joy and the disciples come to understand that Jesus has power over the demonic in the passage it were looking at today we see that Jesus has power over disease and even death.

I think Sproul got it right. I think Mark chapter 5 is the St. Jude chapter well today as we look at this passage I don't want to focus so much and on the peelings is only focusing on the healer. But Jesus is the healer and I've got several things I think we can learn about him through this passage 1 Jesus is accessible he is accessible look with me again in verse 21 through 24 and when Jesus had crossed again in the boat to the other side, a great crowd gathered rounding and he was beside the sea. Then came one of the rulers of the synagogue Gerace by name and see in him.

He fell at his feet and implored him earnestly saying my little daughters at the point of death. Come and lay your hands on her so that she may be made Waylon live anywhere withing and a great crowd followed him and thronged him about. There was a crowd that knew that Jesus was coming Jesus and the disciples on the little boat there headed to the shore. Most of these people in this crowd are sick people, but is there is the bun is pulling into the shore. Jesus looks up and he sees a man running to them as fast as he can write down the heel and he goes right through this crowd feels absolutely determined to get to Jesus. The Bible tells us that his name is Gerace.

The Bible tells us that he is the ruler of the synagogue. Now this does not mean that he is teaching Rabbi for he's not but but when the headman larger synagogues in some cities and they would get God to lead a layman that would take responsibility for the facilities themselves in the synagogue for the administrative and in organizational details. This man was responsible for bringing the speakers in the responsible for having somebody that would read the Scripture. This man was not a teaching Rabbi at all. We was a very godly man and it was his responsibility to to put out the order of service, so to speak, and that's what he did. These men were well-respected and they were greatly admired and so everybody in that area you Gerace and they looked up to him and they respecting but now we see Gerace running to Jesus feels horribly upset, tears rolling down his cheeks. He's usually steady and calm is usually just filled with organizational power. But all of a sudden, that's not happening. He could care less. At this point in time about administrative details. An organization doesn't matter to him now.

Was he what was he was was what kind of man was he think he was a very godly man and I think he could've been a Pharisee. We don't know for sure if he was, but we do know there are a lot of Pharisees in that in that synagogue and so he knew that the Pharisees resented Jesus. He also knew that the Pharisees would want him to resent Jesus to the guess what he didn't give a rip what the Pharisees thought feeding he care what they liked and what they didn't like because Gerace had a problem. Gerace's daughter was dying and Gerace was cut deeply concerned about her and he ran to Jesus he fell down on his knees before Christ and he cried out, and he said Jesus my daughter is at the point of death, I want you to notice that he didn't say my daughter might die, or that my daughter is is very sick and were concerned about her. He said my daughters at the point of death. In other words, she could be breathing.

Her last breath at any moment the doctors a given opposed the servants he given up hope.

Her family had given up hope. They had called in hospice, so to speak. They knew that any in any time she could breathe that last shallow breath and she could enter into eternity. Gerace came running up to Jesus he fell down on his knees before Jesus in a posture of worship. He didn't care what the Pharisees thought feeding care what the crowds thought he knew that Jesus was his only hope. And so he ran for help from Jesus member Nicodemus Nicodemus was a part of the Sanhedrin part of the Jewish Supreme Court. I've always loved and appreciated. Nicodemus, but when Nicodemus started out he was kind of a secret disciple. He would go to Jesus at night. He was very tentative field with the fear of man. I didn't want to get caught didn't want anybody to know later on things completely turned around when Jesus was nailed to the cross after Jesus died he and Joseph of Arimathea Whitley took Jesus down from the cross. I took him to the chillingly latest body in the tomb and they ministered to him preparing his body for burial. With over 100 pounds of spices at that point in time. He'd gotten strong. He was ready to take a stand for Christ one like that it first is very secretive, very tentative field of the fear of man.

Gerace was the exact opposite. Gerace is seeking a Jesus was wide open, feeding fear man eating fear of consequences.

Fear anything. His daughter was about to die and he knew that he needed Jesus hail so he ran to Jesus.

Jesus seizing common approach in the M and Jesus allows him to approach Jesus sees his heart he sees is hurt. He sees the need in this man, and is deeply, deeply concerned about a Jesus could've said no listen, there's a great crowd of people here you have to wait your turn. Jesus didn't say that Jesus said okay I'll go with you right now.

But Jesus was accessible accessible as a pastor I remember back when I was in my former church.

We had a little boy that was riding his bicycle. He got hit by car. They took him to the emergency room. He was unconscious at the time and I went. I sat down with the family in the emergency room and the doctor finally came out and the doctor looked at the family and in the cut shook his head and he said it's not good news said he still live in right nail but he very well may not make it. I remember the doctor looking over it may save you the pastor I said yes or a said Lynn pray and pray right nail and I did folks that I know of no deeper hurt than for a parent to be experiencing the either near-death with the death of their child. We taste something pastors need to be accessible. Gerace knew that if Jesus didn't come. It was over they ate his daughter cook could never get whale without Christ. And so Jesus went with them.

Jesus was totally accessible tail worry about churches.

They get so big at the pastors have no time to actually pastor and minister to the sheep. Some churches are so large.

The pastor don't even know but a handful of people in the church. That's sad to me. I find Jesus is accessibility refreshing. I find it very challenging what had John MacArthur described his Jesus accessibility Cynthia's gripped with grief. And yet, emboldened by faith Gerace salt Jesus in the midst of the crowd how grateful he must've been when the Lord not only listened to his heartfelt request, but agreed to go with him to his home. The accessibility of Jesus is seen not only in his willingness to intermingle with the crowds, but also in his availability to go with one desperate man who needed team because he was accessible.

He could be contacted spoken to and reached in a moment of need because he was available he was willing to give of himself to meet the need of one man consequently went off withing the large crowd was following impressing and owning Jesus began the journey through the streets of Capernaum to Gerace's house despite the many demands he faced in his earthly ministry. The creator walked with people made himself accessible to them. The King of creation, the Lord opposed the ruler of all was. Not too busy to graciously care for those in need.

The Gospels were field with the accounts of his merciful availability to individuals. So number one Jesus was accessible. Number two.

Jesus is interruptible look in the verses 25 to 34 there was a woman who had a discharge of blood for 12 years and who it suffered much under many physicians in its spent all that she had and was no better, but rather grew worse. She heard the reports about Jesus and came up behind him and the cry out and touched his garment, for she said if I attach even his garments. I will be made whale and immediately the flow of blood dried up, and she felt in her body that she was healed of her disease Jesus perceiving in himself the power going out from him immediately turned about in the crowd and said to touch my garments. His disciples said to him you see the crowd pressing around you and yet you say you touch me, and he looked around to see who had done it. The woman knowing what happened to her came in fear and trembling and failed. And before you, and telling the whole truth, and he said her daughter, your faith has made you whale go in peace, and be healed of your disease. Jesus said to Gerace. I will go with you and minister to your daughter or he was absolutely overjoyed. He was so excited because Jesus was going to we go with them but the Gerace knew that his daughter was at the precipice of death, and if they got a hurry to get to go very quickly and so they started moving toward the house, but the crowd was moving along with them that was slowing down the pace.

Gerace had run down the heel to get to Jesus and now Gerace wants Jesus to run back at the heel with him and that's not had their going pretty slow and then all of a sudden there's a lady that steps out and touches Jesus and interrupts everything and stops the procession patients is not one of my virtues if I had been Gerace.

I think I would've said to Jesus, Jesus, forget about this woman right now because I my daughter is dying. She's not dying, she just said, and deal with my daughter first and save her life.

Then come back and deal with the with the woman.

Jesus that's what you need to do. He could've said that he could've kind of scolded Jesus he had too much respect for him to do that. Jesus did not get aggravated with the interruption of this woman, why because Jesus knew this was the Providence of God that God allowed this interruption to take place for a purpose. I get aggravated with interruptions.

I just get aggravated with. I wish they didn't happen. I need to be more like Jesus. I need to realize that if I'm being interrupted part of the providence of God, there may be a lesson here that God wants to teach me. We take a moment and and share with you about this lady, this lady had had a ailment for 12 years. She had a sickness where it just totally debilitated her.

She had gone to one doctor after next after next after the next and none of the doctors had been any help her at all. She tried all kinds of medicine.

She had tried all kinds of home remedies she had gone through directions and and exercises in all these different things and nothing is help and now she is lost all of her money. She's totally broke. Nobody has been able to help her.

She's a mess, sickness did she did she have had a hemorrhage. She was bleeding desperately. She's weak and anemic.

Her health is just failing. She is almost at the point of death. She has been very very sick and she's been very very sick for a long long time but I want you to know that was not her only problem just physical sickness.

She had another problem and that problem was a social and spiritual problem. The Jewish community looked at her as as if she were a leper that they should. You can't touch anybody you can't come to the synagogue. You can't go to the temple. You can't worship.

You can't hear the word of God preached. You can't be around it. You got to stay away. You got a socially distant, so to speak, and she's done that for 12 years. Not being able to touch anybody and she's totally frustrated. Notice the difference between Gerace and this woman, they are complete opposites.

Gerace was a well respected leader in the synagogue. She is a a social and and religious outcast.

Gerace had known 12 years of joy and happiness with his daughter that she is known 12 years of absolute misery. With this affliction.

She is knowing just rejection for 12 years and it's been a tough 12 years of Jewish tell mood listed 11 different remedies for this kind of disease that she has and all of them are at least most of them are just a bunch of superstitious nonsense. We share two of them with you. One was putting a ashes on the ostrich egg put it in a sack and then carried it around with you that was supposed to heal her for another one was this going out and finding a a kernel of barleycorn that that you would get from a a recent fresh pile of female donkey manure and taking that kernel and carried it with you all day that was supposed to make you whale. How could anyone believe that silly nonsense the same way our culture is trying to get us to believe that they are more than two genders votes for forget what the infallible word of God says that God created man and God created woman. Forget about all that forget what the word of God says forget what common sense tells you for forget what biological facts I just believe the nonsense that was going on. 2000 years ago is still going on today so anyway. The lady had come to the end of a rope.

She knew that she was not supposed to touch anybody but she had tried everything else. She spent all of her money.

Doctors had held nothing to help so she says I'm in touch.

Jesus. I'm gonna touch them and she said what are they going to do to me so that they may take me and they may stunned me to death about touching but that'll be okay. I'd rather die than live like that anyway so she pushed yourself to the crowd and as she reaches between two people in the Scripture says here in the Gospel of Mark that she touched or are reached over to grab Jesus garment. Now Mark wrote his gospel to the Romans and son Mark knows that the, the Romans would not understand all the rules and regulations and things that the Jews understand so he says it very plainly and very simply. Matthew on the hand other hand, is writing to the Jewish people and he tells us in detail what happened. She reached over and she touched not just the garment but the him of the garment that that's very very important for the hymn of the garment has a lot of symbolism in it and it's very very important numbers chapter 15 God commanded the people, the Jewish people to make a a prayer cloth, a prayer shawl that they would wear over their head when they prayed I put it over the head. It would write down in under their shoulders. Jewish people still use this today, but in numbers chapter 15. They were given some instruction that they were told to take over a ribbon or a castle and oh of royal blue and then they were to so it into the corner of the hymn that royal blue come from came from a little shellfish called Amir X and they would drill down into the back shale of that your ex it would take out one little drop of royal blue liquid and it would take thousands of these to get a pay on the die trolley: royal blue because it was so expensive then they would take that hassle they would put it down in that die and then after it dried, they would so it into the hymn of the garment books the hymn of the garment is a picture of authority. When my favorite chapters in the Bible is Isaiah chapter 6 Isaiah walks into the temple of Jehovah. He walks into the temple of Jehovah. He sees the Angels a stare from surrounding the throne of God, sing it out totally totally totally and then the Scripture says that if the Lori saw the Lord up on his throne and his train filled the temple.

The word trying their means p.m. In other words, the road that he had alone is God is sitting on that throne doesn't go down and just touch the floor behind the throne it goes. It just flows and inflows and it flows and it flows until it fills the entire temple but what's what's being said here what's being said is this God is sovereign God has all authority. God has all power. God is keen and there is none like him now. When a person was to pray they were to use this prayer shawl. I still do this today, and when that person gets down on his knees that prayer shawl over his head.

He reaches up and he takes that that blue castle in his hand and he prays and he says Lord you are King Lord you are the one who has power. Lord you are sovereign Lord you are the one that can answer my prayer and so I pray to you, and I pray to you alone listen this sick little lady was not just reaching up to Jesus to touch him anywhere on his person on the note she was reaching over bread in the hymn of the garment because she knew that was the symbol of his authority books do not look at what this little lady did. Here is something accidental or haphazard. This was one of the most purposeful thing she had ever done in her life.

She knew exactly what she was doing she was reaching over and grabbing that hassle how important that is. This is not superstition. She was not trusting that there was power in the castle for there certainly wasn't that she was acting in faith believing in the sovereignty and kingship of Jesus that Jesus had the power to make her whale.

Look at verse 29 and immediately the flow of blood dried up, and she felt in her body that she was healed of her affection affliction what doctors could not do in 12 years. Jesus did in one second within Jesus turned around and said to touch me. The disciples got little sarcastic swimming who touched you thousands of people adhere trying to get you everybody's touching you.

Jesus said, none somebody touch me in faith, he said.

I felt power, leaving my body. William McDonnell said there's a big difference between the touch of physical nearness in the touch of desperate faith. So the lady realizes that she can't hide anymore. She realizes that she's been called so she steps for Trimble and shaken scared to death and she said Jesus it was made on the one that reached over and touched you, Lord, Lord, I'm sorry but I've been sick for 12 years I've had this bleeding condition of had this terrible hemorrhage of been the doctors. I spent all my money I don't have anything left and and note none of the doctors of help me at all but is soon as I reached over not touch the hymn of your garment and I grant that hassle is soon as I did that I was made whale.

She expected to be rebuked by Jesus.

Jesus did not rebuke her. Instead, Jesus, Jesus exalted her liquid. He called her. He said daughter man. How precious that is because her daughter daughter go your way, your faith has made you whale my brother Scott gave me a book for Christmas while back and it it was a book written by Charles Martin and Charles Martin has a whole chapter about this lady and is just a great chapter, but he is going to Africa while he was in Africa he saw situation that was they are going on in Africa at that time.

That gave him a lot inside and what this lady was experiencing. I will share with you just a paragraph here. I thought this was this was really interesting he said years ago is working on a book in Africa. I met up with some doctors who were treating women with obstetric fistula's condition called in countries with limited medical care prior to birth the baby got stuck in the birth canal dies and in so doing tears a hole in either the bladder. The bowel, or both. After delivering a stillborn baby.

The women are left with uncontrolled leakage of urine and feces and blood was no cure. The women eat and drink last to control the flow considered cursed by God there thrown out like lepers. Many sleep with animals to keep warm. Suicide is common. The stench is significant know it's awful.

I walked among them, so I'm speaking from experience.

The only thing worse than this mail is a shame carved into their faces.

Few if any look you in the eye and colloquial language. These women are called the bleeders for whatever reason, the tormented woman in the street was a bleeder.

I wonder how much time passed before she took off that diaper. How long before she tore down the laundry line burning every last rag in my mind. She stands alone in the street and screams at the top of her lungs. He called me to hold her when I get to heaven I will find this woman and hug her neck. Her story knocks a few things loosen me and I want to thank her own. Thank her for her gumption for her faith, out of which he elbowed her way through a crowd that did not warn her for despising her own shame when all seemed lost.

She reached out her hand and cried out to Jesus why, of all the saints in Scripture you want to find this one. This woman believe the word was more believe the word was more true than her circumstances. Let that sink in thy word is truth. Like .3. Jesus is unflappable. Look at verse 35, the 40 while he was still speaking, there came from the rulers have something stay at your daughter's dead why trouble. The teacher any further but overhearing what they said.

Jesus said to the ruler of the synagogue do not fear only believe in the allowed no one to follow him, except Peter and James John's brother Jim James. They came to the house of the ruler of the synagogue, and Jesus all commotion people weeping and wailing loudly and we need energy said to them, why are you making a commotion weeping child is not dead, but sleeping and they laughed, adding that he put them all outside and took the child's father and mother. Those who are with them and when in where the child was we don't know how long it took Jesus to deal with this woman who had issue of blood, but it was long enough that as he was doing that the little girl, daughter Gerace had died and messengers from Gerace's house came running down and I think said rather sarcastically. Don't worry the master anymore. It's too late now Jesus drag his feet. If Jesus had gotten here when he should have. If you hurried up.

Then he could've dealt with her, but now it's too late. There's nothing Jesus can do, reminds me of the reaction of Mary and Martha. When Lazarus was sick and in dying in and they wanted Jesus to get there very quickly. And Jesus didn't do it in a bad attitude toward that limitation Jesus knew exactly what he was doing because Jesus wanted to do more than a healing for Lazarus. He wanted to do a resurrection. I think we see the very same thing here. Jesus wants more than just a healing. Jesus was a resurrection. In other words, Jesus wasn't late, he was perfectly on time.

God's time will I can picture I can picture Gerace drop in his shoulders and the TR tears just come pouring down.

Jesus doesn't wanting to have doubts and he looks over at him and says and says do not fear only believe if you read this in Luke's account he had something he said your daughter will be made whale only last three disciples to go Peter James and John. We call them the inner circle that they were a group of three men that Jesus knew it needed to be in on this miracle. Why, because after Jesus would be crucified, resurrected and ascended to heaven.

The early church would get it start and they would begin to minister. I wonder how many times Peter, James and John came across a snag a problem, they just did not know how to handle and wonder how many times I thought back to this miracle. What Jesus did. Here Harry raises little girl from the dead. I thought to himself, as long as we cut Jesus. We got hope I got to the house. The funeral had already begun the professional mourners were there and they were crying and yelling and screaming and going through all their their stuff that they went through and then Jesus comes up to the emesis was all commotion about a little girl is is not dead, she's just sleeping and all of a sudden the professional mourners quit crying and they started laughing so what are you talking about sin where we're a professional mourners we deal with death every single day. We know what death looks like in this little girls not sleeping she is dead. I received Jesus why you say in these crazy things. What was the matter with you. What were you doing this. What is Jesus doing, he made the scorners the skeptics and other mockers clear out see anybody leave and he called Gerace and Mrs. Gerace Peter, James and Johnson yell come only in the came into the bedroom with the little girl had died laying on the bed and there they were in .3 said that Jesus was unflappable.

What does that mean it means that Jesus was perfectly calm in the midst of a crisis. The mourners laughed at him.

The parents of the little girl were absolutely devastated over what it happened.

The disciples weren't saying anything because I didn't have a clue as to what Jesus was going to do. Jesus doesn't show anger to the to the mocking crowd. He doesn't show frustration toward the doubting parents and he doesn't show discussed with the disciples who were not acting in faith.

He was unflappable. He was totally calm in the midst of a crisis like .4 is Jesus's compassionate look at verse 41, 343 taken her by the hand he said to her, tell of the Kumar which means little girl said you arise and immediately the girl got up and began walking, for she was 12 years of age and they were immediately overcome with amazement and he strictly charge them that no one should know this and told him to give her something to eat. Jesus walks over into the bedroom. She's laying there on the bed. He walked right over to where she's dead. He reaches over he takes her hand and he lifts her up and he says to her Teleflex to my little girl arise. The word Tabatha literally means little lamb. By the way John Piper named his adopted daughter telephone. They are some of you right now that are expecting a baby, you may have a little girl if you do, I think Talitha would be a great name not to put any pressure on you, but I think caliphate would be a great name you say why whale when she gets a little bit older where she can understand you can take or you can put her up on your knee.

You can read her this story and you could say we named you Talitha after her because she was a little girl who needed Jesus help.

She was a little girl who needed life and Jesus gave life to work as we named you Talitha because you need life to you need life from Jesus, you need life from Jesus so that you will go to heaven when you die and you will spend all of eternity with him. Talitha pretty good name pretty good name. Well, when Jesus said, arise a little girl did she opened her eyes. She jumped out of bed. She walked and not only did she not only was she just alive, but she wasn't sick anymore. She was completely whale. I can imagine the parents run an over hug and the little girl and hugging Jesus and hug in the disciples and the Scripture says that they were overcome with amazement.

Then Jesus in his compassion says give her something to eat.

Amazing love not only raise a little girl from the dead, but he was so compassionately thought she needs nourishment and I'll continue to take care of her. Then he gave them strict orders. This is interesting is I don't tell anybody about the miracle. No one, not because the crowds that had been following Jesus were getting larger and larger and they were hindering his ability to get out and preach the gospel and it was messing up his opportunities to preach the gospel and he knew that if this miracle got out people found out about it. Then the crowds would multiply. So what's the problem here. What was the issue. But here's the issue. The issue is the primacy of the gospel. It's important that we pray for sick people physically sick people. We all do that the Lord's able to heal.

Physically sick people that I want you know it's not near as important as the gospel getting into the heart of those who don't yet know Jesus me ask you something. Are you here today. Do you know this Lord have you trusted the one who went to the cross in order that he might conquer sin, death and hail Jesus did that he did that in order that he might take your sin and impute you is righteousness, and he believed Jesus said I'm the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me and he believed in Jesus and you trusted in Christ that he genuinely repented of your sins and surrendered your life to the Lordship of Jesus.

Have you believed spray heavenly father great lessons in this passage we learn that Jesus is accessible, no one on earth was brighter and more glorious than Jesus. And yet he still had time for the most insignificant. We stand in amazement, we are sure people are not as enthralled with you is we should be please use Scripture like this to increase our fear of God in our love for God.

Stories like this remind us that with God nothing is impossible. We love you Lord help us to love you more force in Jesus precious, holy name we pray. Amen

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