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Reaching the Lost

The Verdict / John Munro
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April 12, 2021 2:01 pm

Reaching the Lost

The Verdict / John Munro

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April 12, 2021 2:01 pm

Dr. John H. Munro April 11, 2021 Matthew 15:21-39

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Our mission at Calvary as it just all of you know that you knew of me to tell you I miss that Calvary is to be a make authentic followers of Jesus Christ.

We want to be authentic followers of Jesus Christ and we also want to be involved in obeying the great commission of making disciples authentic followers of Jesus Christ.

So I challenge today is to move us away from our comfort zone but I'm so nervous about two comfortable to move from our comfort zone to the frontline and to take advantage of the many open doors which God is giving to us. I mentioned some of the difficulties of gold in the one of the things we realize with Corbett that God has opened many many doors and that that we have had many opportunities here in Calgary you've had many opportunities individually to share Jesus Christ. We believe he is the Savior of the world is a wonderful description that this amounted and gave of our Lord in John chapter 4. The woman comes and tells them about Jesus and they said no we don't believe just because of the woman but we ourselves, know that this one Jesus is the Savior of the world of call this message reaching the loss. Yes, people without Jesus Christ are lost. I believe that I believe that their loss now and apart from Jesus Christ. They will be eternally loss. I also realize that most people who are lost, don't realize that their loss and this is our responsibility as followers of Jesus is a take this message to the loss to reach the loss of a most of you agree with me but certainly here in the United States, the gospel of Jesus Christ is increasingly on a collision course with her world. The opposition to the word of God. The disregard to the word of God. The disregard to the gospel of Jesus Christ is becoming sharper and sharper. This is true even then many of our churches, many of our churches deny the truths of Scripture.

Many are selling out to the culture. Other churches while saying they believe the Bible and in their practice in their preaching. If you can call it that, and how they conduct themselves as a church marginalize the word of God, and know what is substituted rather than a proclamation of the word of God as inspirational stories is how to techniques its political commentary is social justice and prosperity. Platitudes went by the church has become a matter of the culture. This seems to me that more and more that the world is setting the agenda for the church.

That's tragic isn't it the gospel of Jesus Christ has always been kind to cultural, that other desire for the truth is based not on the consensus of our culture, not with the media or universities are our politicians are saying but rather is based on a trip today were going to look at three important principles which I think will help us as we shared Christ in a difficult culture lessons which survey disciples had to be taught by the Lord as we shall see, and we will understand as we reach though the loss we cannot compromise the gospel. We are to display Jesus and but also to proclaim Jesus. One of our themes this year at Calvary is to stand firm in the word of God to stand firm in the gospel of God.

I trust Calvary church will do that that we will stand firm in the gospel that we will not allow our world. Our culture are our politicians are educators are media to tell us what we believe and we will never ever compromise the truth of the word of God. We can learn a very important lesson.

So I said we need to be reminded of. As we turn in their Bibles to Matthew chapter 15 that people of all nations and people of all cultures needs Jesus were continuing in our study of Matthew. If you knew were going through the book of Matthew and that we come this morning to Matthew chapter 15. I'm going to need from verse 21. I encourage her to come with your Bible. I think you learn the Bible much better. If you have one in front of your and as you and and you look at it as I read Matthew chapter 15 verse 21 Jesus went away from there and withdrew to the district of Tyre and Sidon, Boulder, Canaanite woman from that region can my gun was crying, have mercy on me oh Lord, son of David, my daughter is severely oppressed by a demon, but he did not answer the word of this disciples came and back to say send her away for cheese crying out after us. He answered I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, which he came and knelt before him, say, Lord, help me and answered, it is not right to take the children's bread and throw it to the dogs.

She said yes Lord, yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master's table. Then Jesus answered her old woman great is your faith be it done for you as you desire.

And her daughter was healed instantly when a wonderful passage of Scripture is reminding us that people of all nations, all cultures need Jesus to hear as we look at Matthew chapter 15 verse 21 and following Jesus withdraws to Gentile territory. He's been in Jewish started tray and perhaps Jesus and his disciples would move north out of Galilee because of the mounting opposition from the religious leaders were saying that there is conflict between Jesus and the Pharisees and the Sadducees, and this happened earlier in Matthew chapter 15 and now he moves north of this journey into the district of Tyre and Sidon is in Gentile territory is in present day Lebanon.

Are there you see the Mediterranean Sea to the left was called the great sea to see done by between Jordan and Jerusalem is the Dead Sea. The little seed to the north, there is the sea of Galilee.

That region is Galilee and then north is what we would call present-day Lebanon and there is Sidon and Tyre and the design district that Jesus is visiting with his disciples. According to one commentator time.

At the time represented the most extreme expression of paganism. So here are Jesus and his followers, disciples going into Gentile territory by going to remember this is difficult for us in the 21st century, the Jews at that time looked on Gentiles as outcasts as the file is unclean. They would eat with them that wouldn't even touch them nothing to do with them. Remember during one visit in the women in Israel. We were in Galilee was talking to this man who was an Orthodox Jew and with a interesting conversation about spiritual things, and as I was going.

I shook his hand and is about to shake his and his wife's hand and he said no no you, you can you can touch my wife that's a picture. Isn't it the Gentiles and Jews and the Jews have no dealings with the Gentiles. This woman that would meeting in verse 22 is a Gentile. She's a pagan Matthew says in verse 22. She is a Canaanite. These were the enemies of Israel marched in his commentary on this on the on the incident say she was a sidle Phoenician by birth, yet a picture here is a woman, her people to canonize our enemies of the Jews she's under. She's the file she's unclean.

She's on wholly ceremonially unclean woman who's lost a Gentile and enemy of Israel know what the reaction of the disciples.

Verse 23. Send her away for cheese crying out after the disciples don't want anything to do with her to the disciples. This woman and she's a woman is a Gentile is a Canaanite is a side of edition by birth wide can you be have nothing to do with her, send her away. She's the most unlikely candidate for salvation, which he hears about Jesus.we don't know how she is our budget was about Jesus, and she falls down at his feet. Not beautiful previous passage here on their religious man. The Pharisees and the Sadducees, they have seen the miracles of Jesus the yard has marvelous teaching and what did they do they conspire to kill Jesus here is this woman is an outcast outside of the commonwealth of Israel, and she acknowledges about Jesus and when she sees Jesus she falls down at his feet with a contrast between religion and a woman who desires salvation when they should do just asks for mercy, she bags Jesus to cast the demon. I dove her daughter my wings that Betty Betty expressed her. Her daughter is appraised by a demon. So this woman, this outcasts is the word of the father living in a pagan country is begging Jesus to perform a medical she realizes have need of Jesus, and she believes that Jesus has the power to cast the demon and as a Ceja must've known something about Jesus. That is what she says in her prayer in verse 22 of the matter say on me oh Lord. Verse 25. Lord help me when she comes to Jesus, he doesn't address Jesus is Jesus. Incidentally, the disciples on time. She calls Jesus Lord, Lord, son of David, here is a woman who not only must've had about Jesus, but understood something that he was different that he was Lord that he was the son of David Jesus first cousin answered her work and then in answering the woman Jesus uses a household seen children and their pet dogs dogs effective or not. While scavenger dogs.

These are pet dogs last night going and I were over there sons house for dinner and were sitting at the table and that being served beautiful meal and that my grandchildren unlike my wife love dogs and they have two dogs one would be enough November, two dogs, and you can guess what happens when we are eating what the dogs doing lying in a corner sleeping. No, that under the table there sniffing out irons and defendant Marshall falls on the floor as it did these dogs act sit on your fidget WITH it like a food much better. My grandchildren of their could you imagine my daughter-in-law put some food on the table and the children, my grandchildren, about to eat and I take some of it I thought to the dogs what what he's doing.

No dogs are to be fed want to be kind dogs. Proverbs tells us that would be kind to animals. Dogs are not going to be fed at the expense of children. No notice. So as Jesus says this is not right. Verse 26 to take the children's bread and explain that in a minute and throw it to the dogs. Get the picture window that I'm not taking my children's food and throwing it to the dogs and that's that would be scandalous. Here's this woman beautiful woman think of her response. She said yes, Lord. I angry you don't take the children's food and so to the dogs. Yes, Lord, yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master's table as to what the woman saying this woman is saying. I understand that I understand. I belong to a pagan nation which is looking for grace she's looking for mercy. She's looking for that which she does not desire and this Canaanite woman is saying to the Lord Jesus just give me a crumb of mercy, just give me a little leftover part of grace is give me crap that's enough for me. I believe that just a leftover of your blessing. Just that which is insignificant as a little crime of mercy, will hit my daughter, that's enough.

So I'm asking for with the Jesus a verse 28 Jesus answered her old woman, great is your faith very unusual for Jesus to say that by anyone great is your faith though he had sent to the Centura Netherland Matthew and all of Israel haven't met anyone who's got that faith was a pagan. He was a Gentile and Jesus is commending our not only for her faith, but for her great faith.

Be it done for you as you deserve. What humility, what faith has great faith. The Bible says Hebrews 11 verse six that without faith it is impossible to please God. As you sit here as you listen to this message after ask each of you.

Do you have great faith you unafraid you don't please God do things for God and go through religious rituals. You can even serve God. But if you don't have faith you're not pleasing God. Very entrance into the kingdom of God as well.

Faith is by believing by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ by receiving him as my Savior as my Lord is an act of faith believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. The just shall live by faith is the message of the book of Romans. But this is more that as those of us who are in the kingdom of heaven.

We are to live by faith. The just shall live by faith asking those of you who are followers of Jesus Christ.

If I were to a barber to bring you up here and say to you can you can you give me an example of your faith with your trust in God. Over the last year present meaning. An example where you have trusted God in a difficult situation.

Think of this woman think of her courage. Think of her love for her daughter. Think of our spiritual discernment, you've got 12 men trying to get rid of the woman and she is persistent and she falls at the feet of the Lord says, have mercy on me, just give me a crumb of blessing with as you do. Just for mercy. Ask God for mercy ever prayed God be merciful to be the center entrance into the kingdom of God. A humble spirit asking God know for what you desire, but for his mercy and then she prays Lord help me. You live your Christian life Lord help me God for help in this and you and you really believe of you really trust that misses the faith of this woman.

Jesus says it is great for wonder if I have great faith to penetrating questions asked myself I don't answer too quickly, rather convicting, isn't it so easy to get in a rut spiritually. But here is what it means to be an offending follower of Jesus Christ that day by day.

I'm living by faith I was with think of Lord dealing with this woman in these verses you think of his compassion. Think of the loss compassion for all natures and all cultures. If we like wonder how you would have dealt with this woman I think many of us would have been like the disciples way. I mean, you're a woman you casually Canaanite Galway belong to us your nice either. You're not going to be part of of following Jesus Christ by the gospel of Jesus Christ. The progress of God's purposes does come first to the Jews.

Mark when he tells the incident says that the children are fed first yes if you've got a pet dog and you have to feed the dog that's true, but your first responsibility day you first need your children and then your pet dogs and the gospel does come first to the Jews Lord Jesus is a Jew gospel comes first to the Jew but it also comes to the Gentiles it comes to people of all nations of all cultures of Jews and Samaritans of Canaanites because all people to Jesus and the whole world is going to be impacted by the kingdom of heaven by these apostles the Jesus's training so historically, the gospel does come first to the Jews. Notice verse 24 the Lord Jesus says, I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Yes, that are lost sheep in Israel and Jesus saying I was only sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and he comes to his own people he comes, these online friends. Almost all of his time in the little country of Israel.

But on this occasion is venturing north and in the progress of salvation and the progress of the gospel, the gospel, the good news does come to all nations and all cultures saw the end of Matthew's gospel, when Jesus commissions the disciples is about to return to heaven he commands them to go all and to do all make disciples of just Jews know of all the nations acts one egg you to say to Jerusalem and the spread is going to come and then you're going to take this message first in Jerusalem where you are then in Judea then in Samaria and then to the remote parts of the world.

So Paul says in Romans 116.

I'm not ashamed of the gospel. Writing to Romans four is a part of God for salvation to everyone who believes the Jew first and also to the Gentile. Also to the Greek. The fact is Jesus is teaching his disciples that everyone needs salvation door on the right.

People often don't limit God. Don't say this Canaanite woman should go away.

Don't say she's intruding me. Who would have thought that this pagan side of Phoenician woman would trust in Jesus Christ man who had the Old Testament Scriptures you are the law much, much better than this woman. They are rejecting Jesus.

They will have nothing to do with them very conspiring in fact to kill him on this very very unlikely woman is not brought into the kingdom of heaven. Wonderful dealers in the Gospels. Disciples want to send people away. Chapter 14 verse 15 and the feeding of the 5000 Matthew 1415 when it was evening, the disciples came to him and said this is desolate place is what we doing here you go home and the day is now over. Send the cards away to going to the villages and buy food for them. That's good but tired of them, send them away chapter 15 is read verse 23 is disciples came and begged him say send her away from she's crying out after chapter 19 verse 13 when Jesus break when the parents bring the little children to him and that the 11 o'clock service. I have the privilege of dedicating two little babies to the Lord when they disciples see other parents bringing the children to Jesus and the disciples rebuked the people that get away.

Interesting is followers of Jesus sending people away that will resend people at Calvary was a big room for you.

You don't quite fit in here.

I've had people say to me, well, I'm not sure if calories were made there from a different culture needs an American church, as is the American church.

Most people who come here out Americans. That is true important thing about Calvary church business is an American church of that were the case, why does that Scottish preacher, but people say to me from other cultures. I don't know about. For then say, well, no, I don't fit in the church of Jesus Christ contains a lot of very very unusual people like the side of Phoenician women.

Would you like to be there by the way, DL Moody says Jesus sent no one away empty except those who are full of themselves don't send the way people you could your own little group. Calvary got very, very comfortable little group of friends you enjoy them but should like. Perhaps a Bible study people and invite into your home and essentially don't say two people go away but that's really what happens is like the disciples did not.

People who are different from you. Someone comes to Calvary see the parking lot subsided women are different from you in some way you just it just ignore them and sing to today don't see people in terms of ethnicity, color, political, or sexual identity or social status. See them in terms of the need for a safe input on your spiritual classes with no world affect our country more and more. Once the divider Psalm up, doesn't it. When I have have the identity politics and all of that and I understand that but from a Christian perspective we see people differently don't we see people needs of the Savior, whoever they are in thousand, just thousands of people from all over the world come right to us here in Charlotte. Different nationalities, including some people from from Lebanon who perhaps is whether the nonsense that I don't know. People of all races, all religions and cultures and lifestyles abundant opportunities all around us, asking to reach out to someone who is different from different ethnicity different different culture, different color of skin, different political persuasion. Amazing how as Christians, but sometimes we we would divide people even as I have the votes. As if that's the most important thing about us. So this person a Democrat will have a client coming to Calvary church. You have a Democrat coming to Calvary church on how could you have one of these right wing chump guys coming to Calvary church. What we can do amazing again. The world is setting out agenda and we forget the most important thing about people is not who they vote. Not the color of their skin is not a language that they speak as the needs of Jesus Christ's loss. People matter to Jesus and should matter to us, particularly those from other cultures your knowledge of prejudices you only sharing Jesus with your own group to the need is transcending in the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is wonderful. I love that title of Jesus is the Savior of all the world, that he transcends all boundaries and nations and cultures and prejudices and social classes is the Savior of the world and we read in in Revelation 59 people will be ransomed for God from every tribe and language and people and nation wonderful. If you're saved by the grace of God you going to be there and as you come to Calvary I'm asking you to reach out yes to Calvary beyond your culture.

We are beyond your ethnicity and language group and that this is one of the reasons I love Calvary church is thinking of this as is preparing the 15 years ago when I came here we had many at least at least two or three couples who left this at the could understand me okay hey I was talking like this before. You're talking like that you think you language from it certainly wasn't invited in the Carolinas, but they laughed was in southern though I can't help it when I tried to talk southern. My wife tells me not to do that. Send really crazy.

I tried it one time and that y'all and it just doesn't sound real ride in my voice but I try. I thought you know is not important to try to understand the culture and eat grits. Not enthusiastically but I can colors Jim Caswell wants me the colors I'm I'm trying but I just can't get the thing done so very different. Now you can look on that as a negative. June those of you who were born in Charlotte. Do you really want to come to church is full of Southerners. Some of you say yes we do. Well, I'm sorry for you I would not like to come to church here in Scotland just in the United States and to go to Scottish church that is not what once the church of Jesus Christ follows our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Savior of the world, and I realize it is difficult for us to understand and relate to people who are different from us but I can tell you is one who is married to somebody from a different culture. Someone has lifted different cultures as one who was brought up meeting missionaries from different cultures and and and traveling overseas that that is one of the great blessings and many of you know that you reach out to someone who is different from you.

I don't believe in your neighborhood you invited them in for dinner. You reach out to people here at Calvary and got to know them. Why because people of all nations and cultures need Jesus Christ. I just think of the thousands of unbelievers around the second principle your and if it is to treat each person with compassion and understanding versus 29 through 31. Jesus went on from there walked beside the Sea of Galilee, and went up the mountain and sat there and great coyotes came to one woman in love, and Lebanon, but not great coyotes come to bring it within the lame, the blind, the crippled mutes and many others, and they put them at his feet and healed one woman at his feet as confirm or say people with all of their physical problems, the city defeats of the Lord Jesus, so that the card wondered when they saw the mutes pique the crippled, healthy, the lame walking the blind seeing and they glorified the God of Israel, wonderful to the gospel is for everyone, irrespective of situational location. Yes, a solitary woman in the district of Tyre and Sidon means Jesus but no great crimes beaten by the Sea of Galilee. Different people with different needs.

Did you notice that the lame, the blind, the crippled mutes and many others. All are brought to Jesus and he heals them all and gratuities in their study to that he has compassion for the crowds. What do they do verse 31 day Jew and Gentile, glorified the God of what we do come to Calvary Damasus the stand for the redo. Whoever you are, whether you've lived in Charlotte all your life, of whether you've come from the other end of this world that we have background were all saved by grace. What do we do glorify a great God, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. We exalt Jesus the Savior of the world would you build bridges to people relate to them where they are told that between 80 to 90% of new converts to the Christian faith are initially contacted by individual believers within the context of the neighborhoods.

The work the school.

People living their daily lives you going on on your daily lives going for a walk going to that to the gym going to the office meeting people 80 to 90% of people who come to Jesus Christ of the first contact not to a church not through listening to a radio or a television preacher but by followers of Christ, getting to know people where they are and relate to them with compassion and understanding.

Listen to Paul as he gives us instruction on this in Colossians 4 verse five Colossians 4 verse five he says walk in wisdom toward outsiders.

The loss of wisdom. Please wisdom making the best use of the time. Let your speech always be gracious.

Please, please, you disagree with them. Always be gracious.

Season with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person each person is different so that person is different and wondering how you ended their conversation to the boy Jesus asked for wisdom so that you will know how to answer each person and then Peter and first Peter three verse 15 he says in your hearts under Christ the Lord is holy, being always prepared to make a defense to anyone who asked you for a reason for the whole that is in your do it with gentleness and respect and respect means that if someone says I appreciate what you're saying. I don't want to hear it. You can force it be respectful that individuals made in the image of God and Jesus comes in the hills.

The mutes in the give sight to the blind voices no use to glorify God but eyes see Christ your tongue being used for God. We accept responsibility with God and his sovereign purposes is place you Jesus told his outer layer that we are to be salt and light.

Not everyone will respond will be opposition. Yes, there will be done. Expect everyone immediately to receive Christ so senior to display Christ to be kind to me. Loving to be respectful to every single individual, so that the love of Christ and the truth of Christ will circle the world first principle people of all nations and cultures need Jesus. Secondly, treat each person with compassion and understanding. Third, look to Jesus or supernatural power and resource Joe's intimate usage on understand this and I think you're absolutely right. I should be telling more people about the Lord Jesus of the next-door neighbors that never spoken to a colleague at work that we get on very well but have never shared Christ with them and quite honestly, this is very very difficult. You don't know the tough people I work with and that while I know I should do it. I don't know if I can handle it. All of us in look to Jesus for supernatural power and resources verse 32 Jesus called his disciples to him and said I have compassion on the carotid because it been with me now three days and have nothing to eat and I'm unwilling to send them away hungry, lest they faint on the way. Compassion compassion and the disciples said to him, where we get enough bread in such a desolate place was always talk about the desolate place.

I will want to go home on the back to compare them is a desolate place where we can get enough bread in such a desolate place to feed some greater cards. Jesus said they mostly have the said seven and a few small fish and directing the time to sit down on the ground he took the seven loaves and the fish and having given thanks, he broke them and gave them to the disciples and the disciples gave them to the coyotes but this verse 37 and they all ate and were satisfied and they took up seven baskets full of the broken pieces left over those who ate were 4000 men, beside women and children, and after sending only the Kaiser got into the boat and went to the region of my get that to meet the challenge.

We need the Lord's help. His resources, the certification prayed, as we may pray Lord help me I cannot do this by myself. Lord, what are the desolate place. There's no stars there's no shops we have enough bread to feed the sounds and the 4000+ women and children visit totally impossible. And all we have the seven loaves and a few fish different from the feeding of the 5000. This is the feeding of the 4000 understand in their own power and in their own resources there totally unable to meet the challenge. No resources no shops but those with Jesus. Every single person eight and was satisfied the needs of the card are met and you've experienced this is a following of Jesus in you've asked for grace you've asked for help and the Lord gives you grace upon grace upon grace. So this is a summons is my cup over floats. I asked some of you have asked some of you how you doing and you say I'm overwhelmed with the grace of God. You have experience that in your family and your life. Harbinger in a situation where God's grace has been poured on you.

I've experienced that many of you have experience that your Isaiah and as our businesses. This is of God, not wonderful to see God work for those in the rhino's reasonable what can we do a cover charge. The challenge is immense, reminding you that the Lord's power and the large resources are infinite, all the disciples needed were given to them by God. But Jesus what you have seven loaves and I can take. I can use them to give thanks and multiplies multipliers, multiplies my question for you is your share Christ.

Are you drawing on the Lord's supernatural resources US ignored for wisdom yes and go for help.

You're asking God for his grace you're asking God to open doors you're asking God for the right words to speak to that person.

Are you Hudson Taylor said all of God's great men have been weak men who did great things for God because they reckoned on his being with them. That's in ourselves utterly in adequate. We cannot handle this God is good is good that you acknowledge that what you have.

What we got seven rows in the 50s different.

You have, what resources do you have opportunities that you have your home three years for the Lord in the context of business Uganda leaving friends what you guess what your talents with what he would do you good at golf opening you play with. You go to the gym to work out you like that God gives you the strength and ability to deliver those next.

Would you have in your hands, with which your simulation is the leader of a project at work and you have an opportunity there was in your hands given to the Lord Lord will multiply. The Lord will bless you amazingly, that is, you look to Jesus, you draw his supernatural power theirs told him this is out of his infinite riches he give everything given given again godlessness God will give you all that you need to do his will will praying for God to guide us in terms of moving to one service which will God's guidance. God is good help is of course is you. You give us some ideas and enemies of all not quite sure no were not quite sure, but I know that God will guide us because I believe that when we do God's will. If you are before God. If you are on this before God and you say I want to do your will. I want to reach my neighbors. I want to communicate the gospel to this person I want to be used by you, Lord. As I serve your account recharge. I feel so inadequate, so, so small, God will give you a guarantee, God will give you all of the resources of the wisdom of the power to do his will. The question is are you going to do his will, rather than your own. Because the healing who cast the demon out of the daughter of the side of edition Jesus who face the multitudes Jesus who does he use the feeding of the 4000. The disciples, and when we understand that by ourselves we can do nothing but apart from abiding in the vine.

We can do nothing. But as we abide in Christ we will bear much fruit and will do that with much joy, so abide in Christ am asking you to reach out to someone spiritually lost red this week that Americans membership and houses of worship that structures synagogues, mosques, just Christian but Americans membership and houses of worship continued to decline last year dropping below 50% for the first time in Gallup's eight decade trend in 20 2047 of Americans said they belong to a church, synagogue or mosque, down from 50% in 2018, and in 1999. All that long ago, 70% of people said they belong to a house of worship no it's 47 lesson my people going to church. I assume lesson is people going to synagogue, probably more and more people going to the mosque. I don't know but in terms of churches that you realize that dealing with all churches, liberal and conservative. Whatever this less and less people going to church one opportunity to invite someone. Barna research said on any Sunday morning one I do for unchurched people would willingly attend the church service of a friend would invite them to do so. It would invite someone to come to, the unlikely character that side of Phoenician woman but rather a person who really seems to really sit inside of it. Think of inviting them. We invite someone we engage with someone we share Christ knows not just a matter inviting people to church is a good step to build a bridge for them to pray for those we reach the lost.

We trust God. Don't write anyone off. We have a great God who loves the world so great that his love came to very undeserving people like you and me and the grace of God.

God brought the gospel to you and to me. Have compassion for people share Christ go into the harvest field reach the lost. For Jesus purpose to do that, we pray our father and the guards we confess we are very comfortable in an insinuation we sometimes just deal with her own little group. Thank you for opening her eyes and pray here at Calvary we will increasingly of a global vision. We thank you for the many, many from all over the world and you bring her to the Charlotte region with an opportunity you give us.

We thank you for our servants to go overseas missions may more and more from Calvary church leave the shores and go to the remote parts of the world with the gospel. Guide us helpless. Father we pray your mercy be on us in Christ

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