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Origins of Thanksgiving?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 21, 2022 10:22 pm

Origins of Thanksgiving?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 21, 2022 10:22 pm

Origins of Thanksgiving?

Steve talks about the original origins of Thanksgiving. Why should you give thanks at Thanksgiving and always?

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. And now, here's your host, Steve Noble. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve.

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Steve. the Indians. But the Christians that came, the pilgrims, the separatists, the hardcore believers were trying to live at peace with their neighbors. And, they were successful at that for a while, about 50 years.

So, you've got to make sure you know your history. And we should be thankful for their sacrifice. This is Steve Noble with the Steve Noble Show. We'll be right back. Welcome back, it's Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show. And it's good to have you back, and we hope you're having a great day.

Hope you're looking forward to a great Thanksgiving, and we are ready for that here at the Noble House. And I told you about a month ago, this is kind of wild, and then my father-in-law chimed in. I told you about a month ago that I had discovered, finally had discovered some coffee that was actually good. Because the problem with coffee generally is that it's bitter, right? I mean, I think Starbucks coffee is horrible. I've gone through so many different, and it's so bitter, I've gone through so many different types of K-Cups at home.

And those are always terrible, so that's why I'm always using flavored creamers, yada, yada, yada. And so I said, I discovered it. I didn't, it discovered me. So my buddy Dave Jones at M is Good got a hold of me, and he works with some great Christian businesses and ministries. And he's like, hey, I got to talk to you about Steve and Beth Agren and Christian Kitchens and what's going on there. It's a great idea, and they've got this five-day challenge that they want to do. And I'm like, okay, cool.

I'd love to help my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ whenever I can with businesses or ideas, the ministries, that happens regularly here on the show. And so they were kind enough to send me a pack, and I'm drinking the one that I first drank when I first got my little starter pack about a month ago, Joy. And I'm like, okay, you guys know me well enough, I'm such a cynic, right?

And being on the radio this long is what aids and abeds that problem. So I'm such a cynic, okay, all right, let's see. And if you're anything like me, you've had so many different kinds of coffee. And so I made myself a cup of Joy, and it's their gourmet roast. And then I had a sip, and I was like, okay, this is not normal because it wasn't bitter. It was really smooth, and it was funny the next day. My father, I didn't even know this, my father-in-law who's 82 and lives with us part time, he said, hey, where'd you get that coffee? I'm like, what are you talking about? He goes, I tried that coffee, that Christian Kitchen's coffee.

It's really good, where'd you get it? And then I told him what the deal was. And so he and I started enjoying it, and then today I definitely needed some Joy after a difficult weekend.

So I'm actually drinking some Joy right now. And when Steve and Beth Agren are with me before, we were talking about a five-day challenge and all that stuff's coming together. Steve and Beth, how are you? And Happy Thanksgiving, early Merry Christmas, thanks for calling in.

Hi, Steve. Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you. Yeah, I'm doing well, and it's great to hear from you guys.

I'm glad you could be on again. And last time we kind of teed this up a little bit, talking about the five-day challenge. And then I actually saw our mutual friend Dave Jones earlier today, and he gave me a copy of this family devotional, which is really awesome. The family wins from Christian Kitchen's. This is a great devotional, and I really love that right on the cover, this devotional, it's a beautiful leather-bound devotional.

There's a little spot where you can slip a picture in of your family. So explain to us what's going on with the five-day challenge here, and of course, Christian Kitchens and Well, Steve, it's an awesome opportunity as we get into the season of Advent for us to present this opportunity to your listeners. We're actually launching today, which is super exciting, and we're availing this opportunity to folks to jump on the website and participate in a five-day challenge.

We've found that you can spend five days or five particular moments of time producing a habit. It's hopefully going to last a long time, so we're trying to encourage those with their spiritual growth to jump into this devotional, spend some time with the Lord, start the day off right, and they're going to hopefully accompany that with some coffee, which we will be spending along with their five-day challenge package. And we'll give them an opportunity to start their day, and what a perfect time. I mean, as we head into this Advent season to spend time with the Lord, who obviously wants to grow closer to us as we prepare ourselves for the birth of our son, the son Jesus, we look forward to encouraging all your listeners to do this and join with us. Which is such a great time of year to kick this off, because fortunately, most of us find ourselves with a little bit more time around the house and family coming in.

Our 24-year-old daughter's coming in tomorrow, and then when we get to Christmas, we'll have all four of our kids with us. So it is a unique opportunity. is the website. You see right at the top of the page the five-day challenge, which I want to dig into that more. But why did you guys, Steve and Beth, why did you decide to kind of add this kind of element, this dimension to coffee? And again, this is the best coffee I've ever had, so whether you do the five-day challenge or not, you should go to the website,, and whether it's courage or faith or justice or I'm drinking Joy right now, man, you'll be blessed by that.

Trust me, it's really amazing. But why did you decide to kind of do a devotional type thing here with a Christian Kitchen's company, especially when you're talking about coffee? Well, we sort of decided to stack one habit with the other, based on research done by someone else, but we realized that, you know, we all get up in the morning, we brew our first cup of coffee, and it's a nice chance to connect with Jesus if we have that moment of quiet. And so we include some scripture on every single coffee bag that we ship out, and we were thinking about it just as a way to encourage other Christians to seek the Lord first thing in the morning, and we love coffee, and so we thought it made sense to stack on top of this habit, as opposed to, you know, tying your shoelaces or something else like that. And so this got started with, actually through our friend Dave Jones, as you mentioned, from Emma's Good, with the Family Wins, who had already produced this devotional, and we felt like this was a great way to take it even one step further. And this devotional provides, you know, scripture to reference. It gives a chance to walk deeper into learning about what that particular passage might mean, and it also gives a sort of just a centering point, and so we felt like a five-day challenge would be an awesome way to get people connected through their devotional and directly to Jesus, and also to really get a habit formed, and that's what we're excited about, is in five days, you know, just to have a practice happening every single day would aid in that. And we also felt like, look, we've got some great coffee, thank you, we're glad you think so too, Steve.

Oh man, yeah. So he said, let's include five different samples, and so as part of the five-day challenge, you know, each participant would get to then brew a pot of coffee. These little sample pouches make eight cups, and this way they would get a chance to get a feel for this becoming part of their daily routine. Yeah, and so that's what, when you sign up for this and you go to the website, right up at the top you'll see a little banner that says five-day challenge. So you get the five samples of the different coffee, plus you get the devotional, is that right?

Yes. Yeah, and I'm looking at the devotional today, November 21st starts with a walk in the Word, 1 John 2, 28 through 310, so it's not a whole lot, it's not going to take you half an hour. And then it goes into a couple different devotional thoughts, and then it looks at Isaac Watts, which is a famous hymn writer, and then walking closer to God, kind of an application. So as soon as you get it in the mail, you basically just open it up and you start on the day that you get it, which would be here in November or early December. And whether you do this as an individual or a family, what a great habit to get into.

A lot of us know we're supposed to do that, it would be better to start our day with the Lord. But man, what a great opportunity. So again, how do people sign up, and what's the cost, and then where do they go from there? Because I know they're going to have five samples, but we're going to run out of those too. Right. So again, is the website, and there is a banner right at the top of the home page. And if you click on that, you can go and learn a little bit more.

And if you provide your email address and name, basically what you'll be doing is getting more information. To participate in the challenge and get this package shipped out from us with the devotional and the five samples of coffee is $49.95. And so it is a significant discount from the coffee itself and getting all those samples as well as the devotional if it were to be purchased separately.

So we're super excited about providing this sort of fun way of engaging like this. And this sample opportunity is a way for them to taste absolutely five different types of the coffee we offer. We offer up to 12, but this is just a sampling of five. Usually they find a favorite. And as they continue on from day six through day 365, they'll be able to jump back on the website and order their favorite, we hope, and enjoy that coffee each morning when they continue on through the devotional. And we also want to mention too that there will be one lucky award given each 100 orders. And that will be the golden ticket, as it's called. And that will be included in one of every 100 boxes. And that person will receive an opportunity to select whatever coffee they'd like for the particular year ahead. So yeah, that's awesome.

Yeah, it's super fun. Yeah, Dave mentioned that to me earlier. So one out of every 100 orders that goes out, you get a golden ticket, very Willy Wonka-ish. But instead of getting you into the chocolate factory, you'll get your favorite Christian Kitchens coffee supplied every month for a year. That's super awesome because it's all subscription based.

So you can keep yourself up to date with coffee, but more importantly, with the Word of God. Take advantage of the five day challenge. It's up now,, Steve and Beth, thanks for calling in. We look forward to talking to you again soon. Thanks.

You're welcome. You guys have a great Thanksgiving. I'm Steve Noble on The Steve Noble Show, we'll be right back. Welcome back.

It's Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show. Great to be with you anticipating a great Thanksgiving this week. I hope you're looking forward to that and we all need to focus on being a good witness when we have these opportunities to spend time with other folks in this time of year between now and Christmas itself. So hope you all have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow. The annual Thanksgiving show I do every year, just taking calls throughout the show tomorrow and just ask you to share something specific that the Lord has done in your life in the last year that you're really thankful for.

Something very specific. So I'll talk about that tomorrow. Then I'll finish the show with something I wrote a couple of years ago, which is just a quick trip through the scriptures at 66 things to be thankful for.

From the 66 books of the Bible, and literally one per book, and so I'll finish up the show tomorrow with that. I'll be off Wednesday, Thursday, Friday spending time with my family. I hope you'll do the same, but today we're excited to welcome back. Aloha, hope you had a great trip.

David Fisher, Landmark Capital, good to hear your voice. How are you? I'm doing great, Steve. Aloha to you, my friend. Boy, that must have been nice to be out of the contiguous United States and out in Hawaii for the last week or so. Did you guys have a good trip? We had a great time.

I was actually sick in bed for three days, but after all that, and they can hear my voice a little bit, but I totally lost my voice. But hey, we had a great time, just a fantastic time, and I have many things to be thankful for. That was one of them, one of many, but also thanks for you being who you are and the impact that you have on people's lives.

I get to hear the praise reports. I know I don't send them all to you, my brother, but man, you're touching so many lives. Keep up the good work. Amen. Thank you for that. Amen. And you're such an encouragement, you and Mary Ann. I really appreciate you guys. And hey, if you're going to be sick for three days, I better be sick in Hawaii than anywhere else.

So that's not a bad deal. We'll start with the passage of Scripture. We'll be in the Psalms first, and then we'll do a little update, because we haven't had you on in a couple weeks, but let's start in Psalm 95. It says, Let us come before him with thanksgiving, and extol him with music and song, for the Lord is the great God, the great King above all gods. So one thing I've learned, being, I won't say over the hill, but in my prime, I'll say, above 60, I've learned to be more thankful and gracious about the things, both the challenges that life brings, and also the blessings, and I think God can use a car that's more grateful. He can steer that car better than a parked car who says, I'm not happy with what is on my plate. Yeah, and that's such a great point, and thanksgiving is something that shouldn't be very difficult for us to rustle up, but sometimes I think it is, and like last week, David, I asked all my students, I have about 167 students every week, and I usually start class with a question for attendance, and last week I asked them, just give me one thing specific that you're really thankful that the Lord has done in your life in the last year. And they really, it's kind of like a deer in the headlights, and they struggle to come up with something positive because we spend so much time focusing on the negative. But God has done so much in our lives, whether we're talking about the last few days, the last few months, weeks, years, we have so much to be thankful for, so I'm just grateful for that reminder in Psalm 95.

Someone before him with thanksgiving and stole him with music and song, man, we should never be lacking in our thanksgiving for the Lord, so thanks for reminding us of that. Well, it's been a couple weeks since we talked. If you look at the stock market for the past month, you're like, wow, that's looking pretty good, but it's been a wild year, obviously very challenging year, so give us an update on the stock market indexes, and then we'll talk about inflation and that crazy crypto scam, the FTX thing that happened recently. So two weeks ago, stocks rocketed on yield drop because the CPI number came out, the consumer price index number, which the high was in April at 8.3%. This tells us how much inflation there is then, by the way.

It came in under 8 at 7.7. The market said, oh, the Fed's going to pivot now. Market always wants to keep saying that when we have these really good moments, and a few days later, the next week, the Fed made it really clear, they are not pivoting, and that snapped that stock market streak. In fact, James Bullard said they might have to raise rates between 5 to 7%, not 4.25 anymore, and Christopher, Governor Waller, he says we're a long ways away from not raising rates anymore. The market is way out in front of this data point.

We still have ways to go. So the market didn't like that, and the bears came out. Mike Wilson, who works for Morgan Stanley, he's the most spot-on predictor of the market, and he came out just a few days later, and he says, okay, S&P 500, we're going to see it first quarter next year, 3,000 points, maybe 3,300, we're at 3,950 today. So he's saying the market's going to go lower. I think we're going to have to follow what the Fed is saying, and the market does not want to listen to that, but that's the reality. Yeah, and so, obviously, people on the left, people in the Biden administration, when that 7.7 number came out for last month, saying, oh, hey, look, inflation's coming down, but now you've got, you had Amazon laid off 2,000 people, Facebook's laying off a bunch of people, other places, I mean, my daughters, our kids occasionally are looking at job boards, and those are getting a lot thinner, so next year's not looking pretty. So I guess we can't say that inflation's actually, they're jumping on it right now, but it doesn't look like that party's over any time soon. No, there's economists that just came out and said, no, there's a 90% chance of recession happening next year, and the hourglass is running out, there's another economist said, so the sand running out of the hourglass, so the damage is already done, and we're going to have still high food prices, still high housing costs, and the consumer can't support the economy anymore. They're running out of steam, they're banking on their credit cards, and 63% of the people are living from month to month, so it's not the same economy, and it's running out of steam, and we will have a recession more than likely, and plan appropriately.

Yeah, plan appropriately, get ready to bat down the hatches even more for next year. Well, recently, the huge crypto scam, this is not even two weeks old, this is crazy with FTX and everything that happened there, tell us a little bit about that, I know a lot of people aren't paying attention to crypto, but there's a lot of, there's some big lessons there, and man, people have lost a lot of money. So let's go back to this guy named Bernie Madoff. Remember his pyramid scheme was exposed in 2008, $17 billion, that's small potatoes compared to this deal. This is a $50 billion deal, the largest Ponzi scheme in history, in fact, one of the head of the security exchange commission met with Sam, Sam Bankman, Freeman, back in March, and he said, you're a fake, he called him out, and this guy, his name is Duffy, Duffy went to Congress, specifically in last spring, after meeting with him, after meeting with the guy who created this crypto exchange, and Congress berated the head of the CME group, and said, you don't know what you're talking about, they're fully funded, well he'd leveraged his money, this fund leveraged their money, this exchange, and now they filed bankruptcy chapter 11 on Friday, last Friday, for $50 million, he's taking down 20 billionaires, multiple millionaires, alongside tons of blue-collar investors, and this is far-reaching, he fabricated the money, and this leverage money brought down the system in 2008, it's brought this fund down, and this doesn't stay just there, if you know what Bitcoin's all about, there's a company called Gemini Trust, which was founded by the Winklevoss brothers, they're the second largest owners in Bitcoin, they've lent money to a company called Genesis, which is now suspending redemptions in all the cryptos in the aftermath of this, people trying to get their money out of crypto, they can't in certain areas in this fund here, so it's just not this one fund, it now triggers everything, and that's why you're seeing the government now coming after, more so than ever, what's happening on cryptocurrency.

Yeah, and the funny thing about it, and I got his name wrong, his name is Sam Bankman Freed, his parents were very successful, they come out of the academic world, but Ukraine put a ton of money through FTX, and then Sam Bankman Freed became the second biggest donor to the Democrat party in the last two years behind George Soros, put almost 40 million dollars into Democrat super PACs all over the country to affect the election just two weeks ago, I mean there's a lot of fallout and a lot of garbage in here, we'll see once the Republicans take over the house in January, if they look into some of this stuff and expose some of this stuff, I certainly hope they do. Tell us what's going on with gold and silver, because I want to make sure we get an update on that. My gosh, probably the biggest report I've ever had in 28 years, I'm going to share it now, is from the World Gold Council. They reported that there is an increase of 28% of demand in physical gold, physical gold, not paper gold, physical gold, according to their research head, Juan Carlos Artigas. He said that gold's diverse source is a demand, why you should have it as a strategic place in an investor's portfolio, our research shows gold remains on solid footing, quote unquote. Here's the numbers, Central Bank bought nearly 400 tons of gold in the third quarter of this year, which is up 300% from last year's demand.

It's the single largest quarter increase in this sector since back to 2000 years, and it's the most that has ever happened year to date since 1967, which tells us there's a problem getting ready to happen because central banks are buying gold aggressively, call my company, loan why, they're getting protected, you should too. Yeah, so we just have a little bit of a breakup in your phone right there, David, so I'll go ahead and get the information. To follow up on that, and when there's that type of movement, 28% increase in demand in physical gold, you need to get educated, you need to pay attention, 844-604-2575 is David's number, 844-604-2575 or David, have a great Thanksgiving, buddy, we'll talk to you next week. Happy Thanksgiving to you, brother. Thanks, pal, we'll talk real soon, make sure you take care of yourself. This is Steve Noble on The Steve Noble Show, God willing, I'll be back again tomorrow, unlike my dad always used to say, ever forward. We'll be back.
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