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David Looks Back

The Verdict / John Munro
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April 29, 2019 1:44 pm

David Looks Back

The Verdict / John Munro

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April 29, 2019 1:44 pm

Dr. John H. Munro April 28, 2019

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King David is looking back on his life.

I believe in the harassing the goodness and the faithfulness of God or God's misguided demagogy was detected him and cared for him throughout all of his life. A very full life. The life of amazing victories.

And yes, a life also of some failures tonight on this last in the series on the life of David, a man after God's own heart.

I believe that David is looking back as he writes this particular Psalm had been living with David on for many months studying it, reading and rereading the ancient scriptures looking a fresh way and many of the Psalms, and I trust at the seams. This helped you and as you read the word of God not only the historical or current in the Samuel and then chronicles but also as you read so many of the Psalms which are written by David that some of the background will help you and I believe that David is writing this Psalm like I can prove it but I believe it I think is writing it as an older man and he's writing out of his experience singing of that. This afternoon I been preaching for many many years and there is no doubt that when you preach when you're older you have circumstances and experiences of life in your own life and another people that when you begin to preach as a younger man is so much of it is perhaps theoretical and may be doctrinally accurate but having experience truths add something to it, doesn't it.

So I think David is not just writing a Psalm he's looking back and has experienced in his own life in the very depths of the soul. Some of these truths. Yes, we come at this evening for Psalm 23 which certainly is the best-known and I would suggest the best-loved of all of the Psalms. I grew up singing the Psalm church. I asked to move with my sing it to little children are the words coming from the Strother Salters as in the hymnbook of 1650 and the children determined the claimant is a small village in the northeast of Scotland and is written by a young woman, Jesse Irvin, as some I can't say that you wrote the children when she was in possibly her teens and I grew up singing the Psalm that we just sung to the children Crimmins.

We sang it when we went to install into the normal school and the beginning of the term. In the end we would go to the Kirk Church of Scotland and inevitably we stood this little boys and sign Psalm 23 missing at the weddings missing in the journals resilient at family get-togethers because there is something about the Psalm which makes it appropriate in all circumstances when you're on the crest of the wave and when you're in the valley of your life. This ministers to us is appropriate I think for every circumstance of life.

It strengthens our faith and uplifts our spirit and it touches our heart.

Psalm 23. It's the shepherd. Psalm and is written by the shepherd King King David. You will recall, we covered this early in the cities that when Samuel was sent by the Lord to anoint you king your number. He asked Jesse of all of the sons were present as from the oldest of the youngest are brought before Samuel and the Lord is saying to Samuel know this is not the one. Remember, God looks differently from man man looks on the outward appearance with God, such as the heart, and then to a question Jesse David's father says the remains, yet the youngest but the hold he is keeping the shape so I don't introduction to David was told right away that he is a shepherd. He would then be in his teens, no doubt. When Saul king Saul tells David that he's too young at the fight, the got to fight the giant Goliath member is David volunteers to fight.

David says to King Saul, your servant used to keep shape for his father. So David saw himself as a shepherd as a king. He shepherd did not see, but he shepherded the nation of Israel. Psalm 78 versus 70 to 72. He chose David his servant and took him from the sheepfold's from following the nursing use.

He brought him to shepherd Jacob his people Israel is inheritance with right hand. He shepherded them and guided them with his skillful hand salt. David knew a lot about shape. He knew a lot about shepherding sheep. He spent many years taking care of shape, but he also knew what it was to be a shepherd, a spiritual shepherd as spiritual leader to the nation of Israel. So it's perhaps not surprising when David begins the right Psalm 23. He begins with the wonderful description of the Lord, the Lord is my shepherd, and in six short versus only six verses in Psalm 23.

David presents some basic spiritual truths. Rich promises of God which of sustained the people of God, no foot over 3000 years.

Psalm 23 was in Israel's hymnbook all of the Psalms that was what the sign so the Hebrew people. Bradenton sung it and meditated on attend memorize that from the time of the Lord Jesus died for 2000 years. This is been one of the Psalms is been one of the Scriptures that the people of God have time to over and over again if you grew up in a Christian home. If you went to Bible believing church or Sunday school. I'm sure that you like me were told to memorize some 23 so this is I think rightly so.

The best-loved of all of the Psalms, and certainly I love it. Not just because of Crimmins and that connection, but more importantly for the truths someone is to think of three of the rich truths of the Psalm and to think of them in the context of David.

It is as the superscription says it is a Psalm of David. So if you have your Bibles open that there Psalms and were going to read from Psalm 23, not Psalms 23 is sometimes people see say not, I would judge them or despise them for that. But just a word of admonition. It is Psalm singular, 23, a Psalm of David. Everything up from the English standard version 11 in the old King James and the baby shows him getting old I got still like in the old King James member noted in the US because this is a Bible readers here Psalm 23 that as I read it. I know that many of you like me know the Psalm you could send up and and memorize it when you to listen to it with fresh ears. This is the living word of God. I know 3000 years old, but we believe that this is God's eternal work so is coming to you and to me tonight with freshness. Don't think all Psalm 23. I know that.

Listen to the word of God.

David writes Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures.

He leads me beside still waters.

He restores my soul he leads me in paths of righteousness for his namesake even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me your rod and your staff they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies you anoint my head with oil my cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Six versus and think of the rich rich truths in the six versus one to think first of all of the shepherds provision of this hello David, begins the Psalm by saying the Lord is my shepherd, David, and his life is very life very full life as we have discovered in the series on the life of David to prove the reality of the Lord in many circumstances and so he describes the Lord in many many ways. He is a part. He's a man who spent most of his time outdoors and so he describes the Lord and many interesting ways as my raucous God is a fortress.

God is a delimiter God is a shield and many many other ways. As you know is you read the Psalms, but now I believe he uses a very personal and a very intimate term when he says the Lord is my shepherd or dividend shepherded the know how many sheep he had shepherded the nation of thousands and thousands but he says the Lord is my shepherd, Juliet Jacobs, when he blessed Joseph of the end of his life said, Genesis 48 verse 15, the God who has been my shepherd all my life long. To this day. So this term, as the Lord is my shepherd was original to David is certainly used by Jacob Baird in Genesis 14 verse 15, but David is not just articulating some cliché some Hebrew statement that was well-known he's writing.

I think that a very personally because David you. The Lord is my shepherd uses the word Lord.

They reward Yahweh God's personal name member when Moses is called by God to be delivered or of the people from Israel.

This is one what your name and God gives him what we think is a very strange reply and giving his name.

He says what it was.

I am who I am.

I spoke at zone 345 today on the children were asking me questions and children's questions are always most difficult entry and that they were asking about God, God the end time and does God get old and and who created God, and you can't really say the third, fourth and fifth graders your committed category mistakes in your your logical question and I'm trying to explain how difficult it is that the Lord is outside of time outside of space. He is the eternal I am I am who I am God describing himself exclusively in terms of himself. He is the all sufficient all-powerful one is the one who is not dependent on any other being a cause no human being could say I am annoyed we would.

We are dependent on others. We can describe ourselves purely in terms of ourselves. But God is the eternal God, who is everything and has everything. He is the great I am.

So David uses not just the word God Elohim uses the word Yahweh, the Lord, the great all sufficient self existent omnipotent God.

This God. This Lord is my shepherd, think of a little girl probably say is you points to her that this is my daddy think about a young bride introducing a new husband and saying this is my husband with pride and end with a smile and and glowing. David could've said the Lord is a shepherd. That's true. The Lord is the shepherd is true the Lord is our shepherd is true, but he says the Lord is my shepherd, that personal phone that makes all the difference to our lives, doesn't it wondered if all of us here can truthfully say not just of the Lord is a shepherd, but I wonder if you could truthfully say tonight the Lord is my shepherd can be confusing that God shepherd the Lord is my shepherd, not because the Lord is our shepherd because the great godly I am who I am the God who is and was a number shall be the God who sufficient for all things is all sufficient doesn't need anything. He speaks and is done the commands in the stands fast. The sinuses because the Lord is my shepherd.

Therefore, I shall not want. Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want the new international version says I lack nothing. I lack nothing. David experience the Lord's provision, shrugged his life and in the series we considered the ways in which the Lord provided for David in many many ways in here that the shepherds provision is the promise guaranteed by God himself, the Lord is my shepherd Lord is going to describe himself in John chapter 10 as the goods shepherd but I don't hear Bruce in the last chapter, Hebrews 13 refers to our Lord as the great Shepherd of the sheep.

It is his writing, to exhort the elders under shepherds reminds us that the Lord Jesus is the chief Shepherd is a good shepherd.

He's a great Shepherd. He's the chief Shepherd and as a good shepherd as a great Shepherd as the chief Shepherd. He knows his sheep he says that in John chapter 10 adversely on I know my own and my own no me the shepherd good Shepherd knows his sheep when you normally could shape the look the same domain reviewed on the sheet. Would you be able to point out the differences that look the same, not to the shepherd not too good shepherd. Some of the old Scottish shepherds gave the sheep names think it strange your dog and MW I be your hamster goldfish. One of the shape usually does he know them ghastly good shepherd knows his sheep is wonderful to know that as you and I go through life as followers of Jesus that he knows your name.

There is not one person in the sanctuary today who could come up here and identify every single person in the century by name. You couldn't do it. I think I could get quite a good number but look at some of you, and I think we can think another's person who is again or yeah that's my wife.

Good night. We forget. Furthermore, I have not spoken with all of your face-to-face and some of you perhaps are here for the first time, but never met you don't know your name, which is doing a wonderful that the good Shepherd knows you by name sheep hear his voice, John 10 and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out as a good shepherd because the shape of the day when the children asked me how did you become a Christian. The Kerman today. Well I have the call of the Lord Jesus come follow me John calling us by name come unto me, he knows us by name and the good Shepherd knows the needs of the shape just as a good father, a good mother knows the needs of the children.

Many of your fathers.

Many of your mothers you know your children you exactly you know the name in the future. Many of them and you know their needs and therefore in a human perspective, you're the best person to take care of your own children. I know the condensate well you know when to go to that college want to go to that school might be doing this when I did the Don do this and do that all the rest of it went on to your children. You as a father. He was a mother you know the needs of your children. Here is God, the all knowing the all-powerful God.

He is our shepherd doesn't make sense that that he can say you shall not want. Because this good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. In fact, the shepherd is the Lamb who dies for us what care what love. Just think, as you go through life will provision is not Paul's argument in Romans chapter 8 of the end of Romans chapter 8 that we studied some time ago. His argument is that God didn't spare his son and give the very best for you. He sadly going to graciously give you all that you need if he's done the difficult things in sending his son and giving his son not sparing his son but delivering them up for you.

He's done that for your salvation regarding teacher salvation is going to do the easy thing and provide for you answers yes this is the promise the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Under the care of the good Shepherd. You shall not want. You will lack nothing's provision is all the bass is always the best verse two he makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.

Shepherd does he make sure the sheep are properly fed.

He leads them to the green pastures and as I follow my good shepherd the Lord Jesus Christ.

I'm not going to want he's going to leave me now.

I've got to get my eyes on him in my flesh I want to go my own way I want to do my own feeding but when I follow him. He's going to lead me in the green pastures and beside the still waters the wonderful to know that you and I for followers of Jesus.

Have a good shepherd who is taking care of all of her needs. All of our cares and all of our anxieties because David is saying, the Lord is present tense by the laws that's true but he's living in the present tonight. Tomorrow, listening to this next week one from the Lord is your shepherd and you shall not want. No need to worry. No need to fret. You think of the sheep died of stress.

I don't think so. They just follow the shepherd. He takes care of them. No need to worry. No need to fret notice.

David says as well. He leads me beside still waters. The footnote on the on the ESB that I have said, he leads me beside the waters of rest is not I think is all yet yes but beside waters of rest would Jesus say, come unto me and I will give you rest. As I follow as you follow the good shepherd to make sure that were provided for and he lead us by the still by the quiet waters by the wonders of rest your anxious and worried. Yes with the answer to that work it out yourself. No follow the good Shepherd all that you need. He supplies verse five outcome over flow's all that you need and much more is not the promise of the gospel, seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all of these things will be added to you. Put God first. Follow me. Follow the good Shepherd. I do not need to worry about than you think God will take care of you. That is the promise of the Scripture. Philippians 419 Paul says my God. Notice the little one night my my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. This is the promise of the shepherds provision to you, he will supply your every need according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Here is the shepherds provision not the shepherds provision and isolate and understand this is a wee boy singing this many years ago, but I have discovered what David is writing that the shepherds provision is often unexpected notice verse five you prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies is a strange place to have a table in the middle of your enemies at the hearing hearing hostile territory and then you prepare a table. Yes, you think back if you've been following Jesus for some time.

Can you think of times. I'm sure you can, when God has surprised you with his grace, then a situation which could've been overwhelming as it can mean very very difficult for your God grace comes to you and it comes in a surprising way in an unexpected way, preparing a table for me in the presence of my enemies in hostile situations and difficult situations of life and perplexing circumstances.

Yes, at the time of your greatest need. God often surprises us with his grace.

I hope your foot, you've experience a brother sister. So in the midst today of your pain, your disappointment, your illness, your tragedy, your fears and uncertainty about the future. We listen to some 23. We listen to the good Shepherd the good Shepherd has promises he will provide for you. You shall not, I don't know I was going to provide for you. Listen, he's going to provide for you shall not want. He's going to guide you by the still waters. And even in the toughest situations of life in the middle of your enemies is going to prepare the table. David knew about enemies. David lived many years with the king trying to kill him.

He knew about hostile territory, and yet God over and over and over again had protected David and given him that table in the midst of his enemies in this cup overflows. You see, every one of us is individually love and cared for by the good Shepherd.

Here is the shepherds provision. The Lord is my shepherd, rejoicing that. Be thankful for that. The Lord is your shepherd. Secondly, we have the we have the shepherds restoration.

Verse three he restores my soul he leads me in paths of righteousness for his namesake.

Shepherds provision. Secondly, the shepherds restoration was one of the great problems with shape by deleting the shepherd we should left astray. They love to wonder and straying sheep often get into trouble, and unlike a straying dog or even a stray cats sheep rarely will find this on way back to the fold there helpless. They get into trouble. They're not the smartest of animals and they just wonder drop a dog 3 miles from your home, and sooner or later that dog will work identical come barking at your back door and say here I am not sheep is a ship about an order that went by I get back door sheep stray should get into trouble.

Therefore, the need shepherd, the need a guide we got friends visiting us.

Jean and Elsa Tober were part of our first church in Pittsburgh, they are Germans in the we do love the removal the Germans and that I was telling him the story talking about was preaching on that last night. I remember as a little boy in my dad's car probably encouraged by my mother.

My dad would take myself and some of the brothers are for drive and where we were in the middle of the countryside and you can install and you know that on most hills of the sheep. Thousands and thousands of sheep and that were driving along this little country roads in my dad's first car Morris 10 and all the sudden stops and puts on the handbrake jumpstart the car and jumps over this fence into this field little boys were thinking and doing gluten here in the field there was a shape I got on his back and that you think we can the father. The job well. There is he's wrestling with the shape at the get it back on its feet and eventually he did jumps in the cotton think that's a superhero he can put sheep back on the street. My father explained. He said some sheep 8 March the get bloated and the sheep is pretty short legs started that I know and with a guess on his back, and its belly is swollen cannot physically get back on his feet and there is life there, it will die and so there was my dad getting the sheep back on its feet and it trotted away bombing as it went and sheep maker should sheep need to be restored.

The Bible says all of us like sheep have gone astray. We've turned every one of us to our own way. That's why we need the shepherds restoration of the wonderful thing is God's grace that the good Shepherd doesn't abandon straying sheep.

Rather, the good Shepherd comes and forgives us when we's stray and restores us and when David says here in Psalm 23 verse three he restores my soul. He's not talking just academically member a few weeks ago we studied David's grateful. David fell and fell very badly shoes sentence scandals of adultery and murder and deceit, and covetousness are not terrible cover-up. So when David says that of the things that the shepherd does in leading and guiding when he says he restores my soul.

He's writing out of these personal experience. David knew the depth of his own sin and the wonder of the grace of God in restoring his soul was in the what he says in Psalm 32 verse five, I acknowledged my sin to you, and I did not cover my iniquity.

I said I will confess my transgressions to the Lord, and you forgave the iniquity of my sin number we study Psalm 51 and you can meet some 32 as well. He'd experience God's forgiveness. He'd experience God's restoration. The good Shepherd forgives the good Shepherd restores us and in the wonder of the gospel when our Lord Jesus as the good Shepherd forgives us and restores us he doesn't do it grudgingly, but he does it joyfully at the difficult truth for us to grasp is sometimes when we forgive people when the offender's forgiveness is a bit forced. We we know as Christians we should forgive people, but we still want the person to pay for it.

Normally we have subtle and maybe not-so-subtle ways sometimes of reminding people of the sins of the past, but never does that. This, but when God forgives us we saw this in Psalm 51 that our sins are blocked and that it plans perched David says in Psalm 103 as far as the east is from the last. Has he separated our transgressions from us and remember the parable in Luke 15 of the lost sheep of the man who has 100 sheep in one wanders away and he doesn't just write it off and say well it's 1% loss of my business who cares about that silly sheep anyhow about 99 left no he doesn't do that.

What does Jesus say that the shepherd the good Shepherd does. He searches and searches on till he finds it he goes off he goes after that one lost sheep and Jesus said, and when he is find it. He lays it on his shoulders with an expert rejoicing, rejoicing in his marvelous can you imagine spending a lot of time searching and searching for that shape that has wandered away, got in the ditch got himself in trouble is called husband Ethan has not anything to drink and is in the miserable condition and many a shepherd with a God the wretched creature put it back hit it with a stick to get back to the fold is silly sheep. Don't you ever do that again but start with the good Shepherd does your I might do that.

But the good Shepherd. He lays it on his shoulders when wonderful picture of God's care and God's love for us as we ask for their sins to be forgiven as we are spiritually restored and Jesus says that all of heaven rejoices, there is rejoicing in heaven over one straying sheep being funds rejoicing in heaven over one repentant sinner on one sinner that is saved on one sinner that repents on one sinner that is resorting do you do that or do you even when you're brothers and sisters messes up claims of forgiveness of God your harsh you want to kick a guy when he's done, you will undermine diseases that repentance really genuine. I'd I don't know about that is a will guard us, as though the good Shepherd does, that'll happen to David and so David writes I think it's this is so marvelous. He restores my soul lovingly, graciously, tenderly, the good Shepherd takes the sheep puts on the shoulder and personally carries it back to the fold. What a wonderful picture of salvation. What a wonderful picture of spiritual restoration. I don't know if you know this old hymn, and tenderness.

He sought me weary and sick with sin and on his shoulders brought me back to his fold again while in angels in his presence. Sign until the courts of heaven the Rhine or the love that sought me all the blood that brought me all the grace that brought me to the fold wondrous grace that brought me to the fold. We can rejoice in that we straight that we've messed up over and over again and the good Shepherd has come, and we can say with David.

We praise our Shepherd for his provision.

And we also praise him for his restoration and to grasp this truth of forgiveness and restoration is to begin to understand the grace of God that God demonstrates his love for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us that the shepherd searches for the sheep that the father runs when the prodigal comes home that the restoration of souls is the speciality about good Shepherd and God the father has great joy and pleasure that through the perfect work of his son on the cross. Sinners are saved and believers are restored and that there is joy in heaven over one sinner but say there's joy in heaven over one person whose resort through the grace of God. No wonder Paul who understood those rights recited some time ago, in Romans five where sin increased, grace abounded all the more grace would not be grace if it were withheld from the center and there is always more grace in the Lord Jesus than the sin and you however deep your sin and however far you have wondered God's grace God's restoration, God's love is far greater than your sin and that's why David writes. He restores my soul. You away from the Lord never come to Christ you have sinners come into your life in your hearts become hardened. We run quickly tonight to the good Shepherd for forgiveness and restoration to the good Shepherd longs to forgives your your anime out anime saying he wants to penalize us and wants to keep us in the grip of sin.

He wants to tell us that your situation is hopeless that you're born at once too much and that God won't forgive you this time. Listen to. He restores my soul be good Shepherd forgives and restores and furthermore once again Thursday he will lead you to God not only restores us. David experiences he leads us in the paths of righteousness for his namesake. See if you grasp the grace of God and if you understand the cost of your salvation that as you repent and measure saved by the grace of God, you will not you will not continue to live as you once lived as Paul's argument in Romans six is unthinkable.

Yes, God's grace is greater than your sin, but don't use that as an excuse to continue to send know know the good Shepherd know that you restored now that you're back on the path he's going to lead you we follow is going to lead you in the paths of righteousness for his name sake, those restored by the shepherd. The good Shepherd are guided to lead righteous lives and to serve the shepherd. The good Shepherd is David finally the obvious one we have the Shepherd's provision Shepherd's restoration. The shepherd's presence now and forevermore. Verse four even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you and with me your rod and your staff they comfort me. The shepherd's eternal presence is a reassuring comfort in this great truth that the shepherd is always with David secures David provides an anchor to his soul and all of his life. He knew the Lord's presence in the past. Member says to Saul, the Lord, who delivered me from the paw of the line and from the paw of the bear will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine. He proved God's presence and power in the past and he was confident that the same God would be with them as he fights the giant as he flees from Saul and all the circumstances of life. He experiences the shepherd's presence in the present and his confidence of the future, even though he walked through the valley of the shadow of death you found as I have your fears and your worries and your anxieties are intensified in the dark.

Currently, but it 2:20 AM when you wake up that problem. That fear seems a huge mountain doesn't astrophysical darkness but is true of dark times in their life. Dark times come to all of us. They often come suddenly and they often come unexpectedly. Some of you in the dark early Shepherd is with you in the dark. The shepherd is with you in that illness.

The shepherd is with you when you go into the operating theater fish good Shepherd is with you in your bereavement. Good Shepherd is with you and your loneliness and your uncertainty in your despair that is no circumstance, no circumstance in which the good Shepherd ever leaves us. He's always with us and that David is saying dispels our fear even in the greatest of all fears was that the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. How is it David that you can fear no evil you are not afraid when Saul was about to kill your blend.

This is with me and destroy them to staff they comfort me. I will never leave you nor forsake the promise we segment we never walk alone if your marriage exposes that I was with you if you're a child, your parents are not always with you, your best friend is not always with you. You can be in circumstances where those that you normally depend on are not there and you see Malone using very vulnerable. You feel very afraid to member this the shepherd's presence, no and forever David walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Why is that the good Shepherd. We celebrated this last week of Easter has conquered death and is the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep in the darkest of all hours. Yes and death itself he is with us, you wrote and your staff, the comfort me that it could never rights only the Lord can lead a man to death. All other guides turned back and the traveler must go on alone unit. Only the Lord can lead a man a woman through that all other guides turned back and the traveler must go on the Lord. But here is the good Shepherd who will never leave you in life. And through that not only is he with us, but his blessings pursue us. We have the comfort verse four of the shepherd's rod and his staff. The rod is used by the shepherd to protect the sheep.

The staff is use to guide the sheep to care for the sheep to help the sheep Sigler Ferguson writes Christ rod and staff on his cross and his word with the firstly entered into Mortal Kombat with undefeated day.

Praise God with the second he guides us through life. The rod and the staff and verse six. Surely goodness and mercy. Steadfast love lovingkindness. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. As you go through life. The Lord is with you and you have goodness and mercy follow you.

One commentator says these are the names of the two sheepdogs Shepherd often is the sheepdog once called nursing and whimsical goodness with us. In other words, God continues to shower his grace and his blessing on us and then these will accompany you right into the father's heavenly fold and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. All of this and have been more what Shepherd so as David looks back over his very eventful life. What does he see the shepherd's provision. I shall not want the shepherd's restoration.

He restores my soul.

Shepherd's presence, I will fear no evil for you are with me in your rod and staff they comfort me some of your in the Valley the moment you feel you're in the valley. The valley of darkness. The valley of failure. The valley of despair and certainty, loneliness and fear and these things climbed on us what we did do with the trust Shepherd cares for you. He loves you. He provides for you is with you restores you guys all you need is fine and this all sufficient Christ, the great I am. Psalm 23 you know the sun but do you know the psalmist. Many a person has some 723 when a person is memorized. Psalm 23.

Many persons hired Psalm 23 red lights. Can you say, as David says is in the grace of God I can say the Lord is my shepherd can you say is my shepherd, but he died for me that he was buried for me that he rose for me and that I eternally united with him for all of life through death and into the glory of heaven. If you don't know the good Shepherd is also the lab takes away your sin to Christ.

Draw near to him, turn from your sin and call upon him for salvation so that you with us can stand and say in all of life. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Father, we rejoice in your goodness the magnificent Savior that we have a Lord Jesus Christ you give us grace upon grace, may we continue to follow him continue to guide us in the paths of righteousness for your namesake bring comfort and healing and restoration to all of us this evening. We pray in Christ name

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