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Pray for Biden/Pelosi/Schumer?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 9, 2022 12:00 am

Pray for Biden/Pelosi/Schumer?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 9, 2022 12:00 am

Pray for Biden/Pelosi/Schumer?

Steve talks to Brad Harbaugh, President of Capitol Commission, about reaching politicians with the gospel and Jesus.

Our goal is to apply Biblical Truth to the big issues of the day and to spread the Good News of the Gospel to as many people as possible through the airwaves as well as digitally. This mission, like others, requires funding.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network to stifle his noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of light in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay all my conservative Christian friends. I have a little boy little pop quiz. I've done this before, or in rooms 2000 done it in rooms with just regular role-playing Christians, like most of us. I don't rooms without lots and lots of pastors. And here's how the quiz goes. I'll simply ask you when is the last time you prayed for president Joe Biden when the last time you prayed for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi won the last time you prayed for Chuck Schumer. I asked this question for years. When Barack Obama was the president actually one time I was in southern Georgia speaking to 60 Southern Baptist convention pastors and I asked him how many of you pray for president practicing Obama. Let's say once a week and or 60 pastors in the room and I got one hand so I decided I would lower the bar little how many of you pray for president Barack Hussein Obama because I was triggering them by using his attorney, president practicing Obama. Let's say once every other week got a couple more handsets okay only lower the bar as far as my conscience allows me to how many of you pray for president Barack Hussein Obama at least once a month and then I got up to a shocking five handsets 5/60 and then I literally stopped talking for 10 seconds and I'm knocking to do that on the air because if I do the computer will think something is wrong and it'll throw in old show in the play, but I would go to sign up for 10 seconds, which is excruciating in a room with a bunch other people in the night.

At that as I look at my watch and literally competent seconds and I say okay just in case you forget that forgotten that feeling in the pit of your stomach. That's called conviction because I'm pretty sure you guys know that the Scriptures tell us what a pre-110 that we are to pray for those in authority over us so that we can live quiet and peaceable life and you guys aren't. Which tells me, most likely your your congregations aren't and so do you really expect God to bless your disobedience will the only reason at that point.

This is a good, probably got eight years ago that I felt the moral authority to do it is because I had change that in my own life.

By the grace of God where I no longer just all politicians as a punchline or a target. I saw them as an object of prayer and the reason that happened to me is because of my good friends at capital commission, which is why you've heard me say over the years. Pray one Tim which is where you find the biblical command that suggestion but a command to pray for those in authority over us so that I had a huge impact on me in my heart and the way I approach politics. I still get mad. I still throw things across the room.

Every once in a while, but at least I know that most of the time and praying for those in authority over us and I get my email every day for my friends at capital commission, which helps me and that's why want which is one of the things really talk about today. Mr. Brett Harbaugh is the president capital commission is been involved for several years and see you welcome back.

You were just in Santa Fe was just in Santa Fe yesterday just like, well, Sunday. It was suggested flying in last night at midnight, but John, what a great time at people's churches Santa Fe.

We have a new state minister in New Mexico. Pastor Bob Baca.

He is God's man for New Mexico.

I saw it while I was there Sunday just just the rapport and were excited.

It was great to preach on the blood of Christ Sunday so you're talking about Seth anything New Mexico but were sitting here in Raleigh North Carolina that is right so let's broaden the conversation because that's two states that a 50 but capital commission is in many more states than that of her people. I don't understand capital commission they've heard me job gripe about. Pray one Tim over the years and bug him about it. By the way you done that. Whether your North Carolina South Carolina for January happened be listening to the show podcast Facebook doesn't matter where you are just going to pray one Tim that's the website find your state click on it, sign up for the daily email and get right with the Lord. Just leave it at that. But let's capital commission in general. Let's just talk about the ministry in general because we have a lot of things to unpack today for all of you chomping at the bit tomorrow. I did move a guest.

I am going to do tomorrow show on the FBI raided our Largo case of I have plenty of sand that that's good to be tomorrow. Capital commission capital commission are J line if you want to call the tagline and since the great commission. It's reaching capital communities for Christ and our mission focus to be wise as serpents smart Weiss is a circle harm harmless as doves is bringing gospel hope and spiritual strength to government leaders, the heartbeat of this actually began in 1935 in Seattle Washington. Going way back with the men in Abraham are ready. It was a circuit riding preacher and he was convicted by a businessman.

This was a time when communism was coming into Seattle and the churches were ministering to down and out predominantly in a businessman said if you were as focused on the up and out as you are down and out, you would change the city and so that's stuck with him and he literally began a prayer group with the businessmen of Seattle. While that transition to a revival in that city.

He went in noun did not meaning there are denominational convictions that denominations thereafter, and he said let's set those aside, let's focus on the Bible is focus on prayer. Let's focus on seeking God seeking after him for wisdom and coming to know Jesus is Christ the Lord. And they did that and there was revival and that revival got the attention of Conrad Hilton who brought Abramov ready to Washington DC and began the presence prayer breakfast. We know it today is national prayer out of that amending Dick Barrow was inspired to go into the California capital and begin a ministry to legislators and following his footsteps was amending Glenn Murray have come to know this smoke at our gatherings and Glenn for 30 years was a state minister to California capital. His earnest prayer was to pray for God to explore this ministry in all states in all capitals around the world and in 2009 capital commission came into being, and we live by. Started right here in Raleigh yes with our mutual friend Jimmy Jim Young absolutely and Jim Sharp was businessman minister's Mike, modern-day apostle is a ministry creator and he has led this ministry 2016.

Actually convicted because I was struggling with praying for Barack Hussein Obama.

Yes, in the Lord. Almost this lady struck me across the headset haze created in my image and I died for him just as much grad as he died for you absolutely. And so it was that conviction that led me to pray one Tim to win really at the time of really wanting to reach and bring the gospel to the marketplace and so that was commission that's capital capital commission is all about organ unpack taxes a lot more than just you and me. Praying for those in authority over us or people like Brad the president capital commission is a lot more going on to reach into the capitals of the gospel of Jesus Christ with Bible studies, not primarily to change their policies to see their heartstrings, which guess what happens and that will be right back and noble. Thus the noble show on the stimulus get the podcast very good podcast where we traveled by iHeartRadio doesn't matter. You can also join this writer in the studio Monday through Friday via Facebook. Liber YouTube live disc of the Steve noble show page at either one of those things in everyone's all you'll hear is it's a liquid fit into the commercial and right if you're on the radio. The commercial ends and then the intro music comes in and you just heard that intro music and then it might sound like. In the background that's always talking about. They just finished a conversation cut midstream.

That's exactly what's happening. So during the commercial breaks if you're only on radio and praise the Lord for reading.

I would be here for the Christian radio, but on Facebook and YouTube. We have those commercial breaks were we continue to converse. I don't rob Peter to pay Paul. So if you're listening on the radio because that's the majority of the audience every day. The vast majority of the meat of any subject or any guest appearance is going to happen during the radio segments so you get extra stuff on its commercial break. So when you're on Facebook or when you're on YouTube you just got here a little bit deeper of a conversation we might go over something we just said we might talk about something more personal.

If I'm in the studio by myself like I will be tomorrow.

I have I have a little bit more personal relationship with people in Facebook and YouTube because they get Steve noble in between the brakes and I'm not always talking about the stuff in talking about on the air. So it's just a neat opportunity there to connect, which I appreciate. And speaking of connecting.

That's what capital commission is all about connecting with legislators all over the country.

Doesn't matter whether it's in our D for the sake of the gospel and discipleship and to minister to them and bread her bus with us here today in the studio is the president capital commission capital COM CO M by the way capital case you don't notice there's two different ways to spell) C API TAL.

That's the city that the city and under CA PITOL that the legislative capital case of capital TOL capital and then there reef there read on the website. It got some great things coming from talk about. So that's to get the capital commission then pray one, Tim. 2.workup about those links up on Facebook live so you guys can jump there yourself especially pray one, Tim. because I want you to get on that email list to begin praying for our leaders in authority over us every day but read just to talk through the different things that capital commission dies at a legislature. How many states are you and we are 24 with our capital commission name and then were in for additional debtor that we are affiliated with that are doing exactly what were doing and so we fellowship together. Of those are in Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, South Carolina and Montana, sexually using our pre-one Tim to no good and their ministry estate which is a great ministry as well and so was Steve Bostrom's.

There used to pastor Great. So we are excited so it word hitting more than half of the 7383 legislators that are in state capitals fly bodies. We talk about the gospel or the only hope for America is rightly gospel writer the Lord right, we say that but will how to set practically work itself out and and you've met your pray one Tim to which by the way.

First Timothy 118 talks about the priority command to fight the good fight of faith. Let's let's make that clear and that is in the church service that is that is in the polity aspect of first Timothy 21 to 314 section and so if you are a pastor and you're not praying for your president or your governor or you, Lieut. Gov. or your political leaders. I hope that the word of God cuts you like it does me and end of challenges you to do that. That should be an aspect of your worship service that your praying for our country. Skilled spiritual arms of ministry as Christian ministry to legislators today and am thankful for both the first arm is that salt light where we have mended all the Lord that are stepping into office with ministries that are making us aware of the legislation that's coming lobbying biblical worldview. We have those ministries.

One of the ministries that I think people fail to realize that is needed as well is what were doing and that is the missionary pastor work were actually look at that capital community as a mission field, and so were bringing the gospel and by the way, if you're going to say the only hope is the Lord your pray for leaders. And secondly, what you're going to do is you're going to minister to the hearts of your leaders. That's what were doing were not there to change a vote. That's another group it's doing okay for them where they are to focus on the hearts and you know and at the latest.

We been up for legislative conferences in the last six weeks praying on the platform you challenging down to be students of the Bible you know one of the things that I share with them is to think about the Declaration of Independence.

What was prayed, the hundred years before the declaration of independence. July 4, 1776. What did the pilgrims pray for us across the ocean as they were going to the New World with a play about consumer seeking religious freedom. What did the 75% of colonists that heard George Whitfield preach the gospel 1739 1769% Lincoln they prayed when they pray for the pray for a new country right a new idea and that was God use that gel this callous together. What did the signers of the Declaration of Independence pray for you knowing all 33 of them were similar train pastors. They were praying and seeking after God will we know that you read your Declaration of Independence, Constitution.

You see, there is a creator right. We are created in the image of God is very clear that this is founded out of out of the word of God our nation. And so you know, but there's a difference.

And here's the difference today, we pray. God bless America to the God that we want were in a country that has less than 6% biblical worldview so when we think of God, which were told it's the greatest thing we can ever think about is who God is right today. People don't download that from Scripture. Pray they don't know they created in their own mind right on the 1700s. They had downloaded that well to use a ironic term back in 1700s regional downloading but but in the several very good students as they were in the word of God and whether they were Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, by the way, Benjamin Franklin, if you look at him. He is quoting like 23 verses later, in his dialogue to the other legacy island. It was buried in their worldview. Even if you're like Thomas Jefferson.

I do believe that the Christian himself, but it was part of his worldview and as an assent to the wisdom of the Scripture and okay that's great and but today we've got we got in your legislature with a talk in North Carolina, Virginia, Montana where he happened to be you got believers there that a rocksolid know the word you believers there that don't really know the word you have a lot of unbelievers. I would say probably mostly unbelievers because most of the countries made up of believers, and so that's a that's a at the mission field. The discipleship opportunity in multiple levels right absolutely and you'll think about Jesus, who was with the zealots. The Herodian's the nationalists of that day. He never allow that agenda to get into his agenda are agendas the gospel and teaching the word of God and we minister in the name of Jesus, hoping that we can bring people to the reality of knowing Jesus is Christ in Ward it is. It is our heart be to do expositional clear teaching of Scripture. I was just handed a workbook. First John R took five sessions at our Colorado state minister walked all the way through the book of first John verse by verse with the Colorado legacy LH is such a powerful opportunity because God's word never comes back void. Whatever talk about its impact on individuals heart an individual's family and individuals basis or the state that that individual represents. And that's why this is so important capital commission with Brett Harbaugh will be right in. I have another cliff, slow. I have another quiz for you whose your buddy who's your pal is your buddy who's your pal, it's Steve it's me again, hand up right here in the studio. Steve is your buddy Steve is your pal, so let me double, bless here for second cam and up to try to bless you and bless my friends a capital commission. All the same time. So in my hands and my a greedy little fleshly hands. I hold a book that's been such a blessing to me. I've used it in so many different ways for probably the last 15 years. If there's one particular resource that I go to with respect to Christianity's impact on this nation. If the book that I'm holding in my hand so Bill Fetter I've known for years, America's God and country encyclopedia of quotations in case it starts all in the beginning and you and you go to different people in EM units. It's humbly will see got about about 700 pages of quotes okay and these are all specifically biblical to the issues of the day. The foundation of the country the foundational principles of the country.

It's got in the back bills, notes, footnotes are about 120 pages long. This is the single best resource for making an argument and there's going to be people in here you can find quotes from that aren't ardent believers that are at least intellectually honest to talk about the Christian underpinnings of the nation. So this is called America's God and country encyclopedia of quotations. Okay it's it's a hardback it's an unbelievable resource of telling you I Jesus thing time and time and time and time again over the last 15 years will Fetter is a friend.

So that's the blessing coming your way. If you become a new donor for my friends. A capital commission so in in August this month or next month September one time donation hopefully would think about becoming a monthly donor. Those are the lifeblood of any ministry small and big, they would all tie the same thing.

So if you go to capital capital C API to you'll because go there right bread and then go, don't enter in in there to get this in your hot little hands, America's God and country. That's the deal, which is an incredible gift because this is an incredible resource that's that book is $25-$30 on Amazon were to be a hardback copy of that by the way, you can just go to are you giving and will mail in a check it'll take a while to do that, or whether you just do it online nice and easy sign put in the direct link right now on Facebook like to go right to that donation page so you can help out capital commission you will be blessed and ingest it even if you never use it to go argue with somebody you will be blessed yourself, but you're going to have so many had turning mom dreaming what I give. This is so obvious. Yes, you're right. So when you bother to look at the historical record. Things are really really obvious. With respect to Christianity's impact on the nation. So were talking about what capital commission does in state capitals across the country and 26. Is that correct her 24+4 that your affiliated with. Yeah, we were looking at 2728 thoughts.

Unfortunately, I it's very great for him, but our Maryland state minister died and yet he's got a red alderman. He is in glory. Perhaps we are praying for Tracy whose is window. She's she's doing well got sooner through that were playing for her or looking for a Maryland state minister Barajas okay so people need to know that and pray for that as well.

When you're praying for capital commission supporting them, pray went is the website to sign up for the daily prayer for legislators in your state, but one of the challenges I'm sure we talked about like your North Carolina have not got a values coalition, Tammy Fitzgerald draws we have the North going to family policy Council, John Rustin is there. We have faith in freedom coalition we have brothers and sisters in Christ, dealing with the policy side from a biblical perspective for you guys that get capital commission bread.

It must be difficult in a legislative building where everybody's coming to see a legislator because they want something they want something they want to complain your there actually because you want to give them something you want to just love them and get to know them right and that is really what sets us apart.

It's good to be called pastoral presence. Other a lot of ministries and I'm thankful for them that that will rotate and pastors to come and pray for legislators tremendous. But here's the thing you will never get to their heart. Unless you bill that trusts with them in the moment I come in and am focused on an issue on the loose loser. The defense walls are coming up but if I am there and they see that I'm praying for them who they are, no matter what they believe and by the way, Jesus emulated that's rushing right CS and so you know that aspect, and I have state minister in Texas who attends, whether Democrat or Republican. Every every single event and he's there now he know he fights to stay nonpolitical and we live in a world where people want to put you in All the time but but being there being present allows that person to say he they really care for me. I remember a person after a year and 1/2 calling me into their office and saying I have watched you for your half and I want to share something and they shared a very personal goal with me and I I I want to ask you today will of non-forgiveness in the day when when a political leader. If they're struggling with something in their heart they can't share that because the other sides go to politicize it and use it to attack them for who they share that with whether to share with our pastor in the capital and pastoral presence has to be there every time there.

There and we need to be ministering behind the doors and be there when their when they're working out things and under the duress of trying to, you know, the states can't print money federal government. Just press money. That's right. So they come. The budget crunch in time when they're under duress cutting things that are under stress and and we all know that. That's when the flesh comes out right and so you know, some were there to pray for them and you know I just want to say that opening that door. That is the key because when they see that you care. They want to know what you got and you're able to share the gospel and I want to remind you that when Paul writes about slavery in Philemon. He doesn't talk and say we got appeal to Caesar. He says we need to spread the gospel. You know that is the heartbeat that's driving this ministry is the gospel of Christ. Somehow you, how do you lead, how do you lead someone to Christ while I'm about to tell you how stunned because our California state minister shared a photo last September. That was a picture of Democrats majority whip Republican speaker of the house Democrat and Democrat Republican all around the table and the thing they had in common was they all came to Bible study for two years and the Democrat speaker the house and actually led this gathering and in the conversation while there having dinner together. People were walking by and they said, these people are wondering what we have in common, yet were the odd group yes and then somebody said no, no, this is a party. Only Jesus can throw a seat home and it is gathering around the word of God, and that's why we need trained men of God and or capitals doing this we don't need legislators leaving these Bible studies because it will turn into a political course gathering that's either there and so and by the way, all that does is harken back to the early church. That's what was so mind-boggling. Yes, about the early church that didn't make sense. Anybody. So if you say it was a multiethnic congregation. People go all years awoke Arielle you're trying to inject racism know that was a big part of the deal back then you have you have slave and free of rich and poor. You have women who are like dogs back. You have Gentiles yet like halfbreed Jim Gentiles you have Jews, and that was the mind-boggling thing is like walking by that room. Not to mention the Democrats reported God was thought of as somebody could never trade you can ever dress always wanted to trick humans right that's the Greek god of beets and and so you know what when you come on say hey I will tell you about a God who died for you, who lives was to give you eternal life because there was no hope for eternal life got so anyway you want to grab it just tell me know what mine is from Portland Maine want to get back so but it is it is exciting to see that how can you do the Bible studies we do the Bible studies every week during session and then I had the privilege of doing a Bible study, devotional, and the American legislative exchange commission Thursday a week ago in Atlanta and we focused on ruinous resistance and really Paul stated before King Agrippa talking about. Basically, if you stiff arm Jesus is like kicking against the goat judges that you could hurt yourself and which challenge legislators with that whole idea that you know God is the ultimate authority and you know and he wants you to seek his counsel for the things today.

We had over 30 legislators and a 7 AM Bible study and so we we are. We are excited about what God's doing. There is that what is it. Is it hard for estate capital minister for capital commission to deal with exquisite ago like we might have 150 legislators in the legislature you have, how many people come to Bible study we've had over 60 really different people attend MMI come and go, depending on schedules, zoom is actually helped us in some ways. Some of the people and have I am not sure if I want a fizzy you going you will enter in, and I know what you Jones RNC status are mentioned earlier, do an excellent great Bible study yeah and then imagine because you have to believe you say you believe the word of God and God said of itself, it will not come back void when it's hot, weekend and week out. You have to understand the things are happening. Can't see in the natural happened in the supernatural rest of huge crazy exciting noble show are great to ungrateful to have you here talking to Brad Harbaugh is the president capital commission that CAP ITO capital is the website CAP ITO and then to get that daily email to help you. I remembering to give you some guidance on praying for those in authority over you it's it's command from Scripture that's pray, one Tim. 2.Oregon got that link up as well on Facebook live during the show.

Pray one Tim Just you'll see a map of the US.

Just pick your state and then you sign up and you'll get an email each day like I do. That'll give me a little reminder and some prayer points for the people that are in authority over sepsis between force others that working to keep talking to Brad and we got really exciting announcement coming up about something going on right here in the Raleigh area coming up on December 20 at the shepherd's church was a great local church and Stephen Davies, senior pastor there. That's one of the that's that.

The second location that I teach at its incredible church and an incredible blessing, something to share with you this coming December 20 a great opportunity. Not only did he blessed once again yourself but to help out our friends a capital commission and a reminder if you sign up and make a donation and and or become a monthly donor capital, you'll get America's gun country, but do that faster. They have limited number of those.

This is a huge book that inner pages. Like I said the best resource I've ever had in my hands for really understanding the Christian heritage in this nation via quotes from a lot of people you'll know, and some people that you don't all very important and that's a great opportunity as well, but Brett I know there's a couple things that we want to talk about for your time and one of them was three new states coming on board with real estate, some excited Wyoming. Actually we been in the territory, but we had one state minister covering two states and that's not an ideal thing, but yeah Troy Summers is coming on to use associate pastor in Cheyenne capital church in Cheyenne and excited about him stepping in there and then Doug Holston returned missionary back from China strong pastor in Wisconsin is the ministering applying the road and Wisconsin state Wisconsin and then the Bob Baca is pastor in Santa Fe going to be ministering in the capital and God's, God's pointed that in his heart he told us his dad was fire marshal New Mexico. He's got rapport. What I saw it Sunday. Yeah while we went into a restaurant and and he took us on staff out as well. Met this other pastor. We were where capital commission churches like what I'm wearing and big the pastor of the southern church in Santa Fe said I heard about what you doing in our church wants to support you. Just like that and then his church bought are that whole table are our whole lot your meal and and he told me about how his dad was fire marshal and so people know him across New Mexico. I think God's guts, God's and this now. That's one of the awesome things and's and for all of us and in your own contacts wherever you're at. Just think of one of the most godly men you know and then imagine if you're able to send them into a state capital to minister to the people that work there is legislators to share the gospel to lead a Bible study and to cultivate relationships with them at just think of the most godly person you know I bet several that come to my mind. Imagine sending them into that mission field that's exactly what capital commission is doing, which is why we need to continue support.

Yeah there is so QR code on I know it's getting up on Facebook, but it will take you to our page, which answers the question who will reach our 7383 elected state legislators with the good news of Jesus. And if you can't get that go to YouTube and just typing gospel advanced 2021 and it's it's basically it's a 20 minute video that explains what legislators tell you about the impact of this ministry in capitals across states. Alex is awesome because and and that's it. And again everybody we and you brought this up earlier Brad we all say as followers of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only hope for America right we all say that absolutely whether we believe it or not, the different subject that I don't know what to do with that. I'm not God, and not a mission. I don't understand, embrace thoughts and intentions heart. I do know that we say one thing and oftentimes we do another and most people like myself before, just don't even know hardly ever pray for those in authority over us and never really have a chance to go minister to people we don't share the gospel with people that people like Brad and everybody else that capital commission are doing that because Jesus actually is the only hope for America transform hearts and minds and eternal destination leads to a transformed mind, which then at least give somebody a chance to think properly and the and not in Romans one non-reprobate mind way to think properly, to think biblically, which will impact God willing, how they vote, but that's downstream from their soul and their salvation. We want the gospel to go from into the marketplace as a country. I mean and I'm the most the darkest marketplace in this nation is our And and I'm talking about CPI TOL and that is spiritual warfare at its greatest them and we know that we just watched in the New Testament church and in but the greatest hope you know light shines in darkness and in so what really led me to this is an evangelism disciple pastor was heartbeat of getting the gospel into the darkness. And so this is a mission field, and we we ask you to pray for us this past year. I can tell you God. We must be doing something because God we have been beaten up this ministry got physically, and you know and I mentioned our mellow state minister Brent who was very faithful and and then I was just in Colorado are state minister, his wife died of a heart attack. She was just a light and the high school auditorium was filled with were impacted by her light she was young woman and and and we've had a couple of our board members when a heart attack and one is battling leukemia right now, it's your pray for David if you would use in Cleveland clinic and so while you know we we are just seeing in the middle of all that, though we're seeing an advance in God is open tremendous doors for us. We are seeing legislators come to Christ. I had the privilege last week to lead a Taiwanese man Christ of the legislative conference in Atlanta and and so on the road and I was sharing with Steve. I think I gave weight to every piece of gospel literature I had on the flights out the Alta down you are on a plane with Brad Harbaugh you'll know it, but the Lord brought some great prepared heart and you know gospel Johnson are are a great thing to hand out and we have a book that we prepared just for legislators. Love makes life possible. It continues the dialogue which is such a great country message what they're getting all the time, state capital, which is the whole point is to come in with something that's that supersedes and is more important than last forever as opposed to what were doing in the legislative forerunner time is to make sure everybody knows until December 20 December 12. Average church is the great awesome church here in the Raleigh-Durham area of town and carry it the Geddes most of us are familiar with the Geddes Keith and Kristin Gaddy is just amazing talent and amazing worship leaders on Christ. I stand on any that's amazing and they've done for years. They've done this Irish Christmas. They have not in their big time there. All that kind of stuff. So when Jim Young said hey I have an opportunity to have Keith and Kristin get in their whole whole goal group do Irish Christmas coming from Carnegie Hall.

Kennedy Center to rallies around American Airlines and capital commission is taken a step of faith to sponsor them. We are certainly looking for some cosponsors as well but but this is a ticketed event, but I'm telling you this will sell all such an amazing experience. I mentioned to you on the break that my wife Jean and I've seen it and so it's December 20 is only going to be a thousand seats available in these chemical fast tickets can start going on sale September 1. This is a fundraiser for capital commission.

So again, this is an opportunity to be blessed and to be a blessing and it'll be it's just mind-boggling. There so good in the vector jumping from like the Lincoln Center in Carnegie Hall to shepherd's church in Cary North gone which is right outside Raleigh.

What an incredible opportunity. Absolutely. And so you want to circle data September 1. That's what excellent tickets on sale. I clip this is a little clip from the Geddes doing their Irish Christmas here. Check this. You but I love Chris is sick and Kristin Gaddy things without the voice of an angel left me December 20. Tickets go on sale September 1 will make you aware of that working to get some tickets away here on the show I'll be there as well and what a great opportunity to support you guys a capital commission, absolutely. We are so thankful US, your pray for that event as we finish the year, God's opening some great opportunities internationally for us as well and we had the privilege. This year we we can do it next year of training faith leaders from 26 countries. The whole French government leaders. We are working with the ministry international ministry Parliament face and and so we are excited to be working together without focusing on doctrine and biblical theology, biblical practical theology to reach government leaders were expanding, we need your prayer support we need your support financially. Yeah, God is just give us great opportunities to get behind closed doors with your leaders yell it's so exciting and that's why it's just so cool to watch God work in and through capital commission not only here in the United States but now around the world. It is the world it's dark and we all know that's happening.

The gospel signs all that much more brightly but you gotta have people that walk into the middle of that as as Brad said one of the darkest areas out there is the area of politics in our legislatures in the capitals around the country, which is why it's so important that we support capital commission as well as praying for those in authority over us to go to capital that's capital O capital COM.word as well as make sure you visit, pray, one Tim. 2.word picture state and sign up for the daily email so that you can get in line with the Lord with what the Lord called us to do. Pray for those in authority. Brad Harbaugh, president of capital commission. God bless you Steve, thank you for listening today you're very welcome and will continue to talk about that will continue to talk about the Geddes will probably get Keith on. He's a blast and what you are part this is Steve Noble on the Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon and like my dad always is for form or another program powered by the Truth Network

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