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Mar-a-Lago Raid!

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August 10, 2022 11:32 pm

Mar-a-Lago Raid!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 10, 2022 11:32 pm

Mar-a-Lago Raid!

Steve talks about how the FBI stormed into Donald Trump’s mansion the Mar-a-Lago! Why did the FBI do this? Political reasons?

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job everyone to sign for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble well I don't know about you but Monday will likely your Monday was pretty normal so you know hopefully it's the only Monday you have this week. My Monday was pretty normal for our former president Donald Trump anything but normal. Obviously, if you don't know what happened at Mara Largo on Monday. Well, God bless you. That means you spent the last 2 1/2 days, doing something other than looking at social media or cable news or listening to talk radio or what have you but yeah 30 agents nine hours they went so far as to go through Milani as closet and wardrobe. It appears Trump's lawyer was quote unquote there but they took her down to the end of the driveway which stop 5200 yards long.

At Mara Largo so it that in some articles like the Newsweek article make it through. It says you note that the lawyer was present tonight at air quote so many different things these days. As you work your way through the news, but obviously unprecedented. We've never had a former president. I treated this way in terms of the FBI, the department adjusted showing up at their private residence. After they left the White House in conducting a raid and I don't think you call anything other than a raid. We have a bunch of guys and SUVs in this 30 of them in there in there today and they kicked everybody out and on the go through the whole place literally for nine hours.

How would you feel.

I mean just Joe blow's citizen, I'd be completely freaked out by that.

But if you're Donald Trump it's just like I harkens back to the Declaration of Independence.

In many ways on a long line of usurpations, it's like one thing after another. So my question to work through several articles here today for you if you like to call in and share your reaction to this may perhaps you're like levelheaded in your you're like well it is Donald Trump and so let's just wait and see what's in the warrant they had to have enough information rights. Wink wink. In order to go see a judge right.

Wink wink. In order to get the judge to sign off on said warrant wink wink so that they can go do whatever they feel like doing. Does that script sound familiar to you. Have you seen that movie before.

Yes, you have and it was something that largely people thought was incorruptible that was defined as a warrant process that was bogus. Based on a completely bogus Russian dossier. All bogus from top to bottom. 100% political which, whether you like Donald Trump or Hayden if you're if you're intellectually honest at all. Some of these things you have to you should be scratching your head going yeah walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck right so but you might be thinking, well, let's wait and see maybe that you maybe your 100 can vent 100% convinced that Donald Trump is in fact the scumbag and so about time and you hope to see an perp walked one of these days me that you or perhaps you're convinced in the exact opposite direction.

This is nothing but a political hack job, but for what what end are they trying to destroy Donald Trump so that he can't run for 2024 or this is an interesting perspective. Maybe they're trying to ensure he runs for 2024 because they're convinced no way can the guy with and so thus ensuring the Democrats hold on to the White House. Now who would be in the White House at that point as a Democrat.

I have no idea the courts were talking about banana republics in Third World countries and the like on the stuff but yeah 30 agents nine hours when supplies go through Milani and stop.

They busted open the sound like Trump's personal safe. Normally in these instances, they would remove something like that and that would require further action to go bust into the saved and you have to get another warrant or some kind of court order to be able to bust in the same facility did and they made left with a bunch of different boxes of things, and that's a story that started a while ago as they been going back and forth. It seems on what the national archives has a right to. What they don't have a right and is the president premature for pure public figure. Everything you write everything you converse every little piece of thing that's given to you. It's all kind of property of the state, but not hundred percent of it. They don't need all that stuff. So it's an interesting situation to work through to say the least.

And it's unfolding okay we we are getting bits and pieces here and there and you don't know everybody's got a narrative, everybody's got a position so we ought to be very careful not to shoot first and ask questions later. To start with this Alan Dershowitz who is no conservative right. He's he's a constitutional scholar and a Lib. Now he was took took Trump side on the last impeachment.

If you remember that. So he's calling it misconduct. According to him in an appearance on Newsmax.

Such a raid should be a method of last resort must they can't get the documents or subpoenas or any other lawful means will get to that.

But what's going on with the documents in the law that surrounds that the radius was to be a last resort. He said, but the administration has used the weaponization of the justice system against his political enemies and numbers that this is the first time right we've we've heard this music before it is arrested. People denied them bail put them in handcuffs used all kinds of techniques that are not usually applied to American citizens.

I just hope this rate has the justification doesn't have justification. The material seized and it will be suppressed.

This is improper and this is been caught misconduct. He said we have to find out what the facts are, but we have to make sure the shoe fits on the other foot that we want to make sure that what is being done here is something the Democrats would not oppose if it were being done to Democrat operatives instead write the shoe on the other foot on Fox Dershowitz took up another issue with the rate saying that the government would have to show they had a reasonable evidence that this information will be destroyed. Additionally, he said they improperly open the safe on the premises which they should not have done.

Dershowitz said that in his opinion. They had quote violated the rules of Justice Department gone after former president any future candidate most likely, and they darn well better have a smoking gun proof which I don't see happening set clearly there's been a double standard declared you don't get a warrant unless the subpoena wouldn't suffice. And so did you hear about the judge. The judge assigned up in the warrant on Obama donor yada yada yada. And really, took up to Hillary's defense and made no big deal of it with the 33,000 emails and the like on a mess right so rules for the but not for me. Then there's this and I'm just going to continue this up I will talk about it more like him back from the Newsweek article and and before you throw that out completely that this is reasonable to go through this because there is of course leaking information into senior government officials told Newsweek now in the modern world. Whenever you hear that these are people that are not willing, if they exist, and nothing they don't. These are people that are not willing to be named because there be repercussions in their current job and so you take it with a grain of salt, but we've been burned on that before have we not and so the big problem here and I'll finish today. What the article, great article by Ben Shapiro is the massive distrust we have for our government will be rep wrapped inside a mystery wrapped inside something else going on with everything about the Trump rate at Mara Largo. He's out of town. They set that up. They waited for that. By the way they did want him to be there because they didn't want to turn it into a circus event media circus event for the first time in American history. The Department of Justice utilizing the FBI just read a former president's house and one of the most divisive presidents in American history and you think that's not going to be a media event that there's no way around, but maybe that's exactly what they wanted Ray at so it's kind of hard to follow the bouncing ball here on this one, which is why this Newsweek article interested me just came out to just today the Reno Mara Largo was based largely on information from an FBI confidential human source one who was able to identify what classified documents, former president Trump was still hiding and even the location of those documents to senior government officials told Newsweek.

Okay so did you catch this follow the bouncing ball to senior government officials told Newsweek they got the information from a confidential FBI human source so you got a few degrees of separation there okay so can you trust this. Who knows was literally time to occur in the form present was away. By the way today and New York with the Atty. Gen. of New York on after the Trump organization on the finances Donald Trump was deposed today. He pleaded the fifth. He said nothing FBI decision-makers in Washington in Miami thought that denying the former president of photo Opera platform from which the grandstand would lower the profile of the events is one of the sources. That's funny. The effort to keep the raid low-key failed to say the least. Instead, it prompted a furious response from GOP leaders and from supporters.

What a spectacular backfires, says the justice official quote I know that there is much speculation out there that this is a political persecution but it is really the best in the worst of the bureaucracy and action, the official says they wanted to punctuate the fact that this was a routine law enforcement action stripped of any political overtones, and yet they got exactly the opposite. How in the world can you take 30 agents in the Mara Largo and Pres. Former president Trump's house and think that that was going to be a routine law enforcement action stripped of any political overtones. Are you that stupid are we that they think were that stupid. Unfortunately, people are I'm not one of either you on Monday at about 10 AMS two dozen FBI agents and technician showed up down from sport home to execute a search warrant.

They were trying to obtain government documents that might be in the possession of trumpeter required to be delivered to the archives under the provisions of the 1978 presidential records acts will get to that later. The act establishes that presidential records are the property of the US government and not a presidents private property put in place after Watergate, to avoid the abuse of the Nixon administration, the law imposes strict penalties for failure to comply quote whoever having the custody of any such record. Listen carefully perceiving MacBook document, paper or other thing willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies or destroys the same shall be fined $2000 and up to three years in prison or quote shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States." Bingo. If that's what they're doing trying to use this law okay trying to use the presidential records act 1978 in order to make sure that they find him guilty. Then according to this reading. They think that Trump can't run again. Not a few minutes really go to Andrew McCarthy who actually served as a federal prosecutor for about 20+ years and he blows a big hole in that stupid notion, but will get to that root of the raid began a year and half ago when in the transition from the Trump administration to that of Pres. Joe Biden.

There were immediate questions raised by the national archives and records administration as one of the presidential records turned over to the federal agency for historical preservation were complete or not.

Just as a reminder this is shocking. Amazing that this happens.

So the day of the inauguration.

They move the current president out so we jumps in the limo Trump wanted to and went with a Biden to go to Congress to go to the capital to do the inauguration.

All that stuff flips in about six hours. It's shocking how quickly we can turn over the levers of power from one party to the next.

Essentially, peacefully coming for 200+ years has been peaceful largely peaceful and in just a matter of hours. So if some boxes here and there, gets shipped to Florida and still study going to the archives. You can imagine in a crazy day like Inauguration Day that stuff like that could happen right sure. So this beginning year and half ago when they'd started deal with these issues. In February, archivist David Ferrero testified before Congress that his agency began talking with Trump's people right at the left office in the Trump camp in early return 15 boxes of documents to the archives guy said in those materials. The archives discovered items quote Marcus classified national security information unleashing further inquiries as to whether Trump continued to process classified material. The basic outlines the facts surrounding this timeline. The been confirmed by the former president. He's previously said that he was returning any official records to be archives labeling any confusion. The matter is an ordinary and routine process to ensure the preservation of my legacy in accordance with the presidential records act. He also claimed the archives did not find anything in what he had already been that returned suggesting that there was nothing sensitive. He said the documents and inadvertently spin shipped to Florida during the six hour transition period in which his belongings were moved. Like I said, it all happens rather quickly. According to the Justice Department source. The archives saw things differently, believing that the former White House was stonewalling to continue to possess authorized material earlier this year. They asked the Justice Department to investigate. Oh yeah, because the people working in the federal government.

There's no way any of them could be politically motivated. There's no way of the massive bureaucracy up there in the swamp that there's people that actually he Trump and will look for any reason to go after no use anything we've seen that impeachment one impeachment to the January 6 hearings which haven't done very well so in late April back and forth. They go but they didn't treat it the same way that they did with Hillary Wright Hillary they have the same issue with Bill by the way, no raids, no front-page news. Just give him the benefit of the doubt. Things are crazy.

I know it's crazy when we switch story about an order for the investigators to convince the Florida judge to approve such an unprecedented raid is still the Newsweek article article information had to be solid which the FBI claim says the intelligence source and who signed off on the warrant. That would be an Obama donor Democrat nothing to worry about their right.

We heard the story before, according to news reports, some 10 to 15 boxes of documents were removed from the premises on Monday. Donald Trump send a statement that the FBI open his personal safe as part of the research dish with sufficient on that is a problem.

We'll see if that comes back around trumpet. Listen to this Trump attorney Lindsay Halligan who was present during the multihour search she was at the end of the driveway, about 5200 yards away from the house so it in this Newsweek article. Apparently they call that being present. So is all that right.

The senior Justice Department source says that Garland Mayor Carlin was regularly briefed on the records act investigation and that he knew about the grand jury and what material federal prosecutors were seeking. He insists though, listen this. I've got some linen Florida. By the way, if you believe this that Garland had no prior knowledge of the date and time of the specific grade nor is he has to approve it.

I know it's hard for people to believe says the official, but this was a matter for the US attorney in the FBI once again. Do you think were that stupid merit Garland, the Atty. Gen., the FBI's going to conduct a raid on a former president South never happened in history, the country and the Atty. Gen. doesn't need to know about it is that plausible deniability or just a lie. Probably both. But of course the Atty. Gen. would know you think the Atty. Gen. Mike of his present can I talk to her. Second, some about to go down.

You might want to know about. They really think for that stupid Europe okay will Johnny Cash's talking about when the man comes to town merit Garland in the Vita ministration or talk about 30 FBI agents come to doubt and spend nine years in your house and go through everything, including your wife's wardrobe. I mean, you got some highly sensitive documents are down from whose no idiot is got highly sensitive documents that he illegally took from the White House in his Lakemont hey can you can you hide these under in your drawer like under your underwear will be safe there no reason to look there surely really mean it's ridiculous. Anyway, welcome back.

This is a great article really thought-provoking by Andrew McCarthy, who served as a national review. This is that Fox news and he served for over 20 years as a federal prosecutor can guys brilliant, gets it right. This is his urine. His wheelhouse here FBI raid of Trump Samara Largo home won't help Democrats in 2024 Democrats who hoped to bail Trump from running after the FBI raid on the Samara Largo home will not get their wish yours will be set. I continue to believe that establishment Democrats want listen want former Pres. Donald Trump to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024. They calculate that a post capital right Trump, particularly a Trump bruised by the slick made-for-TV drama series known as the house judiciary six committee hearings is their best shot at electing a Democrat. Oh please, Lord, let Trump run.

Okay that's position he starting with the FBI search of Trump Samara Largo residence is yet another hardball movement Democrats figure will stoke GOP anger enough to get Trump nominated from their Democrat surmise he cannot win a national election so they would retain the White House. But this is not a universal view on the left many progressives to the contrary. Not only want Trump indicted they want him disqualified by law from seeking the presidency that was part of their goal and produce in proceeding with impeachment in the waning days of his presidency, followed by a Senate impeachment trial when he was already out of office.

One of the constitutions penalties for impeachment. Besides being stripped of power is disqualification from seeking federal office and future that is if they find in the Senate. They find the president guilty, then they can strip them from any ability to retain officer run for office ever again.

Okay if they find him guilty.

They did enter goes on to say this also explains a clause in the Democrat-controlled houses impeachment article which cites section 3 of the 14th amendment as part of the incitement of insurrection allegation or to get in the Constitution or the second great misleadingly quoted in this amendment's provision that one who has quote engaged in insurrection or rebellion against quote unquote the United States may be disqualified from holding federal office.

In reality, this provision does not apply to any person as the impeachment article asserts, but to a specific list of federal officials. Noticeably absent from that list are the president and the vice president lies that now comes the latest disqualification gambit. I believe the Justice Department's real purpose and searching trumps Florida estate is to continue trying to build a criminal case based on the capital right but the extensible reason for the search. As we talked about earlier.

The pretext if you will, is suspicion that Trump has mishandled classified information. In other words, this is the key to get them in the door to get in the house but that's not really what they were looking for. That's what Andrew McCarthy is saying here this progressives will argue triggers section 2071B of the federal criminal code prescribes a classified information offense whose penalty includes quote being disqualified from holding any office under the United States, it won't work. Andy's rights, it's a fundamental tenet of our law but a mere statute cannot alter or override the Constitution that can legitimately be done only by doing what class amending the Constitution right under the Constitution. The qualifications for the presidency are minimal wonderment beat must be at least 35 years of age and in a natural born citizen significantly and as noted above, the Constitution also prescribes the conditions for disqualifying a person from the presidency he or she must be impeachment house and convicted by the Senate. That obviously hasn't happened right. Congress has no authority to change these constitutionally prescribed qualifications and disqualification by statute. If Congress could set the qualifications of the presidency by enacting a statute, the chief executive would be beholden to the legislative branch exactly the subservient relationship. The founding fathers sought to avoid. Thus, the separation of powers, right separation, the branches, there are obviously many criminal offenses that are more serious than the one prescribed by section 2071P indeed it's maximum three year imprisonment penalty makes a comparatively minor even among classified information offense is particularly compared the espionage espionage act, 770 9X, section 79, 793. Sorry which prescribes far more serious incarceration terms, but does not contain a disqualification provision. It would be strange. In any event, Andy McCarthy rights to claim that a section 2071B crime disqualified a person from seeking the presidency. Even though far more egregious offensive safe seditious conspiracy to use force against the government in the murder of a federal officer do not because the Constitution sets the requirements for who can be the president and has nothing to do with whether they violated section 2071B of the federal code. There is however no need to argue that point. Section 2071B cannot change the Constitution to disqualify Donald Trump or anyone else for that matter from the presidency, there must be a house impeachment followed by Senate conviction and disqualification verdict.

End of story rights Andrew McCarthy and Fox Fox news so very talking about that and so this when you read and that you go. This disqualifies if you're guilty of violating 2071P. Presidential records act. So if we can find something in that mar Largo search on Monday that nine hours or 30 agents including Milani's closet. If they can find something and we can pin it to him and he took classified material that he wasn't supposed to take. We can disqualified this dirt bag from running for office again see the logic there see that or let's do this is based will go nuts. He'll love it because it's more attention for him, thus assuring that Donald Trump will announce sometime in the next few months that he's going to run again for president and we know he's unelectable. Therefore that'll guarantee us the White House right so these are the political pieces on the chessboard and I think both of them are valid to consider both of them make sense to me.

And there's also Trump derangement syndrome. People like Pelosi.

People like Schumer bind to a certain extent. Certainly a lot of people in the Department of Justice absolutely are lunatics becomes their hatred of Donald Trump.

I mean, beyond logical beyond just while you need to get all your motions. It's beyond all that, it's beyond logic that the hatred of the guy is so deep the pathology is so bizarre that when you get people like that and it never been around a situation like that when you're like you know what you're saying exactly no sense and they're totally convinced that the right or justified. And so they just keep going and you're like you'd like us crazed animal cotton corner will do anything they can until they see Donald Trump perp walked in an orange jumpsuit and behind bars. Anything sure that's just not satisfied its absolute political bloodlust or thinking like like really took some things out. They should stay behind in your gonna drop 30 FBI agents make sure trumps on town because we don't want them to make a big deal out of this when he's the one that broke it in the White House, including the Press Secretary's like we do know is happening until we saw went on and on.

The mainstream media and social media. That's how we found out Mike Sheridan's that's believable your FBI your Department of Justice just invaded the private home of a former president who most likely is going to be your political opponent within the next three or four, six months in nobody really knew about that at the highest levels.

Mayor Garland, Joe Biden really the whole thing stinks to high heaven, but to a certain extent.

We we have to wait but they say you hate wait to see what's in the war that doesn't matter either but doesn't matter either way till it's in the warrant.

They had a fines of warrant to spy on trumps organization and that was based purely on a meet up by paid for by Hillary Clinton.

The D&C the famous now infamous Russia Russian dossier. Having Donald Trump to all these kind of crazy things with Russian they're trying to blackmail for right they ruled that whole party out onto the street and it was all bogus. From the start and they knew it. So to think like it matters anymore.

This is where the distress in them to finish with this article from Shapiro in the last segment were looking at a political crisis, he writes.

I grew up because now it's just the our trust in the government institution itself.

The federal government institution and as it's gonna be an all-time low regional trust anything the FBI says yeah whatever the farmer just said yeah whatever Majorca says that the southern borders under control.

What this the southern border.

Looks like the Red Sea being parted and then dumped in on Pharaoh and his soldiers. It's just a flood or let's go back to no flooding the earth. That's with the southern part of the site and in my process of the southern borders under control integration is under control. What are you think for that stupid, they do hear that stupid congratulations goes in the corner. Get your guns On because that's you friend your that stupid and they can tell you anything in it doesn't matter what you think that's united states of America. Today we come back Ben Shapiro's article, a political crisis will go back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble shows so yelled run president or hat in their and you but Steve, it's the yes I got a felony on my record. That's all right no problem, you can still run, but Steve and Steve and Steve, I have a misdemeanor under couple of no problem, you can still run, but Steve and Steve, but Steve, I lost my license once and got a DUI right you can still run for president. That doesn't disqualify you.

But Steve but Steve and Steve. When I worked in the federal government, and I worked in the White House and Wesley I I took some things out of the West Wing. Once the president of the serving loss. Once he was out.

I took some things with me. Therefore I violated section 2071B of the federal code which then says that you can never hold office again so I guess my dream of being the president just died. No, it didn't. Here's my question for you. It's twofold are you at least 35 years of age.

Yes, I am Steve cool one more cliffhanger are you a natural born citizen in the United States. Yes, I well congratulations friend congratulations citizen congratulations American you can run for the presidency of the United States. But even with that other stuff on my record. Yes, even with all of that may be you like guacamole.

I can't vote for you, which you can still run for president right so the Democrats of the trying to use 2071B in Boston for taking things out that he should've taken out doesn't disqualify him from running because of that pesky little thing called the U.S. Constitution and that's the problem is the Constitution. The U.S. Constitution is the proverbial finger in the dike.

It's the little boy with his finger in the dike and if we could just get rid of him that we open the floodgates and we can fundamentally change America as we get rid of the second amendment we get rid of the First Amendment. May we can turn this place into the Venezuela we've always hoped it could be that the constitutions got a go and it doesn't help that we haven't an increasingly large percentage of Americans who never read it, don't even understand what's in it or how it works there massively ignorant and what a shock only 10 states in the union required a civics education at the high school level. I want cash. I wonder why the progressive education system in the last hundred 20 years has trying to get rid of common civic knowledge.

I wonder what like to what had. Why do you think is one of the reasons I teach it civics US history and Christian ethics got a kid in high school, son or daughter in high school eighth grade. Maybe I still some room in a couple of my classes here in the Raleigh Cary area of North Carolina go to Noble you Steve you are you pumping up your own school, yes I am Noble you school you is in you University noble you Check it out all but my concern in public school fine were about to make it possible to audit the course, you can audit you want to do homework on success, but there get the blue pill all day long in public school system all given the red pill be good use of an hour and 15 minutes of your time every week to watch the class that I just taught on you in US history or civics doing ethics in three adults out there that need to brush up which is I love you but probably most or maybe you've never learned about you relook at US history through biblical lands to the been the ugly you'll be what audit as well. You can watch one out of my 32 or 34 classes in the next two semesters.

You can watch them all will be up to you. That's just something I feel compelled and obligated to do in order to try to affect the next generation and trust the Lord of the results that but as the Constitution got a get that puppy out of the way to get out of the way you want to be 35 and you don't to be an assistant okay Ben Shapiro were looking at a political crisis. Here's the bottom line. Ben writes the FBI is not trusted by a significant percentage of Americans while sad but true. What the FBI just did requires extraordinary institutional trust, but this is an FBI under the auspices of the current administration reading the home of the leader of the last administration in the likeliest potential nominee for the opposition. Come 2024. The rate appears to be pretextual because if you're going to do something like this.

Darn well better be a crime. The crime can be something like where the present United States brought stuff with him when he left office, Bill Clinton brought half the White House with him when he left the office and he was never rated it can't be, you know the present United States. The paddle with the national archives over material, especially if what we are talking about here is an optically important material. It must be more than that. Ben Shapiro writes then there's the problem that the present United States is plenary authority to declassify anything he wants. While he was in office so all the other cases being referenced this week. With regard to situations in which people have mishandled classified material referring to people who were not the present United States. For example, former Clinton National security advisor Sandy Berger received a misdemeanor charge in 2015 for stopping classified documents down his pants. The front back in the socks by the way, and in 2016.

The FBI investigated none other than Hillary Clinton. Her mishandling of classified documentation. She could not declassified anything. She was the Secretary of State. She was not the president and then for several years under Pres. Trump. The FBI actively attempted to undermine the president of the United States on pretextual information provided by the Clinton campaign on the basis of the steel dossier James Comey and all those fools. That was a joke.

Trust in the FBI is at an all-time low bench burial rights and yet it's the FBI under Christopher Ray apparently with a warrant that had not been that had to be signed off by the Department of Justice and Atty. Gen. Mark Carlin now initiating rate in the former present United States code there theoretically and some world be a rational rationale for this sort of activity.

Sure, there could but is going to have to be a darned extraordinarily solid bedrock, solid rationale with serious underlying evidence, it had better be what were looking at is a political crisis when the current administration is investigating former administrations to the point of sending the FBI into their home to pick up documents on the basis of not having them over to the national art archives. Even during negotiating. It looks more like an attempt to take Donald Trump out of the running. Come 2024 than anything else. But here's what we do know if there is no extraordinary basis for this rate than what we are looking at is a crisis in American governance right now it looks like the intelligent apparatus is being weapon eyes against the opponents of a political ministration which this is a new Ben member Obama did with the IRS to go after well people like me people like Ben Shapiro any conservative these IRS they weapon eyes IRS figure weapon eyes the entire federal government consume political adversaries whether the former president or you little boy little girl little man little woman little nobody out there in America, anti-facts or whatever the case may be, homeschooler, originalist Christian and down the road if this comes to nothing and Donald Trump runs and loses you think they're going to be a lot of people are going to trust that he actually lost again. Again, the trust in our institutions is so low right now and they're exacerbating all of the worst possibilities in American politics and bench burial rights.

I'm amazed to see so many people on the left. Today people highly critical of the cops are saying things like, well, you know they would do this without a basis really when they you guys were defunding the police five seconds ago but now they're targeting your political opponents are all in favor of it. The people who are doubtful. People think this is a crisis are not wrong. So far, until the evidence is shown known as taught taking this one on faith, no Christopher Ray of the FBI needs to show us what he's doing. Mayor Garland, the Atty. Gen. needs to show us what he's doing. Considering that he spent his that the Biden presidency going after police departments for no reason, suggesting the laughter states that they don't cram down gender affirming healthcare as well as calling you know your parents.

A chill up at school board meeting to protest your a domestic terrorist right. Why exactly what I trust you bench burial rights according to the New York Times, the law governing the preservation of White House materials. The presidential records act lacks teeth but criminal statutes can come into play, especially in the case of classified material criminal codes which carried jail time who salivate be used to prosecute anyone's will, who willfully injures or any depredation against any property United States. Anyone who quote willfully and unlawfully conceals from those mute elites obliterates or destroys government documents.

This is amazing bench burial rights. The statute that Hillary Clinton was investigated under did not suggest that she needed to have intent to for example give the documents to a foreign adversary on suggested was the negligence in the handling of the documents was criminal, but Comey completely wrote reroute that statute. Why because he didn't want to indict the actual nominee of the Democrat party at the time. What a shock.

According to New York Times the items in the boxes seized by the FBI included documents, mementos, gifts and letters.

The archives do not describe classified material found other than to say classified national security information, then I will even know whether he declassified this material and they're still rating him as a bench. If that is what this boils down to some sort of miscommunication which the FBI goes after the former president of the US for a raid on his home because there was some miscommunication about the identification of documents is going to be hell to pay. The adjudication of how this is going to work in our political politics going forward. If all of the institutions of our government are mobilized against one side is going to get really ugly.

I would say bench burial that it already is.

This is the destination were getting to this is the destination we've already arrived at and they feel so good about doing it because they been able to do everything else they can if they can change the definition of marriage, change the definition of gender and sex. Who says they're not willing to change the definition of justice, but darn Constitution hey friends, we gotta figure out a way to get rid of that while pray for the nation. Pray for truths of run down like a river with our God, the God of the Bible is a God of justice be better between Mrs. Steve Noble and Steve Noble show, God willing.

I talked again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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