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Euthanasia & Physician-Assisted Suicide

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February 18, 2020 3:18 pm

Euthanasia & Physician-Assisted Suicide

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 18, 2020 3:18 pm

Euthanasia & Physician-Assisted Suicide

Today, Chris Connell along side Dr. David Stevens,  CEO Emeritus of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA), discusses the issues and ethics of euthanasia & physician-assisted suicide. Euthanasia is, surprisingly, legal in 10 U.S. States and highly glossed over in the media.


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Everyone just ties with his mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred 634 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out Now here's your host hi this is Chris calling I am and I call Steve my equally obnoxious friend. I call him my equinoxes friend. I am a friend of Steve's and Steve is they got death in her family and so were praying for them and we had the privilege yesterday and I say we, my 18-year-old media progeny progeny progeny prodigy protégé protégé Olivia is with us Olivia. Say hello to Steve Noble is all right so Olivia, what's the topic today recovering physician-assisted suicide yes and we have an incredible Gaston you may not know this but did you know that there are 10 states in the United States of America that have legalized physician assisted suicide sort on end-of-life youth issues. Your euthanasia and this is an important topic. It's an important topic in an election year to keep in mind as well. If you have a question 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH you can call in now and Keith in the studio will take and put your question up here and will try to get that answered.

You can also go to Steve Noble show on Facebook live maker, there was try to answer it as well. I'm very excited about our guest. He is a well versed individual on this topic.

He has been the he is. Pardon me, the CEO emeritus of Christian medical dental Association, Dr. Stevens, welcome to the Steve Noble show Chris, thanks for the invite. Well you have you have quite the accolades I was looking at that. You have 10 grandchildren. It says and they're all involve the domestic or international healthcare ministries are true. And I think that you created through to them. We have daughter and Muslim north Africa with her husband, a dentist, and their kids and then my other daughter and her husband a position have been in a rack. Then my son is very involved in the domestic healthcare missions in the inner city so yeah well and grandchildren on the way.

Dr. Stevens.

We have one coming April 1.

Number 11 so I so this positive purpose of prepress and the same to get involved in healthcare. Sounds like a role modeling as they were young and that they were raised overseas. They just love the opportunity that that provides to share the gospel and also to the hands of Jesus to people and physical need, while Dr. Stevens on top of being a family physician. You have a Masters in ethics bioethics from Trinity International University, you are the fellow of the biotechnology policy Council, the Wilberforce form I'm you know what that means but it sounds impressive. Dr. Steve and you got to admit you're part of that you helped found the national embryo donation center which is amazing you're an author of Jesus, MD, beyond medicine and co-author of leadership Robert servant leadership so you're a busy guy, Dr. Stevens. I had the privilege that you and I have a mutual friend and now Craig and Amy Faller were involved in a local CM DA and are forgetting further.

Could you just explain to the Steve Noble show listeners what CM DAS as I'm sure many do not know. Yeah. Around 1931 and its nation is to motivate train and equip Christian healthcare professionals to glorify God.

We have about 19,000 members across United States probably involved with about 35,000 healthcare professionals we work with students on campus is medical schools dental schools physical therapy schools across the country were very involved in missions. We have a lot of our members that are career missionaries overseas.

We do short-term missions long-term missions educational missions support services for missionaries ignition organizations with recruitment. They were involved in public policy and that's to be our voice for our members busy docs across the United States and other healthcare professionals reader voice in Washington at the state level. We been very involved in physician-assisted suicide since I first started is the seam sealer CM DA back in 1994 when Oregon was considering this, been involved in this battle and helping to delay it in many states and keep it from coming into many more. You have a national convention coming up in about eight weeks. I understand we do, and it's open to healthcare professionals and their spouses sits in Cincinnati, Ohio April 16 through the 19th.

People want information, they can go to CM great time of fellowship, spiritual growth, getting to talk about some very important issues and that it's a great convention so Dr. Stevens I you know I didn't know what was sitting in a CM DA sent and I was listening to one of leadership from CM DA talk about euthanasia in researching my eugenics and is about euthanasia and physician assisted suicide, and as I'm listening Dawn to me as a pastor is my day job that this is a really prevalent issue now, but it's really flying under the radar. I don't hear anybody talking about a whole lot. And yet, according to what I understand in the little bit of research I've done just today.

This is mandated by state law. In nine US states and the District of Columbia. Is that correct that correct legalized and in every year there's 25 to 30 states where they are attempting to that including North Carolina that happened in years past and be on the agenda again pretty soon there.

So this is a very relevant issue, but it's can affect not only you as an individual but your loved ones in the people that you know your friends assume this but I think we could ask you what is the official stance of CM DA on the issue of euthanasia.

End-of-life issues of pardon me for physician-assisted suicide yeah were obviously opposed to the Bible tells us to do that healthcare professionals we know this is the antithesis to providing good care. The foundation of the doctor patient relationship is trust. And this isn't a new idea back before Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. Over 2000 years doctors both cured and killed.

The trouble is, you did know which they were going to do to you if somebody paid the more they would give you a lethal dose and nobody see the light here and that's how the Hippocratic oath came about that you will do no harm not by so this is not a new idea is something that cycle background stay to work with Dr. David Stevens and Steve Noble show physician-assisted suicide.

This is the Steve Noble show with guest host Chris Connell and the lovely and talented Olivia right my eight-year-old daughter and she's not available ever.

I'm apparently becoming a non-yeah that's one of us is to be disappointed with the you Mimi. So today Olivia we're talking about what physician suicide and who is our guest, Dr. Stevens. He is the CEO emeritus of the Christian medical and dental Association, and he's got talk with today about physician-assisted suicide. Dr. Steven, thank you so much for going to be on the road the air with us today. So at the end of the last segment you're talking about the Hippocratic oath and if you be so gracious for those who are in medicine aren't familiar with that. What is that because every time I hear Christian healthcare professionals talk about this issue. The Hippocratic oath comes up in critical foundation of Western medicine. It's one of the reasons we didn't settle with healthcare because what it is is a establishment of trust that only with the patient but with their colleagues back in the day when Socrates lived, you had it taken note before your teachers before your fellow future physicians and the community saying that I will only use this information that I'm being taught which is very powerful. You can kill with that.

Or you can cure with it for good.

And in that oath it says will and I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect and the whole principle of first do no harm and it also there's a Christian doctor so that we administered to students today and very similar but you take this oath before God.

It's called covenant. No covenant, no medicine.

Unfortunately, before the model of medicine not to cut the covenant bottle of medicine, but I promise before God that I'm going to do this and they all said and not God's love for God strike me dead and that assured patients that you are willing to do their best interest to work and share information that they gave you that you are knocking to take sexual advantage of them all sorts of things, including the fact that you would help them take their lives more information seem to CM and seek a position statement. Dr. Stevens. Her statement is that they are not Pro physician-assisted suicide. Obviously political question for you. How does physician-assisted suicide impact the relationship between physicians and patients. It destroys trust because it's always easier to help someone take their life and it is cheaper than it is to provide cure and so trust is one of the big issues that the other thing, it makes it dangerous for physicians in a relationship with patients is it doesn't take great skill to kill good end-of-life care, compassionate care is difficult with dying people and it's an art and it's something that you begin learning during training and you continue to perfect through your whole career, but the easy thing is just to hand them a handful of lethal pills and the other problem with it. In medicine, is it gives physicians too much power. When we have convicted killers of multiple people and their convicted and sentenced to death. There's multiple appeals multiple opportunities for steak is been made before that sentence is ever carried out, and physician-assisted suicide at your doctor and one of his colleagues wanted his friends to say yeah I agree and you can get a handful lethal pills will result in your death. So this is dangerous for for healthcare in particular and for physicians and their relationship with patients because of all these factors generation that I remember seeing Jack Kevorkian, Dr. Jack Kevorkian in the news because he was a pathologist euthanasia proponent and if I remember right, got all kinds of trouble for assisting Alisa hundred and 30 patients in ending their life and he had the meeting in the name of Dr. death, something is happened because clearly now 10 states are saying is legal. So what happened between Dr. Kevorkian and now that the mindset is has started to change in our culture.

Here well a number of reasons. One is verbal engineering back in. Dr. Corrigan stated was the Hemlock Society, which didn't sell too well in the media so they began finding you know the right to die.

Now the main proponent of this is organization based in Oregon, the first state to legalize physician-assisted suicide called compassion and choices. You can't be opposed to compassion. You can't be imposed. And you know opposed to a choice that held a hold pro-choice movement in abortion happened so they take these nice words and wrap them. It's like taking a wet cow pad like Patty out in the field and putting it in an ice box and putting a ribbon on it and nice looking paper. It still account petty but that's how it's being sold, and they also do it through fear this. You don't want to be hooked up to a bunch of machines and the doctors not letting you die, you're just suffering. That's not true. That doesn't happen.

People can refuse any type of intervention in healthcare, but that's how they're selling this thing and then they say it's kind of an insurance policy you maybe never have to use it but it's there in case you need it. If it gets too difficult. You got this is an option in your doctor can give you a lethal prescription is seen as an extension of palliative care because I hear that terminology around the end of life are proponents of physician-assisted suicide saying that that's the part of that care. They are and what they try to do when they're trying to sell something like this is to make it to associate it with something good.

So they're working really hard to get medical organizations to endorse physician-assisted suicide, and some have thankfully not the American Medical Association yet but it's being discussed, debated and voted on now and the American Medical Association's national meetings and so they they do the same thing with palliative care is saying this is part of it you be interested. No Christian can candidate were one legal case at their Supreme Court legalized it for the whole country less than five years ago and now over thousands upon thousands of people are doing this and they're trying to force all the hospice organizations in the country saying that they will lose their federal funding if they do not allow physician-assisted suicide to happen in their hospice and so it starts out let's tolerate that Bennett moves to saying it's okay. Then it moves to force you to do it or you can't be in healthcare there even saying that Christian doctors in Canada can lose their licenses if they do not refer for it if you don't refer for physician assisted suicide. There will be a consequence and referral causes moral complicity. If I refer you to another doctor for something on the forcing their ethics and I'm endorsing their expertise and I become complicit in what they're doing.

If they help you kill patient just as you would be if you were referring for abortion so Stevens were about to scoot a breakthrough moment, but couple of things are in my mind and one of them is if Canada has done. Are you concerned as a physician in America that that day is coming for physicians in our country. I have no doubt about it, because you look at Europe, where this started in Holland and now you see it in candidate and it goes from doing this for the terminally ill doing it for the chronically will because this is based on suffering for several how do you measure suffering and pay somebody with chronic disease suffer more than someone with terminal disease. If you're going to have pain for years.

This is saying that there's no logical place line. Stevens talking about this assisted suicide right back in my lovely daughter Olivia say hello you hello oh what topic are we covering today is vision assisted suicide and we have the incredible Dr. David Stevens with this from CMD, a Christian medical dental Association go to see amazing man. He's an author family physician served in Kenya, a fellow of the biotechnology policy Council the Wilberforce forum sounds awesome. Don't know what that is health on the national embryo donation center has 10 grandchildren, one of the way he is been in media interviews and USA Today Newsweek ends NBC today show, NBC nightly news were talking about physician assisted suicide because it is now legal and non-US dates and the district of Columbia option given the angel individual by law, and the addition of a Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont and Washington and is an option given individuals in Montana, California, via court decisions in these cases, physicians cannot be prosecuted for prescribed medications to hasten death followers of Christ follow the word of God say that were letting doctors play God, Dr. Steven, thank you so much for me on the show today. We are fascinated by this topic because I feel like it's a an issue that is really do you get a sense as a physician to this, under the radar of the church because personally I don't hear a lot of people talking about this and bantered around for 2025 years and slowly legalization is taking place. If you states every year you know what I think people understand how dangerous this we talked about was dangerous for healthcare professionals. But it's also dangerous for families that could you imagine going to the nursing home to see your mother or your father, and their bets empty and you turn to the nurse and say oh what happened to my left one out and they tell you. Her doctor is Dr. help them kill themselves last night.

There is no obligation under the law and those nine states and the District of Columbia to inform family members that their loved ones. Even considering that how would you feel, I mean kilt anger.

Anger, perhaps at the health system. Guilt did we not visit enough wish you concerned about the money. What you know the sadness suicide always lived leaves trauma in its path and also as a white door to elder abuse and Dr. Stevens. Some people be listening and saying what Dr. Stevens that's a hypothetical situation, but it's not his not it's not it's happening already and being bent by the law. There's really nothing that a family member can do to stop loved ones from doing this. That's why it leads to dissension and families I've talked to families for this is happened and you know the sun was for the daughter was against it. I remember the daughter saying I'll never talk to my brother again because he pushed my parents into doing this in an elder abuse is huge from this country and this is a wide open path tomorrow that there is an interesting article and not California about this and 84-year-old woman said when I when I started losing my hearing about three years ago. It irritated my daughter, who she was living with and she began to question me about financial matters and apparently feels I won't leave much of an estate to her. She became very rude and one evening she said she thought it was okay for older people to commit suicide. So I sit here day after day knowing what I'm expected to do this type of thing that I can can occur and that no one would know the difference because family members pushing an elderly person into this further money or for some other reason, this would be called involuntary euthanasia, correct it when you get that you take your mother and take her there and you can actually be the witness on the papers you have to sign in your family member that you have course them before you got them into the doctor's office and got them to say yes this is the best thing so yeah there's voluntary. You get it. With permission involuntary euthanasia. Euthanasia means you're getting a lethal injection physician-assisted suicide means your disk prescribing pills that the parents, the person's going to take and then involuntary, they can get permission but they don't bother the doctor just says okay you be better off dead that's happening in Europe, a number of places, especially in Holland, one of the Christian doctors. I know there had a lady in his church who was afraid to go to the hospital because they euthanasia going on and he assured her I'll be there for you.

Watch over you need to work up to put you in the hospital and he took care of her during the week took longer than he thought. On the weekend he wasn't on call somebody else*came in Monday morning she was gone to my patient know Dr. so-and-so gave her a lethal injection. She was going to get better anyway and we needed the bed.

While no it's my breath away. Dr. Steven Steve believed that all physicians will eventually be forced to act against the Hippocratic oath and take part or physician-assisted suicide. It's already happening on abortion, where doctors are coerced right of conscience is one of the biggest issues for Christians in healthcare. In fact, we have laws on the books to prevented those laws do not have any teeth in them and we worked at the federal level to get Health and Human Services to put out new regulations to put teeth in the laws saying that you can't force a nurse which happened in Vermont to participate in abortion. She was threatened that she would lose her license, and the head of their hospital was a former executive at Planned Parenthood and unfortunately when the regulations came out 29 states Planned Parenthood in ACL's ACLU sued and got a restraining order, not a restraining order, but an injunction on keeping this from going to affect were now peeling it to a higher court. So there's yeah there groups in abortion, physician-assisted suicide, they don't want to be made to look bad. So let's force everybody to disagrees with us out of healthcare. You do you have a sense of hopelessness on this topic.

Dr. Stevens you have a sense that there are those standing up against this issue have a platform to stand in a voice to be heard. We still do not hopeless and and I remind we we teach doctors to deal with public policy. In fact, we have the Christian medical Association is a group called the American Academy of medical ethics and we have doctors and 48 states that are members who are fighting this at the state level.

This is a state issue, because when I took it to the Supreme Court. They didn't win their case so state-by-state. This is happening and I remind him of this Chris it's Scott doesn't call us to win. He calls us to be faithful and even if this is legalized. We still speak out against it. We try to limited after it happens, and because what happens there's a progression or begin to see in Oregon, for example, let's go for longer than… Just six months before they think you're going to die, but a year or it can be done more quicker. There's no waiting. Or we don't need to do. You know they're just continuing to push the envelope to where this is legalized to make it more more common. So yeah I IC is slowly losing ground, but at the same time we need to fight it, and speak for those that can't speak for themselves are being pushed into this are making bad decisions on their own docs to the core of it still theological issue is still a biblical issue because I'm probably oversimplifying it, but I feel like what you're saying is I'm going to play God like I'm I'm going to decide when a life you then, and in fundamentally even outside of Christianity throughout human history. We have consistently as the human race. They stood on the side of saying we don't we don't get to make that decision on indeed. Do you agree that perspective because I almost feel like what right do I what I have is a position to decide that somebody could in their life because her suffering. I just seems like that's the opposite way. Shooting is a physician but for me is coming from a biblical value.

So I think the deal, eroding a bit of the vows in a culture must be adding to this so is very clear in Genesis 126 human life is sacred because right in God's image, you go for in Deuteronomy 3239 God alone is sovereign over life and death. He said that there I put to death I bring to life David in Psalms talks about all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be three Corinthians in chapter 6, verse 19 talks about our bodies belonging to God not to ourselves. Suicide is to find if you look at the dictionary itself killing in Exodus 2013 says thou shall not kill. So in the Bible teaches that human dignity is inherent and it's not based on capabilities or quality of like that's what the other side for the quality of life gets so bad, just get it over with and the Bible says no we we have inherent worth because were made in God's image and that helps us understand this issue and speak out on this issue and in the belief it's been enshrined in Western medicine because of Christianity's influence for hundreds of years will I believe that God exists outside of space and time, so bright he can see the future right, we cannot and I could guess the risk of helping people take their life as we make an assumption about their and we don't know and I know there except as Dr. Stevens but I've read stories of cases people in a coma for years and woke up and I'm I've wondered about family and friends and friends of people who help them is a commit suicide. Really, if they've ever regret that they lived with not something I would want to live life we are with Dr. David Stevens of the Steve Noble show a very difficult subject. We talk about physician-assisted suicide is legal is legal in 10 states in America right now. Stay tuned right back after the break. Welcome back.

This is the Steve Noble show yes was Chris: I was really radio there. This is the Steve Noble show like that guy that does all the movies or the sports thing, that one guy that one guy does all the yeah Steve Noble show his back and this time it's mad we're here talking today with my daughter Olivia say hello and I pray for Steve Noble family. They have lost a loved one. That's why Steve is out today.

We are blessed to have Dr. David Stevens talking about physician assisted suicide Dr. Stevens.

Thank you so much for your time talking about this topic with you. Chris well I am just amazing to me. When I look at the Hippocratic oath. One of the parts of it I'm reading I know and read the classical version. I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody you asked for no I make a suggestion to this effect are physicians no longer taken Hippocratic oath University of Michigan to speak to the same day group down assisted suicide and there was whole statue of Hippocrates there in the courtyard. They invite a lot of the students who were Christians to meeting which was great but we had a lively debate about it even though the oath was written right there in the middle of their schools so you know I mentioned Chris that it is dangerous position spacers for families is also dangerous for patients the right to die can be will become the duty to die and you say don't know that that couldn't happen. Well, think about that generation. My mom just passed away two years ago to member what I invited her to to live with us. You can have physical prompts and she said to me son I don't want to be a burden right right that's what many people will think in their ethicist already saying that there's a duty to die. I sit and ethicist up here in Bristol Tennessee where headquarters are over to ETSU Dr. John Hart work and he says you have a duty to die to get out of the way for younger generations thing to remember why it's dangerous is because suffering precludes rational rational decision-making when you're dealing with the serious disease criminal see you don't often times make rationalizations is what you need family around you.

In fact, that the Supreme Court said that that competent, terminally ill patient seeking suicide is largely fiction because suicide by definition, if you're suicidal that you're not rational people are depressed when their terminally ill and this doesn't stop with terminal illness, chronic illness, and other things and then what's the biggest problem in healthcare.

Chris it cost too much. Such my daughters next to me and she said she can bring to our flex account were taking donations. Dr. Stevens case absolutely.

I mean I have a wife, rheumatoid arthritis, and I know that Alex went to pick out one medicine cost $1300 a month so yeah so this is an issue. What's the cheapest form of healthcare it can fully foothills so when Oregon actually legalize this when the insurance companies plotted it in, says that they welcomed a broad coverage for physician-assisted suicide in radical economic system already burden somebody was asking on their Medicaid that they have their type program. There's only certain things that they'll pay for and somebody asked for a drug that wasn't on the list and they said no they would not authorize it, but the symptom information about physician-assisted suicide and said they would fund that you know as crazy as it sounds like I'm reading news reports from World War II with Nazi Germany in eugenics and euthanasia in and we look back and Savannah. It was wrong to decide the value gets to live or die are medical schools. Dr. Stevens now teaching about the moral viewpoint on this issue or not. And you know this is a personal station. They'll say between you and your patient and so they don't you know most schools we we did a survey 20 years ago when their only a handful of medical schools still administering the credit goes. So it's dangerous and increasingly since moving to a business model. You know that's why you hear that term providers instead of professionals refer to healthcare professionals as providers. That's means you're like a bending machine.

If patients wanted you have an obligation to give it and it's called we call it that the professionalization of medicine and there's a slippery slope.

This doesn't stop with just inches physician-assisted suicide.

We see this in Holland, where it started with the doctor gave her mother a fatal injection back in the 70s because she was terminally ill and they been authorized voluntary active euthanasia. They put nine criteria down similar to what we have here is only six months to live in two doctors agree on a two week waiting period, and those type of things. But then they begin to do it for the chronically ill because they were going to suffer and then they begin to do it for nonvoluntary euthanasia that the patient couldn't give consent because they were cold, comatose, or they were demented, but obviously this would be good for them. So we need to do it and then they started doing it for newborn babies with Down syndrome and other disabilities and then Dr. did it for a patient with no physical illness at all. They just had mental suffering and 50-year-old divorced social worker whose husband had died and abused her before she died and then had a son that committed suicide. She was depressed and the doctor gave her lethal medication and it went to court and they said let's find how can we say mental suffering is a less than physical suffering and so you see this progression. Once you say that death is a solution for suffering then where do you draw the line and how do you measure suffering for those who are medical professionals in the place to face a situation like this. They have a right of conscience stays with us is legal. More space was not legal and still do today but you know what is happening is incrementalism.

And so what they're doing since the state-by-state issue they're going slowly getting it legalize trying to get to that to the horrible point were almost all states will be no legalizing this. And then they begin to push the envelope for others to be involved in people to being forced to do it like what's happening Canada just north of us in the last five years progressed very very rapidly there now saying in Canada there trying to put through a bill that will let liberated minors do it. In other words, not even 18 years of age, over their parents and their emancipated if they're mature enough they can make this decision.

If there terminally ill while my daughters pointed out to me in Montana is no legal protocol for the case that came up 2009 regarding this.

Not even saying what age I'm fascinated that I'm not faceted. I'm appalled that's where I should use Dr. Stevens about this issue. If somebody wanted to say hey how can I help in this area. Whether there a medical professional or not. The get another go see and be a part of this. What can they do to voice where they stand on this issue as a professional. Just as a citizen I think for yourself. Secondly, speak out and started your church and this is topic there. We had so many bioethical issues is hitting us and we could go and talk about them for hours from human cloning to designer babies to transgender issues you, you name it we have on our website. Some very concise ethical statements. There 2 to 3 pages that educate you biblically, spiritually, socially, medically on these issues and you can go to see go to the issues button and you can download a free and help educate you and help educate others. There's all kinds of resources there that you can begin speaking in your community get involved in local politics speak out when this comes up it will in your state and and be willing to speak out against it and educate others because it's very seductive were going to end your suffering and here's just an insurance policy to do that get this lethal prescription if it gets too bad you have a way out sounds compassionate and it sounds like the argument is almost being compassionate and I feel like that's a lot of the logic I'm hearing is at the logic that you hear that, that's it it were the compassionate what these other people are not, and you know and then they confuse it with other aspects of medicine like pulling the plug that whole idea that your discontinuing futile medical care and this is no different know it is different because if you stop a respirator, with the consent of the patient or the families. The patient can give consent you are stopping a futile intervention.

There is no hope that person is just prolonging the dying here. The patient is not going to get better.

But what kills the patient is of the disease, not the patient killing themselves or the doctor killing them with a lethal injection. There's a huge moral difference, but people try to confuse this cute people with it and that's what's so dangerous about this because people are getting convinced and it goes on all this business about you know I'm controlling my life.

I it's all about me and what pervades our culture now with individual choice, yet it's everything you know the thing that I look at this to me takes our our country down the track of the government deciding who lives or dies is all that's alarmist like no-no actually government tax dollars are involved in a lot of this in law.

The decision points as you 40 made are going to come around that I think is happening as well. If you don't do this you'll get tax dollars or you don't keep your medical license down what's going to happen and you know guy named HL Mencken that there's always an easy to every problem need possible wrong position. Dr. Stevens I can think enough time. I want to encourage. This is a go to see him.see and find more information donate. Encourage and pray for our medical professionals. They will practice medicine doctors if we go anything else.

Thank you for what you're doing. Dr. Stevens can think enough of your time is valuable today you listen to Steve Noble shell. Today's topic is assisted suicide is wrong

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