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Vote Von Canon!

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September 20, 2022 11:14 pm

Vote Von Canon!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 20, 2022 11:14 pm

Vote Von Canon!

Steve Noble talks to Fred Von Canon about politics! He is running for NC House 35! Vote for Fred Von Canon here!

Our goal is to apply Biblical Truth to the big issues of the day and to spread the Good News of the Gospel to as many people as possible through the airwaves as well as digitally. This mission, like others, requires funding.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble around the center setting people up to Martha's Vineyard about Gov. Abbott sending people here and there and everywhere New York City watching whatever a state stealing a talk about Joe Biden hey Steve Steve wanting to talk more about Congress what happened easily plenty of time for that, but do not be deceived. Tip O'Neill back during the Reagan administration were right all politics is local. We tend to get.

I think enchanted by Washington DC in the halls of power up there and what we see on the news and we tend to forget about local politics, statewide politics, local politics County politics County commissioners. For example, warrior school board all the while while we get enchanted by what's going up on DC the left.

The progressives have been working mightily down the grassroots level for literally decades they started to take over the school system back in the late 1818 late 1800s.

Our wondering how did all this happen. What would happen is we all got enchanted by something that was not as primary to local life as it is. We like to think it is.

That's why weren't we talking a lot of school board candidates will continue to talk about people in the state level. Here, North Carolina by way of your listening in Utah or Virginia or Missouri or Virginia where we happen to be listening even though this is a North Carolina show for the most part we talk about issues that apply everywhere. So today, my good friend Fred Voncannon is back in the house running for North gun house 35 and you like a I don't even live in North The matter you need to support the effort.

No matter where you are right your believer and you care about this country were on the same wall. You're in a different place on the wall but run the same wall so when you have these opportunities to support people wherever you find them you should do that, but especially if you're here in North Carolina, especially if you live in the district 35 area which is up northeast Raleigh can wait for stereo roles only tell it that way. Fred good to see it will combat good C2 thanks RAM it's good to have you live by what I would like to come and get in the way back machine and reintroduce you because you have such an amazing story, God has been good to you. Obviously in a lot of different ways, but I think your story is something that every American of any stripe really should appreciate somebody that grew up with. We hear grew up rags to riches or grill but nothing in this case is sexy pretty accurate you have in upbringing that most of us can't relate to nothing, nothing might've been an improvement on how we got was how you look back on that now all these years later. You know it's it's interesting as you get older you look back in and think more account of 5% in perspective because when you're in it, you're in it.

It's you know I always tell people.

However, you grow up is your normal and is not abnormal until it is and isn't. It is ignore you know until you could have some perspective to look better on it so you know I do that I look back on and and and I think it has made me who I am and so wouldn't at the time I would've traded yellow shirt. But now I see the value in it to see where God had me and why and how he grew grew a character in me and my brothers and and and you know just made us into who we are and I don't know how I don't know if we could got it any other way.

You know, so I think that's just God's providence but to we grew up in no no no birthday presents. No, no Christmas, you know, just literally nothing that the animal to go school shopping every oh my call to my new school going down animals eat before we did so it was.

I remember in eighth grade when Thomas saw a kid with new genes and I knew he was his family's on welfare and and it was just like I couldn't even like my brain what just locked up on a process it because I was wearing the same pair of pants to school every day literally the same pair and I ask him about it he said yeah we went back to school shopping.

I've never heard that phrase on the eighth grade and and and then he told me he got three pair might show how I literally hit the floor like who has three pair of jeans hurrying rich kids you know and so yeah just you know again you started you back and realize will. Maybe ours is no no in our upbringing but it it definitely helps frameless I think and help. Sometimes you just need different things to to forge that character and I think having that experience that you had in most of us don't.

And I think that translates well to why immigrants look at this, you may have in the way that they have really for the last arguably last 400 years, he has, you know, I teach US history in savings and in ethics and we talk about this all the time and most of us just got grew up this we didn't know what we didn't know, but for you as as an American. How does that aspect of your story what you grow up and how does that affect the way you see this country, preferring to talk about running for house you will you know you're right about immigrants from the most patriotic people are people who have come here legally and from countries where they understand poverty.

They understand what it's like to live without the Bill of Rights and Constitution that starts with we the people you know and so they get it. And so yeah it's it's all perspective and just growing up in a week. We every night we with our kids there now big and so we do what we call thankful's every night we just stop and we just before go to bed we talk about more thankful for that day and it just hopefully grounds of some to realize how absolutely blessed we are just to live in the United States of America, much less to live in the best state you know in the end unit is on and on and on. Right yeah and so you know it's just it's we are blessed beyond measure and and and it sometimes it may take going through something. That's why think mission trips and short-term mission trips going to go into a country that is that's that you know has abject poverty in Chile.

You know when people come back from that.

I think even just going for 10 days can change a life right when you see you have some perspective you realize how truly spoiled we are in this in this country. It really helps give you some perspective in an we got that without leave. I have that and I tell my students all the time get out of this country since you can't talk about a vacation and talk about 1/3 or fourth world country because you think your compass is set on north, but it is you have no perspective in in just go get out of here and go to some other parts of the world that actually do you realize how blessed home. I can help how much God has blessed us. Could you yeah and in in that should be foundational to the way you look at the country yes you get a deal. The good the bad and the ugly.

But our standard of living.

The opportunities that we have not notwithstanding that, there's this course significant challenges depending on what family you came from, what kind of person country you live and what are your social economic things on those things chatter but nevertheless I didn't realize how good I had until I spent some time in Kenya and Thailand. When I come back I'm like wow this is an amazing blessing.

Yes, I went to very rural China toward Afghanistan and and you know person's house as big as this room with the pig sleep in the right toward the end of the what they call a bed in the know and they were they were the wealthy people.

Yeah, that's right.

And they were the wealthy people you realize quickly that this patient is worth fighting for, as is your neighbor, where Fred Voncannon will be right back to sleep. Noble children with you here today with my friend Fred Voncannon. Vote is the website. Vote Voncannon EOMs in vote Remington house 35 got a lot to talk about as we can to get into the issues what's going on, but both at the state and local level national level they'll tend to merge together. You have to have the right mindset the right worldview in the right perspective and then it overlaps and all those things but I wanted to ask you. Besides growing up in the challenging situation that you were why did you decide to join the Navy when why the military in general, the light really ties into that just to get out of that and my best friend had joined and where were you geographically, Missouri, Southwest Missouri, were you on a Missouri since about Missouri Yana Missouri have to look at the guy just reminded me the other day. I didn't have it on the website. So as I show I love what you're doing.

Are you going on here so yeah we group in North Carolina and Southwest Virginia very very very very very very very none. And then in Southwest Missouri and so got out to high school, went to college for a year, which was just that was good enough for you to have an early so maybe too much really. And so and so then is like okay so what am I going to do and it was just a way to get out of that situation and know very patriotic. I had voted for Ronald Reagan as an 18-year-old and an you know he had a vision for the military to 600 ship Navy at the time, coming out of Carter was just to the morale of being the service. It was something you know good and so doubts and it was it was an easy call. My data been in military. My son was in the service so it runs in our family obit but in my uncle was in the Navy, so I thought you know what must do this.

Yes, see the world.

Yeah, and I'm sure that had a huge impact over you and not your before then. Did you have that kind of mindset I've always had that I think I honestly think it's chrome is a little I am not even kidding me unk you either are or you are young develop know you are you are you do or you do don't have talent to hit a fastball, but you can develop that talent right and so I think I was always entrepreneurial. Always thinking about it.

Not that comes from my dad. One of the few good things. I think that would come from my dad is that's how he thought about things and so I just always would think like that and it's just been to just a way of thinking, and so never got to really do much with it until you know until later.

I got out of school and had a degree and could you know, think about like okay what can I do you know so yeah I think I think people either are or aren't entrepreneurial like we do a lot of work at my day job at Maverick we have about 70 employees and we go through entrepreneurship and I told my go through life I lose people. I want to lose. I want to lose it to them doing something that they going to do everything right and so straight mindset so we have a a lot of training that we do a lot of you note classes if you will that that we lead that I lead specifically entrepreneurism so a lot of people don't don't. I better not better since I was about 18 I still I am a lawyer and ministry of trust me, I'm still in Aspen or and in most people just don't want that life is true because they can collapse things are going on now, you don't really have anybody at risk color so you you are not there that's I'm saying I think part of it is truly genetic because there's people that mean that's how capitalism is so you you know there's risktakers that are going to win and lose sometimes. And then there are the people that don't take risks that are going to get paid to to do a job and and that's fine young booksellers without so how do you know how does the successful entrepreneur deal with running and not winning substitute. That's two years, thanks for bringing out welcome you, but listen, it's just like anything else, how you learn.

That's exactly it. It's I learn.

I think everybody learns more from doing something the first time whatever it is that learning curve from the first of the second time is the is not shown. Joe and so I'm competitive and I think that's probably another characteristic of entrepreneurs they really do like winning which the corollaries you hate losing it.

I do any we are running in a five-point district last time five point Democrat district that would trump on the ballot made it an eight point district people were everybody that ran statewide to could look at in that district and see how they did have that I was losing by eight so it played to an eight point district. We lost by just under 5.4.8 or something. Same as Mark Robinson so I thought you know what okay so we can run a good campaign and I just I can't overcome that amount to And so then with redistricting. It became a tossup district and I thought okay then this is this is winnable and is going to be tough and this going to be in Artie's playing out this way is going to be the most expensive statehouse race in the state of North Carolina hello yeah it's crazy how how this is going. Already, Planned Parenthood is dropped $50 million into the state and guess where a lot of it is going.

You know, so that what what what what possible issue could Planned Parenthood have Fred Voncannon well the fact that I love babies want to be born, and love mom is and wanted do what we can to take care of the just the convictional Christian that's pro-life, you guys are in will that's that I think is a huge difference.

You know you can be pro-life on paper. Great you can be pro-life, verbally great. I think it has more gravitas when you actually live it out and I think you know me enough to know that's that's where we are. My wife and I mean that's how we spend our time and treasure is, is that we support every pregnancy resource Center. Every pro-life group that we know of he are in the area and and some more national and so in a bit.

How we support HT what that means it doesn't mean do we just give money, which we do but we actually are trying to help. So another words there's 80% of women that go through an abortion will say that they would not have if their circumstances were different CHAINS or circumstance exactly what in the first thing is that tells you they don't want to have an abortion will that's great so let's not default to that plan.

So let's let's choose life. First, okay great, because that's what they want their telling us they want life okay and then their second or saying to stand in front of you, saying of my life circumstances were different, if I knew I could get groceries. If I knew I had. Let's write a job or you need a dependable vehicle. We've given away vehicles and so mom said have had babies try to cause people on the ground us, and that would judge those little plenty of people you included are doing what we can to change their circumstances and the left has such an issue that they're investigating these pregnancy resource centers in their there they see that is manipulative and it's it is it is I'm trying to trying to please people out of their bad circumstances are telling you if there telling you what they want to be right is the end result they want to have this baby but they don't feel like they can in their certain in their current circumstance will then let me help you change your circumstances if that's manipulation guilty right guilt I felt that the Planned Parenthood and wiping Planned Parenthood dump $50 million into the state of North Carolina comes down to White House races and Senate races are so important is right now were still a safe haven for abortion if we allow this, is that the Bible Belt on the Bible Belt sled self a while ago.

We've got somebody in the governor's office by the name of Cooper who will veto any pro-life legislation and the only way you get around that is why Planned Parenthood dump 50 million bucks in the oh you get around that is yet to get people like Fred and a couple others elected to have a vetoproof majority and then Cooper is irrelevant, and it's interesting how the they're coming out this not coming at this as let's you know you talk about elective abortions, which is the 90% or more. They're coming after me and and the others you know with this crazy stuff like that were against the surgery that takes care of an ectopic pregnancy for that. Were we want to outlaw miscarriages oral for birth control rates are going after these crazy things because they are harder than hard time defending what that's exactly right for gas lighting in there to put it all on us because they don't want to talk about the fact that they make a lot of money, baby sister, Steve Noble, Fred Voncannon will be right back. There's a man going around taking the cat is noble with this email was a welcome back in here and my friend Fred Voncannon. Vote is the website North Carolina house district 35 of a people talking. Fred was vote was not going house 35 whatsit North Central wake County weight force roles go right up to the top line up to Wayne County line even over to the Grand Canyon line just a little bit, but it's north-central you think of the fourth part of wake County, the central third of that weight force roles okay.

That's what Yahweh force in Roseville up in that area, but again it doesn't matter where you're at anytime you find out about a conservative, especially now let me just put the cards on the table just because you somebody has a fish on your business card doesn't mean they run a good business just because somebody loves the Lord or professes to love the Lord doesn't mean there to be a great representative.

An article in a house and Senate. Whatever.

But if I can get somebody that's capable and experienced and committed and are a believer so I got the value of their flesh, in your experience. Plus I got the power the Holy Spirit.

Now I'm down that just because someone is a Christian doesn't it doesn't earn my boat right off the bat.

Plenty of Christians that are effective hundred percent right exactly right. So whether you're in district that 35 are not even if you're outside a North Carolina vote because obviously you're raising money just mention Planned Parenthood for $50 million in here you're going to have the most expensive house district members house.

Everybody in spinning Huns, a money line that over a million. Why because of killing babies. Ultimately that's ultimately why Planned Parenthood is doing it now that is that now the deck is been shuffled. They cannot afford to have people like Fred Voncannon serving in the north, the legislature, which is why they want to come out and defeat him. And so if you have a heart for these issues at all.

You need support honesty financially, but company volunteers to Mr. stop resigning because I want people to know how they can help.

Sure it is going to be an expensive race. So if you go to vote there's a tab to donate.

That's always appreciated. There's certainly tabbed volunteer which prayer help and make calls walk and knocking on doors. We do that every weekend I will be doing it again this weekend. We've done it for months now. Not hundred degrees nice yes oh yeah what are you finding when you're out there you know the most probably at 213 to 1. People are still top issues economy. They even though gas prices have come down there still and you know the ministration once a tout that they've come down so much.

What if you go up to and down one you're still a horn and I was right so so the macro economic stuff.

This is the most important thing. Question is really house your 401(k) right that's right asked that question Mr. Reagan question, are you better off now than you were to you. Yeah, and particularly in that in that domain right is your your 401(k) had a friend just tell me of the day. Theirs is down over hundred thousand since since he came into office, and I'm sure there's people a lot more sunlight, less but it's that's that's really the you know the issue for a lot of people.

Immigration is a big issue of abortion hits in their for sure, but I'll tell you this, when I when I knock on the door and not because I'm talking to swing voters when I knock on the door and and they asked me with my position on abortion.

I don't like try to look and read and see okay what answer do I give them.

I give them my yet hard answer which is like, like I said earlier week. I am pro-life but what that means is that I'm trying to help moms do what they really want to do, which is keep the baby and so that's our version of pro-life legislatively. You know I would be for a heartbeat bill that had the exceptions for rape and incest and life of the mother and that's been my stated position.

This whole campaign. My opponent on the other end of the spectrum where the rent no restrictions, no none all the way up until birth. Just like New York.

In fact, if you take that like New York could you mentioned that if you pair that with his vote 2 1/2 years ago on the infant born alive.

Bill then there's only one logical conclusion and that is it. He's for abortion for any reason or no reason not to birth and even how you after the baby down the road of infanticide. It's it's outside so well it's unconscious because if I can't tell you what to do 30 minutes before you give birth. How can I tell you what to do 30 minutes and it's it's that's an extreme thing.

I believe that when I see it really. I'm just a woman stuck inside of a man's body where there okay got it, there's no restrictions on a reprobate mind not there's no restrictions and interview don't want to believe that's the deal.

You need to go reread Romans one. That's where rat is just as well so anyway his his position, so when I when I talk to people knocking on doors and and I can yell abortion. They asked me about abortion and I explained my position. I explained his and and and most people probably somewhere in the middle but there certainly closer to mind areas and so there's there's several unaffiliated's Democrat voters that you not sit and talk for five or 10 minutes. 15 on the porch and as I leave like a you just earn my vote. Yeah, you know, a being here not with night I personally knocked over a thousand doors already now hopefully get another thousand or two before the election day and it just means a lot when the candidate is Ariel say that but then you know just explaining the situation, explaining where it where I am in and really why I'm I am pro-life because you know these are God created these lives and again I go back to the mom saying 80% of her saying that they would keep the baby.

If their circumstances were different view means 80% of them don't want to abort at Sage probably higher than that. And so our trend do is help them with what they're trying to do just because they walk into an abortion clinic do not think for one second that they're actually excited about being part.

Gosh. That's why there's so much guilt and shame in their hiding their faces and they going to want to look at Oscar Cross Street brain form and that since reality of you mentioned the economy is still the number one issue for everybody.

We all vote with checkbooks our pocketbooks or credit card whenever on the state level north on a house dealing with out what can be done at a state level to help economic conditions as well. If you look at the since the Republican majority came into the Gen. assembly in January 2011 was sworn in.

So the last 1112 year after 100 years, a Democrat, and you watch going from and and and you know from billions literally in debt to now billions in the rainy day fund and and at the same time lowering corporate and personal taxes.

That is a model of how to do it, as opposed to looking at things federally and you and spend true believer here in hundreds of millions. How about a few trillion in this and then there are baffled when they have inflation so you know what we can do is just keep a fiscal conservative Lee, fiscal policy going in the in the state Gen. assembly, which is at every opportunity. We have billions we need to figure out what a rainy day fund needs to have its 2 billion, and we got three okay then maybe we need a tax rebate because it billions sit in their is not is going to be as good as it is in entrepreneurial and tax writers hands in our buying things right and and starting new businesses and and everything so I'm a fan of the government makes no money federal or state they make no money at all they do is take the money and so now you're giving to government what private sector should be doing in so many situations so at every opportunity. I want a limited government, I want to privatize what we can and so get everything out of that which we did. That little immigration system I give it to Visa or MasterCard to spend $10,000 at a store and and I'm in and I'm out of there five minutes.

I $10,000 you can do it right now. They're so good at processing and then and I want to so I want to talk about immigration because it is an ago nobody wants to talk to nobody and left one stuck with the humanitarian crisis they've created right you might not like Donald Trump but he wasn't creating a humanitarian crisis on the southern border.

He was helping to solve that's right because the Democrats come in with an open border policy don't use that phraseology, but to look at their actions forget their words and debating the trap you get here you'll get in so they travail all the way up, South America, Central America, through Mexico even try because right human trafficking rate plunder pillar who cares more about those immigrant exactly. And that's the argument that you make. You know in it goes over to other things you talk about woman in a man's body like the whole thing with you know what if it's transgender fix whatever.

If if I say that men shouldn't be in women's sports than I'm now trance phobic while I'm not helping.

I'm not helping that person by by saying yes you read and you can play in them that that's not help. That's you know know your sewing into the delusion and so since you know how do you think everybody would agree that we want to help, but what does health look like and sometimes just that knee-jerk emotional reaction isn't the best thing for any situation. And so as a non-border state wise immigration port in North Carolina. Well, a lot of the illegal immigrants end up in non-border states, and when you have 2 million.

Already this fiscal year coming in the night they can't just stay in El Paso and so some indoor Martha's Vineyard or Martha's Vineyard. Yet they don't have room for any up there, but they end up. You know, and in a lot of red states a lot of lot coming the end up in every state so and so they are just, you know, that just makes it tougher on on on those states to provide services to all infrastructure, state, and so no I'm not in it. No conservative that I know is against immigration. But just like you know you you have security system on your house and you wanted people to knock on the door and asked to come in yet we let people in right I told you earlier right on a break in we have our houses.

Everybody knows if they need a place to stay. They've got a place to stay and so that I think that's the way our country is I think that's the way were wire sure help people, but like knock on the door and let's figure out who you are, you know, I don't just come in and make yourself at home. Now, like at least ask that you get the same problem at the Voncannon house that you have the southern border have all kinds of people climbing over each other because you have a massive human trafficking at that point I didn't have a massive abuse. It's not rocket science.

You don't need common core to figure this out conservative and be honest and it helps if you love the Lord would survive her talking to Fred Voncannon. Vote North Carolina house 35 vote America Megan Steve Noble to Steve Noble so hey who wants to be a domestic service will be a domestic terrorist. At least according to Mayor Garland because if you care about the educational system and if you are so crazy as to worry about kids what's going on in their heads with all the indoctrination school system that you're going to show up to a school board and be upset and actually voice your concerns by through your anger and your frustration and your righteous indignation. All of a sudden you neatly that they literally think you're a domestic terrorist. That's why I would say if that's the definition of a domestic terrorist will be one all day.

Give me a T-shirt and a bumper sticker. I'll put it on my profile on Facebook. I'm fine with that but state of education were here with Fred Voncannon running for North on House 35 vote that's VO and CA and O and I put the links up on Facebook, but the state of education nationally and in North Carolina.

This is a hot topic, Fred, and it's something I don't think we talked about enough was glad to see you had several the school board candidate, younger out, I tell people you know, obviously I'm competitive.

I want to win. I think we can win. We pulled ahead were in good shape. I focus a lot of my intentional trying to help other candidates. And I've given to us, several school board candidates and and doing everything I can to help this election is truly especially in in a nonpresidential is a bottom up election of the school board are races on the back of the ballot guys turn the ballot over start from the back and then work your way up you and vote for Ted, but whoever for Sen. right coming do it that way to measure. You do it because your school board race. What more important race.

Do you have do you want your kids to continue in your public schools to to be sexualized.

Essentially what's happened you you want to have to wear a book banner if we want these's pornography traffic books right out of the libraries for our you know elementary stream was in her recently. Are you running for the wake County school board and he had some excerpts on his website that I started to read on here like I get a be very careful here is okay I guess you can't say I'm at the school board meeting with all the adults there, but these are books that are in the library.

So if you want curriculum transparency. If you want age-appropriate books if you want school choice, and you don't want to turn everybody were re-segregating the country. That's what CRT is doing. If you're black, it's hopeless.

If you're white you're racist. I mean it's it's so evil and hydraulic our friend.

I heard John almonds.

You could say that yes action at Loudoun County. I think last week and said that CRT doesn't cure racism CRT is racism is 100% right and so the school board races are so important. We've got to get back away from all of that and let's teach since have our kids are graduating not being at a meeting in an math level that considered proficient which is in a high bar.

By the way, we need to have kids that are taught civics like you're doing and in science and math and history and you know real things yet to think yeah that they're quick to go out of the world. You know what you think. Hypnotically ideological and I think one things it would cure this at the legislature level is.

These opportunity scholarships been opened in a wider and wider. I want to open that file is why educational choices.

Probably a big deal of people you're talking to. It's 100% because it fixes this competition fixes everything.

I wish I wish my day job I didn't have any comp right and I conjecture is what I want and what you like the DMV right right just take time and whatever it doesn't matter. You know your children. It's not that, and if schools warrant that if a public school is not doing well and you opened up charter school private school even better. Whatever across the street and then you're going to him that that public school can do one of two things. They're either going to get better or they're going to close and I think either that I'm good with either either of those are good option because the kids are what's important I need a real education they need choice and choice.

You bring competition into schools bring competition and to healthcare the biggest things that the government has screwed up you bring literally private sector and competition back into those you get better quality, lower price will competition creates accountability without any accountability will think of South that's why we look at the scene since the swamp. I'm pretty sure your opponent Terrence Everett is probably just fine with all that can ideology garbage. What is funny yeah you mentioned that so you really find you probably a promoter well. He wants everybody in public schools, public schools only. That's it, no other option of course is interesting that he had to take his kids out of the private school went through two years ago when I ran against him because he knew the initial so he really wants everybody in public schools and public school public school public school X. Hess rats for your kid rules for the rules for the but not for me. So I met some tears. Good examples good from private school because I'm straight but tears really also was okay with defunding the police, now exposing with places that was going.

It's a memory hole. This this this thing that he did two years ago where he was signed a pledge along with a lot of other very liberal Democrats to to defund the police and there's no walk in that back. That's that's right that's done you cannot you can't unring that bell.

That is you.

You are doing it for virtue signaling, but you now you got own and now he's sending out mail. You know, that shows that it is trying to say he supports the local police, which is like you were not going to forget that and were not to let the voters forget that. So he does not in fact support the police. He signed a pledge to defund them.

That is how you get to where we are getting in these bigger cities all and that's just a matter time. Everyone gets here. It's Artie been here with you to some of you watch what happens when all that takes place when you have no cash bail. You have prosecutors liberal prosecutors or just let people go. Don't even prosecute you get chaos. And if government is good for anything. It's public safety is one of the few things that God commanded them to do was to punish unrighteousness and then is going up you want to defund the police, and that's the funny thing about all these progressive liberals out there as if they were for the little guy worth the little guy we will ask the little guy. Especially, and in the urban setting up do you want less police or more police, they always say more exactly.

And so if you defund the police.

You say you care about the little guy you don't know all you care about is yourself and your power is exactly right so discusses all just virtue signaling to the far left and so that's coming around he's going after you know what you will learn now. Now I were closing a chapter. According to presidential type who officially said the other day that the covert pandemic until his White House probably said something like, because I don't have white whiskers, but what what is you learn as somebody's gonna be serving in the statehouse. What you learn by what Northglenn went through with the cold. Well that I respected government yeah that our governor has too much power and in the Council of State, which was constitutionally supposed to rain that he and he just ignored and just blew through it so so we got what we got. Which is more dictator than governor and so you know there's there needs to be accountability and that's what you get when you have other people in making these decisions. And so it was, it was this wasn't an example of any other thing to I guess is just you you start closing down all these businesses you know we were the 50th state out of 50 to get our unemployment benefits out so he closes down all the businesses and then doesn't get any of the unemployment checks out and then we were the 50th state to the opener.

Jim's 50 estate open our parks mean it people you know that I'm you think he was watching New York and Michigan in California and say uncle my beer. You know I like you so sure it was crazy how the state of all states, you know, did not counterfeit in the middle.

We were pretty extreme and and and obviously he was doing that, thinking he was doing it from pulling and seeing that people enough people thought that he was quote unquote keep them safe.

But I think there's a lot to learn and some good some bad. You and I don't think that it was all bad. I think that we just need more accountability and more. You know people involved in decision right in just one night and that's that goes to getting out and voting on November 8 or before that it was it was very alarming that so many people were willing to just do what they were told you like to think is of circles. We run a no-no are still Americans are knocking to take very well to an oligarchy type operation here in Tierney, but people because of fear. A lot of that's gospel driven, which is ulnar conversation just kind of lay down and they were told. Now the states got all his current information on us that playing all kinds of games and legislatures been involved with this to end and enabling for the next time because what they they're drunk on power anyway and also to get COBIT comes along and just like the great reset people. That's another avenue by which to concentrate even more power and put the people down in your have to have accountability and in the way we went to last for years wasn't wasn't in place. How important is it for people to vote and got to November 8 is seven weeks from today guys and that's a big day early voting in North Carolina starts 30 days from today and October 20.

So yes, 17 days of early voting and then election day guys, this is the you know people always say it's biggest election will and certainly the biggest election this year yeah and you know you did takes maybe an hour to go out and vote it. This will be a low turnout compared to presidential election only get if we get our base out. If we get the Republicans out. Then we will have a red wave, we will have it. If we work for it. If we get our base out of forget our neighbors out. If we talk about how important this is. Three house seats to Senate seats. One Supreme Court see in the state will feel a lot different in a good way and so that's that's our goal will because though we have the majority in the legislature. The majority is pointless because of governor Cooper. We had 69 seats if we had 72.

We have the super majority leading to seats in the Senate. They have 28 to get the 30 make a big difference a big difference. Three in the house to in the Senate. One of the Supreme Court.

One of those on the house would be of course Fred Voncannon bovine is the website North Carolina house 35 vote and you said something earlier real quick about Cooper and his feet tells what's the deal that many times more bills than all his predecessors. Every previous governor Northcote to combine. Combine all the way back to the 17 night okay so nothing is getting done. Now we have to politically castrate.

That's exactly what has to happen when we can do that will

Vote Northglenn house 35 this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall, God willing, I'll talk to you soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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