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Journey Through Revelation pt. 2

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 9, 2022 10:52 am

Journey Through Revelation pt. 2

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 9, 2022 10:52 am

Journey Through Revelation pt 2

Steve talks to Dr. Greg Stiekes from BJU seminary to talk about the book of Revelation and what is happening today theologically.

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Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on his shoulders and walked through no sacred cows call Steve now 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Noble welcome back everybody great to be with you another theology Thursday with our friends at BJ's seminary and exit picking up his first time we've done this a multipart series with our friends at BJ's seminary.

Dr. Greg Stites back in the house as last week we started our journey through revelation little bit differently than what I think a lot of us are used to. Typically we we grab the headlines and were considering what's going on out there in the news and with COBIT and then the vaccine passports and that's like the mark of the beast in this kind of stuff and stuff, but there's a lot of other things in the book of Revelation that are really just really kind of assuring and comforting and encouraging and really uplifting and exalting. It's not just some timeline for you to try to follow and so last week as we begin this journey. Surprised by assurance of journey through the book of Revelation a part one we are talking about vindication which sounds like can sound like a little bit of a negative connotation. It isn't assured by divine vindication of the Lamb himself. Of course, Jesus himself. And then, interestingly, of ourselves because I don't know about you but I definitely have got some grief over the years from I believe in Jesus Christ and my belief in the Bible and my belief in the times and all I can stuff so eventually all that stuff gets settled, nobody will be giving you any grief anymore as we move into the events. Towards the end of the book of Revelation in human history.

But there's a lot more in there so excited have Greg back on the show today. Greg and thanks so much for your times good to see it to see you to try to be here to actually see you this time we tried to see you another on zoom on the shelf or Facebook live in YouTube like last week didn't didn't work so you got relegated to the way we used to do things of telephone only was a little odd, isn't it so easy only because each of them so I appreciate you being back in going to do this again just to kind of remind folks and anybody that didn't hear us or did her podcast, or what have you. When you started going to Revelation. It was what March 2020 shutdowns are just starting COBIT just starting so Revelation. I would imagine of the time seem like pretty good place to go in terms of preaching at your church. But you, you discover some things that perhaps you weren't expecting. If I recall, that's right. We started out just because everybody had to shut down for a while and actually wasn't really because everybody was talking about the apocalypse. I happen to have a sermon series on the seven churches. Revelation that I had done earlier in my life and I thought y'all pull that out and just get through that again, brush it up a little bit for this churches I had preached at their yeah yeah and thought, you know, give me enough time for Kobe to get over and you will. Little did I know here we are just two years later just reaching the Revelation and dustbin are a real joy and still talking about COBIT.

By the way that that's right that's right you. We still are. Knowing people who are actually contracting it even though it's kind of going away, it seems, but you will think yeah still a thing yet so we last we talked about divine vindication and vindication of the Lord in the Lamb himself and of course of of ourselves but there's a lot more going on here and I kinda teased it last time that we were to talk about divine control and then interestingly enough divine love. I don't think that love is normally one of the attributes were thinking about when we get into the book of Revelation there is what appears to be some pretty good spanking of the church going on in the first few chapters, and then you get literally to use the phrase all hell breaks loose.

And that doesn't seem very loving.

But there is some some really strong beautiful notions of love as you go through revelation.

So it's okay to pick up where we start where we left off and this is very important especially when were looking at the book of Revelation. In light of the craziness that were enduring. Pretty much every day and it seems to be speeding up, but the whole notion of divine control. Let's start there. Yes sir and the thing that caused me to say, you know, after reflecting on preaching to Revelation for couple of years whether things were really learning is that it isn't like you said this just the sort of divine crystal ball that we can have to look into the future the Lord came to his people. At the end of the first century, after he had said he was going to return and they were probably wondering at that point, when is this gonna happen and he wanted to make sure they knew is going to happen.

This is how it's going to go down. He's writing these things to actually encourage them and so one of the things that comes out in Revelation is the Lord assuring them. Look, I am income leak control of everything that goes on and there couple of ways that you can see that briefly put, first of all, you see, you do have a timeline Revelation that there are or there is an order of the rent. It kinda goes back and forth a little bit it keeps jumping ahead to the end when Christ returns and shows us a little snapshot of that and it jumps back and give some background information is so you always feel like you're starting and stopping as your reading it, but you can put it together in a in a in a timeline showing God's control and the second thing is that even when evil is having its day and God's people are being conquered all the time in the narrative, there are these little reminders that Satan is being allowed to do this work.

He's he's given authority to do this, but not fats and so there are guardrails the whole time and it's so obvious that the Lord is Psalm how beyond our knowledge of how, but he does it, leading everything to the ultimate and where he is glorified in his people are vindicated and gender that are good and some of the notes that you were kind enough to share with me and I just posted on Facebook live for everybody. The theology and 3D. The blog post that goes along with our conversation today this this notion of assured by two other truths 11 which scans pricing which will get into in terms of love, but this notion of divine control and like having our electric bill God has our enemies on a tether. I love that notion. If it were most of us listening were old enough to know what tetherball is so unique got that tether that line that connects the ball to the pool and no matter how hard you hit the ball.

No matter what direction it goes and when it falls on it spinning and getting faster and faster as the line gets shorter and shorter. There still controlled that tether still holds the ball in place and I think sometimes it even today's times, especially Greg Bentley. Is it okay for us to kind of be like trying to remind ourselves. God is in control. God is in control.

God is in control because often times in our flesh. It seems like he isn't this exactly rapidly. We know that if summary were to give us a theology quiz & restless & yeah, but when it in life.

We often fail and we do it in subtle ways. Sometimes we rush to solve this problem that comes up and we know we can take care of this and in and we start complaining and and as if you know God decided to forget about us today. We know that's not true, and if we complained to somebody was thinking spiritually, they would say the same thing to us that we would probably say to somebody else if they asked us about self counsel like should you, but Revelation is just a wonderful reminder yeah great revising hence tense time element incredible. You hold that offer to pick that up on the other side of the break.

I love this. We are never at the mercy of our trouble, but our trouble is at the mercy of Almighty God will direct you back in his email to Steve Noble, show theology Thursday with our friends at seminary. Dr. stakes his wit back with us. He was on last week were talking about surprised by assurance some different types of assurances that we have a type of vindication were talking about God's control. He's completely in control of assurance of divine control at the end of the first segment I just mention this is I know there's people that need to hear this. I need to hear this myself were never at the mercy of our trouble, but our trouble is at the mercy of Almighty God, I would just add always at the mercy of Almighty God, which is doubling down on that not something that we need to remember again, and that's why, unlike the book of Revelation you mention is Greg and thanks again for your time today that you know there's all kinds of crazy things that happen in bad things that happen, but like you use the word tether. God's always got his his hand on the gate to me. He's controlling the value he's controlling the speed all the time and that such an important thing for us to remember and I think that we were going through trials personally. They can get very severe and we start feeling like everything is kind of at at the whim of nothing of the world teaches us that things are just happening right but God is actually in control of severity of the trial, the length of the trial. I think most people know the story of Joe and how God said okay you can trouble him up to this point right you can't take is like there's there's certain guardrails. He put their that's what you see if you're paying attention you reading the Revelation you see those guardrails all the way through. God never loses control never relinquishes control and that's why he's bringing it to his is determined and you that not just 1 Were Working Our Way to the book of Revelation like we are today. Last week, but in our daily life.

That's why I wanted us to do touch on that again because you always have to remember and sometimes you just have to repeat it to yourself over and over. No friction of God is in control guys in control of my flesh act like feel like it isn't. The circumstances feel like he hasn't, but he gets and that's one of the great things about going to Revelation is that reminder that God is is in control. There's another aspect in here because Revelation looks pretty nasty loud bad things happening a lot of judgment a lot of death, a lot of destruction.

Yet assured by divine love. I think we look at the end of the Revelation of like that's going to be awesome is going to wipe away every tear. No more crying, no mortgage, no debt, no family issues no relational issues. That's all great so that the courses LOVE love but do we find love in other ways as we look to Revelation yes and Mrs. this is one of the surprising things in reading through the course. John 316 God so loved the world, we don't think about that in Revelation, because this is where God is outpouring his judgments right upon the world, but there are two different ways. I think you can really see God's love and Revelation 1 is that he continues to love the world and you see that, especially in the way that he continues to keep his word, his gospel in front of the world. This whole idea of calling 144,000 believers that that are witnessing in the world during the trip, which I think you week we can talk about what those Actos numbers actually represent. It seems like there are going to be more than hundred 44,000. We know there's at least two more because there Revelation chapter 11 we have two more witnesses. Writer and enders. It is a general discussion in the book about these.

These are people who are spreading the word and the fact there dying for their witness of the word and then you even have right before the last final judgments poured out these angelic beings flying to the whole earth calling the whole earth, to repentance. And I preach to that section in title that you know God's final call I made. It is the absolute in history final call and got himself is giving that to the world. God never stop saying come unto me right I you can be saved, even at the last hour and that shows his heart for the world. I think in the gospel, even in this incredibly incredible time in the New Testament, even long before we get to the book of Revelation we read that God's desires that none an O in the nonzero zip Nata should perish but that also come to repentance. And when you look at Revelation and in my flesh in my anger, my frustration sometimes I'm like okay bring it on time to come to lower the hammer on these people that can thinking yada yada. But yet in the midst of all of that got God is like make this can be so painfully obvious over and over and over again because he wants us to repent. He wants us to come to faith in, and that's that is an amazing love that God stilled. As we go through Revelation stays his hand. Ultimately, until the very last moment right and the other ways that we see that Revelation is God's love for his people, and I mentioned in the blog post. The church of Laodicea as I like to beat up on later is yeah yes and then we can use that against each other on a spit you out of my mouth. You make me sick, yet is exactly right you you know I heard.

I think an evangelist one-time signal gradually stay here.

You make me sick your life but you know what the Lord loves every one of his churches and it is in fact it is to the church of Laodicea in particular that the Lord reminds them what I I discipline those who I love and that takes us right back to text like Hebrews 12 where the writer of Hebrews reminds that look it's your likes Don's being disciplined by a loving father. In fact, it's proof that you're actually a child of God, that you are disciplined this way that things are not always easy for you and so even in this note, I don't think the Lord is coming to later see and just beating them up. He is showing love for that on correcting them in these churches are all suffering persecution affect everyone of those churches in Revelation 2 and three probably have seen a lot of persecution that we've all seen you in the Lord doesn't give them a passkey. He knows what needs to happen so that they can have a fulfilled life living for him and with him and is is really amazing what he does for those churches out of love for exactly what I was I when we were talking on the break, Greg. I mentioned my dad and when I was young when I would get in trouble, which was more often than not, in my dad would discipline me. He would always end up asking from all my memories. As is always like okay what why didn't why I spank you. Why did I punish you. While I will because I broke the I broke the rule. No, that's not why God because you're mad know that's not why because because I just did something really is no and then eventually we knew the answer because you love me any good.

That's right you because I love you and of course as a 70-year-old I'm like that's a really bad way to show me that you love me, but then once I got older and especially as a father with four kids myself, and you understand this most the people in the audience do as well. It's precisely because I love you that I discipline you. If I did, and I've had this conversation with Ankit. If I didn't give a rip about you then I would what I care go up and be back at your problems on my prom get on my house because I love you. I long to see your sanctification yes and I think we Revelation we think of God's judgment comes because God is holy is vindicating his holiness he's vindicating is the truth. Those are all true statements, but there are more.

There's more than one reason that God does what does and the reason he vindicates his church is because of love.

And he wants to see that they are the kind of church that is genuinely saved and they're going to be vindicated.

In the end he make sure that that is true by his discipline of yet exact recipe a lot of love by God. In Revelation, such a high point and then we'll get to the last two segments are to talk about that one of the slowdown for this insured by divine promises is all kinds of promises that as we work our way through Revelation and then this whole notion of the Lord returning soon, which I think of working I have an honest moment, everybody thought that can be frustrating for us consume doesn't seem like some soup will be right back one back at the Noble show another theology Thursday with our friends and seminary down a beautiful South Carolina there down there.

I'm up here, but we do this every week together this this week with back with Dr. Greg Sykes as were continuing a conversation to the book of Revelation surprise my assurance a journey through the book of Revelation we talked about several different types of assurances in the last one we were talking about was God being in control.

Whether you believe it or not most of us do. I think sometimes we struggle to embrace that reality. But that is the deal and especially to go through Revelation and we were talking about even even the devil himself. You can see this in Job this far and no further God's controlling all the volumes and all the temperatures and everything.

Okay, so that's very important for us to remember than than the love of the Lord for the whole world is was we jump out of John 316. In a time and time and time again he gives people very very obvious clear opportunities based on clear judgment clear supernatural acts that take.

This is real. I'm real. I would rather have you up here than down there and so he gives time and time again the chance to repent and then God's love for us as he protects us and carries us through all that and disciplines us. We're talking about Laodicea, but Greg this last one, which I think is is really cool to kinda dig into is assured by divine promises. We know there's a lot of them. In Revelation, but let's start with the one that I think is is difficult for a lot of us.

Is this the promise of the Lord's soon return is right.

Okay, that was like 2000 years ago and I'm still waiting.

Never put up with that anywhere else I think about the fact that it really only been what you know 60 years or so. 70 years before. Since Jesus had said he was going to come again and the people had been through all of this and there think there wondering when is the promise going to be the winner's economy. Just like we are today all the way through that for century, many of them had never seen Jesus at that point they were leading by faith.

Like Peter says in first Peter one and and the Lord chooses that time to give to his persecuted apostle John.

This amazing effect. God gives the Revelation to Jesus Christ who gives it to his messengers to give it to John so that John can give it to the churches.

Revelation 1. That's what's happening. He wants everyone to know yes I'm coming yes this is going to be fulfilled.

And here is how it's going to go down to eight to encourage us but he uses this word quickly.

I'm coming quickly and that seems to be what confuses people back in the blog I said it. If there's an elephant in the room in Revelation is the fact that Jesus says that it happened quickly and yet here we are 2000 years later and that's one of our favorite words as Americans we need to remember that were handicapped on the subject because were so used to convenience getting what I want when I want it I want to wait for anything. I can go on Amazon prime and goodness gracious. There's some things that I could've ordered this morning, Greg, that would be at my house when I got home tonight.

We got you crazy. So when we are quickly or soon we always translate into the 21st century context, and in this case the American context which handicaps us right, but that the word no sooner quickly, does not necessarily mean instantly.

Or maybe just a little brief time goes by before something happens.

It's actually Nice that it's and this can be no more delay. In other words, when it is time for this to happen it is certainly assuredly absolutely going to happen. Do not doubt for a minute that this is not going to go down just like God said, and so it is is really an assurance to God's people that when when the God is ready for this.

And of course he's waiting now right and two things happen while he's waiting. People suffer more because there waiting to be vindicated, but also God's mercy is extended to those who do not yet believe and so two things are happening. This will be Saito. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

At the end of book up at the end of the Revelation, we asked the Lord to come quickly, were asking him to judge the wicked and to vindicate the righteous and if we can wait a little bit longer. God will bring more unbelievers into the kingdom that will be in fellowship with throughout all eternity. So the two things going on there at the same time well and that that reminds an ally that just came to my mind where the bumper sticker that says God is my copilot. I've always found that to be so presumptuous and arrogant as to be hey if you want to get your car struck by lightning. Perhaps put that number sticker on the back of your car because the notion that God is a co-anything with me from that from a control perspective is ridiculous and and so when we look at this kind of timeframe and and certainly in the last few years and I mentioned this, I think of being a show last week Greg that hey if you want to have a successful Bible conference doing on revelation and prophecy and everybody is coming out because everybody wants to know when and let's look at the sign of the times which we are called to look at what do we do ourselves a big service disservice by trying to line this up all the time because what we really want to be my lifetime. How soon it do we do ourselves a disservice. With that preoccupation. I I have mixed feelings about this one. I feel like we can go off the rails really easily and it's it's really humorous action to look at historically at all different people that have been named as who's the piece of writing antichrist right several presidents of the United States have been thought to be the antichrist.

In an interview be surprising to look back at at at how many more recently, Barack Obama was was called. Shirley mentioned that actually an interview once and in every laughed about it, but the other hand, for God's people who are living by faith believe that this somebody is going to be somebody at some time. It's gonna happen in one way or the other and so to be able to sorta keep your mind on what's happening in the world and and wondering it could could happen this way could happen that will as long as were not dogmatically start naming dates and boards coming in three days and in all this right thing we know for certain which we don't, not even Jesus knew the time of this coming he says right in Matthew's gospel.

I think if we could keep from doing that. I think it's an expression of our hope and our goal, we in and in the fact that we are for sure going to be rescued. In this way yeah and that's and that's I'm so glad that and that showed up in the blog posts in terms of just kneeling down again. I try to remind people as often as I can, Greg. I whether it's theology, Thursday, or any other day on the show that the English language is really a pretty weak pretty lame language and it's great. That's all we speak.

It's easy blah blah blah.

But we often miss out on a lot because we don't and you can do this without knowing Greek without knowing Hebrew without knowing Aramaic because are so many tools out there that when we hear words sometimes like sooner quickly. That's not the Bible wasn't written 2022 and I think that's where we have to be really cautious to understand what what was the original language say they are now suing the Bible was written English course to get right about that and and there are there are categories of course I teach Greek there categories of words that actually are just as ambiguous in the Greek language as they are in English language and we would be surprised to know how many English words are speaking that are actually Greek yet just taken into into English use and and then there are some terms. Sometimes we just don't use that we don't use that that word the same way anymore. There a lot of English words that we don't use the same way anymore either. So USF is okay. What how was this wording used in the first century context and makeups. As I think a better clue how to interpret super helpful then so that was a promises I'm coming soon so and we talk about that but promises to the Lord's conquerors. First of all, who are the Lord's conquerors and then these are great.

There's a whole list of them are going to go through for these for which will carry us into the end of the show, but let's start with the whole notion of conquerors who are the Lord's conquerors.

Yeah, I thought it was just him him himself, and I yeah that you know so got the Lord calls us conquerors.

His people who are genuinely his.

His followers are conquerors. What is that mean is that media we us we escape persecution of those movies they make about the end times people are running from. You know that the beast wrestled for the and and were hoping that they are saved in their safe and they don't kill and revelation. The conquerors of the ones who are giving their lives there.

The martyrs how can they be copyrights, and yet there overcome their given beast is given power to overcome them and end the Lord emits also look at if you're if you're destined to die by the sword. You're gonna die by the sword.

How can you be a conqueror but then you look at the end and the fact that the conquerors are standing with the Lamb around the throne of the rejoicing. And there's joy and at the end of it, the beast and the false prophet are cast alive into the lake of fire and Satan himself is cast in the lake of fire. You look at conquering from the perspective of what is the endgame of what happens if the only way any of us can escape divine wrath is to grab hold of the Lord Jesus Christ and never let go and it looks ironically like we're being foolish and were giving our lives uselessly and yet in the end were the only ones who are saved, who is now who is rejoicing now and and that again, it all goes back to the whole vindication idea but but that's what conquerors and revelation.

If we understand that the whole book opens up for us. I think in terms of what it really means for us today. Yet, which is such a cool notion because often times we obviously theologically, I think it's accurate to say that were bit players in all of it, but we are players and we are in and were part of the Lord's army and we are conquerors.

He said it earlier in the New Testament were more than conquerors, so your scenario because I think oftentimes we have an inferiority complex about who we are in Christ because were so afraid that we don't we don't to be prideful but but Paul talked about posting in the Lord so I can say yeah I'm not like the Tom Brady, but I'm on that teeth and that's a big deal and supercool order to talk about Jesus promises the churches only come back normal to show theology two-week two-parter on the assurance that we can find in the book of John of the book of Revelation surprised by assurance, a journey to the book of Revelation. We talked a lot about a lot of different types of assurances that God's control and God's love for both of us the whole world like John 316 for us as particular children and then working to finish up talking about these promises. We started talking about being conquerors and were more than conquerors in remembering that about ourselves.

By the way, I mentioned on the break as we talk on Facebook live in YouTube website like that was a merit badge. I went and earned merit badge for being a conqueror. Not that the Lord just when he saved me slap that on their I didn't really understand it. I don't think I fully understand it until the end, but that's what we are and so you don't be prideful, but you don't have an inferiority complex, either when your son of the most higher daughter the most high.

That's the enormous statement to say the least. Well I want to talk about this last section is great. There's a four promises that we find actually is. As we look at what Jesus had to say that the churches there in Revelation 2 and three. So we got these promises from Jesus us were from here. Greg and these are really good and really rich, which is why I was excited to finish with the so let's kick that off anyway you want. Sure yeah so part of looking at all these promises to conquerors which I defined as those who hold onto Jesus Christ.

The matter what all the way to the end, even if means are death. Jesus seems to give four different categories of promises and you see these.

If you read the messages of the seven churches either all formulaic that they all seem to follow basically the same formula he always to every single one of them says here's what I'm in a do for those of you who conqueror and he's talking about those who are genuine believers that these are promises that we will have that are connected with Christ's coming, and eternity.

And just because he gives a promise to one church doesn't mean it doesn't count for another church. There's just variety in the way he has his sediment so you said there's for here is that I made it for what I did was in in preaching through this. I tried to find the same category as you insert a pair them up together and so for Ephesus and Smyrna, it seems to be the theme of eternal life to the church of Pergamum internal access to God via tie and lay via Tyre and Laodicea eternal dominion, which is just a phenomenal one.

Think about and then the churches at Sardis of Philadelphia eternal security like we are Forever. I believe we think of the security.

I think right now is the dominant persevere to the end and I trust that I'm saved, I'm always good to be saved and so forth were in glory with the Lord Jesus, it's still because Jesus is our high priest is still because he's keeping us to the divine power. We are always good to be Secured by him for ever and ever and ever, is not just a temporal thing right now. It's something we will rest in broad eternity and all those promises in the New Testament the word reminds his church in some way or another. In these messages seven churches of Revelation yet.

I think that's why it's important you said this.

Towards the end of this blog post, which I'd like this that justice really simple phrase. All of these promises. Taken together, our way over the top like I think I know what that means but you wrote it. So what we are thinking there that that the coming of a lifetime and and if there was a me the price a dad that was such a that was last year. You know, was racist, change all the time and that the whole buzzword was not all that so extra you write letter is is it's way more and that's a think God could have saved us, Jesus Christ, and taken us to heaven and end we could been basking in his glory, and would have been like unaware that there was more that he could have done first. Yet he lavishes these promises honest and say I'm I still am just reeling with astonishment at the promise of eternal dominion where you know. He says that my conquerors will rule them with a rod of iron, as when earthen pots are broken in pieces.

I unpacked that our congregation preaching through their. These are really intense terms of ruling as if you come and just smash pasta bit bits. The Lord is saying I'm in a do this he saying you are going to do this and you're actually seated with me. There's there's can be some kind of thing where actually helping the Lord Jesus Christ range and none of this is because were doing on her own. Like you said it's not slapping a badge on right and therefore we don't get eternal life. You got Scott saps us and now all of a sudden eternal life. It's because were placed inside Jesus Christ, so that what is true of him is also true of us and because he is going to rain forever. We are going to rain forever and him and the promise is so that the promise of our reigning with him is so assured that he even uses the same kinds of language of his own brain to talk about our rate crazy to me this way over the top was about to go crazy when you think about that. The one who conquers I will grant him to sit with me on my throne, as I also conquered and sat down with my father and his throne.

Mike, I would expect that that's a room in a table in the meal that I'm knocking to get to. I that's to quote a couple of politicians that's above my pay grade.

I guess it is not.

That's not me that somebody maybe it's Billy Graham. I don't know who's going to be there but as I can be Steve Noble. Greg got a better shot at it than I do. But the reality is that's what he says and you sit there I just don't think we spent enough time contemplating what's coming our way in glory right and I don't know that we like Paul says you don't mind her eye has not seen her ear heard it has entered the heart of man was great things it got those who love him. I think in in in some ways we don't know exactly how all of this is going to flesh out right, Mike. My view of Revelation that this actually can be a millennial kingdom, and there's going to be those of us who are reigning and there's any order and and control over the whole earth and the words can it be that can be one way this lashed out but nevertheless those of those the promises he made to those who are faithful until the end and and imagine that vindication when we are the ones who are actually raining over the earth and you compare that to just no matter how good a government you get in the White House. He is nothing compared to their all that you know I'm either nobody's got a make a perfect decision to matter what party is in control compared to what that kind of rain is going to be like someday what the end of this particular section and what you're writing and in written a lot more than over talking about but you brought up the great him as well with my soul by Horatio Spafford what why did you pick that one time and I don't know that everybody knows the story behind the setting behind the context behind why did you pick it well. I mean I wasn't necessarily thinking of the background. Of course I think maybe let people know that Rachel Spafford lost his daughters as he sent them on the head with his wife over England I believe is immediate is coming to America, but they were going over is going on a black telegram that said say I alone that the that the tune of the song is actually named after the harbor that the ship went into but the ship went down and all his daughters were lost and they he sailed to be with his wife and they said this is the place for the ship went down your daughters, Paris, and so forth. But he wrote the song, it is well with my soul and yeah it's really moving you think of the story because even in the midst of something that amazing elite immediately crushing in his life.

You could say it is well with my soul in Isaiah.

He says you you will keep him in shalom shalom, perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, if you study that portion of Isaiah. It's actually referencing the same timetable at the end of history that Israel be living in that we read about in the tribulation. And the idea is if if we can have shalom shalom can have that kind of rest in that kind of conflict we can have rest into any kind of conflict so that song came to mind.

Lord Jesus, the day when our faith site record talk about today is all about faith right but eventually it will be site and they will say aha. That's what it meant in Revelation.

Some of us was saying I was right is supposedly saying oh I got that one wrong everybody will be able to say got that one wrong lot right now. I actually but but not just that, it's just that will know hundred percent forever. That is well with us because of what Christ done for us yet. It's really amazing to think about that in an to contemplate those days and then it's like starting to Revelation. There's not just the future but what's what's going on now in the promises that we find there in the assurance that we find there, and it such a powerful thing again. I appreciated how we started this last week when that really wasn't that you weren't you were thinking you were to go to the depths that God is taking you but it's been a pretty remarkable journey. Something for you guys at your church guess is it's something that surprised me and another thing I would be to preaching to Revelation, but you trying to steer away from all the little what exactly how is this going to go down Houston to be the be stuck kind of steering away from that dealing with that but but moving out of the message.

It's the message of Revelation, the depth of what the Lord is teaching us.

I think that is been a surprising thing, and we've been assured in. In these times is a congregation because of what God has taught us to this book so so I would highly recommend reading it yes and I got is already told us that there is a great promise for anybody that takes the time to study and I just put up a link for the whole list because is actually more articles. Greg is written on this for different parts and so just their easy to read.

They're not superlong and it'll be just a great blessing you like. We say that the Lord told us to study the book and to study things that are written properly about the book you're always can be blessed by the Greg great having you on.

Thank you so much for your time and all your work on this. Thank you very much you're very welcome hold on there will allow us to be here will pray for everybody when we finish up by the wave speaking a prayer for you guys to pray for me tonight in the ministry in general. This is one of our annual fundraisers tonight and little prime barbecue so we need the Lord to do what only he can do is pray that that's a successful event tonight, and God will provide a resource that we need to keep doing what we feel called to do so please keep us in prayer and I got willing, I'll talk to you guys again tomorrow. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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