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Priests for Life + Moms for Liberty

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June 20, 2022 7:58 pm

Priests for Life + Moms for Liberty

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 20, 2022 7:58 pm

Priests for Life + Moms for Liberty

Steve talks to Father Frank Pavone who has been a national pro-life leader for 40 years + and Catlina Stubbe joins to talk about Moms for Liberty.

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The following is a prerecorded program is the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble back from that mentioned there that was awesome and not live today.

You well yesterday for Father's Day great beds out there that was a blessing for you. It certainly was for me but our youngest has an event today that I need to be at. So I am gonna play for you two great interviews I did you'll hear more of those over the week. In the next couple weeks, but first with father Frank about the national director of priests for life.

I've known father Frank for gosh since about 2005, an incredible preacher in his own right, but just an incredible activist out there in the front lines of the fight for life or to talk about the Roe versus Wade decision and then I met Mrs. Catalina Stu bases the director of outreach for moms for liberty. Just a bunch of regular people organizing getting involved for local school boards there out of Tampa, Florida moms for moms for Let's start with father Frank Pavone from priest for life. The obvious question on the table.

I was wondering about you when when the news leaked about Roe versus Wade.

Yes, you and I met a while ago 2005 or six counts of national policy. Right you been engaged in the pro-life movement actively for how long Alex for life start pre-so I started in 1991 I became director 93 and that's when I began my full-time national leadership in the pro-life movement. But I've been involved in the move actually since 1976 I went to the third annual March for life and been written focused on this movement never sent yet so a long time. Yes. So when that word breaks that day and you hear that, there's the potential that Roe versus Wade will actually get turned over how did you react to that. Well I was just exultant. I mean I looked, I read that decision came out at night and on May 2 and I stayed up and just read through the whole thing and I said, my goodness.

This gives us everything we asked for from the court which is not to impose an abortion policy rather let the people decide their lawmakers. You know you did away with this this this concept that abortion is somehow a constitutional writer has some special status that makes it more difficult for the states to prohibit it. That's nowhere in the Constitution is nowhere in our history and this is exactly what the decision as a matter fact people may not realize this. Even if they follow the court, the court is dozens of times on abortion since Roe V Wade, but surprisingly, none of those cases not even Planned Parenthood versus Casey, which upheld well and none of those cases that they address the question head on. Does the Constitution provide the right to have an abortion deal with a lot of other important questions, but but but ancillary to that main point, namely funding of abortion, parental involvement, etc. etc. but this is the first time they are head on correcting the mistake of Roe V Wade, I was delighted. I was not surprised that this unprecedented leak of an entire draft opinion would happen with the issue of abortion, rather than any others you know when it comes the old rules change right portion distortion so I was wow. I mean, I had just gotten off a national prayer call in regard to the Dobbs case the moment, literally, a moment I got the call I started getting text that political had been leak did you think that they would, talked about this on the air. I was hopeful that my hopefulness was out of obligation of the car okay yes my flashlight was always like I just don't see the nation through the Supreme Court getting to the point that is willing to overturn such a sacred cow right you know there were many points in the movement when people would say how in the world are we going to get there. What is the path. At certain times in the pack was clearer than at other times I've been preaching for the last 30 years that we are winning and there were many occasions in which I would say for example, at the close of pro-life banquets. I would say listen Mark my words were going to be having celebrations like this, celebrating the victory over Roe V Wade people would like to set out of Christian hope they would applaud it would be in agreement. Now you know what is happened it has come about through the process that our founders laid out for us to make change where it has come about through elections.

It has come about through appointment of of the right kinds of judges. It has come about in large measure through president Donald Trump, the most pro-life president we've ever had it come about through the perseverance of people in this movement, lobbying, educating, marching and praying and sacrificing. Wow, it's just a wow moment Bell that's been faithfully wrong since 1970 which proves the perseverance of the same in the sermon I heard recently talked about. Sometimes the ark of God's goodness is a whole lot longer than we wanted to be what you know, one of the things I pointed out over the years to is in terms of the length of that park you think of how the Supreme Court dealt with segregation so Plessy versus Ferguson. That was 1896. It was an overturned until 1954 Brown versus Board of that was well that I said I said to people we are well within the historical timeframe with Roby way of the court changing this. No matter how deeply embedded it and I'll use the word appears to be because it's not really as deeply embedded in American life as the other side would like us to think why hasn't it. For example, been why hasn't abortion been mainstreamed into the hospital system.

Instead, we have these hundreds of freestanding clinics, which by the way, since all well since the early 1990s, the number of abortion facilities is been caught two thirds of them enclosed since then. So it's a business in decline, but again, why hasn't personal wires in decline. Why has the price of an abortion not going up over all these decades, and why isn't it integrated into the American Hospital system or the medical profession because it has never been to the American mindset in the American spirit, the killing of children just doesn't fit into that great point though that and that hopeful thing you know you been in the for a while. I've been in it for a while, and it's easy to lose heart nation prophetically jumping to the last book of the Bible and go well we know the overall experience down yada yada much that you normally get a prerecorded today show with some interviews I did in Nashville over the weekend in the summons and out here in the studio going to be with my daughter this afternoon so can't be here in the studio but continuing my conversation with father Frank Pavone national director for the priests for life talking about Roe versus Wade. In our role, God willing that fall here in the next few days so is the church ready for what comes next. Carolina we have to get out veto proof majority in our legislature because Cooper's uber liberal when you write nine infant born of my unbelievable so we have to do that this November but did nothing going to become the no abortion date church ready for what comes next with all the sudden we have to be the replacement yes it works for the abortions. Yes yes yes I believe the pro-life movement is ready. You know, because we have been providing the alternatives to abortion all along and in fact if you look at them, briefs that were submitted to the court in this current Dobbs case one of the big arguments for reversing Roby way is that the so-called necessity is not as in the first place. But the so-called reliance of women on abortion is not a case that can be made today like it was made at the time of Roby way or Planned Parenthood versus Casey and 92 because the numbers of the abortion facilities have not only declined as we said before, but the numbers of the pregnancy resource centers now have exploded and they outnumber the abortion facilities by almost 1 and so the alternatives that are there. The pro-life movement has been growing this mode of service being available to these moms and dads and families and that will discontinue any we know how to do it. We've been doing it and that's only going to continue to grow. So in that respect where ready because we were going to be expanding those services anyway. As far as the church is there's a certain readiness because a lot of the churches work hand-in-hand with the pregnancy center movement but there's a lot of people in the church and a lot of clergy in the church that really need to wake up and as you know yelling that's one of the key things we focus on increase for life and and one of the key reasons. A lot of people support us is that they want to see their clergy out front like this. Too many of them are cowards, too many of them are silent.

Hopefully this moment.

Now when they see some real progress.

They see some victory will encourage many of them to think all right. Maybe it's not so out of line for me to speak up about. I hope that will happen will certainly try to make it happen. That 100%. I think anything really shocks me anymore but have been deeply disappointing that the vita ministration is even willing to enforce the federal law that protects federal judges, yes, that is very scary because all the sudden fate by not doing that. The Supreme Court in effect becomes just like another member of the political community right pressure, right exactly know this administration is so in bed with the abortion industry that that that that this is a direct direct effect of their allegiance to abortion was were on another case. If it were on another issue that people were protesting the homes of the justices I think they would say something like that happen outside of the house yet exactly go ballistic. It's completely ideological. It's completely partisan and this is what people have to wake up to that the whole Democratic Party has been hijacked by the abortion industry. It doesn't need to be that way. But in fact it is and I think that the more that these things come out, the more this battle has intensified, the more it's become clear what the point were making right now and and I think in this sense, that can be the path to people waking up and say all right, it's time to do a call these people out on this change. Get them out of office right. Have you seen in terms of office politics in general. Yeah what you seen inside the Catholic Church aired American involvement go back to think it was the 2016 election close to 60% of Catholics that voted voted for Hillary Clinton. Now there is a mainstream Protestant denominations have the same issue, not a Methodist Church in church USA a lot of very liberal minded political people in there been an interesting battle yeah try to bring people the marriage of a clear biblical worldview yeah and a political addition and most of that land you in one party over the other and it's pretty clear you have to literally plagiarize me like little kids Or you know we have a clear distinction between the Catholics that go to church each week and pay some attention to what the church is saying they tend to vote more Republican than those who are not churchgoers back in the George W. Bush days a week. We as an organization started getting involved more on the national scene with politics. We work, we were able to swing the Catholic vote, even though by a small margin towards towards the Republicans with with present from. Still, it was it was it was pretty pretty much down the middle and in a lot of ways, but again it's a problem with the leadership because there is. I wrote a book about this back in 2015. How the courts present. Trump took aim at the Johnson amendment, which I was so delighted to hear him say that in. Still, he talked about it even yesterday here at the conference is a lot of clergy used to run and hide. Yeah, I got to the governing authorities governing authorities that the 501(c)(3) can have anything to do exactly that gave them cover basically annoying. Some percentage of their kind that's right. And what happens in the Catholic community because we are so hierarchically structured is that the bishops in these dioceses is will often present that cover to the priest on a silver platter will send them these memos you know and they're worded in such a ridiculous way because personal as we know the Johnson amendment itself is vague and some, including myself, would argue unconstitutionally so, but then the church authorities who are not experts in tax law and shouldn't try to put these memos out saying oh no don't say anything that would endanger the church's tax-exempt status. Don't say anything political. What is that mean as a pastor supposed to interpret that here you have one party, the Republican Party, saying the unborn child must be protected the right to life cannot be infringed. You have the Democratic Party saying abortion is a writer should not be restricted in here we have the Catholic Church saying the baby must be protected.

Now if I don't shake the teaching of the church.

How am I supposed to avoid some of these memos tell me to do what avoid even the appearance right of trying to either praise or discredit a political party until his father appears to be an endorsement of the Republic, you know, as I point out to my brother. My brother clergy. I say look, if tomorrow the Republican and Democrat parties swapped their platforms paraded their positions on abortion or any other issue would our message change is no arm as our platform is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So we have to be able interpret the signs of the times and the political realities in the light of that right cannot be afraid if we appear to be aligning with one which normal great to be back in Raleigh. Not here in the studio today though at an event with our youngest daughter, but playing for you. My interview with father Frank. Frank Pavone, the national director for priests for life.

I've known father Frank since 2005 in the Morgan to turn the corner and just couple minutes and talk to Mrs. Catalina Stu bases the director of outreach for moms for liberty in incredible organization started out of Tampa, Florida that all of us need to know about whether we have kids or grandkids in the public school system are not as Christians, we shall be engaged so let's finish up with father Frank Pavone priest for life in them will turn the corner and talk to Mrs. Catalina Stu Bay, the director of outreach for moms for liberty. Yet Jesus did not have a neutrality he was settling yes he is the creator of the universe, yes, but he did not have a neutrality know that's right. He was very clear and firm and not me when I talk about the church becoming a political party you know this is legitimate autonomy between the church doesn't deliver the mail the church a standing army, the state doesn't decide who my pastor will be or what readings from the Scripture will read on Sunday but to me, but when it comes to these moral issues of the church is not addressing and in fact addressing head on Democrat policies that that that that attack biblical principles when the church stands up to that that's not the church be a political. That's the church be in the church. Let's question what what your favorite thing to do in your role. My favorite thing to do in my role as what to do today here at the conference is to deliver a powerful message to an eager group of patriots of Christians were ready to take it and run with it like I never get tired of doing this I I just I get as much inspiration from the people of God in this movement as hopefully I give to them and that's why I'm ice. I'm as as happy and energetic and eager for this work today as I was on the very first decades ago and you know my my gratitude to the folks that are here and people like you that are getting the word out were on the winning team.

That's right the first time I came home from the end.

I heard you preach. I remember telling people this Catholic guy father Frank priests for life, and he preaches better than most Southern Baptist God really anointed you three saying.

It's always a delight and I can't be good enough for that.well, thank you so much good to see you okay now you switch gears are quick and talk to Mrs. Catalina Stu Bay, Dir. of outreach moms for liberty. By the way this is going to sound a little noisy because there is a huge fountain there in the Gaylord convention center right near radio row so it really picked up a lot of that noise apologize for that but the content is great. So here you go with Mrs. Catalina Stu Bay moms for liberty will tell us about moms for liberty and I want to find out how you got involved and what all you guys doing and how we can help sell nonprofit chronic had three where their parents arrive. We know why we want to stop walking in our school well in our occasional we don't want gender ideology.

ERT everything throwing where American family yeah and so winded when the monster liberty start obviously one of the biggest topics being discussed today in the media in our private lives and homeschool Christian environment wherever it is all over the place.

I've been an activist since 2004 Mike in 2005 in Raleigh, North Carolina. We had a mom approach us because of some of the reading materials that were being found in her childlike fourth grade curriculum. So when I went on a local radio stations before I got on the radio. I couldn't even read excerpts from the book because it would've been an FCC violation so it like this is new, but because allowed in County Virginia and everything going on the last two years. This is all over the place when anyone can write blogs because there are no threat but to get out and you see how your job is going to drop so going to be equal to understand and more school children and you think that in the library. I would like to make it to the court winded moms for liberty start like how did it start now.

John R to be behind location daywear in and in the school board. They ball school board and they know what is going on because going on from more than a day. Kate and try to ban them. They tried to get them there reelected. So let's get unit five United and Caray mom dad offered tools for the parent or legal tools that they can promote their freedom. Remote location and you know you you need guide and we are telling you how to do away event define what is going on with your children happening every home in United happening and conversation with your children and teenager because they are being indoctrinated for market ideology support normal you are, so they are now being written and now we have been raining family only two words man and I don't need to be a biologist biologist pilot know so what are some of the tool. Now we've got more more people that are aware. Talk about being woken got a whole lot of parents being awakened now to the reality of what's in the school system this and by the way, something that's been worked on by the progressives for 100 years now, but now they're like, okay, now I see there's a problem. I know I should probably go to school board meeting, but there's a lot more to it and they just usually don't know what to do feel helpless by monster liberty is there but you mentioned tools.

What are some of the tools that you guide. Bring to bear to help parents engage in the way we are in chapter 3, County what we are trying to go to chapters in every county government taken all the location we need flowers, we need to your story.

What is going on in your house and go to real that you think appropriate that all will and we are going to put an illegal manner. Caray Beals because we are going to ride BL when government run right and we got one that's going to the legislature right now and we actually carry our patient will be like day I work all know the government. Mikey Mikey my choice.

We do not comply with the government. We are want to take all nations about the patient while they help mandate hail one bird that you and Ray so we held accountable and people all government how weak we were held all the parents we get involved in our having to have a unified voice or see your County chapter, we went concerned parent chapter I tell you we need flowers help so kind and today I actually recorded this earlier today and playing for you to the interviews I did well at an freedom coalition convention road the majority 2022. That was in Nashville I flew over there Thursday and got back late Saturday night early in the Sunday morning than had a wonderful Father's Day yesterday and my second official grand Father's Day so that was awesome. I hope all you dads out there had a wonderful Father's Day is such a blessing and an immense responsibility and can be obviously very intimidating. But that's all make sure we just continue to pray for ourselves as fathers and pray for each other and rely on the Lord because he will be trustworthy to fill in the gaps where I know I fall short, and probably most of you do as well, but great to be back in was that playing earlier in the show today. My interview with father Frank Pavone priests for life and I don't have a lot of Catholic guests on the show that often.

It's not by design. I just don't run in those circles, but I've known father Frank since 2005.

By the way he's an incredible preacher, you get the guy behind the pulpit and he's just amazing, powerful, just expositor of God's word especially when it comes to the issue of life. So talk to him. He's the national director of priests for life, so make sure you check them out. They been doing great work for, since I think you went to the third March for life way back in the 70s so just an incredible guy and so inspiring and in just a great friend to life movement and of course that's getting more interesting by the day as were awaiting the decision from the Supreme Court hopefully overturning Roe versus Wade and then had a chance to come converse with Mrs. Catalina Stu Bay, the director of outreach for moms for liberty that moms for they got started out of Tampa just a few years ago, but man have they taken off. They've got an event coming up in July were they have Gov. Rhonda Santos and his wife. They have Betsy DeVos, former secretary of education, they've got Ben Carson. Obviously, we all know who Ben Carson is in a bunch of other speakers. I think they have Sen. Tim Scotty's to be the governor of Florida, so the incredible lineup for a perfect fairly new organization, but given what's going on around the country and the school boards and in our educational system. There such a huge need for that.

So were talking to Catalina, Stu Bay as we finish up this interview next again. She's the director of outreach for moms for liberty. How did she get involved and then what can all of us to be a part of it because we should all be on the wall here when it comes to this public education what's going on there is such a nightmare and so much dangerous indoctrination going on, but has been going on for a while I just emailed Pete headset from Fox News had a book just came out, it just got it last week and reading it will battle for the American mind, it looks that 100 years of educational history here, and how the progressives absolutely took it over and have been indoctrinating children ever since.

It's nefarious that's as nefarious as it sounds.

So it shot an email to his publicist so hopefully we'll get Pete headset on the show here, probably in July. But again, finish up my conversation with Kelly, Mr. Bay, Dir. of outreach moms for and they'll be back with a few closing thoughts after that talking to Catalina for vapor monster liberty monster

How did you get involved well. My cell okay you're busy but there little older, I am writing the TV. You may think that that is never a dual moment in my life. Huge ability by indoctrination already. Where plan and in Mikey my gait and making report and trying to change anything, fire me every day.

Mom is stronger because you need to use to get courage right to be very corner, never, never getting bald change you all you want three in a company you take good thing. Patient wanted to family and one huge man again, our family say and they take our freedom they want to control the we have to get unified. Please sign up for anything, become a member where going to July 14 19 where going to be covered a much more where going to give you all the legal right to your children family.

The empowerment aspect and you use the word encouragement encouragement is the land courage and I think that's one of the biggest challenges you assume it's just one person I can make a difference.

I don't know what I'm doing and not a politician Bob above the law. That's exactly who I was.

2004, and obviously things change but but you get around other people and that's where I started to really wake up as an activist. I met other people that just started his normal people not doing anything concern and wanted to help wanted to get engaged knew they should know what to do something like mom liberty is so important. So you get not only encouragement but the tool because other people in the same boat and once we discover each other now we can work together.

The Bible says to have a better return for their work in a court of three strands is not easily broken. So once we get together and do the stuff that's coming up incredible lineup that you guys have in July. That's why you gotta be a part of it monster mom you don't want to write company you don't want to write you.

How is a huge problem and that the only thing you want to write is a strong something that makes interpreting orders, people and people going to serve our community and probably legislators met also voters. Our next we need you mom getting all and renew your faith God and your family around the Bible and with their being raised in all of live and we have to teach them the truth in and I want to mention this as well.

I regularly on the air.

I don't care if you have kids in the school system or not. I don't care if you call yourself a Christian, your call is to love your neighbor as yourself. So we have literally millions of children who are being led completely into a tannic lie and to sit on the side like a like to shoot it on the sidelines and do nothing to call yourself a Christian, simply inexcusable. If you have kids in the system like you did do the number one absolutely gotta get involved whether you have kids there.

There older like mine the matter. There's other people and I'm to be of concern for them as I am for my own children so you gotta getting it right so moms for and again you got the event in Tampa and Rhonda finances and life and then Dr. Carson incredible lineup. We are going to have every thought he he 13 points to defend America I did that yesterday. The main theme because we need to write and people were proud of this country we leave anything contrary, we need to be proud of. Catalina thanks so much for coming over they turned to dissing yourself yesterday will do this again now that we have you guys back on thank you you're welcome. So there you go. That was Catalina Stu Bay, the director of outreach for moms for and she was just finishing up there talking about raising patriots and when I hear that phrase patriot and I agreed with her. Obviously, I also filter that through a biblical worldview and so I want to I want people to be young people, which is why I teach and have been for 10 years and I want them to be patriots, but patriots with honesty and levelheadedness of in a humble appreciation for our nation. I do believe it is the Americas the greatest nation that's ever existed on the face of the earth, but we are not a nation without a deeply troubling history in many ways incredibly high spots and incredibly low spots not terribly dissimilar from our own lives.

I know it's certainly true of me. There's great things about me and my life and there's some really terrible things about me and my life and especially when measured against Scripture against God's truth in God's word so patriots absolutely and honest and low people that are out there involvement is prayer first

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