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God Will Provide

The Verdict / John Munro
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April 14, 2020 11:53 am

God Will Provide

The Verdict / John Munro

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April 14, 2020 11:53 am

Dr. John H. Munro Good Friday April 10, 2020 Genesis 22

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While the old man was so hundred years old and it was very very tired. He was on the third day of travel from his home in Berkshire about heading north to a place called Mariah and on the third day he could see Mount Moriah in the distance, and as it was coming to that month and he instructed his two servants and we read about it in Genesis 22 he said to his two servants stay here with the donkey and die of the land will go yonder and we will worship and return to you in one hand he carded the fire fire for the offering and the other hand, he carded the knife.

The knife to kill the sacrifice and as he walked by his side was his most precious possession. I was his son was his boy. Indeed, the son of promise and as Abraham walked from their shape and the site of Israel toward smug Mariah. No doubt he thought back many years of his life. His long life an incredible life is man of faith who had been called from his home time in present-day Iraq from Lord of the Chaldeans, God had called him and Abraham had obeyed God. God told him that he was to go to a land that God would show him a landed.

He had never seen what he had stepped out in faith and God had made a promise, a promise which continued to stagger Abraham as he thought of it as a walked that three-day journey from Bush ever to mind Mariah.

The promise was that in him, and Abraham all of the families of the earth would be blessed, and said God to Abraham, your descendents are going to be as numerous as the stars of the heaven, your descendents are going to be as numerous as the sand on the seashore and Abraham believed God, he had obeyed God.

He had stepped out in faith. He claimed the promises of God, even when they seemed impossible. And as you walk to the afflicted on the many years without a child.

God had given him this magnificent promise that in him all of the families of the art would be blessed but he and his wife Sarah as the years had gone by realized that they were without a child and as the years of violence. Those Abraham and Sarah grew older and older. It seemed increasingly impossible that he and said I would ever have a child but God miraculously unbelievably done the impossible. When he Abraham was 100 years old. His wife just a few years younger child was born a boy, son Isaac, and God had been so good and faithful to them and how Abraham and his wife Sarah had laughed when the little boy was born. In fact, they called him Isaac meeting he laughs faith, laughing at life's impossibilities how Abraham loved his boy is there. How he loved the sun of promise, but as he drew near to mind Mariah. He remembered what it happened just a few days earlier, when God had again spoken to Abraham this old man Nyla hundred years old. And Abraham vividly remembered the exact words that God had spoke spoken to him. Words which had shaken him to the very core of his being. Here they are recorded for us in Genesis 22 verse two take your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains, of which I shall tell you, God was testing Abraham or Abraham had been tested before but had never been tested like this. And how could the command of God goal and offered up your son is a burnt offering. How could that command be harmonized and consistent with the promise of God that through Isaac. This child of promise through Isaac all of your offspring will be named God who had given them. Isaac, miraculously with this old couple. Now Abraham is being told he has to offer up this boy, the son of his that the child of promise. He to offer them up as a burnt offering to the Lord. Didn't the promises of God given to Abraham depend on Isaac and now God was commending Abraham. Yes, commending him to go into offer up his son. This boy is a bond offering to the Lord just didn't make sense. This command there but I must've experienced great conflict with Abraham. Is this old man was a man of faith, a man matured his faith, a man who knew God a man who had lived a life of faith who would believe God and I did had been tempted to him as righteousness. Abraham knew that this problem that is now presented with was in a very real sense was God's problem, not his and Abraham believed God once again and he believed that God is always always faithful to his promises. So here they are Abraham and Isaac walking towards mind Mariah. The place of sacrifice his son. His only son, the son, whom he loved so dearly. Isaac is on the side and on Isaac's back Abraham had placed the wood required for the burnt offering. Talk to son while Isaac knew about worship and as a father and son walked step-by-step towards mind Mariah. Isaac said this to Abraham's father was recorded. Genesis 22 verses seven and eight here is Isaac to his father both hole defined in the words but where is the lamb for the burnt offering. When a great question.

I see the fire, we need fire for the offering. I see the words but where where is the lamb for a burnt offering and Abraham had replied God will provide for himself the lamb for the burnt offering, my son, God will provide for himself the lamb for the burnt offering, God will provide. And when they finally came to mind Mariah and climbed up to the summit Abraham there built an altar.

You arrange the wound on the altar and then he took his body. Isaac and titer bound him and laid him on the all-time top of the woods. The old man was a no doubts as to what God required of him. His heart must've been breaking, but such was his faith in God.

Such was his obedience to the word of God that he didn't hesitate. He didn't look to the right or to the left. He didn't even plead with God to resend his command. This was the heart is the most difficult thing that is ever done in his entire life in the stretched out his hand and took the knife ready to plunge into his own son and then as it was about to plunge the knife into his son. The angel of the Lord spoke to him from heaven. Verse 11 Abraham, Abraham, do not lay your hand on the boy or do anything to him.

For now, I know that you fear God, seeing you have not withheld your son, your only son, from me a wonderful as Abraham looked around he saw him caught in the thicket by its horns. Yes, God will provide. And Abraham then released. Isaac has borrowed from the altar call Monday off at the top was a burnt offering to the Lord in the I'm sure that Abraham and his son Isaac notes and worshiped the living God. Abraham called the place Jehovah Gyro verse 414. He called the Jehovah Gyro the Lord will provide on the minds of the Lord shall be provided.

Jehovah Gyro the Lord will provide at this program was a substitute for his son and was offered up as a burnt offering to the Lord.

Story before we think of another Mornington. Let's just pause for a moment and think about the story. Here's one of the main lessons of life of the Christian life and it is this in life's impossible situations. Trust God to provide in the impossible situations of life. We are to trust God to provide note in the story of Genesis 22 the first verse says this after these things God tested Abraham and said to him, Abraham, and he said here I am and then he tells them to take you sent notice verse one that God tested Abraham.

Yes, God tests the faith of his people. You're a follower of Jesus Christ. God tests your faith and mine here was a test of the pigeons were Abraham a very hard test. Unbelievable transcriptase. None of us can imagine it what it happened to Abraham and how did Abraham this great man of faith, did he resolve the conflict between the command of God to sacrifice his son with the promise of God that through his son. All of the families of the Arthur going to be blessed. Perhaps we get a hint of it in Genesis 22 verse five when Abraham tells the two men young sediments to stay with a donkey. He then says verse five I and the boy, Isaac probably arrived at teenager early teens, possibly eye on the boy will go over there and worship and notices come again to you were going to worship and then were going to come again to you but Abraham. God said that you to sacrifice Isaac and if you're going to sacrifice him how kinder you return to your servants with him. Abraham's faith was so strong in God that he continued to claim the promise of God. He was unshakable in his faith.

He continued to claim the promise of God that through Isaac.

All of his descendents are going to be blessed.

He believed God was so powerful that he could raise Isaac from the dead. I believe no up to this point in biblical history. No one is ever been raised from the dead. But Abraham believed that the God who could give life to old bodies like his and Sarah so that he could have a child when they literally were past the age of having children that God is so powerful that God could raise Isaac from the dead. That's faith is in the dressing God in a crisis to provide this was a test for Abraham I we would say it was a crisis of faith for him, and Abraham learned as we must learn the great truths of Jehovah Gyro the Lord will provide.

I find this survey so encouraging this biblical story which helps us to strengthen our faith and to say what I call it that we servant that we could have such a faith that in the middle of a seemingly impossible situation when not to panic but not to fear but not to be bitter, but with the trust. Trust God and sing to you tonight is good Friday 2020 trust God claim the promises of God is. I don't know. I will work out. Leave that to God. Leave the solutions God God tests the faith of his people and Abraham had surely one of the hardest tasks ever let any of us will ever have such a test is this one because Abraham is being told by God to give up his most precious treasure he'd been told to give up his greatest Charlie's greatest love the child of promise. That's faith isn't it in her mind.

Mariah father and son had worshiped the Lord.

That's worship is in the worship involves sacrifice worship is not just giving to God. I want you don't need to like looking in your pocket and I'm taking a dollar and thrown it in the offering dollar that you never miss that's not worship. Worship is not giving your your calls to a child a day or two missionaries that you never going to use again because the right of style or their old and you don't really want must know what your visit not worship in the biblical sense illustrated here in Genesis 22 is giving our best giving our first swine. The Bible is told what to bring out firstfruits when the Old Testament people of God brought an offering to bring the best alarm. There were to bring the first fruit of the car and toward the sound of their very best of the talking as they presented this to God that everything they are and have belong to God. Everything yes including a family including that which you find the most precious everything is to be surrendered to the Lord under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and trusting God, Jehovah, Gyro gold will provide. So Paul knew about being tested. Good rights magnificently in Philippians 4 verse 19 on my God will supply my God will provide every need of yours according to this riches in glory in Christ Jesus. The world of nation or city church families, individuals were going through a test of the moment. In 20 this is a crisis. The coronavirus crisis is a test for all of us who are you responding your faith. I would suggest this is being tested.

Some of become ill.

Some of friends and family who have died some of lost their jobs. Some have seen their life savings dramatically declined life is been changed would work.

Not sure about the future you're reacting with anger with frustration with bitterness with complaining with fear with panic. Here is a reminder from the word of God within the crises of life were to claim the promises of God Jehovah Gyro God will provide an God will provide for you in this crisis and God will provide for Calvary church in this crisis, possibly in ways that we could never imagine as we trust God as we depend upon God as we say we don't know what to do. But we look to you Lord to provide the solution. Trusting God is with Abraham did. God bless them this great man of faith.

I began this message is Good Friday with a picture on the mountain. I want to finish with a picture of it on another mountain, the binding of Isaac by his father Abraham and mine. Mariah is surely one of the most moving most memorable, most holy scenes in all of Scripture.

Father was so strong in his faith in God prepares to take the life of his own son in the regions to the commands of the Lord without moving memorable holy scene is surely surpassed by a greater say no holier seen a scene which is even more memorable, which took place on that first Good Friday on another monitor, not mine to Mariah about my Calvary.

In fact, my Calvary is only a short distance from my Mariah using was mine. Mariah, let me know exactly where it is. It's where Solomon's Temple was built in second Chronicles 3 verse one believe that Solomon's Temple was built on my Mariah where the dome of the rock in Jerusalem isn't. If you've been to Jerusalem and and stood on my Mariah of the temple minds literally mine. Calvary could be seen another mountain Golgotha, the place of the skull mine. Calvary just outside the walls of old Jerusalem. Isaac as he walks towards my Mariah asks such a significant question where is the alarm where's the line, you know, in effect, all of the Old Testament is asking that same question. Where is the Lamb.

Where is the sacrifice that is going to end all of the sacrifices. Think of the thousands upon thousands of lambs that were sacrificed during the Passover sacrifice as bond offerings to be presented to garden acts of worship, but where is this going to end. Where is the alarm that will end all of the sacrifices of all of the Lamb. You will be answered under John the Baptist visit so wonderfully, so powerfully as he points to our Lord Jesus Christ and says behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world that it is on mine.

Calvary, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God is offered up as a sacrifice to end all of the sacrifices once and for all unforgettable sacrifice never needed needed to be repeated, and why is it offered up.

He the Lamb of God is offered up by his father and his God as a sacrifice for sinners like you and me, whereas alarm the Lord will provide the Lamb. The first mention of love in the Old Testament is here in Genesis 20 20 where Abraham so movingly describes his son. My only son, whom I love first mention of love in the Bible and the Old Testament aware is a first mention of love in the New Testament.

It is at the beginning of the Gospels, and that amazing seeing when our Lord Jesus is baptized in the heavens open and God the father say's office on this is my well beloved son. This is my son, my well beloved, in whom I am well please.

Yes, the father, God the father returned really loves his son, but in great love he gives his son. He sends his son and the son comes willingly into this dark world to die for sinners like you and me. Yes, God will provide the Lamb and God provides the Lamb of God as a sacrifice for sinners as Abraham and Isaac go up the mountain, Mount Moriah, Isaac the young man no doubt strong as cutting the wound on his back. When God son walks the streets of old Jerusalem on the way to mine. Calvary is bearing his own cross.

John says he went out.

That is our Savior, bearing his own cross to the place called the place of us go Golgotha that is the Bears across the Bears the tree, he bears the words for the sacrifice to end all sacrifices are the last minute. The site I substitute is fine for Isaac Ahram. Caught in the thicket before the son of God. There is no substitute. There can be no substitute because he is unique. There is none like him, nor will there ever be anyone like him.

He is the sinless, perfect Lamb of God uniquely qualified through his person through his word to voluntarily willingly give himself up so that we who are lost. We who have sinned, we who transgress can have our sins forgiven and be wonderfully saved through the parlor of his cross through the precious blood that flowed from that cross that first Good Friday. So Paul writes that God demonstrates his love for us in there while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us for us, for you for me. Have you ever seen the cross and that light given realize that when Jesus, the Lamb of God died on that cross. He was dying for you. I see him dying for me for the sins of John Monroe dying for me. Yes, dying for me. My transgressions, my sins totally gone now. I'm free all because Jesus was dying for me. Peter says he himself bore our sins in his body on the tree because Isaac was spared but Paul as he writes in Romans eight I think he's got Genesis 22 in mind when he says in verse 32 about God.

He said he who did not spare his own son but gave him up for us all. That's father did not spare his son as well beloved son, whom he loved.

No substitute could be found, and so he Paul says he didn't spare his own son, but delivered him up for so have you trusted Christ you realize this is your only way of salvation by your sins can be forgiven when you receive Christ as your Savior and then live a life of faith trusting the promises of God in every circumstance of life. He is Jehovah Gyro the God who provides listen to the contacts Paul has told us in Romans eight that for those who love God all things work together for good. And then he says in verse 31 what then shall we say to these things. If God is for us who can be against us. Abraham understood that God was for his God for us.

Of course, is for us. God is always for his people. If God is for us who can be against us. He who did not spare his own son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things. You catch the force the logic of Paul's argument here is he saying to the Roman Christians are persecuted clear of their crisis at all before crisis that I would crisis in 2020 there persecuted there imprisoned some of them are killed, and he says listen call this forgoing of God is warrior who can be against you. And if God didn't spare his son for your salvation, how will he not also with him freely and graciously give us all things. What's his argument. He saying this God in his grace and his great love provided for your eternal salvation. That's the greatest gave the gift of eternal life the gift of my sins are forgiven and the gift that when I die, I'm going to be forever with my Lord Jesus Christ. What a gift he spared not his son so that you can be saved for all of eternity know if he's done the greatest thing if he's done the most difficult thing Patsy argument, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things.

Don't want to hear about the future and don't worry about that situation you're in. The Lord will provide the Savior. So he's with you Paul says at the end of Romans eight that there is nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. No need to fear. No need to panic. Trust God. We do that tonight. Gyro home. There so you're sitting alone. Some of you with your family. We Jesus Truscott for the future. I don't know how this crisis is impacting over that. I know it's impacting your you trust God for the believer in Jesus Christ.

He saved your soul, and he will graciously give us all things, all that we need trust God, a God who provides Isaac asks where is the Lamb answer. God provides the Lamb the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. You've never done it. Open your heart, repent of your sin and the braces are wonderful Lord Jesus Christ who loves you died for you gave himself for you, and trust them with all of your heart and if you're a follower of Christ commit all of your waist to him.

Rest in him. He is Jehovah Gyro. He will provide. He is the Lamb of God and for all of eternity. We will saying, worthy is the Lamb. Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne and to the Lamb trusted him, love him serve them. This is a God who provides and for all of eternity as well as now we will sing of a Redeemer one who loved us and gave himself for us, we hereby with me in prayer should never receive Christ can invite you to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. This is your only way of salvation to trust the Lamb of God. If you're not a follower of Christ can ask you to take that fear that worry that anxiety the uncertainty that you're facing to commit it to the Lord will bring you through the Lord will provide. God is with you and of God is for us who can be against us eternal God and the father we thank you for this wonderful example of Abraham, an amazing story and yet it's so instructive for us but we thank you that you did not spare your own son your son whom you left that you so loved the world that you gave your only begotten son made everyone listening trust him and open their hearts and receive the Savior. We who are following him father, may we follow him more closely, knowing that you are a God who provides that whatever needs we have of finding Jesus Christ that you supply us ritually according to your glories in Christ Jesus, and help us to look for you and to tell others about the son of God who loved us and gave himself for us this precious name. Amen

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