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Running For CONGRESS!

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June 6, 2023 8:00 pm

Running For CONGRESS!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 6, 2023 8:00 pm

Running For CONGRESS!

Steve talks to Fred Von Canon who is now running for congress this coming election. Why should you vote for him?

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. And now here's your host, Steve Noble. Thank you Steve. Thank you, Steve.

I appreciate it. Yeah, we've we've been praying about this and doing a lot of due diligence for months and months and feel very, very sure that this is going to be a good time for us to be able to talk to you about some of the things that we're going to be doing in the next couple of weeks. And you get the first crack of it on radio, which I appreciate, as always. Yeah, we'll be out at our favorite place, which is Prime Barbecue out there in Nightdale. And fortunately, you're going to be outside. You're going to be able to talk to us about some of the things that we're going to be doing in the next couple of weeks.

And you get the first crack of it on radio, which I appreciate, as always. Yeah, we'll be out at our favorite place, which is Prime Barbecue out there in Nightdale. And fortunately, you're going to be outside because you got a large group of people coming.

Yeah, we thought we were going to get maybe 100 to stretch, maybe 200. We've got almost 400 people registered. So we're going to do it.

So awesome. Yeah, outside. So which is awesome because we've got a great outdoor space. It's also awesome because we've got great weather. Yeah, it's beautiful outside.

I was just sitting outside before you arrived just enjoying the weather. Okay, why Congress? You know, we've had you in here before and watch the Lord working in your life and moving you in a certain direction with politics as a successful businessman, but with a heart for politics.

But prayer and landing on Congress, why Congress? And then remind us which district this is so people know if they're a part of what's going to be your constituency at the end of next year. Well, and that's kind of the caveat here. The districts are set, I'll use air quotes there, but they will be redistricted. We don't think that's going to change a lot. That's kind of the conventional wisdom. And right now it includes 17 counties, the largest geographical district in the state. So, you know, I don't think there's any doubt that our country is in trouble.

It's in decline. And my premise is that we got here in large part because we've elected way too many grifters and career politicians. And symptomatic of that is that they're there to serve themselves. It's a selfish instead of selfless way they've done it. And so they get up there and try to figure out how they can make money for themselves, how they can get power for themselves. And you see it all the time. You see people go up with nothing and retire, you know, tens of millions of dollars.

They're like, how does that work? That's not how it should work. So we need in Washington people that are there to serve instead of being served. We need people with principle.

We need people to stand up and do the right thing for the right reasons and not there for the attention and the power and all the rest of it. And so, you know, that's kind of how we are. That's who I think that our family is. We find ourselves serving, whether it's in the pro-life space, in the marriage ministry. We just love people.

We serve people. And, you know, I think a lot of it just comes from how people were raised, what their values are. Yeah, which we'll talk about. Yeah, I mean, I think I've probably shared some of this with you.

I mean, my background is pretty unique. There's poor and then there's dirt poor. Yeah, and then there was us. And so every time I hear people talk about how poor they grew up, that's cute. So, yeah, we literally had nothing, nothing.

And, I mean, it's hard to describe and it's hard to even kind of fathom it as I think back on it. And no birthday parties, no Christmas. We just worked. We worked and we rode the school bus an hour and, you know, dirt roads to get to school. Same clothes every day.

Same clothes every day, yeah. And my first time I ever saw a doctor was in high school for a football physical. First time I ever saw a dentist was in boot camp.

My first toothbrush was in boot camp. I mean, we just, you know, we had nothing growing up. And so I don't wish that on anyone, but what it did was it puts things in perspective. It allows a completely different perspective than what most people have. And so I think we need people that have a selfless reason to be up there, a citizen legislator like the founding fathers envisioned. And that's why I want to be there. We've got, you know, you've watched this debt ceiling thing.

You've watched all this stuff. So our economy, you can't print and spend trillions of dollars and not have it have an effect. And it has an effect and it's affecting everybody with higher inflation. Recession is coming. And the poor are the ones that are the most affected by it and the least able to withstand it.

And that's just heartbreaking, but it is reversible. We just have to get the right people up there that stand firm and do the right thing and just say no to spending. Right. I mean, because we've got spending addicts that are in Congress and it's not necessarily unique to the Democrat Party. No, no. They're both they're all to blame on that.

Just about all of them are to blame. You mentioned the word perspective, and that's one of the things that I appreciate about your past is that you have something that a lot of Americans don't have, which is perspective. And somebody that, listen, we've got enough personalities, we have enough pundits, we have enough posers, we've got enough all of that stuff. We need serious people. We need serious men and women in Washington, D.C. And we paid the price for electing people in the past that might be a sparkly, enigmatic, exciting personality.

But I don't give a rip if you can't do the job. And these are serious times to demand serious people, which is why we're talking to Fred Von Cannon. Fred Von Cannon, what's the congressional district again? Right now, it's called two.

It's been one. Right now, we'll see what it ends up in. But Eastern North Carolina, we'll talk about that. is the one.

We can help you at Welcome back at Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show here today with Fred Von Cannon, who's running for Congress, eastern part of North Carolina. What's district one?

Might be district two. We'll see when they land. That's been an interesting problem here in North Carolina the last couple of years.

Our favorite hobby. But they did win the lawsuit with gerrymandering and then being able to stay with the districts that the Republicans drew. So that's good. This will all land here. Yeah, we'll see what the U.S. Supreme Court says, but I think that's a given. And then next year, interestingly enough, Fred, when people in your district go out and vote for you, they'll actually have to present an ID. What a novel concept.

Can you imagine that? Five years in the making. This is the Democrats' man just sue, sue, sue. And you can't honestly blame them because they're effective with it. And so five years they got to vote in North Carolina after a constitutional amendment passed by a strong majority of voters.

You know, this isn't just in the G.A. They put it to the ballot. So finally we'll get it. Even this year, the municipal elections that are happening this year, you're going to have to show ID. The state board of elections said, we'll ramp it up this year. I think that's a good call so they can kind of test some things next year and get it figured out, which we're grateful for that. But Fred is running for Congress and has been in here several times.

And we're excited to support you and get behind you and watch what the Lord is going to do here. Was there any particular obviously Congress is different than a state level representative job, obviously. But from an issue standpoint, Fred, were there some particular things going on in the last couple of years under the Biden administration and what we've seen happening in Congress, specifically in the House that was just kind of a boilerplate underneath you? Well, yeah, I mean, there's I think the economy that certainly affects everybody.

It's one of those things that it's a self-inflicted wound. We can fix this. We just need the right people up there.

And so that's that's one of the big ones, because, again, that's just universal. I think if you hear Vivek Ramaswamy running for president, you hear him talking about we can kind of grow ourselves out of this. We can get to four or five percent GDP growth. Maybe we can certainly get positive.

Yeah. And we can get back to three or four percent. And that will certainly help. But there has to be a concerted effort of people who are willing to say no to more taxes and more spending.

That's right. And that's at the end of the day, that's that's the biggest thing. Obviously, the border is a is a big thing. It's not just as it's been the argument for decades, honestly, that you've got these illegal immigrants coming in, illegal aliens. And we don't know where they are.

We don't know who they are. We've got millions, millions coming in. It's unsustainable. Two to four million in the 12 month period. Yeah. The fiscal year 2022. I think I got it in my remarks tonight.

Two point seven million or something in a year. That's you can't you can't sustain that. No, but that's no longer the maybe even the biggest issue. You've got human trafficking, child trafficking. You hear some of the stories that are happening to these girls coming across. If that doesn't make you just want to stop and say, we've got to close this border for that reason. And this is all Biden's border right now.

It's wide open. And then now the leading cause of death from 18 to 45 year olds. And so that's where it's coming from. So it's not even just the illegal immigration, which needs to be addressed, has to be addressed.

But now there's other things. There have been 98, I think, people on the terror watch list that have been encountered at the border in between checkpoints. And so how many didn't? How many got away? Those are just the ones they actually got. So it's a similar number of gun ways.

You've got 100 terrorists. And this is just since September. This is FY 23. This is just since September or October 1st, actually. So in like, what, six months, seven months, you've got almost 100 that we've encountered.

How many have we not? How many terrorists did it take to take down, you know, 19? And this is yeah, you've got national sovereignty is an issue, obviously. The humanitarian crisis isn't just at the border, which stretches about twelve hundred miles south of there, is part of the issue. And then national security and just all the programs and all the things that these people want when they get here, which we can't afford.

So many different levels here. The one for me as a Christian and obviously you, Fred and Anita and your girls are very active in the pro-life community. This is a pro-life argument because of what's happening to people down there. Set aside the felons and the terrible people and the cartel people and the terrorists. The vast majority of them are people that are coming here because they just want a better life, which I understand.

But we still have a nation of laws. And we baited the trap. Biden administration baited the trap. And so they're the blame for all the humanitarian crisis that's going on. One hundred percent. It's all on it. It's at their feet. And they act like Fred. They care about people.

I say this so regularly. They don't. But they don't care about that. You could extrapolate that to most every liberal policy. I mean, and they really can. But there is a knee jerk, a feel good thing that, oh, we need to do this.

But what they do is all shortsighted and it doesn't address the bigger problem. I mean, we're talking about transgender, gender affirming care. Yeah. Right.

We've got to just do. No, that's not helping. When you're setting up somebody to be a lifelong patient, you're not helping them. Tell them the truth that you cannot change your sex. Tell them the truth.

It's hard to hear. It's not the easy thing to know, but it's the right thing to do. And just deal. I mean, have empathy, care for people. We all care for people.

I feel, oh, my gosh, so bad for people that are going through this and the families. Oh, but that's horrendous. But to just pretend that you can do that is not the solution. And they don't ever talk about, they're the same thing with this on the life issue on abortion. Like you went in and got a filling at the dentist and then it's all over. No, no, no, no, that's not the deal.

On the other side of gender transition, whether you're starting with hormone blockers and therapy or you're going through actual sex reassignment surgery, it is a train wreck on the other side of that. But again, they don't care. They have an ideology. They have a narrative. They don't care what the facts are.

They don't care about the human cost. They just take their position as woke people. And that's it.

And they're the ones that are in the righteous position in their minds. And we're the bigots and transphobes and homophobes and racists and everything. And it's and that's the narrative. It's been the narrative. And I'm telling you, Steve, until people in positions of power stand up to that and push back on that and say, no, I am not a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, a transphobe, any other phobe, Islamophobe.

We love people. And sometimes you have to do the hard thing and not just say yes to everything because that's not love. No. As a matter of fact, that's your parenting style, Fred. You're a terrible parent. If you just say yes to everything. Yeah, absolutely.

Correct. And because your kids oftentimes don't know any better. And again, we we say no to all that, just like the Target, but the problem with Target or Wal-Mart, which I just put out there this morning, whatever, is that they have chosen an ideology and try to position themselves from a woke ideology, which they think makes them look good.

They don't care about the kids that they're leading astray. And there's so much confusion and there's and it's a social contagion at this point. So there's all of that. But again, with the border, what can Congress do? And obviously, we have a presidential election next year. This is for all the marbles next year.

I mean, it's amazing. Well, I mean, first things first, even Ronald Reagan, my hero, missed on this one. Probably the only thing I can think of that he really missed is that he negotiated with Congress to get certain things done before he, you know, did secure the border. Secure the border first. Period.

That's it. That's what Congress can do. They can finish funding the wall and close the border. Now that it's closed, we know who's coming in.

We get to say yes or no. And there can be work permits. I think a lot of this I think a lot of the illegal immigration itself is people coming in just wanting to work. And in a lot of cases, we need those workers. So figure out a legal way for them to come across and have work permits.

But don't take our services, don't become citizens and all that. I think that's the win for everyone. Oh, sure. So there's solutions.

But we have to close the border. That's it. Oh, yeah.

No doubt about it. And the interesting thing on that and then we'll move on in the other when we get to the next segment because they're up against the break. The other thing about that is the people that have come here legally are really torqued off about this.

Oh, heck yeah. That's why Hispanics are increasingly voting more and more Republican. And in Florida, I think it's maybe flipped over to where it's a majority because they get it. Yeah, they stood in line. They did the right thing. They took the citizenship test.

And they resent the people that are going around that, as we all should. Close the border, secure the border, finish building the wall with Fred Von Cannon. We'll be right back. Welcome back at Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show, here with my good friend Fred Von Cannon, who's also my brother in Christ. Incredible guy and businessman, love for the country, an even more incredible wife, great daughters.

And this is a family affair. I mean, Anita and the girls have been involved every step of the way with what you guys have been involved in. And one of the things I love about the Von Cannon family and the website, by the way, you can just go to Fred Von Cannon dot com, V-O-N-C-A-N-O-N, Fred Von Cannon dot com to find out about the campaign to volunteer, to donate, to be a supporter there. But the thing I love about you guys ever since we met years ago, Fred, is that you guys are doers.

I used to be a member of the Council for National Policy, which was kind of the epicenter of the religious right. And one of their little phrases was where the doers and the donors get together. So I was a doer and then I met donors.

Rarely do you meet a person that's both. And that's you guys. I mean, obviously you put your money where your mouth is, but you guys are workers way more than that. And you get involved and you don't just sit on the sidelines, you do things. And that's what we need.

We need serious people involved here. And that's a whole package program because the girls have been right there with you, knocking doors and being involved with everything all along the way. And I'm excited for people to see your first campaign commercial, your ad, but nobody's going to see that till tonight at Prime Barbecue. By the way, if you still want to come out and join us, I'm there. Fred kindly asked me to be the emcee, which just shows you that he's willing to take a risk. So you can come out six or six thirty at Prime Barbecue and Nightdale.

You can register on site. It's going to be a great crowd and inspiring and a great way to get our summer kicked off by doing something that's good for your neighbor, for the nation and for yourself and your posterity. Our kids are part of this deal as well.

So you can come out tonight six o'clock roughly at Prime Barbecue and Nightdale, which will be great food with our buddy Christopher Prieto. But for Fred's announcement, so we were talking about the border, obviously the economy is a train wreck. And you mentioned this, like Vivek said that, hey, we can grow our way out of it.

No, you can't. That's only one side of the ledger. That's part of it. We need to grow, obviously. But we also need to get serious about the money that we're spending.

We're train wrecking your daughter's future and their kids future if they become parents. And that's on us. I mean, we have to do something about that. Yeah. This we're setting ourselves up to be the first generation to leave this country in worse shape than we found it. I mean, what an awful legacy. Right. I mean, we're saddling our kids and grandkids.

I have five kids and eighth grandkid on the way. And so, you know, it's heartbreaking. I think that's, you know, the people that I've talked to that are in Congress that are like my age and that that's what that's what aches their heart.

And I totally get it. Like, you know, if we're the ones spending and overspending and the debt comes due to us, what are you going to say? But now how can you, in good faith, good conscience, pass on trillions of debt, arguably unsustainable and can't get out of it debt to them? It's that's not how it's supposed to be.

You're supposed to leave things better than you found them. And so Vivek's half right. We can grow this economy. We need to get our energy production. You know, we need to be doing the energy here.

Trump got that right 100 percent. Drill now. Drill now and everywhere and just be an energy provider for ourselves from a national security standpoint and from. Yeah, and that's good for the world, too.

I mean, who do you want to deal with, Russia and China, or you want to deal with us? Exactly. So there's you know, we need to grow our economy. We can grow our economy. That's that's how that's how we've grown for hundreds of years. But the reality is we have to stop this addiction to spending. And if we don't do that, you can't grow yourself out of this. Are they all just afraid of because with your own business success, I mean, you've got a bottom line to answer to.

So you can only you can only screw up for so long. But for Congress and for the president of the United States, I just think they are unwilling to risk anything politically in order to tell the American people the truth. One hundred percent. They never talk about unfunded liabilities, one hundred plus trillion in the next 50 to 75 years. They never talk about it because they're spineless and they're only worried about, well, next year, the next election. There are no votes in talking about it, but there's votes in spending money now for the people that vote for you. It's the most shortsighted thing. And it's the if there is a flaw in our system of government, that's it. Is that, you know, when you've got people in Congress that can be reelected by by being that shortsighted, then then again, the only way out. The only way out is to find enough people that will go to Washington, not just in Congress, in the Senate, in the White House.

And wherever we have to replace these grifters and career politicians that are there to serve themselves with serious people, with serious solutions that are willing to stand and pay a price for that solution. We talked about it, you know, being anything that we do. We're now called a racist. So, I mean, there's nobody wants that. No, nobody wants. I mean, even if you know you're not, you still don't want to hear it.

No. And so people self-censor, people stop, people just like, OK, fine, just let it go, let it go. And what happens is the left just continues to just take ground. And we look up one day and we're in where we are and we are we are heading down down a hill.

I'm the eternal optimist. I think that we can get this stopped and eventually turn around. It's not going to be easy. It's not going to be quick. It's not going to be quick. But it's also not going to happen if we don't send principled people.

That's right. To D.C. who are willing and who understand the problem and understand the solutions and are willing to, your point, to take a long term view and pay the price for that because there will be a price for that, unfortunately, because people are short sighted. Yeah, I think if you even if you got like the conservative caucus in the House and they just started doing press conferences saying, we're going to tell you the truth. We're going to talk about where we're at right now. We're going to talk about where our kids and grandkids are going to be in 50 to 75 years.

We're going to talk about unfunded liabilities. And then the question for all of us in America, the voting of population right now is, do we give a rip at all about our kids and our grandkids? Right now, we're acting like we don't.

We say we do. I'm going to give an example of that tonight in my remarks of I'm going to take our national picture and I'm going to take off a bunch of zeros. I'm going to divide it by about, I think, four hundred thousand. I think just to bring it down to, OK, you make an eighty five thousand a year, but you're spending one hundred and twenty thousand.

Wait, what? And what do you do with that? Well, we're going to put it on a credit card. Well, we've already got like three quarters of a million on our credit card making eighty five. You know, what do you do? Right.

We pass a bill to put it on, you know, to raise the credit limit. Right. What? Yeah.

What do you think? Right. They're not thinking it's all again.

Well, if they are thinking, then it is to how to how to how do they benefit? Right. Especially in the House, especially them every two years. Yeah. They're afraid to face the voters with the truth.

That's right. We need truth tellers and serious people up there like yourself, which is why you're here. And forget the glitz and the glam and the pundits and the personalities, the grifters, as you said, the posers. I only want to vote for people that are willing to tell me the truth.

If you come in and just try to scratch my back. First of all, this is a deeply moral situation. We're incredibly immoral in what we're doing to our future generations. And I say generations because it's not just one.

It's multiple. And I think a growing number of Americans, if they knew the truth, would appreciate people like yourself. Fred, that would say, OK, I'm going to tell you the truth.

You're not going to like it. And we're going to have to change our lifestyle in order to benefit our children and our grandchildren and our great grandchildren. The question is, who do you love more, them or yourself? That's really what it comes down to. That's it. And so serving yourself or serving others. Right. Again, back to my kind of main point. And we've got too many people up there that are looking to get rich, to get the power, to get on TV, to get whatever the attention. And they don't have any perspective at all of sacrifice, which honestly, I think the intention of the founding fathers to go up there as a citizen legislator to kind of give up your job and go and do this. It's going to cost you money.

It has to cost you. It should, I think. Yeah.

And so when it does, then I think that just puts the perspective in the right place. Like, should this be about me or should this be about the United States of America? What oath did you take?

Did you take the same one that I've taken in the military and I hope to take in January 25? Right. That one doesn't talk about serving yourself.

It talks about protecting our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And when you get the perspective in your head of how your what the job is, there's just too many people up there with the with the complete wrong attention and perspective on things. That's why I love we have a mutual friend with Dan Bishop, and he's one of the few guys out there. And this happened right when they're doing the debt ceiling debacle last week that he'll come out and he'll stand in front of a camera and he'll get in front of a mic and he'll tell you the truth. Exactly. There's only a hand. I mean, him and Byron Daniels and and Chip Roy, there's there's a handful of them up there.

Dan's one of my favorites. And and that just exactly like you're saying that what what do they have to gain by lying? Right. They're not the ones up there grifting. That's right. They're just not.

They're up there to tell the truth. And that's that's what I want to do. Yeah. And that's and I think more and more people are craving that, especially right now, because the things are so bad in the nation. We know there's we're not going to be on an upswing here yet. There's a recession coming. And and people are going to wake up to this stuff. It has to get really bad to wake your average person up.

But if you can see them wake up, wake up, truly get woke, and then you can tell them the truth and say, OK, this is this is a 20, 30, 40 year mission. This is like us going into World War Two. This is going to be over in a night. I mean, what they've been doing to our kids has been for two generations. How long do you think it's going to take us to turn this around?

It's not going to be there's no politician that you should think is going to fix it. That's the other thing, too. You've got to have people, not just one person. Yeah. Now, I'm not saying who we elect as president is not important because it absolutely is.

Super important. But who we elect, the president is not going to fix it. That's right. But he can go along. He can you get Joe Biden talking about career politicians. He's been in Washington, D.C., since he was 28 years old or something. He got elected to the Senate. He's never had a job. Him and Bernie Sanders have never had a job. And I think they all bumped into Fauci on the way into D.C. because he was up there for about 50 years as well.

These are career politicians. The last thing we need, we need serious candidates, which is why Fred von Cannon is here. We've got one more segment. Fred von Cannon dot com is the Web site. Big old section of North Carolina District two, District one.

Congressionally, we'll pick it up there. Welcome back at Steve Noble, the Steve Noble Show. Great to be with you here in the house with Fred von Cannon today, who is officially tonight at Prime Barbecue and Nightdale. So if you're in the Triangle area and first of all, you need to meet Fred. Second of all, if you haven't met me, you need to meet me, but you especially need to meet Fred tonight. Third, and maybe even more important, you've got to have Prime.

I mean, let's just give credit where credit is due. Prime Barbecue and Nightdale's where Fred is doing his official announcement, running for Congress, which is typically District one, which is enormous. It's just like it's like the upper third, upper northeastern quadrant of all of North Carolina, which will be fun. A lot of miles.

I love driving. But man, those are the salt of the earth folks. They're not city folks. They're more rural. And and they you'll run into Democrats out there. You know this already that are like the old school Democrats.

There's Southern Democrats, which means they're really kind of conservatives. But those conversations are great. We're excited about all that. You can still come out and join us at Prime Barbecue this evening around six o'clock in Nightdale.

Fred Von Cannon dot com is the Web site, Fred Von Cannon, V-O-N-C-A-N-O-N, Fred Von Cannon dot com. But we've got to go through a primary. I wish I wish you didn't have to go through a primary. But we go through primaries. I'm a fan of primaries. Me too.

You are. That's why I like the presidential primary. I was like, I want Godzilla and King Kong and all the rest of them. Get Mothra in there. Get them on there. Because that's the way we get to the best candidate. That's right. That's right. Whether it's presidential, gubernatorial, obviously that's going to be a battle. Yeah.

Attorney General. In our state, there's going to be. And with redistricting, you're going to get several districts that are going to flip back. And so the Republican primary will be in some of these districts the race.

There's going to be. That's. We should pay way more attention to primaries than we do.

Oh, man. So many people don't. Turnout's horrible. Yeah. They don't even care about that. No.

They just vote at the general and they vote however somebody tells them. It's part of the problem. It is. They're not.

They don't get engaged. Now, I think, you know, as more and more pain comes from this economy, more and more people hopefully will be paying attention. That might be one of the good side effects of this. But, yeah, I love the primary process.

I love everything about it, honestly. Yeah. I want the best Republican, not just a Republican. Oh, yeah. There's. There's. Oh, my gosh, yes. There's Republicans that we really shouldn't be voting for.

Yeah, that's right. People just having an R by their name isn't enough. They need to be. We need to elect conservatives. We need to elect principled conservatives. True conservatives.

And so that's what our primary process should be about. Conservatives that can win the general. Well, you got a bunch of dirty words at the bottom of your home page, by the way.

What have I got? Well, you have conservative. I mean, like, it's right there in all caps. Like, you're yelling it at me.

Conservative, constitutionalist, Christian. Oh, man, Fred. And then maybe the maybe the pièce de résistance, capitalist as well. I mean, that's just dirty.

Isn't it crazy that in 2023 that we would have to distinguish ourselves as capitalist over socialist? Yeah, it's really amazing. It is. It is amazing.

It's. Did you ever think because you grew up dirt poor? Did you ever think back then one day I'm going to be a successful entrepreneur? You know, I'm going to ask my brother David about this tonight because I think that he would remember this. I think that back a long time ago, and I don't know how he's got a better memory than I do. I think that I talked about it was I don't know where this came from.

I haven't thought about this in years and years until you just asked. But I thought, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to do this. I'm going to work. I'm going to get a business. I'm going to retire. Then I'm going to play on the senior golf tour for a little while. And then I'm going to go to Congress. So maybe I have had it in the back of my head for a long time. You do have one of those names as well, that Von Cannon is just a great name. But growing up poor, serving in the military, becoming a successful entrepreneur.

How does all that show up when Congressman Von Cannon goes to D.C. in January of 2025? You know, I don't claim to be unique in this, but I think I'm relatively unique in that I think that I have as varied and wide a life experiences and relatability to everyone. I am perfectly comfortable talking to the dirt farmer, the livestock farmer, helping pull a calf or bush hog or whatever. I love that. That's comfortable to me. I can have that conversation. I can also turn right around and talk to a Fortune 500 CEO on a several million dollar deal on the company that we own. So I don't have and you know, so I don't just live in one lane.

I'm very comfortable across those. I mean, for the first 20 years, first third of my life, I literally had nothing. And now for the last 10 or so years, we've been very, very, very blessed and then everything in between in the middle. So I think it's, again, not completely unique, but God has blessed me. And I say blessed even though we grew up in a way that I wouldn't wish on anybody.

But I think that in, you know, it's what you do with it. And I feel very blessed. I feel blessed and I've always felt blessed.

I've never felt like a victim. I've always felt like in this country, of all countries, the land of opportunity. I'm living the American dream.

I really am. To go from, you know, again, literally nothing. Having, you know, one pair of clothes to wear to school every day.

And in the winter, we slept in our clothes because it was cold upstairs because we didn't have heat. So like to go from that to now, you know, I've got clothes. Yeah, that's good.

That's it. That's progress. And when you talk to people that are on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale, I can relate. You can relate.

And it's not just a politician. It's not patronizing at all. I've been there. Yeah, I've been there. And there's nothing, by the way, there's I'm not any better than they are now. And they weren't, you know, I mean, people are people and God created us all in his image, fearfully and wonderfully made. Right. And so. So in that regard, I just love people and I don't I see people look down on poor people, look down on people that work with their hands and take a shower after work instead of before work. That's a great point. That's you know, that's I don't understand that, you know, I. Well, they built the roads and they built the houses and they built the fields and they built the infrastructure.

They built the country. Yeah. And yeah, I think especially for younger people, we've lost that appreciation for the trades and for a humble lifestyle. And that's what, you know, in First Timothy Chapter two, pray for those in authority over. So what?

So that you can live a quiet and peaceful life. And man, there's something about that that we're missing. And we've lost this dignity of work. People think work is beneath them and certain things are. No, like just work. Do the work. You know, it'll pay off. Do the work. That's right. And that's that's how I am.

I'm I'm I'm not allergic to work. I let the military teach you. It's funny. We grew up in a very disciplined household, I'll just say. So the discipline was actually kind of funny. And even the physical perspective.

Yeah, the physical part of it. I had no problem with either of those because just the way we grew up. But the first time you'll get a kick out of this. I just we had no culture where I grew. I mean, we just grew up so remote and so poor. The first time I ever in boot camp on Christmas Day, we got about a 15 minute break, you know, and on and everybody got around and they were singing songs and they started singing my girl. I thought, that sounds like a cool song.

I had never heard it in my life. So just like first time I'd ever seen people of different nationalities. And so it was like it was just eye opening.

I think it was more that than then. You know, I think most people when they go to boot camp, it's the discipline and it's the exercise and all that. That for me came easy because of how we grew up.

That was a very cultured place for you. Boot camp. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

So that's amazing. And then and then your faith and we just got about a couple minutes left. Well, I mean, everyone has a religion, even the people that claim not to. Everyone has let me put it different way. Everyone has something or someone that they worship. There's somebody on everybody's throne.

Maybe that's the right to say it. And for me, it is Jesus. It is God. Right. And and that's it.

That's my North Star. That's what guides everything. And for the people that think that, you know, you can't be you shouldn't be a Christian and take your Christianity to to, you know, to the office.

Yeah, that's crazy, because for no other reason, our religion teaches us to, you know, place others above yourself. Right. That's right. Servant leadership. And so that's what we need here.

So, you know, even if if they didn't like the fact that I was a Christian, they should like that part. Right. And so so that's it. That's what guides us. That's what, you know, that, you know, Anita and I are very equally yoked there.

Christopher and I at the restaurant like, you know, it's that's that's how I think that we're supposed to be. And well, we live in a world of shifting North Stars, North Stars come and they go. This one doesn't show. This one doesn't shift. And God's way works every time it's tried.

Not always immediately, but it works every time it's tried. And for us, whether we're talking about running a business, me as a teacher, you as a congressman, we look at people and value them with an inestimable value. And that drives how we interact with everybody. I don't see you as Republican, Democrat, rich, poor, black, white, whatever. I see you as somebody made in the image of God that has an inestimable worth and that drives everything. That's it. Well, I want to flip it and ask you one.

So this school choice is obviously part of the solution on education. What do you how's how's Noble You going? Noble You is going great. We're already passed registrations from last year. So I had 160 last year. We're at 170 right now. And it's only the beginning of June. So I'm praying for more than 200. It's actually turning into a school in and of itself.

But it's great. And that's what we need. We need we need that's right. People learn differently when competing. We need the marketplace to get involved.

If the marketplace got involved in education and health care, those two could be fixed overnight. Oh, sure. But the fact that the government is doing everything, the more the government gets out of anything.

Thank you. Those two in particular. That's right. The more the government gets out and and lets people compete, the more that we're going to have good. Well, it's conservatives back to our Christian values. We actually believe in people. We don't believe in power, higher power, but not power power.

We believe in people and to unleash the reality of what God has placed in every single individual made in his image is what's best for the country. And I know that's what you're all about. Fred Von Cannon, always great to have you in. We will pray for you. We'll support you. We'll volunteer. People can get involved. It's District one.

We'll see what number it has in about six or eight months. A huge part of northeastern North Carolina. So odds are a lot of you listening are a part of Fred's district. Fred Von Cannon dot com is the Web site.

Fred Von Cannon dot com. You can still come join us this evening. Tonight at Prime Barbecue and Nightdale starting around six o'clock. Fred, always great to have you in. We'll do it again.

All you have to do is ask. All right. So remember that. You're welcome. This is Steve Noble on The Steve Noble Show. God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon. And like my dad always used to say, ever forward. Another program powered by the Truth Network.
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