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Serving Refugees?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 22, 2022 4:06 pm

Serving Refugees?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 22, 2022 4:06 pm

Serving Refugees?

Steve Noble talks to Mark Vowels from BJU School of Religion to talk about why serving refugees is important for Christ.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show were biblical Christianity meets everyday life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble back everybody hope you're doing well.

Great to have in my US history classes. Having a texting conversation were looking at Kenneth early 1700s restarted all the way back in the 1400s, but now or in the 1700s at the colonies are coming together and trying to get the students to understand when the early folks come in here from Europe and they wanted to move the regular religious persecution or whatever the situation happen to be from perhaps up near the Plymouth area or Boston and they wanted to come down well like here in North Carolina or South Carolina. Even down to Georgia you're looking at a six or 700 mile trail I would show them the maps of these trails and a lot of little town spring up while you know like Charlotte Salsberry Augustine George all the little towns that you would recognize all the way up to Virginia with the Boston and am trying to get them to imagine. So I showed him a slide of the trail so they actually could see the map 7800 miles and then there's another picture adjoining that of a German Biltz carriage. Basically a big wagon like you'd see from the wagon trail] that kind of thought in your mind about 20 feet long covered wagon a big one made by the Germans back in the 1700s and then you would you six horses to travel at that thing that I asked him a question. What if you had to leave everything you have right now. Think of the house you live and look at this wagon on the screen and imagine that you have to leave your house tonight what's going to stay in what's going to go what to take with you get that thought in your mind because that's a pretty radical thing for all of us. Most of us carry a lot of garbage with us wherever we go.

It if you've moved a lot like I have you know that, then let's take it a step further and let's consider what's been going on in over the last six, seven, eight months in Ukraine, for example, 7.2 million refugees that fled Ukraine in Syria. When we saw all the nightmares going on there with ISIS. That was 6.8 million refugees, 2.7 million from Afghanistan to .4 million from South Sudan 1.8 million from me and Mark which is right next to Thailand in an estimated hundred million displaced people worldwide driven from their homes by what could be war could be a persecution.

As I mentioned, and just plain old injustice. So you got refugees literally all over the world and you can make a case if you wanted to about people that are coming to the United States, whether they're legal or illegal is besides the point. But you people coming here that have chosen to be displaced. They have nothing. So how do we react as Christians to the refugee crisis. What might be here in our own neck of the woods around the world. Is that an opportunity to really kinda show what it means to be a follower of Christ. If you don't have a heart for it.

If you don't understand it. Are you off the luck call yourself a Christian. There's responsibilities that come with that. So today were in me working our way through just a great blog post as our friends at BJ.

You always do as well as a seminary work in our conversation, and in that shows up on the seminary viewpoints on the special Facebook are special website page at BJ you so I put that link up today for the blogger to be talking about, which is just simply called serving refugees, meeting needs and proclaiming Christ and this is something if you've never been on a foreign mission trip. I would really suggest you do that and there's a lot of things you can do but serving refugees, perhaps besides the gospel itself is one of the most incredible things we can do to show the love of Jesus Christ. So Mark, what valves is down at the BJ's school of religion also runs the center for dealing with global outreach and he's joining us today Mark it's great to have Jan, thanks for being here. Thank you very much. I'm happy to be with.

So this was obviously a focus there on campus and untying this directly to the gospel and what it means to be a Christian out of this kind. This whole issue of refugees and others who were to look at the Scriptures because it's pretty clear, but out of this become kind of a big issue for you personally.

As a follower. All such a big and my wife. My wife was a Cuban immigrant from long ago many years ago okay with her entire family and I kind of got no editors to refugee culture and that I was pastor of first college ended up planting a Spanish-speaking church in Florida a lot of Caribbean people there probably 75% of our congregants were Cuban and you know most of those have slide and some of them had a lot of economic they wanted a better life, sure, but there was an awful lot of real severe persecution and threats in their lives. We had no shortage of those, folks, and it really made me start to realize there's a there's a window of opportunity when someone is in their desperate moment, and in other ways people come to desperate moments, not just because of regression or refugee situation when you come to desperate moment. You have a special opportunity to really administer people and their vulnerable spiritually and that could be a very good thing. Once they get settled and they have opportunity to really start to put their life back together.

That opportunity gives to say because this is done, you know putting Brett on the right will hang under control and that's all understandable. Jeff noted no criticism of that at all, but I just look around the world now and in fact just just think the last year between the seventh rather abrupt pullout of US Afghanistan, which created a refugee crisis there and in the war in Ukraine.

We have really more displaced people on the move in the world today than at any time in human history, and so we do a like a missions conference; global opportunities great. That's actually ending today for going on all this week and I try to I organize that and I try to put together some aspect of you know global ministry that will connect with students with what will they resonate with just looking at our world I thought really is kind of obvious wish you refugee to Mr. Visscher sensing thing since you've been there at the University of been at the set in the setting of GU for over 20 years. Do you see anything is in the in the current generation. Do you see any difference in how they react to kind of a refugee crisis in this concern for what's going on globally than maybe 10 or 15 years ago because we have a generation now that anyways for guys our age is frustrating, but there is in all truism to them that I really appreciate this desire to kinda get out and make a difference as opposed to just making a bhakti.

Have you seen that change difference there and sometimes it's sort of try to write on my social media, but oftentimes was a real impulse, we see that here in the last few years where students will get behind something altruistic and it's amazing how much money they'll raise yeah and the phone and call people and they want to give to this and wishing you soon. Amazing like like for years we would say castings to raise money they don't have any money going out, but they know people that have money hold that thought is I want to pick it up there and talk about the students will talk about opportunities for ourselves, but will get into the Scriptures well will be right back, back, and Steve Noble to Steve Noble shows this music.

You just heard the one line there okay basically a call for help with that. It is I'll be your bristly okay if you're in a fight and you know anything about the 1960s, 1970s movies. The new Bruce Lee was the premier martial artist on the face of the planet and if you wanted somebody in your fight you wanted to Bruce Lee to be in there that's I throw that in there that I use that. How do you fold that Steve into theology Thursday talking about refugees serving refugees, meeting needs and proclaiming Christ if anybody needs somebody to help them in a fight and is the fight for their life. Is there fleeing for whatever reason have nothing on them except what they can carry on their backs or in a backpack. If anybody needs help.

It's the refugee right and so for us for a refugee. Maybe were the supposed to be the ones to fight" fight for them to help them as opportunities do that all over the world. As I started and where here at the mark valves today. 7.2 million refugees out of Ukraine.

6.8 million out of Syria. 2.7 million out of Afghanistan. 2.4 million out of South Sudan on and on and goes about hundred million displaced people worldwide so we can go to them in other countries were going to talk about that but also there's a lot of refugees that are here Mark again welcome the show and thanks for being with us today. Finishing up global opportunities week at Bob Jones University and you mentioned that that must've been quite the experience. When you are pastoring down in Florida you know you and I are light-skinned folks from the Midwest you're down there and you people come from Cuba and other parts and a lot of them start is refugees are really thought that was interesting that there's an incredible opportunity there.

But once they get settled in and they get busy about the affairs of life and in the school and now that window, close which is a spiritual window correct that's for me to describe a friend just had breakfast morning. He runs a ministry called Arabic Bible outreach, especially Internet-based. I will get all the details, but he has found ways to social media to begin communication with Muslims and then from there he curates the conversations those who are really interested inventor advises them and he has all staff on online and then if they really respond will offer them a Bible when it comes time to go to Bible. He actually sends the contact to someone living in that country, and their average world and they go in person by one in Durban, hundreds and maybe thousands of people converted yeah this process is using technology in a really interesting way yeah and what he was saying about how refugees he has a contact with Curtis refugees in Istanbul outside of the stumble. There's a whole refugee camp. Kurds and encourage very many people never seem to like them and let you know that they never fit in and enter the country really exists. One of the largest people groups in the world without a and so are Muslim occurred was somehow evangelized in the refugee camp was converted and was disciple Michael was there see what he could do that.

My friend Michael.

He was trying to find ways to minister to these refugees you took it on himself to really spend time with this new convert and now here, so later this guy's got a fledgling little church and they're seeing people and so I can the stories are abundant with in this case Muslims coming from from war-torn situations of injustice, persecution, and a very open are vulnerable and insecure. Okay whatever I've believed in so far hasn't really worked for me. I hear I have a letter persecuting the very people who say they want to stop and here they are ruining my life and so they all start asking really no expense request and execute now Follow Her Countrymen and Shares with Them and Also There's Another Way to Look at Life Is a Different World and They've Got a Church of Something like 50 or 60 New Curtains and a Refugee Camp Recovery Be Repeated All around the World. There Is Is You Have a Large Country Refugee That Begs the Question, and You and You Address This in the Blog Post Today Serving Refugees, Meeting Needs and Proclaiming Christ Talking the Mark Valves from Bob Jones University School of Religion, but That the Story and in Acts Chapter 3 Because of I Can Eat. I Know My We Are Tribal Enough That People like Okay What about Physical Needs, What about Safety, What about All That and Then on the Other Side. Of Course We Know Their Spiritual Needs and Want to Share the Gospel. But How Can That Story Out Of Acts Chapter 3 Mark Help Us Understand That It's Not One of the Other Text Both. That's a Great Question. Thank You so My Generation. I Think There Was an Emphasis At Least among Sort of Really Conservative Christianity That Were Not Primarily Interested in People's Physical Needs Were Primarily Interested in the Gospel and Show Is Almost, like You See Somebody Who's Broken and Hurting and You Say Well Let Me Try to Give You the Gospel You Not Really Doing Is an and Absent Gives Reasons Why That Came about A Lot Of It Has To Do with the Rise of You Know, Religious Liberalism and What Was Known As the Social Gospel and Where That Was Really All Christianity Was Divorced Serving People's Physical Needs, and so the More Conservative Certain Pendulum Slide and Registry Office Overreacted Reactionary. I and and so You Know As I've Ministered in Various Places in the World and Saying People and Their Situation. You Know You Start to Recognize That That People Are Not Really Open to Hearing What You Have To Say about Your Worldview or Your Philosophy or Your Christianity until They See That You Really Care about about Their Needs Met Declaration Back to the Gospels in Your Suggestions over and over Again Giving People Always at the Point of Showing Who He Was, Why He Was There, but Also Giving People Oftentimes More Than Needed to Be Done Just to Make a Point Right He's Healing Whole Villages of the Right in Matthew Nine. For Example, an and You Say Okay This Is What Jesus Does Jesus Care Multiple Times in the Gospels, It Says That He Was Moved with Compassion Minutes. I like It Is Is Is Insides Were Credit Were Churning. I Had to Do Something He Always Does Something It's Not Just I Feel Something He Always Does Something and so I Spoke to Our Students Last Week from Accepted Three about This Idea of Where Is the Balance I Do and Which Variants Are to Be an Acceptance Really Is That You Have Peter, John, This Is This Right after Pentecost Relate There They Received the Holy Spirit. They Understand They Have Some New Identity, They Completely Understand All That Is Transpired in Terms of Their Jewishness Versus Your Christianity and Jewish Guys from Galilee. They're Almost like Tourists in Jerusalem Was a Big Deal so They Want to Go to the Temple Right at the Place Today It's It's Time to Pray Our Prayer in the Afternoon Cylindrical. Pray That's What the Text Says Yes. So, As They Approach That Then They Run into Now. We Got a Problem. Is It a Run of This Lame Man Who Is up from Birth, Who Is Begging, so What You Do for This Guy Will What's the Deal Hottie to Just Share the Gospel of Them Do You Try to Help Them.

You Need a Miracle. What We Do or to Go There. Next We Come Right Back to Back Its Email to Steve Noble, Show Theology Thursday As It Always Is with Our Friends at Bob Jones University As Well As BJ You Seminary Today Talking to Mr. Mark Valves Who Is the Director of the Center for Global Opportunities. Teachers in the School of Religion at Bob Jones University Talk about. I Refugee Serving Refugees, Meeting Needs and Proclaiming Christ and Again I When You First Hear That You like, Well, I Guess That's an Overseas Thing.

Well Yes of Course There's A Lot More Refugees Overseas and around the World and There Are Here in America but Don't Be Fooled Leave A Lot Of Refugees around Here I Was Saying Mark on One of the Last Breaks That Here in Raleigh. There's a Certain Apartment Complex That Most of the Evangelical Community Knows Is Just Chock Full of Refugees Coming from All over the World and for Some Reason Many Gotchas Putting a Big Laser Target on It. They Just All End up There It's Really Remarkable so You Have All These Opportunities We Know What Americans like, Whether Legal or Illegal Is Not the Point. Today, but They're Here They're Coming There Refugees in One Way or Another, and so Were Looking at the Scriptures Right Now Optically in Acts Chapter 3 As Peter and John Are Going to That They're Going to Jerusalem, Go to the Temple Men. That's the Place You Go There's Going to Pray, but Then They Come across This Guy outside the Gate. That's Lame from Birth Obviously Poor and in the? Is What We Do about That in Our Own Lives Do We Do, We Just Meet Their Physical Needs with Jesus.

You Said That Earlier Did It All the Time. And Jesus Wasn't Always Proclaiming Cortical the Way We Look at the Gospel Is Always Proclaiming the Kingdom, but He's Healing People All over the Place. You Can Heal Everybody by the Way He's Reading Plea People All over the Place. He Didn't Feed Everybody and Then That Wasn't Predicated on Lemon and You Are My Gospel Presentation.

First, Mark, and Then I'll Take Care That That That Rumbly Tumbling of Years in Your Belly Know I Mean It's Kind about so What Happened in This Case, When Peter and John Are Approaching the Temple Just to Pray so They Current Issue.

This Guy Was Lame from Birth and Peter and John Walked up to the Guy and Peter Says Hey Everybody, and It Doesn't Say This in the Text. I Wonder Peter Kinda Felt around for Languages across Right and He Realized That Money and We Could Money but Maybe Maybe Maybe Not Bother Anybody You Know That You Number but Maybe the Back of His Mind He Remembers Hey I've Seen Jesus in This Very Same Situation.

What Would Jesus Do Is He's Just Been Empowered Very Recently by the Holy Spirit, Seen Some Miraculous Things Happening Already. So He Says Here's What I Do Have the Name of Jesus of Nazareth Rise and Walk Me Reached out His Hand, Takes Grandmother and Immediately the Guys Fully Restored and Strengthen His Feet. He's Jumping in Babies Is for the First Time in His Life. The Walk and This Guy Because He's Lame Would Never Have Been Allowed to Consider Ritually Impure, so That He Goes into the Temple with Peter and John and It Says Is Clinging to Them and He's Probably Jumping and Excited Not Becomes a Spectacle and People in the in the Temple. They They Come There on a Regular Basis and This Guy Is Always There and They See Happening like This Is That the Guy Who Can't Walk and I like What Happened and Peter and John Glover and They Say You Want to Know What Happened Will Be Glad to Tell You What Happened. Kravis Gathered and Apparently Hundreds, Maybe Thousands of People Hear Them Explain the Story That This Was Done by Jesus of Magic, Not Because of Our Great Power and They Proclaim the Gospel and You Know the Point I Make to Mentor Students Is If You If You Know If Peter John Had Money. I Think It Would Give the Government Ensure Absolutely Jesus Said in the Sermon on the Map. If Someone Bags yet They Had to Figure out What That Looks like for You since I Keep a $10 Bill Tucked in the Back Part of My Wallet and If Somebody Bags and It's the Check or It Seems like That I Give My 10 Bucks and Open Another $10 and for the Next Answer I Can Afford $10. Some People Maybe They Can Afford Hundred Dollars Student Maybe Affords One Dollar Jesus Sent His Only Bags Give to the Beggar. I Think That's Exactly What It's Probably a Good Thing. It Was a Good Thing for the Beggar That They Didn't Have Any Money so so Suddenly the Guys Who Make a Spectacle and This Whole Multitude Gospel Is Straightforward with the Laser on the Line. Your Your Responsible for the Death of the Messiah, Collectively Culture You Are Responsible and When You Need to Do. You Need to Repent and Believe and It Says That There Were Many of Them It Did Believe That Chapter 3 Chapter 4.

The Temple Authorities Aren't Really Keen on This. I Come over. I May Try to Know What's Going on Here with You during Our Precinct in Our Domain and the Sermon Again. You Know This. This Is What Happened. This Jesus Thing Jesus Is Doing Things and He Gets to Verse 12 and He Tells the Leaders Who Supposedly Are Sort of like the Power Brokers, Certain Virtual Brokers. He Says Neither Is There Salvation in Any Other from Is No Other Name under Heaven Given among Men, Which We Can Be Saved except the Name of Jesus Christ, so It's a Real Clear Gospel Presentation and and My Point Is, It's Not an Either/or, You Know It You Give the Money That's What You Can Do You If Their Case They Hear the Guy. Maybe If You're in Medicine or If You Have Some Some Way to Help the Guy Physically You Do That Because That's What Jesus Would Do, but You Also Give the Gospel Work Where You Can Because That's Also Is Not an Either/or Is Not That One Is More Than the Others about That Great Yeah They Have Great Value and That's and If You Think about That and Often Times There Was a Message I Heard from Tim Keller. Years Ago, Chris Redeemer Presbyterian down to New York City Had a Gift of Dealing with Skeptics and Would Open It up for Questions after Sermons Is a Pretty Amazing Ministry, but He Said Something Tim Keller Is Usually Very Nuanced Sometimes to Nuance for My Taste, but in This Case, I Was Shocked by Something He Said Mark Is That If You If You Really Studied the Scriptures, and in Terms of Refugees, Poor Outsiders, Widows Follow This People. If You Really Studied the Scriptures Then If You're Not Regularly Involved with Ministry to the Poor and the Marginalized. You Might Want to Question Whether You're Even a Christian Now That's a Pretty Aggressive Statement to Say the Least and I Don't Think He Was Calling People out on on Their Salvation. But I Think He Was Reminding Us and This Is My Point.

But I like You to Speak to the Bible Much Is Very Clear and Very Direct about God's Heart for the Outsider for the Marginalized and the Refugee.

So This Really Is a Pretty Significant Part of the Christian Life Isn't Doing Something to Help the outside Important Refugee Sure and in the Old Testament You Have Israel As the People of God and over and over Again. God Chosen to Take Care Of the Stranger Doesn't Use the Word Refugee Per Se Immigrant or Criminal Refugee Someone Is Not That Somebody Was Other and He Says You Care for the Newcastle in the Way I Care for You so This Is That in the Old Testament throughout the Men You to the New Technology Has Example of Jesus in the Gospels but Then You Come into That into the Epistles and You See Paul Saying You Know That's That's We Have Opportunity. That's Too Good to All Men When Paul Is Introducing the Other Apostles in Jerusalem the First Time You Really Kinda Meets the Whole Crew. He He Tells Them about His Conversion and They Say That's Great You Got a Minister of the Gentiles.

But Let's Ask You This One Thing.

Can You Remember the Poor Also Certifying to Do That Right so Paul Has in Mind at Ease. His Role Is to Help Care for Those Who Are Destitute Sure I Wasn't His Primary Thing That You Don't See That Is Pronounced.

Certainly Persons or for, but It Does Come out in Some the Things He Says in His Very Fact Checking and Offering to Jerusalem Taken Often from Gentiles, Bring Back to the Jewish and Jerusalem to Help the Poor. That's the Whole Point of Reference, and I Think It's Pretty Been a Pretty Consistent Witness of the Church. I Mean There Were the Others. People Are Historians Are Actually in Possession and Am Sure You Heard This before, Some Letters from Roman Centurions. When the Plague Is Hitting and Their Pulling All the Troops out, but There's These People Staying in the City That Are Bearing People in Caring for the Poor and the Sick and Who Is at Once As Rascally Christians Right so There's Always This Denial of Self Whenever We Have Anything Goes Wrong. Whether It's Ukraine, Whether It's Famine in Africa, Whether It's Hurricanes and in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, Whatever. In All These Christian Ministries Samaritans Purse. Whatever Show I'm Gonna Show up As Anybody on the Planet at This Point That Surprised by That. The Second Assumption Is a Part of the Christian Life Is You Show up When There's People in Need Is a Beautiful Thing. I Remember Just A Few Years Ago When You Know How It Was at Its Peak in Worcester Summit and Certain People Were Dying in and and I Think Everybody Had Some Fear. What Is an Samaritans Purse Set up like a Tree Mobile Hospital near City People Really Angry like No One in Their Right You Not See Other Groups like the American Atheists Are No Detritus. Now People and Their Need and It Was a Good Reminder Exactly What You're Saying That Chris and Chuck Was There Was a Major Earthquake in China, Minister Underground Churches in China the past and It Was so Moving to Me Where There's a Major Earthquake and the Chinese Were Mobilizing Support and Then We Found out Later That That Thousands of Christians from Other Parts of China, and Ascended into Those Locations Were Helping to Think People Out Of Bringing Food and Water Doing What They Could Write As If It's a Natural Yeah It's a Natural Impulse and One Has with Jesus Was. That's Right Exactly What Jesus Would Do, How Do We Follow That Will Talk about That Next Look Back at Stephen over the Seasonal Michelle Theology Thursday with Their Friends about Seminary Today Talking with Mark Bolles Who Is the Director of the Center for Global Opportunities Are Just Finishing up down on the Campus. The Global Opportunities Week Really Focusing on Serving Refugees and Meeting Needs in Proclaiming Christ Doing Both.

It's Not Either/or, It's Both. And That's of Course What Jesus Did He Find Them. Of Course, Preaching the Kingdom and Preaching the Christian Life and Preaching the Gospel at the Same Time He's Feeding He's Healing Is Meeting People's Actual Physical Needs Is an Amazing Thing to Look at and Consider, and It Wasn't like Eight.

Listen to Mike Gospel Presentation First and Then I'll Feed You. He's Just Feeding and of Course in the Midst of All That He's Proclaiming the Kingdom of God. And That's the Way We Need to Be Doing It As Well, but I Wanted Ask You Market. Again, Thank You for Your Time Today.

Thanks for Being Here, Especially after Busy Week That You Had Just in Terms of What Are Some of the Opportunities That Students at BJ You Are Are Being Afforded Because That's What You Been Shown in the Stuff All Week. Whatever Talk about Foreign Opportunities, Different Organizations or Things Here in the United States As Well As Some Stories If You If You Could Share about What Can Impact This Is Having on the Students When They Get Drenched in This Case Would Set with the Serving Refugees so We Have about 30 Organizations Are Most of Them Have Some Connection with Some Form of Refugee Ministry or They Have Personnel That Are in Some Place Ministering to Refugees so They Interact with Them, Hearing Their Stories. We Do Workshops. Today's Workshops Where All the Students Are Required Instead of Going to Chapel That Day. They Go to One of Eight Workshops in the Workshops Range from Light Education. We Had a Girl Who Is a Graduate Who Has Ministered Refugee Children after School Program Helping Them Learn English up a Bigger Homework but through the Children She's Reaching the Parents Decision Not Texas to Dallas.

We Have We Have a Another Workshop That Was the Local Representatives of World Relief in Upstate South Carolina and They Came in and Explained the Students Think You Can Do Right Now You Can Help Set up Apartments for People They Get Donated Furniture from Local Churches and They Get Maybe It's 3 to 5 a Month and Sometimes a Bunch Sometimes It You Know, Kind of Slow. The Target People Committed Then to Have These Refugees of the Tribe That Help Just Established so Just Having Somebody Who Can Give a Couple Hours a Week Yeah Be to Go within the Grocery Store or Maybe Does Have Conversational English Regular English of These Refugees and and so There's Ways That They Can Volunteer in Ways That They Can All in Addition to That There Is Another Organization That Works with Refugees Locally Called I Face and It Works with a Number of Different Kinds of Immigrant People Be Will Benefit Surgeries, Some of Whom Are Refugees and Their Primary Thing Is Just a That Help Them Learn English and English Language Program. Questions That Become Language Partners Just Just Finding Ways to Meet and Integrate and and and Have Conversation People. One. Amazing Statistics That I've Heard Many Times Is That Something like 9/10 Immigrants, Including Refugees Will Go for More Than 10 Years without Ever Going and Stepping for the American House at the End and the Single Most Powerful That's Crazy Means of Really a Friendship in the Gospel Conversation and Maybe Evangelism and Discipleship Is Just Bringing Somebody and We Don't Really Think That Maybe Maybe They Look Different. Maybe They Smell Different Talk Different Than They Are Different and We Think about Bringing Hock Learner Anions That I Have Seen This so Many Times You Just You Have a Conversation and You Say, I'd Love to Have You Come over and Just Tell Me about Your Countries Held by Your Story and Have Dinner with Us and Nobody Ever Turned You Been There, Always like Really Really I Would Love to Do That and It's a Great Way to Interact with. It's Great for Kids and How Minimum It Was Great Just Meet People and Hear These Different Story Fascinating and Most of Our Students Are Living the Residence Possibly Make It Right. The Other Things That They Can Learn to Do down the Road and I Remember One Time Years Ago My Wife and I We Saw This Couple in the Store and Vapor Office, Lost Right Turns out They Were Ethiopian and It Just Arrived and so We Said That Would Love Having Them over and It Was so We Did Extend the Wife Why She Couldn't Dinner and I Didn't Know This but in Ethiopia That the Custom of Politeness Is Date Night with Her Hands. Yeah the Food and They Put into Your Mouth. I Was a Bit Awkward for You Currently Have.

It Was Great for Developing Friendship and Now and Then, Very, Very, Very Open to Anything We Had Sex That Was Really As Is Your Manager Mentioning All That, Mark. I'm Thinking about Some of the Four Mission Trips That I've Been on a Couple Times to Kenya. I've Been to Thailand You Mentioned the Kurds Earlier.

My Son and I Is Now 27, Only As a Team We Went to Northern Iraq to Reveal Where the Kurds Are and in the One Thing You Experience on the Foreign Mission Field with These Other Cultures Is Their Openness to Bring You into Their Homes As a Complete Stranger Is Totally Normal Completely, Now in the Islamic World That Kind Hospitality That Is a Big Deal so I Remember One Family and the in That Inner Beale Were Just Walking to the Streets to Be Somewhat Careful in Terms of How Aggressive You Are, but Is Walking to the Streets in the City Full of Kurds, Most of Which Are Muslim and A Lot Of Them Are Practicing Muslims but You Just Encounter People and the Next Thing You Know They're like Not Taking No for an Answer.

Come on and Come in and We Met This One Guy. The Father Had Been a Tank Driver during the Iraq Iran War the Sign Spoke Perfect English Is Been Timing in Great Britain in London and They Drag Us in a No No No Please Please Please Come in.

We Were in Their House.

Mark for Three Hours Hours Hours in the Area Hungry or Hungry out Your Marriage.

You like Ice Cream Will Yeah but That's Kind of a Weird Question They Sent One of the Kids out to the Store to Go Get Ice Cream Nicaragua Bagful Ice Cream Bars and Then It Turns out That the Son and the Father Owned a Fairly Successful Construction Company.

They Had a Home a Little the Little Compound outside of Town so and Three Nights Later They They Killed Their Best Lamb and They Had This Huge Feast for Us the Entire Mission That Point Is like 20 of Us Lay the Whole Thing out and in I Come Back Home and like People Want to Come over. But What an Amazing Thing to Be Invited into It Because for Them to Go into American Home Is Fascinating Is for Me to Go to a Kurdish, It's a Big Deal. I Was at a Seminar Years Ago and Submitted Actually Studied This Academically and They Were Researching Specifically What Muslims Watch the Single Biggest Factor in and Bring Him Us in Christ. So Muslims in America That Have Been Converted to Christianity, and the Overwhelming Single Biggest Factor Was Somebody Invited Them to Their Home. Amazing Because They Are Here That That Screams I Value You Right I'm Open to You. I'm Not Afraid of You. You Bring Somebody into Your Home. Mark They Go to Your House to Go to My House That's Deeply Meaningful. Really, Especially Going on Very Well.

Is That What Would Jesus Do It Right, They Think Is near Friend of Publicans and Sinners Is Always Going to the Houses Hang out with. Imagine That You Are Incredible and Then Looking up to Get a Couple Minutes. What Kind of Impact to Be Seen on the Students at BG When They Start to Actually Engage This Gluttonous or Yeah I Mean Obviously That When a Student Has a Kind of Interaction and Opens Her Worldview Broadens Our Understanding It Gives Them a Sense I Have Had 70 Students Are like Really Sort of Sheepish, Reluctantly Come up with Stedman Gently Guide Them Even This Would Be a Really Good Thing.

And Afterwards, or Just Float Away. So Good That That Was so Helpful in and I Learned so Much in I Can Do This As a Single Biggest Thing I Can Do This or God Can Use Me Yeah and That's Exactly What You're Aiming for Each Member Recognized Eight You Have To Be You Know You Have Been the Apostle Paul Had to Have Miraculous Powers.

You Don't Have To Have Some Great Oratory Skills. You Have To Be Friendly and Kind Is Be Yourself and That Jesus Work. The I Love That I Love That You Use the Word Kind Is Because We Remembers the Kindness of God That Leads People to Repentance Rights in and Our Anger and Frustrations I Can Lead People to Repentance.

The Kindness of God in on That One. When You Talk about Just Being Kind and Welcoming People in and the Students All the Single Hey I Can Do This I Can Exit Be Involved.

I God Will Use Me and That's True for All of Us and Again It's It's It's None of This Is a Huge Leap. But Most of Us.

I Was Just Thinking As You Were Talking about That Mark and Were about Done, but Jesus Came to Give Us Life and Give Us Life Abundantly. How How How Little Are We Settling for. We Were Not Engaged in Ministry like This.

It Was like Living This C+ Life in Jesus like Me You'll Do Little More While My Way and Go to a B+ Life and a Life You Can Experience Things and Locking Yourself out so It Is like Wow There's A Lot More to This Christianity Thing Than Just Going to Church Go to Bible Study That's Exactly Right. And, and That Often Becomes Short of a Starting Point for Real, Personal Growth, Yeah, and Interest in Others It Affects the Way They Interact with Their Roommates and with Others on Campus and Really Does Have a Deep Impact.

Yeah, Such an Awesome Call and Challenge for All of Us. And so I Say into Mark on the Break.

Listen We Bring A Lot Of Bells on the Show A Lot Of Different Valves. This Is a Bell That's Ringing in Your Ear and You like Wow It Got Convicted by This Am Interested in This Am Excited about This One I Can Start Doing Something about Okay, That Might Be Just the Lord Inviting You into This.

I Just Shared a Link Just for an Example from the Center for Global Opportunities Remarks. The Director Always Mission Opportunities and It Shows North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia, All over the Place, but North America Right Here in Our Backyard so I Would Encourage You Just Looked at That As the Lord to Inspire You to Give You Some Direction and Taken Action Here Because God Will Deftly Bless You and Bless Others through It. Mark, Thanks so Much for Being Here Today. It's Been Great Having Young Accent Will Do It Again This Is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble Showed God Willing I'll Talk to You Again Real Soon and like My Dad Always Used To Say Ever Forward Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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