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Is Trump a Crybaby?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 31, 2023 2:23 pm

Is Trump a Crybaby?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 31, 2023 2:23 pm

Is Trump a Crybaby?

Steve talks about Trump lashing out at one of his best supporters for posting something on Twitter. Why is he a whiner?

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at And now, here's your host, Steve Noble. Well, well, well, is the former president of the United States a big crybaby?

I think so. And then, hey, news flash, everybody. News flash for everybody. I, Steve Noble, your friend, I am a closeted Democrat, at least according to Denise on Facebook, when I posted earlier today about Trump ripping into Kayleigh McEnany, who was an unbelievable defender of his, especially when she was the White House press secretary in 2019 and 2020. I mean, she drove the left nuts and she defended Trump incessantly. I mean, she was right at the front of the line in defending Donald Trump and whatever, and defending against the attacks of the press. I mean, she was embattled every day against the liberal media out there in DC. And then she cites a poll that may or may not have been correct.

That's unclear right now. And then Trump just absolutely dumps on her because loyalty only goes one way with Donald Trump, unless perhaps your last name is Trump. But for everybody else, like that's his thing with Ron DeSantis, who he calls Rob DeSanctimonious, right? Trump jumped in, arguably helped, made it possible for DeSantis to win in 2016. And then DeSantis won all on his own and by huge margins four years later as the governor of Florida. But Trump looks back on DeSantis' win. He came from behind. The Trump endorsement was a big deal, was able to get DeSantis elected in Florida.

The rest of it, he won on his own and he earned it on his own. But Trump now, when DeSantis was talking about running, and then, of course, when he came out officially a week ago to say he's running for the presidency for the Republican primary, for Trump, that's disloyalty, disloyalty, disloyalty. I gave you your job. Now you're going to turn around and run against me? Get over it, Donald.

This is like somebody that worked for you in the real estate world, starts their own real estate company. Okay, that's competition, broski. That's America.

And if you can't handle it, what a baby. That drives me nuts, by the way, about Donald Trump. So I posted this truth social post from Trump about Kayleigh McEnany. All right, you know who Kayleigh McEnany is, okay, right?

She's on Fox and she was his press secretary, just an incredible defender of all things Trump there while she worked for him. Kayleigh, he calls her milk toast McEnany because loyalty only goes one way with Donald Trump, apparently. Kayleigh milk toast McEnany just gave out the wrong poll numbers on Fox News. I'm 34 points up on to sanctimonious, not 25 up talking about Iowa.

While 25 is great, it's not 34. She knew the number was corrected upwards by the group that did the poll. Really? You can read her mind now. The rhinos and globalists can have her. Fox News should only use real all caps stars. Donald J. Trump.

Kayleigh milk toast McEnany. The rhinos and globalists can have her. Fox News should only use real stars. So I posted that and said Trump's demand for loyalty only goes one way. McEnany has been a champion and defender of Trump for years and served as his effective press secretary and he slams her? What a petulant child Trump can be. It's pathetic.

That's what I posted. And then some lady named Denise said, Noble, you're a closet Democrat. If that's all you got for news, then go hang out with the Dems. Sorry if I stepped on your MAGA hat there, Denise.

And then earlier today, I was listening to Buck Sexton and Clay Travis. You know, they took over for Rush Limbaugh. And they went off a bit for those guys on Trump, because they're willing to swing the axe in whatever direction it needs to be swung in just to go after things they think they need to go after, which I appreciate about them. They've had Trump on the show.

They're vocal supporters of Trump's presidency, as I have been. There's a lot of things about Trump I've defended and I like. There's other things about Trump I can't stand. I definitely have a lot of Trump fatigue at this point. If it comes down to it, I voted for him twice.

I'll vote for him a third time if it's him versus Sleepy Joe or whatever happens. But that doesn't mean you can't criticize the guy. And when he turns his back and turns around on somebody like Kaylee McEnany and then says the rhinos and globalists can have her, Fox News should only use real stars. That, that quite frankly disgusts me. He's like a petulant little kid. I thought he was a petulant little kid when it came to DeSantis. Oh, that's so disloyal.

Right. So should he have signed a non-compete clause with you, Mr. President? Hey, I helped you get elected, so therefore you can't challenge me on anything for the rest of our political careers. Oh, grow up.

Where do you, what do you think this is? Are you Richie Rich? Can't handle a little competition? I mean, we'll see if DeSantis, what DeSantis is capable of. Okay. He's been a great governor. I don't know that he could be a great president.

We'll find out, let these guys go at it. But on the McEnany thing, that just disgusts me. So my question is, how do you feel about it? Now, if, if, if you're a huge Trump supporter and you hate me right now, feel free to call in and just rip into me. It's fine. I won't stop you.

Go ahead. If you want to defend this, go ahead, go ahead and call in and defend Donald Trump, turning his back and attacking somebody that was incredibly loyal to him while he was the president, Kayleigh McEnany. Now he calls her milk toast and says Fox had only used real stars.

866-348-7884. Or to broaden the question, how do you feel about just Trump acting this way in general? Are you kind of over it? Do you have Trump fatigue or are you like Kayleigh's a turncoat, she's a dirtbag and the, and the, and, and president Trump was right to throw her under the bus because she got a poll number wrong, apparently. And of course his assumption is that all of Fox is, is in the, is in the tank for DeSantis and against Trump. Now, Clay Travis, who, who works for Fox and Fox, I think bought his online business, said they had this wild caller from North Carolina. I think his name was Jake.

He's from Wake Forest, which is North of where I'm at in Raleigh. And he went ballistic. You guys are propagandist.

You're in the tank like Fox for DeSantis. And the guy was losing his mind and they, and they gave him room to talk. And the more he talked, the more confusing it was, but essentially, uh, you can't say anything negative about Trump to somebody like that, who I'm sure he's got, maybe has a Trump flag flying off the back of his boat and a MAGA hat on or five or 10 or whatever he's got.

So, so Donald Trump, who in many ways was a great president is beyond, is beyond criticism. Not in this country, baby, not on this show. How do you feel about that? 866-348-7884, 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH. This is Steve Noble. We'll be right back.

Welcome back to Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show. Donald Trump jumping on Kaylee McEnany, who was one of his staunchest supporters, calling her milk toast McEnany. Kaylee milk toast McEnany because she, according to Trump, gave out the wrong poll numbers about Iowa. He said, I'm on 34 points up on DeSantis. It's not 24, not 25.

It's great. It's not 34. She knew the number was corrected upwards by the group that did the poll, right? She did.

You know that? The rhinos and globalists can have her. Fox News should only use real stars. This is somebody that had, for the most part, undying loyalty to Trump for a few years, and was his White House press secretary. And now throw her right under the bus there, Mr. President.

866-348-7884. How do you feel about Trump doing something like this with Kaylee McEnany, one of his closest supporters and advisors? She was an advisor as well. She deserved it. She's a loser. Trump needs to pound everybody. Or are you getting a little sick of this aspect of Donald Trump? 866-348-7884 or 866-34. Truth.

Maybe you're incensed that I'm criticizing the former president. And that's fine. You want to read me the right act?

866-348-7884. Welcome to America. That's the way it goes.

Nobody's beyond criticism. Let's go to Matt, who's calling in. Matt, thanks so much for calling today. Go right ahead.

Yes, Steve. Thanks for taking my call. Appreciate it.

You're welcome. Sure. Yeah, it's all right. The question was, what do I think? I think it's totally in concert with Trump's character over the past six years. And I think it's, I mean, your audience is mostly Orthodox Christ followers. And so Kaylee McEnany was one of the most prominent evangelical Christians in Trump's camp. And even she has, you know, the mask is starting to come off a little bit, where when people accuse the Republican Party of being a cult of personality, this is kind of what they're talking about, where principles and ideals are set aside because it's intellectually easier to follow a man and just parrot whatever he says and champion him no matter what, instead of wrestling with implications of what he's calling you to follow and to champion and to be for. And I think Kaylee McEnany is just the latest victim in that steamroller.

Yeah. And, you know, it's just like with DeSantis. Now, DeSantis wasn't in Trump's inner circle. Obviously, Trump helped him get elected in the first place.

DeSantis won the second one all by himself. But that's disloyalty. And it sure seems like loyalty for Trump is just about loyalty to Trump. It's not about loyalty in general. It's just all about him. And then when you when you touch that sacred cow for hardcore MAGA people, man, they go ballistic, which to me always just makes me think of idolatry.

You mess with somebody's idol and they tend to go nutso. Yeah, I was already a little bit uneasy with Christ follower sort of equating Christianity with the Republican Party, almost like as a new Galatian heresy, like instead of circumcision being the extra proof of your faith. It's that, OK, yes, it's good that you profess Christ, but do you also vote are when November comes along? And it's gone like a whole step further where it's not even good enough to say I'm a card carrying member of the Republican Party. It's are you pro Trump?

No matter what he says, no matter what he does, are you going to ride or die for Trump? And that's because like I'm I'm concerned from brothers and sisters in Christ who are going to this place of holding up banners that that spell out ideas that are very contrary to Christ, because now they'll share the bed, so to speak, with people who are about atheists and deny the divinity of Christ, but because they are pro Trump or aligning with them. And that's I feel like that has to be the clarion call of church leaders to throw a big red caution flag to the church. Yeah, I saw a picture. I think I was with my wife the other day and we saw a picture. I don't know if it was online or where we saw it. And it was the picture of kind of this classic picture of Jesus with kind of a soft focus.

But he had a MAGA hat on and somebody that was a flag that somebody was waving. And I look at that and went, OK, good luck with that judgment seat, because that's nuts to equate those two is just beyond the pale. Matt, thanks so much for calling in, man. I appreciate it. Thank you, Steve. Thanks. Thanks. You're welcome. Take care.

866-348-7884. How do you respond to Donald Trump attacking one of his own? This is different from DeSantis because Katie McEnany was on the inside circle, was his press secretary and a staunch defender of him and did an awesome job of that. She was an incredible press secretary. You remember those days, man? That was war every day. And she did a great job.

And then boom, she's milquetoast to him and not a real star. 866-348-7884, 866-348-7884 or 866-34 Truth. What do you think about Trump? Is he losing you over all this kind of stuff, this petulant activity, as I call it? Or are you going to defend him on it?

And Katie McEnany is, you know, just a dirt bag and she deserved it. 866-34 Truth. Let's go to Bill. He's calling in from North Carolina. Bill, thanks for calling.

Go ahead. Hello, Mr. Noble. How are you, sir? Good, man. How are you? I'm doing well. Thank you.

I really enjoy your show. So in answer to your question, you know, I never liked Donald Trump way back from the TV show days, but in my humble opinion, he's the best president we've ever had in the country. Now, the stuff that he says, the way that he is, he's not dignified, that probably cost the last election.

I don't even think they could have stolen it had he not been such a a-hole, right? So as a believer, I don't see, for starters, under the last gentleman who was talking about Republican and Democrat, as a believer in Christ, I don't see any way you could ever vote for a Democrat because of what they stand on, you know, baby murder, homosexual stuff, and now this gender confusion stuff, which comes from the author of confusion. So the Donald handled business. Now, on the flip side, Mr. DeSantis, being a former military man, what a little bit I've read about him, it seems that he kind of looks at stuff from, it's like a mission-type standpoint. So he sees what he's trying to accomplish, and he does the necessary things to achieve the objective, and I like that about him a lot. So, you know, Donald's always been a big baby, like you said, a pencil and a child, but he handled business.

Now maybe it's time for new blood. As you said, if he wins the primary, I will vote for him. I would vote for a Republican pile of cat poo-poo before I'd ever vote for a Democrat.

I mean, simply because, and I had this discussion with Matt Slick one time, how can you say that your Bible believe in human being and vote for a Democrat? It just doesn't line up any way, shape, or form. Yeah, and that's one of the big issues that are out there, Bill.

Thanks so much for calling in and sharing that. That's one of the big issues out there. That's not a hill I die on. I am deeply troubled by somebody that professes Christ, professes to believe his word, and then can throw a vote into the camp of the party that's been the number one defender of child sacrifice since 1973. I don't get that.

I don't understand it. But who you vote for is not salvific. Okay, so if you're a born-again Christian and you vote for Joe Biden, you didn't just cast your salvation into the depths of the sea. That has nothing to do with salvation. Now, well, how can you possibly do that to scripture so clear on the issue of abortion being murder or homosexuality or transgenderism, all these things that the Democrat Party champions? Correct. But how much theology do you have to have right in order to be saved?

Don't forget that question. How much theology do you have to have right in order to be saved? Now, if somebody just flaunts the word of God all the time, they're like, yeah, I know what the Bible says about abortion. I just don't care.

Or the other issues are more important to me. Okay, well, if you're that flirtatious with the application of scripture, I'm waving the yellow flag and saying, hey, brother, hey, sister, you better check yourself. Because it sounds to me like you might have trouble submitting yourself to God's word. None of us follows it completely. But if you're a follower of Christ, you should understand it and agree with it.

Does that make a point? We'll be right back. Welcome back to Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show.

We've got time for a few more calls. If you want to chime in, you can bring the music down, please. Kaylee McEnany, who now is perfect. Thank you. Who now is milquetoast to Donald Trump because she cited a poll wrong or something. She was on Jesse Watters and she cited a poll that showed Trump up 25 in Iowa. He said, no, no, no, I'm up 34.

So this is what Trump put out on True Social. Kaylee milquetoast McEnany, which is misspelled, just gave out the wrong poll numbers on Fox News. I am 34 points up on DeSanctimonious, not 25 up. And even that, I'm so over the name calling. I am 34 points up on DeSanctimonious, not 25 up while 25 is great.

It's not 34. She knew the number was corrected upwards by the group that did the poll. The rhinos and globalists can have her. Fox News should only use real stars, meaning Kaylee McEnany, who used to work for the guy and was one of his strongest defenders, is not a real star, which is ridiculous. And so, and so that's Donald Trump. So you're that? You're that? What is that? Is that an insecurity? Is that what that is? Is that an insecurity?

What is that? It's loyalty, Steve. Really?

That's loyalty? How about you text her and say, hey, Kaylee, I think your numbers are wrong. You might want to check that out.

Hope you're doing well. DJT. He knows her like that. She works for him. No, you go to True Social and you complain and call her names, right? You don't think he could just text her? Hey, Kaylee might want to check her numbers there, friend.

Hope you're well. But no, crybaby Trump, and that's what I'm calling him, has to just come out swinging. You can't deprive me of my nine points in a poll. How offensive, how unforgivable. So throw her under the bus. What do you think of that?

You know what I think. 866-348-7884 is the number. 866-348-7884. Feel free to call in and correct me. That's fine. That's fine. I'm not going to yell at you. I'm not going to call you names.

Not going to make up a name for you on the spot. I'm just going to listen. Okay.

I might have a point or counterpoint. Don't ever be afraid to call in here. I'm not interested in beating anybody up on the air. 866-348-7884.

866-348-7884 or 866-34 Truth. And if the former president, who I've only talked to once, interviewed once, if he called in, I'd talk to him. I'd say, yeah, well, Mr. President, why did you feel the need to attack her publicly like that? Why didn't you just text her? Wasn't she one of your staunch defenders for several years? And now you come out and call our names in public?

I just don't understand that, Mr. President. Why do you do that? I would say that. Let's go to Jamel, who's calling in from North Carolina. Thanks so much for calling.

Go right ahead. It's Jamal. Jamal. I'm sorry. Sorry about that. Thanks for calling. I'm not a problem.

This is the guy that was hounding you so bad at your booth. Hey, Jamal. How are you, man? It's nice to hear you.

It was even better to see you and finally meet you. Thanks for going out of your way to do that. Oh, no.

The play's all mine. Now, I'm so glad that you're not afraid to, you know, go after Trump for when he makes mistakes. The guy's not God, to quote one of my good friends, Bill Mixon, who also is with Truth Network. And we got to stop doing that. There's only one perfect being.

That was Jesus Christ. Everybody else is a fallen being. So when Trump messes up, he's got to get called on it. Yes, he's had some great policies. You know, that's hard to debate. But when you can't play well with others, so to speak, you're the top dog of the free world.

I mean, that means something. How many times was his cabinet shaken up? And when you go after Ron DeSantis so early, and then you go after McConnell, it's kind of like, well, guy, Mr. President, how can you work well with others? Because you're going to have to work with others to run the government. Yeah. And the other thing that's going on here, I think is, and now listen, when he was the president, when he ran for president, there is a certain need to be, quote unquote, tone deaf, and not affected by your naysayers.

I get that. But now coming back around, you would think after the last six, seven years that he would have learned a thing or two, that he knows that Republicans are going to vote for him if he wins the nomination. They're going to vote for him because they want Biden out of there. But he's giving no attention or no thought whatsoever to the people in the middle, who are absolutely turned off by this kind of behavior of his, and he can't win without them. And so then, are you so tone deaf that you won't even pay attention to the electorate, who will either give you the job or keep you from getting the job a second time? And the fact that his ego, I think that's what it is, makes it impossible for him to listen.

And that's going to cost you. That's why I think DeSantis would actually have a better chance of winning a general election than Trump, just because of all that type of personal baggage that goes with Trump. But to your point, Jamal, from the get-go, the guy is not beyond criticism. And that's the point of a primary. Put everybody in the fire and see who handles it. Yeah.

I mean, if you're sitting around and taking out everybody in your camp, you look around and you're standing by yourself. And I heard — hello? Yeah, I'm still here. I'm sorry, I had a little feedback. Yeah, I heard it too. I don't know what that was. Okay.

I repeat that name to Jesus. So when you are taking out everybody in your camp and you stand around and you're by yourself, I mean, that's what's happening. I heard some conservative, I guess, social YouTubers, social media pundits, they're saying that they have Trump fatigued. Like, you know, I'm for you, but you're making it tough. You're making it hard on me. So if you're conservative, social media influencers are having fatigued.

Imagine how everybody else is fatigued. That's right. You got a guy in DeSantis who has pretty much no baggage, but has good policies, governs well, has liberals moving from California to Florida, is doing well, gets a woke mob and doing well financially.

DeSantis is looking pretty good. And we all know they can't pay attention to the polls. Right.

That's right. Too early. If it was an absolute pick right now for most conservatives, I'm thinking that the polls got it wrong. I'm thinking guys are going with DeSantis. I know I'm leaning towards DeSantis.

However, if it was Trump right now who had the nominee, like the early caller said, I'd vote for a can of paint. That's right. And that's the reality. And I think he knows that.

He's counting on that, but he's disregarding the middle, which is where it's going to be won in the end. So that's, it's a lot of great points. And as always, thanks for calling in, buddy. It was great to hear from you and so great to meet you face to face the other day.

Thanks for coming over. Yes, sir. God bless. All right, pal.

God bless. Talk to you later. Let's jump over to Marie is calling in also from North Carolina. Marie, thanks for holding. Go right ahead. Hi, Steve. Thanks for taking my call.

Yes, ma'am. I'm in my 70s. I've lived through a lot of presidential campaigns.

Lived through the 60s when all that stuff was going on. But, you know, I, in the beginning, was not a huge fan of Trump. I liked what he did for our country. I think he was a good president. But, you know, I'm not sure who I'm going to vote for this time, as far as he or DeSantis are concerned. I'm kind of playing it by ear at this point, see what happens. But, and I will vote for Trump again, if it's necessary, because I think he did.

Yeah. I want to know what you're going to do for America. I don't want to hear all this junk. I don't want to hear the name calling. I don't want to hear any of that.

I never liked that to begin with. I know Trump got a bad deal from just about everybody out there. Agree. And, you know, I think that has probably affected him to a great deal when you go through what he went through. I can understand his lashing out. But, at the same time, you know, you've got to be bigger than that. I think God expects us to be bigger than that. And I just pray for him. I hope he gets over this and can just think about what our country needs and what we need as Americans today. Great points.

I'm discouraged. And I do love Kayleigh McEnany. I always thought she was fantastic. I loved watching her. She was so confident and prepared.

And she knew what she was doing. And, you know, I've kind of burnt out with Fox myself, but not because of her. Yeah.

No, I hear you. And that's a great point. And she was amazing, especially if you compare.

There is no comparison between Kayleigh McEnany and Jean-Claude, whatever her name is, who's the press secretary right now, who's the least qualified press secretary probably in modern history. But a lot of great points, Marie. And I agree with you on all of them. And that was a great point about Trump. He got beat up so much. I understand the lashing out.

But if you want to be the president of the United States, you kind of need to have some self-control. Marie, thanks for calling. Yeah, I'm with you. Thanks so much. Have a great afternoon. You too. Bye-bye.

Thanks. Bye-bye. And those are great points. And yes, absolutely. Well, could any of us handle that?

Probably not. But just because you get attacked all the time, I mean, he's been there, done that, right? But to not see how that harms him come general election time, it's just ignorance blinded by his ego. That's what I think. I think his ego runs the show.

And anybody comes against him, that's personal for him. Sad. We'll be right back with David Fisher. Oh, my people recognize that song. Oh, that's Children of the 80s. Born in 1966.

You're like, oh, I know that song. That's right. Hey, back tomorrow. Theology Thursday.

You can bring that down. Theology Thursday will do part two. Thank you. We did part one last week with Dr. Stuart Scott from Bob Jones University.

It was a great show. We pre-recorded it last Wednesday, because I was out of town on Thursday, about God's will and decision-making. We did a lot of things that go wrong when we're trying to figure out God's will for our lives, and does He have a specific plan for you?

And how do you find it? All that kind of stuff. So we're going to do part two tomorrow. We're going to finish up our conversation about what not to do. And then we're going to talk about how do you make decisions and try to live according to God's will?

What's the deal with that? So we're going to do that tomorrow on Theology Thursday. Then a special guest on Friday, our oldest, Hayden, who is the one that moved out to San Francisco. He got married to his incredible wife recently, Macy. And we're going to do a show here together on Friday, just life for a Christian in San Francisco should be fascinating.

He's a brilliant young man, loves the Lord, got a great theological mind, but life in San Francisco, where you can't vote and operate like you can as a Christian in a lot of other parts of the country. So we're going to do that on Friday, which will be fascinating. And we'll be excited. I'll be excited to have Hayden back in there.

He hasn't been on in a few years since he left. So we'll do that on Friday. But right now, our good friend David Fisher, we're doing a Money Monday update on a Wednesday. We move it around every once in a while. David, that's all right, we're flexible.

How are you? That's right. We know the Lord's still the same yesterday and today and forever.

We can move our schedule, and I think He's still on the throne with all that. Pretty sure I can say amen to that. So it's good to hear from you.

Thanks for calling in. We'll start with a great passage of Scripture. This is a great reminder for all of us in 1 Corinthians, and then we'll move into our update. So 1 Corinthians 16 verse 13 says, Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong. So I'm going to assume that it's going to be a fantastic interview with your son on Friday, because what he faces is probably a lot different than us having to stand firm in our faith, because we don't live in San Francisco, but the arrows are thrown at us. The Bible says we will be persecuted for our faith, and we find that out in so many different ways.

Your wheelhouse is much broader than mine. You see a lot of the social things, and I read some articles in the financial news that links to other social things that are happening, where there's the fall of our society, and how they're trying to induce, you know, gender equality in schools, and you know what I'm talking about with that, and sex education. It's all just defiled, everything that is good and honorable to the Lord.

They're just changing it. It's unfortunately happening in our government right now as we speak, with this debt ceiling. So I want to encourage everybody, you know, just when we witness to people, and we need to encourage them, share it out of love, but stand firm in your faith, stand firm, be courageous, be strong, and share it with lots of love, because love is the most powerful tool that can change a person's heart. That's right, and it reminds me of God's—what eventually leads us to the cross, what eventually leads us to repentance?

It's the kindness of God. The conviction of sin is there, but it's the kindness of God in light of our sin that makes it irresistible once you get to that point, and it's such a beautiful reminder to be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong, and don't think that—we should never think that we're on our heels as Christians. You're not on your heels.

You're not in a defensive position. We are in the position of truth, and we are more than conquerors. God is on the throne.

This is a done deal. It's just a mop-up operation, and we wait, and we pray, and we live out our faith in the meantime. So don't—I think a lot of Christians, unfortunately, David, have an inferiority complex, and we shouldn't.

The world is wrong, and if you're right with Christ, He's right, which makes you right. So just remember that. The FDIC and Silicon Valley Bank—I thought we were done talking about Silicon Valley Bank, but there's an update there, so let us know what's happening. And I thought we were too, until I found the report here. So sometimes when you find more information, you have to look in the rear-view mirror after the fact, and that's what I did.

I wasn't looking for it. It just came across my research, and, you know, the FDIC came over and took over Silicon Valley Bank on March 10th, and they made a very strong, definitive affirmation. If your money is in Silicon Valley Bank, your money's going to be good. All your money's going to be there on Monday. That was the announcement.

They made it clear over and over and over. Well, after the fact, I found out that statement wasn't really fully accurate, because there's two divisions to Silicon Valley Bank. The bank is based out of California, and they have lots of branches. And then they have another division, that most people probably weren't aware of this, in the Cayman Islands. And in the Cayman Islands, most of those deposits, not all of them, are Chinese investment firms, multiple of them. And not one penny did they get back from those deposits, and this amounted to $14 billion that the FDIC seized in foreign deposits from Silicon Valley Bank in the Cayman Islands. So just be careful in believing that our banking system is fully funded, everything's okay, and you're always going to get your money back, because they just moved the goalposts on us, we found out.

Yeah, that's pretty amazing. And as a little side note, you know, I think the Biden family has a pretty good track record of getting money out of China, so maybe that's just part of the deal here. Now, you mentioned the debt ceiling deal. So what's going on with that?

Give us your take on that one. Well, they just just made the news right now that the lawmakers did a procedural hurdle that it was passed, which will advance this debt ceiling to be actually voted on. There was a rule within the House passed 241 to 187. So this is going to allow now the House to vote on the debt ceiling. So in other words, there's no more trying to stop this from a vote.

There's no more side issues. It's just going to vote on it. If it passes the House, then it's going to go to the Senate. We're assuming it's going to pass the Senate. If it passes the Senate and the House, then it's going to go to President Biden. He'll sign into the law, and we'll have a day of relief here, and we won't be talking about a default no longer on June 5th.

Yeah. So will that get us past the uncertainty? And then how do you think the stock market and the metals market will react to that? Well, metals are up. Stocks are down.

Not all of it's related to the debt ceiling, but some of it is because there's uncertainty, and the market doesn't like uncertainty in stocks, and that's why metals are kind of the place where people have been moving money towards. We'll do a look back. We'll talk about it.

In fact, on next Monday, we'll talk about all the details that's in the bill, if you want, or if you want to mention it today. My point is this. We're not fixing this problem, because let's put this into perspective. If we weren't raising the debt ceiling, there'd be no reason to raise it. In other words, if we had our debt under control and we didn't overspend, there would be no reason to raise the debt ceiling.

So that's how simple this is. We have $31.4 trillion in debt, plus probably close to a trillion dollars that they're going to add as soon as they raise this. Let's put this into perspective. The last two and a half years of President Trump's administration and the first two and a half years of the Biden administration, that five-year period, $10.5 trillion was added to the national debt, or it increased by 50%.

That's a big number that is really hard to fathom. We've been around for how many hundreds of years, and we increased the debt in a five-year period by 50%. That should tell us alarm.

Signals are going off. We're spending way too much money. This deal, if they pass the House today, it's only going to pull back, according to Goldman Sachs, 0.1 to possibly 0.2% less spending.

0.1 to 0.2%. Yes, that's what Goldman Sachs says. I have the article.

I can send it to you. The Congressional Budget Office says we're going to lower spending $1.5 trillion over 10 years. Over 10 years. This article I'm reading from says it's really $136 billion when you get down to it, because after the second year, they spend more. Some of the legislation of the Republican Congress are got tons of quotes where they're saying this is not a reduction of spending. We're actually going to spend more. In fact, one of your Republicans out of North Carolina is saying that a gentleman by the name... Is it Patrick McHenry or is it Dan Bishop? Dan Bishop, yep. He's going to formally initiate the process and a motion to vacate to be done with this.

I don't know if he was able to do that or still in the making. It doesn't seem like it, but there's a lot of people opposing against this, and it's just a massive spending bill still is intact, and it's just never addressed the issues that we were negotiating on originally with Kevin McCarthy. That's why I always smirk when I hear news and they're like, hey, we're going to slash the budget by $1.5 trillion over 10 years. I'm like, even if you do, that's $150 billion a year.

We spend $16 billion per day. It's not even a week and a half. So it's a joke. A lot of people hear it and go, oh, I guess they're getting serious. No, they're not. No, they're not. It's like you've got a hundred dollars in your wallet and you misplaced a quarter.

Is that a big deal? No, it isn't. So don't be fooled.

That's why you have to understand the difference between a billion and a trillion, because that's where we're at today. People want to get more educated, especially understanding the place of gold in a diversified portfolio. David, what do they do? Simple. Just give us a call. 844-604-2575.

Again, 844-604-2575 or our website, Excellent. Well, we'll do a full Money Monday next Monday, the beginning of the month. So we'll do a full day on Monday with you, David.

Look forward to that. Thank you, my friend. God bless you. God bless you. All right, pal. We'll talk soon. That was David Fisher, 844-604-2575 or for his information. And it's nice to have some investments that you can actually hold in your hand. This is Steve Noble on The Steve Noble Show. God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon. And like my dad always used to say, Ever Forward.
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