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Trump Calls In!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 13, 2022 12:05 pm

Trump Calls In!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 13, 2022 12:05 pm

Trump Calls In!

President Trump calls in to have an interview with Steve! They discuss 2024 and what needs to happen leading up to then. Money Monday.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday life at work in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble called our noble congratulations buddy got engaged to the love of life Macy in San Francisco after a 17 mile all day hike going around separate Cisco so I'll be headed out. There will noble family headed out there next spring March or April for a wedding in the San Francisco area, so that was big. That's huge right and then I get this text yesterday on Sunday at 2:14 PM, Steve dear, do you have reach in the South Carolina.

I sent him a great station Greenville and the stations in Charlotte carrying the South Carolina Raquel Aryans on could you take the president tomorrow at 8 AM to talk about the South Carolina races to which I was like yeah I can make that happen.

So morning via Skype audio. I talked to former Pres. Donald Trump. So we had a great conversation that was cool. He was very casually I'm a playwright you're getting here. The Skype call coming in right this morning sitting here in the studio at 8:15 AM Eastern time and I thought for sure it would be a handler of his but it wasn't. It was for so you'll hear the first few minutes of our conversation now in the will have the will of the commercial break and the rest of our conversation talk about South Carolina. The November elections primaries what's going on with the state of the nation. Today we went a lot of different places in a short period of time so what is ticket out for you so you can hear you literally can hear the first hundred. Here's the Skype call coming in, which again I thought would be a handler but it was ready in there okay, let's go good morning this is Steve hello Steve Donald Trump W. Pres. Trump good morning, I'm excellent, sir. How are you I'm very good. Very good. What's going on. Great honor to have you. I'm just so you know a little bit about me. I actually had Lara and Eric were on a bunch of times leading up to the 20 election and I had to put up with Hogan Gidley and then and then Rudy Giuliani like Doug yeah Hogan was great, actually Dan Forrest here are former Lieut. Gov.'s very good friend of mine, so he and me to Hogan so the Hogan was on a workday loaded into great guy. Well, that you wanted you here. One wonders: my show is on a 4:56 PM Monday through Friday so later today, so I'll jump right in and I know you're super busy and this is of course a birthday week for you. Happy birthday early.

So you let me ask you this question. What can the voters in South Carolina give president from first birthday. Well I think of major victories. We got tremendous success in South Carolina and I won by a lot. I guess they were called it political terms and flood and I'm very much in favor of Katie Arrington beating Nancy Mason exclamations not good and Katie Arrington is a terrific person very hard worker and I'd like to see that and I'd like to see Russell Friday take out right rice was bad news about it to impeach. Yeah.

And there most of those guys are either gone or or soon to be gone.

There were 10 of them and I guess with five or gone or six are gone and the rest are fading fast but rice just out of the blue.

This is a terrible thing to do to the party into the country. Yeah it's unfortunate that people of our own party have decided to politicize the impeachment process and of course that's just in total contradiction to the purpose of that in the first place. Utterly ridiculous, absolute, not South Carolina.

Uncle in South Carolina. Yeah I know it's just ridiculous and more more people are seeing that now think God but in South Carolina you know we have the same problem in North Carolina where I live and we covered northern South Carolina. Most people don't get engaged with the primary, Mr. Pres., so I I would really like you to encourage people. A lot of people sit on the sidelines and will just wait and see who's on the floor in November, but you're very engaged in the primary you were engaged up here in North Carolina and had a couple of big wins with Ted Budden behind.

So why are you engaged. Why should we be engaged well here just for that reason like that.

But is that people didn't know now what's happened is you got out and he's done a fantastic job and looks like he's going all the way and you know it is very important to get involved early to get the right people in their even if you get to it right people in there like Katie Arrington is good to be true really tremendous and Nancy Mason was like impossible to deal with and she represented a lot of things that we don't. I say we because it's a lot of voters. America first tobacco whatever you want to call it but we don't and so I will see how it all goes in. I will say this Russell Friday is done a fantastic job. He was popular to start off with and I understand he's way up in the calls and I hear Katie Arrington just about even, and you know Fox puts the other one on all the time and will see how it all turns out. But Katie is fantastic. I hope you get to know Russell Fry gets in the two fantastic people and so that was just the beginning of our conversation, we come back I'll play rest for you. Neither side of the break, but he was seen as been very involved in the primary season, and so for those of you down in South Carolina. He's talking about Katie Arrington who's in South Carolina's first congressional district running against the incumbent Nancy Mason. These are all Republicans are right obviously and then Russell Fry who Pres. Trump mention he's an South Carolina second congressional district so I Donald Trump backing Russell Fry trying to take out Tom Rice is the incumbent. So Donald Trump obviously not never afraid to go against the grain and never afraid to push even inside his own party. So that was the original reason for having our conversation this morning and I and I knew we were can have a little bit more times I wanted to expand the conversation to get his take on where America is at today which will do on the other side of the break. You know, could you have imagined how far or how fast and how far the country would fall in such a short period of time and that was the question I asked him. So we talked about a lot of different issues on the national front.

He went and a lot of different directions as you would expect in talking about the border and talk about energy which he thinks is pretty much the number one issue in issues with the people coming across the southern border. Who's coming across the southern border and in the we we talked about the energy situation what's going on in DC what's at stake in November trying to just stop the bite administration. I baited him a little bit on 2024.

He didn't take the patient get that question all the time but I didn't want to make that the big issue and then the last question that I asked a president from former Pres. Trump is how we can pray for you. How can we pray for you, sir, and his answer was interesting.

I didn't know where he would go with it, but I ultimately appreciate where he went with that. So this is. This morning I talked to Pres. Donald Trump who called me on Skype. That's when I answered if you heard that if you mystical listen to it on the replay on the podcast or on Facebook or YouTube live but I just answered Steve Noble hey Steve it's Donald Trump my morning start will be right back right will go back to Steve Noble and also jump in a quick care because I wanted to get back to my interview with Pres. Donald Trump from earlier this morning and then we were going from the South Carolina primary, where he was backing Katie Arrington in the first Congressional District and Russell Fry the seventh congressional district will trying to unseat the incumbent's there and then we broadened our conversation to talk about the nation in general. This is my top conversation earlier today with Pres. Donald Trump are you surprised at all, Mr. Pres., I'd like to think I am, but I'm not as to how bad things have gotten this not even two years after you left office with Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and in foot going into November. We see we hear it all the time. This is most important election we've ever seen, but this one feels like it actually is loaded for no other reason, Dr. country from growing literally communist what that doing the plans they that it's just incredible.

They want to destroy our country. The open borders. You take a look at open borders, not even believable when you have 25,000 people now coming up in a caravan and I think that you take a look at just like it goes on forever and the just pouring into a country we know nothing about the many of them come out of prisons because they they release to Pres. W. No.

But they release their prisoners Steve and they come right out of prisons on the government's caravans or they walk into our country and criminals. Many respects so it I'm surprised that it would be just that nobody can overlook. Could anybody have thought that they knew it was good because I didn't like what they were doing with energy. I did like what they were doing with a lot of things, including the border, I thought it would be weaker, but you know we have the strongest water. Now we have the weakest water could anybody believe that you just let people come in millions and millions of people have already just poured into our country and its continuing at a level that nobody can look at anybody believe that you would've done that with that Afghanistan would soldiers dead with giving $85 billion worth of equipment to the Caliban could anybody believe that that you Americans me.

I that the military leaves first. Our military left first and it's just not believable.

So you know anybody that would say yeah, we thought this would happen. I knew bad things would happen, better this is this is country threatening. Yeah, that's the concern and in you mention this, Mr. Pres., that this November is really about a stop. It's about cutting off Biden's ability at least to a certain extent to get anything done in Congress. They obviously are to be able to get anything past his desk unless they compromise beyond the point that they should stop at this point is important and it's fun. Isn't it funny down the southern border that the party, the Democrat party that likes to claim America's one of the worst countries in the world is defending that the lack of border enforcement because we have some people clamoring to get here the country that they say is the place were there trying to make America one of the worst countries of the world and they release prisoners from you last week that hundred and 29 countries represented just like Mexico and Guatemala.

Just as you know many many countries from all over hundred and 29 in the last week. They have great had it up to hundred and 42 countries coming in every country in the just pouring into our country and it just didn't destroy our country and I have been a good prognosticator, you have to admit you have all those things. Trump was right is right about energy is right about Afghanistan about virtually everything I said I don't break it down just like it's incredible and the border is a disaster what they've done to our military is like not even respected what they've done to our military, with all the woke stuff.

It's a terrible thing happening to our country. Nobody could have thought it was. That's right. One of the things in the last two weeks that's been particular disgusting to me as it is a Christian, is the lack of the mainstream media or Biden or Pelosi getting engaged with the fact that one of our own Supreme Court justices was threatened and they've done nothing about it. If given the protests out in front of the Supreme Court justices houses are for a federal violation of law, Mr. Pres., what what you say about that. It's just disgusting to me that humor gets up, and the rent could read like you head of the mob and nobody to think about that. You should've acted on. Look our country is going to change fairly quickly. If it doesn't, it's big, big trouble.

I to go out will in a very small way. Katie Arrington and Russell Fry but but you know they stand for what we stand for Republicans that don't even fight the way they should be fighting incredible and you write about Supreme Court justice. If this were a liberal justice, or worse that we have. We worst is furnished, but if this were a liberal justice. It would've been front page news all over the place. They literally don't even talk about it answers one of people allowed to protest. You know that's called playing the rep so that flying the ref of Supreme Court justices, and it might very well have an impact on me. It may very well at this is not supposed to be allowed. For that reason there trying to convince these justices what to say what to do and and you just allowed to do that, and nobody stops it gets really amazing. I can completely politicize is the third branch of government, which it never was supposed to be.

It's mostly outside of blood away leisure yell the other way around. They went up and went to one of the other judges and justices and one in front of their house. Everybody would be an anchor.

Do you think that Mr. Pres. that the country at this point I know we both talked about stopping Biden, Pelosi and Schumer in November, but can it be turned around. I mean I think people are experiencing despair gas prices so on and so forth, which of course everybody's asking you about 2024 but are you confident that we can actually turn this around. It can be turned around a big thing is energy. I think energy energy gets everything energy so big that it can, it can be turned around very, very hard, though, when you know when you're allowing 20, 25 million people at that time and that's a big portion of the country you're allowing. I don't know the way it looks more than 10% of the country's going to be people that came in.

We do know who they are, where they can, you know it's it's gets to be a lot harder to do these things. They should be stopping this they should have been stopping it from day one we had we had drugs way down. You know the Drugs are coming to you those people coming. The drugs are pouring through at a level that we've never seen before will also an poisoning our country so the answer is yes we can. You know make America great again.

Again I say and I say it. We had it so good. It was never as good as we had never even close.

Nobody's ever seen on his nobody's ever seen anything like it.

And now we have to we have to start thinking about doing it all over again what they've done to our country.

Period of less than two years is unthinkable. Actually, I believe the last question, I know you got ago. How can we pray for you must present well.

Pray for the country.

One of more than ever. Just pray for the country because I don't think our country is ever bitter. The lower court would not respect it anymore.

We have policy that has to destroy our country. It will destroy you. Remember when I campaign that uses they will be the next bed as well or we do these things. That's what starting out will be will we heading in the way heading toward Venezuela status large-scale pray for the country will God bless you, Mr. Pres., I really appreciate your time today and I look for Albion I Nashville this Friday you'll be at the faith and freedom conference.

So I look forward to seeing you all good good good look me up. Okay I think that's present to type out.

He's remarkably normal and approachable and genuinely nice person which is cool and I'll do whatever I can. God willing to try to talk to him in person this Friday in Nashville some school hopefully will have a chance to do that again will be right back as well go back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble showed a great honor to be able to speak to our present Donald Trump earlier today. That's the interview we just played, so hopefully I'll get a chance to do that again and maybe I'll get to meet him face-to-face this Friday Nashville he speaking at the faith and freedom Convention.

I'm going there to do some radio radio row and try to pick up some interviews and some just some great national players that are to be there so hopefully that'll happen and will get a chance to have one again. I love to have him on again once or twice before the November election specially just going to get pumped up here in North Carolina and South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, but mostly this is a North Carolina shell. So if you're if you're outside of the state podcast Facebook like you to buy whatever you like Stevie talk about. Yes that is my Jerusalem intraday so as to be on in 12 states and then we came back down and really focused on my backyard so that I could be more of an activist on the air for might migrate see here in North Carolina so that's that that's the deal. But looking at the Dow Jones industrial pouch down 876 points down over 800 points on Friday. That's about 1700 points between Friday and today this is earth shattering future breaking a serious serious times financially which is why, in our conversation last week with David Fisher with a lamer capital on them for money. Monday, we wanted to have a 30,000 foot conversation last week we talked about the world economic forum in the great reset and the things going on a global level which affect us here on the local level in the matter where you live and wanted to follow up with that.

So our good friend David Fisher from La Marque capital back in the house today.

Landmark David how are you got a lot of turmoil going on right so you do a lot of radio me do a lot of appearances. Have you ever had to follow the present states before know that would be a great honor and might have talked to you let you all know, take the shuttle. It was great that he actually when I answered the Skype call this morning at 815 local time, like a this is Steve hey Steve Donald Trump like what are you what are you calling me soon to be some handler money is very approachable, nice friendly guy that was great. That was an honor display that interview, but yet he was talking about the state of the economy which is a train wreck our body TJ Randall sent me this earlier today. Each day more than 1.5 billion of US tax dollars goes towards interest.

Interest on the debt.

That number grows every day.

That money doesn't go towards roads or bridges or streets or airports, the elderly, children are schools each day. We also had over $3 billion in new debt. It's a train wreck.

So wherever you want to start the Dallas just getting trashed some I guess we can start their contract/owner points Friday were down 880 today like you said closed 876 N. also true about this fish is 2000 points on my head a little over 2000 points so you know in 9/10 weeks 11 weeks were the Dell's been down nine other 10 weeks were the S&P in the NASDAQ up and down here some headline news stocks open with the largest cell program in history. Anything is being sold all bonds coin is being affected all of her being sold but not big so often going about going down to .75% close gold indexes when referring to actual here.

Some tiles were in the technical recession but just don't realize that Bank of America sees more shocks become failing drug Camilla recorded him before you should warning about their market has way more to run mid-2023 recession and Goldman Sachs sees the S&P 500 humbling two 4150.

That's another 20% from were rendered sorting down 21%. You mentioned crypto like a cerium and pickling together both on about 50% in the last year mean it's shocking the world took 59%. Spot gold is the index is up 2.4%. So I keep saying here's what gold is diversifying or getting of a gold cattery up but you know all these indexes are down and usually when the sky like a teeter totter so you got 21 have some money in gold but coming because of the CPI number the CPI member came out on Friday. Economists major con missile room from Bloomberg Wall Street Reuters will hold in the majority sentiment was saying, hey, inflation is coming down. It was a .3% last month dropped from 8.5 if I was going to be under a will or when the opposite direction went up to 8.6% in the markets were not expecting that things are going to get March, partially because walls go up, so is inflation. The number one cause of this devastation we see going on in the markets. Watch what they might do how aggressive they might become. It is the oil happenings out of Ukraine and Russia and also the oil happening from Biden's policies are futile trying to go green shutting down oil permit shutting down the Keystone pipeline shutting down fracking windows all were open, we were oil independent oil was $70 a barrel number 120 last two weeks or 118 and J.P. Morgan dreaming times and were going to 151 75 this year so so much the Fed so much the aftermath of supply chains and trying to associate is not one thing it's a whole bunch of things that are all taking saying I want to be first in line taking the news are all loud and very loud and obnoxious and that's what the markets so it really is a perfect storm. If we look back.

The last couple years. Steve and I were talking to David Fisher from La Marque capital landmark is this all part of the continual whipping down the train the cars towards the back of the train.

As a result of what we did to ourselves.

Not just here in America but around the world with the shutdowns and covert reaction.

It seems like we just we come to set the bomb off and destroyed our self starting about two years ago while drawing a long sword in 2009 with the Fred and the repercussions of printing tons and tons of money buying whole butcher government that trillions of dollars at low interest rate environment does artificial this way bowling on the last time you bullish continue.

For me, but everybody's got on the left side going on right finding abolishing the slip in when you're young and bold yeah putting guardrails. They accommodated so you weren't going to gutter the government and some overspending.

They accommodated the economy and stimulating with low interest rates for company stock market. By doing this they call me.

The real estate market, MA, and then Rosalie went up little Rachel went up during the summer because were spending and printing too much for just where the bumpers going to gutter the left side or the right side.

The left side is inflation right side is called stagflation.

That's the worst environment. Everything is indicating that's were going yes I want to talk about stagflation. On the other side of the break with the feds meeting this Wednesday right are they going to raise rates and how much you think the reason I'm thinking of going up another half a point in saying that the race in June and July, half a point.

The market is pricing intend more rate hikes by the end of your hands a lot, please bank is coming out and saying there is a possible euros 75 basis points rate hike. She should just Richards leasing 75 basis points. Another person this thing. 7500, but they're saying that that's what they should do that will shock the market. I think I have a 50-50 June, July, and then September is not planned one in September 1950 or possibly 75 and get rates up a lot higher but I think been there to pull back and do a whipsaw sooner with holy office of the other way we get into that you yeah I mean it's because we know that the fix is in. They been trying to fix his game. That is just managing monetary policy. It's a political organization and and and I think at this point there just running around trying to keep the whole thing from collapsing. Having having been drunk on themselves for so many years and that's a great way of putting at the guardrails a been obsolete and playing bowling we been going the bowling alley, thinking were doing just fine were not actually playing with reality, and then as soon as reality comes in.

The guardrails go down while you're in the gutter and the important thing of the Federal Reserve like a fire department arsonist.

You might want to come to save the worst problems. Now they took away the guardrails will know what it's like for 12 years +14 years to be in the normality of an environment because women have it's been altered forever. It's almost demonized with the stone to the financial system and so trying to get from where were at two off this drug. Having compulsions. That's what the market is going to come folding. Not like this is to this and that's were going to see more of this.

Yeah, just like somebody that's been addicted to drugs or alcohol.

And they come down to get the shakes.

That's what's going on now Dave and John Holt were talking to David Fisher landmark is the website a lot more to talk about is with us every Monday Monday Monday updates, stagflation, inflation in the oil market gold and silver Scriptures well will be right back with Dave talking our good friend David Fisher landmark capital landmark is their website as a always and again David appreciates coming back for two segments. This time we were doing kind of a 30,000 foot conversation a week ago on a full Monday Monday specially talking about the world economic forum and a great reset if you don't know anything about that. You should because that's on the table and as we look at the terrible financial challenges were facing. That FOLDS into the mindset of the folks at the world economic forum that want to literally reset every aspect of how life is done not just here in America and Europe and around the world. So you gotta pay attention to that and then you overlay a biblical perspective. We have been given the spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind. You have to understand the overall trajectory of mankind until God comes back and initiates judgment and the final judgment and the routing right so you have to understand these things and not be fearful and try not to sell your piece down the river, but we live in the here and the now and there's Millie literally billions of people around the world that are affected by this. So we have to be engaged because Russell to love our neighbor as ourselves. But it's great having aunt David, thank you so much.

I think the Scripture were talk about what were talking about the gospel yet that's exactly right. And usually enter Monday Monday updates. We would start with Scripture and I forgot to do that because I was just in a whacked out from minimal to talk to Pres. Trump early today so let's hit the pause and come back and talk about stagflation and inflation in the oil market gold and silver. But let's jump back to just a such a powerful passage of Scripture. In first John 316. Let's talk about that and will move on how we know what love is Jesus Christ laid down his life for us and we ought to lead lives for brothers and sisters. You know I was Monday for my bigger days. One of the biggest phase of the week because I do as much use for national radio programs that use free remove some things the Wednesday. Wednesday is also radio Reading some more, but anyway my company all my guys know that pretty much my doors close and I'm researching, studying, reading, somewhere between 40 to 60 articles and though my guys knock on the doors talk you and he got the look on his face. I should absolutely and so I'm not about me but you don't want to challenge all this will hear my voice that sometimes we get interrupted and it's the best thing that could happen to us, so he was going and all details.

I was able to minister to share with them. He's going through turmoil and try to make some good decisions on what, people to have in his life actually creates healthiness in this life and the what I found is ironically enough week when I was gesturing out off-the-cuff talking about life and its challenges and how we get through those and ensure the Scripture minister to many says you really change my life. So sometimes we get caught up in the business of life. One way of laying down our agenda our lives as being the first person I really need to just such a powerful point that that that literally is the gospel with what kind of a small G from a human aspect of that Christ laid down his life for us when to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. That's the definition of love but but did sort of giving your clinical life away.

That's a great way of putting a David your agenda, your time, your schedule, you'll handle any time for that.

Guess what we have time for what we want to have time for. And so we tend to live based on our own priorities. We have to learn to prioritize other people more than we prioritize ourselves and that's really the whole point that Scripture, Jesus was the perfect example of that. But what a great way even there in the office on a busy day that we can lay our lives down your time, your schedule, your agenda and so in the somebody else's. Christ did for us in such a great point. Thanks for doing that is always on a Monday Monday updates ON inflation versus stagflation. Help us to understand the difference.

So the environment were rising and also living is rising while your income is going down. That's, that's, in essence, stagflation, inflation is everything. Inflation is private parts are going up you're keeping up with it and things just keep coughing more bigger cost of living goes up to your cost, your income, so were moving into this environment called stagflation. We been inflation but now there's every indicator that show ever in the cougar indicators that are showing were moving into a stagflation environment which is the absolute worst environments worse than inflation bank just came out and said just to solution to this inflation shock. One is extremely painful, regular inflation, the other one is worse stagflation last week old bank which is the largest bank in the world came out, the president, David Malpass wrote an article reports usually that mentioned the word spake inflation multiple times and he is saying. Economic growth is expected to slow down.

We were at the rate of 5.7% growth now were at 2.9% you saying that she was going to go to 1.4 lectures and even worse so the calling for not just a model recession or a recession, but is calling for a stagflation environment and you saying we weave several years we been above the average inflationary level but now we have below average growth and this is potentially destabilizing, causing this phenomenon called stagflation that the world is not seen since the 70s yeah just shocking reality to consider as we go about our daily lives that we need to make changes because these things are happening. It's only getting worse.

I'm just looking at. I wanted to talk about oil for second will talk about gold and silver looking from one year perspective, David. I go all the way back in oil in the mid 60s like 64 bucks a gallon, then now it's at hundred and 20, almost 121 so so what's the what's happening in the oil market you show ever been in the history of the world.

Almost 6 dollars will review whatever you call containers cargo ships range shipping trucks we all use diesel for the most part and that's what's being passed off to the food environments. Food is really high because cost of transportation is like. Plus the cost of fertilizer plus the cost of the tractor that uses diesel just goes on and on and so you know the world needs oil the world uses all in.

I don't want to make this point, but unfortunately our president is mandating just the wrong thing. You just officially mandated more ethanol in gasoline. Let's say we can produce more corn that's at all-time highs so we can put that in counseling to bring the price of gasoline and make financials so were just not doing anything that needs to be done to bring the price of oil down and that's why all these analysts who score a political or saying this has nothing nothing in the church to bring oil down. In fact, is going to get worse so just belch restaurants are applying inflationary fees.

Because of this that look at your bill when you want to dinner everybody term of the lease signing things: appreciation, kitchen appreciation P fuel charge fee or non-cash adjustment. According the Wall Street Journal is starting to happen already in restaurants and worse from 3% to 17 and the hampers on top of your food bill on top your trip up on on top of the taxes.

It's right there looking for my one asked the person that suits you. If that is part of the restaurants policy is the diminishing amount and again and I don't think I haven't seen anything in my lifeline is in my lifetime, especially as an adult.

Stagflation goes back to the Carter years and I was like 10 so this is the reason we need to be praying into this, by the way everybody not just talking about these things and educating ourselves we need to be praying into this for wisdom and discernment for God's grace on our nation on us as individuals. What about gold and silver so doing it what it should be doing. It's not booming and booming economic time, but it is slightly up this year. While everything else is almost all the way down, except for loyal sure this goes hand-in-hand with actual more crucial president of Merck investments. You should gold is the answer you want to have and it is a close stabilizer to your portfolio when were in a mess like this in erratic policies.

You need to have some good diversification tools and gold is that in your portfolio.

He's not the only one talking.

David Einhorn never uses the price of gold is going to go much higher leak as the Federal Reserve it fails to control inflation. We will talk next week about what they're going to do.

It's going to be the worst environment I think will ever be in a hard landing will in time to talk about that, but the owners also say that there's this cake growing sentiment of the dollars. Asian countries, central banks not using the dollar when they get to this environment.

They go to go to see a big movement towards the world going to the biggest central banks and shoulders to play big shoulder shoulder probably see some prices increases. Unfortunately, we are missing out today, but you see some big movement.

I think in gold, silver, it's not something is going to get rich click but it's something that you should have is a financial insurance policy in your portfolio. I mentioned a couple of the 12 month charts and oil stocks and is looking at the NASDAQ and the new looking gold and it's like a nice steady flow across as opposed to the state down down down down down if people want to get more information. Get educated for themselves. David how to get a hold simple 57542575 excellent. God bless you my brother, thank you so much for your time will deftly talk to you again next Monday. God bless you graduations on your present from hell every week will talk to you soon, I was David Fisher landmark back tomorrow talking about my experience at a gay pride. On Saturday I want to talk to about that. This is another program powered by the Truth Network

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