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Snarky Friday!

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May 12, 2023 11:12 pm

Snarky Friday!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 12, 2023 11:12 pm

Snarky Friday!

Steve talks about contacting your legislators in NC to vote for the limiting of abortion. He takes a call from Tami Fitzgerald about this.

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at Truth Network. And now, here's your host Steve Noble. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve.

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Steve. Well, you can go to our website,, and we have a petition that is just a couple of clicks away from sending an email to your legislator. So you can make one or two clicks, and the email will go to your legislator supporting the bill.

You can also call your legislator's office. That's always a good thing to do. Or come down in person. You know, come down, they're usually there on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. And I know they would love to hear from you. They'd love to see you there. They would love to see you in the gallery while they're voting on the veto override.

And we expect that to be sometime this week, probably Tuesday. Yeah. Got it.

So a lot of great options there, Tammy, thank you, as always, for your work down there and across the state. Thank you for your stand for life and for the Lord. I always appreciate you and thank the Lord for you.

Thanks so much for calling in. Thank you, Steve. I appreciate and love you, too. Amen.

Right there with you. Thanks, sis. Have a great weekend. That was Tammy Fitzgerald,, where you can drill down. It doesn't take much on their website. So you've got the automatic reply option there to send a note to your legislator.

Plus, on their website, you can find your legislators. And then tomorrow at 10 a.m. start at 930 downtown at the legislature, you'll be able to tell just by the signs which crowd is for killing babies and which crowd is for saving them. I'll actually be with Love Life at a local abortion clinic tomorrow morning from 9 to 11 with a bunch of my students.

It's there a little extra credit opportunity for them. But more than that, we're going to be standing for life at the same time. Make sure you pray into this.

Make sure you contact your legislator. We'll be right back. Me snapping my fingers, trying to pull myself out of the doldrums. God is on the throne. Steve, remember that it's like the little engine that could I think I can.

I think I can. God still rules the universe with his feet up. God still rules the universe with his feet up. Praise the Lord. Let's not sell our joy down the river for a bowl of stew by thinking that all there is is the news of the day and the increasing trouble that the United States of America is facing and choosing in many ways for itself. Welcome back.

This is Steve Noble on The Steve Noble Show. Okay, the southern border. I got a bunch of things I want to go through here.

Okay, I pulled up a list, just so you know. So the Biden administration will openly admit, yeah, in the last 12 months, yeah, it's probably about 2 million people that have come across. 2 million. But that's the government number.

You start looking elsewhere and gathering information from other sources and you could push all the way up to 4 million with all the Godaways and the people that come across that they didn't even catch, couldn't even count for him in the first place. So 2 million on the low end, 4 million on the high end per year. So let's look at that number in terms of cities in America. These are the biggest cities in America, the population of the city itself. So L.A., population 4 million. That's just L.A. It's not L.A. County or everything including the L.A. market.

That's much bigger. But L.A., the city, the biggest single city in America is New York City. That's 8.6 million. So we could recreate a New York City with illegal immigration in two to three years. Is that an issue for the American people when some percentage of the people coming in are not good people?

And the child sex trafficking, the sex trafficking, the trafficking, human trafficking, fentanyl, all the other things that come along with that big tsunami. So at the rate we're going right now, thanks to the Biden administration, that's repopulating New York City with illegal immigrants every two years, 8.6 million. Or L.A. itself every year, 4 million. And that's the high end of the estimate, 4 million. Low ends, 2 million.

Let's go 3 million. OK, so L.A., you could repopulate L.A. with illegal immigrants in about a year and a third. Chicago, bada bing, 2.6 million.

Do that in a year. Houston, Texas, 2.3 million. That's a year of illegal immigrants. So we can just kick everybody out, kick all the citizens out of Chicago, send one year's worth up there. And Houston, much closer, they don't have to travel very far, that's nice.

Houston, Texas, 2.3 million. Just put them there. And then Arizona, just book them off to the west a little bit. 1.7 million is the current population of Phoenix.

So you can put them over there. It's a little crowded, so you're going to have to spread them out a little bit. Philadelphia, sorry guys, 1.5 million. And we're going to send 3 million your way, so that's going to overrun Philadelphia. San Antonio, 1.5 million. San Diego, 1.4 million. Dallas, 1.4 million. San Jose, California, a million. And like, poor Raleigh.

Oh my goodness, that would be bad. Because you start looking at who's going to get completely overrun. Like Oklahoma City, 697,000.

Well, that's easy. That's about, you know, two months of illegal immigration. We'll repopulate that. And just imagine the Democrat Party, hopefully it's not every member of the Democrat Party, but it's a lot of members of the Democrat Party. Just imagine if they thought, wow, what if we could repopulate all these cities and all these areas with illegal immigrants, then we make them legal, then most of them are going to vote for us because we've been taking care of them ever since we got here. We let them in, we gave them a phone, we gave them a little money, we gave them transportation, we get them into the city, we tell them, hey, come back in two or three years for your court case, and cool.

It's all good, right? This was on Border crossers seeking asylum given court date to appear as far off as 2027. Hey, come back in four years. C. Gracias. Gone. See you later. This is a nightmare of epic proportions and not my primary interest.

Let me bring my allegiance to Christ and his word and his truth in here. My primary problem with our almost non-existent border policy is not primarily the national sovereignty of this country. It's not primarily the drain on resources. It's not primarily the certain percentage of folks coming across the southern border who are, some of them are flat out terrorists. We learned that. I think they caught like 30 people from the terror watch list in January. And those are just the ones they caught. So you got terrorists, you got drug dealers, you got drug trafficking people, you got convicted criminals, and they're coming across. The vast majority of the people coming across the southern border are not like that. And that's not even my number one concern. My number one concern actually starts with one inch on the southern side of our border and then continuing down about 1,200 miles to the Darien Pass.

I can't remember what it's called. And all the trafficking and human trafficking and use and abuse, including sexual abuse of children, it's human carnage. It's a humanitarian crisis 1,200 miles down the road, which the Biden administration and the Democrat Party in general are responsible for. They've baited the trap. Peanut butter, cheese, whatever you want to put on the trap for mice, right?

And so you put something on the trap to attract the mouse and then they trigger the trap and the metal piece comes down on the mouse's neck and cracks its neck and it's dead. So the southern border being open, being lax, just come in, claim asylum, we'll give you a court date, two, three, four years from now. Go get them, Tiger. And we'll see you in a few years. And you come to America, the land of the free and the brave and opportunities and all that kind of stuff. And we're going to give you a phone. We're going to take good care of you. You get into the school system.

Man, it's awesome. And that's the bait. And so they risk their lives. They risk the lives of children.

A lot of them risk the lives of other people's children. But who put the peanut butter or the cheese on the trap? That would be the Democrat Party. All right. So that's just the reality of it.

Sad but true. Here we go. Biden to mass release illegal immigrants onto American streets. The Biden administration plans to release countless illegal immigrants, potentially hundreds of thousands of individuals into American communities as Title 42 ends Thursday last night at midnight, 1201. And the U.S.-Mexico border becomes completely overwhelmed. It was 10,000 a day the last three days. It's going to double or triple here in the near future.

So keep your eye on that. Under a parole release, migrants are rapidly released into the country, do not get an alien registration number, do not receive a court date. Oops.

That comes from ICE. In anticipation of the mass release, Florida issued a lawsuit against the Biden administration, good job to Santas, for the move and is also ramping up penalties against illegal immigrants who use false or stolen identification. Quote, Florida seeks a temporary restraining order, which they got, to preserve the status quo until the parties can brief motions for a preliminary injunction or to postpone the effective date of the new policy.

The Biden administration's behavior, if left unchecked, makes a mockery of our system of justice and our Constitution. But they that's what they believe. So it makes sense. Florida asked the court to order a response by 4 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time and rule on this motion by 11 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. And when the Title 42 order expires, which they got, OK, last night, they just just dealt with some aspects of it. But they're in there dealing with it. And the Biden administration, the border, they're like, hey, and Mayorkas is like, well, it's going to be a little chaotic down there for a while. Excuse me, sir. They got to impeach this guy.

Excuse me, sir. You've been saying for the last two years that the southern border is under control. So which is it? It's under control because if it's under control, it's not chaos. If it's chaos, it's not under control. So take your pick.

You can't get a little bit pregnant. It's one or the other. It's one or the other.

It's a joke. They can't impeach him fast enough. Unbelievable. DeSantis lawsuit against Biden admin, Holt's disastrous policy is border set to be overrun.

So you can go to town halls at CNN and all that kind of stuff. But the thing I like about DeSantis is he just does the work. Right. He's just doing the work.

He's just down there doing the work. We'll see what happens to the primary. But I love this guy as far as being a governor. And Florida is the new Texas.

So way to go. A lawsuit brought by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's administration on Thursday against the Biden administration has stopped the Department of Homeland Security from being able to release illegal aliens into the U.S. if officials at the border are unable to deal with large influxes of people just because of overcapacity. Judge Thomas Kent Weatherill, the second of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida, issued the ruling with just a few hours before Title 42 last night was set to expire.

DHS has enjoined from implementing or enforcing the parole policy contained in the May 10th, 2023 memorandum. This TRO will take effect at 11 p.m. last night to correspond with the expiration of the Title 42 order. So that's helpful, but that's short term. OK, so we'll see what happens.

So what happened? What are the Democrats doing in the House, by the way? Two hundred and thirteen House Democrats vote against securing the border hours before Title 42 expires. Of course, they of course, they don't want to secure the border, but they care about people, remember? And this nation was this is how you get gaslit. This nation was built by immigrants. True, but not illegal immigrants. Now, we have a lot of illegal immigrants working now, but they're referencing the history of the nation. And now there's a lot of actual citizens that help continue to build the country as well. The Democrat Party, all Democrats voted against the legislation, as did two House Republicans, Thomas Massie from Kentucky and John Duarte from California. Now, I'm going to tell you what's in this bill so you can understand, as if you don't already, kind of the M.O. of the Democrat Party. We'll do that a little bit on the Trump town hall with CNN, a few other stories.

Alvin Bragg in New York City at it again, because if you're a hero to a progressive, you're the enemy. Right. Got it. Reverse everything.

We'll be right back. I only caught about the last 25 minutes of the Trump town hall on CNN. When I first heard about it, I'm like, what? A Trump town hall on CNN sounds a little bit like oil and water to me, but CNN desperate for ratings. I mean, that was probably a good move on their part.

They had like 700000 people watch it. I watched the last 25 minutes. And it's like, OK, all right, I'll talk about that in a minute. Let me finish this. This is what gets a Democrat upset in the House of Representatives when the Republicans craft a bill that would do a few things. Let me just go through a little list for you so you can see what if you want to trigger a Democrat in Congress. This is what you do.

Require President Biden and his administration to restart border wall construction. No, you can't put up with that. You want to kill babies. That's fine. Or give hormone blockers to children. That's fine. But restart the border wall construction.

Oh, no, it's terrible. We love people. Here's another one. Begin using new technology at our southern border and northern borders.

New technology. No, I mean, that does have the outside chance of like decreasing illegal immigration. So that's not such a hot idea for a Democrat.

Number three provides. I told you it's Snarky Friday. Provide funding to hire more Border Patrol agents and pay bonuses. Now, why would we want to go do a crazy thing like that?

OK, no way. I'm being a Democrat. Another one. Increase DHS transparency so Americans know how many illegal immigrants are unlawfully entering the country. That sounds a lot like accountability to me. I'm sorry, I can't I can't vote for that.

Here's another one. Make existing laws stronger to protect unaccompanied children from trafficking and abuse. I don't know if I can support that because. You know, you pro lifers. And plus unaccompanied children get used all the time to bring more and more illegal immigrants up here. We want more illegal immigrants up here. So I'm not so sure I can support that.

Sorry. Next, a discontinued catch and release of illegal immigrants. I definitely can't support that. Next, end the president's abuse of executive immigration authority. That's how we get things done here. I can't support that. Last but not least, just in this one list on townhall dot com, improve the asylum process and make it more efficient. No, because if we make the whole thing more efficient because we you know, we we want immigration up to a million a year if it's under control and we vet because you shouldn't have an open border, because that's like you drop a big giant net into the ocean and you pull it up. Not everything in there is going to be good for your yummy, yummy, yummy.

I got love in my tummy. Not not everything is going to be good for you in there. So you actually have to sift through and discern criminal record. No, thank you. Drug dealer. No, thank you. You're not going to be able to provide for yourself.

No, thank you. We can't help everybody. So those are the things that got the Republican, which is one of the strongest border security bills that the Republicans have ever passed, which the stronger it gets, the least likely you'll have that Democrats will even look at it. So they can't. Again, reality ideology trumps reality in today's America ideology trumps reality.

And it doesn't matter how many people are suffering on the southern border. And just remember, when like when when somebody tells you they're an atheist, the reality is they're not. Because I believe the Bible, Romans Chapter one, God has made his existence plain.

Everybody knows he's there. So they're without excuse. Romans Chapter one. If you say you believe the Bible, you've got to believe that part. So there's no such thing as an atheist. They can say they're an atheist, just like a man can say he's a woman. That doesn't mean it's so.

There are no atheists. Just remember that. And so when Democrats say we care about people, just remember they don't really. They care about power on an individual basis.

OK, maybe I'll have a conversation with you. But as a party, in terms of their governance, the laws they pass, the laws they oppose, they don't care about people. They care about power. OK, so the town hall thing with CNN. CNN's this is from the AP. CNN's town hall quickly turned chaotic, displaying the tightrope facing journalists covering Trump.

No kidding. So a town hall is generally supposed to be this was I think it was in New Hampshire. It's generally supposed to be Republican voters and undecided and maybe get some Democrats in there. But when it's when it's Trump, that that's going to get out of control fast. So it was mostly he had a mostly friendly crowd, which is interesting, which is why so many regular CNN viewers were so upset that they did this at all. And, you know, Trump's a big fat liar all the time.

So why would you platform the guy? So that really upset him. I think it just shows you how desperate CNN is for ratings because they had about 700000 people watching, which is huge for them. But, you know, it's not going to go well. And essentially it became a debate between Caitlin Collins, the CNN moderator, and Trump.

And at one point, late in it, Trump goes, you know, not looking at her. He just like, you're a nasty woman. What? OK, cards on the table.

Ready? And some of you probably never listen to me again after I say this, which is fine. I thought Trump's performance was typical, predictable, ridiculous, childish, immature, uncontrolled, unhinged. And he acted like a fourth grader.

That's how it came across to me. I thought three out of his four years as as the president were excellent. I thought in the fourth year he completely lost control of the whole thing, ceded control of the covid thing over to Pope Fauci and Burks and leadership just disappeared.

And I don't know what happened there for him and Operation Warp Speed, which ended up being not a vaccine and all the other stuff. And he didn't lead. But his first three years, awesome. Would I vote for him over Joe Biden in a heartbeat? But my opinion about Trump on a personal level is very low. And I was watching and just going, oh, first of all, I'm like, just answer the question. He just he doesn't if answering a question would make it look in any way like he's responsible for something that's even off a little bit. He just won't go there. So he's just he's just like spewing nonsense to me.

And it was just frustrating. I'm like, OK, really? I'm done. But I watched 20 minutes of it.

So you jump over here. Here's national view. Trump's TKO against CNN is like, huh? So this writer, Jim Garrity, I debated whether I wanted to write about Donald Trump and CNN two days in a row.

But last night was an embarrassing debacle for the news network and an unexpectedly clear knockout win for the former president. You know, I kept reading the night was effectively one the moment the CNN that CNN invited the New Hampshire GOP and other state groups to help fill the audience. That's true. Ensuring that Trump would be performing in front of an enthusiastic, supportive crowd.

That's true. Sure, the viewers at home probably weren't as impressed like me and the folks who will see the clips in the next few days might even less so. But the persistent applause and laughter created a sense that Trump was in complete command of the room and toying with the moderator, Caitlin Collins. CNN has a lot of egg on its face this morning. Meanwhile, Trump endorsed defaulting on the debt and in the process may well have increased the leverage of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. So CNN's town hall meeting kind of in many ways blew up in their face.

They got a bigger audience than they usually do. But it was just typical Trump. And it's just like watching a debate.

He's not going to play by regular debate rules. And it was it was for me, it was painful to watch. And I, quite frankly, embarrassing. Steve, I can't believe I'm going to tell you the truth.

I'm going to tell you what I think. And there you go. This was a great point in the Washington Examiner about that. The CNN town hall. Biden wouldn't have been able to endure what Trump did at CNN town hall. That's for sure.

No way. Combative responses, snarky comments, repeated interruptions and attempts at fact checking were all part of Collins's repertoire. It was unsurprising given the hostile relationship between the left wing network and the former president. However, it did make one thing abundantly clear to the country. President Joe Biden would have been able to would not have been able to endure the rigors Trump faced Wednesday night.

That's right. It was just an hour and 20 minutes of constant pounding back and forth. And Biden would have lost his junk and couldn't have handled it anyway because he can't think effectively. I don't like the way Trump communicates. I don't like the way he dodges a lot of things and just hits back instead of dealing with the issue or the question. But he's still pretty sharp. And he'll go all over the map with you for two hours.

I think he's remarkably inarticulate, but his his mind works well and he's thinking a lot of different things. Biden would have just folded like a cheap suit. It would have been horrible. And I don't delight in that. The fact that we have a gentleman that will be 81 this year that is obviously mentally and physically compromised because of his age, which you would expect when you're about to turn 81. That's just sad to me. It's sad that the nation's there, that that's the kind of options that we have. It's sad that his wife went along with it.

I'm careful not to judge her, but it doesn't look very good. And the Democrat Party is essentially using the guys just to puppet him anyways. That's sad to me. And now, really next year, it's going to be an 81 year old versus a 77 year old or whatever Trump will be next year.

Like, like, really? Pretty amazing. OK, last but not least, Alvin Bragg to file charges against Hero Marine. This is on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, this guy who went after Trump indicted him, what, six weeks ago, plans to bring manslaughter charges against former Marine Daniel Penny after he saved lives and protected fellow New Yorkers from a violent longtime criminal on the subway. They did arrest Daniel Penny today. OK, they're going to charge him with manslaughter. The decision to charge Daniel Perry was made by the Manhattan District Attorney's office, that's Bragg, and will happen without being presented to a grand jury at this time. So you try to defund the police.

And then if an average citizen is trying to do the right thing and protects his fellow travelers on the subway because somebody is losing their mind and saying crazy things. And by the way, they didn't know he had a history of this stuff, but he does. And you step in and try to do the right thing to Alvin Bragg, who's going to downgrade all kinds of crimes. He's going to upgrade that and go after a guy because because he's white, maybe, I don't know, because he's a conservative. I don't know if he is because he's a Marine. I don't know.

I do know as a white guy trying to help his fellow travelers and put a black guy in a chokehold who ended up dying, which I take no thrill in. It's sad. The whole thing's sad. So make sure, friends, we're praying for the nation. Contact your North Carolina legislator if they're Republican. Encourage them on the bill next week. This is Steve Noble on The Steve Noble Show. God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon. Like my dad always used to say, ever forward.
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