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Which is Worse?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 10, 2022 10:56 am

Which is Worse?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 10, 2022 10:56 am

Which is Worse?

Steve takes callers and asks the question, “What is worse? Our government or inflation? He mainly talks about inflation.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network 11 Jesus job. Everyone just ties with his noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble on welcome back while brought the music got awfully fast though trigger-happy will be so quick. Okay, the top story this morning on FOXBusiness economic pain is really funny picture of Biden and not indict the warning signs on the on his one shoulders like inflation. On the other shoulder session I had economic pain. Inflation hits fresh 40 year high yuppie Calle as consumer prices surge under Biden. Then you get this new poll inflation most urgent issue over gun violence. Biden's approval rating ties with lowest ever Quinnipiac poll food prices have climbed 10.1% higher over the year and 1.10 R1 .2% over the month so just in one month, up 1.2%, with the largest increases in dairy and related products, up 2.9%, the biggest monthly increase since July 2007 nonalcoholic beverages, up 1.75%. This just one month. Okay, cereals and bakery products for all you Wheaties eaters and pop tarts eaters, I suppose, up 1.5% meets poultry, fish, and eggs rose 1.1% price increases were widespread energy prices rose 3.9% in May from the previous month and are up 34.6% from last year. Gasoline on average cost 48.7% more than it did one year ago and 7.8% more than it did in April and if you had noticed, it's literally every day, the prices are going up and all fuel prices jumped 6 to get that 16.9% in May alone on a monthly basis pushing the 1 m increase to a stunning 106.7% increase. That's bad. So if that wasn't bad enough, then you get you going on this list and this is my question for you because I'm tired. We had a good event last night at prime barbecue had a good number of people come out as many as I'd hoped, but it was still a great crowd and I appreciated every single person that was there and a lot of friends and people that have been supported. Some people since day one, only going back to 2004 great food, great company, Christopher Prieto, it prime is just a mastermind and just have a great staff Sammy there and we just had a great time's a beautiful evening wonderful weather the foods awesome and that we had a $25,000 matching grant on the table in the looks like were going to be able to hit that so that will save our rear ends until the next event that I have to do sometime probably in October, which would then save our rear ends of the Lord willing, again for about another three or four or five months and we do a year-end campaign that we do the spring one again like we did in our early summer and that's the way it goes. That's the life running a nonprofit and this is in a huge nonprofit we have great reach. I mean God's done really a whole lot with very little and like what choice does he have think about that were God's been using imperfect people ever since we got kicked out of the garden so we have a for example, on on the show. We've got a great radio coverage throughout the state of North Carolina which is right focus were also down in Greenville South Carolina which I appreciate and appreciate you guys down there that's awesome it up in Richmond Virginia. That's wonderful with our friends in truth radio as well as out in Utah so Ron and a few other places outside the state, but I mostly focus on North Carolina but also a lot of national issues. As you know, and I just general truth issues from a Christian perspective so that matter where you live. Those things are always applicable, so we'll we reach on the radio show by best estimates about 50,000 people a week on Facebook and YouTube. We reach about with all the posts between live stuff and posting and everything else I do there about hundred 93,000 people a month podcast is about about 14,000 podcast downloads a month in daily dose the daily devotional that I write that were in the book of Proverbs right now. So if you want to good God pit these short and sweet sure to make you a little bit uncomfortable in the name of Jesus, then you probably will enjoy my daily devotionals at the daily dose of about 3000 people a day get that and that's it. By the way, if you want to get that just text the word dose D OSE to 66866 that's all you need to do text the word dose to 66866 and that'll get you on the email list will start getting the daily dose so that the little engine that could.

That's started Ali back in 2004 radio started in 2007 Saturdays only did that for three years. Got up there for little while but they pulled me back and got had a different plan and have been daily since February 2011 and this is in a ministry all these years that operates on about $200,000 year cost us a lot of money to be on radio Christian radio. It's not like secular radio are all the money comes to advertising a Christian radio.

A lot of that comes through advertising depends on the type of the station and in some of its just paid time airtight.

We pay for airtime everywhere were on the radio. If you're listening to us on the radio right now we pay for that and how we pay for that.

What we have a few partners like a David Fisher landmark capital in the a few partners like that, but that's not nearly enough then even come close to covering our monthly costs for buying your time and at satellite time and doing the things that we need to do here in the studio and paying for the studio and paying for my internal I can stop soul of the lion share of what we raise about 60% of it. 70% of it goes to that and then I do get paid myself. But if you're only raising $200,000 year and we spent 70% of it on radio costs and the like.

Then you know I'm not making a bunch of money sitting here talking to you right now but that's all I'm here the subtle point I make money otherwise to teaching and stuff, but where the little engine that could. But it's it's always a constant challenge and we are raising money throughout the year and a people that donate one timer here and there that's awesome. We have other people that donate on a monthly basis.

We call them sacred cow killer out there with me: sacred cows every month and so got does a whole lot with a little and has for since 2004. This particular ministry so I was great last night. If you ever want to be a part of this financially and feel like the Lord would have you help hold this up and hold me up and make this possible, then just go to the website, the Steve Noble and you can help us out financially every dollar matters with the ministry.

The size and certainly a blessing to me and an encouragement to me when somebody gives a $500 check, or a $50 check, or $5000 check. They all are very encouraging and it's not easy to ask for money, but that's the deal. We all have to do if you do that if your business we do it nonprofit, such as the deal so that was good last night and so I thought to say about that at this point, but if you want to help financially. The Steve Noble to set the donate button. So where you go from here over to talk about this whole list of things I'm curious to ask you, give you the phone number we come back what you most concerned about with what's going on. The United States I got a whole list and then we can talk about from start impeachment was on prime time last night literate man going around in the free to let everybody be treated hopelessly little golden letter preachings is the days will counsel be settled. Always crazy things that were losing her mind about about disgusted by will be settled. Every account will be settled.

All this nonsense and craziness and immorality and just madness child abuse.

Yada yada yada will all be gone and praise the Lord for that is that in your future.

That's the question and are you a Christian you have to be an actual real Christian. In order for that to be your future.

So that begs the question, are you a real Christian. What gusty what what is that I'm so glad you asked, what is a real Christian. Because 6869% your fellow Americans self identifies Christian I asked this question last night at our fundraiser. Do you really think 68 or 69% of Americans are actually Christians. I could sit here and say I'm Rush Limbaugh I identifies Rush Limbaugh the day doesn't mean I am does it I could. I didn't like going to Dunkin' Donuts and identifies the jelly doughnut. That doesn't mean I am expanding garage, Zulfikar doesn't mean I am just as you put your hand up and say I'm a Christian doesn't mean you are speechless. What appeared fix want to know when my brother so what is a Christian. And so you have to deal with that question and if you don't have a good answer like Matt Walsh's I just watch this before the show started and I want to get in this list of things gun control the economy, inflation prices, obviously food prices, fuel prices invite the environment schools critical race theory sexual is cessation of our children immigration border crisis racism federal deficit Roe versus Wade fallout which is coming they caught the guy that wanted to kill Cavanaugh and now Ruth sent us this crazy group on twitter is suggesting everybody he let's go harass Amy Kony Barrett and her kids at their Christian school that the kids go to go harass them. So Roe versus Wade file which is going to happen. The great reset the stock market government power alike and stuff which one of the things that are highest on your list in terms of how your what you're worried about in this nation but speaking of the issue of just truth in general and something frustrating. What is a woman.

What's ridiculous.

What is a Christian I believe in God, Steve, I'm a Christian know not to keep going but us your form. What about the Bible all yeah that's great that's great that's great book some great stuff in there okay cool.

That does make you a Christian, what else, what about Jesus. Yet Jesus Jesus is just all right with me like you'll do brothers I'm down with okay what he means. Just all right with you. Great moral teacher.

Yes absolutely son of God. Yes, absolutely deep. Do you think he died when in the grave. Three days later he came out yeah totally does that make you a Christian you are getting closer in the ballpark, but you're not there yet.

So what's it take now if you know the answer that question you like while sleeping. Jesus said it to Nick at night.

John chapter 3 must be born again yet to be born spiritually dead spiritually until your born again, born spiritually.

So your born dead spiritually and yet to be born again but now spiritually instead of physically which only happens after you acknowledge the fact that you can't do jack squat about getting yourself into heaven. Good people go to heaven forgiven people go to heaven. So go to church only want give away all your money serve the poor. Those are all wonderful things and we are called to do that as Christians, but you Put all that stuff in a wheelbarrow and pull up to the pearly gates if there are any in because we use that phrase and pull on up and say hey, he here I am, look, look at all the playing I brought for God, look at all these awesome things I did not by works sorry. It's a nice collection of stuff you did a lot of good things but good things to get you into heaven, forgiveness gets into heaven, which is takes the fact of you. Realizing that no matter how hard you try, no matter how many good things you do. None of that's good enough to erase your sin debt. That's all serious arson and the only thing I can do that is some to get a paper that the only one that can pay for that is the perfect substitute for you that's Jesus all this and you put all your eggs in his basket. That's putting your hand up going listen Steve, I know like there's nothing I can do to get myself to heaven only go to heaven. I want to be forgiven. I want to be in heaven forever with God. But I can't.

I can't race there. There's no stairway to heaven. I can't get myself there because I can't cover my own debt. I don't have enough can't do enough. That's right okay excellent acknowledge that repent of your sin. Put 100% your faith in what Jesus did none of it what you try to do and then you'll be born again. Believe in your heart that Jesus was raised from the dead and confess with your mouth, he is Lord meeting King master and you will be safe. You want to know everything in the Bible, but you do have to know that right so make sure you got that straight right away if you if you struggle with that sometimes you want to know what the actual Scriptures are, you can go to the website, the Steve Noble and just click on the heaven button very clear. There's like a five-minute video there that I really like that's really effective for people that don't really know exactly what the Bible teaches about who goes to heaven and by the way that's most of your neighbors. I hope it's not you, but maybe if your little if you have some questions about that. Just go to the website, the Steve Noble and click on the heaven button and you'll find all the information you need right there okay 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I want to know from you what are you most concerned about with what's going on.

We have the economy we have inflation we have prices.

Things are going crazy. We have the environmentalism. Maybe that's near the top your list. I doubt it, but maybe it is what's going on in our schools and our children. Critical race theory. LGBT Q theory, sexualizing are kindergartners, all that kind of garbage immigration. The border crisis racism the federal deficit.

What's going to happen after Roe versus Wade gets overturned, God willing, to great reset, what you talked about.

They just want to change the entire world system.

No big deal there.

The stock market government power. What is it for you.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH one at one of the things that are most concerning to you right now here in the great nation of America that I love and I'm a patriot, but I don't put it on a pedestal, 8663 foray 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH that's good my friend all the way out New Mexico hey Pat how are you and you know that I'm only here yes me like you everything you talked about. I just shake my head, but the grocery store. No big deal there. I started watching the old couple older couple was looking at the crack of food and put their cart and I hit my heart like that's gotta be in my heart.

The worst thing is watching the old folks, you know they're spending so much for the medications they told how much the practical going crazy but that's really I think the big one for me when I looked up he felt bold. I remember looking at. I've been working two jobs, seven days a week for two years now. I waited right up to my guitar hero over New York. You turn 58 on Monday. I am thankful I have to help you. I'm thankful I got the help to do the job. I'm thankful for my job.

I mean I'm not complaining I'm just here I am working two jobs, seven days a week and I have trouble buying food.

You know I make all my payments and I look at these old folks yesterday just with legal couple and a just book.

My heart watching and it really did not. That's gotta be my number one the price of food is expansive crazy, but you know what, we have a house that's enough of an inferred big chunk of America those prices in the grocery store and those prices at the pump can literally break the in the end if you think about that. Praise the Lord. But most people do. Pat thinks: always great to hear from you. Will talk again soon you will bless you will be right back and ready Steve Noble to dollars per household. Okay 67 grand so when you hear on the news that your costs are going up this year by five to $6000.

That's 10% hit for the average American household. That's a big deal. That's a big deal. So what are you most concerned about at this point in our nations history this year right now for you in the United States of America. What you most concerned about the gun-control stats would say pulling with no not really even on the heels of the horror that happened and you fall, the Texas gun control the economy, inflation patches called and talked about the older folks, you know struggling in a grocery store to paper food environment what's going on in our schools. Critical race theory sexualization of our little children immigration the border crisis.

That's psychotic what's going on down there. Racism the federal deficit Roe versus Wade fallout that's going to start happening later this summer. Since the decision comes down great reset the stock market. What is it and then last night to know I did not watch the third trumpet impeachment last night why would I 866-34-TRUTH 87884 it would like to chime in. Just curious what you most concerned about what's going on in this country right now 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH is good. My buddy click on in here in Raleigh. Clay was great seeing you the other day at the convention estates rally how are you will. Thank you worker your dear all, where we don't bring that to happen more often.

It would like your mayor and the government get up there here what they were sure what you know. I'm trying not to use the work confirmed because the problem or nothing in the book of click your truck of 400 and the gospel America trucker circle who got work for me.

I remember I will not forget what you heard your wonderful program. Lord great recruiter. All last year around May or June. Your you're in the early of inflation and so you know the thing here is honestly between you and me and everybody else are out there looking for me. Felt weeping. What we so remember where you know where the election started in all the complaints, but you know people write a short and you know what I'm doing.

The Bible study yesterday. We did the gospel of Matthew chapter 20 and you know it was the word that came out well. What is your prayer okay we know what is right in our heart because we know what could happen with her but you know heart what book of Romans that you know will go to suffer or the baby stages for suffering because the raven got because you know my heart you fill up at Walmart for that lady just called to job to gently say for seven days and wanted God the father erected on the seventh day to do that on Sunday is prayer you know it you got what is the right thing to do but brother Elder, let me ask you this question clearly see the economy, inflation, everything. I would imagine that's affecting you personally or you know I look at it you know you have concurred with Guerra's character in your car and you get places like ongoing donate under the bowels going to get up early and got you come and see you, you know after that I went and put $48 in the rear and only something about that.

That's taken away but yet all those people you know, the city Council that given right to give themselves 132 regular Waziristan wake County or the people up there were the big black hole. They don't care they only care about them so that it was going to hear what those windows going and I will. I like to share this with you. I wanted to each one of them and I thank them and gave thanks to the Lord for them in each one of them should thank you for coming to me and a brother. We were supposed to each one of them. If you remember that whatnot you start go, but what they said we need to be in your night with each other member sleeping Joseph unity we need to use your nightly drug brother in Christ, each other and say that when it's all said and done, were going to be the ones that are up with our our heavenly father and those that have been going like a starter and full but I'm so thankful that you did to thank you so much again while brother is great are you know what anytime you think of the like their heartfelt and meaningful.

You know who will be very important faceplates. I say to hear from you without having we have hope for imperfect you're going to cool sounds good. Thanks brother got voicemail, but let's say we saw each other down the convention estates. It was Mark Meckler's the present convention estates of Rick Green is a great constitutional teacher and Lieut. Col. Allen West. He was fabulous. He got everybody going, which is great so I was convention estates as those things because were trying to that's about government power trying to take away some of their power. Take away some of the money you know like having a balance budget amendment and then trying to not let them stay in DC for 30 or 40 years so term limits, so that's another thing to do if there's a lot out there on the list. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. What you most concerned about going on the news right now 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. I appreciate what Clay said you know be anxious for nothing, that doesn't mean you don't pay attention. That doesn't mean we live in a broken world. And we all struggle with things and so that some things you should be concerned about because it affects your neighbor and so I don't play too much in the margins and trying to define what the word concern means.

I know I'd be anxious for nothing if I'm not trusting the Lord that's that's the actual context of that I'm not trusting the Lord but I can trust the Lord and be worried and concerned about the state of the world around me for for the sake of my neighbors and that's all really God wants me to be concerned for my neighbors. That's why he said love your neighbor as yourself actually put them ahead of yourself if at all possible. So, because the stuff affects people all around us. That's why we should be engaged in yes concerned about it. Just like I should be concerned about the state of your salvation, your soul 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH and that long list all the different issues today in America. What concerns are the most let's go do I know is gone and from Charlotte North Carolina.

Thanks for calling Karen ahead welcome good thank you how not remote. Your wife got my know you're safe to carry. Got no you don't have nothing and why are you worried about your safety. I think I probably know God by around you, you know, all everybody can just go by had gone about going back all you would buy a loaf of bread right shooting Ynez down and what Gastonia right west to you guys was that three people at a mall all work that I may learn yet is hot than the rest of the stuff doesn't matter if you can't physically stay alive yeah personal CP is one of the few things the governments actually one of their jobs. They actually have this promote the general welfare, and provide for our safety and it feels like that's not going so well that you are everything outcome that yeah and it's it doesn't appear to be much of a priority.

Certainly not the mainstream media not up in Washington DC.

The terrible thing happens and you Baldy Texas and they're all over it with you all.

The Texas is happening every two weeks every over the course of every two weekends in Chicago and I don't see Congress doing anything about that all you you think that what you think. Behind that I know is what what he thinks, driving that what's behind this this crazy violent crime I don't even know all oh I mean you can ride what ever they want to go, what they can buy gun control, gun control, you can't go back filed weapon and you don't think anybody should be of the buy like an AR 15. For example, 000 times. Yet most people don't. Of course, and if you do most people don't Ynez I'm up against a break, but I really appreciate Yukon and Sharon and I appreciate your passion. Thanks so much. Thank you. You're welcome.

I'll follow up on that. Some things I agree with some things I don't my second amendment got yes my Second Amendment guys much as other secular people think no no, all you list about things most troubling to you. Feel free to call in. What's on your list things that is most concerning to you here in America gun control.

That's what Ynez was talking about the economy, inflation in general environment schools. That's a big one for me. CRT sexual is sectionalism, sexualizing our children immigration. The border crisis what that's a total train wreck and by the way, that's yes that's a sovereignty issue that the deficit issue that security issue is also a human issue in terms of the fact that we don't have much of a board policy at all. I think we sealed the entire border that would actually be kind thing to do to everybody that's trying to come appear. By the way, with all these people of color all these PLCs coming to America. What are they thinking. Because of this place is run through in writ with racism and everybody knows it.

Why would all these people of color be risking their lives and their children's lives to come here that's like Jews clamoring to get into Germany in 1941 that stupid right so if it's such a horrible place. Why are there so many people willing to risk their lives in their children's lives together, but my biggest problem on the borders because of our lack support a policy that that you create a trap you make a magnet. You put the cheese on the trap and all these people are the desperate people people want have a better life make more money whatever coming up here because they know once they cross the border men there in you better come back into two months for your court hearing season or I'll be back. Celia and other ship them all over the country. It's ridiculous because I think that the liberals really do think their gaining folders and there just that it's such a reprobate mind because it doesn't make any sense and it's okay to take care of your own nation's first that's fine. That's not sin national sovereignty was established back in the Old Testament, that's fine. That's why God told Moses hate when you're going where I want you to go.

I stop and ask permission if you go to this particular land and that that particular and said no thanks and so they had to go around if God didn't care about borders. Why did he allow for the establishment of nations got it. I wanted to talk about.

Essentially what's going on schools. As I was watching the Matt Walsh Matt Walsh is on the daily wire with Ben Shapiro. He's got it when on Dr. Phil and he was having that rather uncomfortable conversation with some transgender folks on there some guys that thought they were girls that clearly were guys can address that they look more like cross-dressers anything and so he did this documentary that just came out and in whoever out there, and in the the digital world try to crash the daily wire website that night.

I think the movie released last week so the documentary was a woman and he's talking all these allegedly apparently highly educated people. Counselors in this particular scene I was in. It was in Boston at a university, thereby Boston College or whatever talking to this guy appears to be a gay man who teaches gender studies in there on a conversation about Walsh is very very snarky and sarcastic right so I'm wondering why these people even bother sitting down with them because they should know yes but he's the guy's time, the nuances way through gender versus sex and yes there intertwined, but they're not and it's just like blubber blubber.

The blood, and that it's just nonsense. Any sitting there in his office with his tweed sport coat on, like like I'm a tenured professor like you sound like an idiot. God bless you, sir.

I hope you you come to know your Lord and Savior. Your maker one day through Jesus Christ. I hope that happens for you, but I've no idea, but the guy spirituality but I can make a pretty educated guess, but he just sounds like a fool in this other lady who deals with little children and she's the therapist and and little kids for euro. And that's when Matt Walsh is talking about. So you know how young can you be when you decide that your gender is different than your sex and she's well you know some some infants figure that out. Mike you like to like there's the horse whisperer are you the infant whisper so you can look into that little six month old's eyes and you know what they're thinking and that little that little thing with a penis. I can say that actually what he obviously is comfortable in his own skin, so he's probably a trans woman he's biological sex is male but his gender is female and I can just tell because he grabbed the book with the pink cover as opposed to the blue one and because I'm so highly trained, and I have such a heart for people.

I can just tell no you can't just stupid. You can't tell. So four years old.

She says while four-year-old MM also like will a four-year-old believes that Santa Claus is real big fat guy in a sleigh flying reindeer creek traveling around the earth at speed of light putting things down good kids chimneys all over the world and they say that's real. And so what you say woman then this thing that's real well, that's real for them. What is not.

This meant he was home. I don't know that I could do that. He was calm but but but we know that's not objectively true should not matter. Well, it's true to them.

You're like the dog chasing its tail round and round and round because they cannot interject people that are this given over this reprobate mind and then they hang out with each other.

They talk to each other and they read each other stop and a justice this little echo chamber and because they thrown down with the truth is relative crowd because that's their worldview, they cannot introduce any objective truths. They're going to shun that for the most part, to a certain extent because they can't give any ground up every say well okay the four-year-old I see your point Matt that the four real think Santa Claus is real but we know Santa Claus is not real and that actually does matter because we don't want our kids living in a fantasy land so we don't want to believing that something is real, that it isn't. So it for maybe not such a big deal but eight or 14 okay, now that's a problem. So when you continue to try to convince your now-year-old and nine-year-old, a 10-year-old that Santa is real. You know how that goes right, there's they start asking more intelligent questions because they're growing and gaining in wisdom and knowledge. The way they're supposed to be and then your answers get more and more ridiculous which is exactly what was happening with these highly trained people in Matt Walsh is the will documentary what is a woman, but I know spiritually. They cannot throw down with objective truth because that points to a author, a source if there's an objective truth comes from somewhere. Well, where does it come from, who that can be problematic because that can take you to the whole notion of something outside the human experience that establishes objective truth.

Oh, that's a problem if I'm to reject God and spirituality in heaven and hell and I can't throat.

I can't put let anything on the table that represents that whatsoever. I just can't. Which is why I talked about this foreplay, the split before Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the house used to be the head of the Democrat National committee, a young pro-life girl on camera asked her at some convention some event a memory of children right yes I twin daughters and how old are they there 17 okay can ask your question before your twin daughters were born with a human. Pretty simple question right like here's the baby in these the same people on what is a woman documentary by Matt Walsh of the daily wire was a woman. What happens when the babies are born well. The doctor looks at him and he sees a penis with the other thing and well that's no. I guess it's a boy but don't take that slight B it's not like in concrete or anything, they're just the things they say is ridiculous is totally ridiculous to Debbie Wasserman Schultz were your to a twin daughters before they were born with a human. Well, I've always believed in the woman's right to choose and to access reproductive health care and both will not know me and that's for your daughters were born really human. Well, I've always staunchly defended in the Mim man I'm sorry to interrupt.

That's not what I'm asking. It's simple yes or no question wouldn't before your daughters were born where there is where the human and Debbie Wasserman Schultz literally and seriously says well there's human now like this. This woman is was at the time the head of the Democrat National committee and a member of Congress and all over the media and she's saying that her 17-year-old twin daughters are human now what's the next question class if you're there. Debbie Wasserman Schultz 00 okay what were they then when they were not human. What what species were they work with a living entity when they were in your womb. Were they alive, well this is like back to the what's a woman question. Well, what were they alive is that with it alive right some ridiculous. Well yes, are you sure beating heart brain waves circulating blood that appears to be like life right Debbie. Well yeah they were alive. So they were alive but they weren't human. That's what you said so there are living something. What is that something why don't I guess I don't really know really. I guarantee you and Debbie Wasserman Schultz is twin girls were dancing around her stomach and she was having their kicking and stuff.

I guarantee because she's made in the image of God she held onto her stomach and felt love and joy and she knew. Those are my children. At four months five months.

She knew. Those are my children they're not monkeys they're not some other creature there. My human children. Maybe she knew their sex. Maybe she did.

I don't let's say she did and she knew she was having twins, and these are my daughters and I guarantee you, her spirit was full of warmth and happiness and joy. She was probably wondering what that looks like what they can grow to be because the objective truth that she knows her children are human children and her children, but in her public life, because she's thrown down since I'm not talking politically. There, a child of God or your child the devil goes down with the devil so she's got a plate from that sheet of music which means you deny objective reality, which is why so many people on the street or in the offices of PhD tenured professors can't answer the question what is a woman a misnomer. What's a woman, a woman is a human female. What will that would be her anatomy and her genetics. Anything else.

Well I guess that makes me crazy world. This is a noble and double show, God willing outside to get all of her for another program powered by the Truth Network

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