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God"s Will for Your Life

The Verdict / John Munro
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January 14, 2019 8:45 am

God"s Will for Your Life

The Verdict / John Munro

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January 14, 2019 8:45 am

Dr. John H. Munro January 13, 2019 Romans 12:2

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John says in first John two verse 17 and the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever. Did you hear that whoever does the will of God abides forever. And if you are on the fencing follower of Jesus Christ.

I know that you have a desire to desire given to you by the Holy Spirit. You have a desire to do the will of God. But as I say that all of us struggle with knowing the will of God. Sometimes, and certainly with doing it and that over the years. I find this passage that were looking at in Romans 12 verses one and two to be of immense help to me and I'm sure to many of you, and I'm going to challenge you with it today were continuing in our study of Romans, and I know so you think were going very slowly. After all, we did one verse last week and were doing one verse today, but I assure you were going to speed up at some point.

So there we are a drug they had said I get the study guides. It be good if you worked ahead of the various messages are sent out in the order in which I'll preach them study during the week trying to answer some the questions and I think you'll find that very very helpful. Last Sunday from verse one we saw that we must meet the challenge of a lifetime and present our bodies to God. In total commitment to accept the challenge. I know many of you did.

I saw you come down here.

Others of you stay seated, but I trust even though you were seated you accepted that challenge, but after afraid of the challenge, perhaps you're not sure of the challenge. Perhaps you thought that challenge was for someone else. I was very moved and I saw some of our pastors and some of her elders coming down as if we could never think that we would get beyond this that we who lead the people of God surely first and foremost will must be those who willingly accept this challenge to present our bodies in total commitment to God if you didn't accept the challenge. I challenge again today were going to read in a moment. Romans 12 verses one and two, but having accepted the challenge. It doesn't stop just with accepting a challenge because it is were going to learn today you ready to continue human to going to verse two. Sometimes I think I need to preach last Sunday's message again.

Some of you may not not of God it someone who perhaps were asleep some of your hardened heart. Someone who thought this was for someone else. So I ask you again. Did you accept the challenge to present your bodies as a total commitment to God. I'm asking you to do that. Now if you're ready to continue, that someone clapping, which is very encouraging. I rather have that than some of the solemn faces with some of you have are you ready to discern the will of God for your life and to do it. Paul says if you are there to commands that were going to look at and are going to observe the let's and first and it reads these wonderful verses.

These foundational verses. These verses, which are the privet from the first 11 chapters of Romans, which present the doctrinal basis and that Paul is dealing with the practical implications of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ and the sexy KC he gives us this challenge. This pivotal challenge in these verses we read it with me please. Paul says I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect payment. Please be seated to commands first is the negative. Don't conform. Hope you got your Bibles.

There turn with me to Romans 12 and notice verse 200 begins here is a negative do not be conformed to this world. The command is very clear. Don't conform to the world. If you are going to present your bodies a living sacrifice to God in an active total commitment.

If you're really serious about disarming and knowing the will of God. This is of utmost importance. You must not conform to the world. You must be a non-conformist. When I was a young teenager. I was officially given the title of non-conformist. That wasn't just because of my behavior but I went to school in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar grammar school and for three years between 13 and 16 and that they scroll was taught by a Roman Catholic order called Christian brothers.

Some of you know, then we could call them brothers so and so they were little dog collar and most they were the teachers were all Roman Catholics. Obviously, in the vast majority of the boys was a boys only school would Roman Catholics of the very few exceptions, are two of my classmates were Jewish and a couple what Anglican and then there was myself with another by who was totally religious as far as I could discern and we were given the tag as nonconformists we didn't fit the pattern we didn't fit the mold they really didn't know what to do with us. It was a majority would Roman Catholics be understood that a few Jewish lies couple of Anglican after all this was that British system of education we were going to do the Cambridge university entrance exams and what about Monroe. What about this other boy Alan Roth. We were called non-conformist soul in the religious education. My Jewish friends and myself.

We were excused, which was very very acceptable. Obviously, and that we left school. We would non-conformist being a follower of Jesus means that you are to be on non-conformist you are to be different. Being a follower of Jesus requires saying no to many things that I know that is not popular were told today that siblings to be positive would to be great positive thinkers and possibility thinkers and tell ourselves or that we can do anything we like, as long as we believe in that but that's not what Paul is saying Paul is saying, do not be conformed to the world. In fact, Paul is presenting to value systems to standards which are diametrically opposed, and if you understand the Gospels is very true to the teaching of Jesus because remember Jesus as he called peoples to him. He said if you want to follow me, you must first deny self no to self no to the world at the teaching of Jesus in the teaching of Paul doesn't fit does very well today in our cultural Christianity because it is very clear from the teaching of the New Testament. As we have laid out here is beginning Romans chapter 12 that you're either following Christ's or your conforming to the world.

Jesus himself said you can serve two masters. I would like to think we can. We want to have as a yes on following Jesus.

But we also want to have is a what a foot in the world you want to live between them both. Sometimes were followers of Jesus, sometimes, were just following the world, and conforming to the world. And Paul said that is not the way to go tall, you can't do it.

Jesus said that make up your mind. Choose you this day whom you will serve, but don't sit on the fence don't haul between two opinions.

One of the Old Testament characters said you're either committed to God the you're being conformed to the world. I don't answer too quickly. But what is in your case, how do you think is God look stunning in your heart and your life would he say that you are committed to him and you have true follower of Christ. I don't mean perfect will fail past that Hathaway led us in the prayer of confession.

I'm asking if you're perfect I know you're not but I'm asking are you an authentic follower of Jesus Christ or whatever you say about yourself.

The reality is your conforming to the world.

This work conforming means to mold to form. After something. What does the text say, do not be conformed to this world, not the Greek word for the world.

Here is not cosmos the normal one. It refers to the age.

Paul is saying I don't want you to be conformed to the age to the times to the value system around you. To the surrounding culture he's talking to Romans living in pagan Rome, JB Phillips, in his famous part of race as, don't let the world around you squeeze you into its mold you being squeeze by the world into its mold. It's a very convicting question, isn't it. Don't allow the fleeting value systems. The agenda of the attitudes, the mindset of the world to conform you to this mold being a Christian is counter cultural. You know this negative command that there's a negative. Don't be conformed. It is in the present tense is not obvious in English and noted with translation but is in the present tense. The point is that the basic and the continuous rule of our lives is non-conformity.

As I say, Christianity is counter cultural barely disciples turn the world upside down.

So as I follow Jesus Christ. I realize I'm being pulled I'm being squeeze to conform to be like everyone else to go with the flow to fit in, and to adopt the ideas the values the trends the mindset of our surrounding culture and our surrounding culture in the 21st century is a very strong one with her media with her social media with our global world. It is so easy isn't it to just go along with the trend of the world. The thinking of the world, but we learned in our study of Romans that we are different, but we belong not to this world, we belong to future age, the age which is the calm, the kingdom of God and that with the coming of our Savior.

The kingdom of God has come, and we are to follow Christ and I'm not to be conformed to the world you conforming to any molds you being squeezed into particular mold but the mold of pleasure going for the gusto a bit of a party animal.

If something feels good you do it can ask God's grace to break that mold when my conforming to the mold of materialism your life centers run and in a very real sense, is controlled by money and possessions.

By this stuff that you have solos were singled us all the storage units going up and in Charlotte I realize there's a lot of people coming and going on again storage units but is that the reality that some of us have so much stuff in little we live in pretty large houses. It can contain all of her stuff. So with others put in storage unit work is that mean all the stuff that we have are you allowing meaning in life your own value your own significance to be defined by what you have by your financial status and allow yourself to be squeezed into the mold of materialism that is a very very strong force, isn't it great that mold. I have the one Christian businessman whose warehouse burned on and when a friend expressed concern the businessman replied young man, I gave my business to the Lord. 20 years ago. If he wants to burn down his own warehouses. All right, let's go have a cup of coffee. I don't know if I could say that my house by one learns a well belong to the Lord and it but isn't it true is true that everything you have a warehouse a business, a car, a house close everything that we have comes from God and that the Lord gives and the Lord takes away.

Blessed be the name of the Lord in the low we see as we believe that is not so easy to allow the culture of materialism of grasping everything and of being so selfish and of so self-centered that all were concerned about is ourselves. Break that mold. Do not conform to the work is another mold.

The mold of self-fulfillment. The common belief that God wants me happy all the time I come to church so I can feel happy all the time. The mold of self-fulfillment of narcissism of popularity. This is a society of the self, isn't it me when you put your photo on Instagram or whatever it is, how many lines that you get is all about you, isn't it. But if you get more than me. I'm really ticked off many many moles was in your life. Maybe none of these things. What do you find yourself being squeezed and took don't be conformed to the world many moles many mindsets world Jewish pressures on us and God is calling us to be different to be countercultural to be nonconformist, do not be conformed to the world. Don't live your life like the unbeliever next door to be totally committed to follow Jesus are we doing commitment to Jesus or conformity to the world. Now let's look at the positive.

Paul hasn't finished Romans 12 verse two. Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, here's a positive be transformed. I love this. The command is to be transformed will in the transformation business. This is authentic Christianity JB Phillips as let God re-mold your minds from within.

Enter transformation of the Greek word translated here, transformed, is the word from which we get our English word metamorphosis. Do not be conformed to this world but go through a metamorphosis by the renewal of your minds know what metamorphosis don't wait.

When I was a little boy we would collect the spun from the frogs would go to the little burdens are or creeks, as you call them here. The little rivers put this in a pale and much to her mother's disgust would bring it home and that we would watch the metamorphosis we would want to become little tadpoles and after the bid little tadpoles and swims around many cases, they died never work out what it really wanted to eat but occasionally you see the little lags growing on the temple and overtime you, but have a trainee frog was happened a metamorphosis a change has taken place. Here's another one with a caterpillar away on the left there is a very ugly caterpillar and here in the wisdom of God and the creativity of God, a metamorphosis takes place at transformation. Notice it is a process both with the frog and with the butterfly. It takes time there stages and yet from that ugly caterpillar comes is beautiful, magnificent butterfly that little caterpillar that just crawls around the such an ugly little thing is transformed into a beautiful majestic butterfly that really comply whatever it wants. Is this exciting, but God is going to work in our lives and do a metamorphosis at transformation, which is a radical in nature and there is also to be continuous and alive because this is also present tense.

Don't be conformed. Make sure day by day you're not being conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind. This is not some religious performance. This is not some program that you adopt. This is a radical in nature spiritual transformation. Paul is contrasting than wonderfully conformity to the world with spiritual transformation.

The transformation has its emphasis not so much on the external that's conformity, but the emphasis on that which is internal on that which is spiritual O and religion in their cultural Christianity is often a great emphasis on the external. But Paul is talking about that which is internal, that which is inward inward transformation not outward conformity not playing apart but this is radical, revolutionary change that Paul is expecting from followers of Jesus. This is very key from is this this transformation is supernatural. It is supernatural, though the verb transformed is in the present tense because Paul is emphasizing the progressive process of the transformation. As I said in nature. The metamorphosis doesn't take place overnight that little tadpole doesn't become a frog.

Overnight there is a process so it is with us begin to follow Christ as we accept this challenge of total commitments over the days over the weeks over the months. Indeed, over the years. There is a beautiful spiritual transformation in our lives.

As a pastor. That's one of my greatest joys I been here 30 years is wonderful to see someone come to Christ and begin to grow with the change from her own life. Here's a man who had a very dirty mouth, very harsh with his family very angry man, for whatever the reason becomes to Jesus Christ and Jesus never leaves us where we were, but begins this wonderful process of transformation only as salvation is instantaneous. We go in a moment from spiritual death the spiritual life of the moment. All of our sins are washed away by this process of becoming like Jesus takes time. The and you have seen a trust you've seen in your own life and the lives of those around you is spiritual transformation.

Turn with me to second Corinthians urine Romans next book is first Corinthians then second Corinthians 2nd Corinthians 3 verse 18 where Paul talks about this transformation uses the same Greek word metamorphosis all here this second Corinthians 3 verse 18 talked about the difference in the old covenant, the new covenant is the context and we all he says, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord your help.

The quality of the Lord notices are being transformed theirs at work in word metamorphosis are being transformed into the same image from 1 of glory to another for this comes from the Lord who is the spirit. Here is a wonderful supernatural process as we begin to follow Jesus Christ that the more we look at Christ and the more we love Christ, the more we become like him. And so, over the months over the years as we focus on Christ as we follow Christ as we say no to the world and we become less and less worldly in our thinking and in our actions and we become more and more like Jesus called fact that the Romans chapter 8 of as being conformed.

God is conforming us to the image of his son to spend time looking at Jesus tonight were going to break bread, perhaps in the greatest way on this earth that we can look at our Savior with his. He say the Lord's institutes the Lord suffered. This do in remembrance of me. Don't come to the Lord's supper.

Just look at yourself yesterday to the self-examination that is true but having confessed their sins before the Lord of focus is not so much on one another. It is on the beauty of the Lord Jesus.

We remember him and as we remembering him, God does a remarkable supernatural work in our hearts and in our lives will become more and more like Jesus wonderful being a follow Christ. That is very brave. You know this be transformed is passive so we could translate it. Let yourselves be transformed led and continue to let yourselves be transformed is the point the transformation is the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of every believer, but as well as it being a positive. It is a command is an imperative. Notice what Paul says don't be conformed to this world but command be transformed by the renewal of your mind is, it will of God is doing it what what am I to do you have a responsibility to be transformed human responsibility not to be conformed to the world and you are to cooperate with the Holy Spirit is at work in your life praying for the humble heart praying that you will not be conformed to this world, asking God for this supernatural transformation in your life and your marriage in your relationships that God is there, and God will give us all of the help we can time to look at Jesus and the more I look at Jesus and the more I humble myself before a month prior to him for help more and more and being transferred, transformed from 1 of glory to another. That will become more and more like Jesus. One of our themes for 2019 is displaying and proclaiming the Lord Jesus with grace and truth. But it is first to display Christ so that his people look at you they see something of Jesus in you. This is the spiritual transformation are you seeking that you interrupt you seeking for spiritual transformation your own life and your family and your marriage, your relationships, God will help you. Don't be conformed to the world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind that I was this transformation then it is safe Paul by the renewal of your mind. This is of crucial importance, and it is at this point I think many of us fail the Christian life is not some mindless mysticism that some emotional high where we sale Jesus Jesus Jesus is not some kind of activism either know our mind is very very important. It is the very center of our intellectual and moral life. Today's culture often bypasses the mind were told just have an experience.

Some churches advertise that just come and have an experience was all kinds of experiences under some are good and some bad is follow your gut.

You told always trust your feelings is not for really loves the advice think with your heart really. My heart is deceitful and desperately wicked and nothing uses the same as the process. Trust your instincts always is no news for you feeling man and if you disagree with me on Wednesday that is my perceptions will be a need to change your perceptions of the not based in reality, but we have a society more and more that has lost the capacity to think this is very, very dangerous and is a very opposite of what Paul is saying knows what he say don't be conformed to the world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind you're thinking capacity, not some emotional experience. Paul is arguing.

Of course the Christian life affects our emotions. But this transformation begins with the renewal of our minds sleep Greek philosopher of the fourth century. Epictetus roads what really frightens and displays us is not external events themselves, but the way in which we think about them is not things that disturb us, but our interpretation of their significance. I came across this: I thought it was a believer is warranted in the turkey and then it was in Greece as well be musically philosopher smart guy and notice what he says it's not things that disturb us, but I would interpretation the way we think about them of their significance. Hannah Holborn Gray, the president of the University of Chicago from 1978 to 1993, said education should not cause I know she wasn't a believer, but I think what you said is very good. Hannah Holborn Gray education should not be intended to make people comfortable. It is meant to make them think we got away from that. I think in our education so much humbling I've told you before in my first class and then the universities would began the legal studies are professors through their welcomed us hundred and 50 of us. We thought we were the bees knees because we arrived at Edinburgh University and was admitted to study law. We thought were pretty smart bunch and he said ladies and gentlemen, you'll no problem during your legal studies at Denver University. If you can do these three things. One reads because we country. Secondly, rights of the teachers not only to read but to comprehend the rights ability to rights concisely and precisely very very important skill is needed. Thirdly, said to think and we thought of the time, really, of course, we can read and write him because we can think when you say something very very profound that they during our education as we started law were going to help us to think as lawyers with precision concisely, but many college campuses. Today's students are not being taught how to think they're being taught to trust their own feelings and not to interact with views with which they disagree with this policy by the mind memory tells us in second Corinthians 4 verse four that our minds are blinded by the god of this age is a god of this age, Satan has blinded our minds with the glorious light of the gospel is seen in the face of Jesus Christ gives illumination. The lights of the word of God comes into dark hearts, bringing illumination, bringing conviction, bringing transformation, and this way of thinking.

This spiritual transformation is a process you want instant spirituality.

You think there's some spiritual keys. Some spiritual secrets. Some little technique some 12345 little principles that are going to turn you overnight into a super spiritual Christian with no more problems as a delusion. This is the way have your minds renewed.

We are to think we are to act in a spiritual way about life not the worldly thinking of the culture around us. But as Paul would say to the Christians at Philippi Philippines to have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus. This is the re-orientation other thoughts and there will our whole mental outlook is being renewed and restored as we bring every thought captive to obey Christ as Paul says in second Corinthians 10. What you see what you reads what you watch what you think about it is crucial to the way we live.

How is this done this transformation by the renewal of the mind. Your mind matters. Be careful what you allow into your mind what you see what you hear what you think about that is critical in this process of spiritual transformation. Was this done. You need me to remind you, you need to know and apply the word of God. The renewed mind is saturated by and controlled by the word of God. We are bombarded by all kinds of voices by all kinds of ideas by all kinds of trends and that therefore we adopt that thinking and biblically end up being conformed to the world.

No to listen to God as we read his word. A mind renewed by the word of God.

I refer to these verses. Last Sunday night. As we talked about David and the words of God. Let me read two of them plummeted a passage to you from Psalm 119 verse nine how can a young man keep his way pure by guarding it according to your word. That's it. You go by the word of God and you live a clean life. Is it possible for a young man to go to UNC Chapel Hill and to live for God and not to be conformed to the world absolutely if you live according to the word with my whole heart. ICQ let me know. Wonder from your commandments.

Verse 11.

I have stored up. I've treasured your word in my heart all my notes and against how can I will. I know about sin. Will I be able to resist the temptations of the world out there on the word of God in your heart. Blessed are you, oh Lord, teach me your statutes with my lips I declared all the rules of your mouth in the ways of your testimonies.

I delight as much as in all riches I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways, not in the world. I will delight in your statutes, and I will not forget your word. Verse 18 open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of your law. His main about being transformed by the renewal of your mind, Lord, open my eyes to all that is evil around me and all that is wonderful in your word in the gospel in Christ was in the words of Jesus in John chapter 17 on the subject as well. John 17's what we call the hyper priestly prayer Jesus as I've given them your word and the world has hated them because they are not of the world.

Just as I am not of the world. The Christian is not of this world we live in the world but were not of the world.

I do not ask that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one their knowledge of the world. Just as I am not of the world sanctifying them. Does that mean sanctifying sanctification Romans six to set apart to become holy to become only sanctify them, says Jesus in the truth is the truth. Jesus tells us your word is truth is you send me into the world so I have sent them into the world and for their sake I consecrate myself that they also may be consecrated in truth, hello.

I going to resist the world. How am I going to be transformed, set apart so that I'm living for Christ by the word of God you daily. The word of God. You said you were going to read your Bible every day in January 1 and University stopped detailing the word of God is serious about it going to be part of a large group is the no coming whenever the church is enough about after this service go to one of our life groups with fellow believers to discuss it would have been invited to Pathfinders today from the said what you teaching is antigen the Bible writes in a Bible study serious about the word of God not notice what happens.

Notice what happens to the mind to the woman who is not conformed to the world but as being transformed by the renewal of their minds verse to again, do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

I know you want to do God's will. I know you want to live a life to the glory of God. If you're a follower of Jesus. This is how it becomes known to the world. Yes to the work of the Holy Spirit in my life so that my mind is being renewed by the word of God. And so then I'm able to discern what the will of God for me is knowing it is good and it is acceptable and it is perfect. You are neglecting the word of God to define the Bible is boring as an evidence that your conformed to the world and that you are not being transformed by the renewal of your mind you're either being transformed by the renewal of your mind or your big conformed to the world and so the goal is to know and to do God's will. David Livingstone was asked to be the fear that going into Africa was too dark and difficult.

He responded I'm immortal until the will of God for me is accomplished.

That's the voice of a man good you about this spiritual transformation. This is the goal, isn't it the discernment by testing I may discern what is the will of God is what discern means to put to the test examine to prove by testing only a mind which is being renewed by the word of God is able to discern God's will and not just to know the will of God, but to obey the will of God. In practice, I believe, I think you do that, God's will for your life is good.

Is it better than your will acceptable acceptable to God, certainly, but also acceptable to me. I want to please God and his perfect your own will is far from perfect.

You have made and I have made some bad decisions in life and but why is it that some followers of Christ continue to make one foolish decision after another and then they say well I don't know what to do and confused. No wonder you're confused you're listening to the world conformed to the world and you have not disciplined yourself to get along with God and to assess the spirit of God to do this wonderful act of spiritual transformation in your life as you read this book, the more you read this book, the more you become like Jesus Christ ago be a spiritual transformation going on in your life so that when you are faced with decisions and all of us face decisions when you and I are faced with these decisions, then will be able to discern the will of God that your thinking with her godly mindset.

Your thinking the very mind of Christ that you've shut its these voices of the world that bad advice so that it's listening to the sinful desires and listening to God and have the ability through the work of the Spirit of God to see as you read the word of God to discern that the will of God for you is good and acceptable and perfect. You want God's will for your life.

I fast.

You know the guy you know God is. How can I know God is only one way to know God and that is through his son Jesus Christ. Jesus said this is life eternal, that they might know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent Christ comes to save us so that you can't know God is so then that you know God's will for your life. Not only know it have the supernatural ability to do so that your life is not conformed to the world but transformed by the work of the spirit as we go. Here are some questions very quickly that when you to grapple with the tough questions I want you to listen to them humbly, prayerfully and asked the Holy Spirit to reveal to you. Areas of sin, worldliness, conformity to the world you're ready you feeding your mind with trashy movies, violent video games, pornography, junk, or with the word of God is another one you more concerned about being co-than being like Christ, are you more concerned with what people think about your than what God when you spend time with non-Christians.

Are you a different person than when you're with followers of Christ is your tolerance level so high that you're hardly ever offended by anything you read here or see you think you're so sophisticated, but your tolerance is God so conformed to the world that you just like an unbeliever does not want you indulging in sinful practices which leave you feeling guilty and hypocritical. You answer that one in your house closet attic garages is so cluttered with stuff that stuff that you hardly ever use or need you one giveaway and you continue to buy more and more stuff as I convicted one is you giving at least a type of your income to the Lord using a bumper sticker if you love Jesus time.

Anyone can blow the horn yes I know I love Jesus, and she looked a portion of your income that you give to the Lord last year.

Transformation leads to generosity. The when dealing with issues such as abortion, homosexuality, feminism and grace. Do you think of these issues from a secular viewpoint or from a biblical viewpoint to come to Calvary church primarily for you needs to be met or do you come to meet God to learn God's word to fellowship to obey God and to serve. Paul has begun this epistle in Romans by saying that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes you experience the power in your life and coming to Christ.

The knowing the wonder of your sins being forgiven of your experience that power.

And you experience the power of this continuous transformation of saying no to the world and saying yes to the Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, and do your supernatural work of spiritual transformation in my heart and my life in my very mind so that my mind is renewed. As I open the word of God. It is my greatest delight because here is the will of God. God speaks to me, not just getting along and listening to any voice no, but by listening to God's given us his work so that when the decisions of life come to me and to you, you will know the right thing to do because you are committed to Christ you're not conformed to the world at your truck being transformed by the renewal of your mind.

Father, help us to pray for my brothers and sisters here all of us here convicted your word exposes our shallowness of compromise in so many areas, but we thank you that your Holy Spirit is alive, may your spirit be convicting us so that more and more, we will say no to the world and more and more say yes to Jesus.

So we pray, take my life from my degree wholly consecrated, Lord, to you. Help us, we pray in Christ name a man

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