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The Word of God

The Verdict / John Munro
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August 21, 2017 12:28 pm

The Word of God

The Verdict / John Munro

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August 21, 2017 12:28 pm

Dr. John H. Munro August 20, 2017 Psalm 119:9-16 The Word of God, the Bible, is our absolute authority. As we read, study and obey the Word of God, our lives will be supernaturally transformed and we will be empowered to demonstrate Christ to others in a meaningful and authentic way.

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Well this is the second message of a poor four-part series on back to the basics.

Three weeks ago I preached on the grace of God on today are subject is the word of God as some people tell me that preaching today is old-fashioned.

It's outdated is an outdated way of communicating people say the nature of twitter and Instagram where the average attention span is a maximum of 20 seconds who wants to hear to some guy preaching.

The result is in the many churches that is last unless preaching from the Bible the summer when good and I were in Scotland we attended a church with some some friends and that the minister Church of Scotland Presbyterian.

In fact, in the city where the Scottish Reformation began this man who would call himself a minister of the gospel we went to the pool.

Not only did he not open the Bible, he didn't even quote from the Bible. What he said was some pious platitudes that would've fitted in well the Rotary club but sadly was not preaching from the Bible outside what substituted for biblical preaching these days. While in some churches there tradition that is J the ritualism and other churches such as the message. If you could call it that, as we have been Scotland was pious platitudes was some inspiring principles for living. Although I was very much uninspired by it, but he was trying to inspire us.

I guess other churches are driven by the long factor when everything has to be amazing. Everything is awesome everything is exciting. I personally would like the band these words and keep them just for God, but everything's got you notice today. Henry's going to be awesome and brings God to be amazing really. Not really in showbiz and pop culture atmosphere have taken over some churches referring to these alarming trends. John MacArthur writes instead of helping God's people. Feast on the riches of his word. They throw their efforts into attracting nonbelievers striving their teaching and pop-culture references and comedy routines designed to appeal to unbelievers they withhold. The only true source of spiritual nourishment from the Christians there who are hungry. Often the people in the pews don't even realize what they're missing content instead to be entertained into spiritual starvation, strong words, but I think accurate words in many cases, why do we account for church have such an importance to the word of God is the question I want to answer this morning. First of all and most important of all, we give importance of the word of God because God himself gives a profound importance to his word if you're listening to some of the songs you pick that up. We sign with me and read what Scripture says about the word of God's please send and read with me forever Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens. Some hundred 19 verse 89. Next, for you have exalted above all things, your name and your word some hundred and 38 verse two. The grass withers and the flower fades by the word of the Lord abides forever as Isaiah 40 verse eight. But to this one. I will look to him who is humble and contrite of spirit and who trembles at my word.

Isaiah 66 verse two it is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.

The words of our Savior's."

In Matthew four verse four and then the final verse, heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away. Matthew 24 verse 35 do believe that that is my strong conviction remain standing. Please discriminate and that my calling as those of you who come regularly to Calvino my calling is to glorify God through the exposition of the word of God. This, my passion is my joy is my privilege here at Calvary and as we look at Scripture this morning. Will you join me in praying a prayer from four from Psalm 119 verse 18 we have it on the screen and yes you can pray with your eyes open.

In this case, let's prayerfully read this wonderful that think of what the psalmist is saying we do with me open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of your law venture. Please be seated. Answer prayer is my prayer for you this morning, whoever you are, whether you regard yourself as a believer and unbeliever.

Whether you're a God, the Bible is boring and stale or whether you are very excited to be here this morning. My prayer for you is as it is for myself that God would open your eyes this morning that you would, behold, wonderful things from it now. If you have your Bible turn with me at the second to mid day. Chapters 3 and were going to read verses 14 through 17. I want to say very briefly but very importantly that the Bible is the word of God is what Paul is saying here is last letter is about to die is writing is an old apostle right into a young man to meditate second Timothy 314, the sensitivity, but as for you, continuing what you've learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you landed today.

There's this great timer for something new, something created all the single I want you to continue and what you firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and hung from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings of people would say to us at CDC, are you really teaching the Bible 212345 euros and they too young for. There's absolutely no from a child you been acquainted with the sacred writings notices which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for the proof for correction, for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work. The Bible is inspired by God, the Bible, because it comes from God because it is the word of God is absolute truth, Seth Stevens, the Middle Ages recently written a book called everybody lies big data, new data and what the Internet can tell you about who we really are. One of our problems in living here in the last system in Europe in my native Scotland. We live in a world. What is difficult to believe and difficult to know what is true and what is false.

People now talk about fake news and there are rumors there's character assassinations. There's tremendous rhetoric and gossip. We have to realize that you can't believe everything you read in the newspaper you can't believe everything you see on television. You certainly can believe everything you read on the Internet you can't believe everything gossip and rumor going around.

But this we can absolutely depend on this book, the Bible is the true word of the true God. I can absolutely and you can absolutely depend on this Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The psalmist says in Psalm 119 verse hundred and 60, the sum of your word is truth.

You can see that everything is you can say that about politicians of either party. You can say that what you need on the Internet you can't even believe your so-called friends as they give you the latest gossip. But this we can absolutely depend on the sum of God's word is truth. There are those today. Sadly, including some pastors who say the Bible is not the inerrant word of God in their view, holy Scriptures and the writings of men who said I've got own spiritual perspectives and experiences we can learn from it. They say, but this is not really from beginning to end the inerrant word of God. While at Calvary church or conviction is that the Bible is the very word of God and that you read your Bible over and over and over again in the Old Testament and in the New Testament we read that the Lord said, the Lord spake the word of the Lord came. That is the emphasis all over and over again that what we have in written form are not the opinions in the advice and experiences of mailman but is coming from a holy God, to us it is God's revelation in written form and inspiration guarantees that the written product. Our Bibles is the very word of God that is when the Bible speaks God speaks to hear from God when the Bible speaks God speaks therefore the Bible is our a authority if we believe as we do it of the Bible is the word of God clearly then the Bible is our absolute authority.

Yes, we respect church traditions. Yes, we respect church confessions. I love churches direct. I will love the confessions of the past, we study them were interested in them, but they are not absolute authority. Also, I would've thought today is not some extra biblical revelation you hear this all the time. Don't you instead of giving an exposition of Scripture. The preacher shares what God has said direct to him. He believes that Gonzales is not mediated through Scripture, but is coming to him directly and he doesn't need to study like a bike in the pool but the days that I preach the Bible but God woke me up at 3 o'clock this morning and God told me to say this to you and your many of you would be waiting on bated breath a number of you hopefully would be ready to walk out generally want to hear my thoughts. It's very dangerous in the is very manipulative.

That is how cults begin that someone said God told me this. This is what God told me last night you told me this, this book is the complete revelation of God. All you need to know the way of salvation. All you need to live a holy life, to the glory of God's fund in this book, the Bible. It's all here, the independent network charismatic recent movement called INC is a recent example Christianity today reports that they claim.

According the apostles have the appeal of direct access to God.

They get direct downloads from God. God is going to talk to me and tell me what to do on my leaders getting direct downloads for many people. The article says that's more exciting to this is more exciting than the 45 minutes out of moon examining the Greek terms from Paul's writings tried to get exciting experiences sensational prophecies of our people are singing mu having the eclipse tomorrow but was doing okay 33 days after the eclipse. Jesus is going to return single women I could see that my Bible can you tell me where that is really yeah… Then through the centuries have seen some of them myself. The world is not going to end tomorrow.

Can Jesus come tomorrow, yes, but there's nothing to do with eclipse but people see what God told me, and that we so gullible that we accept and that we think, think of the blasphemer that we think hearing the voice of God is bordering, but hearing some new something creative, something that someone says is exciting. This one factor is what we need to hear again.

I say that's how cults start be waiting for an increasing mind of people in our society. Their authority is themselves is probably where most people in the United States are my authority is myself. What I think what I experience. And certainly what I feel what I feel is comfortable becomes the measure of my life I the Christian faith. Of course, is to be experience. God gives us emotions, but our individual experiences are not authority they're not our standard. You do not determine your own authority on your own meaning in life that is disastrous. Think of it this way if what you feel if what you think before you experience has become the source of your authority you have put yourself at the center of life rather than God. You know that's called idolatry. The very first commandment. No, of course, sin once to put ourselves at the center of our world how wonderful it would be of the world was around me so that everyone did what I wanted and everyone made life easy for me uncomfortable for me and that I could do whatever I like. Based on my experience based on what I feel based on what I think cults and in this usurping God. Now the first commandment repeated by the Lord is that we are to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. But Jesus says you are to seek first non-some exciting experience not to make your life more comfortable. Although we all want life to be comfortable. That is not your goal.

Your goal is what seek first the kingdom of God. If you put God first, if you put things Christ first. If you see Christ with all of your heart. All of these other things.

Bible says will be added to simple gusting said if you believe in the Bible what you like and Levi what you don't like is not the Bible you believe about yourself as a brilliant courtesan, which I thought saying it that way is good if you believe in the Bible what you like and Levi what you doing like is not the Bible you believe yourself mass. Could you is that you are you've constructed a worldview, a life, your beliefs or probably dates how you live your life. How you organize your life based on what you want, rather than on what God says so, what's happening, United States was happening in Europe where marginalizing God's word and in many cases openly rejecting the word of God whether we putting in its place. I was back in Scotland early this summer. I thought here it is Scotland. One is called Bible loving Scotland.

The Bible has been removed even from the pulpits, even from the churches. What are we putting in place of the Bible to people incident. For example, I thought this week on what moral basis do we condemn racism and white supremacists. I do, I hope you do. I reject racism. I reject the white supremacists.

These are sins for one group of people to think that they are superior to other is totally wrong is totally sinful. But if you let me ask you when we talk of human rights when we talk of American values we talk of family values and traditional values. Where did these values and we did. When did these rights come from windows are value and the right of freedom and of tolerance and equality and diversity.

Where do they come from, we would say the come from this book that tells us that when God made us he made every one of us respective of your color in respect of your nationality, respective of where you are in your educational your social economic status. He made you in his image.

So when I look at you and you look at me when looking at people who ever we are. What do you think that at the top of the scale are that very got out of human existence. Each one. Yes, including the unborn is made in the image of God. Furthermore, the Bible tells us that each of us unaccountable God made to me on Monday I'm going to stand this you're going to stand before a holy God. So in Europe is even worse and increasingly here in the United States. I would ask this question. Can these values which are so important to us which are so important in terms of the history of this country in the history of the United Kingdom can these values survive in a society which increasingly rejects God and his word are they going to survive. In other words, if you discard the roots. The Bible is just people writing there some nice things in it but is not God's word was discard the roots and the fruits that is. These values survive if you cut down the roots of the tree and get rid of the Bible. On what basis than are you going to say these values are important to us will be doing in Western civilization where sewing the wind and weekend. We are reaping we can only see the note on society will reaping the whirlwind that can be brothers and sisters. No compromise on this. The Bible is the word of God. I want to say that's for. Secondly, the word of God's supernatural if it comes from God.

This book, the Bible is supernatural is not a self-help book that is people are confident that we don't click on the Bible is a self-help book. Unlike some preachers preach that we know this is a supernatural book. This is a transforming book. This book, the Bible will totally change your life is change my life and it will change yours. Let me say seven things about it for taking notes.

Evans, a perfect number. He said normally you have three yes because I believe in the Trinity, but I got seven points in first the word of God is alight some hundred 19 verse 105.

Many of you know, this verse some hundred 19 verse 105 your word. Listen to this is brilliant is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. The word of God is alight giving me guidance and direction in life particularly and on certain circumstances, particularly when I feel I'm in the dark when I'm confused when I don't know what to did you ever find yourself like that. I do find myself like that over the years, from time to time, sometimes quite dramatically. What happens when the dark. We don't know what to do, what path should I take in the desert is very easy to get lost, there's no roads was no signposts was no vegetation to take no vegetation to give vocational clues that was the grim situation facing the US our troops in Desert Storm. Some of your remember back in 19 1991. What was the solution to what our troops placed in a desert did never been before, no maps, no roads, no signposts, what with her to do what is the solution.

Well, way back in the ancient days of 19 1991, something was in the stages of an early development, something that we now take for granted something that I used extensively in my travels today so that my brother in Scotland can say here is my address and when I get off the plane and get a car. I can go right to his house, was it GPS and GPS very early development back in 1990 that gave our troops an amazing advantage over the Iraqis.

In fact, our troops were able to navigate regions in Iraq for the Iraqis themselves couldn't enter and didn't know their time to get through it. One advantage so there they where middle of a sandstorm in the middle of the desert with the day do they had was bigger, the bigger the listenthat UPS and they way high up in the heavens. There were satellites beaming done their location, telling them where they shoot go find yourself in the desert asking of us find yourself in a confusing simulation in the darkness. Some of you out in that kind of situation right now. What are you to do well you to go put on your GPS and you will get direction, not from a satellite you will get direction from something and from someone away hi hi in the heavens and the third heavens, God himself will speak to you because his word is alight, eliminating the darkness is light will shed his light and his direction in the plant and step-by-step experience that many of you experienced in life's most difficult situations, step-by-step. As I obey the word of God. I have a shoe in Sefton Kite word of God's like. Secondly, the word of God is our seeds. First Peter one. Listen to these words by Peter first Peter one.

He says since you been born again. Melissa supernatural was going to make me born-again was going to give me the supernatural life since you been born again, says Peter, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable what is this imperishable seed that is going to give me the very life of God in my soul. He tells us through the living and abiding word of God for all flesh is like grass in all his glory like the float of NASA guys whether the flower falls by the words of the Lord remains forever, and this word is the good news that was preached to you how wonderful member in the parable of the sort Jesus as the sower sows the seed was interpretation of the seed, the word of God supernatural's and the gardener you know you put a little bit seed in the soil and you put someone to attend your covenant and you may put some fertilizer you think and act is going to come from this little thing and then slowly at first, days, weeks, months, little plan begins to grow into a bigger plant. Eventually it bears a flower bears fruit from this very very tiny cement insignificant beginning and so it is as I read the part of God I consume I really don't feel much different. I want to feel the presence of God and everything in the word of God is the seat and when that word is sown in your heart and in your life. And ladies of CDC when you so that seed in the life of a little child you may never see the result of that seed is so on and supernaturally. It will grow and bring forth fruits, perhaps years and years from now, as it has been in the case of many of us hear the word of God is alight the word of God is a seed. Third, the word of God is like milk right from first Peter one is first Peter two chapter 2 verse one like newborn infants long for the pure spiritual milk, that by you may grow up to salvation. The word of God is alight the word of God, to seek the work of God is like milk as a newborn baby desires milk so I'm to desire the milk of the word. As we buy in primary school or elementary school as you call it, I guess because the government thought there's a lot of malnourished Scottish boys and girls every day at school, we got 1/3 of a pint of milk for the days of pressurization, so sometimes there's a big blob of of cream on the top and is a little bit off something that was in the tastiest, but was given to us and we were told to take it and if some little boy was foolish enough to say, but Ms. McDonald. I don't like milk on Ms. McDonald. I don't take daily products over the mental picture milk. Stop whining, get it down. And so we did a little stronger. Day after day after day.

And amazingly, I still like milk, only to have in my series from time to time I have a glass of milk.

I can say the little boy I always enjoyed it came from home when I was fairly well nourished with the children but didn't come from homes like mine.

So the government provided this one third of a pint of milk every day we what it elementary school for with six or seven years can a mother wouldn't give your child milk. What kind of mother would you be if your little baby, didn't take milk. You'd be concerned that little baby always one melt, not necessarily in one of our problems because we don't like the word of God and say it's bordering and I don't get nothing from it is that we've lost our spiritual appetite and if you're taking in junk foods. No wonder you find spiritual foods and food from heaven not to your taste. But when you say to you, the only way that you're going to grow spiritually. The only way that you're going to mature in your faith and become spiritually strong is through the word of God every day. Are you going to feel like reading this book, no every day. I didn't go to school saying all UPM guns little buttermilk now was given to me. Get it down during kite yes Ms. McDonald and there we took nourished us and helped us to grow physically, and you see if you neglect the milk of the word, you soon will be spiritually unhealthy and weak and you lose your spiritual appetite. The word of God is a line to succeed is like milk forth. It is like honey, I love this one.

Psalm 19 which is another great passage on on Scripture. Psalm 19 verse 10 David says more to be desired, be talking about the word of God. Are they than gold. Even much fine gold sweeter also than honey and the drippings of the honeycomb and then society 3000 years ago the sweetest thing David knew was honey and he says I love the word of God so much like is like honey it's like the drippings of the honey it tastes hosts you come to that image brother sister you can say you love the word of God. I don't mean every minute of your day but can you say one of the great joys of my life is to get alone with God to open this book and to try and get a quite time in the know for you mothers with families that stuff I do know that busy schedule. Let's talk but they take some time. One of my greatest joy is to listen to a preacher open the word of God and say this is what God is saying to you today. You see, the more you taste this book. The more you will love it, the more you drink from the fountain of the living water of God supernaturally your appetite will change and things you spend your time on before trying to get a thrill of trying to get an experience or trying to be cool will face compared with the great joy of this work, which is like honey. Furthermore, fifthly, the word of God is like a sword. Hebrews chapter 4 this is a tough one for us, but it is so important Hebrews for what does the writer say in Hebrews 4, verse 12 he says for the word of God is living supernatural is active. Sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and spirit, of joints. The model understanding the thoughts and intentions of the heart word of God like a sort piercing. It's tough sometimes to hear the word of God is not the reason the priest is not sometimes make him comfortable might only want his convicting isn't this is Constable art. And as you read it. Sometimes it seems that investors got your name on it or when his being preacher think Monroe. The pastor is preaching to me and the answer is yes, we are is like sort some of you, God's grace have never had to go through this experience, but some of your more times than you would like to be taken into the surgeon's theater and he takes a scalpel and is going to have to cut deep because there some problem with the new some growth is going to have to content something that's painful and you and you credit is not a nice experience but you realize that under the skill of that surgeon. Although he's cutting deep. Although it's piercing.

Although it's painful ultimately it is for your good. And so it is with the word of God that we don't just read and preach the little bits we like that we deal with all of the word of God so that were balanced in our spiritual life. There's another one that the word of God is a hammer.

Jeremiah says it in Jeremiah 23 verse 29 uses the word of God is like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces or this is powerful is that the God you think this is just an old ancient book no pilot of God in this and I hope you've experience states that God's word to say to your heart is proud to have you rebel if you gone your own way. Find some terrible sin in your life, your heart stony it's hard and people trying to speak to your mother or father is taken your site and and lovingly confronted you are godly wife is got on her knees to you and said listen, this is not to change in your life and you've resisted that in your wanted to go your own way and then you're exposed to the work of God and his family that shatters rock pieces for the center. It shatters her hard hearts. It convicts us of our prejudices can we say yes that was me I did not say that is my attitude. I thought such a bad attitude. I've rebelled, explained that it it exposes our sins and our hypocrisy don't run away from the supernatural. The word of God is like a hammer shattering the rock pieces.

The final one is that the word of God is a matter James one versus 22 to 24. Listen James says but be doers of the word no-hitters only, deceiving yourself and everyone anyone is a hearer of the word, and not to do it is like a man who looks intently at his natural face in a motor 40, looks at himself and goes away and at once forgets what he is like you think you look pretty good. You may do externally and I don't know judgment.

Most of you would pretty good here. Sadly, the CDC teachers that are, but what about your heart spiritually. If we were all here to for physical bodies reflected where we are spiritually. You think you'd look as if I don't know I'll tell you to find a to read this book this book is a matter people can flatter you people can criticize you people can tell you the utmost garbage about yourself. Don't believe them.

Here is the only true test for how I am in the perfect matter of the word of God that are no distortions or reels. It reveals what I'm really like I'm saying this book will supernaturally transform your life in a very quickly third sin is the word of God supernaturally changes her life. Third, the word of God calls for the personal response which a person responsible and sing. I want you to read the Bible. I wanted to study it. I want you to meditate on it when I was 12 years old I was saved as a Christian youth camp when I was over in the installing recently my when my brother said John about this for you were clearing mom's house mothers in the nursing home and the house is sold, and he gave me this little batch of your picture of it that it is and that you say what is that I'm in the treasure this because this is from the camp CYC Christian youth camp that was saved as a boy of 12 and you see the text on it some hundred 19 verse nine. Joyce has asked the question deleted in the English standard version. How can a young man keep his way pure young man, a freshman is going off to UNC Chapel Hill cannot young man live a clean pure life in such a sleazy secular institution is UNC Chapel Hill was able to survive well we could give all kinds of answers currently choose your friends wisely make good decisions have a healthy self-esteem. Don't put yourself in difficult circumstances. Think carefully before you act and so on. What cut your belief system hears God's answer by guarding it according to your work is a great verse is needed to give to 12 is a great verse to give to any of us irrespective of our age, how are you going to live a life to the glory of God. Are you going to live a holy life in an unholy world answer from Scripture by guarding its according to your why we in such a mess with neglected this book George Gallup says Americans revere the Bible but by and large they don't read it without reading our Bibles parents are not teaching the Bible to the children. Pastors are not preaching the Bible. The Bible is knocked out of the public schools. It is your personal responsibility and mine to read this book to study it to meditate and as James said, don't just look at it, don't just study it. Don't just memorize it, obey its hearing and reading of not sufficient. We must be as James says doers of the word you looked in the matter is you getting ready to come to Calvary today and you saw you had a black mark on your face was a point of looking in the mirror unless you take action was the point of reading the Bible when God conviction when that hammer comes and that the light is there in the seat. Is there and you do not see spiritual growth comes from being the work you may think of a strong Christian because you've had the work you may think you're a strong Christian because you come to Calvary church for the last 30 years. You may think your spirit show because you attend the so-called in-depth Bible study. You may think you're Chris you're a very spiritual person because you've mastered every Christian cliché, and always have that trying answer to your friends know the kind of person would you say you're going through a tough time. What licenses God teaching you in the circumstances. Please go away.

I don't know but one of them is a need to spend less time with you. I can't say that right I'm in the I'm sorry I should have said that right but that these people right. I'm in the you think deliver the same, no James is saying, but importantly it were just hearers of the word, we deceive ourselves to the word of God isn't given just to give us more information. Yes, we get information is not to make us smarter sinners. It is so that we become more and more like Jesus. Vance Hebner said you can have a head full of Scripture and the heart. Listen, the goal is not just to have God's word in her head as it ought we needed in our heads or minds up to be renewed, but it's got to be hands and feet attitudes and that unlike Pres. Ronald Reagan's biographer Lou Cannon wrote regarding Reagan. He said he did not know one missile system from another president. Well, this is he did not know one missile system from another and could not explain the simplest procedures of the federal government, but he understood that the political process of his presidency would be closely linked to his acceptance in Washington, says Lou Cannon, giving his opinion, you're free to disagree in this he was the opposite of Jimmy Carter who knew far more and understood far less.

I'm not making a political point. I'm saying this, but it is said that was said by those who know these things than the 20th century the most intelligent president that we had was Jimmy Carter he could read the brief. He had a tremendous capacity to assimilate information in terms of IQ. He was sadly smarter than Ronald Reagan.

He knew her lots, but the biographer is saying yes that's true but Reagan understood more so you may be able to quote move more verses of Scripture than the person next to you. I applaud you for that is wonderful. We should learn more Scripture. But the question is, you're not understanding Scripture, unless you are will be our world. Is this true. Our world is weary of the words of those of us who profess to be Christians.

Someone said don't tell me you're a comedian make me laugh right is pretty good one tell me you comedian make me laugh. This is the point. Don't tell me you're a Christian showed to me demonstrated what's the point of us in CDC. If we say we believe in the word of God and we do not love children and the parents we can say all we want, but it is not backed up by authentic I'm not talking about perfect, but it is not backed up by thing take display of the Christian life is meaningless was the point of view going into your bank tomorrow and say I am a follower of Jesus. I was at church yesterday. You should be.

What were you doing, why, why would you say that way. Rather than showing love, kindness and truth. Should we communicate verbally. Of course we should. The Scripture tells us that as I drink of the word of God is this is this light see this like honey as a hammer is a matter this is making me more and more like Jesus were missing this morning.

This word of God. This Bible will supernaturally transform your life as you personally appliance to your life to all facets of life. Elmer Smith tells a story of arriving early for surgery.

She saw that the young surgeon was reading a book.

Suddenly she realized the book was the Bible does reading the Bible help you before or after an operation, just his soft one-word answer was Judy. I like that is the kind of surgeon I want right now. He understood this. That all of life, including when is doing the intricate operation in the surgery. All of life is to be subject to the Lordship of Christ that everything from the thing I think may be the greatest thing I do today to the thing I think may be the least, everything is to be brought under the Lordship of Christ, that God's word impacts all of my this is not just in the sun disco is not just going to like group and an amazing people by your Bible knowledge, no all of life.

Every situation, every circumstance, urine, the word of God impacts it so be daily in the word for new in the dark. The word of God will be your lights when you're hungry. The word of God will be food for your soul when you're confused the word of God will be your guide when you're sinking the word of God will be your solid rock. When your heart is hard. The word of God will be a hammer shattering your sin when your heart is called the word of God will be a fire when you're under spiritual attack. The word of God sort this book is read will make you wise and for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Trust is not in Christ. This book God tells you that you need to repent of your sin, that he sent his son Jesus Christ to this world to die on the cross for your sins and rise again and as you humble yourself and cry out to him for salvation. Hill, Neil Ford give all of your sins and deal creating you this new life is supernatural life. This book will equip you for every good work memorizing study, Lovett deleted obey it, share living is the living eternal and parent word of God and this is why I preach and teach you the Bible. Father, we humble ourselves. Thank you for your precious work truly is supernatural, saves us and keeps us on track and we go off track so easily. I pray for each person here, father. They may know Christ is all of your work points to the Savior that you will give us more and more a greater desire not just to read your word, but to trust you and obey you in every aspect of life in Christ

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