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America...a Christian Nation???

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 1, 2022 10:54 pm

America...a Christian Nation???

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 1, 2022 10:54 pm

America...a Christian Nation???

Steve looks into the historical record to see if CNN is right in saying America is NOT a Christian nation. Are they right?

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble white person stick with me I'll get it fixed on the brake garage band day here on the Steve Noble show back in time when I didn't have a full-time intern and for the next 3.2 days. Well today, Tuesday and Wednesday. I don't have a full-time intern here in the studio so you never know what's going to happen is that this is about as close to going to Vegas and gambling as all get in. So for my Facebook life friends. If you're listening on the radio all jump over there and try to get that fixed commercial break the other day I was listening to Glenn Beck is not often do I there's a lot of things about Qubec. I liken some things about that, but to show that are helpful for me as a broadcaster, myself, and he's incredibly intelligent. He's a pretty good historian is a great historian compared all bots but and fascinating of faith perspective faith journey is somebody's sound like an evangelical but is very committed to his Mormon of faith in their sums. Obviously, some differences here and there on that one.

I would say there are enormous differences but one thing that Glenn Beck definitely is the patriot and so the other day he was referencing.

I had seen a glimpse of this article in CNN. This came out on Sunday, July 24 a an imposter. Christianity is threatening American democracy that's a great headline, is it not get your attention in imposter Christianity is threatening American democracy is what they say three men eyes close and heads bowed prey before a roughhewn wooden cross.

Another man wraps his arms around a massive Bible pressed against his chest like a shield. All throughout the crowd, people waved Jesus saves, banners and pump their fist towards the sky. At first glance the snapshots look like scenes from an outdoor church rally but this event wasn't a revival.

It was what some call a Christian revolt.

There are photos of people who stormed the US Capitol on January 6 20, 21, during an attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Yada yada yada. Synchronicity with white Christian nationalist believes have infiltrated the religious mainstream so thoroughly that virtually any conservative Christian pastor who tries to challenge its ideology risks their career since Kristin Kobe do Mez, author of the New York Times bestseller Jesus and John Wayne how white evangelicals corrupted a faith and fractionation stop there as soon as you hear something like that so and so person said such and such a thing and then you have the name and then there an author veneer ties bestseller entitled Jesus and John Wayne awaiting the jungles corrupted of faith and fractionation. What kind of questions do you ask where you go first. This is just critical thinking. 101 active Christian biblical worldview skeptical yes realizing that you're always being sold. So I tell my students, I got 132 of them starting up here in three weeks week of August 22. I tell him you're always being sold to should always be aware. So the question is who is Kristin Kobe do Mez and its and when you look into it somebody that would write a book called Jesus John Wayne how we did white evangelicals corrupted a faith and corrupt and fractionation. I'll get to that in a minute.

These ideas are so widespread that any individual pastor Christian leader tries to turn the tide and say let's get it. Jesus in Scripture are going to be tossed aside. She said, have you seen that, by the way, in your realm in your world.

The ideas are also insidious because many stomach expressions of Christian piety or harmless references to US history, but white Christian nationalists interpret these ideas in ways that are potentially violent and heretical their movement is not only anti-democratic. It contradicts the life and teachings of Jesus. Some clergy scholars and historians say so, that would should lead you to wonder who wrote this article by John Blake at CNN and then who is he referencing Samuel Perry, a professor of religious studies at the University of Oklahoma whose authority on the ideology calls it an imposter Christianity. There are three key beliefs often tied to white Christian nationalism, I want to do is deal the first and Glenn Beck dealt with all three got a three hour show and I don't swords get a deal at this one, number one, a belief that the US was founded as a Christian nation, one of the banners spotted on January 6 insurrection was a replica of the American flag with the caption Jesus is my Savior Trump is my president. By the way, I would never put those two things in the same flag I went to Jesus's name on a flag of America at all. Personally me talking okay Nazi unit erasing the line separating piety from politics is a key characteristic of white Christian nationalism case you're wondering if you're one. Many want to reduce or erase the separation of church and state, which will talk about, say, those who study the movement. One of the most popular beliefs among white Christian nationalists is that the US was founded as a Christian nation. The founding fathers were all Orthodox evangelical Christians and God's chosen the US for special role in history. These beliefs are growing among Christians, according to a survey last year by Barna group found that an increasing number of American Christians believe strongly that the US is a Christian nation has not oppressed minorities and has been chosen by God to lead the world. While that's pretty big stick, but the notion that the US was founded as a Christian nation is bad history and bad theology, says Philip Gorski, a sociologist at Yale University and co-author of the flag and the cross white Christian nationalism and the threat to American democracy as a half-truth, a mythological version of American history. Gorski says some founding fathers did do the founding of the nation through biblical lands. Gorski says, but many did not, and virtually none of them could be classified as evangelical Christians really none. There were a cut. They were a collection of atheists, Unitarians, deists and liberal Protestants and other denominations. The Constitution also says nothing about God, the Bible are the 10 Commandments. Gorski says that's true and same US was founded as a Christian nation ignores the fact that much of its initial wealth was derived from slave labor and land stolen from Native Americans. He sets so he goes on to you know this whole article goes on yada yada yada.

But were just gonna deal with the premise, a belief that the US was founded as a Christian nation.

So, like I mentioned who are the folks Philip Gorski and Kristin Mez and then we'll get into the substance of it. On the other side of the break. Philip Gorski is a sociologist at Yale University. He's neither a historian or theologian CNN referenced in 12 times in this article.

Apparently their top authority on this topic or article significantly sociology, psychology, psychiatry is considered the most liberal field study in America, academe, academia, so that's Philip and then there's Kristin do Mez, Prof. of history and gender studies at Calvin University noticed they point out that she's at a Christian university.

Calvin is the University, which thus gives her a basis Christian authority she's referenced six times so 18 references of these two people who are pretty much not first, welcome back.

It is Steve Noble of the Steve Noble show the Stephen will By the way, if you want to catch the show. Any other time. The live 5 PM Eastern time, not just on the 31 radio stations that were on, but on Facebook live and YouTube live. The podcast is out there all the time you go dying on that anytime you want, and in all the major podcast platforms were rats so you can check the show out that way. And today I'm just as spending some time talking about the CNN article that came out on the 24th. Glenn Beck did a great job with it the other day a minute to minute come alongside that and him and I'll explain that in the second when I'm knocking to just throw down and say I totally agree with going back and imposter. Christianity is threatening American democracy right CNN they're talking about white Christian nationalism. The reference January 6 and the number one thing three key beliefs often tied to white Christian nationalism number one I believe that the US was founded as a Christian nation so let's just take that will be Glenn Beck put together and I get on his email list now only sending out some of the show prep about a 27 page document which is excellent in all kinds oak up, pull quotes from founding fathers and supreme courts in the Congress and president things like that where people would say yeah, America's Christian nation. Of course, now this is the way I play this game and I'm not plan the way I come at this after all these years of being in broadcasting and doing what I do and this will be your number 11 teaching high schoolers predominantly homeschoolers civics for two semesters Christian ethics.

One semester now US history, two semesters I can after the truth, I'm not after my patriotic leanings. My love of America and the flag. That's right now over my shoulder that my allegiance my allegiance is to Christ, which means my allegiance has to be to the truth. And so, when used deal with this question and I wrote a 50 page research paper on how reliant is the Declaration of Independence on a Christian worldview. And I would say about a 7/10 but most of that is written by Thomas Jefferson, who was not a born-again evangelical Christian. He wasn't exactly a Deist. He wasn't a Christian because he denied the deity of Jesus. The book, the virgin birth and the resurrection.

You can't deny those things and be a Christian, you cannot. I don't care how often you call yourself a Christian, how many WW JD bracelet you put on and on many bumper stickers you have of the fish. If you deny those three things you deny the centrality of Jesus and who he is, which is a denial of the gospel of Jesus Christ, according to God's words of Thomas Jefferson, who called himself a Christian wasn't okay. And there's people like David Barton. Wall builders is a very good friend of Glenn Beck's who wrote that book about Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Nelson yanked it, not that long after came out because a few academics just looked at his scholarship and that and said this is really bad scholarship good and then I study that I might yeah this really bet you don't have to force Thomas Jefferson to be a born-again biblical conservative Christian in order to substantiate the claim that America is largely cortical in a Christian nation, influenced by Christianity come out of the soil of a Christian worldview because there were other founding fathers who were all about Jesus Christ. 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence. Not all of them are evangelicals. I don't know a single one that was an atheist, and that they pent the point that Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson. That's incredibly disingenuous and ridiculous, which they often do so let me just go through some of the statements okay now and they say hey there's no mention of God or the Bible or Jesus Christ in the Constitution. That's true, but the Constitution wasn't pulled out of nothing. It wasn't created X in the Hilo by God created all the universe.

The Constitution was based on a number of factors. The Christian worldview of the men that wrote it primarily Madison but a lot of people were involved in it. But the Christian worldview informed their way of looking at people. Number one.

The Constitution is really built out of the idea and the understanding that men are not basically good that they have a depraved sin nature, which is why they looked at history so you have a Christian worldview. You have history and have some of the greatest political thinkers of the of the last 500 years prior to the 1776 era and they studied all of those are founding fathers were incredible students of history and mankind through the Bible. Like it or not. So what the Constitution itself is not a cortical Christian document doesn't think God anywhere. The Declaration of Independence does much more heavily Christian heavily Christian in its content, but that was like our creed really nation really founded on a creed. That's just who is America. That's our creed. The Constitution is governance document. It's like the rules of the road. How does this thing work but informed significantly by Christian world.


And then the other things history great political writers. Their experience okay so let's just look at some of these things, I just wanted to some quotes here right you got you got some amazing quotes out there from founding fathers, as well as presidents okay founding fathers you're gonna find all kinds of fascinating quotes from them where you are to be inspired really well this pretty awesome look at that and then various charters and fundamental orders Connecticut and stuff like that House Judiciary Committee Senate Judiciary Committee, but let me start with some founding fathers to do this just that this segment and next thing Myrna talked to David Fisher.

After that John Adams so you tell me if these people sound like evangelicals do it evangelical just meaning a biblical Christian, John Adams, signer of the declaration.

The Holy Ghost carries on the whole Christian system in this earth, not a baptism not a marriage in a sacrament can be administered but by the Holy Ghost. There is no authority similar religious there can be no legitimate government. But what is administered by this Holy Ghost. There can be no salvation without all without its it is rebellion and perdition. More and more orthodox words damnation that that's pretty strong evangelical biblical language. Samuel Adams signed the declaration I rely upon the merits of Jesus Christ for the part of all my sent. Stop there born-again evangelical Christian. I mean I'm not can read the rest.

I don't eat Josiah Bartlett signer the declaration confess before God. Our aggravated transgressions and implore his pardon and forgiveness through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ.

While go on that the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ may be made known to all the nations, Josiah Bartlett, signer the declaration born-again Christian sure sounds like it going Bedford signed the Constitution to the triune God the father the son and the Holy Ghost be ascribed, all honor and dominion forever. Okay, so Glenn Beck includes that and somebody can say hey I believe is a triune God.

That doesn't mean there a Christian does Satan believe in a triune God. He does does the average demon believe in a triune God. Of course they've experienced it.

They know it's true.

Are they Christians know so I would cut out going Bedford. I don't have enough information from this quote, and that's where we have a problem a little bit on the right. The Christian conservative right where will try to push a square peg into a round hole sometimes like saying Thomas Jefferson was a Christian unless he had some kind of deathbed conversion.

He wasn't, but we don't have a lot of people I Thomas Jefferson hey Tom yeah believe in God. Yet what you think about Jesus. Well, I mean, I do believe he is what you say, what is the greatest moral his teacher in the history of mankind. Initial follow his precepts. What about the Bible of the most incredible book of wisdom on the planet and we should follow that. But you do believe in God. Yes there something rather than nothing. Yes, you believe you have to have Jesus for salvation will not was just man.

We don't really have people like that anymore. Charles Carol signer the declaration on the mercy of my Redeemer. I rely for salvation, and on his merit stop there again. Sounds like it Alexander Hamilton. I am attend a reliance on the mercy of the Almighty through the merits of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pretty convincing. John Hancock Hancock on Don that called on the state of Massachusetts to pray that all nations may bow to the scepter of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and that the whole earth may be filled with his glory sounds pretty strong. John Hart, signer of the declaration. Knowing that is appointed for all men once to die, and after that to face judgment. I give and recommend my soul in the hands of Almighty God. That sounds pretty good to continue when we come back okay so I'm just going to come back with going back and he gets fired up about the stuff which I appreciate.

But he definitely took the position that yes, America is a Christian nation.

I'm always going to ask you if you hasty do you think America is a Christian nation I was gonna clarify what you mean by the question. The defendant is asking the question right what you mean by that is him it was America expressly Christian nation, like in the Constitution, no not expressly what it what about the Declaration of Independence. I turn around and ask these two liberal people that the scene and relied on what about the Declaration of Independence you find any Christian flavor in their yes I do that I be okay or live, at least intellectually honest and so that's good. So let's talk about that and then let's talk about. I doesn't matter who writes the document.

The Constitution in what inform their political ideology well that's good to be there Christianity there biblical worldview. Their theology, their study of past government, especially Roman and Greek thought and for people like Jefferson, he looks at people like Montesquieu was like the number one political influence on Jefferson, Montesquieu, and not skewed to headed to find very defined Christian worldview.

So now that's in the soil, but is the Constitution set up a Christian nation, or does not is based on Christian principles.

Yes And then he got up now. Glenn Beck's going to his holistic founding fathers, and various people reading what they said about not because they said no, no, none of the founding fathers were evangelical so that's bunk of Artie read you. Several of them that make it out of 56 you okay yeah that that's a clear clear profession of faith right there. And some of them not so much like this one. Patrick Henry, this work is complicated Becker, Patrick Henry being a Christian is a character which I prize far above all this world has or can boast well Thomas Jefferson going to be a Christian.

He wasn't blessed. Deathbed conversion wasn't one biblically wasn't what the Patrick Henry being a Christian. Well, Patrick. What is that mean to you what is a Christian that as that for I would include Samuel Huntington signer the declaration to become the people publicly to supplicate the pardon that we may obtain forgiveness through the merits and mediation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Okay that's pretty strong evangelical statement. James Madison day father. The Constitution wrote most of it. A watchful eye must be kept on ourselves last.

While we are building ideal monuments of renown and bliss. Here we neglect to have our names enrolled in the annals of heaven is talking about the Lamb's book of life right so it looks pretty good for James Madison, especially basins, other quote that is probably born-again Christian Benjamin Rush signed the declaration. The gospel of Jesus Christ prescribes the wisest rules for just conduct in every situation of life case, talking about moral living is not talk about salvation, yet happily are who enabled to obey them in all situations who are enable Benjamin, enabled by what what Steve Mr. Noel that would be the Holy Spirit and how does one Benjamin come into possession of the Holy Spirit. All that would be once you have professed your faith and submitted yourself the Lordship of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sin.

Okay, cool, great answer. He says my only hope of salvation is in the infinite transcendent love of God manifested to the world by the death of his son upon the cross boom there. You okay Greg thanks Benjamin Roger Sherman signed the declaration. I believe that there is only one living and true God, existing in three persons.

The father the son and the Holy Ghost the same in substance equal in power and glory that the Scriptures of the old and new Testaments are a revelation from God, and a complete rule to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy him. I believe that God did send his own son to become a man died in the room instead of sinners, and thus to lay a foundation for the offer of pardon and salvation to all mankind.

So as so as so as all may be saved.

You are willing to accept the gospel offer.

Okay that's that's pretty good right so back to the CNN article. They said none of them were evangelical Christians bought the lie, and demonstrably so ridiculous were all of them know where some of them yes okay back to this. What about presidents. Let's look at some presents with some presidents, said Woodrow Wilson.

Interesting. America was born as a Christian nation, America was born to exemplify that devotion to the elements of righteousness which are derived from the revelations of holy Scripture. Woodrow Wilson is America a Christian nation. Woodrow you LBJ in these last 200 years we have guided the building of our nation and our society by those principles and precepts brought the earth nearly 2000 years ago on that first Christmas by who Lyndon Jesus okay thank you Richard Nixon lettuce rumor that is a Christian nation, we have a charge in a destiny just because Richard Nixon calls it a Christian nation, does that mean it is. Be careful because that's what you want to hear is it that's what I want to hear.

But does that make it so no that's why you look at the evidence. Herbert Hoover American life is bolded and can only survive upon the fundamental philosophy announced by the Savior 19 centuries ago is pretty strong statement. Triplett this is a Christian nation in this great country of ours has been demonstrated the fundamental unity of Christianity and democracy that's great statement. 1606 Virginia charter. The Mayflower compact the 16th 2016 9029 charter for the Massachusetts Bay colony declared that winning the country to the knowledge and obedience of the only true God and Savior of mankind in the Christian faith is the principal end of this plantation. That's the 1629 charter for Massachusetts Bay colony. Okay so the early soil in sorry CNN infested with a Christian worldview. The 1643, United colonies of New England affirmed quote we all came into these parts of America, with one and the same, and an 18 namely to advance the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and to enjoy the liberties of the gospel in purity with peace. So there's a whole lot of Christianity in the soil. Okay then you hand your Supreme Court justice Earl Warren. This is the big one. I believe no one can read the history of our country without realizing that the good book in the spirit of the Savior have from the beginning been a guiding geniuses whether we look to the first charter Virginia or to the charter of New England or to the charter Massachusetts Bay or the fundamental orders of Connecticut the same objective is present, a Christian land governed by Christian principles.

Yet just because CNN doesn't want to be so doesn't mean it doesn't rich in Christian heritage, theology, and understanding as I make it a Christian nation like a theology again depends on the what you mean by that. So something the House Judiciary Committee okay this is back and 1852 1853, had the people during the revolution had a suspicion of any attempt to war against Christianity, that revolution would have been strangled in its cradle.

At the time of the adoption of the Constitution in the amendments, the universal sentiment was that Christianity should be encouraged, not anyone's active denomination in this age there can be no substitute for Christianity that in its general principles. The great conservative element on which we must rely for the purity and Preet preeminence of free institutions okay this jump over the Senate same. Senate Judiciary Committee we are Christians, not because the law demands it.

Not to gain exclusive benefits or to avoid legal disabilities, but from choice in education and a land thus universally Christian. What is to be expected. What desired, but that we shall pay due regard to Christianity.

1856 House of Representatives. The great vital and conservative element in our system is the belief of our people and the pure doctrines and divine truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now I could play this game for hours, literally, in any honest historian of which they did not quote in the CNN article would have to bow the knee and say yes Christianity played an enormous part in the birth of this nation doesn't mean that what the nation has done is perfect because it hasn't what you want to go back in time or talk about killing a million babies a year. America is far from being perfect just like you and me, but does that mean we were not a Christian nation. No course so get in this day and age where people are massively ignorant, massively subjective. You have to be willing to have a conversation as to his feet.

Do you think America is a Christian nation, and also will depends on what you mean by that will be me.

Now I'm in a conversation with those if you asked me if we were born out of a really strong Christian worldview, theological, and otherwise yes just got a go look at the people that wrote the Constitution. The declaration of vitamin independence and what they believe, where they draw their inspiration. What kind of rules and precepts disease.

All of us can appointed back to the Bible to Christian you like it or not. Steve Noble will be right back plug American Steve Noble to Steve Noble showed great to be with you.

I hope that was helpful you and is America a Christian nation. Him and I talk about that pretty regularly him to be talking about it every week when my classes start up three weeks. The week of August 22. So if you have high school students were or you know of more mature eighth-graders occasionally seventh grader, I have my civics class which is two semesters I my US history class now which is two semesters every Christian ethics class I teach those in person here in the Raleigh Cary area of North Carolina Savior around here. I still some room in my classes.

I also now offer US history and civics online if you want more information about that and by the way were going to extend that as an audit so you can audit the class as an adult you can watch that the lectures go watch the classroom that I do every week you're gonna watch the class that I just taught because I incorporate the news the day like I do here on the show. That's how I teach which brings things alive and makes them relevant to be able to do that or if you have high school students that are stuck in the government school system degrading the blue pill when it comes to US history and no pill when it comes to civics. Let me give them the red pill they can audit the class to were about to make that available. But all that information you get on the militia get more information if you want to talk to me about it. Noble use that's the letter you Noble you or not you talk about that right now are to talk to our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital Lynn how are you my friend, I'm doing great picture of your program. You're very welcome. I always look forward to our updates because they are helpful because things move quickly in the world of finance and banking, and what's going on in the economy. But even more so because we always start where we should start which is in the word of God. So first Corinthians 29. I always appreciate your prepping for this, David, and leading us in this is always fruitful. So thank you again for doing that for us. But let's go to first Corinthians 29 will get started.

I have not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart. Remember the things which God has for prayer for those who love him so you know the Christian walk is real noticeable walk by faith not by sight and sometimes women are in the midst of believing for God's promises for our lives.

We might not have any sign just like any legal pics 35 days for a legal egg to hatch in the mother eagle should be on that this fusion see any signs or any movements. Unlike the human experience woman feels her leg.

Forearm pole and you know we can talk to the baby in the womb. They can maybe remove truly hear our voice so we we as humans want to see signs, but the Scripture so that we will mount the like wings of illegals who were like an eagle, sometimes of her faith with others.

No evidence is where the rubber meets the road. Want to encourage people even though you might not see him, since it in your physical ears. But God has entered into your heart. Great plans for each one of us that you'll do his will yell which is such a great thought into step forward a little bit David.

I had Pastor John Burke on the show a couple weeks ago who wrote an incredible book sold over a million copies now which is called imagine heaven.

He spent 30 years is a born-again evangelical Christian good Bible scholars spent 30 years studying near-death experiences and found all these, not commonalities any deals with people outside the faith as well, but people inside the faith and in there like Paul. Paul said he was taken up into the third heaven and could not describe what he saw in the those are some of the things that God has prepared for those who love him and we have that to look forward to. So is mad, no matter how difficult things get here personal loss health which you've had that issue yourself financial problems, family problems, child problems, marriage problems, if you are in Christ, we really have no clue. The amazing future that God is for those of us who love him is just such a great reminder as we look into the Scripture world drummers were not of this world so we could be of good cheer, even that always makes me want to kick my feet up and click my heels together little bit when that happened.

Jesus is overcome the world right is like yeah I know you have trouble here, but be here.

I have overcome the world.

And that's great news. Last week I was thinking last week was going to absolutely melt down.

That actually didn't happen in the market. Even though the Fed raises rates of three quarters of appointment. That's a big move now or at the federal rate is at 2.25%. How did the markets react and what are the expectations going forward because I thought last week with earnings and that it was can be a big train wreck that didn't really happen. Short dichotomy you drunk sure you're aware of the IMF saying really very critical moment, lowering the GDP either raising inflation your trending down the growth of the economies globally and are saying warning warning would be an overwhelming downside there say that on the other side you see Jerome Powell raising rates like you did. And then there was something that was said bedroom, said that market grabbed onto you talk about raising rates in which the steepest pace.

Religion in this generation was seen the biggest increase in there still more to come but then he said he said the comments that I will eventually slow that Burbage both the market took it as a pivot for now.

I've been talking about the Fed for two and half months on your show right and as we've been talking about this other economists have been chiming in other articles of it before saying the physically fit with the pivot switch trending topic market grabbed hold of it and said that after the happened this year. That means this your structured rally and so that's why the market route Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. That just means instead of raising rates they would actually begin to lower absolutely top selling their $9 trillion balance sheet and getting rid of US government debt they might stop that she might buy more debt six is quantitative easing pivot in the market really likes that idea.

Swing with up a whole bunch those two days compared to year since it's such an emotional roller coaster in the stock market is so emotional and it's like your average person biggest so I hope I hope I hope you know that's a good sign that he the Dyson role in the right way.

Maybe there in the land on seven I mean is just kinda crazy to watch that last week I don't know if I should I pop a cork of bubbly over here in the studio.

David, I don't know what to do. We officially while Lisa Google is an actual economists over the last I don't know hundred years. We actually went into a recession. Two quarters of negative GDP so words were shrinking so explain what happened and is there and there is there's been a kind of a strange conversation about what is a recession. Anyway, here's another example of the dichotomy between reality and not reality of the US economy if it goes through quarters shrinking in GDP then it stuffs the technical definition of recession.

So first quarter. We went down 1.6% second quarter just announced last Thursday and shrink .5 .9% and show them economists came out saw him and said were in a technical recession when the pushback started so huge political pushback, even prior to this that I mentioned on the show from Pres. Biden talking about not going in a recession and then the White House press secretary had a big speech on it. Economists were fact checked on Facebook. Facebook took all the things you're wrong on the recession so you know why we mark inside of a technical recession. There's something else that happens in the recession. Normally, as unemployment goes up and unemployment has been remaining low but I say don't count your chickens before they're hatched because the initial jobless claims market eight-month high last month just came out 256 jobless claims was search love higher those me 250,200 56,000 big techs are now cutting Amazon just hundred thousand jobsite.

Salesforce is cutting six 400,000 ft..

Microsoft is laying off people.

Facebook is describing the coming 300,000 ft. Tesla's meeting cuts every major mortgage lender is laying off people rocket mortgage Quicken loans learning going on. We talk about this here two weeks ago so women seeing the results of that but it's in the pipeline. When people stop spending, and that's the next thing that happens your ministry unemployment go up, so it's going to come for just the same time something is comes on the other side of the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November that's that's what's going on there was the significance of this guys name Michael bar oh my gosh. The person who orchestrated who put together the blueprint for the Dodd Frank act, which is governments knocking to come to the rescue. Next time we have a financial dirt downturn in the seasonal portion of your money is called the bailment of the FBI BIC website has this on their website. The key orchestrated. This was nominated by Pres. Biden. I told you we would keep listeners up to date. He is now elected as the special vice chair of supervision from the government side of the Federal Reserve, which means he is not to be in charge of the financial landscape that we get into a situation or looks like were going to instigate or put in fact in place.

The bailment Truly Republican Senate Banking Committee says I like this guy. He's the one that put together the taxpayer bailouts which means were responsible. That's unconstitutional and we should not be doing. This is why you gotta have some gold and silver in your portfolio you have a white paper on that which explains the bill and if that's new language. Do you need to understand what it is this happen in multiple other countries and through the Dodd Frank act and Michael bar. It's now possible to happen here in America. How do people get that information. David Koller company support is for 2575846042575 or landmark excellent, thank you my brother. I appreciate you as always, thanks for all the help in the wisdom and we look forward to talking to you next week sounds great.

I can't talk to you later have a good one. This is Steve Noble on the Steve Noble show, God willing.

I talked again real soon. Tomorrow I got a guess that grew up in socialism is going to have quite a prospective God willing I'll talk to you later. Like my dad always used to say another program powered by the Truth Network

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