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September 27, 2022 10:29 pm


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September 27, 2022 10:29 pm


Steve talks to Jessica Alexander from Temecula (CA) City Council about trying to get rid of abortion in California.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble doing well. I wish I had a happier day but I don't. I just trying to deal with things that ringing bells occasionally warning keeping us sober minded about what's going on in your nation so that we can pray appropriately react accordingly and vote accordingly coming up on November 8.

Massive elections immensely important. So a lot of things I talk about the day you need to remember as we move towards the election, but of course down to Florida.

I just wanted to mention this hurricane IN EN. I guess in hurricane Ian is now category three back over that they are golf and announce category traits can hit somewhere between Naples and Fort Myers they're talking about maybe a 10 foot surge there in the Fort Myers Naples area. My father-in-law spends about half his year down in Naples beautiful area but 10 feet of surge waters problem so that serious. Keep that in your prayers that's gonna start hitting tonight and then eventually work its way up through Georgia and up even through here in North Carolina working a bunch of rain this weekend. Interestingly enough, Joe Biden called three mirrors and Florida calls three mirrors because who he didn't call actually admitted this. He called three mirrors but he did not call the governor of Florida because the governor of Florida is Ron DeSantis and they can't have any kind of relationship with him because he is a major threat to the Democrat party in general to progressive woke world Ron DeSantis is a wrecking ball.

And so the president of the United States didn't even call the governor of Florida to say let's set our differences aside and let us know what we can do to help you know nothing, nothing, and then, of course, if this does go poorly. Then there's gonna turn around and say it's all Ron DeSantis's fault was huge. He jimmied up to the the worldwide weather system like Bush with Katrina.

This will be DeSantis's fault because he's not a climate alarmist so course global warming and all the other stuff creates these hurricanes.

Of course, and so it's all good to be DeSantis's fault and I will see how this plays out. But we should at least be in prayer for our friends and and fellow countrymen down in Florida along the Gulf Coast. So make sure you praying about that, don't leave them out and and speaking of Biden. He has the statement that came out for Rosh Hashanah right big Jewish holiday. Listen to this.

This is the actual synthesis is right from his statement that Just as individuals can seek renewal. That's a big part of Rosh Hashanah. So to can nations this past year has seen encouraging progress for our nation. What where Joe where where we seen this encouraging progress right what what in the world to talk about. This is the narrative they cannot talk about the facts on the ground ideology trumps reality we can't talk about the any of the realities that are out there that Joe Biden has to wear on his best okay inflation still over 8% since Joe Biden took office. Individual wealth in America stocks wealth retirement down $9 trillion since he took office 9 trillion proof gone now are not officially this is on the front page of the Wall Street Journal today officially in a bear market. That means you down to over 20% officially in a bear market, so that's a train wreck. The housing market decline is horrible. Actually last month, we pull this story up right quick last month of the housing market. The market down today. Of course over 100 points. But here's this housing home price growth slowed by record amount in July, round while Joe, that sounds like encouraging progress. Doesn't home price growth in the US, slowed by the largest amount on record in July. Clocking in the fourth straight month of deceleration, but values remain markedly higher year-over-year.

Okay, so we look at that because the last two years been crazy. Now the market now. The last four months, down, down, down deceleration of part of the value of your house. You can see that if you're trying to sell for trying to buy better time to buy now vanilla six months ago terrible time to sell because house values are starting to slow down and four months in a row so you got that out there housing market decline on the southern border. We got over 2 million people live across the board in last 12 months it's a train wreck.

Though things a train wreck the southern border energy policy, you name it and you wait till you get to the cold weather months. It's going to get even uglier by the way, did you know what the average 30 year fixed mortgage rate is right now average 30 year mortgage rate.

If you're in us 700 to 719 credit score. Okay which which is good not great but good 30 year fixed averages 7.6% 7.6, and that's a result of government spending and terrible fiscal policies and the bite administration train wrecking the economy all over the place and so he says this year's seen encouraging progress for nation. This is total gas lighting. If you think the nations not doing well. Will your crazy you don't know the realities were actually have encouraging progress of your peaches gas letting everybody because they don't want to talk about reality between now and November 8 that's all you should be talking about. That's all I should be talking about that's all you should be talking about doing now. November 8 Go back to Ronald Reagan are better off now than you were two years ago. No of course not to big train wreck. You need to.

Throughout virtually every Democrat in power from the top to the bottom school board the whole night right.

I think we all understand that at this point. While Steve you're so partisan. Yes I'm just thinking, sorry. Please forgive me using critical thinking so that's going on okay that's out there and then my buddy Steve days had a great twitter feed on a jump off of a couple things here on his twitter poster what's happening with Polk. This is the Catholic guy that was arrested by the FBI yesterday pro-lifer all explained that trump nonviolent January 6. There's etc. is the spirit of the age is trying to enforce a Canadian European like political duopoly. Several monopoly model me one duopoly as an just controlled opposition versus its acolytes so massive.

The dissidents have no representative means to be hurt and unpacked the shares set up.

This is why European media ministry of the spirit of the age has ignored all the scores of dissident protests past couple years as if they're not happening. Member COBIT and all these protests massive.

They ruthlessly enforce the duopoly stick narrative masses of dissidents are made to feel that they can't do any better than Beatle Boris McCarthy McConnell, etc. so just settle for a slower rate of managed decay. You don't have a voice at all. Another reason why Italy's new Deborah better have best of the best personal security. The world I'm in a talk about her to Georgia Maloney the new Italian prime minister. Boy she's a mess and some people which I tell you about her freaking out about this lady. Any attempt to pry open the Overton window either via a proxy like Trump or populace driven protests like the Canadian truckers and your insurrectionist right. That's what they ended up calling the Canadian truckers right insurrectionist hey Steve, what's the Overton window. What's the Overton window okay. I'm glad you asked the Overton window essentially is kind of that that that space where the vast majority of the public believes that the government's policies are, you know they're there relatively popular there sensible or acceptable.

Okay, so the Overton window is a get smaller that because the government gets more radical, explaining that will impact the swarm come back to back it. Steve Noble is still working through a couple of pills. Here's the days, our friend over the blaze was tweeting earlier today and this is really good on just the spirit of the age can look at what's going on talk about European media, which of their ignoring all the giant protests over there all over Europe, and they're not talking much about what's going and I ran so on and so forth. So you got to masses of dissidents right and they don't like that so I didn't like trumpet unlike any populace driven protests like Canadian truckers again to go after them. Anybody puts her head up and starts pushing back and will talk to Jessica Alexander from to macula California still really goofy. I don't know what's going on it working I please and and so it is just looking at these different examples we brought up this guy name Mark Hoke is gotta put him down and and how people are reacting to the new Prime Minister Italy so she just one election. Okay, the new Prime Minister you like losing everything over here truly going wacky. I can hard. I don't even hardly hear myself at this point so Maloney gave a speech outlining exactly what she is fighting for why she so passionate about coming Prime Minister okay just talked about the family religious identity.

Hopefully people can hear me because I can hear myself and solicitous us what she said why is the family and enemy. Why is the family so frightening. She asked as a single answered all these questions because it defines us as this may be a zoom problem. Josh that maybe a zoom problem is that I got nothing as a single answered all these questions because it defines us for the new Prime Minister Prime Minister Italy because it is our identity, because everything it defines us is now an enemy of those who would like us to no longer have an identity and to simply be perfect consumer slaves. She argues that people are pushed to being perfect consumer in order to do that each person must be stripped of their identity.

So then she says that they back Matt identity they attack religious that identity, then tech gender identity. They affect family identity. I can't define myself as Italian Christian woman, mother, no, I must be citizen X gender X parent one apparent to I must be a number because when I am only a number when I no longer have an identity or roots.

Then I will be the perfect slave at the mercy of financial speculators. I heard it when you did that, by the way she says this is why so many people fear what she is trying to accomplish. Maloney insisted she will defend the value of the human being because every person is unique genetic code that is unrepeatable and like it or not, that is sacred. We will defend God, country and family. She said those things that discuss people so much.

We will do it to defend our freedom because we will never be slaves and simple consumers at the mercy of financial speculators. That is our mission. That is why I came here today. She's known for opposing coronavirus lockdowns abortion, the globalist agenda in the LGBT lobby. She's going to get hammered and excoriated of course by demonstrations Arctic amounts of their very worried about her. Then there's this other guy Mark Hoke dear about him. Mark Hoke so is a pro-life activist Catholic father of seven, he goes outside of abortion clinics often spends a lot of time there. So there is literally an altercation between him and the 1772-year-old man there in the Hoke families trying to find a video of it when both the city police and the district attorney so the assumption the allegation is that he push this old man down the old man's a volunteer at the abortion clinic and helps escort people into you know hire the abortionist killer babies so he's out there in intervening doing everything but the claim is that he pushes old man down when both the city police and the district attorney declined to file charges against Hoke. The escort filed a private criminal complaint in Philadelphia Municipal Court. Middleton said this is the lawyer, the case was dismissed in July when the man repeatedly didn't show up in court because not showing up in court, just days later Houck received a target letter from the US attorney's office and now it goes to the feds informing him that he was the focus of a federal criminal probe into the same incident, through his attorney at the time Hoke tried to contact the US attorney's office to discuss the case, but never received a response's attorney said the next time they heard anything was Friday morning and that's on the FAI shows up in the arrest right. I've got a picture that they took out of the front door. The few FBI agents.

They got their FBI cars blocking the driveway and one of the FBI agents is one of those shield things to know this Catholic dad got seven kids at the house and this is now the FBI shows up at 7 AM in the morning. Okay the rest of them.

They set outside his residence Friday morning without incident occurs.

They said that everything went according to plan. So here's the deal, right. The federal indictment says that help twice assaulted a 72-year-old man who was a patient escort Planned Parenthood clinic. Remember that on October 13, 20, 21, Houck first shall be escort identified by the initials BL to the ground as Beale was attempting to escort to patients indictment sets. Houck also verbally confronted and forcefully shut BL to the ground from the clinic on the same day. The indictment says if convicted. How can face up to 11 years in prison.

Three years of supervised release and a fine of up to three and 50 grand. According to US attorney's office.

This is called the face act, which prohibits violent, threatening, damaging obstructive conduct intended to injure or intimidate or interfere with the right to seek, obtain or provide reproductive health services also known as killing babies for profit. Okay then. Today he pleaded not guilty to federal charges after the FBI arrested right and so is this the federal grant once again to talk about this guy you want to talk about the just Alexander were to talk to after the break who serves on the Temecula city Council to macula California for daring to suggest that maybe they returned to macula to a safe haven for the unborn. She's getting absolutely excoriated. I don't be surprised if somehow the feds get involved with that one.

This is about intimidation. Jackbooted thug intimidation just like the Department of Justice and Mayor Carlin who everybody thinks is really soft, gentle, nice guy. He isn't calling parents that bother to show up at the school board meeting and they're ticked off because of all the sewage is being ported their kids, their domestic terrorists and they came up with that by talking to the national teachers union in league with all this up now or using the government to intimidate our political foes. That's the complete politicization of the Department of justice.

Think trump Mara Lago documents will see what happens there but now they're using the power of the federal government literally to intimidate people and intimidate a Christian now. Last time I checked here in the good old US of a your innocent until proven guilty. So if you shop somebody, let's say that the guy did let's say that Mark Hoke actually shall this old man down.

Shame on him. Obviously that's conduct unbecoming but does that warrant an FBI raid or is that sending a message to pro-lifers all over the country that were watching you and were not afraid to use the power the federal government to come after you and intimidate you and shut you down because after all, you guys are trying to enact the new handmaid's tale in your stealing women's rights by forcing them to carry that child that they don't want your removing their right to reproductive freedom. So we will use the power the federal government come after is that the message or my just being a paranoid person that sounds like the message just like when they said and they put out that letter, the FBI in the department of justice about dangerous parents look at the duplicity here. You can go protest outside Supreme Court justices homes. One guy even attempted but was going to assassinate Cavanaugh, the federal government did nothing, not to Department of Justice that the violation of federal law. They did nothing. We just talked about supporting people's rights to protest and speak their opinion. Forget the law forget facts. Forget reality none of it matters vicious ideology. Ideology trumps reality for today's radical left in the progressive they don't care about the facts on the ground. That's why you can't argue with them.

They have a narrative, they stick to it and they're going to stick to it until Jesus comes back have to counter direct back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble show, not the some of these stories just so warning you decide to put your head up above the wall and you're going to take us and if you're a dedicated Christian whatever the deal is. But if you push back against this culture. Whether it's the issue of abortion.

The climate change stuff anything you're talking about the southern border. Whatever it is, then the spirit of the agent machine is going to come back at you. And that's something I Bobby six brings myself since 2004, but not to the extent that my guest is currently experiencing it. So before I introduce you to Jessica. Let me just read a little bit an article of this kind of this set this up for you. This is just as many articles have three confined to macula pondering abortion been proposed by councilmember Alexander the city at to macula discussed the possibility of becoming a safe haven for the unborn during the September 27 city Council meeting that's today.

By the way, so it's all make sure were praying for Jessica to make a city councilmember just Alexander and push to get a memorial erected in the city to remember aborted human embryos in feces and fetuses. Her Council colleagues were not on board.

That was before the US Supreme Court overturned Roe versus Wade. In June with the land's highest court taking a position on the matter. Then she upped the ante by now calling on her colleagues to consider banning abortion and to macula and as soon as you open your mouth on that stuff. Jessica then everything's been hitting the fan ever since.

Just Alexander with the to macula city Council. Thanks for being on. How are you well thank you and so just going to take us back into what was going to driving this for you in a city Council usually were talking sewer and water and things like that but also in the subsea huge issue no matter where you're at in America both, driving this this conversation for you as a member of the city Council talk about abortion calling is I actually your resource. And so when I got beneath the siding not only force ERC but also the night I am ready not yet I'm not and that's something I appreciate a city Council level and in a like we have here in North Carolina Chapel Hill which is, like our version of San Francisco that for years before Auger fell in before Gay marriage clinical became the law of the land. Every year they would pass a resolution in Chapel Hill from the city Council saying we demand the state of North Carolina resends its Defense of marriage act and I thought that's ridiculous. What are you doing messing with state things that was on the issue of marriage. This on the issue of abortion, and for us as Christians, whether you think it's apropos at a city Council level or not is irrelevant because in to macula and other places all over California just like just like New York. These are the two most radical abortion seats in the country and how do you say nothing even if it's a resolution something just to signify and deal with the issue itself.

So what was the reaction of first when just brought this up the first time using #E oriole yeah that was a reaction to that they were all urging I got my need for your 70s when I was a great idea. This is not to do it at your church right that which makes sense, but then you you when did you decide actually say hey I would like to see to macula become a century city for the unborn. That's a great question.

Well, I actually know and are not an article called art meal) go this year.

It was almost 1 I don't know. This resolution is not a lie is just a resolution but how can it be we have more see against this thing we do not agree with me just fine against each other. Powerful but we need good men and women to stand out.

Yeah, and that that fight needs to be fought in the state and local level not just thinking that because Roe versus Wade got overturned. All it did was push the issue down the 50 states and now you engage locally. It's good, it's really kind of put your put your money where your mouth is for us pro-life people on a local level but were you surprised I was. I would imagine that the pushback and the hatred was pretty much instantaneous mind.

He downgrades out the letter with astronomical very very long, and now your normal writing. Yeah, a lot of taxis I and I write letters and a lot of us believe it just, you know, I let her out. It was only clockwork every light okay you know any other cell is it what what have been some of the more disturbing things that have happened to you because I mentioned this before he went on the air.

The fact that Stephen Colbert even knows her name. You know it's a macula is not LA in California and Stephen Colbert. Whether you like him or not, has a big presence. Late-night talkshow host and he likes to mock you in the New York Times. I mean these are major major media sources that are dealing with this nice little Christian lady there and to macula.

Have you been surprised by the level of vitriol and how far it's gone really wanting. And I will look at these people and not and when we really look inside sure it's incredible. We can see he's going Wednesday. It's all a hard copy in my knee that was Stacy Abrams in Georgia who said there's no such thing as a fetal heartbeat of five or six weeks. My wife is now a registered sonographer does ultrasounds and she's like talk about a science denier. I mean that. That's so bizarre. I mentioned this before, into our mutual friend friend Beth. I was like that's a reprobate mind that's on Romans one reprobate mind which literally can't function in reality what makes up its own story makes up its own reality right here right now and I'm not. I how powerful is now listening people are listening. If you don't want to run and not on our conversation be my baby Just brought me spiritually, emotionally, throughout people's lives when abortion is is so that we conversation any ring what I want to community. I read an option. Why disgusting where I want to read community to be able to raise our how many members are there in the to macula city Council. So how are your four compadres reacting to this well. I know I said I why is standing on the corner went be working fine and the others are so many words I don't know what else you will Christian people.

They both agreed that I might but and hearing God. And what about because you've gotten so much exposure from this one about just fellow citizens and to macula that you might run into our neighbors or whatever. How are they reacting to what you're doing because then there's the narrative there's the twitter story. There's the Stephen Colbert in the New York Times and you're just the handmaid's tale, I saw that picture of you and like the priestess outfit like you are the spawn of Satan or something but just regular folks what what's been your interaction with them. I very over rate is not on you know there's something wrong for me and you know what abreast of all second line baby not being completely formed all God's blessing and there is one key trait when you list for a week or what not to make that choice or not the arbiter of life exactly and the other hold that thought right there were up against commercial break that you can hear us coming and that I can hear it loud and clear so that thought were talking to Jessica Alexander.

She's on the city Council and beautiful to macula California can attack Christina for life will be right back to Steve Noble show talking to Jessica Alexander doing, whether in Southern California right now macula she's on the city Council. There is the quote are we willing to stand up and fight for every every one of us, including the unborn Alexander Esther colleagues. Let's be the person California. She proclaimed Alexander said the Council must fulfill its oath to protect all residents of which included the unborn as she should never send she's been under attack all across not just California but on a national level New York Times Stephen Colbert yada yada yada all coming after because you know what you really want to. Jessica is the whole country to be like the handmaid's tale which is put off women under the yoke of the patriarchy. Take away everybody's rights and all that kind of stuff, but Bobby said that's ridiculous, but I wanted to go back. We're talking about this and thanks for your time today. What times the what times the city Council meeting today, your time so great to 6 PM your time which is 9 PM our time over here on the East Coast before were done today I want to pray with you and and pray for you with all the audience and that that's that's tonight at 9 o'clock friends that we need to be praying for our sister out there in California. But one of the things about this. One of the lessons I think it's great that you are sharing. Jessica is that you know you for felt like the Lord called you, not once, not twice but three times to get into this is wasn't really your realm beforehand, and then note, getting over that line getting involved in politics in the flesh, setting aside the calling of the Lord. What were you kinda thinking, what were you wrestling with.

When you considered being on the city Council because most of us are like I was on time for stuff like that you got five kids you know your homeschooling your busy you're already in the pro-life movement. Why add this so what what were you, wrestling with what you know I figure out what community you know me then just garbage and construction yet is still our responsibility as human beings to think here. I want our obligation is my obligation as a former Marine as well. Warmer in your state police officer like you are both of those things are not the one I'm going hip checked in the grocery store that's for sure glad ma'am you were there first egg, knock yourself out while thank you for your service is always always been. I've always cared for like always. People bring when it's just where I thousands of people and your voice yeah and that's the history and you were mentioning that on the brink which is what I wanted to help the Walmart distribution center. When I talked to fellow Christians at night and by the way, you're welcome. The homeschooling world.

I have 167 high school, home school students every week that I teach. I got a classes in person to online civics US history and Christian ethics in one of the things your stories is one of the stories I tell often that you're not just here to consume that that God put the spirit in you.

If you're actually a believer then you learn through his word to gain wisdom and knowledge and then you're supposed affect the world around you in the Old Testament is seeking the welfare of the city. So your job is to love your neighbor as yourself. You got engage and then I that's why bring up the Walmart distribution center and I just asked them a question what stays, what's supposed to stay in a Walmart distribution center and the answer to that is nothing manufacturing stuff comes in and it turns right around and goes back out. So if you got stuff staying in the Walmart distribution center. Something's wrong. Nothing should stand there so everything that the Lord pours into us. The question is are you turning around and pouring it out into your own families like your neighbors life in your community's life and that's the challenge for for us all that we have to follow an example like yours, Jessica. I think you know your city police officer served in the military now you're in the city Council and people go stay with me here for second not trying to offend you. People go wow you're like over the top.

Jessica you're like an over-the-top Christian American that you would serve like that and sacrifice like that. I actually don't think you are. I think what you are is kind of a normal first century Christian.

But the most other people.

They go that's totally abnormal. Not really. I mean, I don't think that should be terribly abnormal for us now. Not at all you know something I just we only thing we will meet you there calling everybody's call so you have a chance to speak tonight at the meeting, or suggest a vote now.

I'll actually I just I think somebody's got it. I will be able to see me on very early, where he why so quiet conversation. You three months until I got to the gym for your term right right so that's you know at least another 12 times your right so you can up that a little bit and then something about it and I appreciate the fact you have the joy of the Lord, and you could smile and laughter.

All of this is difficult as it can be in the personal attacks and all that kind of stuff but what we have to lose.

I mean really what what can they take from us, us being Christians, nothing really am dead already to this world. So what are we worried about people just here hear what you think about there being especially when time of maturity as a Christian, where we just say it really doesn't end out matters to me is what I say.

Here's an as long as it is now you sure is good. Well, right here that's that that's the deal is to remember that we essentially play to an audience of one. So it doesn't matter.

Ultimately what happens tonight in this vote because you did what you are called to do. You've stood for God's truth you stood for the unborn life, the unborn, and you are faithful. Fruitfulness is his deal. So like we need to stay on our side of the equation so we go while she lost.

What's the point standing up and speaking the truth with the love, motivation is always worth in this just just be faithful and then you don't have to worry, this is the only job in this real world where you get eternal rewards just for being faithful and the results of your efforts are completely in God's hands is not a bad deal. Now how can we pray for you.

I've got a few minutes left.

I just want to make sure we cover you in prayer. But how can we pray for you and him to do just that. I'm now I'm feeling it. I'm doing the strength of the Holy Spirit.

I'm just needing wisdom.

I now very calm and loving so I'm just asking the Lord to give me heart you know my price and the hard work and I'm just asking also for a softening of the other councilmembers that they are currently stopping and also that people on the other side will finally meeting in the art awesome okay I'm in a free for right now is that okay let's go to the Lord everybody funny guy. We think you for this day and this time to be together.

We think you for our sister Jessica and her husband and her kids.

All of her friends. Everybody in the pro-life community there.

The body of Christ father for their willingness to stand up and in the heat comes at us when we do that, Lord, as it did for all of the profits for your son.

Nothing is changed over all these years and so we just think you that this family is willing to stand for truth and stand for life and Turkestan to try to protect the unborn board.

The most vulnerable amongst us just pray for Jessica tonight as she goes into this meeting, Lord, that she will continue to feel the strength of your people, lifting her up coming alongside her lawyer like Moses did in battle when people were holding up his arms, Lord, that she would know that were holding up her arms all across this country people in the in the family of faith, Lord, that you would give her wisdom that she would be able to be strong and calm.

At the same time, Lord, even when some and loving that people would get the sense that there's this strange combination of strength and boldness. Yet, love and compassion and patience when some this Lord that people would be attracted to this moment in time for a reason that they can understand. We pray Lord that he would just give her the mind of Christ that she would have your heart she steps up and speaks Lord and then we pray for the other members of the city Council that you would give them open their eyes and open their hearts, especially those that call themselves Christians Lord that they would set aside political expediency or fear it would be full of courage and steadfastness, Lord, that they would stand with Jessica to stand for life and to stand for truth we pray for them to pray for anybody else.

It's gonna be there for the prayer gathering for protesters outside, especially those Lord that are on the side of death right now in darkness we pray for them that something will happen. Maybe it already has. But we pray. Certainly, tonight is to come, that something will prick their conscience that you'll do something with this Lord to bring people out of darkness and light, they will hear the truth in the be set free, and we just pray that you will be glorified in all of this that Jessica will decrease, you will increase and you will be glorified and more that's that's all we can shoot for is to glorify you and to trust you with all the results and we ask all that Jesus name, amen. You're welcome Jessica is a pleasure.

I will check back after everything happens it will go from there.

Pray with right Russian dating. Thanks go down Josh and that's something everybody tonight. Okay, this is 9 PM Eastern time when this meeting happens and we need to be praying for Jessica praying for her over her for her for life for the truth and for the people there okay make sure you break 9 PM, set it on your phone and make sure tonight at 9 PM. Your pray somebody that's standing up for the truth and we need to follow her example such and such a powerful powerful testimony for our sister Jessica for all of us.

This is Steve Noble on the Steve Noble showed God willing I'll talk to you real soon and like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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