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Treasure Hunt

The Verdict / John Munro
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February 15, 2021 12:35 pm

Treasure Hunt

The Verdict / John Munro

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February 15, 2021 12:35 pm

Dr. John H. Munro February 14, 2021 Matthew 13:44-58 For ASL Interpretation:

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The Lord's prayer states your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is heaven together. Your kingdom come, your will be done on as it is in heaven. The familiar words contained in the Lord's prayer for those who are following Jesus is not our will, but his will is not our desires, but his desires is not our goals, but his goals is not our personal kingdoms, but his kingdom the ready kingdom of God that for the follower of Jesus is to be our top priority is to be our all-consuming passion.

Not one of several priorities, but the priority in our life today would looking at for little stories for parables told by Jesus and these parables are all about the kingdom of heaven, and these particles will help us to understand the importance of the kingdom of heaven and its implications for you and for me before we think of the particulars of these four little stories I want us to quickly look back is a word and remind ourselves of what was already learned about the kingdom of God as is been presented by Matthew and his gospel.

If you have your Bible, there tend to Matthew chapter 13 as we were going to be looking and I want to remind you that the kingdom of heaven. This is important, has already come in Jesus, but it is not yet come in his fullness. It is, that is true in Jesus the kingdom of heaven comes but it is not yet come in its fullness, the kingdom of heaven comes into time and space. With the coming of Jesus the King down through the centuries the prophets had prophesied the promises had been made regarding a coming kingdom, and these prophecies and these promises in the Old Testament now find their fulfillment in Jesus the King. The kingdom of heaven is coming to our the age to come, is invading the present age in Jesus. He is a caring, wise men say when is the king of the Jews, but he's more than the king of the Jews is the King of Kings and is the Lord of lords.

I know God himself as the son of God Jesus, who is God comes into time and space and the kingdom of heaven is coming in Jesus so not surprised, as Matthew records when Jesus begins his public ministry he begins by saying the parents for the kingdom of heaven is at time that was the same message as his forerunner John the Baptist who is preparing people for the Messiah repents. Get ready. Why confess your sins, why the King is coming kingdom of heaven is at hand.

The age to come, is invading the present age and with the coming of the cane. What happens is prophesied in the Old Testament. Miracles take place, the king, our Lord Jesus Christ.

He performs miracles he gives insight to the blind. He heals a leper even raises the dead. He casts out demons. He walks on water. He feeds the thousand, with five loaves and two fishes. What is happening. The kingdom of heaven is, at this being demonstrated by the power and the glory of the King who is doing what no one else has ever done. But there's a problem we find it strange, but perhaps not as strange as you reflect on the with all that is going on with the healing and the miracles of Jesus with his teaching, which we are reflecting on in our study of Matthew, something strange happens that our multitudes who see, but don't really see their multitudes to hear, but don't really hear that is the kingdom of God does not come in Jesus, but is largely hidden to the multitudes over and over again. Jesus is saying he was ears to hear, like them here but they hear but do not understand so the kingdom of heaven is hidden to those who don't see would spiritualize the kingdom of heaven is hidden to those who don't here with spiritual ears so that is our present aspect of the kingdom of God, which is largely hidden.

If you have your Bible daily. For example we saw this last week in Matthew 13 the verse 33 was little part of all the kingdom of heaven is like have 11 that a woman to and hid notice.

In three measures of flour till it was all leavened. Verse 44, which will look out in the minutes, the kingdom of heaven.

What is it like is like treasure hidden in a field. The crowd see the miracles the crowds participate in the healing because take a bribe in the fish that the Lord performed a better coal for the dogs. See the dogs understand that there are those who have eyes to see that those who have ears to hear and they will know and enter the kingdom of heaven. For example, verse 10 and 11 of Matthew 13 we saw a couple of weeks ago. Jesus gives the story of the sword the disciples, and said to him, why do you speak to them. The crowds and particles. The Lord gives this rather cryptic answer. He answered them to you.

It has been given to know the secrets the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been the here but they do not under son there. 16 but blessed are your eyes for they see and your ears for the here there are those who don't see there are those who don't.

Here and who don't understand the particles will they understand the story really don't understand the spiritual impact of it, but you my disciples are blessed for your eyes. They see and your ears they hear and then at the end of verse 43 I just Jesus. What does Jesus say he who has ears like him here can I say to you this morning.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear his at this as a nod. Say what what diseases it over and over again. Well you have done any teaching you have done any communication at all. You understand this possible to speak, but the message not to be received, that through the kingdom of heaven is through perhaps of some of you sitting here that's true of some of your listing by the lifestream listing on Facebook that is something about the kingdom of heaven that seems to attract you hear you enjoyed the singing you enjoy coming but you have not yet entered the kingdom of heaven that beside to have eyes but not to see two years who do not hear teaching of Jesus was a little chorus that we sometimes saying open my eyes, Lord, I want to see. That's a good prayer is the is I, study the word of God over my eyes. I want to see Jesus open my ears and help me to listen recognition that eyes are sometimes blind and their ears are sometimes they to the truth of God today.

Listen to see and hear the kingdom of heaven. So the kingdom of heaven comes into time and space.

With the coming of Jesus the King. But when Jesus returns the kingdom of God will be manifested in glory. Jesus is despised is beaten. Please crucify today the most humiliating way was Crow way imaginable. Seems that his kingdom has come to a tragic and but it hasn't. Because on that magnificence. Day call of the Lord's day the first day of the week Sunday Easter Sunday our Lord Jesus Christ triumphantly arose over dad.

The signs and says that I am alive forevermore and have the keys of death and of hell yes is alive conquering the king is coming back is coming back to this to establish his kingdom openly on our at the moment is a Sema Jesus is going to Sigma Jesus is carrying United States watched the recent events in our Senate and the Congress, the same that Jesus Christ is king.

There is a much of the principles of equity and righteousness and justice manifested even in the highest governments of our land bundling the governments but throwing on land and indeed in our own hearts is Jesus really paying it seem he is seems of the devil is getting. It seems that evil is prospering. But we reminded received the vacating is coming back and when the comes back he will defeat the enemies of the world. And as we will see the moment unbelievers will be judged not by you, not by me but by the king himself, and he will establish his kingdom, so that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord is coming back. I ask you what kingdom you and is only two kingdoms the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ others the kingdom of God is a kingdom of selfishness was the kingdom of Satan is a kingdom of I will do my own will, rather than your will.

Instead of saying your kingdom come, your will be done.

I'm saying no, I want to build up my little kingdom. I want to live my own life.

I want to do my own will know if you stay like that you learn the judge will return, but entrance into this kingdom is to get into the kingdom of heaven entrance into this kingdom of heaven is by repentance and faith in Jesus as repentance for the kingdom of heaven is at hand microcosm, saying repentance and believe the gospel, that is, here is the caring, you must acknowledge that you are sinful that you cannot save yourself that you can enter the kingdom of God by your efforts.

I know you good. I know you've embraced some cultural Christianity without something to get you into the kingdom usually come from a good family. I come from a good heritage about the church.

All of my life. I've always believed in God but your friend that is the question. The question is, what is your relationship with Jesus Christ be with people being with people all the time but spiritual things I do usually say I made a few. It is, but most people say what I believe in God are even brighter… God may have a difficult circumstance I'm saying to you or by Jesus Christ. Essential fats the gospel of Jesus Christ died for sins, was buried, and rose again. There must be repentance and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ coming to Christ, spiritually empty. We sang about it but God so loved the world, and the Jesus Christ invites us some read from Matthew 11 invites us to come to him yes with our failures with our addictions. Whether sessions he is the sin better. He'll forgive you. He will transform your life as you come to him on time from your own selfishness and say Lord, save me cards than that.

Where medical takes place with: enter the kingdom of heaven. Let's think of these four particles without the reminder of the overarching view of the kingdom of heaven were going to learn from the first two parables of the kingdom of heaven is of supreme value using Java. I don't quite understand the kingdom of heaven would get me help you.

Verse 44 Matthew 13 the kingdom of heaven is like.

This treasure hidden in the field, which a man found and covered up then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field know these particles are quite cryptic sometimes and some of them. As a result, the Lord gives interpretation of the ones they don't enter designed to make us think they're designed to make us reflect on them.

What is being say what is the Lord say here, this is the part about the hidden treasure is a man is going for walk in the field, thinking he's going for a walk is what he does routine thing in life is crossing over the field and the fines treasure in the field is overjoyed.

Nobody treasure in the garden might might seem strange to us a little of the people have done that her dog in the backyard and had some gold nuggets and silver, and so on.

But the wisest thing to do, but the don't like banks of your if you're fearful kind of person you made it up in the first century was quite often done what he would do with your treasure when you hide in a minute to get and hide it in a field and this man comes across this treasure is overjoyed you do. He goes and buys the field sells everything he has, to buy the field is a bit on the man doing something moral. Is this illegal know really is on point of the story.

The finder is not stealing the treasure. It was there he buys a field quite legitimate. Also, Jesus doesn't say what the man did with the treasurer onesie about the field is not the point.

Either write a little story was the point. Although the kingdom of heaven is within the some people it is of supreme is the point. Many people don't understand that the treasure is actually there with his mom is overjoyed sells everything he has divined that field.

We kind of stumbles as a word across the treasure and then sells everything he has is looking for treasure is not on the treasure hunts peaches stumbling treasure in this field you'll some people almost stumbled over the treasure of the gospel was looking for salvation. Perhaps you like that was in the you had a deep desire woke up one days I'm going to search for garden.

I went to find the meaning of life.

No withdraw than in the ordinary course of life. You stumbled is a little over the kingdom of heaven. Your work no thought of God is living life like everyone else in the calling starts telling about Jesus. Someone told me this morning that they were doing a little transaction. The man said to do do do you believe in God could question some of you perhaps were given the gospel tract one looking for anything spiritual about someone invited you to take out of the church to come to our Christmas Eve service are Christmas concert or just a, because it is Valentine's Day that is not that you have some deep spiritual desire you are in the spiritual journey for your desired but just kind of stumble on this treasure perhaps seemingly by chance you hit a preacher on television you're in your car into your here is a preacher on the radio. It seems that you just stumbled upon the kingdom of heaven, but then you realize that you stumbled on it. This is the most important thing in life that is nothing comparable to its value, and so in the parable to show the importance the supreme value of the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus says this pencils everything he has the binder field. The treasure, the kingdom of heaven is of supreme. Then there's the second parable. I love this one. The parable of the pearl of great price. Verse 45. Again, the kingdom of God is like someone in over the kingdom of heaven. Jesus telling you the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls who in finding one pearl of great value went and sold all they had and bought it.

I love this one with the kingdom of heaven. Light was like merchants who buys and sells pearls. This one doesn't stumble on the kingdom of heaven. Rather, he's searching for is the point. There's a man is a merchant to delude pearls in our culture. Pearls were of great value and outcomes and to make us millions of dollars is a merchant and he's searching for the perfect parlors at work and it is savage for fine peril comes across one pearl. Jesus says it is a great volume. This is no ordinary this is the most precious was voluble peril. This merchant has ever seen and he knows about pearls is a dealer in peril is what he searching for a magnificent is a huge problem is the pearl is so costly that he can buy in the normal trading.

What does he do.

He wants that one pearl. What does he do he does something which I would never advise someone to do. He sells everything he has always pearls. All of his assets and goes and buys that one financial advisor, but someone came to me and presented this to me.

I was sitting don't put all your eggs in one basket. I don't know much about pearls when the price affirms my drop does. If you want to buy one or 2 pounds that's good, but you need to diversify your investments some peril, some gold, some silver, and I know you are not parallel does would magnificent I you showed me heads you printed on Instagram I see it is a magnificent peril. But don't be so crazy to sell everything of God, and by that one pearl is Jesus saying, the kingdom of heaven is like that kind of man. The kingdom of heaven is of supreme. Nothing else can compare to or compete with the kingdom of heaven. The parable of the parable illustrates the incomparable value of the kingdom of heaven is priceless. You getting this to understand basket. How do you regard God's kingdom is it of supreme value to you or is it just one interest items.

Many you enjoy going to little Bible study you and enjoy some the worship here you go. Some Christian friends and allies that other respectable nice people was the new relationship is just one of many things.

Your passion will really come so it is not number one. Jesus is not number one in your life. He's there but is not number one. Jesus saying no no no no no, the kingdom of heaven is like this merchant who searching for pearls who, having found one pearl of great value sells all that he has and buys it. That's what the kingdom of heaven is like when the substance of track.

It stops me. Mike Tyson is a number one, two years ago good and I were on on the cruise, I would be this couple from England in the spite of the English we we had with dinner with them. We told her to love our enemies and so there they were the wheat with some conversation with very very quickly. The guys asking me what soccer team I support in the Premier league and I tell Manchester United. He went crazy because talk about an avid supporter and I can see is what Wiseman rolling her eyes. Does this guy know about Manchester United. He did and we talked about Manchester United and he went to every home game and that he did manage he was able to go to away games and he talked and talked about Manchester United and his wife was obviously bored by that my wife certainly was. She couldn't care less about Manchester United she would know the different Manchester United Manchester city coming that pretty bad and the guy went on Manchester United played this morning about scores on tell me I'm interested Manchester United right, but not that interested. If they lose they lose his life. His wife told us really in pain that his whole life revolved right Manchester United and if they lost. He was in a foul mood that was as a religion that was number one in his life is sad Manchester night is the greatest something to delete the article that really you're hopeless. I know our hope is Christ in life and that nothing wrong and being interested. Manchester United nothing wrong sorry your golf game. Nothing wrong in your business and doing well.

Nothing wrong in your education students. That's good. Certainly nothing wrong with your family, but nothing and no one can compete with the Lord Jesus Christ is of supreme value has to be number one but the First Amendment you have no other gods before me. Everything else is idolatry. By this hard for us to ask you Jesus Christ asked you to sell everything you had to follow him think that will happen on nothing it will happen either. But if he did was either that when you talk everything you have said that the young man in the gospel wanted to follow your love for Christ so great that you would sell everything you have to follow Christ's the kingdom of God. Of course, is entered as a gift. We don't buy our way into the kingdom of heaven as a lever they have and then still Does not Jesus, and not upon the kingdom of heaven knows knowledge that begin with humility with repentance and believing in Jesus Christ. But Nye was a follower of Christ tried to keep my eyes on him. These the authorities that perfecter of my faith is to be number one above everything else my business. My interest by family, my own career and set my own ego. I'm to follow him wholeheartedly. Jesus as your to love you Lord, the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Valentine's Day some you guys are celebrating it for good to come from the don't have Valentine's Day so that's okay. But some you guys are celebrating your saying to your life. I love you with all my heart.

That's great.

I consider there's no other human being that I love more than my wife manages me when we commit ourselves to that, we love you. These couples are coming today and they love Christ and they love one another, that is, she is number one. You understand that human level. Knowing the kingdom of heaven.

More important than my love for my wife. Great visitors. My family and my grandchildren. I love my grandchildren will of God because the kingdom of heaven is of supreme value.

But there's another part of which tells us the kingdom of heaven, has eternal consequences. 46 verse 47. Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net that is thrown into the sea, and gathered fish of every kind, when it was fool man drew the short sat down and started to good into containers and threw away the bad.

So it will be at the end of the age.

The angels will come out and separate the evil from the righteous and throw them into the fiery furnace in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

My that sets us back doesn't. This is serious kingdom of God is eternal consequences as is like a net thrown into the sea was different kinds of naturally catching different fish and that this net mentioned in the part about the kind of dragnet catches fish indiscriminately. Jesus says where is it yes verse 47 this that gathered fish of every kinds just catches the fish I've been on some Scottish fishing boats friend of mine had the very successful skipper I would die with him a few nights rough in the North Sea went over to to to Norway and back one time and they were catching heading and they use what's called a person that is a beautiful ships.

The skipper is there and he showed me he's watching the sonar which is beaming out and they will see. He says there are marks that he's looking for the shoal of having having come in big Shoals to be thousands of PCs on this on the heading problem is that having our moving and then there's the current and there's the winds and he's going to shoot his neck out and calculate where the fish will be because once the net is you can't retrieve it is going right out and so he shoots is that yes, the crew should the night out. And yes, the ship in the circle that's in that by able to get the bottom of the ninth up with the winch with all the hydraulics and the fish are trapped in this huge net.

The next-tightened and painted until finally you look over and there's all these hundreds and hundreds of beautiful silver documents that we are going to the ship.

They have a big pump to put the pump in the fish and fish come into the boat, so everything I having to think about was called, or to put the problem is, however, among the headings of the fish was about the one that we can sell them there to get the name and the only other fish are thrown out the bad fish was no market for them.

There they didn't want to eat them the bad fish supply. This way is a primitive nurse net force that destroyed the dragnet and then they call it sure all the fish in the net caught on the fishermen look at and there's good fish and there's bad fish was Fisher who needs on the streets. This would be thrown away to Jesus.

That's was what happened at the end of the age she not all who profess to be in the kingdom of heaven are in fact true believer, we saw that with last week with the wheat and the tares that are complete and their tares is good fish and bad fish that are verse 49 there are evil people and that I righteous people. Those who are truly saved by the grace of God demonstrate the reality of their salvation by living righteous lives, no unrighteousness doesn't get us into the kingdom of God is not the condition of our salvation, but it is the consequences consequences of our salvation. We saw that with the sword.

I do know is good so because it brings forth as rocky soil. There's hard soil that the nurse their sorrow, where which is very, very thin is no roots in this thorny soil. But there's good sorrow from the good sorrow grows from who does the separation number.

So last week you on the you want to separate the evil by violence you want to be a rebel. No we saw last week was the angels who separate the wheat and the tares, and thence the angel Scott sends his angels amazing, isn't it verse 49 of the angels will come. I and separate evil from the righteous and throw them into the fiery furnace in that place that we weeping and gnashing of teeth proceedings before a way, these are the words of Jesus. John Monroe, the time of judgment is coming because God's judgment has not yet come on out evil world. People think they can continue to live as they like. They go into certain conduct. They know it's wrong about conscience, but he continued to do it and doing well does bad things happen but it is still going pretty well not been struck by lightning. Things are fine does not find judgment is coming and when the judgment is coming is made by God's angels, not by me. We don't decide it was the Helen who goes to heaven, but Lord Jesus is saying with this parable is very solemn, horrible that the unbelievers, the bad fish. The tears will go to.

He says the fiery furnace. That's how itself the kingdom of God is eternal consequences. This book is about what we so we we reap the you believe this Chrysler hope in life and that if Christ is not your whole you'll end in the fiery final one. The kingdom of heaven is rich treasure versus verse 51. Have you understood all these things, they answered yes when there for five of those buildings located delegates by the answered yes, you understood everything I said today. Total silence.

I understood everything here. Someone has a front row praise God. Have you understood all these things they said to him, yes and he said to them, therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like a master of the house who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old interesting little parable is in the old and new truths come from the treasure of the kingdom of heaven that are followers of Jesus Christ portraying for the kingdom of heaven like the master of the house who brings out the treasure is an owner of a house and he brings on the treasure.

There are some old items. Biopsies inherited them, but I forgot it was a body that are old treasures old things and then there's you. He brings out the old and the new is it what's the point kingdom of heaven is wonderful literatures about the kingdom of heaven which are in the Old Testament at these must be ignored. Jesus himself said that he he came not to abolish the Law or the Prophets. Other people who throw away the Old Testament on the benefit from the Old Testament to say I'm a minister of the new comments. This is all God's word Old Testament and New Testament bots. The refresh truths in Jesus Christ. There is a progressive revelation beseeching you valuable truths member in the sermon on the minds Jesus said over and over again in chapter 5. You have said scribes and the Pharisees said that but I say to you they have said but I see do you know the treasures of the old treasures of the kingdom of heaven are not inconsistent with the new. But in Jesus that is the fulfillment of the Old Testament Scriptures, and he is the interpreter of the Old Testament Scriptures so there are those in the kingdom of heaven like stripes or teachers that are pastors not what do they do, we are to change the whole counsel of God which to bring art of the treasure old and new, not just our little pet subject, not just on Wednesdays.

We will why do you why do you preach different books of the Bible. Well, my goal is to pursue all of this old and new. It's all the word of God.

Some of it is much more difficult. Let me tell you number we pretrade through revelation pretty tough going.

Sometimes you see really tougher for us and you understand sometimes the teaching staff sometimes is difficult to understand dealing with some of these truths was the Golden goal is to present the whole counsel of God in our children's ministry in her youth ministry in a discipleship ministry Angola Calvary church is to teach the Bible the word of God nudges a pet subject's there. Some subjects are like, I could presume easily.

There are other very difficult subject wants to preach about how I don't but it was there today. You reject Christ did on the kingdom of heaven. You will end in the finding furnace is on. Also also truths to think that there are people sitting here in Calvary church that may end in eternal judgment as the round I have to I have to warn people is a hard truth with her other truths are fresh truths. What do we do notice what the mind does the end of verse 52 he brings out of his treasure with another treasure. We don't speculate we don't bring our imagination. We don't bring our own ideas we bring what is already there from the word of God. All truth and you truths beware of people who claim they have some secret to interpret the Bible that got some cold from time to time people will say to me. John what you read this book and is kind of the secret Everett Bracey secrets whenever I see keys whenever essay hidden codes. I don't waste my time reading is given to me know know the key is in Scripture, Old Testament and New Testament. The key is Jesus. He's explaining the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven is that know someone is going to get some new mystery. Some called that now they can unlock the treasure of the kingdom of heaven. Absolutely not. We bring out what is already there. Lord Jesus said overlook records Jesus in Luke 24 he interpreted to them. The disciples in all the Scripture the things concerning himself. Luke 2444 everything written about me, says Jesus and the law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled all of Scripture binds the Christ during the Old Testament is pointing to Christ. We read the Gospels is about Christ winning the apostles. They are teaching. The teaching of Jesus Christ is coming back with her healing by and in biblical history. Whether you would forward is all about our Lord Jesus Christ, but in the magnificent treasure of the kingdom of heaven. There these old truths and there are these new truths that is taught by Jesus Christ we have the privilege of explaining the notice as I conclude in verses 53 through 58 minute different reactions. Jesus, I'm asking what's yours verse 53, when Jesus had finished these parables went away from there and coming to his home time he taught them in the synagogue so that they were astonished and said, where did this man get this wisdom in these mighty works. You may be astonished is not this the carpenter's son is not his mother called Mary Arnold, his brothers, James and Joseph and Simon and Judas are not all his sisters with us. Where, then, did this man get all these things very confused, received the dogs.

His mother Mary is this verse 57 and they took offense at him is the truth of God is being presented through decaying people are offended and people are still offended. There's a little boy who wrote the said some people don't like to appreciate. Praise God for that right something wrong if unbelievers like the preaching of the word of God and the respondent must be that the getting some kind of milk, some kind of becoming the nice person and you get to heaven know that is in the fence and the gospel below offended by the teaching of Jesus that offended when he talks about finding furnace. But Jesus said to them, a prophet is not without honor except in his home time and in his own household and he did not do mighty works there because of their unbelief they miss the blessing of God because of their unbelief. And you can be that category to miss the power of God's forgiveness to miss the power of God in your marriage and your home in your life and your business and your work because of your unbelief God can do mighty words and saving your soul restoring the lost and reconciling managers bring the broken pieces together so that you can experience the mighty works of God. Different reactions to the teaching of Jesus, which would your reaction to reaction to the kingdom of heaven.

I won the sparrow, how much is it well seller says is very expensive but how much you ask. Well, a very large amount due think I could buy yes you could buy anyone combine but did you say was very expensive yes know how much is it everything you have. Since the seller, you make up your mind right or up all by well would you have wants to know. Let's much. That's right, Michelle. Well I have $10,000 in the bank. Good $10,000.

What else that's all it's all I have nothing more about a few dollars here in my pocket will have much to start bringing 10 2040 6000 hundred and $20 $20 from LCR. Well, nothing is all would you live my house. Your house is evidence there is that going to the house to live in my comfort you become. For that to whilst I was asleep in my car you got car. Two of them erase them both with her mind with cars.

What else while you're my money. My heart is my comfort my cars. What more do you want your Lord in this world will know I have a wife and two children.

Yes, wife and two children else.

Nothing upon nothing. I'm left alone. Suddenly the salad explains all you yourself, everything becomes mine wife money children house cars from everything is mine and you and he goes I'll allow you to use all of these things for the time being, but don't forget my just as you again in the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls who, having find one Carl of great value sells all that he has went.

Jesus says seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to we do that, seek first first the kingdom father up was to do that, we confess reference seek your little kingdoms. We thank you for this mighty kingdom and then your grace, we can be born again into that kingdom. Pray for every person your father I pray for their salvation today. Today, right now will come to the cross and cry out to Jesus for salvation and be part of this kingdom. This glorious kingdom shall never thank you and your grace will be part of that the kingdom which will stand forever helpless meantime father to seek first the kingdom to continue to pray, not my will but yours be done in heaven, on earth as it is heaven pray that Savior stand

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