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Christian Ethics!

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October 17, 2022 5:25 pm

Christian Ethics!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 17, 2022 5:25 pm

Christian Ethics!

Christian Ethics with special guest Dr. Al Mohler. What are good Christian ethics? How should live ethically?

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth That's eight six six thirty four truth or check him out online at the and now here's your host Steve Noble Okay, check it out diving right into the world word of God as we get started here And then I'll tell you where I am and why I'm here as obedient children do not conform to the evil desires you had When you lived in ignorance, so this is talking about before you became a believer, okay? But as he who called you as holy holy means to be separate fully separate so be holy and all that you do for it Is written be holy for I am holy that's first Peter 1 14 through 16 I am at the ethics conference Christian ethics conference at Shepherds Church with Pastor Steven Davey they do This conference every year a different conference every year Shepherds 360 But this year it's Christian ethics and most people don't even know what that is you assume. It's morality I would say you're on in the right country, but you're in the wrong city So you don't know what ethics is if you want to understand ethics Just remember if you're a parent like me or Stu Epperson's here today and Ben Lecourt's here as well Then you know what ethics is instinctively You just didn't know you you know what ethics is ethics is your three four and five year old kid.

That's always asking why? Right, so did your kids ever ask why all the time so they ask why all the time so when it's like hey When it comes to the issue of abortion or life issues, I'm pro-life well that the ethicist goes Why when you talk about actually there's two only two genders aren't 72 even if that's what Facebook says then that the ethicist goes Why if you talk about? Same-sex marriage if you talk about euthanasia if you talk about capital punishment if you talk about designer babies if you talk about the environment if you talk about wealth and poverty and you come up with systems or In a governmental political realm you come up with policies the ethicist is always gonna Ask you why so I'm just reading from their Convention here, and then we'll have a conversation with my buddy stew why ethics why now we are all ethicists This is kind of the same thing as we're all theologians. You're either a good one or a bad one Okay, and you're always worshiping ethics as worship is something. I learned when I got my master's degree in this Particular topic and so you're always worshiping the question is are you worshiping well are you worshiping poorly? We're all ethicists each day of our lives.

We face decisions about how we should live That's what al molars in the other I'm talking about right now when it comes to making choices We have entered the realm of ethics We are continually making decisions that are ethical in nature not only do we understand what that we are ethicists But we also often feel as if we are being swamped with ethical questions coming at us from every direction big issues needing Big answers and the challenge thing with ethics versus morality for example And this is something I use with my students do when I'm teaching Christian ethics or even in my other classes I'm like okay Let's say I'm walking through the mall tonight with my bride Gina and Gina and I are celebrating 30 years of marriage today student You've got your isolation 30 years of marriage today And I'm walking through the mall and all of a sudden you see me And then I turn around and I crack my wife across the face in the mall. What would you think of me? Well normally I would leave the room and call Steve Noble and ask him what I should do I should have a situation, but yeah, obviously I would think there's a real problem here. Yeah, what a monster Yeah, okay, now.

Let's change the context. We're in a mall in Mecca in Saudi Arabia, and I'm walking through the mall with my wife It's fully dressed in a burka, and I turn around and I crack her across the face What are the people in that mall thinking about them? Some of the men are probably like it's nice to see a Muslim man Who's willing to exert his authority and some of the Muslim women are probably thinking?

Oh, that's unfortunate, but I wonder what she did wrong. Yeah, it's moral over there It's immoral here all to ethics looks at it and goes let's dig a little deeper, and that's why this is such an important topic And in this conference which I appreciate them doing because most people and I see this with students that I have every week 160 students I have every 167 students every week all growing up in Christian homes do like yours and like mine And they know the right answers to give they just don't know why yep They can't explain that they don't first Peter 3 15 They're not ready to give an answer for they hope that they have they're very much like so many politicians who talk about being conservative and their family values they go to Washington and They come from a traditional institutional denomination. They never really were grounded in the word of God They never really went to a shepherd's church. They really sat under the exposition of Scripture dr. Lutzer Dr.. Stephen Davey dr. Moeller they never heard that stuff They heard a good, and they said well You know you know like you know marriage between a man a woman who seems to make sense I want to be for that Yeah, yeah, yeah, I want to be for that pro-life. We got to protect our young somehow when they get to Washington They're completely corrupted they come out against everything and that's how our kids because we're not bare We're not building that foundation that bedrock foundation into our kids you know that and of course money we got the money symbol going up here in our studio audience and All the corruption that comes with that so the question is what you're doing so well with this program Steve And then all you do in your coursework And you know all the curriculum and they're doing here at shepherds and in this conference is you're giving people a framework This is what I believe So help me God.

This is never gonna change. This is bedrock I'm not gonna be famous words ready for his famous words famous last in 20 20 What is it 2014 or 13 or 12 this famous man who everyone thinks is the greatest president of all time and in sadly? He's got a completely corrupt denial of God's Word. He said these words I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman a month later He's elected to be president United States within weeks of that. He says I don't believe that Fashion his perspective on the gay marriage issue is evolving so either He called himself a liar right he lied right or he completely denied And he's basically an atheist and an atheist is someone who denies God if you deny what God says about you know so like it Everyone's like but I I want a black president. We need a black president desperately You know hallelujah if we could get one but not someone that denies the Bible denies the God of the Bible That that doesn't know what a gender is and wants to most ruthless Pro-abortion kill kill our young presidents in the history United States yeah Barack Obama He's still running the country you know through his the nice grandfather guy. That's up there And he's he's in full control. He just didn't have to clock in and clock out and have to deal with all the stuff He's just tells that guy dude what to say and and the problem is we make fun of this nice grandfather guy up there We make fun of him all the time he falls over. He makes a gaffe stop doing that people quit making fun of an older guy That's got some you know challenges Understand that this is a gender driven by people who are anti-god pro-socialist, and they literally want Everything that we believe in to be you know they were they want to haul guys like you to jail for talking about well They're just like Darwin who wanted to kill God and so that's still going on They're not gonna say that in no uncertain terms, but that's what's going I'm gonna go back to something you said about kids and like my students and stuff, and I was just in dr. Erwin Lutzer's Breakout session earlier the pastor politics and the pulpit and by the way everybody dr. Erwin Lutzer will be on for the first half of the show tomorrow because he's here speaking But he was talking about you know you take your kids to church, and you do all those things But and then he held up a smartphone And he said but this thing is indoctrinating more than you can ever know and so you go to Sunday school You go to the means you go to the big service you come back Sunday night for youth group come back Wednesday night for Bible Study you're a gold star Christian you think that's enough.

It's not it's not even close. That's why ethics is so important We'll keep talking about it when we come back You Welcome back at Steve noble live from the shepherds 360 Church leaders conference Christian ethics, that's the theme this year, which is such an important one Let me just give you a little list of topics and you tell me Whether you think Christian ethics is important and by the way, this is one of the classes that I teach I have not put it. I've not made it available online yet But I think I'm going to in the spring starting in January So if you want to check out that you want to pay attention to that and whether you're want to audit the class as an Adult or you have high school age Sons or daughters or grandsons or granddaughters you can go to noble you school calm noble you that's like University Noble you school calm and be on the lookout for that But let me give you just a list and these are some of the things that we talk about in my ethics class with high Schoolers homeschoolers predominantly that are growing up in Christian homes human life abortion questions about euthanasia reproductive technologies like designer babies and even Should do people should we be doing should we be implanting? Human embryos, right? Should we if you can't get pregnant?

Can you use a donor sperm donor an egg donor all of that right? Reproductive technologies genomics genetics biotechnology I would throw cloning in there aging and death and end-of-life decisions That's euthanasia. So we'll put our You'll put your dog or your cat out of its misery, right? So we're kind enough to do that to our animals, but we won't help a human being do that We won't put a human being out of their misery Gender roles marriage divorce remarriage new definitions of the family unit which takes you into this next one Sexual ethics homosexuality transgender ism. How do you deal with that pornography and purity immigration and race workplace workplace ethics and business?

Ethics work rest and retirement. We never they're very few people acquire a good theology of work or vocation So that's a great one to talk to young people about truth-telling deception lying plagiarism the Christian and social media civil responsibilities civil disobedience and revolution Here you want to get you want to get into a mind-bender try to make a biblical case for the American Revolution Try that one And I'm not telling you. I think it was unbiblical I'm just talking about the ability to think deeply by applying a strong biblical ethic, right? Do you have a comprehensive biblical world view the Christian in politics which I'm going to talk about in a second capital punishment war weapons and self-defense for a Christian pastoral and ecclesiastical issues things like that So I went to see Erwin Lutzer earlier today or that dr. Erwin Lutzer was the Head pastor at Moody Bible Church in Chicago for 36 years. He did a message earlier today Split out on in the seminar here at the Shepherd's Church in Cary, North Carolina the pastor politics on the pulpit and he went on to describe Basically three different pastor types when it comes to politics the politically active pastor They're willing to go so far as endorsing candidates The the patistic pastor who's trying to avoid the culture. We just get out of there. We escape the culture We have nothing to do with the culture We're totally separate from the culture and then you get people other Southern Baptists like myself like dr Al Mohler who's stepping up to the plate right now. I can't believe the stew Epperson dragged you in here. Dr. Mohler I'm glad to be here with you. It's great to see you.

Thank you very much And I know you got to run so I just have one major question for you. Yeah, which is Convictional Christians in the American context How do we operate effectively in the culture that we find ourselves in because a lot of people my age older age? Don't know what to do. They're like caught in a vortex because America has changed so rapidly They don't know how to engage. I think a lot of people are like I'm out of here It's all going to hell in a handbasket. So I'm not gonna bother I'm just gonna hang out at church and just let it go But what's your advice to all of us that are Christ followers that should care about the culture because it's made up of our neighbors? All that's required of us, right? Is obedience to everything Christ has commanded and so that's all that's required right and and you know surrender from the responsibility that God's called Us to is not an option. And so you just look at this and first of all, we recognize that Maybe and I'm 63 years old this week.

Happy birthday. Well, thank you. Thank you But maybe the world I grew up in Was the exception rather than the rule? Maybe the rule throughout Christian history is that we're in a situation more antagonistic to Christianity yeah, and and so maybe we're supposed to go back to the New Testament and understand the early church in the context of the Hostility of Rome and understand what faithfulness looks like. So I I think in one sense I I'll admit the loss of many things I I'll admit the fact we have to discuss Why we support the sanctity and dignity of unborn life? Why we have to make that a matter of public policy? Yeah, why we have to you know? Not surrender on the issue of the definition of marriage by the revolutionaries, you know, right? I I I I am very capable of nostalgia for that one in which we didn't have to debate sure but throughout most of human history You know after the fall the the reality is that you have to fight for every good thing in every day That you have to fight for every good thing in every generation Because that's the natural bent of the world and the natural Deal with human history. So I teach high school age homeschoolers.

Oh, yeah. I've got 167 students every week So I teach us history I teach civics and I teach uh christian ethics and when I talk to them about us history I'm like, you know guys a lot of these things we're going to talk about are not unique to the american culture, right? We can play this game anytime anywhere at any point in human history, right? Because we're dealing with human beings and we do have a document called the bible. That's pretty effective Right and helping us to understand that I don't think america in 2022 is the exception to the rule. I think it's normal It we're just not used to that. It is, you know, the default should not be christendom, right? You know that that was uh, and and I I don't apologize for christendom You know in other words, I I want to have as much christian influence in the society.

That's what's best for everybody. Absolutely Absolutely, but that's just not the default even for most christians alive today in other parts of the world, by the way Who have no christendom in their background, right, you know, and and you take the risk that this I started to say resurgence That's not even the right word the surge of christianity South of the equator and in particular in places like sub-saharan africa. I mean that is not Where you've got a rebirth of faith, you know based upon Long-term commitment to cultural christianity.

No, this is this is the same kind of confrontation between christian theism biblical faith And organized systems of unbelief as you find in the old testament. That's right. And and so maybe that's the norm Yeah, I I think that is the norm. I introduced a pro-life leader a couple years ago at a convention I don't think she liked it very much because I said we all think this person's an incredible person They've achieved incredible things and so we're going to talk about how incredible they are.

I actually think they're rather average I think she's normal and everybody's looking at me funny. And I said, I think she's normal for a first century christian She's abnormal for a 21st century christian, but for a first century christian, she's pretty normal, right? But we get impressed by that but it's just a matter of faithfulness Which is what you're talking about.

You want to know how you live in this world today? We already have the answer Yeah, you know, uh As as a young christian as a teenager in the 1970s in south florida Which is a place that's just a laboratory for all kinds of social revolution and all kinds of things Um, I was really struggling to you know, just find out answers to my questions about christianity and christian faithfulness And that's what I discovered and was introduced to francis shafer. Yeah and you know shafer who really Shocked to me as a teenager and to recognizing That where he was ministering right now Is a place where to be a christian is to be considered something exotic and dangerous. Yeah, and uh, and you know, and so Shafer said maybe that's a part of the authentic appeal of christianity Is that we are a rescue? From uh all that. Yeah. Yeah, and I think that's uh, I don't know if you've had a chance to see this yet But the movie's coming out in february the jesus revolution. There's the outro music. That's the thing I hate about live radio Uh, but when you look at that the hippies were looking for a counter-cultural Answer they didn't find it. They migrate south they end up at chuck smith's church and they find the actual answer Which is christ right which I think is probably the same message that we should have today The most revolutionary voice of all time.

Yeah. So we're we're actually the original og revolutionaries, and we need to remember that alm Welcome back at steve noble the steve noble show great to be with you. Well, that was a treat. Dr Uh molar was able to stop by for a few minutes one of the greatest christian thinkers in the country I said that for years and if you've never listened to his uh briefing his podcast which comes out each morning He's got an incredible staff Of researchers and he's just a great communicator. He's got a great uh and and very expansive christian worldview and so The briefing is something that's excellent. I used to listen to it on a regular basis. It's got more difficult with my teaching schedule But if you're looking for 25 30 minute podcast that really looks at all the hot button issues of the day political cultural Theological things inside the church and outside the church the briefings the place to go and uh, dr Molar's just brilliant. So make sure you check that out. That was uh, that was a delight to have him on for a few minutes Are you jumping in here ben?

What are you doing? I mean if you want to the the the You just got to figure out which one you want to put on here. Just grab one You get to follow dr. Molar. How's that feel? That's scary in itself. Yeah, that's not easy. I'm not sure which one you're on.

Keep talking number one Oh, you're number three now. I got you. You're good. All right, ben introduce yourself You've been on the show before you've guest hosted for me before and uh, we're at your home church So take it away shepherd's church. Yeah recently changed the name from colonial baptist.

My name is ben lakort and uh ministry Thank you very much for letting me you're welcome a minute Mi casa su casa. Well, we teach uh christian apologetics at reasons to believe reasons the number two believe we're young earth creationists Uh-oh. Yeah kind of a little bit of outcast one of those guys. Yeah. Yeah, but uh, but we do stick to that I'll tell you one thing we're doing really interesting right now. Do you want to hear about it?

Sure. We are taking Christian school students and home school students through the north carolina museum of science downtown But we're using those same exhibits which as you know teach millions of years in evolution and blah blah blah We're teaching the biblical account of creation using those same exhibits And kids are having a lot of fun and learning a lot Well the beautiful thing about that which is different, uh than what they're just getting at church Is a church youth group things like that. They're they're not getting there's no counterpunch All right, there's declarative teaching.

This is what the word of god says. This is what we're supposed to believe This is the deal with creation. This is the deal with six days, whatever pick your subject And so they're just being taught the answers. We're teaching them to to the test right so they can answer the question on the test But you get them out there in the north carolina museum of natural history and they come up against A very well presented. Yes, seemingly well researched audio visual experience that's Contradictory to what they've been taught in church and they don't really most a lot of them really struggle And they get overwhelmed by that because they were taught the answer but they weren't taught how to arrive at the end That's exactly what the feedback gives because when I talk to the students during that during the the tour I'll say so.

What did you learn? They'll say, you know, mr Lecourt, we we knew most of this but we didn't know how to articulate it, right? We didn't know how to explain it. We didn't know the why we just knew the what so we're teaching them the Kind of the the apologetical, uh aspect of it Yeah, because if you if you're if you're biblical christianity does not give you a comprehensive worldview What good is it? And that's the reality when you go outside of the church and you get into the culture That if you don't have answers while we talk about this came up with stew earlier first peter 315 Do you have an answer for the hope that you have?

Are you ready to present an answer and that hope that that can show up and not just the gospel itself? but a christian perspective on all these issues and All these issues and I and i'm not this isn't me Uh assuming or or or or just looking at the state of the culture going this is what happens to our christian kids No, this is me having taught At this point about 800 christian kids in the last 10 years and i've seen it they come in They're coming out of homes like mine and yours and we they're we're gold star christian families We take them to church. We take them to youth group all they hear us talking about these things all the time But a lot of them just don't know much. I I had a meeting earlier today with one of my students Who uh unbeknownst to other people, uh He's not the student isn't sure what they believe but This was incompetence because they don't feel safe bringing that up. I love that you were available to that student steve That's great and that and there's a lot of it out there and there's way more out of it There's way more of it out there than anybody wants to admit because when you admit it Admit it this is like the people that voted for obama the second time they knew they probably shouldn't have because if they didn't vote For him the second time that might be an admission that they shouldn't have voted for him the first time Yeah, so if we admit that our children our kids are growing up and they actually haven't been taught Well, we've taught them the answers We got them ready for the test, but they don't know how to arrive at the answers We kind of we have to kind of condemn ourselves to a certain extent That's exactly the way that we feel at reasons to believe because we know that the young people are are learning the material And they're right, but they don't own the material and there's a big difference between knowing it and owning it And uh, so we concentrate on them owning the material not just knowing it and knowing it you can still not be convinced Again, you know the answers But they might not be convinced and I think hearts they might not be right. So I had uh, Stewart scott who's a biblical counselor? He just went joined up bob jones university recently the seminary down there and we did a two-parter on prodigal Uh kids prodigal sons and daughters on theology thursday This is like a month and a half ago and he and he kept talking about pagan christians They know all the answers. They know they can explain the gospel. They can even make a profession of faith But at an actual salvific level, they're still pagans They haven't been converted right and I think we've created a lot of those because as a parent I want to hear my kids say Hey, i'm I received jesus as my lord and savior and then I can check the box off and I think i'm good But that's not necessarily true.

We see students. I think it's what is the the The statistic is like two-thirds of christian students are going off to college and relinquishing their faith, right? Why is that happening right? I mean that's that's devastating to the church and so Uh reasons to believe in not just us but everyone who teaches apollo almost everyone who teaches apologetics now is really leaning in Towards the ownership of the material and being able to effectively defend it Why did you you were just in the regular business world you and I have known each other for a while You're out there slugging it away earning a paycheck day by day.

What why switch lanes? Why do you do what you do at reasons to believe? I'm, not asking for well, you know one I got old enough to kind of go into semi-retirement, but I didn't want to do that And you know, it was the industry was changing. It was becoming more technical And there was a whole slew of reasons, but but the main one was that I just developed a love and a passion and a zeal a deep abiding zeal To teach young people how not to walk away from the faith when they enter, you know, some uh college level somewhere and what what were you discovering as you started to engage and have conversations with young people because I A couple years ago when I was getting ready to start the who is this sob podcast which I know upset a lot of people Uh, but I went to three different college campuses and had two to three hour lunches with students So most of them growing up in church, very good and and and and I asked them how often do you have a substantive? Conversation with anybody my age which by default would be your age too. I bet not much almost never. Yeah, my parents occasionally. Yeah What about teachers? Well, yeah, but I have a teacher but that's not a substantive conversation So there's actually not much communication going on. They're communicating with this.

I'm holding up my iphone right now, right? But they're not communicating with us. So as you start to get to get to know them Was that surprising to you? What did you discover about christian youth? Well, I taught here at what used to be called colonial baptist church. I taught all ages of christian apologetics including high school And one thing I learned during those years was that they have many students have left the church Intellectually way before they leave the church physically.

Yeah Oh sure. They have bailed out from a mind standpoint and then when they they're free and they get off to college They can bail out in a physical sense as well And so what we're trying to do is to to teach them again I keep using that phrase to to know not just know but to own and understand the whys and the wherefores behind the christ the great christian truths of christianity so that they They know how to one defend them when they get into a secular environment and two continue to evangelize Have the boldness and confidence to continue to evangelize because matthew 28 that's their main job as believers Yeah, the thing we have to remember about our kids be them really young under 10 or teenager If they made a profession of faith when they 8 or 10 or 11 or 12 They went through the waters of baptism. They go to the summer camp and maybe they've been baptized 22 times Whatever you have to continue to preach the gospel to your kids until you see actual real and lasting fruit Then you're like, okay. This is an actual conversion They're full of the holy spirit. They're walking with the lord. They're progressing in their sanctification as opposed to just well I go to church. I go to all the youth things. I made a profession of faith I got baptized when I was 10, but you haven't really seen any fruit Right, you cannot assume and pat yourself on the back that your child's a believer I think you always have to leave open the opportunity or the or the the thought that maybe they aren't They made a profession of faith but a profession of faith is different than actually being converted.

It's so true steve Hey in a minute. Can I just take and tell the people who to send it to if they have an interest? Yeah, please There's a lot of home schools now like christian home school associations and christian schools that are signing up for Uh our tours at the museum of science and they're using even using their field trip time. I love that Yeah, it's great great concept very unique They can if anybody's interested out there and just email me we're working on the website don't have it up yet But well soon email me at plain old email address, which is be like ben l-a-c-o-r-t-e be lakort 1010 at and we'll set you up. We'll set your school or your your uh, Field trip tour up at the museum downtown raleigh and that could be a home school group That could be a sunday school group. You could just get a bunch you could get eight or ten Students together and they'll go lead that tour eight to ten to fifteen even students at one time We'll take them through and we'll teach them the truth be lakort l-a-c-o-r-t-e ten ten at And when you get the website back up, we'll have you back on and we'll talk about that I want to go through it down through one of those tours.

I'll just be a student I won't put my hand up. No, we're like, I won't ask any questions. I won't say anything. I'll just tag along and then maybe Maybe one day we'll have another conversation about doing that at a uh, I don't know like maybe a us history museum Yeah, wouldn't that be fun? This is steve noble on the steve noble show. We'll be right back with david fisher Welcome back at steve noble the steve noble show great to be with you once again live from the shepherds 360 conference down here It's shepherds church And carrie north carolina christian ethics. I'll be back tomorrow. We'll talk to erwin lutzer, uh at the beginning of the show tomorrow It's awesome to have uh, dr. Al molar stopped in just a little while ago. He just did the main session speaking earlier So that was awesome.

That was a great treat. But if you didn't look today and didn't see the news Well, apparently well joe biden said the other day that our strong our economy was strong as he double hockey sticks And so on the heels of that the market today, uh right now is ending up the day 100 almost 551 points so everything's fine. Uh, you just dive back into the market spend all your money on stocks Everything will be fine. And so I don't know why david fisher's calling in because everything's just fine. David. How are you buddy?

Yeah, everything is perfect. We live in the no fallen world anymore. We don't need debt Uh, everything's old the national debt got wiped away.

This is the year jubilee. I'd love to say that but uh, that's not reality right now That's not that's not reality. So that was that's why it was so funny that to see that clip from President biden over the weekend when he said our economy is strong as he double hockey sticks and i'm like, okay Uh get him back to the white house because it's only getting worse, but we got a lot to talk about today Thanks for calling in great to hear from you as always Uh, but we'll start this is uh, this is a proverb that I hope all of us know. Well, uh proverbs 3 5 But uh, especially as the days get darker and more challenging We need to continue to really work on this kind of expand its place in our in our lives and our hearts So let's start there.

David proverbs 3 5 Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding Obviously you've heard the scripture many times if you're a believer Um, I have to be remind myself of this even in the small things. Why is that? Well, I was studying last week and today Why did the dow make a 5.5 swing in 83 minutes up? What caused that I couldn't find hardly anything about it and finally and so I began to like, okay Well, i'm going on radio not just steve nobles. I almost called all these other radio programs I go on with national radio talk shows. It's like I gotta have some sort of an answer and I began to put this on myself And then they stopped for a moment in this simple thing of you know, trying to figure out the world david is And I said, you know what lord? I just don't understand why this happened But if you want to show me show me and I did what my pastor told me a long time ago Make a list of all the things you can't figure out or you worry about and put it on there Put it on there write it down stick it in the drawer and forget about it And at the end of the day pull it out and you'll figure You'll see this and go through the list and some of those things will take care of itself And the other things maybe that's a little worry about it for five minutes, but then Quick, show your prayers and say I trust in you lord Show me what I can do to help partner in this with my responsibility And then you do your miracle.

So this is one thing As I did that One thing that came off the list. I figured I got the answer Once I laid it down and then it can be a simple thing like this like hey I'd like to have an answer for this or it could be a profound thing where your world is rocked upside down health-wise Financial-wise whatever it is. I encourage everybody trust in the lord with all your heart in the simple things Yeah, amen, and that's such great advice. It sounds almost reckless to just kind of Write it down and put it away But god god didn't call any of us to carry the weight of the entire world I mean you just deal with the world that he's created for you your circle of friends your responsibilities your family And so much of what we see in the news and what's going on with stock market or whatever we have absolutely no control over It that's just an illusion anyway And so we shouldn't sell our our joy down the river for a bowl of stew like Esau did so that's a that's a great reminder For all of us with that proverb.

So thanks for that. So last Thursday the CPI number came out With bad news and the market went into turmoil and then to rally. So tell us about that David It's it's hard to kind of follow this. I'm starting to get a crick in my neck So, yeah the analysts thought the number was going to come down this last week They said the same thing last month. They were wrong last month. They were wrong last week week It went up to eight point two percent. They thought it was going to be under eight Some said as much as only eight point one percent. So hardly anybody's right And initially it rattled the financial markets stock futures plunged hundreds and hundreds of points yields and treasuries Sky-rocketed so big aggressive moves negative moves and then all of a sudden a big reversal happened During the middle of the day the Dow Rose 12 1300 plus points in 83 minutes or five point five percent It was one of the biggest reversals on bad news in the history of the Dow So why did this happen?

Well, so here's here's what I I think two things happened Here's what I found out. I I'm I'm speculating on this first one that there was Possibly more than likely a concerted effort amongst big either hedge funds or brokerage companies on wall street That said no matter what the report is. Let's buy the market and they have the ability to do that The other thing I found out is the market interpreted It only came down just a little bit just like last month and there's it didn't go up. So therefore We got inflation under control. Well having inflation At level is not getting inflation under control getting inflation down is getting inflation under control But that's the message of the market portrayed And people bought into it believed it. I'm not saying don't buy stocks. I'm just saying it's it's not the real reality It's not a true independent Fair market right now and just got to understand that yeah, and it's and and you have to be careful because you can't assume Any snapshot in any day or even a given week right now?

Is something you can bank on and start making long-term decisions on so we I get I gotta ask this question Again, we ask it pretty regularly. Uh, are we at the bottom of the stock market now? I mean, I think people keep thinking.

Oh, this is it now. I can't go any lower, but I think that's a ridiculous proposition Yes, and no short term it is uh at the bottom We're doing what you call a bear market rally. In fact a trader on a goldman sachs trader said this is just another bear market Rally, which means it's moving up short term, but it's moving up Which means it's moving up short term, but the big picture? It's going to go back down to these numbers that were at and and go lower And here's another one. Uh, greg swenson said it's a mistake to get too excited about this rally It's just a bear market rally another trader goldman sachs different goldman sachs trader matt flurry He said this reminds me of 2008 more times this week than I can even remember in other words. He's saying The market reminds him of this whole velocity moves up and down before the big crashes was referring to And bank of america came out on the coattails of what he's saying saying the market is in credit dysfunction It has a credit dysfunction indicator that's reached what you call critical zone. In other words This thing is not healthy like you think it is and I can keep going on but it's there's a some people are calling this Calling this a rolling bear market In other words, it just keeps going over and over with a little hopes that they were done with it But this is a deep water thing where you can't stand up in the water. You need a lifeguard Well, the fed is the lifeguard.

They're no longer coming to the rescue. So just be careful of that Yeah, be very careful well one of the words that uh I seem to be hearing more of recently and this reminds me of 2008 is liquidity and especially a lack thereof so we've got Sometimes people are talking about a lack of liquidity in the market and then we have banks lacking liquidity. What does that mean? So liquidity is what keeps the system flowing if you understand some of the biggest investors on wall street Like for instance stanley drachen miller a billionaire. He said this about this whole liquidity things He said earnings don't move markets the federal reserve board and the central banks and their movement of liquidity is what moves Markets, so it's liquidity that moves the markets quote stanley drachen miller says which means What happened in 2008?

We had a lack of liquidity there for the market froze. That's why it crashed Yeah, we had a lack of liquidity here two weeks ago last week in the bank of england and britain That's why they crashed their currency crash That's why rates went skyrocketing then they came to the rescue and doubled the size of all the purchases to put more liquidity in the system Well, the fed is selling the debt. They're not buying our debt They're pulling the liquidity out of the system and that's why these traders are saying wait a second If you really look at the internalness of the market It reminds them of 2008 over and over and over whether it's the liquidity is drying up and that's the big concern Because china is no longer buying our debt rush has not sold all our debt They're not buying anymore those used to be the largest purchases of our debt and the fed our own bank is getting rid of the debt So this is this is a big problem and I will I know we're running out of time But I gotta say this aubey gilbert.

He is a market analyst He is in market watch seeking alpha the which is jim kramer on on cnbc his publication So this is a well-known guy in the financial world. He just came out and talked about there is no liquidity In the banking system right now. It's just like 2008 He put into effect that for every nine thousand dollars you have on account. There's only one physical one dollar bill So we we don't have the liquidity man and he said at the very end of the article Here's his quote get ready and expect your deposits will fund their bail-in when things get bad. Oh my goodness Call my company get the new bail-in report That's why gold and silver you got to have some of it outside of the system. They can't seize that That's right. You got to be outside of the system You got to get educated on that and the bail-in, uh, which is instead of the government bailing out industry bailing out gm They bail themselves out by dipping into your savings and my savings your electronic funds and mine That's why the bail-in is so important to understand that how can people get a hold of all that plus education David?

And dipping into your ira and that's right. Okay, fox news says eight four four six. Oh four two five seven five eight Four four six.

Oh four two five seven five or landmark All right, my friend. God bless you We look forward to talking to next week. This is steve noble on the steve noble show god willing I'll talk to you guys real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever before Another program powered by the truth network
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