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For My Transgender Friend #2

The Truth Pulpit / Don Green
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August 31, 2022 8:00 am

For My Transgender Friend #2

The Truth Pulpit / Don Green

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Your sin against God is more than being transgender although it does include that see if it's a problem so you're saying is the fact that you live for self price.

Your sin is that you have not love Christ known him I was once lost. Also so I speak to you as one who's been there. The term identity has undergone a cultural spin within the transgender worldview. People now claim they identify as a different gender other than their biological hello I'm Bill right today on the truth pulpit pastor Don Greene continues a series titled, the Bible, and transgender is as he continues teaching God's people. God's word done. Can we really help people who are living as transgender find their true identity in Christ will go. I guess I would answer the question this way is that a committed transgender person does not have an identity in Christ because they are not a Christian. But what we can do is point them to Christ and show them that there is a new identity available to them.

The Christ offers to them in Christ even commands them to come to, as he calls them and says come to me, you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. And so we are calling people out of the transgender world believing in the power of the gospel.

The power of Christ to transform the darkest of lives and to realize that Christ is able to make someone a new creation. That's the blessed hope that we proclaim ever going to share today on the truth pulpit.

Thanks for that encouragement done and friend. There's much more to learn about what we should say to those with the transgender worldview. So let's join our future now on the truthful will I have spent several weeks in the past couple of months teaching a series titled, the Bible, and transgender is and I've spoken that series based on the text of Scripture and from some very important presuppositions.

You see I am a Christian pastor and I am committed to the truth claims of the Bible and the truth claims of Jesus Christ. I'm speaking this message today. This particular message today in an effort to speak to those who might identify with the transgender community. In one way or another you see the Christian truth claims are mutually exclusive from the worldview of transgender-ism. The two cannot be reconciled. They are in direct opposition to one another and I've explained all of that in prior messages but I didn't want to leave it there, knowing that some of you might hear those messages. I wanted to go a step further and reach to you and to speak to you and to offer to you in a transgender world and transgender worldview.

What Scripture would say to you by way of clarity and hope for the future of your life, and indeed the future of your eternity will start here with with the first point that I would make to you that I would share with you here this morning, it's that God is holy God is holy. You, my transgender friend will one day stand before a holy God and he will require an account from you for the way that you've lived your life or second point here this morning is that you are sinful you are sinful and that's a problem. See, the Bible says that your very nature, the very person that you are at the very core of who you are is depraved is hostile to God is dead in trespasses and sin and that there is not a spark of righteousness in you.

Just like there was not one in me in a prior time in my life. The good news in the third matter that I would share with you this morning is this is that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Jesus said in the gospel of John chapter 8, he said I always do the things that are pleasing to my father know why it's interesting when you read the gospel accounts God the father said that in return to Christ as well on different occasions.

He looked down from heaven and he declared in a way that many people heard at the time. He said this is my beloved son in him I am well pleased, and so God while he does not find anything pleasing about us about you and me and our sinful condition God is pleased with his son Jesus Christ. He is pleased with who Jesus is and who Jesus was. During his time on earth. And so, somehow, in Christ, we find that which pleases the God who is the judge that God accepts in a way that he doesn't accept any one of us. What did Christ do with that perfect life and why did he come down to heaven to live out a life like that.

What what what what possible sense does that make if your God in heaven. Why would you come down and live here among people like us will Christ came on a mission of mercy.

Bible says that it's a trustworthy statement deserving full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, among whom I am for most the apostle Paul said he came to save the chief of sinners.

He probably save you two and he's willing to save you two and what did he do with that perfect life. Well, he gave it up. He gave it as a sacrifice. He gave it as a sacrifice to see God requires perfect righteousness from anyone who would be in his presence and he requires that there would be an eternal punishment upon anyone that violates his law, like all of us have done so we got a double problem here.

We got a double problem in that we deserve judgment and we lack the righteousness that God requires. Are we ever going to get out of that dilemma.

Well, the Bible says that Christ is the answer to that dilemma. At the end of his earthly life he went to across a Roman cross. He he gave himself over to be crucified by wicked men and what Scripture tells us is that God orchestrated that so that that that death of Christ could be a sacrifice on behalf of everyone who would ever believe in him that he would pay in his own person the penalty that your sins required my sins required and he shed his blood and offered that life up as a sacrifice to a holy God to dissatisfied to quench to turn away the wrath of God from sinners like you and me. It's amazing he didn't. He didn't stay dead.

Bible says in first Peter chapter 3, the Christ also died for sins once for all, the just for the unjust, so that he might bring us to God. Christ died in place of the people instead of a mass of people. Christ died on their behalf in their stead on their behalf. See our problem. When I say our mankind problem with sin has been addressed by Jesus Christ at the cross, God has provided salvation for those who believe in his son. And here's what this means for you. My transgender friend for your friends listening in the audience here means that Jesus Christ has the ability to deliver you from the judgment that your sins deserve.

He can give you new life he can reconcile you to God he can bridge that infinite gap between you as the center, and God is holy Christ is able to bridge that gap because he is both God and man, and he is live the perfect righteous life that God requires. Jesus said in words that are more true than anything that your feelings could ever tell you words that are more true than any human could ever say because Christ cannot lie. We know that what I'm about to say is true.

To be accepted fully and unconditionally.

Jesus said this about himself.

He said I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father but through me. There is reconciliation to God that is available in Christ with your like me.

I want to know how to get that if I am a guilty judge center facing eternal judgment from the hands of a holy God. I want to know how to get out from that position of condemnation, I would have you know that reality as well. My transgender friend brings us to our fourth point this morning we said three things so far. God is holy. You are a sinner. Jesus Christ is the Savior now that Christ is died and rose again and ascended back into heaven. God doesn't just automatically forgive everybody there must be a response to his son and this is the critical bridge. This is the fork in the road. This is the pivot point of life for everyone who would hear this message is that now there is a response that is required to Christ in our fourth point that we would share with you is this, is that you must repent and believe in Christ you must repent and believe in Christ. That is the call of God on you. That is the call of Christ on everyone that would hear Jesus himself said this, he said, the time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand repent and believe in the gospel.

Mark chapter 1 verse 15 the time is fulfilled, the kingdom of God is at hand repent and believe in the gospel. What does that mean if this is what Christ commands. What is it mean, that's kind of important. Well, it means that you must admit before God that you're a guilty center. You must flee to Christ, you must abandon yourself, you must leave yourself behind and go to Christ and ask him in humble dependence claiming no righteousness of your own go to Christ and say I leave my life behind. Save me. I come to you for the salvation of which I have heard the salvation of which you have spoken in your word, oh Lord Christ save me to know. You see, Jesus said in Mark chapter 8 he said if anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the Gospels will save it. My friend were talking about something that is far bigger, far transcendent, far more important than simply turning away from a transgender lifestyle or whatever the sinful lifestyle is that those of you in the room are pursuing it far more than that, it's turning away from the God hating mindset that is to find your life to God ignoring mindset that has shaped your life, the self-centered, self justifying way of life and just coming to Christ as a guilty sinner is one deserving God's judgment and saying I need a Savior and I I have heard, and I believe that you're the only 10 Christ, won't you save me to response like that in your own words from the depths of your own heart to cry out to Christ like that. That's the response response that says all leave this world behind all leave my life behind. I come to you I give my life to you by faith. I believe everything that I've heard about you. I believe you save me, make me your own. I submit to you, Lord Jesus. Now that's pretty remarkable claim of assertion of authority that Christ would make upon your life.

I realize that we have to remember who he is my friend. He's God in human flesh. He's Lord he's a master he is King, and therefore he has the right to speak to any of his creatures and command what he will is a sovereign prerogative is King to say this is what I require from you. That's the it's the claimant it's the demand that he makes what you gotta understand is that this is a loving and gracious king who speaking this way he's calling you to himself so that he would forgive you of all of your sins so that he would cleanse you, so that he would bring you into the family of God so that he would make you his own throughout all of eternity and that the threat of eternal condemnation would be removed from your conscience, and in its place would be. Instead, a reconciliation with God a piece with God knowing that all of your sins have been forgiven, the God has accepted you in Christ. This is the promise of the Bible. This is the promise of God.

Scripture says maybe you've heard the verse John 316, the God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. You see, this is a command that comes with a promise attached. The command is repent and believe in Christ, receive him unconditionally. The promises complete forgiveness of all of your sins, complete welcome into the family of God complete heaven forever with him and so my friend in the name of Christ. I call upon you to repent of your sins and believe in Christ for eternal salvation. I plead with you, as the apostle Paul said, I beg you on behalf of Christ, to be reconciled to God. Another reality of Christian salvation has a special meaning for you.

My transgender friend. There's bestial application of what it can mean for you as you leave behind this lifestyle that you had chosen as a special meaning there's something new in its place. That is the greatest earthly aspect that I could offer to you that I could explain to you brings us to our fifth and final point here this morning. Is it in Christ you find a new identity, you find a new identity. See, not simply for transgender people who turn to Christ, but for all people who turn to Christ. There is a new reality that sets in.

It is immediate, it is instantaneous. There is nothing that we do to earn it there but there is a new reality. And it's this and all my my friend. I delight to tell you this is that as a Christian we no longer find our identity in how we feel about ourselves inside there is a whole new identity that is given to us that is based on Christ in what is identity anyway. What is it anyway it's hard, meaning arts, our purpose in life. It's is what's most important to us.

It's how we see ourselves. Will my transgender friend for a person that's in Christ. Now it's no longer matter how I think about myself, my own thinking is reoriented toward how God thinks about me and what God has done for me and who he is and and and what the consequences of that are you see to be a Christian is to have a completely new identity. In addition to having a completely new life. Christians are identified as those who are in Christ. What is that mean why is that important. It means we have a vital spiritual union with him. Scripture describes us as being placed in Christ that we belong to him and and that the life principle that animated Christ now animates us as well, and that determines our meaning and purpose in life. You no longer have to look at yourself and say say what kind of person I'm I am I am male in my female my something else is no longer like that anymore. We don't even think in those categories anymore in the sense that there is a transcendent way that we think in Christ you think about yourself is this says is one that God loved enough to send his son into the world to save a sinner just like you that in Christ you have an abiding friend, you have an abiding God who who said I am with you always, even to the end of the age of love that loved you enough to suffer on a cross and to take all of your sins and pay for them and wash them all away. A love like that is never going to let you go. It's a love that you can never be separated from. It's a love that carries you through life and all the way into eternity. That's what the love of Christ is like permanent, unchanging, eternal once you are reconciled to God. You can never fall away from him again and that determines meaning that determines purpose, so longer about how you feel inside but objectively outside of you. What God has done for you in Christ, and it is the richest most wonderful thing that a human being could ever ask. You never know that I am on the receiving end of eternal love from a holy God and he in Christ has reconciled me to himself. What wondrous love is this, that a holy God would receive me a sinner like that in the love that you start to develop for Christ replaces that prior love for yourself and even replaces that prior hatred you have of the way that your body was made, and changes your whole mind and outlook on life so that a Christian understands that I'm no longer defined by my failures by my prior sentence. I'm no longer defined by the feelings that I have inside even undefined by something external to me that God has done that God did for me that God loved me enough to bring me to hear and to respond to.

The Bible says Christian said in the Bible. The apostle Paul again in Galatians chapter 2 verse 20 said it's no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. See Paul found his complete identity is complete purpose is complete satisfaction in the direction and scope of his life in the reality that Christ loved him and gave himself up for a sinner like Paul.

That's a reality that everyone that comes to Christ finds in and inherits as their own. It becomes ours. I'm not defined by by my family by my by my preaching by my ministry.

I'm not defined by any of that. That could all be taken away. The fundamental reality that is mine is a Christian, which is true of everyone that is in Christ is all in everything earthly could take away in the most important thing is still in place, the eternal love of God for my soul exercised by Christ delivering me from my sin at the cross and now having brought me into his family. He will keep me forever world could pass away those who have Christ have not lost an iota of their identity in him. So what does that mean for you, my transgender friend. Well it can mean it means this if you would come to Christ. It means that your delivered from that license based on your shifting feelings and the conflicts that you feel inside your delivered from that and you no longer live life based on those feelings of alienation. Those feelings of alienation from the very body that was given to you at birth.

Now, your identity, not your gender, but the very body that was given to you the alienation that you felt from that is no longer the defining reality of your life. Instead, in Christ you go forward in life as a man as you were born or as a woman as you were born restored to the image of God restored to the purpose of God in making you like that in your mother's womb is what David said in Psalm 139 you fashion me and my mother's womb, God made you to be the very body that you have instead of living in conflict with that as a Christian you can have peace because God has accepted you in Christ you can live to glorify him and you can have this sense that I have been restored. What I was originally intended to be and so my friend my transgender friend what I say to you is there is so much more to life than what you've ever known there so much more to God than you ever suspected God to be feared for sure, but a God who will relieve those fears of judgment in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And so what does Christ call you to do because you to come out because you to to come out of everything about your life to come out of everything that you ever used to define your meaning in existence and to come to Christ alone to come as a beggar, saying, Lord, save me. I leave this life behind ICOM to be yours and yours alone is the saving response and so my transgender friend. I'm bringing this to a close, here.

I call you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I call you to come out of your life and to come to Christ and find salvation in him alone.

You see, my transgender friend that I would be surprised if you needed to listen to this another time or two to let it all sink in kind of the nature of things, but my transgender friend everything that I have said here on behalf of Christ is in the spirit of what he himself says to you in his word when he says in Matthew chapter 11, and to me, you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. My friend that is a promise that you can depend on completely come to Christ come out of this life that you've known and come to Christ he will save you, he will change you.

He will make you his forever remember that no matter how deeply someone is going to do sin, there's always hope.

At the foot of the cross. Pray for those who need to discover their true identity in Jesus Christ and then ask God for opportunities to share his love and truth with them.

We hope this series has better equipped you to do that. Join us next time. As pastor Don Greene begins a brand-new series here on the truth pulpit right now. Here again is done in studio with an important message friend, I invite you to our website. The truth to request your free CD album or find audio downloads of all of the messages that I did on this matter. Transgender is again look for the series, the Bible, and transgender is him at our website. The truth thanks Don and friends were out of time for today. I feel like inviting you back next time. As Don Greene continues teaching God's people. God's word from the truth

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