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Roe v. Wade Overturned!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 24, 2022 2:19 pm

Roe v. Wade Overturned!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 24, 2022 2:19 pm

Roe v. Wade Overturned!

Steve has Troy Newman, Pastor Brent Tysinger, Rebecca Kiessling, and Amber Lehman on the show today to discuss Roe v. Wade.

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The Steve Noble Show
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why your work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on his shoulders and walked through sacred call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble right in God. Lord brought back his exile to Jerusalem. It was like a dream and I get an amen we were filled with laughter and we sing for joy and the other nations said what amazing things the Lord has done for them. Yes, the Lord has done amazing things for us.

What joy restore our fortunes Lord as streams renew the desert. Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy. They weep as they go to plant their seed but they saying as they return with their harvest and after about five decades of weeping and sewing. We are finally seeing the harvest today as Roe versus Wade horrific decision in the first place. Finally, by God's grace is overturned. So when this hit me earlier today. I'm still gonna really get surreal to me and out of me of little faith There were many times that I didn't think this day would come, but yet here it is. God is faithful and he's got a lot of people think out there so within minutes of when this decision came down this morning. I thought of the people that I know and look up to and have been inspired by and challenged by that of been in this fight a lot longer than I have in the top of that list is my dear friend Troy Newman, Operation Rescue hey Troy, great to hear from you.

Thanks for calling and this is wild. My friend, how are you feeling you mark your calendar hearing, 24, 20, 22 very very 49 1/2 later. Cream court in the words of Alito. You log power right million children were now at a turning point in the lectionary Street were returning back from God or my uncle got earned from their wicked way, your that's my part, I think were returning from our wicked ways, I just wanted you got your land yet that's exactly right in and it is an inflection point and just to make sure everybody understands how abortion is and all of a sudden you illegal in all 50 states of the federal move now pushes it down to the states is like 13 states Troy that have trigger bands that enact them and that'll happen immediately, and then another don't get up to 26 already laughing yeah it's already happening, character Atty. Gen. gave a press conference that abortion is illegal in character, Peter cleared a great holiday and walked out of the room, man. It's just amazing how abortion free I think. The port text message like wild on my phone over your floodgate of God's mercy and grace right poured out on America because you know what might be reversed like little time. John 1414 if you ask anything in my name I will do it God one abortion and mom the crime of abortion abortion, click the close answers. Obviously, you typically yes and there's been people praying millions of Americans been praying, donating, sacrificing your time and God hears from heaven and he answers our prayers.

TE is intermingled in our lives every single day in every way. That's right in the ark of God's goodness sometimes is a lot longer than we wanted to be, but it's a it's amazing after all these years you Troy on a personal level I mean Operation Rescue you in the folks Operation Rescue over all these years and probably had more arrests in the name of saving lives and anybody else out there but for you personally. This is what 32 years that you been in this file and in and how do you feel personally I'm in your spirit, emotionally, mentally, tell me about Troy Newman yet and I did have a moment where I come to collapse from the board/cried out to God, thank you thank you thank you you right Operation Rescue's largest civil disobedience movement history. Over 75,000 people were arrested late 80s early 90s. Not one for violent activity.

All three down from the record peacefully, getting arrested for trust and these are mom, dad, grandpa. We want going to stop and sacrifice of the public tremendous trend is not for selfish reasons I most sacrificial movement that I know you help a homeless person you can look thank you you help abate you live. They will never know they were slated for death and that they were state really is. So it's so profound and so many levels. And this is going to be like an onion and it just there so many different layers that were all gonna work through especially people like you and it is funny all respect at how to our friend father Frank Pavone I Solomon Nashville a week ago and interviewed him and he's like yeah I went to 3 March for life and it's just amazing.

He's people like you guys that really decades, and for and for him. You know that I was a teenager when he first started in, and it's just so indicative of God's love and his mercy. You said that mercy and grace because we deserve none this nation deserves nine but by God's grace and the wild thing for me. Thought of earlier them like cut grass on like this is exactly why I voted for Donald Trump and of all the people in America that God uses to change the balance of the court. It was Donald Trump that that's I mean is mind-boggling to me. It really is and I was going from the earlier group meant that cruise on the yacht and along comes Donald Trump would like you what though you got the nomination I went to New York. We met with them. I think you were there that I and we weed with okay a lot better than the required thing the right thing to keep his promises. And then he had that banner promises made, promises, he did more than anything with the reappointment record with you.

I think of the record. Also a lot of federal judge that did a lot change the shape of United States old evil all the billionaire playboy like Donald Trump are between you and II you got a real conversion experience last five or six years because he is a different guy than the one that we thought no one on the cover of all the great New York that's right, there is a call with him earlier today on Fox when they asked him about the basically trying to get him to take credit for it and he said that this was this was God's decision that that is I was like okay for Donald Trump not to take credit for something is pretty amazing.

There yeah I got it yesterday you amazing that's right that's right you like it let me just for out of time and let me just thank you, publicly, from the bottom of my heart for your years of leadership in sacrifice your friendship and your inspiration to me. I love you and I congratulations just think you all the praise God meant that the right doctors in life that Troy Newman Operation Rescue will be right back and they wanted. Finally, over and over overturned which pushes it back down to the states can be a battle that rages on, but there's good to be between 14 and 28 states and in the very near future that will pretty close to outright banning abortion, but one of the things that's going on. There's a group called Jane's revenge. That is totally demonic and radical and dangerous and they said they been saying for weeks to put flyers up in Washington DC that the day that this happened, which is today a June 24, 2022 this day they will enact their night of rage and they're going after Catholic churches and other churches is what they say and night of rage sounds like what happened during 2020100 and I going after crisis pregnancy centers and so friend of mine, we became friends couple years ago on a trip to Israel sent me a message the other day. Just let me know what his church can be doing when this day comes in the day has come. So were excited at pastor Brent Eisinger: in rush would church in Asheboro, North Carolina pastor Brent how are you my friend. I think you bring them up a little bit.

So, just as a pastor and you been active in the pro-life movement in been outspoken.

You're not one of the pastors that's afraid to speak the truth on this subject, let's talk about you Chris your reactions as a pastor and as an individual them will talk about what your church is going to do to stand with your local crisis pregnancy center go right ahead moment when I got a new printer. The District Court the road been overturned and that they'll mark out where I would overcome you know we would always that I could come in our heart.

We believe that it made a motion to got a great day. Greg and I note battled not over that, but for sure, but it's a great day.

Great start yeah and I appreciate you saying that I said that on the air pretty regularly over the years that that you owe me a little face that yes we pray for and we go for it.

We try for it. We work for it, but I don't know my heart of hearts that most of the time. I'm so cynical at this point after peace. Think age for so long. I like yeah I just don't know that Americans got a dinner but I was thinking about people's as opposed to thinking about the Lord in the victory is his and all the praise it says it is just amazing to see its type relationship Sharon that so but you reached out to me the other day about Brenton's to say something that your you guys are doing at rush would church to tell us about that because I people need to know to warn them until the cows come home. This is not the end, we have a whole another level of work to do now is the church and what depending on what state you're in a but this is not the end is just the beginning of kind of a new chapter but what are you guys planning yeah we planned for your vigil at night road with overturned a return to come to church prayer and pray like the Lord for what it done and that happened in the week or two later I was reached out to buyer crisis pregnancy director and her tail hey could you do that at Arkwright. She knew the thing about Jane's revenge and it 8 o'clock tonight and could you come in just provide prayer cover could just come in your people just show up and bring some light and bring protection.

It will bring prayer cover and thought that sure I'll be glad to do that. Let me invite some of the other churches in the area.

If you're a good one that you think you was that we got several churches across the nomination process background going to look tonight at Arkwright pregnancy center and just bring some guitars and bring voices pray and worship and just the drawback the darkness with a light yeah that's exactly what we have to do we have to show up and we have to be willing like the early church to to stand for the truth in the stand out there for God's word and for his obvious truth on this one.

It's it's not hard to figure out if you have any theology whatsoever. But, but you tell me about your church because it's amazing pastor that you have people that are willing and they know what's coming.

They know it's the night of rage and to walk right in that. Tell me about the people in your in your church and their willingness to go out there tonight. You are church several years ago God got really gripped my heart about the issue and at one point, we are probably growing church in our area and are in our immediate area and you know I was really pimp to get quiet. I was really just back off of the cubicle venue was a hot topic on you. Not everybody with something patently 2015 actually the end of that year I was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery and came out of that.

You know what I don't have, to be quiet to hold back thing and so really started speak out my church people and so there you are. You may talk about this. There with love life like going out to the clinic in Greensboro and in been on the cloud won't bear a lot and think firsthand what goes on there and so will yet there you got you through it and there there will if they're willing to be out there will avail the frontline denied it at the crisis pregnancy center for the yeah there are any others protested and then supplant here in downtown Raleigh only once a night once tomorrow night. I think what unfortunately we saw in 2020. I with the BLM movements in the protest and the riots, and everything that happened, then I might. My concern is that it's going to get a lot worse because abortion is such that it this is like I keep saying this on the air. Pastor Brent that were talking pastor Brent Eisinger rush would church in Asheville North Carolina. I keep saying you know this is like watching the prophets of bail were sitting on Mount caramel the prophets of bail are just going apoplectic because their God is being taken down here and and and that's just the reality of it. I think our challenge is to see that for what it is and to know that there's a mastermind behind all of that that Satan and his legions are all involved and we need to stand up but we need to be willing to when we can share the gospel with these people. Many people are so lost its remarkable, but we have to keep the gospel on the table as well. You know people always politically you and you know about first and foremost, and they were absolutely way we think our change mind and change the gospel now to be part of the so there and asked for a what's the do you want to share the name of the crisis pregnancy center, not a whole lot of pro-abortion people to sugar your your choice at Randolph Randolph County that were in your choices.

Randolph is where were headed to Austin what time you guys gathering their 8 o'clock. Excellent. Okay, let me know how that goes. Pastor God bless you for your leadership and your courage.

Think yes thank you to you and your church for standing out there to support them and we all need to be doing that often, and that that's just for where were at.

Now the praise the Lord for that. And thank you so much for sharing with us and God bless you friend.

I appreciate you for all you do. You're welcome pal talk to you later. Thanks much, and they go.

I mean, that's this this is real.

This is happening and this is not the time for us to come to back away and Jane's revenge is real I mean you can go to their website, Jane's blogs.or go read it for yourself. I mean, this is darkness. You have to read this night of rage and autonomous call to action against patriarchal supremacy and you start reading through this and these people are just crazy and just it's just nuts. And this is going to keep happening because this is deeply spiritual, the forces of darkness are swirling all around us and and this is the time this is not the time to shirk back in the hide and try to worry about ourselves.

This is the time to stand up for God's kingdom and to stand up for light and we have to be the answer is clinics get shut down. The church has to be the answer you get an unplanned pregnancy is challenging pregnancy, challenging situation. You get to the church. The question is are you ready Lyrica magazine. The noble show. Please remember this date.

This is one of the big states of America.

In my opinion.

June 24, 2022. The day that such an incredible injustice is bad law bad constitutional law immoral to the core. Obviously Roe versus Wade back to 1973. And finally, thank you Lord. This is overturned, then it goes back to the states and now we have a new era new season of fighting and and and stepping up to the plate as the church and being the answer of some some woman in a crisis pregnancy can't get to up abortion clinic in her state. Where can she go. Are we going to be there to help. Again, like I said earlier today when this first happened earlier today, I thought of all the people that I have come to know over the years that have been on the front lines of this a lot longer than I have blood sweat and tears and sacrifice and leadership in all the abuse that comes with standing up publicly for life in this country and that one of those people was Rebecca Keesling is the president of save the wind and inherent personal approach to this interpersonal story is amazing as well.

Of course, and Rebecca great to have you on how you doing, you're welcome. So I had Troy Newman on earlier and I asked Emily we are talking just generally and I asked him okay even at this for 32 years Troy, how is affecting you personally and that's the only time in known him for 16 years that I've ever heard him not be able to speak and I could tell that he will welling up and I can't imagine what it's been like for you today Rebecca and I remind people live your start product of rape in people that say the exceptions would say that Rebecca Keesling should be alive but here you are, so how you doing are allowing your adult life I learned how yeah I don't.

It's like people like you. People like me are for a loss of words very often. But in this case it's hard to find the words to really encapsulate what all this means only on on your personal law, which protected me back in 19 when I'm not too important to anyone missing in my quitclaim Giants found that this right abortion under the Michigan returns the law to protect me back on the Michigan file for superintendent control in the Court of Appeal.

I found I need to bring both myself personally and the one my organization, so hopefully we'll get a ruling to really very collusive.

What was your time here in Michigan yet and that's one of the messages that we need to keep pushing out there for everybody in the pro-life movement is that this war is an overly gone into a new phase and we praise the Lord in its incredible change today having miraculous are earthshaking but to your point, Rebecca. There's things going on in the state level. Now that we need to stay right and in the forefront of the fight like reporting. We need to get out so I we all have to be very vigilant and I think it's important for people who can offer informed her that there are many people who can step up and offer them protection is obviously there's the spiritual side of all of this. What you will need to be engaged in fully, but I when we were talking about human shields are standing out there. Being willing and able to protect everybody knows what that means. And that's the reality of this site you will. We just taken God just by his grace is taken away this unbelievable idle in this power that's been operating in this country for such a long time and the prophets avail their knocking to go down without a fight and are just going to double down and triple down it's going to get nastier than we've ever seen. I think now I'm on so I think that the answer that people will offer help and then go back and like all of the current year and have a lot of women were angry with the service to real rate like my grandfather had such a powerful point as a lawyer, Rebecca. Any any fair-minded honest attorney and we see that what the supreme court decision and in much of Alito's thing that was leaked a couple months ago as is intact and he added to actually but this is the just been horrible law from day one right as a lawyer.

This was just a horrible decision to take the moral part, out of adjustment, constitutional, legal perspective, it was a train wreck from day one wasn't very long term, how long we can't win for Friday evening tea you know that you really don't return much of Roe V Wade currently twitching.

Talk about how much all that remained. The role of the details of what Alanis and that a few unelected people in black living in DC. Yeah, and I actually like kind of like a love letter. I called the couple would like to read about it and urge people to do it any point you're wondering how I like Dr. now and really really really really yeah and it's and it's really.I would encourage you but you don't. Don't let that intimidate you. It's a lot easier to get through than you think. Especially want to get used to when they're putting references in there and stuff but once you start unpacking that they go state-by-state. It's really incredible when they look at the history of it common-law what was going on in English common law and then what history the United States and what attorneys will compress language. I really believe you okay are a lot of great fire going very very understandable to be, you know, at a level that anyone that didn't writing language so my 18-year-old daughter.

She put something right away on her daughters like your on how we should be prepared to answer my life without exception, and nobody want to die backlash throwing out there there's not any that you protect the life of the mother. One thing I like the if you are talking about like a which is not how I would have no state shall deposit the person of the right to life without due process and equal protection law. We have to have the right thing and he ate. I'm fine. John Earl sat in order to promote wash abandoned that you okay okay thanks for that. When Rebecca gets a break but think you so much for your time today and thank you for being such an intricate part of this movement for years. God bless you my friend. I I will talk you later will be right back. But we also is that celebratory of course, should we be praising the Lord. Of course, should we be patting ourselves on the back know all the glory goes to God, should we assume you take out victory laps and can we go on vacation. Can I head off to Hawaii now is it's it's like when Barack Obama became president. I asked my buddy Bishop Patrick a wooden okay are we done now. Not now that we have a black president Ed Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream come true. Can I go back to my regular life.

Now I like what's the deal with that. Of course answer that was no and so the deal is what what happens next.

What this country going to do with the overturning of Roe versus Wade right. What about what's a church going to do about it.

While I mentioned earlier is when I got the news today that Roe versus Wade had been overturned.

I saw I thought of the people that I've known for years that have been in this fight lot longer than I have in a paid more prices than I have in the sacrifice more than I have people that I look up to and people that I can call heroes legitimately in my own life and people that challenge me to do more with my pro-life profession than just say had to actually go do something about it in one of those is my dear friend and sister in Christ, Amber Lehman, Emmett, thanks for calling how are you well yeah I got your you and your Bluetooth on your right.


So that's the modern advantages of technology we get to have those types of first world problems. Anyway, thanks for calling and I not busy you are and thank you for all your years of sacrifice and work for the pro-life God, so that your plainspoken that's what you and I've always been good friends and were not always going to be the robber Ross is been Bob let's handout cotton candy to everybody because there's there's other parts to this conversation today that we need to be reminded out but I just wanted to thank you publicly for all your leadership in all your work and the impact you had on me. But how did you feel Amber when it happened and I know it's a bit of a mixed bag. Will I writing on the wall mother thing yeah I think you and I think that you know and I would hear people say will legal wrong and going to play a role in the general content of the general population over time you but not overnight, not overnight, and I think that overnight when you buy the conservative date going to marry, bandit children, we always celebrate that my band back to the day to day lives. You know they're going to be able make it even more. I feel like the next couple election cycle. People will be running on you and are not just going from abortion. There's a lot of people that do not want illegal and so I think that the well back in power and they have all of the work to make it virtually unrestricted. All funded abortion that probably great couple billion over the weekend. Yeah.

After that, you know always been more funded her life here is that the Christian pro-life population is going to get even more even more because I worked for 15 years. I thought up close and personal. There are people who are champions the breath, and I love you so grateful for them are fairly apt and not think that people are more about when and maybe I sure are game for caring for when I think the point liver over long-term yeah and then I took a screen grab earlier is Watson's news and I just looking at the corporations that are going to be offering $10,000 per occurrence to get them to travel and take care of their hotel.


And there also many of them Amber are down to dependents of employees. So companies like Levi Strauss, Hewlett-Packard, salesforce, Starbucks, Gucci, Paramount, Netflix, Uber, Amazon, Citibank, that yelp, the Walt Disney Company. Of course, and Apple.

Of course they're going to be California's go to be thrown out the red carpet and soda think that the Salvesen were to cut abortion and happy to see red states get red or blue states get bluer and and that's good to get more radical and the more funded all going to be well all no doubt about it. You probably like never, ever work lost. You still there Amber yeah I lost you there anything you're saying they're going to raise money get involved like never ever before, and I lost people don't write place always and in in the devil gets more active. The more angry he gets and so that's exactly what's going on today but those are sobering words and that's what we need to be ready for what the average Christian Amber that says I'm pro-life right and I know I need to step up to the plate. What would you suggest to them that that looks like hot water getting you, you know what things are part I work there anymore and amen by the way, anyway you won't hear or get dirty.

Open up your now people couple right now I'm over there mother child report on my marathon. Why even when they don't change anything when they're making even when they got back won't especially love showing love and especially now, as we are like okay if you're in a red state in the week they shut down all the abortion clinics then where they going to go if they can't leave town they can get on the plane that they can't drive somewhere if they can easily go get an abortion where they can go in and to me the pro-life position been easy. The baby get saved we high-five each other and you go back to the next thing, but in this case know this right equipment long-term out and get a car help him get a job like reading hired white writer exactly birthday party. All I think I hear about other people's right which is exact me.

That's the deal because y'all gotta do is look back at the cross and look at sacrifice and in God who sacrificed everything came after us when we were interested in him and then never gives up on us, or I'm secure in my salvation, and is much as I disappoint him. He never loves me less and he keeps coming back and he keeps walking with me doesn't give up on me and we can't give up on other people having that we need to strive to have that same level of commitment to people that God has done us and that's the deal. And now that now the stakes are going up. So I said this so many times in the past Amber and Mike you show me your pro-life eight by what you say but we better sure pro-life eight by what we do is talk is cheap and now the game is really afoot and we have to be the answer for these moms and dads and babies and not just think about people in DC it's on us better now amen to that. Amber God bless you I love you sis. Thanks so much for your time today. I will talk you later my that's good.

Only Amber Lehman see your always good to know what you think, and so is she and I were buddies right from the get-go might well you're really obnoxious she's like wow you're really of noxious. Yeah okay cool so we speak. It's on his left foot. That's great, but that that's listen, I'm not taking anything away. I am in a celebratory mood of the myths and if you're on Facebook Liber YouTube live.

Have you ever seen me in a flowered shirt in the student Josh as a my Internet is a nobody see me in a flowered shirt in the studio on the show since I started doing Facebook live back in 2000 15,060 16. Maybe I first got in grandma. I've never worn a flowered shirt radio but I wear it today. Praise the Lord because I have a kick in my step and I have just just up overwhelming joy in my heart and working to celebrate.

I'm not gloating celebrating praising the Lord because this is his victory. The Supreme Court from corsets. It's not Alito, who I think been writing this opinion years all the glory goes to God and we have to continue in. Despite my mom's death. We are the answer.

So we have to step up to the plate. This is Steve Noble to Steve Noble shall praising the Lord with you. God willing, I'll be back real soon.

Like my dad always say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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