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Celebrating Roe?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 27, 2022 9:02 pm

Celebrating Roe?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 27, 2022 9:02 pm

Celebrating Roe?

Steve takes callers to ask them about their opinions on Roe v. Wade. David Fischer joins for Money Monday to talk about Gold.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why you work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on his shoulders. Grace and lots of three mosaic go calls the 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble while the people on the side of abortion have been apoplectic in many ways and amazing whites. Celebrities are saying and elected officials. Mayor like, but in Chicago at some fast some concert thing they're saying that that Clarence Thomas can go blank himself and mean. I just, I mean really nasty satanic dark depraved reprobate mind level stuff and I saw another picture of a mom with her two kids and her husband and said don't force this on anyone like well that's us sending a nice message to your children, and so the night of rage and Jane's revenge all that stuff that we were mentioning on Friday. I wasn't quite as bad as I expected to be, but it's early right and so will see as this continues to go on trigger states that have laws in place once rope fell have begun enacting immediately banning abortions. I read a story over the weekend literally Friday in the middle of the day right after the Supreme Court decision came down there was an abortion clinic in Texas and they had 10 or 11 or 12 moms in there and one mom that Artie taken to the back and was laying down and they had to come in and tell him a lesson here in Texas. There's trigger long things revert back to where we were in is actually considered a crime. If we go through it as so we made a decision that we get to cancel all these abortions that they and of course for them was a loss of revenue and a shot to their pride because they had it their way. For the past almost 50 years. But for me reading that article is praising the Lord that those 10, 11 or 12 little children would have a chance at life. We don't know what the story is there. After they were asked to leave, but praise God that that there will be some differences made around the country, especially in states that ban abortion up in most abortions, and then the other parts of the country will go full bore and it will be a Cambodian killing field in California in New York and Oregon and other states in the Northeast, New Hampshire, Massachusetts.

Certainly out west like I mentioned Portland, Oregon and California of those places you just can be a killing field so I don't know what the overall numbers of abortion in the next year or two or three. I would say it's a new phase in the fight and at least we can take away that card from the pro-abortion crowd constitutionally protected right to keep saying that but now you have to at some point begin to make a new case because they can't say it's constitutionally protected. In the meantime, they can complain about it, but okay. That was then what about now is no longer constitutionally correct. But what it should be okay but it's not. So what else you have give me another excuse. Another reason another application of your failed logic to try to convince us that it's okay for a mom to unfortunately go to the point that she's willing to hire a cortical doctor in order to kill the baby. Most of the time just a matter of convenience and not as always, not degrading that the difficult nature of all of that, the heartbreak involved in all that. Certainly the damage that's done before, during, and after a but you must speak the truth and call it what it isn't, so we always have and always will. But I am curious given the weekend and what you seem what your reaction and all of this. Like I said I was out with my friends a love life at the abortion clinic on Saturday in a joyful, exuberant group of Christians there for the first time finally after 50 years.

For many people praying that long in getting engaged in giving and serving and hoping to finally see come that to see that come to pass, was just miraculous and breathtaking. I think I'm still little bit in shock over it and that that was great. I didn't notice anything on the other side of the street where the abortion folks were working and volunteering in trying to shelter the mom's going in there here in North Carolina it's still legal to take some more winning of elections here to turn that around. Curious what your reactions been to this. How are you feeling what are you experiencing what have you seen McKay conversations have you had what do you think now the Roe versus Wade has been reversed, and by the way up. If you have some serious concerns in your more pro-choice. I'm knocking to be rude to you. I'm not gonna beat you up. I most likely would counter some of your positions but I'll try to do that with respect and decency and patience and gentleness, so never be afraid to call in here I don't play bloodsport games but am curious for all of you out there were hearing from celebrities returning from tick-tock.

People were hearing from elected officials were hearing from the mainstream media were hearing from all of those folks but we don't get a chance very often just hear from regular people like you and me. So I give that chance today to reflect how you feel and what you think what he thinks.

I had where we at with respect to the overturning of Roe versus Wade. Just this past Friday which I praise the Lord for from the top of the mountains. 866-34-TRUTH 87884's are number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. Your thoughts, your reactions to the overturning of Roe versus Wade positive, negative, summer in the middle.

Are you still in a state of shock and disbelief and I shared an article from not the be which is actually the serious side of the battle and be and I'll read that today if I have time and then we will talk to Dave for shifting the show, but 866-34-TRUTH 87884 to share your reaction to the overturning of Roe versus Wade this past Friday 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH is go real quick to Monique Connor from North Carolina hi Monique, thanks for calling Greta court very thankful Michael Brown while he talked about her church celebrate all the phone call was stranded not equal and very irritating anti-Scripture think that all the possible offended, but the art night and it art you intellectually to me and forgive me if I've been out there, but I just had I hear the pro-lifer why not just talk about rape and theft even in the case. Another phone call to you but why not the right, if not the law of God is always the wrong depressive act like you are married and of course there are no marriages. I just don't want you to bet I get overall what I'm saying it is that not reasonable points of argument, but have a point throughout will have thought about your choice is not to be protected or just don't write exactly and that's something that we need to ramp up the conversation Monique and say we'll even have to have them. The abortion conversation. If you get control of your sex life and I choose not to have sex outside marriage because God's way always works Monique up against break things for Colin and 866-34-TRUTH looking back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble showed just giving you an opportunity today here in the air to share your reaction to everything on nonsense Friday just the decision itself overturning Roe versus Wade. After almost 2 years, 50 years. Next beginning next year.

In 2023. From 1973, but your reaction good bad or indifferent. Maybe just you personally. If you have a story behind that perhaps just watching the mainstream media people on the left for the pro choice crowd melting down and going apoplectic however you want to share today regarding this one I give you the opportunity to do that. 866-34-TRUTH 87884's the number as always, 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH by the way from my friends on YouTube live and Facebook live, or to seven some software issues here and studios are working on that. Try to get back live on those platforms will do lessons we can go to Chuck call and then chucking so much for Colin and holding go right ahead. Thank you Michael. I remember I remember back in the early living in Chicago, my white character lost one board and so for your doors you I wasn't living for the Lord wrong and they had But our day doing abortion.

What the court and eight. You and I remember Martin Marty very liberal.

I don't know that the Barbie I got that to make them well what about the baby boldly while I don't have old brother nail in Monaco became a believer before you start not correct.

Yeah he did in the Lord.

Praise the Lord and I think was Nathanson that did the silent screen video and yet he came to the realization that through his own child and what they experience that he was killing babies. He never tried to massage the language after it. He just said that's at Elite we can't do the same.

Mechanical children yeah and you amazing turnaround and doesn't say that needs to be our prayer and our hope for everybody that supports abortion. Today people that had abortion are still supporting it.

People that are proud of it. People that are operating out of a reprobate mind is that you know if a hard-core abortionist that's killed thousands of children can be changed than anybody can help yeah you got got darker human being believer and nonbeliever Bill work yet that's exactly right. The still on the throne such a great point Laura don't prop about broker, you might be rude. What are the people, but we love it just this one. You gotta get some credit where credit is due. Thanks for calling Chuck.

I bless you you're welcome bye-bye thanks for calling 866-34-TRUTH 87884 love to hear from you and just hear what you're thinking what you're feeling your thoughts.

Where do we go from here what he thinks going to happen next. And did you see anything of you experience anything with the backlash from Roe versus Wade overturning on Friday 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Lane, Cullinan Lane, thanks for calling.

Go ahead and write 1234 I got no problem. You know what would laugh not director of Planned Parenthood know what really about trying to help me and other way, or control out marital problem. When you eat honey you just allow what you have a abortion what what your back will have to find a way. Now I would never do that. I will think I like baby did not understand what they came for because they don't abort right. I plan right that event happen every night when I got older. Four. Love the boy, winter, truck driver, which I had to learn to forgive and I give God the credit boy anybody pick me laugh, but he 3.last time I thank you for the last single mom with three kids and have another thing, why, why, if that. Why don't we try to allow that when mothers got into Planned Parenthood abortion unit.

Nothing, then I will walk out the full disclosure arguments always been one that people are tried for years and just to get him to force him to look at an ultrasound so they can see is some blob of cells that attack so there's two eyes and nose into yours and theirs are Peter's arms and legs and everything else you have knowledge always will lead people honesty and knowledgeable will usually lead people out of that once they come face-to-face with the reality that I work with job nor yet and I know what I heard recently, baby. What July table right you mother several mother. Several states knowingly in a couple years ago New York.

They passed a law that allowed for abortion right up to the moment of delivery, and they were all clapping and they lit a bunch buildings of pink in another state, just past the same law you can do abortions right up to the point of delivery.

Yeah, it's barbarism and its attendant to the core. There's enough there's no other way. I don't want and I cannot bring that.

I know that we cannot even okay honey but we need down and I will apply while I think so much so much for calling. I appreciate thank you ma'am. God bless you to think so much.

Let's jump over to Trey's calling from North Carolina try.

Thanks for calling a redhead pretty good. How are you 150 build a real good, more is really going to share all oil, you know, really. You certainly have an ideological position but I think the thing that overrides all of that is the fact that there swimming in cash and cash. It happens to be covered in the blood of the unborn, but that's a great point tray things are going and I appreciate it.

Thanks for your encouragement, you got bless you we come back with my buddy Clay, but I want to hear from you as well. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH your reaction to the overturning of Roe will be right back.

Looking back at Sayville. Okay, that's a little Johnny Cash right there and tonight to go see the new Elvis movie with two of our kids, and that's supposed to be excellent. Our youngest daughter saw it the other day said it was just amazing.

So it will be interesting to see and so I'll go see that tonight I'll bring that up I don't know if I've time tomorrow. I'm trying to see what's going on today is Monday right so I'll be in tomorrow and then you have Jacob Arthur on tomorrow. He is a local businessman that I told you before we can start featuring some of our wake County school board candidates that we need to take over the school board.

We just do. I'm not going to mince words, there, whether you live here in wake County or somewhere else in North Carolina or some other state, odds are you gotta take over your schoolwork and that's what were up to here in North Carolina and here we County in the Raleigh area to do everything I can with the platform. I been given to help aid that so tomorrow will have Jacob Arthur on and I hope talk about his run in getting involved and and all the things that he's concerned about for the wake County school board and learn, live and learn from that and apply that where you live.

If you're not here locally and get involved. You cannot sit on the sideline to do nothing as our children continue to be indoctrinated so will be back at it tomorrow with Jacob and then Wednesday will my good buddy Stu Epperson Junior's going to fill in with a couple a great ministry.

Guess I got some family business to attend to. On Wednesday, but I'll be back Thursday for theology Thursday in here and Friday next week with 4 July pretty much be out all week, Pastor Chris Connell going to come in, Matthew Winslow, who serves our state here diligently in the north on House of Representatives.

He and his wife are to come in and talk about marriage and marriage counseling.

That's can be great to be here next Wednesday the sixth my buddy Chris Connell, Pastor Chris will be in next Friday the eighth up.

I'm trying to prerecord theology Thursday for next Thursday the seventh. Not sure what were doing on Tuesday the fifth and then on Monday the fourth of you happen to be listening, not just radio only non-Facebook or YouTube show I did a couple years ago with the with the full story behind the Declaration of Independence, which is what we celebrate July 4, Independence Day so a lot going on but I will be here myself next week and looking forward to spending time with family and doing some fun stuff anyway. Today, just giving you an opportunity to call in and share your reactions to Roe versus Wade being overturned last Friday. The good the bad the ugly what you seen out there for the weekend may perhaps conversations you bet I'd like to ask you what happened at the church are attending yesterday that that's a question I like answer what happened at your church that you attended.

They bring it up.

Did they dance around it that they lean into it today handle it well.

What you think about that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 it really be curious to hear about your church handle that yesterday 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number here for the show or 866-34-TRUTH your personal reactions or anything that you seen since Friday when Roe versus Wade was overturned thinking father and I love to hear and share it. Let's talk about these things together. 866-34-TRUTH 8784 or 866-34-TRUTH so my buddy Clay: and right here in the Raleigh area. Hey bro how are you copping skull were great. You like it better work about what you know if you're measuring how where and over are all sure with you working that out that that came about all there. Oh here with me about being able to go with PowerPoint gearbox broke you know I I would hold it all very course when I got up probably got your wonderful letter that work gobbling men and women no matter what people might think that the word where their country where you do after 49 1/2 years that 49 Mark short of your but the Lord because people have been praying and praying and praying and praying about and we pray about the Lord up there wrinkle.

Thank you all yesterday all me before you got message of the gospel of Mark chapter 4 about the showing of the bubble started curb and another church or off of 98 so the girl talk about it will that you know people are our show all about you to understand the Bible talk about the murder. Here are the things that I've heard very like what were being people like that would be what are you going to have felt well you know I'm out there, but it can only walk whatever interest-rate overload what people want to come about and able to whatever you know I would like our record.

What happened to me today but I don't want to cook up a lot of current culture people like yourself, what lobby or bring it out your character. You talk about the global not everybody.because of some helpful important here. You shared with me, not that long ago that are very thank you for that (about praying will happen.

You will quick your mom talk to you back in the little: and people want to go why God the father. One of the things you talk about the question is American probably the main thing that he brought about that.

We and we your mission. What the Supreme Court made sure God give the blessing that people need to be great. Thank you. Overall, some other callers play but yeah I mean we have to continue to praise the Lord, but don't act like it's vacation time because it isn't, and the number of abortions and the needs around the country. It's going to get a little different from state to state but children are still dying in an other, and lots of states are to become even more mission ground because they're going to double down and it's going to get worse and more depraved and dark there and then another states where were going to be able to shine the light of of the truth and for life. And so we have to keep working but I think it's great that we praise the Lord and continue to praise him and give him thanks for this because he did it, but then we have to remember that the battle still rages we have to stay engaged. So anyway, always great to hear from you Clay appreciate you calling it. Thanks so much want to remind people that no matter what anybody thinks that the little thing of a woman is a human being. That's right, and got about a 1 quart wipeout. I will talk you later. Thanks much bye-bye and in that something you be prayerful absolutely stay engaged. Actually, I was a double down and I like Amber Lehman said last Friday when she called and she's been a bit was on the front line for 15 years is that now the needs are even greater. And you gotta push that up, you're giving your your sacrifice your involvement in the cause hopefully is is more than just saying your pro-life and voting that way every two years me. We have to be the solution and then where we have states where were you where abortion has been outlawed. Think God and that's growing with each day.

At this point. Then we have to have a I'm I'm all for engaging our state governments to provide help to provide ways to help somebody's moms that are in these unplanned pregnancies and to try to keep him to hey listen will support you will help you get on your feet. Let's get connected with some faith. The faith-based community of stool we can to walk them through that so they don't flee to another state to go have their child kill because that'll be happening and I read you will list the other day you will look it up yourself.

There's a bunch of huge companies that are all saying hey work will pay for it will pay for your travel will put you up and by the way, if you have if you have a dependence will pay for the you need to go to California to get up and abortion after six months will pay for that. Levi Strauss, Hewlett-Packard, salesforce, Starbucks, Gucci, Paramount, Netflix, Tesla you know that's that's your boy, are you on my desk right does some great things in this is terrific, MasterCard, Amazon, Apple, of course, lift yelp, the Walt Disney Company.

Of course, Huber and they're all saying hey what will pay for your will pay for your firm will pay for the hotel and go will help you go get your child murdered somewhere else in the country of your state so backward, so this this continues, so stop and praise the Lord and give him all the credit and all the glory because that he deserves it all and the ark of his goodness is sometimes longer than we wanted to be but it always bends towards justice and we praise the Lord for that. But we have to stay engaged so I'm in a start looking at bringing other ministries in and leaders to help us forge forward so that we know how we can help to reduce the number of abortions and interstates. Or we can outline get rid of it via city on a hill at an individual state level but across the nation. Babies will still be dying just in case Steve Noble will be right back Steve Noble to Steve Noble so I just shared a link on face live this page to an article I don't feel like I thought I would. This is written by an author writer at a not to be. That's the serious new site of Babylon P and and if you're if you have some mixed emotions not not in pro choice in any way. Just not quite as elated as perhaps you thought you would be on the heels of Roe versus Wade being overturned on Friday as the darkness that seemed to get darker, the depravity more pronounced. The demonic activity in the things that people say I put a picture up on Facebook just a little while ago of a young pregnant mom standing out in front of the Supreme Court mean she's very pregnant.

Like she's going to give birth any day now. She's very young, and she writes on her enormous stomach not yet a human and she's going to birth any day now that's a big she's not yet a human to which I would just say than man what are you carrying inside of you.

What species is that what DNA does that thing have and if I kicked you in the stomach right now. Would you be offended and if so why, but a reprobate mind. Romans one does not think logically.

It's given over. Reread Romans one to sadly see exactly why we been seeing what we've seen since Friday with Roe versus Wade being overturned and of course our good friend David Fisher back in the house for a Monday Monday update as the financial world continues to swirl about us and do all kinds of crazy things. David, good to hear from you heart Scripture say men that that's deftly true in this is, and as we stand out and I went to front of an abortion clinic Saturday morning and and it was very jubilant Christian crowd. I didn't really notice any overt hostility coming from the people working and volunteering at the abortion clinic, but that these coming here North Carolina for he actually can outlaw abortion. One of these days, and then we seen plenty of violence and end degradation, and in attacks on abortion are legacy resource centers over the weekend I think will continue to see that. But yeah, let's start there. First Peter 412 a very apropos for. Whereat the fiery ordeal among you, which comes upon you order something as though something strange were happening to you. So obviously the Christian walk is not without challenges, trials and tribulation computer so that if you told me you will have that we have that going on Roe versus Wade. We have the going on in many people are partially going through some challenges spiritually, financially, economically, maybe in a relationship part of life mixes press into being in God's will. God's presence and making him are all in all the markets are to go through work for moral life has more turmoil of fires, but that's what draws us to the feet of Jesus should not embrace the trial but fix your eyes upon him. The author and finisher of our faith. That's exactly right, and Internet sites. It's kind of been my sanctified humor.

I can laugh at the end of that. I smile a little bit in the first Peter 412 which comes upon you for your testing as though something strange were happening to you know I mean the author and perfecter of our faith. Jesus Christ himself. I was rejected even in his own hometown rejected even by his own half-brother, so on and so forth and so would none of us should be surprising that, stuff happens to us, but when we get laughed at them aligned and degraded and screamed at and in some cases, maybe even physically threatened this rumor that it's a privilege to suffer for the name of Christ, because that means your hits and if you're is that's the greatest privilege that one could ever have such a great reminder today David, thank you for that is always a courseware is something big picture short-term is kind of our phrase today.

So let's get too much of the details, but to talk about, where were headed, the big R word recessionary can I have one. Obviously, we've got serious inflation. But what about the R word about word and level Metro part of the economy only just what I felt economic booms followed by economic talks such as how it is for the short interest you as you have absolutely remember recession and possibly something that could be a big New York said said 80% chance of a hard landing in Langone. You are one of the founders of Home Depot should work actually technically in an intellectual recession. This morning I watched the interview Michael Harnett this thing Bank of America leasing run a technical recession but just don't realize that the recession is when the gross domestic product GDP declines or goes -2/4 consecutively. So the first quarter decreased.

We went down 1.5% the second quarter will come out the end of this month, said Atlanta is estimating that this next GDP will go down from 1.5 don't do not .9 so this would be the official recession. So that's coming up. This would eliminate jobs roots usually elsewhere talk about layoffs on her program. Her left week so were lining up with all the signals are all the evidence that were headed toward recession and the recession typically last 17 and half months for not even close all started you were long overdue, should help in foreign half years old go shall be environment wherein you get 3 to 6 months of money to fall back on not have 100% of your money in stocks right now because those areas and real estate are very challenging and detrimental historically in recession sessions everything can batten down the hatches and there's a lot of places to be paid. That's good to know that good good but bad to know how long they typically last so you said before David that the Fed you know we know they can raise rates are going to do it several more times this year it's going to be fascinating to see how high we are.

By the end of the year, but eventually that would stop and reverse course and then they would lower rates of me.

Not that there always good to be trying to monkey with the system and get the engine to run right. But there is there is any new evidence. What's kind of an update on that thinking is warning that reducing inflation will, the great cost to lease. I see reasons for much harder landing.

He actually likened it under the cartoon while you cut off the cliff will be a pleasant experience will not be a push experience I can quote a whole bunch of people shouldn't chin lend you the founder of an asset management group were possibly the recession already in order to be in a deep recession next year when you think about it, the interest rate on $30 trillion. We can barely manage the payment know if the Fed reaches reach the percent will have an uproar because it will make the interest only payment you will see a big change coming out saying the feds. Ken Neumeier uses strategist uses get ready for a weight cut very small one at the end of a cheerless, start the process so there's a lot of people coming out saying no and writing what I've been saying the last month and 1/2, two months now. Starting to see some signs of it over and out of the 4%. Trina percent rate hike before the so you know they're up in the train, allegedly conducting most of us are back here at the tail end get whipped around. So what what what are the effects that this has on all of us just in our daily lives and loan rates and credit card rates and in housing and all that can stuff. How do we get whipped around while trying to layoffs coming real estate values probably will shrink stocks shortly get hammered credit cards over non-fixed interest rate invests are not investments but liabilities them. All under control of been saying this for your help. Mortgages make sure you have a fixed rate not alarm when the simple funeral for a little bit here but skin ready to overthink people have a harder time making the payment. That's when people start saying I can't afford this house will trumpet in the snowball happen. So make sure you have your financial house in order. Do those simple things get some food and advancement has a long shelf life is going to go up yeah that sounds crazy, but it is and then we got history on our side on that one house is gold and silver, playing all of this and using it again it as we been talking for years I talked about the teeter totter.

We got all are kind of irregular things that we think about on this in the letter stocks in your house. Whatever, what's on the other end of the teeter totter or when you're sales up above his dad when coming like there is right now what you have a need to say about the balance that out so talk to us about using gold and silver in that respect really strong yearbook is strong because is almost 9% goal should be down 25, 30%. It's not shows the strength of gold central bank report came up from the world Gold Council all central banks are not showing an ounce of gold. The last two years and there's a huge amount of borrowing going on the next two years, held its fifth place in the pressure of the Fed raising rates this last time it should've dropped 50, $75. It didn't actually went up so gold is doing is what I said I would do is report real quickly from a guy Peter Croft. He saying he wrote the big silver market. The great Super Bowl market uses gold is going to $505,000, silver's going to $300 no time to be looking into this loss of others time dimensional bring it up next time were together some education, company learn about that yet, so that they want to get just the pool. Start learning and understanding how this gold and silver can play a role in their overall strategy. What they do. 57546042575 I got bless you brother thank you for helping us is always have a great Fourth of July working to talk and we can have for sale, but do enjoy your time off and started talking again you to my friend, bless we'll talk later. As David Fisher landmark is always to Steve Noble and Steve Noble show, God willing. I talked again real soon. Like my dad always used to say never.

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