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Going Around the Public Schools!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 3, 2022 9:58 pm

Going Around the Public Schools!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 3, 2022 9:58 pm

Going Around the Public Schools!

Amy Marshall of American Tutors asks, “Can you go around the public school system or correct it for ineffectiveness and indoctrination?

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The Steve Noble Show
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The Steve Noble Show
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The Steve Noble Show
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, even in politics. Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble everybody in the school for them. Not everybody can homeschool. Not everybody can afford private school. So if that's you, when you have children in the public school system. What you do about that. Can you somehow help them with. I think we all know that in most cases not hundred percent of the time, but certainly most cases I think our public school students are getting a less than superior education.

I think we can put it that way. Not to mention indoctrination and all the other stuff so understanding that most people are kind of stuck in the system and don't have either the financial wherewithal to go private or have the time and frankly, to do homeschool what you do but but for some people they can do that.

There's been a massive increase in the number of people homeschooling not just here in North Carolina but around the country.

North Carolina's homeschool registration website about a year and 1/2 ago crashed because so many people were jumping and when they forced everybody to go online and it was a train wreck. Our daughter has been homeschooled her whole life. When she started at the public high school and then they went virtual because of COBIT. She knew that it was going to be in many ways, kind of an inferior education from an academic standpoint, but when they went online.

She's like oh boy it's it's even worse now and I was very frustrating Emily for her, but for us and for a lot of people. That was the first time they really got a good understanding what's happening in the public education. So how did you like I can go around it. It can go around it if can't get out of it. Can you augment it. Can you somehow bring in like a really good tutor to help your students to be able to come out of there with a good education as opposed to an inferior education. I will Amy Marshall was on how long ago was it your own anywhere talk about Carolina teachers alliance which is alternative for teachers to not get into the liberal progressive teachers union, but to get into an alliance how I don't know how long I was trying to remember when that was. It had to have been at least six months ago so it's been a while and then at the time you mention something that you are working on American tutors and homeschool partners, which is a online solution.

The things that we were talking about, but let's back up a little bit what understanding is not just you know somebody that came up the street decided to get education you been at it for a while and here in the Raleigh area. We County, which is one of the biggest school systems in the country. You taught tell us about your background in education and and why you've ended up going down this road. So I started teaching and 2008 up in New Jersey and that have a biology degree started teaching science at their high school biology middle school science moved to North Carolina in 2014 and was a science specialist on the elementary level and then I taught for Adweek schools and then I taught high school science at score Academy which is a long trip school for the long term suspended within wake and I was a science department chair there, so I've been teaching high school science for many years. So what what was your experience and we County school system's Odyssey got out and I know that's a story in and of itself. Now I I left after I filed a grievance because they tried to make me go to white privilege, training, and so I thought that got downgraded on the hyperbole is white privilege trailer.

What I I can show you have it on my honor Facebook page and on our site but there is, it is. There's a white privilege exercise within it, and I so I I didn't want to do that. I thought that was racist and it definitely was. It was a racist or training that violated title VII of the Civil Rights Act and so I didn't want to do it so I I resigned and filed a grievance grievance went nowhere down. I ended up though winning the right to sue them in federal court, but long story short, that I wanted to provide some kind of a safety net for the teachers who were being harassed within the system and and we've already had several proven cases where the teachers have been harassed and downgraded for bogus reasons and our insurance has paid them thousands of dollars in attorneys fees they had had to fight to just appeal to keep their jobs something that it's important to remember everybody as we talk to Amy today and by the way were to talk about American tutors and homeschool partners okay. Mostly, that's American but if you're a know a teacher if you are a teacher here in North Carolina or any other state. The Carolina teachers alliance is what started with something you need to be aware of because this is a place because it's easy. I think Amy for for those of us outside the system and people inside the system to go. We know from the top down that it's a mess has been for about 100 years and they completely changed the nature of education in America. So from the top down.

The federal part. We know estate part. We know the way County. In this case, wake County school board. We know, but once you get down to the level of teachers. Not every teacher is a progressive, not every teacher is a liberal nut I teacher it is going to show up on lives of tick-tock to talk about other crazy gender stuff. There are some some good decent people that are teachers that are conservative, or at least don't want to go down the road of all this work stuff and I would say the majority of teachers are that way the majority of teachers care about academics.

They want their students to learn the topic and they don't want to infuse all of this political indoctrination that they are being asked to put in there on the curriculum that thing chosen, particularly in wake schools is highly infused with political content shirt and that's one reason why were hoping that we can get a new school board and there's where they can make the right curriculum choices yet minute or you been involved with dad and you guys are endorsing candidates and speaking and so for your story coming out from inside the school system and for other people that I've had on the show that weren't serving inside the school system but see what's happening. There is an uprising and think the Lord for log Virginia. There's an uprising of of common normal citizens specific to the educational environment because of things like you're talking about that are going on, but it's important and I appreciate you saying that I think a lot of us throw the baby out with the bathwater that we assume just about all the teachers are cortical bad, but there not at all. Not all and and we've had a great turnout for our membership were still going on. It's been very difficult to get into way, I'm not sure if most people realize this or not but on the NCA.

He has a human resources even email address within wake and that they are able to email all the teachers they have access to the teachers but art where blocked and so I actually just sent a certified letter the other day to the superintendent, Kathy Moore and to asked to be at the teacher orientations to have equal access to the same access at the NCA you. I doubt that will be granted that will will will see if you are not aware the NCA is wack and the two people that run the NCAA.

The NCA are Chris are just not certain about Marxists you go look them up and see for yourself. See some of the things that they're willing to say openly aware and that seasonality completely come out of the dark.

They're willing to say exactly how radical they are and the question is what you do about that, so that when we come back Ricky talking Amy American tutors and homeschool partners. There is help for you. If you're staying in the system or if you're leaving the system.

American and I do know I've been outside the system for a long time to push back by don't have to do that say we love our kids will be right back noble children to be with you, Marshall is back in the house. Originally she was on a several months else, Carolina teachers alliance so that the NCA you have options out there for your teacher if you know a teacher here in North Carolina you're in all 50 counties now which is awesome and growing so you do have opportunities to partner with people that are like-minded that can help you build a pushback against the system and be able to stand up for your own right, so that for teachers and if you have somebody perhaps a spouse, a friend and neighbor.

Whatever the case may be, that needs help, and isn't part of that NCA craziness Carolina and there were to talk about American tutors and homeschool partners, but I wanted to ask you because we were talking on the brakes on Facebook and YouTube about the importance of school board races and those are three words that I'm in a beat, and everybody's brain between now and early November because if you're not getting number one informed about your local school board, school board races a number two. If you are not getting out and voting for the right conservative minded, logical, normal, decent people that are now rising up all of the state and all over the country to run for school board in your violating all kinds of love issues. As a Christian, namely are not loving your neighbor very well and all these kids are just continuing to be indoctrinated let down these roads and you sit there and do nothing which is not an option. Okay, so school board races how important it's critical right now and and even if you don't have kids in the system and or even if your kids go to private school. It's absolutely critical to get out and vote on November 8 and if you can go to early voting as well do that. A forehand really you know it's really critical.

Right now we've got to do something in wake County and and in other places as well. Where just political indoctrination has become the norm. We gotta get back to academics. We got to help the students to be achieved. Academics they they need to be. They need to do well in school and and we need to get that politicking on the political indoctrination out you can really do that is to the school board you have to so setting aside the school board. Setting bikes I politics and setting aside for all the teachers out there friends with your friends or teachers Carolina Carolina let's talk about American tutors and homeschool partners tell us just generally what it is and why started to get a simple so American tutors is a place where students can take online courses, and they can also get tutoring whether that tutoring is in person or online and they can search for a tutor by location. If they want to have the tutor on an in person. They can search to see if the tutor is in their area if they want to do online tutoring on they can search by subject level as well. We have a variety of online courses that are available right now we have a math one course a full semester, math one course it's available. We have certificates of completion. We have a handwriting course were coming out with a math three review course in precalculus review and on. I wanted to just be able to focus on core academics because we really seen not suffer particularly here in wake so I wanted to provide a service where students could get could get that the textbook based academics. That's really tried-and-true it's it's in of the content that they really need.

It's it's none of the flop.

It's none of the political stuff, it's just the things that they need to learn to be good citizens to have for their future and were also hoping to get a partner with school districts to prep to be a tutoring vendor on some were built building up our list of tutors right now on we had 300 apply from across the country so we've been trying we been doing phone interviews we had a do spark higher videos and so we are in processing and trying to get them to just to set up their profiles online and that's that's a work in progress, and then we are just finishing up our our courses we have found several teachers and tutors who have been helping to create these courses and I'm happy to have you. Just without a lot of thrilled and honored when you asked me to be a part of it all.

I'll put my materials out there with anybody that I can partner what that's like-minded and and get that opportunity out there.

Whether it's too much what I'm doing personally or through you guys through American is the website you can check all this out for yourselves because we have to go after the students in. You have to go after the parents are now waking up in or something okay because like with the public school students want to talk to about tutors yeah they have a full plate at the public school, but I'm not so sure they can add to that and a lot of things like what I teach with Civics and where US history and Mike okay you get the blue pill in the public school system all given the red pill so you need is a way to contradict that and have a contrite corrective. The antidote to corrective cores and again I'm not showing for the rights and I'm not shilling for wall builders of shilling for the truth that's that's what drives me so I was thrilled to build a partner with you guys and excited in terms of tutors are tutors for less than good students, or are now tutoring's all fairly if they really just depends on what you're looking for so I know my son had to get a calculus tutor to that really helped him. He's always an honor student, but getting a calculus tutor really helped and to achieve an even more so for these students who are highly competitive.

It really does help to have a tutor because it can really up to bring them up to no advance knowledge, writing a particular area and I think anytime you get personal attention is to change everything.

If you're one of 25 in the class. Whatever the class is and there's a lot of students that will have a lot of questions. I can see them in my classes on my classes start and a few week 730 district right now and I know in face-to-face classes. I can tell who's maybe thinking, but they're not to say anything and and a tutor gives him an opportunity to ask questions that you need to ask that they want to ask.

They just don't.

Especially in the public schools. With the larger classes.

I mean I'm art teacher members have told us that some these classes are 30 kids and I think that's that's pretty much Norristown kids and at the middle school level. 30 kids in the class that I've taught 6/7 and eighth grade and let me tell you when there's 30 kids in the class yeah there's some behavioral issues. Sure, you know me, you can have a teacher who is very good with maintaining the behavior but it's it's very tough when you have that many kids in there yeah and and again with 30 kids in the public school system, which is really but a mine runs iron Academy here locally. Ellen Hahn and him and he'll say hey listener public school system. The system itself. The way of teaching is okay for girls. It's terrible for boys and so you have people that are in a class that need help, like your son is advance honors type student but still one size fits all is the deal in public school in a tutor allows you around yeah and I think that the school district does provide the tutors but that's after they've already worked a full day so that's where the regular teachers that are to have the regular teachers and and so that's another reason that it's better to come to try to get somebody on the outside at the adjuster trying to get him but he is Artie and there is Artie Todd full day there tired now you get many fresh I figured teaching a six and seventh and eighth graders all day. The last thing you want to do is get on the zoom call at 8 o'clock at night with another six matches the reality you advocate how does that sound are you paying me $200 an hour because otherwise I'm not interested in.

That's just a reality of it on a talk when we come back from the break were talking Amy Marshall American tutors and homeschool partners were to talk about the homeschool site as well. American but I'm I'm sure a lot appearances and the going, how do you select tutors to get 300 apply. You don't really say whittling through them yet what we review the resumes and we look at their background, we look at their credentials and they they have to have the proper credentials in order for us to have MDF on the website yet. I will talk about that and how you interact with and how is it functionally worth what you're doing tutoring for the actual classes themselves or in the studio with Amy Marshall. American is the website. American this is Steve Noble pick up their noble, the website is always you can join us here in the studio on Facebook Liber YouTube live just look at the Steve Noble show their or podcast if you're not here now person.

Most of us aren't. You listen or watch whatever you want whenever you want, were in all the major podcast platform so you go to Apple you go to Google you go to spot if I were you go, you go to iHeartRadio, whatever were on all of those so you can grab the show, or a recent show or you can go back. You can even on the website though on the Steve Noble you can search by subjects he just go to the search line you want to see every shotgun and abortion is loitering a lot in any poem a lot and then depending on the angle to show you read for yourself.

Depending what you want to watch the check that out about live in the studio today with Amy Marshall, American tutors and homeschool partners American which, again, the prevalence of tutoring because I'm stuck in the past, sometimes with myself because we homeschooled we didn't really do tutoring a lot but we didn't do it a few times, especially in math and at times in science where in our kids really struggling like okay, let's get him to a tutor and even our one son is now 21 he he naturally was really good at math, but at one point he needed a math tutor just cannot get him to a certain level. I had a question about that.

I want to talk about costs and everything and how it works. Functionally you're using a tutor through American and then you trying to get their help on some curriculum in wake County Public schools in Forsyth County where you live, how they deal with the fact that they don't have the curriculum themselves. Having a good tutors just let's look at what's going on house out. It the tutor would ask the student to provide whatever they wanted to help with, and so on. That could be done that could be either shown on the screen in their tutoring session which would be alive in a one-on-one session that is on on the computer they can email it to the tutor so they would work that out if it was an online site and if it was in person, then the student would just bring what ever they wanted to get help with that particular session and you know that the great thing about having a tutor is that the tutor can work on each individual problem right now and and you always. You don't always get that in the classroom and and many of the teachers I know even in wake they don't have particular help sessions.

I know for my twins there math teacher didn't offer any help sessions so you know that's another reason where it's a good idea to get your you get that one on one help the kind of stuck. They just don't have the capability of doing it in class and on site and when they do provide tutors, what's that like whatever talk about. We County public schools or any other school system.

This tutoring that's available if you get it through that versus what's going on in American tutors. What's the biggest difference to pick what I think.

I think with us.

It's it's it's really private tutoring, and so that parent is paying for now you and Tom so we can to make sure that that student is gets whatever they're asking for on that particular profit motive you're paying me so I have a steeper obligation to provide you with excellent service, because fire my client.

That's right, we have an obligation to provide that excellent service and to to help the student with whatever they're needing help with on that curriculum whereas if it's a tutor that's coming through the public school system. You know I don't want to speak for them individually. Chart it's it's in my opinion it's not as good because they've already been were at working all day right and are not to be a sharp yeller so I think I think it's better really to go with outside service and how is it you are talking about the way the math tutoring works over talking Amy Marshall American tutors and homeschool partners will get to the homeschool part the second American is a website not the links above continue to do that during the show, but isn't there an immediacy issue. I mean I'm that was one of things you mentioned earlier thought you. How do I know I can get help real quick. But there's a way that you're doing so explained that because of the gets really important now simpler for us on an American tutors, the parent of the student can just locate search for a tutor online, either by subject or by location and so that's that that's of the immediacy issue where they can see if there someone available right then and there and they can request a booking time, whatever time that the student for errors and they will know very soon if that's can be available or not to sell you have it set up in advance. It set up and ready to go yes radio. I love the chocolate about the homeschooling side because the tutoring public school, but like I mentioned with our own son, and I think her daughter to use the tutor tutoring's helpful and homeschool world is as well, especially when you get in the high school level RK let me pull back the curtain for everybody when you're homeschool kids get into high school.

At that point for most of us parents they're getting beyond your ability to teach and then we start farming everything out so so in high school as a homeschooler your you're not going to spend I'm skinny as a local private Christian school is an example, a North Raleigh Christian get what we would spend more sending our kids there, but weren't.

It's not for free so of with our kids during high school, going to different classes and co-ops in your paper all that stuff but we probably spent 3500 bucks a year right $4000 year breached each of our students while they were in high school so right there is a cost there but coming alongside. Obviously, the public school system but but why did you decide to go to reach out to the homeschool world as well. Well, I think that there is a need for high quality academics and I feel like we we can provide that we have the credentials to provide and we can where working with people who can provide that and so we wanted to have something that could help us with our vision now and down. There's really in need without there was a need for that type of academics out there and we wanted.

There also to to be a service for the kids were there in public school, but they need that something extra on the outside because maybe that the quality of the class isn't as great as it could be.

Or it's a huge class and others there's issues.

Why is Neisseria talking to you that minors that you like what happened there leave a satellite Google, Apple, whoever is listening is my watch to know okay but that's a think fork for homeschoolers and we talked about this for you on here.

I have an easy time getting students are locally people know I and other markets were I'm on okay if they happen to listen the show and they been aware that homeschooling family for 17 years I have been teaching this will be your number 11 for me personally.

Okay, but in other parts where they don't know us that that's a challenge of earning people trust and understanding that like we know who's some really outstanding teachers are here in the area who taught like yourself in the public school. Some of them taught at the college level. Okay cool. You know they're credentialed but a lot of times with parents.

You just don't know where to turn in ice. You have a problem in the homeschool world finding curriculum. You have a problem picking because there's so much a lot and then the question is how do you trust and who's going to do a really good job. So how did you how you kind of bet that when I was the head of that me a grossly noble, you know, I think it all comes down to the person is an and with her background was a resume look like you and just being a dude are they qualified to teach whatever they are wanting to teach and so that's really just what it comes down to. And so that's what we focus on and we try to just deliver that product that is going to be a high quality product that will get the student where they need to be academically got. Can they teach at a high academic level and what are you concerned about worldview.

Not every homeschool family is a Christian worldview family will star but not all.

When I set up the biology class. I've had that in mind to you and say hello.

We are I am including the fossil record in the air, but I'm not delving into what the public schools usually delve into him on that and I thought about maybe having two versions of the biology class to appeal to the tubing a wide American not yet even built worldwide on churches.

What were trying to appeal to. But as it is now, we're just it's it's going to be biblical worldview, but still still within the secular realm.

Well, I mean I I would love it and in anybody that teaches if your Christian biology teacher Christian science teacher, then I would take Gordon teach what the world teaches going to teach both sides could you all are students going to be exposed to that so many teach creationism phenomena teach the theory of evolution and not want to teach our students how to think. I tell my students on day one.

Yes I am a conservative biblical Christian and that's going to filter through everything I do, however, I will give credence to the other side of the question and work because I want to teach you how to think and then building to use wisdom and discernment Christian the negative aid of the Holy Spirit use the Bible and got on the road, but you should know what's out there that believe in a well-rounded go and consider with their if the public schools that okay to teach you the theory of evolution. The teach you what these goofy Christians believe that's good education thinking people out of thing. We are going to have were hoping to have some Bible study groups that well and so were in the process of finding instructors for those and then were also then have on Bible history and archaeology and where you staying on Museum of the Bible on that we offer textbook and so said those are fourth and be forthcoming as well yeah so you because I I think thinking, educationally, you should be appealing to people outside of the church. We were in the church were followers of Christ out, but you want to reach other people to help them have a good education. This is God's common grace. I don't want any student whether there to be a believer not a course I care about that but I wanted to be able to function in society and be able to care for themselves and care for neighbor. I want to be able think so. We want to serve the people, not just people in the church is welcomed in our conversation with Amy Marshall, American tutors and homeschool partners. American is the website some more details costs and other moon going round and they look back at Steve noble show that's Johnny Cash.

By the way, and if you want to get some interesting geology exercises go listen to Johnny Cash singing any number of gospel hymns. He did a lot of that and he's a great case study of somebody that I believe I'll see him in heaven, but he had a very you know messy life and Elvis Elvis. The Elvis who knows.

I don't know. In heaven, but he grew up around the church guarantee here. The gospel so can somebody be saved, and then live the life that Elvis lived and live the life that Johnny Cash lived. I don't know.

I'm glad I don't have to make that decision, but you can really have some interesting theology development. If you listen the things that somebody like Johnny cash in many cases wrote in saying so just.

That's why stuff like that shows up on the show because I listen to it on my okay that because I'm just like a worldview fanatic, so I'm always looking movies I watch through worldview music I listen to through biblical worldview so but that's the teacher in me Amy why did you pick where it Amy Marshall American tutors and homeschool partners. American why did you become a teacher, you know, I spent the first 15 years of my career life as a paralegal working for these high-powered law firms in New York City and whatnot and after had kids. I thought you know I need to do something where this will be good for them.

And as I had the biology degree and I thought okay let me just see if I can become a science teacher and so I just took that route and really loved it and that was in 2008 and after doing that for number of years. I well I had always been really interested in history as well and so I decided to get a masters in history as I wanted to be able to teach at the college level yet. Her history and I am so, so I got that and and I do that on the side as an adjunct but I just love teaching and it's it's it's very rewarding to see in of the students learn something that you taught and and and learning is always fun learning is fun and and learning never gets old and time. I'm a huge proponent of continual learning yeah yeah and ongoing education. My father raised us with a little phrase called restless curiosity, so I my dad when we were younger. He would use words that we did have a clue what they were was that me.

We always have the same stinking thing is back in the day when I can't grab the phone and I can talk to SIR I would say you just say look it up.

That was so frustrating because look it up meant I had to find a dictionary or the next time at the library and then I'll finally know what my dad was actually saying to me, but that, restless curiosity and unending education is so important in so just just talk to people that are listening in terms of whether it's homeschooling or just trying to augment what's going on in public education and the importance of it because obviously you guys are going through a lot of time and effort to do this to do American tutors and homeschool partners and I want to continue to challenge people you're talking about.

We love learning.

I love teaching you love teaching and I think often times unfortunately which is going to send our kids into the system and assume everything is gonna be fine come out they may or may not go to college but I don't think we can live like that anymore. You can't assume now that you don't know what they're getting in and well we saw with COBIT we started to see yet they were getting little because we got we saw that that little peek in terms of what they're getting, but the reason that were doing this is because we we want to provide educational products to the public and we believe strongly in education. We want to improve education.

We are were all for public schools. We completely support parents in who want to send their kids up else was. We want the public schools to be excellent yeah we hope that they will be able to become excellent, but if there's ever any issue where there's a deficiency in the public schools which we have seen, then we want to be the answer to that. Just like we want to be the answer to the NC AE we want to be an alternative to that we want to be an alternative to the to the public schools where parents and students can they contain the public schools they can use us on the side to help them or if there if they have chosen to get out of public schools they can use us to get credit on their transcript and they can take those courses and get that knowledge to get that education to help them get to next level yet. A lot of us in the conservative Christian camp.

All will raise the flag of just get them out, pull out, but the but the reality is really like it or not.

I don't really care what I feel about it. Most families can't write. They just can't do it or they're just intimidated by the thought of homeschooling. They can afford private school and so instead of just abandoning that now.

This is the difference what people say what we can't get bored kids out because they have they kids have to be salt and light always want to say I was on Ascom and sometimes I have just very comfortable right so tell me about the evangelistic exploits of your fourth-grader will learning so the students generally.

Some of them can be. But most of them aren't salt and light in there so I don't look at the situation in terms of students.

I look at in terms of you and me. Should we be abandoning your kids are in their you don't have kids, but again coming back to our faith. I'm supposed to love my neighbor as myself talk, we turn a blind eye to what's happening. The kids here in Raleigh here in Lake County are all across Caracas. We can't and and the students who need the education the most does disadvantage student is they are really getting the short end of the deal here. You know, so those are really the students who we want to help as well.

And that's why were hoping that with with partnering with the school district is a tutoring vendor were hoping to be up to reach those student Jeff is those students might not necessarily have the resources to buy up a bunch of tutoring ration right now but a little bit here and there so so on that note what the costs are involved with this letter talk about tutoring services or taking classes themselves.

So this semester courses for us, the core courses are in the $200 range for a one semester course and that's for 18 weeks and then the tutoring is if you if you buy the tutoring sessions it works out to about $20 $25 an hour on for that that is for the tutoring sessions so now if this student if the student is booking a tutor. That's not enough in the package deal. Then their hourly rate is shown on our website. So each of our tutors determines what their own hourly rate is going to be. We charge a 15% platform fee of that which is less than the other shirt, tutoring people, business is little yeah so on. So the tutor charges what they want and need to be either nationwide tutors. They tried wherever they went. Matthew New York City 75 bucks an hour altogether at 225 stereo out there doing calculus whenever it's completely different in terms of where you are in the country so they charge what they do in their particular area and then as you please.

Tutors are going to be literally face-to-face political that's right versus just online.

Their location right right and then the cause in terms of the enrichment courses or anything from 2999 all the way up to mean a $200 for the enrichment courses are on cursive writing question enrichment course enrichment course is something that is it something like a 3 to 15 hour course something like that where it's not a full semester course. For instance, I cursive writing course is a three hour course so they can complete that in about three hours and they get a certificate of completion do that anymore cursive cursive common core killed cursive about 10 years ago and a few other things.

So if it were reviving John here balances things is a full class yeah but these are important skills for people to develop so so that will take about three hours and it's only $30 to that class and we have several enrolled in that right now and am so, so that's a great thing for people to be able to do, especially if they want to be able to sign their name, you nominees. This will don't even they're not even teaching at some of them are, but I don't think most of them are probably not ask you what grade levels were talking about her. Okay so right now our courses are middle and high school right now we have not added any elementary unless you consider the cursive writing that would be considered elementary that is deftly appropriate for elementary level so were focusing on middle and high school. The will have enrichment courses that are for the elementary level and its it's hard to get the kids at elementary level to sit still and taken on my door so that's why were forthcoming focusing on more than regular insurer, virtual field trips you that kind of thing and how many courses are now available right now we have I think about five courses that or are available for preorder and we have two or three that are available right now that they can start right now and then we have more that are coming available next week and on into August 22. Yes like mine. Yes I start I start up the week of August we had a thoughts coming so my like a nice leisurely summer is about to come to a crashing halt. But like you I love teaching and I know it's important, and for me it's not just teaching its discipleship and I tell parents all the time is listenable to use the course material that that's the delivery mechanism. What I really want to do is get to their hearts to teach my thing going to get a critical worldview and bending a critical thinking ability, discernment, wisdom all through biblical lands. I really want to get to their heart so we bought a gospel moments and gospel conversations US history's been unbelievably rich is how you react to these things.

Things incredible things are good representations of the image of God in the know the things that are clear violations of it, and I not tell Melissa teach you guys how to walk and chew gum at the same time. Some people say America is the worst country ever. It's just a big pond scum gross, disgusting place. Other people say the greatest country in history the world and want to put it on the pedestal at times. They're both right to feel what subject you talking about you. Okay this is deplorable as a Christian you should see. That is deplorable here.

You should be able to say wow that's amazing.

It really is a land of opportunity about people forget that we forget that yeah so it's all important. So whether you're looking for courses for tutoring American is the website just got up and running again.

Amy's there overseeing all of this and future self sister in Christ, and friends. I appreciate all that you're doing on this front and not just that but also teachers you teachers out there, North Carolina. If you have a friend or spouse. Maybe a neighbor that the teacher like-minded to get representation with the NCA either completely over. So that's why you want to check out Carolina teachers.or be a part of that was what any great to see you think. Thanks much for having me on see very welcome American check it out as soon as you can see nobleness T-Mobile cell, God willing, I'll talk to you always used to say before another program powered by the Truth Network

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