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Friendship With God

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 23, 2022 1:53 pm

Friendship With God

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 23, 2022 1:53 pm

Friendship With God

Steve talks to Doctor Sam Horn from Bob Jones Seminary to discuss our friendship with God. What is it supposed to be like?

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Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble doing well valid. Are you a friend of God yourself. A friend of God. Let me make that more impactful is God your friend and if he is your friend and you're his friend what kind of a friend are you I think I know what kind of a friend. He is already but the question is what kind of a friend are used to today will unpack this I with respect to Abraham or to jump back in the book of James that I've actually been using in some Bible study with our 21-year-old son and some of his friends. The last few weeks so excited about that. And of course our good friend Dr. Sam Horn back in the house from BJ's seminary and will continue our journey through James, but it's good to see Sam how you doing great.

Steve, thanks for having back there while it was good to see you please all I'll go ahead and offer my public apology repentance and asked for forgiveness that I of course the last time when I can do theology Thursday. I'd stick you with your old student Stu Epperson, Junior, so I every recovered from that of the rating okay yeah I think so get a great job. He has a lot of friends out there that shouted out. I was really blessed. It is always good to be with you yet. He's a blast so we certainly appreciate how he's been a blessing to both of us and continues to be, and I appreciate you doing that with him before he died.

Then we talked about this previously on the show. Sam and and unfortunately in our new cycle. Ukraine has kind of fall into the back of the bus right we talk about five dollars gallon gas really talk about Roe versus Wade is all kinds of things going on here and so Ukraine. Oh yeah, there's a war going on in Ukraine. But God is open some wild doors for you and now you're Patrick preaching in Ukrainian group of believers there in South Carolina so give us an update on that because it's really cool how God is moving. Now that's that is an amazing story, you know, as we talked last time we got burned as a small congregation here in South Carolina for just how can we help what you what we do to put our faith to work and so God lived in our hearts as a church and our congregation has raised over $60,000 and we are working with her Ukrainian pastor mega church Sam $60,000 only people or church or not we might have about 500 people. Okay, yeah, that's pretty impressive come together. This is above their giving and start regular giving and so what a blessing it is been to see God raise that amount of money and so we make that available to this pastor surrogate Minka and he works with 22 churches in Ukraine and one of the things we pray for was that God would connect us in tangible ways with Ukrainian people that are here in the states. You and so I got a call from him probably.

I was actually on Friday and he said hey pastor Sam dares about 70 Ukrainian believers who are meeting together in a place about 15 miles from where you are and they want you to come and preach. Long story short, I went over there they have no elders. They have no deacons or just a group of believers try to figure it out and I said what's your biggest need and they say we need somebody to come and preach to us every week so that's what I've been doing. I go over there after our church service and our deacons and our elders were behind this and so I get the opportunity to preach God's word to these people and II actually took something that you and I talked about about week we talked about Street theology yeah theology that matters not just theology for the head ring for the heart theology that you can put to work and so I told him I was working through the book of James in there like that's the book we want you to so actually back in James one and it's a blessing. It's just a great blessed yeah that's so cool that you were saying before we went live on the show that so they think they're singing there but they're seeing are they singing in Russian, is that the deal so so these folks are from all over there Ukrainian Russian holdover, Belarus, and so they think their services actually Russian, but all of them speak English and they want the message to be in English. And so we get together, they sing in English and they sing Russian and I preach in English that somebody summarizes the message and translates for the one or two people that don't speak in English and then we take communion while in community for them is like rip up and pass it down, the Commonwealth, while you walk in and you break off a piece of bread and that it's a common cup and I know Kobe probably matters to some people but these folks are absolutely committed to doing communion as they've done their whole life while and it's just been an amazing refreshing thing to heart. What a great word to you so that threshing. Thanks for sharing that Sam alone will keep talk about that in the future as that continues to unfold and praise the Lord for that are yet about a minute and have to set this one up. So Abraham, God's true blue friend why why are using that phrase true blue well you know when we think about true blue others. I looked up that phrase because I I've heard that phrase my entire lip and it's actually talking about a die produced in the Middle Ages in a place called Coventry in England and that die would just never fade and eventually it just made its way into the English language to to sort of represents someone whose life and commitment to a friend would never fade in James is talking in his book about friends of God friendship with the world and friendship with God and he's getting introduce us to five friends of God and Abraham is the first one of those friends and what made Abraham so significant is that his entire life was lived in absolute commitment to God and to his word, no matter what it cost to and I think that's exactly where I'm at. I know I need that my life yeah I think the church needs that today.

I think the culture needs that we need Christians who are going to be true blue to their faith no matter what it cost them especially as we move into the kind of waters that you talk about everyday ownership yeah yeah I just posted that earlier today on a friend Steve days at the blaze with Glenn Beck shot me a letter that he had gotten it came out of a diocese Catholic diocese, telling him that you know the feds Department Homeland security had jumped into this thing because this group this night of rage that's coming up because of Roe versus Wade. And there's a lot of serious things going on out there and it's knocking to get any prettier. It's going to get uglier and the whole notion of. As I started with a friend of God.

I think friend is one of those words now in our culture that we've kind of deluded.

It is like love.

I love quislings I love hot tamales. As a matter of fact I bought some last night nights on the way to the studio today, but friends because you know Sam.

I've got 5000 friends on Facebook, but a friend today isn't really what a friend was 20 years ago and when it comes to being a true blue friend of the Lord. That's a great way of looking at something that doesn't Reinsdorf made that's all about real commitments really dive into this with Dr. Sanborn today on theology Thursday with our friends at BC seminary.

This is the noble don't go anywhere will be right back back at Steve Noble the Steve Miller shall theology Thursday with our friends at seminary.

Dr. back in the house today and he likes it warm. I don't recognize that name, you recognize that name because I'm doing that on purpose & pretty regularly, I could just been a great blessing to the program is a great blessing there. BJ you to the seminary as well as the University and so when you tap into stuff like that. If I can get him on the show regularly. I always will selfishly for my own benefit my own discipleship of my own edification, but also for years so I'm always cannot look out for your best interest here on the show and try to bring as many people that are a lot wiser and smarter and deeper than me not to bless all of us. So that's why CMC regulates and we appreciate you. Thanks for being thank you what's always a blessing to be with you doing Street theology yes maybe right down there in the street level.

You can be up there in the ivory tower that doesn't do most of us any good. I need Street theology so I can live it out.

My regular crazy daily life. Somewhere in the book of James as we have been before talking about this.

This idea of a true blue faith which you look that one up which is great that that goes all the way back. Coventry England became famous for a blue dye that would not run or fade. I love that and that the phrase true blue came to mean unfeeling commitment to a belief, a position, or a person and then James illustrates that with Abraham's let's talk about Abraham and then we'll talk about what is a true blue faith look like, well, Abraham is one of the characters that everybody knows about. I mean if you live in the civilized world. It doesn't matter what face you embrace treatment and I don't have a fate. You know Abraham. He was the father of almost 3 major faith belief systems, and countless nation so he's is one of those names that everybody knows and so everybody has an idea who Abraham is, but God has one thing you want, you know, when he described Abraham.

He said this is what I want to know about. He is my friend Abraham is the friend of God. So I got interested in that name I got Internet description because it Abraham was a friend of God, and God looked at that and said if you want to know what a friend of God, looks like here's the friend I'm going to hold up. I wanted to find out about it. In Abraham's an amazing guy 75 years he lived in one of the largest cities in the world of his day city of Ur and I thought, is this little mound hot soup recognize actually actually went to research this and Steve. It's amazing that city was stunning is probably the third largest city in the world of Abraham's day. Yes yeah I know that all stunning. You can go back and look in the discoveries they've made of earth. The royal tombs of words that the stuff they pull out of their is like the stuff you see a King talks displace them is just amazing and Abraham's father was a Royal official in the court of her and so Abraham grew up with. Well power fame.

If you lived in.

Abraham would've been one of the main man in the city if you were a visiting oil, gas, you would've met Abraham ham was somebody that had everything going for him in this massive city and one day out of the blue God he didn't know right and he couldn't see spoke to him in the city of there was a massive temple to the goddess of the city, the moon goddess and so that's who Abraham worshiped while and all of a sudden comes this voice saying Abraham I want you to leave everything you know and I want you to go to go to a land you've never heard of that I show you and when you get there. I'm going to give you a city that is better than it stunning to me that Abraham did it. Yeti wit Gideon's like okay, throw me a couple bones authors themselves or some sheepskin out there and make it wed to make one met wet the next night knowing Abraham just went one thing I would say about say about Abraham Sam that I mentioned during the break, so only Facebook live in YouTube heard it was were not talking Abraham a friend. The governor talking about a guy that's perfect is not perfect it's going, David. I take great solace in David's life is a man after God's own heart while being a pretty significant screwup. At the same time. So Abraham story is told in Genesis 12 and you start reading about it and then it sorta ends in Genesis 22 and there in those two chapters, the beginning and the end of Abraham's life God just Abraham get up and go somewhere. In Genesis 12. Get up. Leave. Leave everything you know all the life you have all of the prestige and follow me to a land and then in Genesis 22 he says get up and go to a mountain and take the son that you waited your whole life for take that son sacrifice him on the mountain and Abraham does it was interesting to me when I think about that. James says be quick to hear. Be slow to speak and and when you read those chapters.

Abraham says nothing. He gets up and he goes and so he really does mirror what James is talking about when he talks about friendship with God.

The heart of a friend as you trust the person that you love Abraham trusted God and he followed God and he did whatever God told him to do. Even though he wasn't perfect. To your point, there were Abraham's faith grew exponentially, but there were valleys where and every time there was a Valley God intervened and Abraham responded friends respond to friends, yet there is a way to fail and correct fail forward coming out.

Your failure growing and repenting, and you know that there's an upward trajectory to the Christian life that should be there but what is exactly right.

But this first point that you made in again. I share this on Facebook for everybody.

The blog post today that Sam was kind enough to write true blue faith comes from certain knowledge and any reference Hebrews 11 one which is incredible statement, the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Isn't that exactly kind of what was driving Abraham old yeah exactly. So Huber says if you're going to receive anything from God. You have to believe that he exists that he is so easily I was the first hurdle Abraham had to actually it over and God. God opened his eyes and enlivened his heart so that he believed and then once you believe you have to be convinced that the things God tells you are real actually exist even if you can't see them with your eye.

So God said, Abraham, I have a city and I am the builder and make maker of that city and it is better than earth. There were too many cities in the world better than her right and so Abraham actually had to believe that that city existed somewhere even though he never saw it physically on earth. His whole life he never doubted that. That's what's so amazing me about Abraham you know he was willing to dwell in tents. His entire life because he was absolutely convinced of the reality of the city that God said existed somewhere in that cities describe for us in Revelation 2122 that cities the new Jerusalem.

That's my body and actually come back and be on earth, and Abraham's going to possess that city but it's been it's been in existence all along it exists right now in heaven and Abraham saw that city from afar that the writer said he saw the city from far and that forward vision drove everything about his present life. Yeah, yeah, pull them forward in and that they had a certain knowledge of God's existence, and then we can keep unpacking back as you mentioned of obedience long obedience in the same direction said that determine who that quote, Jean peters, Eugene Peterson, a long obedience in the same direction and that's of course Abraham's life and should be the marker of our own effort to call yourself a friend of God talking to Dr. Sam hornet's theology Thursday with our friends at PG seminary will continue on talk about Abraham's obedience and then we'll talk about something that should lead to which is pleasing our fathers pleasing our God pleasing her friend this the noble back and Steve Noble to Steve noble show theology Thursday with our friends at seminary and by the way I I'm sharing this.

This is been a great and almost coming up on a year and a couple months will be a year that we've been in theology, Thursday is Nexium what Dr. Sanborn is here with us from PG seminary.

It's a year and a couple of months and I think where the beginning of September which is not so. But one of the great things that we do every week that were so appreciative of is whether Sam hornet or anybody else rent Rathbun who was on recently any of the other outstanding professors down there. Is there always kind enough to craft a blog post that goes along. So it's in the seminary viewpoints blog so I've always got that link up. I got that link up on Facebook live today seem to look at that for yourself and follow along. Whether you catch us live or listen to the podcast later cuts the Facebook live later.

Whatever the deal is and then you can continue to study and dig in on your own. If all you ever do is eat what your fed and you don't go feed yourself or your never to grow up in the stand milk and you're supposed to advance to meet so we health all have to come to do our own homework so this is a good way for us to all spend a little bit more time on this, Abraham, God's true blue friend that Sam wrote so that's posted there and by the way, there's that one particular website that BG set up so if you want to see all the things that we done for the past and will almost 10 months now. Just go to seminary.BJ\radio in your land and see everything that plus you can access all kinds of things online that PG was doing, but seminary.PG\radio and I'll put that link up for you as well Facebook live today for the Steve noble show and you can follow along.

But we are talking about in the book of James and Abraham is an example of a friend of God and the true blue and at that certain knowledge and God's existence were talking Sam about this ongoing obedience to mention the fact that he left and was like the Bellini place an incredible city. He's part of, kind of basically royalty. There is got a sweet gig in this God that it doesn't mean no exist makes himself known to Abraham and says okay you can go to another place in Abramson okay so off he goes. But there's another part of his obedience journey that is unbelievable story to follow, which is what happened with the son of promise, Isaac in, and that one you know your father and the father of a father that thinks through this one is like yeah yeah he Lord anything else. But don't ask me to do that right yeah I think that's the most amazing thing. Actually, as you study the life of Abraham because when you read Genesis you just it's like you're observing the guy you watch okay so God says go to her. He gets up and goes God says I'm going to give you city and then he goes all the cities of the world and scope nope nope nope. I went to the big city big test hey lot works when you get to choose lots as I see those five cities over there and I want middle what I want that Sodom city looked pretty good to me and inferences all take the desert because I believe that God is going to keep his work so you observe all but you don't get to get into Abraham's head in this you just observe it. But in the book of Hebrews chapter 11. It's like the writers is a counter bringing inside Abraham's head animal let you in on what he was. So you get to this chapter 22 that you just talked about.

And I remember reading that as a kid and trying to wrestle through that and then I became a dad and going. What will set when your dad and God asks you for one of your children that dad is unbelievably and unbearably hard. But there's more. It's not just that this is God's son. In other words, God made all these promises to Abraham and says now I'm to keep those promises. Through your son, and then through him you have this amazing ascendancy that's going to be more numerous in the stars in the sands but is going to hinge on that side is remember Abraham so I actually have another set Ishmael and maybe you do. Through him, and Gus's no, that's not the son I'm a take care him but this is the son I'm to give you. It's the sun that you're going to have to believe me for Abraham you're too old to have kids.

Sarah your womb is dried up. God is a miracle and they have Isaac and then Isaacs probably late 20s when this happens, and Gus's Abraham okay what you take that son son of promise and I want you to get back to me.

I want to sacrifice and Abraham does the same thing in chapter 22 that he didn't chapter 12. He gets up any notes you, the writer of Hebrews tells you what he's thinking he says in his head. I know that God keeps his promise. So if I sacrifice him to God. God is going to raise him up from the dead and given back to me and the proof of that is what he said to the servants when they got to the mountain.

This is really interesting 22 to get to the mountain and Abraham looks at them and says to them.

Now the boy and I are going to go to the top of that mountain and we are going to come back to when we return. It's an amazing state only in an Hebrews unpacks that right so when I think about belief. That's what's going on.

Abraham actually believed God in the face of the impossible.

And I think about my life. Nothing about your life.

Even the little things. I mean, I'm looking at. I just put 100 bucks of gas in my car yeah and here's what mama heart how I can survive right and I had to go back and say God made promises to me that he would take care of me. I'm good have to believe I'm good have to trust or maybe I get a diagnosis from's like you got six months and I'm good have to believe that God can take care of me doesn't take care my family. Something goes on my work and I get called in and the next thing I know your last day on Friday were really sorry your great person, but the economy is going. Are our recessions coming up where we have to make plans and also in your life just got turned upside down, like Abraham, are you going to be a friend of God. How to legally the course week we I would never dare to compare myself to Abraham, but when you look at that that you go hate that. That's kind of the standard I complain about the standard all you want but there is a standard as we move in that direction. Sam hot. How do we move in the direction of having more faith like Abraham because we all struggle that I struggle that myself. I struggle to believe when God says he, Steve, you should live your your life in a certain way and that's got to be better for you to provide you more joy and more freedom and all the blessings that go with it and then even sometimes with the little things I struggle to obey thinking my ways better than his way, how do we become more like Abraham. I think that's the key right because actually I do think God wants you to compare yourself to Abraham. That's why he put it in the Bible.

What a great way calls a room so you and I are supposed to be ourselves Abraham, and what makes Abraham believable to us and relatable to us is that he wasn't perfect he failed so there were times in this journey.

You know, so between Genesis 12 and Genesis 22 there about 60 years and so for six decades were watching Abraham, and there are times where he blows it early on he goes down to Egypt. He looks at Sarah.

She's gorgeous. He's like think this could go really bad here. You tell them you're my sister well I think this could go bad for me really care what happens to white legally true sister right back in the day and in so gets him in a boatload of trouble but God is true. Abraham even when Abraham's faith faltered when taxes my faith faltered well okay so that was early on.

You get to the end of Abraham's life and now he's gone down to a guy name Abimelech and and he's like okay Sarah I know your little older.

You're like with Elder, but you know were wealthy and powerful, and he may take you and kill me and we do the thing we did down in Egypt.

It's a repeat but there's a lot of time between the two.

Like Abraham, you groaning your face should be doing the slimy times even now in my life I struggle with unbelief. God put that in the Bible so we would see Abraham is actually us and so what did he do he just kept going back to God, repenting and believing repenting and believing repenting and believing and that's what a friend us. When I fed you Stephen for friends. I'm not walking away from the friendship I'm to repent and I'm in a keep me in a friend and that's what Abram and it and that's what I need to do in my relationship to God. I need to make things right with God, and I need to go forward in my friendship. What happens to us is we get stepper and were like I'm not making that right. I'm leaving and I agree that it was a sin.

I just can keep Roland and acting like everything's okay and all of a sudden there's something in the way friendship. That's right. So why don't I do that because I don't believe God, God said if you confess your sin I am faithful I am just I will forgive you and I will cleanse you everything yet. He restores I'm just talking about that with our son Clay and his buddies last night and talking about the amazing aspect of that first on 19 I said. Clay went when you mess up when you've offended me or disobeyed me and I'm mad at you. What I really have a problem do you stop being my son Mel Lily right right you that that doesn't sever our relationship as father and son, you're still my son. But do we have a do we have a fractured relationship.

Is it awkward is one of us need to step forward and in and seek reconciliation. Yes. And when we do, how does that feel really good.

Okay any questions. I mean that it is really like that guy when I messed up and make a mess you I don't want to take it to God because upcoming fairs and the bigger the mass yeah the more I want and I know what had a friend am I God is like none I know our friendship is based on your map. Amen. That is based on my faith and that's that's truly faithful please God and what of the resulting rewards will talk about the next will be right back and Steve Noble to see the show theology Thursday with their friends at Horn talking about that revisiting the book of James. It's my favorite book in the New Testament.

It's that we like to call it the Proverbs of the New Testament. The thing I love about James Dr. Sam Horn as we talk about Street theology way that's him I really think he had another gear. He's just down in the cheap seats with people like me talking plainly and it's not a comfortable book chapter 3, especially when you start talking about the power of the tongue because of what I do for living and those are some of my biggest weaknesses is this monster that's hiding behind my teeth and is just raw and and that's so helpful to me because it's so easily applicable just like Proverbs or Proverbs and you like okay read chapter date is 31 chapters in Proverbs. That's pretty good way to help yourself out of very very practical Street theology is like saying you know what I said about James is an uncomfortable book that brings me a lot of comfort.

That's good.

I might've to steal that like to give you credit. No no no no, I am afraid Bob record Dr. Bob record used was the first president of the American mission board for the Southern Baptist so I met him like in 2005 or something and that's when I started to do more public speaking in any said to me, at one point a cousin Casey Purcell works with quotes early on when you start speaking your to be like so-and-so said in this situation. On this date in this year and this can be an exact quote and then a couple years later you can say well it was a famous Middle Eastern or that said build on the block and then and then a couple years later is going to be in a famous person once said in about 10 years later.

Get your to say I've always set blood of about what it is and that's the challenge with quotes that's pretty funny were talking through James and in being a friend of God and things that this is the third point the blog post you wrote today. Sam attribute faith pleases God that touched him like the right that goes without saying but but why do we need to visit that just for second that I want to look at the results and the rewards of what that kind of a troop of faith and friendship does what were the blessings there that we can find what pleases God because it honors God.

In other words, Abraham is using God he's exalting God. He is elevating God. So here are all these people and in their gone I actually know why you're doing this Abraham sure sure sure you can tell me all you want about this God you can't see but but we know there's something in it for you. And so as late as you live in that world if you had a way to keep up with Abraham you know your 60 years later you still living in a tent he he's got no city but you look around and you're like whoa Abraham at what why are you doing this and Abraham says I'm doing this for one reason I love the God whose been faithful to me. God has been my friend more than I've been his friend so so God is pleased when we love him that that's not stop the heart of the heart of our relationship to him. River hero Israel, the Lord our God is one.

You shall love the Lord your God, and there's nothing that pleases God more than when I love him, and Abraham's faith is a long story of ongoing love that that God cultivated in Abraham and that Abraham displayed to God.

Why think of my life. You know, I'm sure you can think about it in your own life. Why do I follow got.

Why am I committed Christian, and nine times out of 10 when I asked that question.

People know I don't want to go to hell. Oh, I want my life to be better. Oh, I want my kids to be, you know, come up with a better home or it's all about what we want out of friendship. And here's a man who loved God and you said God, I'm going to follow you because you are who you are.

That's true friendship. What you mentioned this a minute ago not using but exalting God correct in this and this.

A fine line there because I in my own life. My walks a Christian to be like okay if I want God's blessings. I need to be obedient and if I'm obedient, then God will bless me and those blessings can be pretty cool I could actually name a few that I'd like to see. So then I'm like treating God like a vending machine right correct correct so there's this tension there about obedience and in and not like wire you will be asked me that question.

Why do I follow God to answer for years adjustment because of what he's done for me because I know I am so undeserving of anything. I'm undeserving of grace, undeserving of forgiveness undeserving of my wife and my family.

I'm undeserving of a platform that I am allowed to to use five days a week and and I'm undeserving to have a bunch students every fall and every spring. I'm undeserving about what that and and that's like David in Psalm 51 my sins ever before me and I just kinda remain amazed that I'm in the the family. It always takes me to a point that you made here that, how often do we read in the Scriptures and we set ourselves. God identifies himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. So he starts with Abraham who is not perfect and he drops his name God's name dropper is dropping Abraham's name. That's crazy to me now well and so see this is this is the amazing thing right so you and I have a very similar kind of approach we love God and were thankful for all the things that that he's done for us.

But I'll bet you that if God took away all those things and didn't do any of those things for you. You would still love you as long as I'm late I'm good that you would still love him, you would still follow even if your life didn't go the way you thought it, even if those students were taken away from you and your radio programs they going I'm convinced based on what I've known of you Juergen still love God and that's what exalts got right got and when you find somebody like that. That's gonna love you no matter what. What do you want to do that kind of rent all love you want bless honor. That's right. And that's what God did it. You know Abraham didn't love God because of all the stuff God was going to give you the love God because God was God and God looked at that and he said I am so pleased with that.

I'm to pour out my blessings. So when you look at that and and by the way Sam is not turning into Joel posting here talking about blessings and prosperity, but it can happen. It's not always going to be exactly what it look like in Abraham's life is yet three things here that everybody listen carefully because I want you to misconstrue this material prosperity, Abraham deftly got that multiplied posterity. I love that word and then manifested promise.

So we just have a couple minutes goes to walk us through those three and those can those can materialize in our lives differently. Material prosperity hate living.

I live in America and I have more than probably 95% of the world so hard I get that. And just because I don't have as much somebody else I'm knocking a blanket that way.

That's ridiculous.

But walk us through those real quick material prosperity multiplied posterity and manifested promise so. Genesis 13 Abram was rich in livestock over gold and in Deuteronomy 110.

His descendents were like the stars of heaven in number and might manifested promise you know one day Dave Abraham's descendent David would actually rule in the first version of the city's builder and maker was God.

Jerusalem right so so yes, these were all there.

But the bigger question is what would happen to a person who was God's friend. If God took away all of those things right so working in me. Another friend of God in James named Joe well. Job lost everything he had material prosperity. He had posterity had seven children and God made promises to him and in one day, God took it all away and they took away Job's health is a way as well. You took away his health. He took away everything so what happened to Job's friendship with God.

It remained faithful, he said, though he slay me, yet will I trust in him so Job is a reminder that our friendship with God is not conditioned on the material prosperity and the multiplied posterity and manifested promise that we see in our lives right now. Those are wonderful things that we should be thankful to God's absolute thankful that you have what you have and I and I enjoy what I have from the hand of God. I'm thankful for our children. I'm thankful for all of those things but I want to remember that my friendship with God is not conditioned on and that's the that's really were Abraham and Joe come together right because we are so often caught up in the Joel old speaking kind of think that if you brought it here in the now Gobi, yet we we don't do it up for the theology that we actually talk about Street theology that's actually her street theology is just let God take away our or something that we value right home or job child and then the next thing you know where at odds with God because you should not of done that right which really Charlotte is a word that gets used a lot in the Old Testament will talk about Rahab next.hit good because it your hot here. The harlot all all act like I love you if you pay me bingo if you don't pay me. I got no love for you. Sorry I'll move on the next person that's willing to pay me and something that's how we treat God if it's not going the way I think it should go that I want to withhold my love and that makes you harlot your Hor agency to be able to admit it, and we have to be correct and I slept on the wanted Joel O'Steen's dog and pony shows I've gone to his church so I could see it for myself but I can be Joel O'Steen got a little bit of that in our relationship to God and I think the difference between me and Abraham is that Abraham never forgot where his true wealth really was his true wealth and his true boss, prosperity, and his true promises were all in the realm where God exists and and I look at me if I'm Abraham today in that realm and I'm looking at billions of people who have come to know Jesus Christ and I am their spiritual answers was like wow I'm walking around in this matter city yes, and I've got no I just got treasures that can't even imagine that make all the stuff you were on the units. Like so crazy.

What a great God Abraham's like men to take me forever to meet all the gods own that's right you have forever.

And that's why Abraham's God's friend so you and I live in such a great point everywhere exam horn always make see my friend.

Thanks for your time today. We think she is very walkable good again soon wow so much to work with their summer spray into friendship like Abraham should be all our desires. We don't like those we don't like the measuring stick.

There so over it and I used to be a better friend Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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