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Trusting God in Tough Times

The Verdict / John Munro
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August 26, 2019 11:42 am

Trusting God in Tough Times

The Verdict / John Munro

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August 26, 2019 11:42 am

Dr. John H. Munro August 25, 2019 Isaiah 44:6-8

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Well this morning will begin a new series with wings like eagles soaring high in life's challenges, struggles and challenges come to every single one of us and what they, they may defeat us. They may discourage us, they may render us very bitter or through the challenges through the struggles we may be renewed in strength and mom talk with wings like eagles is what we desire isn't it the answer to the challenges of the struggles of life is this not what I'm going to say may sign very very glib and may send the cliché, but I want you to think about it, not just today as I'm speaking with through this week and for the next few weeks that you understand more and more in a fresh way that the answer to the challenges in the struggles of life is not to be circumstance focused is not to be self focus but is to be God centered. I want you to be a person. I want Calvary church to be a church where we are God centered. I realize difficulties, I realize they can overwhelm us to realize that they can be a tremendous burden on them and it's difficult to focus on anything else but the answer is not by focusing on your problems and struggles but is being actively God centered. W. Toes are said what comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us and in this series I want us to think about God is that amazing how in our Christian life. We can get involved in all kinds of things and it always seems that God is marginalized earlier this year our family were dying to the beach and I were talking to a friend that we met for as she was telling us that there is a service they are called the beach church on Sundays. Something I might be interested in. When the public and for the pastor. What is the beach church and that this friend said was just talking to. This mindset is actually a wonderful thing because in the beach church and only last 30 minutes you go there to get it over off over and then you can enjoy the rest of the day as I had that I kind of chuckled and I thought, is not really gently blasphemous. Is there something terribly wrong with that statements that the worship of God should be something that we can get over as quickly as possible so we can get on with the real life, but that meant living God centered his you could watch a movie for two or three hours.

You can go to a ballgame and watch man kick a ball or throw a ball or try to buy up a ball for about three hours and yet when it comes to the most important thing in our life of worshiping God of being focused on God. We want to have a convenient faith. We want to have a God who really is over there that I can call on in the problems of life but for my real life and for what's important in life. I really don't need God and others. Not one of us that does not sometimes think like that about God's so as we look at the Scriptures this morning and as we think throughout the weeks. I want you more and more to be God centered want you to regain as it were your center of gravity to realign your focus to adjust your life so that at the very center is God, not just for a note or two in the Sunday but for everyday relief in every minute of the day that we are God centered. Then, says Isaiah.

When that happens when you wait on the Lord something wonderful's going to happen. You're going to soar with wings like eagles. Now that does not eliminate the challenges of the problems of life there there but you will be you will face them with a supernatural strength and they will not defeat you. So you have to ask is a tough question for me and is a tough question for you, so don't answer too quickly who are white is at the center of your life. What's the most important thing in your life. What is your life revolve around for many people it's a family as a church.

We applaud the family would have a family conference is will families go against families.

Good for other people. It's what God tells us to work and yes is important that we work and that we work hard. God doesn't want you to be lazy but is my family is my work is my bank balance is my portfolio. Or could it be my hobby my my sport friendship. My popularity on non-popularity on social media is that to be the very center of life is him asking you. You truly God centered or self centered. Here is my conviction the most exciting, the most thrilling yes at the same time the most demanding and awesome of all God's of all goals is to know God, the true God, the eternal God, the God who is the creator of the heavens and the earth and to live a God centered life.

So in the cities. I'm going to challenge you to trust God in ways perhaps you've never done before.

But Hansen seemingly impossible situations so that in the tough times of life, and they come some of you are in them right at this moment. Most of you know exactly what I'm talking about when I talk about the struggles of the trials of life that when they come. You will waits on the Lord and as you do that you're going to soar with wings like eagles, you're going to run and not be weary, and you will walk and not faint.

Anyone here weary anyone finding the Christian life. Tough going.

Anyone hearing that feeling that sometimes you just holding on is aware I was your fingernails and you're not sure if you can make it through another day as I the Old Testament prophet, I would argue possibly the greatest of the Old Testament prophets got something to say to us as he's writing to people who going through tough times, people have experienced captivity of people who will experience captivity and yet what they will understand something about God not stand and read the word of God my text today from modeling from Isaiah 44 versus six through eight and were going to read it together. Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel, and his redeemer the Lord of hosts, I am the first and I'm the last besides me there is no God, who is like me, let him proclaim it. Let's had declared an incentive before me since I appointed an ancient people, let them declare what is to come, and what will happen.

Fear not not be afraid. Have I not told you from of old, and declared it and you are my witnesses is that our God besides me there is no rock. I know not any payment. The decedent normally deal with the context of Isaiah to deal with that at some other time. But if you have your Bibles open it to Isaiah, because as well as looking at Isaiah 44 look at other passages in this amazing lantern two parts to Isaiah chapters 1 through 39 and then 4366 and in 4366. We have some of the greatest literature. Surely some of the greatest truths of written and were going to dive into some of that this morning I'm saying to you to trust God to curse God in the tough times. The why would you trust God. Isaiah is telling us in the verses we read you trust God because he is supreme. Notice how he describes God in verse six of Isaiah 44. Thus says the Lord. Lizzie he's the king of Israel, the king of Israel is the King of Kings and Lord of lords. These the Redeemer is a lot of host a lot of armies mighty one.

No one can stand against them. I am the first and the last. Besides, I say this is the eternal God.

This is usually the unique God these incomparable yes you got many many idols. I understand that's Isaiah says. Isaiah is going to deal with them in a brilliant way. But remember this is only one true God. Notice what he says at the end of verse six of the first and the last besides me there is no God. Verse seven who is likely rhetorical questions proclaim it. Do you know anyone or anything like God answer, of course, not in the verse eight again, the rhetorical question to undermine the point is very God besides me is that anyone like God than you know of. I know you got your own little God's got lists all kinds of things at the center of your life with. Is there anyone who remotely comes close to this God. There is no rock. I know not any. We are saying is that God is supreme is higher during the first commandment first of the 10 Commandments you shall have no other gods before me. God is so important.

God is so unique is so awesome that he must've no competitors nor rivals going good, even close. No gods other than this God you really want to put yourself in the center of your world. You really want to worship yourself you really want life to be all about you and your pleasure and your comfort and your success and your family and what you do and your dreams you really want to do that you really want to compete with God. Isaiah say no. There is no one like him. Anyone or anything at the center of your life other than God's and I go, I don't think many of us at home of a little statue little actually physical idol that we bow down and worship but doesn't everybody life demonstrate was important as a man who professes to be a Christian and that the Lord's day for him is having some convenient little church that he could go to get it over to the box and then really enjoy life. Imagine that was your friends like a friend like that, so I want to spend 15 minutes with Susie. I'm going to tell her what wonderful person is and then hey why I'm glad that's over now. Let's, life will be terribly disrespectful, wouldn't it even in a human relationship. Look at verse nine Isaiah 44, all who fashion idols are nothing of the things they delight and do not profit their witnesses neither see nor know that they may be put to shame who fashions a God or cast an idol that is profitable for want for nothing. Verse 15 becomes fuel from and he talks about going out and getting a tree, a piece of wood and shaping it and farming it into a God that I can worship but notice what he says it becomes fuel from and why is that because he takes part of it, and warns himself.

He kindles a fire and bakes bread. Also he makes a god and worships it he makes it an idol and fall dies before it, however, that he buns in the fire over there half he eats meat.

He rose and is satisfied. Also, he warms himself and says I'm on my finger. Five and the rest of it he makes into an idol dog and falls down to it and worships it.

Think of is eyes magnificent, brilliant, sarcastic argument. What kind of God. If you got when you worship part of a U shape. It bow down before you worship it, but the other part of it you put in the fire and you burn the encourager suffer from it.

What can I God is that soever you have the center of your life is that we tend to the struggle of life.

Your business unless kind of the number of men I've met over my life and come inside to be done. I went into the office of the bank of the hospital or whatever it was, the other day and I was told hey, no job for you. We've we've reorganized things. I'm sorry. Goodbye all life spanks and that you help you, we worship yourself. You think you're in great physical shape yourself in the real specimen of a man or woman alone Zach in the last even with the plastic surgery hello a friendship who has been betrayed by friendship anything other than God. Isaiah is saying is an exercise in futility. These articles can solve your problems.

These things can help you in the time of crisis decently can save you know your greatest need your greatest priority date is to be God centered and notice high magnificent lay Isaiah describes God again verse six. Thus says the Lord in my Bible is capitalized as a translation of the Hebrew word Yahweh word which is so sacred, God's personal name that the pious Jews.

To this day will not pronounce it is real you sometimes see the word G – the when even write the name God so holy. This is the Lord. This is God's personal name member. When Moses asked God's name. A large want me to go and deliver the people will be when asking is gone, going to say what was your name God gives this to our readers is very strange.

Answer the Lord Yahweh was the main remember I am who I sends out the what would your name who I was God doing God is doing what you and I couldn't possibly do. God is describing himself not really defining himself.

How can you define God, we, God is describing himself exclusively in terms of who he is. I who I am is the great I will ask you make today will you. We describe ourselves, we describe ourselves by it back my family by relationships, by word, by ethnicity, we describe ourselves by what we do, but God doesn't derive his BA from anyone or anything. He sustained from his creation is independent of his creation. He's not the create had to. He is the creator taller.

His BA has no beginning, there is no beginning to God that there is no end to God.

He is the eternal. I am eternally present.

The God who was who is and ever shall be by blows your mind is an eternal cards.

Yes, the uncaused cause notice what Isaiah says here I am the first and the last no one before me know when after me the Alpha and the Omega were told in Greek, describing our Lord Jesus, who is God, of course, I am who I am the first and the last one commentator says he and he encompasses all of existence from start to finish. Think of this, all of existence of everything is encompassed in God from the beginning to the end you think of someone you going to compare yourself to cards we really going to rebel against God bring something on someone more important than this God. We are born we grow old time but God is eternally himself. He self existent.

He's self-sufficient. He doesn't need anyone on and I think he's the inexhaustible God. I who I am, God is never in the process of becoming anything else we do we change, we say well I will lose some weight from the change. I'm going to make the team workouts.

The athlete says the scholar says I'm in a study hard. I'm going to do this exam, the man is working hard to says I'm going to try and get this promotion were always trying to become something like that. Never in the process of becoming anything my he's a great I am not.

Does that make sense if you believe that Isaiah is telling us over and over again that to trust him. Trust is called why because he is the supreme God. He's the creator Scott we sometimes sing in this inadequate, but we think it is great you are. S he is great no greatness comes near to his this is unique separate. Here's the eternal Lord. Therefore, trust them, but also we should trust God, not only because he supreme because he is the sovereign turnover a few verses to Isaiah chapter 46. I find this intriguing. How I will Isaiah and that was a while since you've read it.

Keep reading Isaiah particular event, chapters 4366 two Isaiah in these brilliant verses.

Isaiah 46 verse nine. Remember the former things of old frying God and there is no other. I am God, and that is none like me to say that before Isaiah what you keep repeating yourself something people say the preachers want to keep yourself. Because when you keep repeating it until you get the points in Isaiah is saying this is the important point. This is the all-important point of you understand this, everything else falls into place. Notice verse 10 declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times, things not yet done, saying, my counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose was interesting with his God in a different category doesn't thing you notice he declares the end from the beginning, and from ancient times, things not yet done that your personal story. The story of the United States think the story the history of the world. God knows the end from the beginning are usually gets the magazine the economist and I did the same thing with its I would always stop to the back and the read backwards. You still want to do that. Well if you get a confirmation on the back of the economist on obituaries.

I love reading obituaries because it summarizes what is important to people and the writers in the economist right brilliant obituaries sometimes of famous people. Sometimes a people months of famous but the describes her life and so I would read the obituary first and then work backwards strengthening to the black male reading a novel. I can have a whodunit and you read the end and you get that they the kind solved before you really know what a crime is God can do that he knows the and from the beginning. Why because he sovereign he's in control.

He not only knows the end from the beginning. He's in control of all things. Notice end of verse 10 my counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose that is not one person here who can say that you can say you accomplish your purposes. Yes, you have plans yes you have goals, yes you intend to do says and starts this week. That's very good. I have certain plans about seven things in my calendar but I cannot say I will accomplish all of them with certainty.

No control of my life you really think you're in control of your life you really that foolish.

You're in control of your living length of time you know the forces that are circumstances totally control with your family with your health. You think you're healthy. All it takes. We cut one morning with a slight pain somewhere. The whole of your life is changed. All it takes is one microsecond to be told some devastating news about the loss of a loved one, and your whole life is turned upside down and what you thought was going to happen. But here is the athlete the great athlete is going to play. He's going to peace plan for the big big day when he's going to throw the winning touchdown and everyone's going to say this is the greatest R 1/4 back, since filling the blank, but he's injured he thought he could bring his own story, but he can't we see God is in control. God is in control of all of the nations, all of creation, and all of our life. I am not in control of my life. I am not in control of my personal history of my life but I know this even before I was born when I was in my mother's womb many years ago. God knew exactly every detail of the life of John Monroe.

He knew I was going to be standing in this platform preaching to you if you told me that we bought items run 100 miles. God knows the usage. That's a scary thing really defined the skin on. I find it tremendously comforting because I've lived long enough to know that I could make some really bad decisions and that I can plan I have tasks I like to accomplish things I like to take up a sheet to have done 12345 today and I'm going to accomplish this. This year, but I've lived long enough and many of you have as well to know that doesn't really work does it an immature live below unexpected circumstances, we hit the brick wall plans change. We say all we are going to renovate the sanctuary and is going to be ready at the beginning of September was happened here right surprised you got surprised you really think so know if it's true, if it's true that God is sovereign. If it's true that he knows the end of the story from the beginning as they make sense to trust them you anticipating the bad about week you're waiting for some results from your doctor and you wonder how is going to type notes and almost died that phone call from your doctor. You're not sure God's fortress trust. This is the supreme God. This is the sovereign God. Furthermore, this is a God of love and the God of great care and back a few pages. Isaiah 43 will see this again and to trust God because he supreme to trust God because he sovereign also to trust God because he's loving and he's a good God. Isaiah 43 verse 11 I I am the Lord, Yahweh, the eternal one. I am glad and besides me there is no savior's is great in Isaiah is writing to a people who had failed God, you are going to be taken into captivity and yet he's saying this God is God who supreme. This God who is great is God who is sovereign is also a God of great love, a God who is good because when he comes. He's going to come as the Savior is the Savior, a God who sees you, God who loves you and a God who comes to Seaview and what the name Isaiah the prophet say that were looking about, you know that means. It means the Lord saves Yahweh safe besides eyes given the name Isaiah the Lord saves. What's the outstanding theme of Isaiah was Isaiah writing about over and over again. This Lord saves Lord saves his people even when they mess up even when the taken into captivity. Even when the timer back on you.

Remember this. I am the Lord. There's no one like me, and there is no one who is your Savior allow for grace and compassion as is wonderful to think of God the supreme as the transcendent God who is the creator who is distinct from his creation. But Isaiah is also reminding us of the truth that we have throughout Scripture, supremely revealed in the Lord Jesus Christ that this God who is great is also a God who is described in Isaiah quoted by Matthew in Matthew one regarding our Lord Jesus Christ when he comes.

He's given the name Watts Emmanuelle God with us know where that comes from when Matthew quotes it in Matthew one comes from Isaiah that the Lord is with us, you mean this great sovereign God is in control, was the first and the last who encompasses all of existence from start to finish this God is with us that this God loves me three weeks ago I reminded you that God knows your name. Yes, he is transcendent but is also a God who is imminent, a God who is with us is an amazing thing is the mind blowing thing that is God who supreme sovereign is a God seeks relationships with his people. God seeks a personal relationship with you. How was he described throwing the Old Testament and the God of Abraham and of Isaac, and Jacob yes is described as the supreme God is the greater that's true, but is God is with us, a God who seeks relationships with people, listen to no understanding of people sitting here that you really wouldn't want to go on vacation with right, the artist right might take you all your kind of a cup of coffee with them because there's something about them. The young particular like or the mail like you think this the God who sees our hearts, a rebellion is a God who is seeking us so that when our Lord Jesus Christ comes who is God incarnate, he comes to seek and to save the lost. And if you're here wondering how can I have a God centered life.

John okay and I know this great God, this eternal God, I'd love to have that because my life is not good writing there that's it's meaningless. It's floating around, and lost control of things. Of course it was to trust God and control to him is called surrender is called trust is called believing in God and his grace sees us in our needs. In our rebellion and sends the Lord Jesus to us, not to condemn us, but that through him we might be saved. The apostle John says it so beautifully in first John four verse nine if I can get this thing to state on. He says this in first John four verse nine.

God sent his only son into the world so that we might live through him. I think of this.

Why did God send his son into this world so that we people who failed were self-centered, who are so selfish who turn our back on God and think we can live life the way that we want rather than to follow God that he comes so that we can live through him. So no matter how far away you are from God, no matter how deep the whole of sin that you have dug for yourself. God's grace and his mercy come to you and the embrace you, and you may just now feel overwhelmed by the light by the struggles and challenges of life, you may feel that life is pointless but our Lord Jesus Christ comes as the Savior. This is what Isaiah, saying besides me there is no savior. So if you have this great God and a God who loves you when you trust them is a good God. Oswald Chambers says the root of all sin is the doubt that God is good. Just about God was good. He wouldn't give me this challenge. God was good. I would be dealing with this family crisis of God was good and my ministry would be so much easier if God was good. I would have this illness know God is good as ways unsearchable.

That's true, is good fight and we learn in the study of Romans that all things work together for good to those who love God. He is a good God, I can't explain all of the difficult circumstances of your life. You can explain them in my own life finalize yours. But I do know this, but God loves me and that God is good and therefore you are to trust what I was thinking today I'm saying to you live a God centered life. It begins with knowing God, Jesus and his high priestly prayer in John chapter 17 says this is life eternal, that they might know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent wonderful. How can I know God is through knowing Jesus Christ is the way the truth no one comes the farther apart from him. This is the beginning of a God centered life. When I received the very life the resurrected life of my Lord Jesus Christ who died for my sins, was buried, and rose again as I receive Christ the life of God comes into my heart and my soul and I and change.

This is the beginning and then to trust is God without faith it is impossible to please God.

You can never ever you can work out your own mind you that you can work out your way to heaven only foolish know the ways not for you to work in the district except God's way humbly accepted is called grace by grace that we are saved in the receive Christ as your Savior and then as we live life to trust God for strength. Turn to Isaiah 40 our main text for the series. Isaiah 40 verse 31.

Here's a magnificent promise those who wait for the Lord. That's the trust in the lark hope in the Lord. Those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint experience that supernatural strength and supernatural power. You try to get through life in your own power and your own strength. Hopefully, Isaiah and all of the Old Testament reminds us of God's power is the creator. He also redeemed his people from Egyptian bondage if he can do that he did deal with you. Problem retired weary weights on the Lord, and you shall be renewed strength you shall run and not be weary. You shall walk and not faint. I'm asking you to trust God for strength. Your weary wise hard trust is great God for strength also trust God for wisdom. James chapter 1. Listen to James chapter 1 because I find that in the difficulties of life in the struggles of life. I need strength but I also need wisdom.

I don't know what to do and there's all kinds of people there with all kinds of ideas.

What does James say if any of you lacks wisdom, and when you lacks wisdom, all of us's call, ask you doing that in this Valley experience in the dark. You're confused about family situation seems impossible for you. If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach.

Of course God would give it generously lavishes his grace on us and it will be given to him but let him ask in faith, with no doubting she those who know God of you work this out in your life that your fellow Christians who are wise a God centered in the people who keep making one foolish mistake after another the life that was in the right foolish decisions but nevertheless God for help and it got sent what is went wisdom with spiritual wisdom and skill in living all of us are in this life we face decisions but all kinds of things, some trivial, some huge. The wise person comes to God, why because he knows the end from the beginning. I don't know is what happened tomorrow, but God does. So why don't instead of panicking is that whining, instead of complaining is that of self-pity. I get on my knees and ask God for wisdom because he knows exactly the next chapter he knows the next sentence and so I can ask him God. I don't know what to do, give me wisdom and I believe you will give me wisdom trust God for wisdom knows the end from the beginning. He declares the end from the beginning and then trusting God. We sang about this turn to Isaiah 26 I think I was 11 years old and that one my uncles, my uncle Jim and his wife were in Iraq. He was working in Iraq and that he sent her family to my parents take over these old reel to reel tapes might my father had bought this tape recorder. It never really seen one was so old I am right and this tape arrived in our house and this was my uncle Jim and his wife describing some of their adventures and some of the situations in Iraq and we sat in the family and listen to this.

My uncle Jim was quite a storyteller and that was quite fascinating on this tape recorder and in the middle of it. It's my uncle. I'm sitting 13 years old. My uncle said Tom and Ruth my parents name a couple of verses for you. He was in the past and he wasn't really a preacher but like my dad. He he been brought up to know his Bible and he read these two verses with them, but noted. Isaiah 26 I did for milking James immunity from the ESV if you don't know these verses, you're in for a treat this morning. Listen to them. Isaiah 26 verses three and four will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an ever lasting rock scientist like as I you will keep him in perfect peace Hebrew for peace shall be with Israel today giving someone it on sale all insatiable original text in Hebrew is shalom shalom translated in the ESV most translations you will keep him in perfect peace. This is a supernatural peace that that is what we all want is not particularly in the struggles and challenges of life.

I will my going to receive perfect peace in the middle of the storm. Answer whose mind is stayed on the circumstances. None the difficult thing on the challenge, not the disappointment not on the betrayal not on the injustice go because he does what trusts asked me to do messing you to put your trust in God, trust in the Lord forever not just 30 minutes on a Sunday when the suture but every day to trust in the Lord forever. This is living a life of faith. This is what it means to be a follower of Jesus that day by day in all circumstances. The mountains and the valleys I'm trusting in the Lord forever. Why would you do that Isaiah says, remember this is the Lord is Yahweh's God is an everlasting route last night. I looked at my old Bible ahead of the boy. James, of course, and in the margin as a alternative reading here it says everlasting route that puts rock of ages. He's the rock of ages. The ever lasting tubing of God centered. You don't panic God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble. Therefore we do not fear some 46. Be still and know all that I am God, the person who's waiting on God, the person who is experiencing this supernatural peace is a person who is God centered turnover to chapter 48 to read more about this piece. Isaiah 48 verse 17 thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, the holy one of Israel. I am the Lord your God, who teaches you to profit and lead you in the way you should go. Of course he does he know it's the way he writes this trip. He knows the end from the beginning and so is you humble yourself and you asking for wisdom, he will guide you in that way, and then notice verse 18. I love this verse, or that you had paid attention to my commandments. Lord pleading with his people, or that you'd put God first or that you're gone God's way or that you'd never rebelled against God, or that you had paid attention to my commandments, then your peace would have been like a river you think Francis Ridley public builders and we sang was referring to the Scripture when peace like a river attends my way, like a river glorious is God's perfect peace and live this year. My grandson Alex and I were in Scotland's same with my brother and he was very close to the river today and so every day as we were going back and forward to see my mother will travel on this road. This is not particularly busy Scottish road by the side of the river to tan every day was flowing at the pictures and is like a river that is constantly flowing your peace with it being like perfect peace and your righteousness like the waves of the sea women on the beach. I love to stand and watch the way you never stop.

Even a Comdata waves, though, even when you're not looking at them when you're fast asleep. The waves of the sea continue that's God's righteousness that is God's faithfulness.

You're absolutely distraught with that insinuation that your go to bad you put your head down on the pillow address bar and 40s. Please. And when you're sleeping God's peace continues to flow, and his righteousness at this faithful Nesta you continue with notice verse 22.

There is no peace, as the Lord for the wicked. If you continue to rebel against God. You think of the gluts in the life of my own my mother to tell me what you're free to do that, but it is the way of disaster as a way of foolishness is the way ultimately of instruction woman saying that spiritual life, spiritual strength, spiritual wisdom, spiritual peace, all come from trusting the Lord that eliminates the struggles of life.

No face them and you will soar above the challenges of life God has not promised sun without rain. Joy without sorrow, peace, without pain, but God has promised strength for the day rest for the labor light for the way grace for the trials. Help from above unfailing kindness on dying, witnessing, but waiting on the Lord minutes can ask you to make your response.

You forgot some of you have never yet committed your life to Christ you have received this spiritually when you do that we collect to the Lord Jesus to save you many of us are following Christ, but that peace and that strength have gone in with feeling weary and still I am asking you a fresh to reaffirm your faith in God to trust God to love God.

He is supreme sovereign. He's all loving and he's a good God trust God and the tough times of life, have you not known of you not heard the Lord is an everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the he does not faint or grow weary. His understanding is unsearchable.

He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength even use shall fall on young men shall fall exhausted but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

Trust God in tough times.

Help us, our father God to do that deepen our faith. We had the choir singing behold your God is holy ones to understand more and more who you are there faith would be increased.

I pray for those who are troubled, strength of your strength and your peace assure them of your life for those away from Christ made this spirit with them back for those have never trusted Christ made a call upon the name of the Lord and be saved and made each one of us wait on the Lord, that we would be reviewed and strength of their lives would on the lights would make a difference.

We ask it in Christ's name

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