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Steve Deace Returns!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 30, 2022 9:00 pm

Steve Deace Returns!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 30, 2022 9:00 pm

Steve Deace Returns!

Steve Deace calls in today for three segments to talk about Trump and politics. Steve talks about the Left as well.

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The following program is recorded content created by And now here's your host, Steve Noble.

Steve. How are you, man? How are you doing?

I'm doing pretty well. Thank you very much. Back to teaching. Before we dive in, I would just like to thank you publicly, everybody. I mentioned this before, but Steve was kind enough to have me on his show several weeks ago, talking about Noble You and trying to reach and teach this younger generation. I had a lot of response to that appearance on the show, Steve, and picked up 10 or 12 students from that. So thank you for allowing me to share with that on your show. That was really meant a lot to me. You bet, brother. It's great that it worked out. I'm happy for you. Absolutely.

Yep, it was awesome. So we'll be back and planning some advertising stuff in February. So that'll be fun.

All right. So let's let's jump in. You probably saw this this long thread from Ben Shapiro on Twitter yesterday, kind of talking about the GOP and the Democrats. And the more we talk about Trump because of Mar-a-Lago or the FBI guy and the Hunter Biden laptop, that the more we talk about him, that's actually worse for Republicans. Did you happen to see Shapiro's tweet?

Oh, yeah, I did. OK, so I was curious to kind of get your take on that, because a lot of people are nervous about whether we should be bringing Trump into the conversation or not with respect to November and then, of course, 2024 looming on the horizon. But what's your take on that?

Well, you know, I was down preaching at a church in Chattanooga recently. Steve and I decided I'm going to get really gutsy and publicly disagree with John MacArthur on something. So why don't I go ahead and just while I'm at it, publicly disagree with Ben Shapiro. So and, you know, a lot of times in life, you're going to disagree with both those guys in a month. You're the one that's probably wrong.

But I guess we'll find out. OK, but I read his thread and I just found it. I think it's a it's completely wrong with all due respect to Ben, who I've known for years. He's endorsed several of my books.

We worked at Salem together. I just think he's completely wrong. And I and I think he's completely wrong for a couple of reasons.

One, he is. This is a very pre or pre Trump getting elected take. And it's a take that I often have.

All right. And and then you turned out to be wrong. And so when you're really smart and you and you get proven wrong about something, you have two options. You can either admit you were wrong and then begin analyzing things in a dynamic environment or you can just maintain it's an outlier.

I'm really smart. I'll continue to analyze things in a static one from that premise. And I think with all due respect to Ben, he is guilty of the former. First of all, he's arguing about the whole demography is destiny. Talking point from the early 2010s. I remember doing debates on MSNBC about that.

No one talks about that. That's completely irrelevant to this conversation. Trump got more minority voters than any Republican has since 1964. We are looking at almost a black exodus from Republicans to Democrats in 1964 with Hispanics right now, Democrats to Republicans in this cycle.

I mean, so the very premise of his first sentence just isn't true. Secondly, the idea that Democrats respond to anything objective from a data standpoint, they do not. Democrats are id incarnate. There's an agenda.

They pursue ruthlessly that agenda and then they pursue ruthlessly that agenda some more. If they cared about polls or data points or anything else, they would have attempted to mitigate some of the economic damage they've done. We wouldn't be sitting here energy dependent. We wouldn't be sitting here making Putin richer because Russian oil prices are at a record high while we are allegedly standing up to them in Ukraine. In other words, they would have built Clinton this thing by now, Steve. Okay.

They would have triangulated this son of a gun by now. They're not going to do any of that. It's an agenda. It's not even political. It's demonic.

This is a demonic construct. It is not a political party. You cannot analyze this like it's 1996, 2005 or even 2015.

We are way beyond that. We live in an era where liberals like Eric Weinstein and Naomi Wolf and Glenn Greenwald, with his gay partner, have to go on Tucker Carlson to get heard because they're not left enough for CNN. The idea of analyzing this as some kind of political construct or dynamic and data point, I'm sorry. That's just a misreading completely of this environment in my view.

Analyze things and people for what they are, not what you project upon them to be. I think also, frankly, that Ben is very eager to move beyond Donald Trump and is filtering his analysis through that. I'd love to move beyond Donald Trump. I'm a Ron DeSantis guy.

I don't even hide that from my audience, but I don't like being wrong. Here's the thing. He wants people to move on from Donald Trump. He wants Republicans to pivot from Donald Trump to what? What is their agenda? What is their vision?

They don't have one and they don't want one. Poor Rick Scott tried to put out an agenda trying to curry favor with Trump a few months ago to get him to back him toppling McConnell as majority leader. He put out basically a GOP agenda from 2008, pretty yesterday's headlines and temp.

It's something we all agree with, but we're like, that was 10 years ago's fight. He got freaking trashed by the GOP for doing that. They don't want an agenda. They don't want to be held accountable. So, I mean, there's nothing for our people to pivot else. There's nowhere else for them to pivot to. So you want to tell them that we're going to let them, you know, treat Trump like a political prisoner and ignore their issues.

You can't win that way. Yeah, that's right. Yep. That's a great point, Steve. I'm going to put you on hold. We're talking to Steve Dase. The other thing on Shapiro that he doesn't have that Steve and I have is the power of the Holy Spirit to understand the demonic. We'll be right back. Welcome back. It's Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show, working our way through a lot of important topics today with our good friend Steve Dase from the Blaze Network.

He comes on right after Glenn Beck, Monday through Friday, 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Eastern Time on the Blaze, not just the video, but the podcast side, the audio side. So just one of the greatest voices out there. Steve, thanks for your time today.

It's always great to have you on. Sure. OK, so back to the Shapiro thing, then we'll move on here pretty quick. He's talking about the more we talk about Trump, whether it's Mar-a-Lago, the FBI guy that got bounced out the other day, allegedly suppressing information about the hundred Biden laptop, that the more we talk about him, there's all these independents out there. That's allegedly about 40 percent of the electorate nationwide. And they're going to break four to one for the Democrats, given how often we talk about Trump.

What do you think the so-called people in the middle are going to do when we talk about Trump or Mar-a-Lago, this kind of stuff? Well, first of all, I don't even agree that the majority of people who call themselves independents are people in the middle. I think the majority of people who call themselves independents just hate both political parties.

Yeah, that's good. The idea that they are without ideology, I don't agree with that. But Emerson College is one of the more accurate pollsters right now, albeit that's a low bar because there's not a lot of accurate ones.

A lot of them are really bad. I just walked my audience last week through how inaccurate these polls have been since the last election cycle with precedents and numbers. But Emerson's been one of the best. Emerson just put out a poll two days ago, Steve, of Pennsylvania, fairly important state, 13 million people. And in that state, it had Memet Oz losing by four in the Senate race. It had Doug Mastriano losing by three in the gubernatorial race.

In a head-to-head presidential matchup, it had Donald Trump winning by five. So I don't even know what data point. I don't even know. Here's the thing I would say to Ben. If you want us to move beyond Trump, this is the wrong way to do it.

This is how you'll get more Trump. OK? Because the pivot up moved to what?

I keep asking that. Right. To what? We all know the GOP won't shut the government down. And so without the power of the purse there, there's really not much they'll do with a congressional majority next year on government spending, inflation, the things that people are the most upset about right now. They will give most of their leverage away. They'll do sham votes of defunding.

He'll veto it. And they'll say, oh, nothing we can do. We can't shut the government down. We did all this before. It was called surrender theater during the Tea Party years.

And so there's nothing to pivot to. People turned to someone like Donald Trump after they endured that, thinking he might just be crazy enough to do something as opposed to Kabuki theater. And so this is why I like DeSantis.

He has done the stuff Trump tweets about. He crushes them. He takes no prisoners.

He's like the friggin Klingon. OK. Doesn't take any prisoners. That's right. Raise waste to the opponent. Understand the rule of warfare from George Patton. You do not win a war by dying for your cause by making the other son of a gun die for his. OK. That's how you'll get people to move on.

You have to offer them something better. What Ben is offering people, with all due respect, is smarter, more eloquent national review level analysis that people don't want. And they turn to Donald Trump to get away from that. Yeah, that's exactly right. And that turn to what point is a big one, because there's not other than DeSantis, there's nothing else out there to turn to. So you had a tweet earlier today.

This is a great point. I'm wondering when anybody's going to talk about this other than you, because you look at Trump and go, OK, well, he's kind of the master of disaster when it comes to covid. He got behind it. He got he got grifted. I don't know what happened to him with all of that, but he's going to have to answer for this stuff now. There's no accountability. The data's coming out.

You got Burks in her book coming out now. The CDC is restructuring and, you know, that's a sub subtitle oops. And all the numbers are coming out. So how's how's Trump going to deal with this? Is it a foregone conclusion?

Number one, that he's running. I don't think he can help himself. But let's assume that he does. How's he going to handle this?

Because this is his nightmare as well. I think it's a foregone conclusion. He will run if healthy.

But it's also a foregone conclusion. They are going to do everything they can to stop him from getting on about. Yeah, that's why they're going to indict him. They're going to arrest him. They're going to try to get a federal judge somewhere to say because of that indictment, he's not eligible to be on a ballot. See if they can stop it long enough so that by the time the primary comes around, they can't acquire the amount of delegates to be the nominee, continue filing, you know, for, you know, enjoyments in federal courts, even if it is the nominee, they'll do whatever they possibly can.

OK. And and so I think that these two elements in both cases cannot help themselves. And so we're going to endure that. But their ultimate play here and I think you're watching it take place as we speak, is they're going to blame this all on him. He has demanded he wants all the credit for the glorious jab.

They're about to give it to him. You have you have YouTube now lifting the restrictions on talking about the fact that jabs don't stop the spread. They announced that the day after House Democrats put out a report saying that the Operation Warp Speed led to rushed vaccines. They were hurried. They weren't sufficiently tested. They were hurried by Trump.

The Trump administration trying to get them out before the election. No coincidence of those two things happened in accordance with one another. We already know that big tech basically is in bed with government. We've got multiple documented evidences of that. So here we are. And you have Mark Zuckerberg last week saying that they pulled the Hunter Biden lap stock, as the FBI told him to.

That's right. We have evidence that Twitter was specifically pressured by the Biden White House to ban Alex Berenson. So we already know that this collusion goes on. They are absolutely going to pin this on him.

Absolutely. The bodies are doing are getting too high to hide. The excess mortality rates are continually terrible. The amount of issues that we have with severe adverse effects. There was a study out of Thailand just two weeks ago, Steve, that found 18 percent of teenage boys had irregular EKG after taking the Pfizer vaccine, 18 percent of them. OK, almost one in five.

All right. I mean, the UK just announced they are no longer recommending these vaccines for pregnant women or those who want to be. The UK is starting funds now for the vaccine injured.

Australia has had to reimburse about 80,000 people for serious adverse events. This they're absolutely going to turn and blame this on him. They're going to go. This is these are the things Kamala Harris went from. I wouldn't take a Trump vaccine in 2021 to trying to force you to take them after they admitted that they don't actually stop the spread. If you think those people, the same people who did that gaslighting won't then turn around and say, we tried to warn you about these unsafe vaccines. This is what you get when you get Trump and unregulated corporations like big pharma working together, trying to recklessly manipulate an election result and then claiming we stole it from them when they were trying to steal it with their fake vaccine.

Then you haven't been paying attention. I've got I've got a drag queen story time hour to tell you if you don't believe that's what they're going to do. That is absolutely coming. And so we have we have a choice on the right. We can begin to ask him questions now that might push him into the position that he needs to be in before we get to 2024 or and this is likely what we will do given our history. We're going to be sitting here at this time two years from now coming out of Labor Day weekend in 2024 with campaign in high gear completely cornered with this entire thing blamed on him. That's what's more likely to happen because there's just too much grift and kissing his rear end until then.

And so that's what most of the people will do that I work with. And so that at that point, Steve, does it really matter who the Democrats put up? I mean, there's another poll. Fifty six percent of Democrats don't want Biden to run in 2024. Is it all going to be once again, just like the last election? It's all about Trump. It doesn't matter who the Democrats put up.

In general, when elections are about personality, Democrats win when they are about issues. Republicans win here. OK, this is fun. Anybody having fun yet? That's what I say to my wife when things are going terribly. Steve, are we having fun yet?

But what do you expect on a broken planet? I'm going to put you on hold. Can I keep you for one more segment, buddy? Sure. All right. Hold on. All right. So that that's just the deal. You don't have to like it. You don't even have to agree with it. But you better consider it.

You live on a broken planet in the spirit of the age and anything and everything is possible. Read your Bible. We'll be right back.

There's a man going round taking names. Welcome back to Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show. I try not to delight in that reality that Jesus is coming back. All accounts will be settled and his kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven.

New heavens and a new earth. I try not to delight in that as somebody jumping on the grave of one's enemy. That's a difficult challenge sometimes, but that is what's coming. So don't forget that, brothers and sisters in Jesus, that there is a whole nother meta narrative on top of all this craziness and all this garbage and all this frustration.

And a lot of our frustration and pain is just your soul longing for the kingdom, longing for heaven, as the earth longs like a woman in birth pangs for the completion, for the restoration of all things that's coming. So on the political front, I'm going to dive back over to Steve Dace. Is this Joe Biden on the offensive?

He said this just the other day. What we're seeing now is either the beginning or the death knell of an extreme MAGA philosophy. That's not just Trump. It's the entire philosophy that underpins the I'm going to say something.

Well, it's good, Joe. It's like semi-fascism. So he's at a national committee rally that evening and he says that MAGA Republicans don't just threaten our personal rights and economic security.

They're a threat to our very democracy. Pretty strong words coming from Joe Biden, if you even knew what he was talking about. But Steve, what we're looking at November, it looks like the Democrats, I mean, it looks like Joe Biden is on the offensive here.

He's doing a he's doing a speech this Thursday night on primetime. He's going to talk about how wicked all us MAGA people are, whatever. But what can we possibly do about this? Are the Republicans just resting on their laurels? Well, of course, Steve, of course, we're going to win because inflation and covid and Ukraine and the the price of gas and because the drag drag queen story hour, of course, we're going to win.

We don't need to do anything. What should Republicans be doing actually between now and November? Well, I actually agree that if Biden's approval rating stays sub 45, there is nothing Republicans could do to lose. I actually agree with that.

I don't think that's a compliment. I just think it just shows how both frustrated and simplistic voters are. They're they're systemically frustrated, but just simplistically just can't break free of the political paradigm we're in and so kind of vacillate back and forth. So I actually agree it is approval rating 45. There's no way that Republicans will not win big.

There's no way that they won't win the House. I mean, I think that's just gone. Yeah.

Yeah. So so we're really talking about is the scope of victory, like in your state where I visited a few months ago. You know, can you get the final two seats on your state Supreme Court, for example, the final few house seats, the final couple of Senate seats. So I mean, with this thing is so balkanized. The more each side faces talk, the better it actually is for the other side. OK. And so if I right now, if I if I'm a Republican candidate, you know, I'd love for Joe Biden to be making a dementia riddled speech to the public this week.

In fact, I hope he'd make one like every single week. Yeah. So I think that that's what's so fascinating to me about this campus is that he took over a state and he's had a three hundred and seventy thousand plus voter swing from Democrats to Republicans in three years. And he did it with the most right wing agenda we have ever seen from a governor, from a governor like in modern American history. He just governed. He just governed well. That's all he did. He just governed well. And so people, you know, didn't didn't care Republican Democrats. I just like my quality of life. So I vote I'm going to vote for that.

He's going to win big to me. That's the political paradigm moving forward. The reason most Republicans won't follow it. I think it's a very important point for your audience to understand. They're not stupid. They're not dumb. They're not gutless. I mean, some of them are.

OK. Some of them are all the same. But holistically, the reason the Republican Party will not follow the DeSantis model is even worse than you think it is. It's because they don't agree with you.

That's why. And so they prefer to be seen as stupid and gutless and cowardly rather than honestly show you we don't want to do things like punish Disney in a culture war. We actually want Disney to hire a bunch of people for economic development.

And we don't care what they feature kids in the process. That's where most Republicans actually are. They don't want to fight on the issues you care about. And so it is so often when those issues come up, they often appear to be stupid or cowardly or dumb. It's just that they don't agree with you. And, you know, if you and I, if we were asked to go door to door to defend an apology, do apologetics for Jehovah's Witnesses for its rights.

Right. Once we got past surface level talking points and we actually had to defend ourselves, you know what we would sound like? Stupid, cowardly and dumb because we don't believe it. So can't defend something sincerely and in-depth that we don't believe it. They just aren't that into you. And that's the reason why they come across that way. The reason why DeSantis does what he's doing is he actually shares the exact same values as you do.

That's why he's good at it. And so are we saying at that point then then the majority of the Republican leadership, they're just moderates at best. They just don't care. They're in the party already in terms of being DC right now. Right now, America's two parties are largely managed decay versus total depravity. And if you want, you know, another way of describing it, I would describe it as corporatist versus fascist.

You know, the, the, the, the, the demonic realm always excuses you of doing what they're doing. They had dropping work fascism. The reality, the, the classic definition of fascism is an Alliance or collusion of elites in the public and private sector for the dominance of the populace. That's what they're doing. That's Joe Biden trying to get corporations to inject you with his, with a poisonous jab or you can't work. That's what they're doing. We get, we get those, we get the private sector to enforce it for us. We get corporations to do it for us and call it a public private partnership. That's fascism.

That's what he's doing. The vast majority of Republicans are corporatists. They're not communists. They're not moderates. They're not liberals. They're just corporatists. They're just technocrats. That's all. They don't care about this kind of stuff. And, and so if I need, if I need ESG and DEI to hit my profit margin, okay, cool.

Where do I sign? And you know, what do you mean you want to go along with? You don't like making money? You don't like having a nice house? It's just materialism.

Materialism is going to lose us to fanaticism in every history book ever. I promise you. I just want to, I just want to be left alone. I don't want to rock the boat. That's not for me to say.

I'm just working towards retirement. Always loses in every history book ever. Oh yeah.

Every history book ever. Tyranny just kind of laughs at that. Says, okay, fine.

And then they roll over everybody. Speaking of the demonic, talk about our friend Nefarious. I want to make sure we keep the word and the name Nefarious on everybody's radar screen because I'm so excited about what's coming down the pike. We're so close. Okay.

So close. Um, we are in the final, final stage of the post-production right now. Coloring, CGI and musical score are happening right now. And so we expect within 30 days will be a ready for the public to view film will be done.

And then we will, you know, uh, begin to more formally explore our distribution options of how you will get to see it and when, but we are very, very close since you and I last talked, I watched the entire rough cut and I have to tell you, I was blown away. Okay. I mean, keep in mind, this is unedited sound or uneven sound. It's unedited. No snow, no coloring, no special effects, no music.

Sean Patrick Flannery's performance as Nefarious was like Nicholson in the shining or Heath Ledger in the joker, man. And I know it says like, come on, man. When you see it, you will see that this is next level.

I mean, and, and it does absolutely capture the spirit of the character in the book that I created. He will wreck you. He is going to preach. He is going to deliver some sermons that this audience in America needs to hear, but they don't want to listen to from like the Billy Grahams and the Greg Lorries who were in the commercial break that I was just listening to waiting for you.

They don't want to listen to those guys anymore. So now they're going to hear it from their own Yoda, their own reflection. And that's why we chose to have in this movie, the main confrontation is not nefarious versus the church. It's nefarious versus a man of the left, a secular man, a man of education, a man of enlightenment, where he is going to find out where all of the poopy ideas he was all taught.

This is where they all came from. He's going to meet his Godfather and it is menacingly glorious. As you're describing that, Steve, I'm thinking about the confrontation between Jesus and the Sadducees and the Jewish leaders. And they're like, well, Abraham's our daddy. And he's like, no, no, Abraham is not your daddy. I know your daddy is your daddy is the devil himself. And that's exactly what you're going to see.

I mean, that's that's what I got when I was reading the book. Nefarious being a senior demon, how is he going to take down America? And then in this case, this going to the movies is to say, OK, let's see where all this stuff came from, because everything is ultimately spiritual and that's just a beautiful reality. How are we going to communicate this? I got about a minute left, but how are we going to tell people, OK, what's nefarious about? How are we going to pull people into this movie and get them to use it? This movie is about what do you really believe and what do you think is really happening around you? That's what it's about. Yep. Pull back the curtain.

And in this case, it's not going to be a cute little guy wearing green at the Wizard of Oz. No. Yep. And that's the reality. It's going to be a serial killer in orange jumpsuit and he's even worse than you think he is. That's what it's going to be. Yeah, I want to I'm awesome. I'm so excited. I'm looking forward to it.

And it's a truth that needs to be heard. Steve Dace on the Blaze every day, Monday through Friday, 12 p.m. to two p.m. Eastern Time. Thank you, brother. God bless you. We'll talk later.

You got it, man. Thank you. All right. Thanks. Talk to you.

See you. That was the the one and only Steve Dace. More about nefarious and the situation in general from a gospel perspective when we come back. Hey, friends, it's Steve Noble. Welcome back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble Show.

Great to be with you. Following up with Steve Dace. And he's got so much to say. He's a great analyst. I don't always agree with everything he says, but I agree with most of the things he says.

He's always my brother in Christ. And he has a deep concern for the nation. But he's a realist. He calls it like he sees it. And he's also got the power of the Holy Spirit behind him, which is the difference when we were talking about Ben Shapiro. And when I posted his thing at first glance, I was like, yeah, you know what?

This makes sense to me. And then listening to what Steve has to say, I'm like, OK, he poked some really valid holes in Ben Shapiro's long post of several different tweets there. And so you work through these things. And it's been several times. And he mentioned this.

If you're going to be smart, you have to be willing to be teachable. I was just praying for certain leaders that I get from my email every day. Just go to

That's the Bible. Pray One, the number one, Tim Two, First Timothy Chapter Two. Click on your state and sign up for a daily email for elected officials to pray for. And we have to do that with everything going on here. You think we don't need to pray for these people? Wow, we do. And so listening to Steve and going down that road and listening to him, can you imagine?

Can you imagine? That as the case against covid gets stronger all the time, as the facts come out more all the time. So now we know the covid vaccine isn't a vaccine, right?

It's not a vaccine. It doesn't keep you from getting it. Then there's it's looking like in many ways that the more you get the jab, the more you get shot, the more you then get boosters that go look at the president and the vice president and the first lady and a bunch of other people up there.

I mean, how many times how many holes do you have to have in your arm? And then they get it, then they get it again and it lasts and that keeps going. And so what if the more you get it, the more you get it meeting covid? And then you've got the whole issue of myocarditis and chest problems and the problems with with pregnancy. And now countries like Great Britain saying, hey, if you're pregnant, don't go anywhere near this.

If you're thinking about getting pregnant, don't get anywhere near this. I can't remember which country it was. I might have been Great Britain that said, oh, yeah, we're not giving this to kids anymore. No, no, no, no, no.

We can't do that. And I don't remember what country Steve mentioned that 18 percent of the young men were having issues like myocarditis, vaxed people. And now the CDC over restructuring and then Burks remember Burks, Dr. Burks with the scarves in her book. So, yeah, we knew six foot with six foot distance, safe differences. I can't remember what they called it. Right. Social distancing. Yeah. We just kind of threw that out there.

Something's better than nothing. And then social distancing, masking, yada, yada, yada. Just just a gigantic charade. And who was pushing? Who was leading the daily, every other day press briefings? That would be Trump. Who was taking credit for the amazing Operation Warp Speed and using the National Defense Act to turn industries to go help deal with not only the production or the creation of the quote unquote vaccine, but then the production of it. And then he takes credit for all that stuff.

He still does. Now, can you imagine the Democrats would have the nerve to pivot? And all the things that they've said were bogus and crazy and conspiracy theories, all of a sudden they turn around and say, well, that's all Trump's fault. Of course, they have the nerve to do that. They do drag queen story hours with little kids and their followers show up with their little kids.

And did you catch this just the other day? Antifa is out there in Black Block wearing all black with AR 15 guarding. This is so satanic guarding the drag queen story hour. The bunch of kids and they're out there twerking and doing all their thing.

And then you got the Antifa guys out there protecting them. I guarantee you, Satan and a bunch of demons are sitting around just belly aching and laughter, which is what Steve was talking about with nefarious when that movie comes out called calculating and just laughing at human depravity and how they turn it. And all that's going on.

You don't think that they'll turn around and blame Trump for the for the whole thing? All the negative. All of a sudden.

They'll they'll be the ones spouting stats, covid stats. I mean, just amazing, which should remind you of the spirit of the age powers and principalities. Everything is spiritual.

Just remember that. Romans chapter one. Everything is spiritual and everybody knows it at some level. OK, so we acknowledge God because he says he's made a plane so that men are without excuse. Right.

You see him everywhere. Starry sky in the fire, in the ocean, whatever. Pull apart an animal. Look at microbiology. Look at the construction of the universe. Look at all the individual finely tuned things that have to exist for human life to exist, let alone for there to be life on this planet.

It's everything. All of creation screams God. Oh, look at that. The heavens declare the glory of God.

Imagine that. Now, you know, because you have a conscience because you're made in God's image. And you're like, OK, there is a creator and spoiler alert. He's a moral creator. There's a moral law.

Darn rats. I wish that weren't the case because our deeds are dark and we don't want them dragged into the light. So we hide, especially from him. So what do you do with that reality? If you don't want to bend the knee, confess your sin, call out in repentance for salvation, for forgiveness. That's not the truth you want.

So you suppress it. Romans one and you replace it with a lie. You got to have another system of justification and then enter in being woke. Being woke is another way to justify yourself in a sick, fallen, depraved state because spiritual truths are spiritually discerned. And so now I know I need to be fixed.

I know I need righteousness. I just don't want to get it from him. I'm not going to Chick-fil-A. No way. Jesus chicken.

Forget it. I'm not going there. I hate those people. But something inside of them in their DNA because they're made in the image of God knows that they need to be justified.

So then they suppress the truth and they replace it with a lie. I'm going to cheer when the third grader says, I'm actually I know I was born a boy with a penis, but I'm actually a girl. Oh, you're so brave. I support you. Look at look at how welcoming I am and supporting I am.

And they're patting themselves on the back going, I'm a good person. Darn it. And that woman, she's in a tough situation and she was raped or she doesn't have the money to raise a baby. And I believe in her.

Right. I believe in a woman's reproductive freedom and a reproductive health care. I support you, ma'am.

You know, there's a baby died there. Yeah. I support you, ma'am. Justify yourself.

Drag queen story hour. I'm enlightened. I'm helping these little kids come out of that crazy Judeo Christian, hateful, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, patriarchal society. I'm bringing you I'm ushering you into a world of wide open spaces and group hugs. Acceptance. I accept you. The mean, hateful God of the Bible, the cosmic killjoy. He doesn't accept you because he's a moral overlord. But I do.

I am a safe space. I'm not going to condemn you for anything unless it smells like him. Which is why the Bible also says to those who are perishing, we are the aroma of death.

Right. This all this stuff is screams at me every day. This is what an operative biblical world view does for you. You can see it all.

You have the decoder ring. I don't know it all, but I can see all these realities. And that's what we're dealing with. And that's why you you engage in the here and the now, because it involves, well, in our case, 350, 340 million neighbors. And what we're doing economically to our kids, to their kids, to their kids, multiple generations.

You engage because people are still made in the image of God and have worth, even if they don't understand it. So AOC actually thinks she's an awesome person and she's going to save all of us with her new Green Deal. We're too stupid to figure it out. We're too ignorant.

We're too given over to our backwards thinking. But she's enlightened. She's wise. She gets it. So she's going to do whatever she can to get us all drive in electric cars so that the earth doesn't fall apart. We all don't die in some big flood.

That sounds familiar. And she is convinced in her mind. That that's what she's doing, despite and we're just idiots, but she's such a good person. She's going to save us anyway.

So she's doing justification, salvation, not by faith, not by grace through faith, but by, I don't know, electric cars saving the earth, everything spiritual. Then in the end, you have to remember this. This is what keeps me going and not losing my mind, not pulling out the remainder of my hair. I'm like this. There's a meta-narrative on top of all of it. And God has called you into existence at this place, at this time.

We're all Esther for such a time as this. So what do you do? Steve Dace has his place on the wall.

He's on the blaze. He's speaking that truth. He brings a hard truth. I do the same thing in a different way. I talk about some other things. We're different, same wall, different calling. And if Steve Dace or Steve Noble or you, if we're not ultimately trying to build the kingdom, that's that stubble and hay that the scripture tells us about. That's going to burn up.

That works going to burn up. Hey Lord, what about all the times I got on the radio and I was just sounding off about the stupid political situation, blah, blah, blah, blah. And he's like, yeah, you were doing that for yourself. You weren't doing that for me. And you actually didn't come against some people out of love for them and care and concern for them.

You just pretty much wanted to crush them and put them under your feet instead of mine and then make yourself feel better. That doesn't count. Steve, what else do you have for me? Well, and I go teach all these kids every week and talk to them about the government or us history or ethics. If I'm not ultimately pointing them to Christ, if I'm not trying to help them grow to, to make sure they have faith in Christ and then that that faith in Christ grows and I'm just trying to gather a crowd, that's not going to count either. So the question for all of us in the midst of all this madness and all this frustration and all this anger, whatever church you go to, the question is, what are you doing with your salvation? What are you doing for the kingdom? Building the kingdom is not technically saving America.

It's bigger than that. Let's talk about Americans more so than we talk about America. What are we doing to advance the gospel? What are we doing to find a Timothy to look to a Paul so that we can grow as well? Ultimately, these are the things we need to talk about, think about and act on even more than politics. This is Steve noble and the Steve noble show. God willing. I'll talk to you real soon. And like my dad always used to say, ever forward. Another program powered by the truth network.
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