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Three Bad Weeks!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 6, 2022 6:19 pm

Three Bad Weeks!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 6, 2022 6:19 pm

Three Bad Weeks!

Steve talks to David Fischer for the whole show discussing inflation, gold, cash, trade with foreign countries, and more!

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble red red red red red red red. Not a lot of fun, but I hope you have fun labor day essay was Labor Day.

I spent Labor Day laboring grading papers doing about the school stuff.

We counted our Labor Day on Sunday had some friends over or barbecuing and hanging out outside and just had a fun time so that was nice but I wouldn't say that we been having a fun time with the markets over the last couple of weeks and so why was like the past five days. For example, looking at it right now. The past five days down 953 points are all basically 3%.

That's charming so we got that going on Jerome palmar this just recently said no it's going to get painful.

That was helpful than the next day the market dove about a thousand points of Russia and oil that's all working out well for Vladimir and then our dad's what's going on with that title. We will even hold this much debt like who's got the debt is going to talk about school loan forgiveness here were talking about major major trillions of dollars so how do you understand that what happening in the dollar with the dollar in the currency markets that and why does that matter that's that's the thing that's the question why does this matter to you or to me when we do a full money Monday and Monday. Monday updates with our friend David Fisher. That's why we have these conversations because it doesn't matter.

Even if you don't have like some big nest egg out there matters in the will and the way that you pay and how much you pay for just basic necessities, groceries and regular staples and when you go to the story. Go to Home Depot you're buying groceries. These things matter and all these things, come together and you end up at the end of the train getting whipped around, sometimes good, sometimes not so good today. Unfortunately, a lot of not so good and so were to try to work our way through this and understand this always good to have our friend David Fisher back in now. Sorry my friend how was your holiday great. I actually went golfing on her little groups talking collect the market numbers will play when the market is not very good at all is not fun unless you're ignoring at the near okay so here's a question. Since date for those you don't know David lives in the Phoenix area. So on a Saturday at the end of August. What was the weather like for golfing on Saturday Phoenix grid would be a lot a red letter degree oh drink a lot of Gatorade lotto water.

We took a break. Their halftime want to call it sounds like anything but send me at that temperature really like getting out like you enjoy it again will be about. But that's life in Phoenix. It is what it is is nothing you can do about it. So a lot of red faces. There a lot of Redskin, I'm sure, and we had the last three weeks really a big market selloff a lot of rads I'm looking at looking at it for one day today in the red down hundred 73, five days down 953 and you go back a month and you start you go back four weeks ago. Okay, there's some green there little uptick but overall the last month, down 1600 points five percentage points on the Dow. I mean it's really been brittle are we are we nearing the bottom of the statement is it's going to come to didn't back up in the right direction are what's going on down five point no importantly were not Mike Wilson is probably the most effective person I've ever seen predicting the market in stocks and he's been the most effective one this year to use is a big guy, the senior guy from Morgan Stanley who quoted him before he is forecasting more pain just like the feathers he is saying this hold this whole thing with Jackson Hole was Jewish stork over the next leg lower his quote today.

Last Friday is US stock indexes haven't yet hit the bottom for this year seeing June was a low for the stocks indexes, but we think were going to take those June lows out so he saying much lower Goldman sacs chief strategist David Carson using even lower, much lower than he saying that S&P could drop to 3150 so and then to Jeremy Grantham he saying this is a big bubble.

He said stocks, housing and bonds are in a super bubble. This is like 1975. Your 2000 2008, there's too many parallels each like those with slightly different view, saying them a little bit unpredictable how the government and fed reaction. But if history plays the same outcome likely seen before. This is going to be a financial travesty again so the big boys are saying open right on more red become. I hearing the cheerleaders still say this is the boy we've been saying this all throughout the year. Since God is not been right. Yet, down, down, down it goes. So you mentioned here today yes the Dow Jones industrial down 5193 point year to date. That's 14.3%. You think that's bad. You jump over to the NASDAQ that's down a little over 26% this year and so what what I sound like what were saying is were not at the bottom knowing. I wish we could say on a technical standpoint were not there because any support right now. We got below 4100 and that's with technical support in the next leg down is in the lower mid to lower threes for the S&P were 3900 points on the traders don't look at this emotionally look at technically and yeah and are trading it in saying hello or that's what the traders are saying this with the big boys are saying but again you gotta be careful in your two people lying on a short-term buying long-term different thing is that if you have your like Steve, your financial planner.

Steve is his name.

He knows how to play the market in this type of environment. Most investors don't.

So if you don't do that just get some money on the sidelines. Not all of it. Get a chocolate on the sidelines and no play around with this thing and I know a lot of people are very successful people that are like 50%, 60%, 70% in cash and that's what we see in the sidelines at just taken the stuff out of the maelstrom. I'm getting out of this economy out of the hurricane here until we know when it's actually going to pass in working to be okay and so a lot of people are just thinking defensively is a lot more that goes into that.

What was your own pal talk about the Fed chairman it'll get painful and that's the Fed chairman saying that when they say that you better listen Russian oil explaining our debt. We got a lot to cover.

David John Holt thinks of Helen and Buddy were talking to David Fisher. It is a full money Monday.

A lot of important things to go the right will show day Septembers textile yesterday being Labor Day, the first Monday of the month so we didn't have a chance. Obviously, we were trying to take some time off for Labor Day and so we didn't have a chance still full money Monday, but were doing it today with our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital landmark. is always the website for David and his team landmark and I working our way through well. Unfortunately a lot of bad news. We are talking about how bad the markets have done the S&P down 13.8%. The Dow down 14%.

The NASDAQ down 26% year to date letter read all over the place and in and looks like were not going to see the bottom right now. We still got some work road to travel down into the red and then you got something you mentioned this last week David again, thanks for being here. Thanks for your time, Jerome Powell, the Fed chairman and that's the kind of like I what's that old commercial when EF Hutton speaks, people listen. So if you're old enough, you understand what I'm talking about so when the Fed chairman comes out your own pal comes out and says it's going to get painful.

How do we kind of we kinda deal with that and is there anything we can do to mitigate that means. Pretty amazing that he flat out said it and I was in the market react to all the saying it uses it in the same language.

It's unanimous.

What he means by this we look at his species personally serious because of the backdrop of all the Fed president saying the same thing so we can glean that pleasing willing to give up till this is done we can glean and I think what he means by pain is the obvious is the market today. On Friday, the Friday before that one is going thousand points before even spoke it.

It's going to be financially painful to try in this market and try and make money just not that type of market you can do that. So that's one area pain.

Higher interest rates is going to cost loans more car loans, credit card things that are not fixed investments. Hopefully your car loan is a fixed investment. If you have one any type of interest payment.

That's not fixed. This could be more painful making the payment is going to go up and obviously he has to raise unemployment people have to lose job drifting on the recession of the words people to stop spending money hold onto that money for us to get into a recession to get inflation under control because peepers still spending like crazy.

So I think there's a multilevel pain.

Unfortunately, but the good thing is that's what he should be saying because that's what it will take and more higher rates higher rates to get inflation under control. I gladly be saying these things is not flopping it like he has been for about almost a year now and so how many you mentioned Steve earlier, the yet another Steve who helped us out with the other side of our investment life.

But Steve is like two or three more interest rate hikes by the end of the year and they have to keep doing that. Don't think you ate out of eight times when dealing with completion since 1970 388, 100% of the time they had to get the interest rate above the CPI number the inflation number while the CPI number is eight now percent they have to get the interest rate above eight now percent are logically telling us to get the floor and then they're going to have this thing sustained for quite some time, but I don't know if that's really going to do it. So if they got it for eight now percent. I made because economic default on our country's debt because we can pick make the interest payment and interest payment loan, a notice of this before this all ties in at 1/4 of interest point just 1/4 of a percent is 660,000,000,002 1/2% rent also must speculate. Maybe it's 1.2 trillion I think is very conservative.

We get the 4% call to the hatchery and let the budget the budget $5 trillion. I don't know what it would be at eight and a half-million percent but it would probably be $6 trillion will be more than the whole budget we can't get there.

This is why the Fed is in a dilemma.

This is why many people who have nothing doing Boulder saying there's a financial problem bring were never going to deal with inflation. The feds not commit deal with it.

They can't historically when they only rated to 4% when the inflation rates twice as much so we'll see what happens but there's a lot of uncertainty out there. Yeah that's so important to realize that since 1970 300% of the time dealing with inflation.

The interest rate, insights, and we pay the market rate out there has to be above the actual inflation numbers of your inflation person at about 8% year-over-year will, then the interest rate that you pay for loans has to go above that damning the Fed rate is also legal and people don't understand that David that all sin.

If we go from well before Bradley 1% half a percent well on $30 trillion in debt out what we can kinda manage that little bit.

We can afford that.

But once you go up to 456%.

It's like you said, it becomes the deep majority of the national budget every year. Right now, or in about 5 trillion.

That's the yearly budget in your interest payments start approaching.

That's completely untenable and don't understand it trillion dollars per terms of per second earned a dollar per second. It would take 11 days to earn $1 million if you're 30 take 31 1/2 years to make $1 billion, earning a dollar per second and 8,000,000,031,088 here's trillion dollars is enormous amount of money and we just keep adding trillions and we can't manage the trillions we have so this is going to cause some sort of big financial calamity is what a lot of economists are saying. I slipped the breaker pretty good switch. I want to talk about Russian oil but I wanted since were talking a debt switch to that point right now is that okay you're right so it's explaining our debt and how we finance it by the world holding dollars and why that matter, so we got $30 trillion in debt. A lot of people go right. So who's got that debt. I know on a car loan. We got a car loan through Wells Fargo or whatever. Then cut the Wells Fargo holds the debt we owe them that say the 20,000 car that's the lonely on $20,000 of the $31 trillion in US debt, who holds the debt so about 18 trillion is held by people outside of the United States around the world over country screws the world reserve dollar but the problem with that if you take that number and you put in reference to our gross domestic product. That's 73% in reference to the GDP in reference to the debt debt to income ratio so there's never been a country where their debt to income ratio threshold when above 50% of their currency to go under crisis, so another words that's why the world is saying United States is going to have a financial calamity because or not it at 73%.

We should be below 50 and so this is why a lot of you just look at the technical side of things in this simple math is just a numbers thing right can't pay your debt off. You're going to run into a financial crisis on the personal level or corporate level and even a government level. Yet we have a printing press but that just makes it worse when it's uncontrollable that they're going to bring more dollars each seller becomes worth less then it was before and then it makes your interest payments in your payments. In general, harder to accomplish targeting the meat that just gets worse as they keep monkeying with it and in the how does he deal with it by Leon asking when comeback David if foreign countries have 18 trillion's of our debt where's the other 12 trillion were talking to David Fisher and Mark M will be right back. It's even over this evening will. So what is it 2020 2021 what's going on last week and jump back of Fisher just second if you sometimes catch the show on YouTube in our YouTube channel. I like hey where you guys today.

We been banned for a week on YouTube want to know why because last week when I had Steve days we were talking about coping. We're talking about the vaccine and how it's not a vaccine because it's prevent you from getting Tobit we are talking about his theory, which I think is right that the Democrats are to try to pin a lot of the covert backlash on Trump, he rusted that the operation work speed so we talked a little bit about COBIT and so all of a sudden YouTube says misinformation right without the message, misinformation, misinformation, are you kidding me hate you to that listening obviously just go look at the definition of the vaccine just to look at. That's all are asking some small allegiance to the truth. That's all. But of course that's too much to ask.

But if we want to talk about the truth what's going on out there in the markets and what's going on in the world of finance, then that's why we have our friend David Fisher and David thanks for being here buddy. There's all kinds of information out there, and I wish we could like right now saying a personal mark.

This is why put away all kinds of problems, but rightly they forever you like.

It was great to have you. So we are talking about our debts. Put up a little link for everybody to the US national debt clock US debt if you want to see it for yourself are coming up on 31 trillion right 31 30,871,994,000,000 and they were clicking off about $100,000 in new debt. Well, I just think that's an now is another hundred thousand.

There's another hundred thousand right so that's what's happening per citizen. By the way everybody just to make you happy per citizen. That's $92,000 674, but that includes all citizens. What is just as taxpayers. David will then debt per taxpayer for you. For me, for everybody that pays federal taxes $245,191 per taxpayer that's archived of the US national debt, which is 30,000,000,000,030.8 trillion 18 trillion of that is held by other countries who holds the other 12 trillion old 9 trillion have about 800 billion in 2008. Put in perspective the added certain amount of trillions from last since around covert, but remember getting rid of it in the other 3 trillion is domestic so the big world $9 trillion. Our own central bank and the rest of the world is showing our dollars.

That's the scary thing we have to have somebody to fly that we don't that will cause a dollar crisis that will cause a funding that got real will fund the government that's how we fund the government we been used to fund it this way which the fund based upon manufacturing things and making things that the world would buy now or service-based country and we don't manufacturing enough will bring up revenue in the reserves like three trumping round numbers to reach was in dollars of money comes into the government. We spent 5 trillion we create to trillion dollar deficit is probably more like more than that because all these bills bills for 4 trillion present buying has done microwave a student at some and all that it goes on the national debt so were not financing are our future running into the car starting to run out of gas.

What's happening something is going to give her if we don't get more gas to get more people buying our debt buying the dollar, the dollar will go away from being a world reserve currency and be only used internally were heading no rapidly because her debt is not being managed properly. Associates is the unit and everything we get this close unit $31 trillion out and have these numbers be the way they are, but when inflation kicked in. That just went this on like a supernova thing here. Yeah, it's really it's really amazing in terms of the dollar itself. This is another point that we are to come back to Russian oilman to get what's happening in the dollar in the currency markets that will affect us because a lot of times again more often than not, David.

I think this is most people don't understand the stuff there like I don't really ever the insanely current see in the currency markets what's happening with the dollar. But why does the dollar and the currency market matter and how they affect us. So again when we have $5 trillion in spending and we have $2 trillion shortfall. What happened to the treasury is issued to compensate for that shortfall. So to trillion dollars of traders are issued or sold on Wall Street. We want the world to buy some of the treasury or majority of it in the Fed's been buying the most of it so the Fed cannot stop buying Amber to sell it so the world needs to buy. So if begin we don't have the world buying her dead. That's how we finance the debt then we get to this is how all countries. They get to this currency crisis in their country. They cannot finance their budget, their spending and that's when they have a default.

That's what happened in Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Cyprus. All these countries that did the aliens that's were redheaded. We are at the place know the tipping were we cannot finance her debt where you were living off borrowed money is clearly you don't want is like a credit card right ping-pong your money with credit cards to finance the credit card debt that you have actually won't have enough credit cards to finance it with and that's when you have to file bankruptcy. That's really United States is right now ping-pong your money, but the world is getting overweight from buying our dollars writers moving away train is moving away their developing other currencies, so they're moving away from the dollar and oil has a lot to do this with this also to see you bring that up talking credit cards and remember when I was a lot younger like oh okay rent a room in the sun. I'll get another one I'll pay him and make more next year. But then when you get really bad shape. People will pay will one credit card off another one. But sooner or later, you can't get another credit card and then you're out of credit, you cannot access anything else in the nobody wants to extend you any credit and then you have to go belly up, that that's the deal of people of gone down that road. I think that just a lot of people can't imagine that happening at a national level but like you mentioned we've seen this happen in other countries around the world. We see it happening in Venezuela. This is not unheard of territories is hard to believe that America can actually experience it, but certainly all the pieces are falling in the place for that to happen. Emperors will keep going on the numbers are just a lot bigger in America because you put three pure zeros behind it and we think we can't do it because were the first nation. God is sovereign. He loves our country and God does love our country and I believe were a country that needs to come back to God. But if it's if we don't get our house in order.

God can heal our land and so the healing overland financial needs to be done and if we don't have his sovereignty healer lamb financially on timeout for the top-down countries leaders are government that spends all this money we will have an economic default of the largest magnitude was never seen yet. Just amazing to think about it and scary, which is the reason why we should be praying for those in authority over us because they're dealing with these things and there's all kinds of nefarious people involved in forces out there spiritual forces in and principalities all that so complicated.

There's so much going on out there, but that's why we have to do the best we can to ascertain what reality is. That's why we have these conversations with David your mentioning other countries.

So let's jump over to Russia so give us an update on Russian oil because I think Vladimir is probably doing okay is doing quite fine. In fact his own world now beat them before he went into Ukraine. Oil plays a big role in this. Why, because in 1973, Nixon took us off the gold standard and one when not happen. We had to create a reason for the dollar to be used globally and that was called the petrodollar 1974. So all oil contracts were sold oil was bought and sold only dollars wellness fast-forward here a few years ago. Russia start showing some oil out of the dollar and are sure to be some kind of push and shove between the United States and Russia and China started buying in their own currency with Russia and that's pushed and shoved a little bit escalated since the sanctions went on and it's just become even more severe and was happen. Just this last week Wednesday last week Russia shuts down there Nordstrom one pipeline that matched the biggest natural gas pipeline in the world.

This is the gas line from Russia to Europe that supplies all the natural gas to Germany and all the other countries they said we have a leak in the pipe. Bishop will be down for three days or three days later, they said, some of the problem will be open.

We don't know where Morgan open it might be a week it might be a month knows when they were very vague about the completely halted natural gas and then on Friday. Russia admits they been using this as a weapon and they said weren't the pipelines fine were not open it though until you remove all the sanctions on us on the Russia that is Europe and America has to remove all the economic sanctions on Russia and they will not let a cubic yard. This would they call it for natural gas to go through this type at all until all economic sanctions are lifted. I don't think that happened were at a standstill and so the voice it will affect America is directly yeah that's right were talking to David for something you call David David Fisher capital. Imagine that. That's why energy is so important. You want to be an energy producer or an energy purchaser. Now Europe is at the beck and call Vladimir.

Good job Joe Biden is back in Steve Noble to Steve Noble show great to be back with you doing a full money today with a good friend, David Fisher from landmark capital land mark is the website landmark tomorrow. Jason Williams, who is that the head honcho here in North Carolina for the faith and freedom coalition which doing great work around the country and doing a great work in mobilizing the grassroots for the upcoming election, which is 60 days from today, so Jason's going to be on will be here in the studio. That's the plan for tomorrow and then one of the national leaders is asking to be, and so there's a lot going on with respect to the November election, so will be talking to Jason and her friends in faith and freedom coalition tomorrow so make sure you tune in Jason's planning to be here in the studio but today by phone.

Our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital and again David, thanks for your time.

Weight will kind of working through this with Russian oil centers Russia and natural gas.

The Nordstrom one pipeline, which thank you Joe Biden for helping him out with that and then nodded what about Russian oil because that he was playing a lot of games of actual Russian oil as well. Russia showing tremendous amount of world are showing more oil now than they were before going in and there's going other discount in the 60 some dollars a barrel compared to real buyer from OPEC your brother third, more so.

Third, you're making a ton of money selling oil and here's the also moved is that now China, India, Brazil and Turkey can use their own currencies, the Russian ruble to purchase oil from Russia will have used the dollar anymore. So there's the and is nearing Steve. I'm so unfortunately the world is slowly opening or turning its way from opening towards other currencies turning away from the US dollar in the purchases of the largest commodity in the world called oil, which is the petrodollar we want to keep that that's what's funded our country. So now that disappearing and in these countries are saying at the same time they just mentioned.

Let's get out of dollars. This not by treasures like Mitt Romney still $4 trillion in treasury to 1.6 or summer in there now so there is a big movement towards the bricks countries, which is Brazil Russia India South Africa using back currency. They have a conglomerate currency and the rising in popularity being used as a substitute for the dollar so there's a movement and not using the dollar like it used to be 20 years ago or even 10 years ago, so this is creating dollar problem a financial problem on all fronts for country at the worst time in our country spending the very most shows working hits them the major problems. I think in the next six months to year and going to the recession is just going to magnify that.

That's right well. Amy mentioned this before the said now carrying $9 trillion in debt but in 2008, which it really wasn't that long 14 years ago they were carrying 800 billion 800 billion to 9 trillion in 14 years. Just absolutely mind-boggling.

So how is physical gold and silver. How are they relating to this. The interplay therebetween markets the value of the dollar what's going on. The stock market what's going on with recession and gold and silver because it's it's a pretty interesting relationship to say the least. Paper gold is down 6.5%, while physical gold is up about 7.5% and same thing with silver silver paper silver is down about 22%, while the physical market is up about 7%.

So, it's because people are buying physical products and are seeing the need for this in their sensing is going to get worse before it gets better there some experts out there like RBC capital markets there saying that the center for gold. We could see a price jump of $300 this fall. That's where the $1700 paper spot on index value should be over $2000 or slightly better about titles right in line with what Wells Fargo's been saying in Bank of America there's others out there.

Here's the one Charlie Morris use the shield by trees.

Are you saying gold is still on track to hit $7000 by the end of the decade, new siding goes gold using moose six times from start to finish in a bull market and that would put it around that number which I sit on your program between 5 to 7000. She's is right there and then there's another saying John Butler use the little book called the Golden revolution on will adhere to his number but using $50,000 as the system, the financial system returns back to gold standard so that would be the ultimate fixed all this, but if the world doesn't get on the gold standard.

Get yourself on the gold standard could become your own banker if you will back your own currency by Goldbach your own financial investments by gold. That's why it's imperative because things are going to get worse. We will probably be in a recession and starts to worship in a recession old usually does extremely well this the best environment for gold and silver and there's other reports thing silver is a shortage in silver would outperform gold so when we have a default on her debt which I don't think we will or they inflate crazy like Bank of America's at one point hyperinflation like Germany, hoping they would do that or they just kick the can down the road. I don't think there's too many more times they can do this because the numbers don't lie or they come in on the she's our money all the bailing.

Like other countries. Now it's important time to diversify, learn about gold learn about what it does for you.

It's like you say the keeled of the sailboat that the don't really pay attention to place much needed to go through the storm better. You better have something in anything sailboat when the link comes because you gotta have that balance underneath that what I just wanted ask clarifying? I David you are mentioning a physical gold versus paper gold.

What's paper gold so paper gold is if you don't take possession of your buying a contract on gold that traders do on Wall Street are not there not buying gold or pitting the direction of gold like Phillies orange juice futures coffee any type of a commodity, you can oil you can do that in your buying oil or just betting the direction of it and you can do that gold silver but is not a hedge because you're not taking the physical product to secure your assets and paper gold is not a good head and obviously with logistics plaintiff compare the physical gold and gold also physical gold also has a relationship with the value of the dollars that correct absolutely. So it's like you said and I said many times the two scales you dog dollars on one side, gold and silver. On the other side when dollars go down gold and silver usually goes up with a dollar spent on a rampage of a 20 year high.

Its license drivers I've ever seen it in my lifetime when I been in the gold industry for 28 years and is move the most in this last year that I've ever seen in three or four years combined and in the last three months so generated compounds with amateur saying and that's why gold bond paper has retreated, but physical gold foregoing the paper markets are buying physical gold and that's why that's going up so when this thing does turn around and we see the physical or the paper market and gold start to go up because things get worse we give him a recession receiving the physical market go up even much more. Historically that's the case, yet really amazing to watch so that you mentioned that a lot. David historically historically historically. I just like going back since 1970 300% of the time in the governments trying to deal with inflation. They have to get them the rate that the actual benchmark rate has to be higher than the inflation numbers of your inflation. The 10% yelling at the rate about 10% to cool anything often slow it all down so that you get things back in balance and and that's just part of the deal. These are things that this isn't you, not reading the tea leaves are looking into a crystal ball here. A lot of this is just studying history because the market has a history right and trying to find history of really get inflation under control for the first time, defying eight of the previous times.

It worked really good at different way too much money out there. They're saying much debt out there.

We have to do it a different way.

Otherwise, we would cause the government to go into the fall.

So this is why they're having us believe this, in essence, the Emperor has no clothes. What you and I see because this technical side, this cannot work the way they're saying, but they keep sounding the drum saying the same thing. That's why once we get down the road here little further, you will see an impasse. The Fed will either have to change or never get inflation under control and that's when you're going to see a huge run in gold. That's what the economists are saying yeah just nothing sign going here in the numbers as we been doing radio together for over five years now me just gets worse every year. Where were talking about a Republican president. Our Democrat president just continues to get worse get worse in the drop get even worse in an accelerated rate under bite and of course call the complicated matters even more, but this is been going on.

Not really.

When you go all way back to Bush 43.

The new Obama and then adjust the hockey stick in terms of our national debt and I just don't see any way out of it because I don't think the government nor the most American people are willing to sacrifice and to do what needs to be done to turn the whole thing arrives to see it and you know those worn out trumpet office. He would change something getting this under control is way out of here because this is something about the said only that and foreigners in the whole global problem that he can't even fix yet really shocking, which again I said in earlier. Let's make silver praying for those in authority over us and the people that involve these things because down here in the regular down here in the cheap seats. The stuff gets whipped around and it affects how we live our lives of people get more information they want to get educated which is lower after David, what are they do give us a call 840-4575 again 44604575 website landmark excellent, thank you my brother always appreciate you have a great week and look for to talking again next week if you have a great one will talk to you I was David Fisher, landmark A It's a bummer.

Try steering a bunch of teenagers in the face and telling him about this stuff every week does it pray for those in authority over us favor free for me to teaching a lot of young students trying to get them to understand not lose their money. This is no one is another program powered by the Truth Network

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