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Eyes on Him

The Verdict / John Munro
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May 24, 2021 2:12 pm

Eyes on Him

The Verdict / John Munro

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May 24, 2021 2:12 pm

Pastor Rob Reece May 23, 2021 John 21:20-23

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So life on this earth over the past 15 months or so is been a challenge for every single person here doubt about it.

If somebody told us two years ago that everything that we've seen is going to happen.

We never would've believed it and I think all of us feel that something is very all something is not right. Things are certainly not normal and maybe some of us feel that the Lord is at the very door that the gates ready to come back in 2021, we've seen a pandemic basically shut down the world. Thousands of people have gotten sick, thousands have died, job loss, we've seen lots of businesses we've seen political and social unrest that that the 1960s. Even pale in comparison. And even now. The past couple weeks.

Recently seeing how ransom where can turn everything upside down again. I was thinking. Don't you miss the old days when when you had a TV twice the size of this spool. Hearing had three channels and you would watch Andy Griffith and then flip over Walter Cronkite have no idea what I'm talking about. If you're under 40, you have no idea.

Listen watch Andy Griffith once in a while but anyway, now that's just what's happening in the world okay but think about what's happening in the church. I it's easier to find a church where the preachers proclaim in a self-help motivational message, then it is to find a good Bible preaching church in many, many people Bible speaks of this have accumulated teachers to soothe their itching ears.

False teachers are absolutely everywhere. The prosperity gospel is burning up the world by wildfire, and many professing followers of Jesus Christ have turned away from the truth. Now they still go to church but they deny that this this Bible is the very word of God.

They will say for example that Jesus died for social justice issues are so that people can be relieved of oppression, but they want say that he died for our sins will take away the cross, which is sent central to our faith and now what is happening is people are calling good what God has said is evil and there celebrate in every immorality that is out there in the world can be found in the church and you and I because we believe in this Bible we try to live by. We are now the fundamentalists people don't like us because of this, and therefore we are increasingly under attack. It happens every week attack is escalating and were under attack not just from the world but from those who claim to possess true authentic Christianity. We know were old school. This is outdated.

We moved on adults of boo recently that were still doing this in the next 10 or 20 years will probably be in jail and that's probably true it's getting that way is evil, increasing absolute is no doubt about it, are the days getting darker. Yes, the days are dark, lawlessness is increasing and the love of many is growing cold. Just like the Lord Jesus said what happened to the message I have to be a tough message for you to hear but I want to challenge if you haven't already, to get very serious about your faith.

I don't know when the Lord Jesus is coming back, but I know today's a day closer than was yesterday and we need to be ready. We need to be found awake doing the work of the Lord.

Think about something when Jesus came in to space and time world to which he came was very similar. It was an evil world. Israel was under Roman oppression.

The Jewish government was corrupt the Roman government was corrupt in the temple, the dwelling place of the living God was defiled and there was murder staff, there's immorality, racism, poverty, everything that we see today.

They had how evil was the days of Jesus.

It was so evil that the Jews and the Gentiles, and the powers and principalities in the heavenly places.

All conspired to kill Jesus and they did it, the son of God, the darkest hour in human want to keep in mind that it was the religious people. The religious people who profess to know God, who had a major hand in his crucifixion. This morning I want to consider a man who lived during the time of Jesus who walked with Jesus, who became one of the most important figures in all of human human history. And this is the apostle Peter, we know a lot about Peter. We know more about him that we do. The other 11 disciples, and we certainly know how the Lord used this man in a mighty and powerful way. Despite the failure Peter is the one who said Jesus you're not going to go to the cross year the conquering Messiah were going to charge Rome and eliminate the oppressors say get behind. Set your mind on the things of God. Peter is the one who had the sword and cut off the man's ear Jesus say puts away. Shall I not drink from the cup. Father gave peters one who walked on water, who lost his faith took his eyes off Christ and said, Lord, save me, you little faith, why do you doubt Peter is the one time said, although every single one of these other guys are going to fall away.

I never will. I will never deny you. Peter you going to deny me in unit deny me and my most important darkest hour deny me three times to list look to John 21.

Open your Bibles to John 21 verses 20 through 23, set the stage for what were talking about all the things that I just mentioned have already happened, including Peter's denial of Jesus, and despite Peter sends even the denial Jesus has reinstated to an apostle and Jesus probes the depth of Peter Sohn asking three times, Simon Peter, do you love me slower love than tend my sheep feed my lambs.

Feed my sheep. Three times he asked in Peter. There's one other thing, your old you stretch out your hands and you going to die you good. Listen carefully. Remember Peter I told you that the world will hate you and you're going to die for my glory they're going to kill you. Nevertheless, you follow me costing your discipleship.

Peter is your own life. Follow me. John 21 verse 20 verse 20 Peter turned and saw the disciple whom Jesus loved, following them.

The one who it also leaned back against him during the supper and it said Lord, who is it that is going to betray you.

Peter saw me, said to Jesus, Lord, what about this man Jesus said to them, if it is my will that he remain until I come.

What is that you you follow me, so the saying spread abroad among the brothers that this disciple was not to die. Yet Jesus did not say to him. He was, not to die, but if it is my will that he remain until I come. What is that you Peter had just committed this horrible crime denying the Lord three times now Jesus has reinstated and upon hearing this great news.

This wonderful grace is based stowed upon him grace and mercy lavished upon them.

What does Peter do. He turns around and looks.

The apostle John says what about that guy. What is it that say to you about the human heart will you make is a lot of things we can say about this passage but I want to focus on a couple of things. Three things three challenges I have for you the first one is this set your mind on spiritual things, not on the things of this world, think about what we know Peter for sick peters the boisterous one. He's allowed when he's the zealous one with the sword and he's the one with the big personality that wants to mow everybody down the stand in his way. He would've led the capital insurrection at Rome, so to speak, he would've been first in line, but that sword in Peter's hand will not do any purpose in the kingdom of God to Jesus. As Peter put down the sword put it down.

You're looking at things through physical and that is not how the Lord sees. Think about this for sick Jesus is see those birds out. You see the birds my father feeds those birds you see those flowers as lilies in the field. My father close those you see the king's do you see the president do you see Nebuchadnezzar do you see Caesar and Saul and David and Ahab and Tromp and Biden and Obama. I put them all their and I can take down. It is my sovereign will that there there and by the way Peter, you see that Roman centurion.

He is not your enemy.

He's the mission field your true enemies Peter are the powers and the principalities in the heavenly places. Do you understand Peter that I uphold everything by the word of my power, not a sparrow falls to the ground apart from the file.

I'm working all these things together I'm orchestrating. According to my purpose. Now we might think the world is out of control, but I assure you it is not. It is in the sovereign control of the Lord God. Remember what Jesus said to Peter, if it is my will that he remains until I call what's at the so you're saying Jesus that you're over you are sovereign over the day I die. Yes, Peter. I'm saying I'm sovereign over everything. So after seeing and talking with the resurrected Jesus Christ here in the good news that he's been reinstated and he's gonna watch over Jesus's flock.

Peter turned and says what about Scott. I saw this guy John leaning against you during supper the other night and I want the same thing he gets he was talking about being at your right hand.

I will be there to. Don't be concerned with him Peter. I've got a plan for you and it's not a plan I have for him. You watch me you follow me to remember what happened when you got out of the boat. You took the eyes out. You took your eyes off me you cried out, saying, did you learn less.

Instead of looking to me you're always looking over here don't don't.

And how does Jesus respond. Follow me right to the point, follow me, author of Hebrews. We look to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. King David says I have set the Lord always before me. He is at my right hand that I might not be shaken not to my left not to my right, not behind me. He is before me. Peter did not see he didn't understand it only tell you when Pentecost came, his eyes were opened, and Peter delivered one of the most important and powerful sermons in the history of the church and 3000 hearts were slain that day. Scripture says, not by the sword in Peter's hand, by the power the word of God, and they were cut to the heart cut to the heart. 3000 brothers, what shall we do to be say Peter said repent and believe. When asked your eyes on earthly things or they on spiritual things are you looking to the things that are seen to the things that are unseen.

I think a lot of people got bent out of shape over these last 12 to 15 months of all conflict for all kinds of reasons, masks, politics, all kinds of things and there's this idea that if we can just get the right people in the government get the right laws in place. Everything's going to be okay. Maybe we can even usher in a utopia on what you think of Israel for sick listen to me think about Israel. Israel had the perfect team they had God himself.

What did they say what Israel do not think you get us a human ruler. Please we want nothing to do with you. Israel had the perfect law, the perfect ruler and the perfect law did not perfect law.

Stop them from sacrificing their own children to foreign gods did that perfect wall stop them from defying God absolutely not perfect God, perfect law, Israel failed time and time again. What then was the problem. The problem is the human the laws are good in that they restrain evil.

God uses those according to his purposes, but they will never change a human heart.

That's why every single one of us who can say I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation for everybody who believe the gospel changes hearts when my asking him asking to see things spiritually and if you're more passionate about worldly things. If including politics, by the way, then you have a problem if you're more passionate about such things that you are the gospel of Jesus Christ and you need to repent gospel changes the world and I will remind you that when Jesus Christ came in to space and time. He did not go into the Roman Senate and start overturning tables. That's not what he did. He went into his own house and he founded the file and just like he said it would be not one stone was left standing judgment first comes to the house to his house. That principle still stand were spared his wrath of my friends. We are not spared his judgment. So I ask you, what would he see if he came to your house. Your house would he see a place of peace where Christ is the center what we see as he looks in your heart disease looking we see the love, joy, peace, patience and kindness would he see bitterness and wrath and anger and lack of faith as followers of Jesus Christ. Our mission is supernatural. That's what Peter in John 21 does not yet understand the whole of Christian faith is based on the idea that God takes those who are dead makes them alive. That's the Christian faith that involves proclamation of the gospel.

How is this new life. How does it come proclamation of the gospel so professing Christians really believe really believe in the power of the gospel and why are relatively relatively few of us telling anybody about the gospel wisest place, not packed to the brim. Could it be, could it be that some have the appearance of godliness, but it's very power denying the power of the gospel welcome the church about my kids, and in the student ministry. All server transports but I do want to gospel. Please understand that looking to earthly things will limit your faith. Without faith you cannot please God, believe in the power of the gospel. Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ, where he seated at the right hand of the father. That's the message. Second thing is this.

Never forget the grace of God.

Nowhere very very familiar with Peter's failures, particularly of his denial of the Lord three times again. Peter was a loud one. He's the one who said he would never, never deny Christ. When this hour of darkness came. He denies the very one that he professed was the Christ, the son of the living God. However, in John 21, we are reminded that even the worst of sins can be forgiven. Peter knew what he did we know what he did is written forever in the word of God.

But Peter was forgiven and restored as apostle of Jesus as an apostle of Jesus Christ and instead of getting on his knees and cried out. Thank you Lord Jesus for the wonderful grace that I don't deserve what does he do, he turns around and looks John says what about this guy when we don't think about this undeserved grace. This grace that God in Christ is lavished upon us. It distorts our view of ourselves and that's the reality. Now we tend to think of grace in this way that we have been saved for by grace you have been saved through faith and that is very true. We cannot add we cannot work toward our faith.

We don't contribute anything to it by grace and grace alone.

We tend to leave it right there is by grace through faith have been say price will but I want you to understand that the grace of God goes much much deeper than that. Here's the reality.

You and I are completely corrupt in mind, body and spirit.

There is nothing good and nothing lovable in any single one of us.

That's the reality of Paul's argument in Romans three says no one is righteous. Not a good no one seeks for God altogether. They are worthless. And on top of that, that's not bad enough spiritually dead and were following the course of this world the power of the air.

Satan himself we are depraved were defiled. We are wretched with no desire for God whatsoever. That's the reality of God.

On the other hand, is holy. He is righteous, he is pure and no sin and nothing unclean. Nothing unholy can approach if he dwells in unapproachable light.

He is too high is to holy for us. He is perfection and he dwells in perfection and we can't even imagine it.

We've never seen it. We've never been there. Peter got a glimpse of it in the transfiguration, and he was terrified. Isaiah appears in the throne room of God. Woe is me. I'm a man of unclean lips and I dwell among the people of unclean lips. I disintegrate before a holy God. God is holy, perfect. We are wretched and fun, amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me wretch, harsh is it true absolutely is true, holy the lie in the stealing and the immorality in the murder. All of this. This is what the son of Adam, does this is what we do. This is what we know when we got on the news. This is what we see when we look out there. This is what we see sin is not something just outside of us is not something we do is the core of who we are. We are wretched and all the terrible human evils in this world everything that's disintegrate.

Not there is a testimony to our wretchedness. This is because of us. But in his grace in his grace God made a way for sinners like you and me to be reconciled to him. And so when Christ was crucified on the cross. It wasn't just our sin, he took our judgment, he took our penalty. Therefore, when you think about the grace of God. You don't simply think about. Well I did earn my salvation.

That's true but also think about how wretched and sinful.

You are and so will not know you may say will praise the Lord that and I hear what you're saying but if anyone is in Christ is a new creation yes yes that is true but you like me are still in this body of flesh weird going to fight going to struggle with our sinful flesh. Even Peter after the cost when he received the Holy Spirit. Paul still had to call the mouth. Being a hypocrite.

Peter, like us, battled his flesh. So did Paul and we will do it to the day we see glory and so that's why like the little ones this morning and recited the Lord's prayer the Lord told us when we pray we say Lord forgive us our trespasses forgive us, when the Lord taught us to pray. He said Casper forgiven us none. Most churches you're not going to hear about your wretchedness.

Many churches will say you're just simply quite wonderful. Your amazing your successful year. Just beautiful people and therefore they have defanged God. They have made him tan. They have made him tolerant and I want to ask is God taller. God does God tolerate sin.

God is not power that is not a word I would use to describe God. Patient tolerant. No, not God does not accept anybody except through the blood of Jesus Christ. All you can come to them wretched and miserable and sinful adulterous drunkard liar. All of these things, you can come to an just like that you can't stay that way. You must be born again.

The wicked cannot stand before the Lord. Do not be deceived. Scripture says the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of our kingdom of God on reading something. This is from Jonathan Edwards in 1741 Jonathan Edwards one of the greatest minds that American evangelicalism has produced a thing brilliant God that he was among the pastors who preached during what we call what started what we call the great awakening. It was through sermons like I'm about to read just a little snippet that people were cut to the heart and understood their own righteousness, wretchedness, and cried out God.

This is a tough thing to hear Marie Jonathan Edwards.

This sermon was called sinners in the hands of an angry and he said this all men are standing on slippery ground. But there is nothing that keeps wicked men out of hell. But the mere pleasure of God. Were it not for the sovereign pleasure of God, the earth would not bear you one moment for you are a burden to the creation groans because of you.

God hold you over the pit of hell and which, in much the same way as one holds a spider or some loathsome insects over a fire's wrath burns burns toward you, like fire.

He looks upon you is worthy of nothing else to be cast in five. He is a purer eyes than to bear to have you in his sight. You are 10 times more abominable in his eyes and the most hate venomous serpent is an hours you have offended him more infinitely than any stubborn rebel did his prints and yet it is nothing but his hand that hold you from falling into the fire at every moment is tough is that is to hear what you know that's absolutely true and if you don't believe in look at the cross. That is how much God hates the center and yet loves this he took Christ himself took justice. He took our punishment, he was crushed for our iniquities and don't ever forget that every single one of us in this room deserves divine justice.

We deserve condemnation and is because of the Lord's great love for us that were not concerned. So what am I saying, think again of Peter, the bold one the vocal one.

I will never deny you listen beware of spiritual self-confidence beware of self-righteousness. Beware of believing that you are spiritually stronger than you are. Every single one of us are machined from the one and we will fall just like that, lest anyone thinks he stands take heed lest he fall apart from the grace of God, you will fall and so will I think of Peter again.

Lord, I'll never deny you. Peter tonight to deny me three times. So please understand this, that the gospel of Jesus Christ is not something you ever put behind you. It's not well I came to saving faith when I was 12 years old at VBS I got it I understand it, I'm moving on.

That is not it.

If you received the grace of God unto salvation. Then you go back to the cross of Jesus Christ every single day and you praise him for hallelujah thank you Lord for saving a wretch like me, you, like me, need to draw from that grace every day and you need to be reminded how the Lord through you up death in the life from despair to hope, you need to remind yourself every single day.

We need to be like that public tax collector who wouldn't even lift his eyes to heaven, say have mercy on me center. Yes, that's how we are the apostle Paul.

He never forgot that, from which he came. I was a blasphemer I was a persecutor of the church.

I was the chiefest of sinners, but the grace of God overflowed for me. Praise God for his grace preach the gospel to yourself and every single day. Peter did not get that what we just read that he did eventually wrote his first letter first Peter. He said this set your hope fully on the grace of God. He guy even challenges you and me to grow and that grace of God is grace for Peter. There's grace for Paul, the one who persecuted the church is grace for you and me. Don't ever forget. Don't ever forget the grace of God, how he said mercy on you amazing grace, how sweet the sound saved a wretch ranch absolutely apart from the grace of God I am nothing.

Nothing. Ask your question what characterizes you as a Christian. Well, I come to church on Sunday but the kids in the children's ministry SR from time to time. I've got conservative values. I believe this is the word of God. I believe what God says is a sin is a sand, member of the church.

I believe will even even the demons believe what I've said, the profession of faith have said the prayer Peter made a profession.

You're the Christ.

Some of the living God.

Right after that, get behind me Satan you're not set your mind to things there many many many people who profess to know the Lord and many will come to the Lord on that day, say, Lord, Lord, did not come to Calvary church I took of communion to the Lord's supper served to serve the champs sports. I did all these things depart from me on narrow is the way and few find. I want to ask you, are you one of the few.

Are you one of the wagon said my prayer, faith, believe, here is my sheep hear my voice. I know them and they do what follow me. They follow me Peter follow me. If you're mushy you follow me, if anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.

This is it, Peter.

I want you to understand this. I want you to leave your boat. I want you to leave your fishing gear. I want you to leave the things of this world. I want you to forsake everything for me and if there's anything in this world that stands in the way of you may want you to get rid of it do that Peter is number one, number two, put down a sword in your hand you want to go charge the capital. No that is not what we do down the sword pick up the armor of God, you are going to preach the word use the sword of the Spirit, Peter you Peter have denied me before men, but now I want you to confess my name before men. In fact, Peter you going to go and preach the gospel, the same ones that crucified me get ready Peter I want you to have unshakable faith or how you sink in the water. Remember, you lost your faith but I want you to have faith to move mountains.

I want you to have faith to see a lame person walk. I want you to have faith to raise the dead, Peter and I want you put away your pride in your ego, and humble yourself before me.

I want you to tend to my flock. I want you to love Peter, feed him, as I love you Peter I want you to love my church and by this.

All people will know you're my disciple. If you love one another.

Peter I want you to be willing to die for me, for my glory and you will and you will have told you that stretch out your hands address you that I take you somewhere you don't want to go and Peter. There's one other thing I want you to follow me. Don't ever, ever, ever walk ahead of walk to my side walk to my left walk to my right, you follow me Peter denied Jesus three times and to be restored in Jesus reminds of his old name Simon Peter and Yasser three times, Simon Peter, do you love me Peter firms. Yes, Lord, you know a lot then do what I tell you to do. Peter, follow me. That's the same thing I said to you in the very beginning when we first met, follow me and I will make you fishers of men to same thing I'm telling you from the beginning. Follow me want to ask you something. Do you love the Lord Jesus really want you to consider that question I have, how often do you do you actually think about my talk about here on Sunday, but the other six days of the week.

How often do you contemplate the Lord of glory, you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind. Peter confessed his love for Christ and how to show it. He left everything he did get in the beginning the left everything complete surrender. So I ask you what is Christ want for you from you.

What is you want from me. He wants absolute surrender. He wants everything he will not take anything less.

Whoever believes in the son of God, shall have eternal life, but whoever does not obey the son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.

If you love the Lord you will keep his commandments.

If you bade him you will follow him. My disciples know my voice and they follow me.

My sheep know my voice and they follow me obey and follow. You know the pastors and the elders and the deacons all pray every Sunday morning for the service we pray a lot, not just on Sunday mornings. We pray for you all the time and it's our joy to do that prayer that every single person comes on this campus knows the Lord Jesus unto salvation were aware of the parable of the sower. There different soils different hearts in this room as we speak online as well. There may be some here that don't know that the Lord Jesus Christ and they may be fully aware that they don't know the Lord, there may be some profess to know Jesus Christ but don't live like that's what some call carnal Christianity, which is no Christianity at all. In fact, hypocrisy, and there may be some who've been babies in the faith. For far too long. Want to be teachers.

There may be some who've lost the love that they had first. They have forgotten from that place that the Lord drew them out of.

But there are some there is some been put in the refiners fire over these past 12 months, 15 months, maybe all their lives and they radiated like Christ, they are shining like the stars in the sky for the glory of God.

These are the humble ones. These are the ones that are grateful for that little crumb falls from the Masters tape who loves the Lord not just for his benefits, but for who he is. He is the Lord Jesus is the Lord of all my favorite verses and scriptures from King David in Psalm 27 I'll read to. He says one thing I've asked the Lord that I will seek after that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord, and inquire in his temple follow want to do is stand in the presence of the Lord is that you describe.

You go and open the word of God until we see him in glory and just meditate on and think about the unsearchable riches of Christ, all he's he's enough he's everything he is heaven, he's heaven. No matter where you are in the Christian life. Every single one of us, whether we been doing this a very long time over newborns or whoever we we all need the grace of God. Every single one of us despite all his failings. Think about this immense love the Lord had for Peter. Peter story had been cut off right after his denial, we would think there is no way that this man saw have just denied the Lord three times is no way but Peter received grace upon grace upon grace.

And he says himself first Peter set your mind fully on that grace and in his grace. This dispensation of grace we call he is calling us, you and me to be restored to himself through his only begotten son, the Lord Jesus Christ, the one who takes away the sin of the world. Remember, he washes you clean. He takes what is wretched and defiled and unholy and makes you brand-new and one day he's going to present us blameless and spotless for God the father. What is the message that you and I need to be proclaimed the same one that Peter proclaimed the same one that the apostle proclaimed when he went into the church in Corinth.

He said I delivered to you as of first importance that Christ died for sins in accordance to Scriptures and he was buried. He rose on the third day. That's the message we want to take this world and that's the message that you and I don't want to forget. George Whitfield was a preacher and an evangelist, a very famous famous one back in the 1700s, the Lord used him like he is Jonathan Edwards and a great way to bring forth revival in colonial United States and around 1740, Whitfield went to a church in Charleston to preach and the population in Charleston 1740 was about 6500 people, and these were some of the things that was going on in Charleston when he went down there was an outbreak brick outbreak of smallpox, yellow fever epidemic was killing several people every day. Major hurricanes that hit the city fire to destroy part of the city and there was a Spanish Armada sitting out on the coast waiting to attack Whitfield goes into the church to preach and he said this, he said these are humane people talk about the churchgoers hospitable, willing to oblige their completely accomplished in every way good-looking group, but they don't understand the one thing they need. They need to repent, to repent, and he said doing this. He said God is been contending with the people of South Carolina for two years with disease hurricanes and a new war.

Nothing will provoke God more to give you up his prey into their teeth and lack of repentance and unbelief. And he said repent. Now you think all of the stuff happening out there is because of the world. No judgment coming to the house of the Lord.

He is shaking his church soon.

We see these things happening out there. I want you to understand this, please. God is sovereign. He is working all of these things according to his purposes, but make no mistake about it, shaking his church. When the world is increasingly dark is because the church is increasing.

We are the light of the world, but if the lighthouse is darkness, how great is the darkness we look out there and we see everything that's happening out in this in this dark world. It she calls every single one of us to look to the Lord.

Yes, Lord, I want to trust you and I'm going to follow you, but many people are still looking everywhere else about this think about Joe for second real quick.

Job suffered his whole world was crumbling around him. He lost everything so is crying out to God, why, why would you do this and God comes the answers. Joe but he never tells them why these things are. This is what God says I'm paraphrasing is this where were you Joe when I laid the foundation of the world is it by your understanding that the hawk sores in the sky. Can you send forth the lightning. Joe had you walked in the depths of the sea. Tell me Job since you have such understanding what is Job all I'm sorry. I despise myself, I repent in dust and ashes. Lord forgive me for not trusting the 2020s taught us anything at all. It's taught us that we are not in control of her own destiny, and thus the reality is what I'm asking you to do is see through spiritualized see through the lens of Scripture. It's easy to look out in the world and see everything that's happened right there and get angry. It's very easy. Don't do that if you want to be angry, be angry at your own heart. The angry at your own sin. The world is condemned already. It's been evil and opposed to God, since the serpent said did God release no here. Look here the angry be angry here in the more you will grow in this grace and knowledge of the more you will hate your own sin and the more you will adore Christ and be thankful for his infinite mercy and grace. What am I saying it right with the Lord if he hadn't already. Most people in this world had no idea that they're staying right on the edge of eternity go in the presence of the Lord just like that life is a vapor attorney is a millisecond away. Have faith in the gospel of God tell somebody when is the last time you share the gospel.

Somebody really cannot talk about inviting the church onto my share the gospel with somebody today. If you're a follower of Jesus Christ. Tell somebody the good news there is power in the gospel and set your mind set your eyes to Christ himself, and don't ever take him off. He is the Alpha and the Omega, he's the one who died and is alive forevermore. His eyes are a flame of fire is the are like burnished bronze out of the sound of his mouth. The mountains melted from his mouth comes a sharp two-edged sword. He is the radiance of the glory of God. The exact imprint of his nature and he holds the world together by his word of his power is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world is the way the truth of life and nobody comes to the father except by him and he's coming back are you ready are you are you when he comes be found faithful pressing on enduring through all of this we worship a good and merciful God draw near to him so heavenly father we come before the throne of grace, we thank you for this grace. This undeserved grace. Father continue to mold us and shape us into the image of some of your son. Forgive us of our sense father every single one of us put on our hearts, to confess the sins to be cleansed of all unrighteousness and help us to have a deep love for your word.

Let us not rest any day until we open this word partake of this manna from heaven. So, bless his father Christ name

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