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Draining the Swamp!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 6, 2022 9:18 pm

Draining the Swamp!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 6, 2022 9:18 pm

Draining the Swamp!

Steve talks about and shows his interview with Mark Meckler today. They talk about convention of states and the constitution.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one ties with his noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cow call Steve now at 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your house noble welcome back, hope you had a great weekend. This is voice identification rises record high in the US. Well that's an interesting thought I could working to hear from Mark Meckler here in just a second Mark records with convention of the state started it I convention states back about nine years ago. He is the president of convention Estates accident and Mark, I met many years ago I could see was involved. Jenny Beth Martin at the beginning of the tea party movement with tea party patriots member. They were the biggest one tea party patriots were well organized and got all kinds of stuff done all over the country, which is awesome and so Mark Meckler started nine years ago convention of states in order to take advantage of article 5, much I'm looking at right here in my hot little hands talking about amending the U.S. Constitution so were going to get to that, but that the first part of the interview I did with Mark was about a poll that they commission with Trafalgar group talking about the issue of abortion. Okay so this one.

It depends on who you're talking to.

In this case.

This was a Reuters poll that came out in June. Second, the Gallup poll sorry out on Reuters of the Gallup poll conducted mostly after the draft of the Supreme Court decision addressing abortion rights was leaked after decade which Americans identification is pro-choice, very nearly between 45 and 50% the percentages jumped 6 points to 55% in the latest Buncombe poll compared with prior measure a year ago pro-choice sentiment is now the highest Gallup is measured since 1995 when is 56%.

Similarly, for the first time in Gallup's trend on the moral acceptability of abortion, the shows you where the soul of America's going originating at 2001. A majority of Americans, 52% consider abortion morally acceptable. Think about that 52% of Americans consider abortion the murder of an unborn child to be morally acceptable which means what friend which means their moral compass is whacked if they have one at all. While a record low 38%. Call it morally wrong, just 30% of your neighbors say all you killing an unborn child in the womb is morally wrong, whereas 52% say it's not which leaves the other percentage like what like you don't know you don't understand that the problem to the latest survey was conducted by by telephone May 2 to the 22nd with a nationally representative sample, which means age, sex, so on and so forth and so you have Americans at least on the heels of the leak going more pro-choice over to talk to Mark Meckler again.

I interviewed him just the other day, so you'll hear the recording of that interview where we talked about the poll that they did. Looking at the continued radicalization or normalization. If you want to look at it the right way of the Democrat party and the progressive movement so we talk about that as well as talking about convention of states in general and convention estate specifically here in North Carolina where we are having the freedom rally convention of states holding the freedom rally this Wednesday right here in Raleigh downtown, but on Halifax Mall which is right behind the legislature downtown Raleigh Wednesday starting at 11 AM skin to be good whether Mark Meckler's gonna be in town. Lieut. Allen West Lieut. Col. Allen West will be in town and so great speakers in a great movement trying to at just you know, take advantage of our constitutional rights. That thing that Constitution this thing right here. I have it in my hot little hands is not very long, but the most incredible document of governance ever written in the history of the world outside of the Bible. Of course, but article 5, the Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution. What what only the Congress no or on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, meeting our many states we have time, which now two thirds is 34 of the 50 states that we have.

Sorry. Pres. Obama, but then you need three forts to ratify anything any proposed amendment, you need three force that's 38 states, which shoots down all the concerns even by Republicans and conservatives people to call themselves Republicans and conservatives like North, State Sen. Bill Ray Ben or Kathy Harrington or Tom McGinnis are all Republicans but appear to be afraid of. Well, you and me. So back to the Constitution here, or two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part of this Constitution meeting.

It will be incorporated when ratified by the legislatures of three force of the several states or by convention in three force thereof as the one of the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress wise us even in their well because you can have Congress back in propose and ratify minutes. The last was the 27th amendment proposed around 1791 and not instituted until the 1990s only took a couple hundred years ago that had to do a congressional pay raises, so they were in a hurried Institute that on themselves and certainly the desire to reel in federal spending and the scope of federal government and term limits.

Do you think friend that you would ever at any time. Now you on gods green earth get the U.S. Congress to seriously consider amending the U.S. Constitution in order to reign in its spending its power and its length of service meaning term limits. Of course not, they would never do it. That's why think the Lord some of our founding fathers literally couple days before the end of the constitutional convention said, hey, wait a second, we need to give the people a way to go around Congress and amend the Constitution themselves if they can get two thirds of the states to call a convention. That's 34 states and then depending on what they come up with.

They have some proposals to two. Change the U.S. Constitution amendments then you need 30 currently about 50 states you need 38 of the to ratify those amendments and you got an increasing number states controlled by conservatives right minded conservatives and so this is our way to go around Congress, which we need to do. Obviously, I mean our buddy Steve Jace talks about this often and in his endorsement of convention of states talked about it that we have a massive need.

This may be the only way that we can reel in the federal government is by instituting this provision of the United States Constitution, which is why Wednesday's rally is so important here in Raleigh. Halifax Mall right down behind the legislature starting at 11 AM. I'll be there emceeing it myself.

Mark Meckler will be in here to get to know here were in a play that interview when we come back from the break, but I'll be down there as well. Lieut. Col. Allen West people that love this country and believe in the power the Constitution even more importantly, believe in the power of you and me which, unfortunately, even here, North Carolina restaurant legislatures, Republican and pretty red there several of them, like Bill Ray, Ben or Kathy Harrington or Tom McGinnis, who appeared to be afraid of us, the people. That's a problem. Is it not to talk about the abortion issue with Mark Meckler convention estate in North Carolina. This convention states going on all of the country. Okay, so everybody states it will be right back show. Talk to Mark Meckler just the other day, president of convention states and as I mentioned, he was involved in the start of the tea party patriots in the tea party movement got involved in active and he was just just an attorney.

Back then, just got to doing it's thing and mind his own business and then got involved with public policy and activism and so that's what helped start the party patriots and then moved into started convention estates nine years ago. So we talked about a lot of different things. First, we started talking about the abortion. The dilute commission Trafalgar group and did a recent nationwide poll on abortion which will give you different. Look at it than what the Gallup poll that just came out, so let's let's run this. This was me with Mark Meckler just the other day abortion, obviously with what's going on with Roe versus Wade Supreme Court in the leak and everything I thought was interesting that convention of states. Action jumped into this one. So what was kind of the process behind commissioning the poll the first place and will talk about the results.

Sure we do polls constantly and the reason we started pulling probably a year and 1/2 maybe no going back two years is because of our respect for the American people. I travel a lot admitted 48 states the last couple years generally feel like I have a pretty good for a pulse, a hands-on pulse of what people are thinking around the country. We wanted to back that scientifically and do actual points. A lot of the questions come from just what I'm hearing grassroots talk about. I'm consistently looking for places where you think the media has the narrative wrong there misrepresenting what regular people think and then we do those polls so we do on a variety of subjects. This one just obviously happen to be the hot button issue because of the link around the Dobbs case and no I think there were some pretty surprising results in here yet because the assumption is when you get the mainstream media narrative going that the overwhelming majority of Americans want unrestricted abortion across the country.

This was such an affront that the Supreme Court could dare to overturn Roe versus Wade which is obviously a sacred cow on the left and it's been interesting to watch the assumption which hasn't changed over time. I think that's the way they play it up and often times as we've seen over the years and certainly you have with the tea party patriots and then convention of states is the narrative that we get sold from the mainstream media. And then there's what actual normal people out on the street. Think about these things that did anything about this poll. The poll results on this surprise you. Mark got a couple of things in you know it is different than my personal opinion because I'm just a abortion should be illegal so that is one of the reasons I tell you that it is a Wednesday. We don't skew the poles to fit the narrative that we want. So one of the things that you see is I first of all, we didn't hold us in this poll but hold previously, the majority people have no idea what happens of Roe versus Wade is overturned for sure they don't understand that abortion will not be illegal all over the country just goes back to the state so most people don't understand that that's an important underlying sort of precursor is also important to note that the majority of Americans are not for making abortion illegal under all circumstances. The they really have a varying degree depending on where were at in the pregnancy, so we find is that the majority of people believe that abortion should be legal in the first trimester on that didn't surprise me. I can't understand us, for Americans that are not there. I don't like that. That's where America's but then when you find is that as you go into further on in the pregnancy to support for abortion becomes lower and lower across time and I think the most interesting thing to me was looking at Hispanics and that of a large chunk of Hispanics say talking over 30%, 32% of Hispanics say that it should be illegal, except in the case of rape or incest or the life of the mother and so one of these. This shows me is that the American Americans by and large are in favor of restrictions on abortion, especially in the second and third trimester and that even among their own base Hispanics and that Democrats have troubled their position does not find support among the American people. Yes, so are you surprised at all and I don't use the word surprise very often anymore because of the very few things are happening in this country at this point that surprised me and just for clarification. Everybody on the show podcast, Facebook, YouTube, all the all everybody. It's been a part of the show for a while.

Mark, I'm completely against abortion at all levels. I teach Christian ethics at got a Masters in Christian ethics so I can make that case, which is the point of our time together today but were on the same page with that, but it's interesting that I think they make the assumption that most of their own bases with them. Of course in the Hispanic population you're going to have a significant impact of their religious zeal that much like the effort American population, which is an interesting thing to study because, whereas most of them will say they know that the Bible would preach a pro-life message there's a problem there. When it comes to politics, but with a Hispanic population that's in surprise the Democrats that there mostly against it, but yet they take it for granted that it seems yeah I think they take it for granted because they take their basic constituent blocks for granted. In other words, they say, Hispanics vote Democrat.

They say black Americans vote Democrat. They think Asians know Democrats what's happening in this election cycle that I think is very unique is we're seeing a number of exceptionally polarizing issues, the teaching of critical race theory are actually just state-sponsored racism in our schools the idea of sexually indoctrinating young children in our schools abortion until birth. These are incredibly polarizing among all communities and so I don't think they can take those constituencies for granted.

You know, if you look at the official platform at this point of the Democrat party.

What all mainstream Democrats are saying is that they believe that abortion should be legal until the moment of birth, including partial-birth abortion. That is the official program of the Democratic Party. Only 11% of Americans believe that this is these are incredible numbers only 20% of the black community believes that 7% of the Hispanic community.

10% of the white community.

So basically what you're seeing is the vast majority of Americans across all racial demographics are opposed to the platform the Democratic Party on this issue and because this issue has now come to the fore as a mega mainstream issue coming into the midterm elections it's really going to hurt the Democrat how do you explain this an enormous difference between what their own constituents believe on this issue of abortion specially later on in the pregnancy versus the party line on it because there's that there there's really no almost no overlap there. So why do they have such a big disparity. I'm seeing this on all the issues all the really hot button issues that I just described, and I think the disparity comes from the fact that they have painted themselves into a corner and as the astute political observer over the decades and you and I both. I guarantee when you look at a political situation, whether you like it. I think that I know how these people can play this and get out of the situation and in this case, when I try to game it out want to do the chess game in my head for the Democrats. Their stock I feel like they're in a checkmate position and the reason is that they have all their enthusiasm in their base right now is on the radical left right lost the middle are not speaking to the middle. There's no money coming from the middle. There's not enthusiasm from the middle so the take these more radical positions to plaintiff that radical portion of the race that so enthusiastic if they move away from that they lose the radical base if they don't move away from that they lose the middle Hispanics, Blacks, young people, so I really feel like there really just caught between a rock and a hard place here and don't have a way out and nothing there you go.

So that's Mark my carbon keep talking to him about the radicalization of the Democrat party leave in the middle: cortical, normal people regularly minded people behind and they will move into convention of states and specifically with going on here in North Carolina will be right back up to this don't go anywhere over the Steve Noble showed great to be with little apology are friends on Facebook live in YouTube live and replant different elements from different races. Sometimes beer and studio that we should have all that figured out now so replaying my interview just the other day. Spoke to Mark Meckler because last week. If you were tuned in.

We talk to Joy Vrooman and Simon Percival who are with convention of convention states here, North Carolina Mark Meckler is the president of convention estate so I should be here Wednesday I'll be emceeing the event the freedom rally downtown Raleigh this Wednesday, June 8 starting at 11 AM Halifax Mall which is right behind the legislative building and this is the interview I was doing with my bike or the other day. First talking about nationwide abortion story they did with a commissioned a poll and got down in the new nitty-gritty of it in the one of the things that is some consistency in this and this is great, but it is the deal for me is somebody that thinks abortion should be outlawed across the board currently support for legal abortion in the first trimester runs more than 2 to 1 in favor 67% versus 27%. This is Simpson your neighbors a majority of Americans, 55% are generally against abortion in the second three months. That's the second trimester while 36% think it should be legal, so the child's you know about the size of from the tip your finger down pasture rest and you have to dismember them to kill them and pull them out when you do a second semester abortion in 36% of your neighbors in my neighbors think that's fine Amir and I'm like God bless America really how Americans are most unified in their views on the third trimester was 71% seven only 71% say abortion should not be legal.

At this stage. This is literally barbarism partial-birth abortion type things kill them inside the womb drag him out piece by piece. Whatever 71% say yeah we should do that while 20% say sure that's fine that legislature New York.

They like the whole city of pink because they codified into their law that the five minutes before little babies born. You can kill it in the womb. No problem. Let's pull applied that light up the city peak so screwed up this country's sorry if you don't like the fact that I said that work every once in a while. I'm just in the slip out okay right back to my interview of Mark Meckler just the other day convention estate split will you know we want to teach at critical race theory and institutionalized racism to kindergartners. We we just had us a story just pop up in Raleigh, North Carolina. Here I met just the other day that a kindergarten teacher and a special education class and trying to teach the kids colors was using a flip chart of one of the one of the pieces in the flipchart. She got it from this pro-LGBT Q plus organization and on the card for whites to the absence of color obviously was a quote quote pregnant man and so then that gets discovered in the. The principal and the school board jump sentences.

Okay that's not sanction. We can't do that. So there. There's so far gone on that thing that they that I think their assumption is what they can't leave us anyway. Even if we say abortion up to the moment of birth or even right after you push CRT for to push transgender is him to kindergartners. They see their their middle people that they're ignoring like you said, they can't leave anyway. Is that is that ever get a change.

I think to a certain degree they been right. I think it I think it has dramatically changed just in this last cycle and were seeing this of the school board meeting. I know a lot of people who were schoolboard activists anti-CRT activists become anti-Democrat who are Democrats and their attitude is like our party has gone insane and we don't necessarily, were not necessarily Republicans were not Democrats anymore and so what I think is going to happen is I think you're going to see a couple of different things and probably three different things to see a margin of people who have been lifelong Democrats who become Republicans, to predict that that is under 5% number 5% swing of Democrat and Republican makes a huge Jefferson most election number two I think you're gonna see a huge amount of Democrats who just don't vote, you know I can't vote for these people.

I'm not a Republican, so I'm not gonna cast a vote for Republicans. II just can't go along with the Republican program but I can't vote Democrat so they can stay home.

They are depressing their own base, which by the way, traditionally Democrat turnout is much lower than Republican turnout in midterms other than a depressed her own base and third is an interesting phenomenon I've been seeing, and frankly, I've been encouraging and that is this. If you're a Democrat and you think men are men and women are women you think little children shouldn't be sexually indoctrinated. You don't believe in teaching racism to young children. You don't believe in abortion till the moment of birth of that's you and your Democrat.

My opinion is in this cycle, you should vote for the most moderate Democrat.

You can find in a primary somebody doesn't believe in all that craziness. If you can find them and then in the general election. You should go for a Republican because the Democrats are going crazy and they've left you and you don't believe in any of that stuff is what you do is vote Republican to start to move things back to sanity until the Democratic Party comes your way may go back to voting Democrat again. I think you see quite a bit of crossover voting like that and it's can be. I would imagine from a polling perspective that's good to be hard to come to capture those people as we move towards November because there's a lot of people just like the first time Trump ran. I know a lot of people that were voting for trumpet they were going to slap a sticker on their car and then working to put a maggot hat on because they were struggling with the with other issues with respect to Trump but they voted for anyway so can we can we identify these people do you think polling wise marker they can become a slip through the cracks or I think that most pollsters cannot identify these people, but I would say that the Trafalgar group and Robert Kaylee who we work with can. He's the guy that figured out that there were these shy travelers. That's why you got it right in 2016.

That's why he was really close in 2020 2020. There were a lot of shy mega voters because the pressure was so intense right right you get shamed out of your job or out of your church or under school and so there are ways to ask the questions and ways to ask secondary questions that are predictive of how people will vote even if they're not being entirely truthful with you. So, assuming that the leak out of the Supreme Court came from one of the clerks on liberal justice, and I'm shocked that that hasn't come out yet that they haven't released anything. There's been no updates on that for a couple weeks at do you think that, ultimately, then, based on what you're saying Mark that that's actually gonna backfire on them. Could this just revealing more and more of their radicalism were there leaving a majority of their place behind yeah I do believe it is backfire on them when my very astute political friends who I was having lunch with about a week ago. He said you know how to handle the radical left and I said I think so, but what's your suggestion and he said whatever they're doing right now poured gasoline on because they can't help themselves. There saying things that are evil, crazy, out of touch with the American people and all you want to do is do more of that stuff and so I think organist is they can't help themselves. If Republicans playwright were just going to continue to push them to do more of that stuff and I think organist see organist see I think in 2022 in the midterms is actually going to make 2010 look small by comparison, and I was in the middle of that you was the largest swing class in history since 1938.

I know you were in the middle of that stuff and Morrissey something in my opinion, there was a wave year. This will be a tsunami year one 2010 in North Carolina. Most people most North Carolinians don't even notice that was the first time Mark in over a century over 100 years with the North Carolina legislature. The entire thing up in court controlled by the Democrat party for over 100 years and in 2010 flipped to Republicans and not just the Republican Party but to a vetoproof majority Republican Party that was 2010 yeah and we saw that all of the country again is something a lot of people that I know. I think at this point, over 1300 seats have switched parties since 2010 in the state legislatures hundred and 62 I believe switched from Democrat to Republican in the 2020 cycle so I think organist see that trend continue to have the greatest new states continue to get redder and redder another 31 states of both houses controlled by Republicans.

Minnesota is a split legislature in Virginia is split in the Virginia House of delegates just went red in the last cycle there in off year cycles.

That was 21.

Bill the Senate will go read. It's a one seat major Democrat majority. The little red in 2023 of the Minnesota were to win back the other chamber there this year that'll make 33 houses that are now and in the hands of Republicans both sides of 33 states and then I think we are going to pick up Maine or possibly Nevada, possibly Colorado in the next couple cycles. I think you're going to see 34 states of both houses controlled by Republican gel which is a remarkable thing and something for for me as a Christian I'm can I think the Lord for that type of move with that with that out there and that kind of power growing on the right with the red when you switch gears to just convention states generally should then help because it it's you guys have been at it for a while. Convention states you got a significant number states across the country that have been both out the both houses and the legislature. In most states. Mark correct me if I'm wrong, the governor doesn't have anything to do with it.

It's the state letter. That's correct.

So you've got a lot of states right how many have actually passed the convention estates resolution and it just just let's back up just a little bit dual convention of states 101 because most people even though I just did a showing that most people are aware of what this is what it is been our deposit right there were coming up on the break and so when we come back we'll finish up the interview with Mark Meckler. He's the president convention estates recorded at last Thursday summer to pick it up right there with a little convention estates 101 right out of the U.S. Constitution article 5 of the Constitution so that we the people can go around the swamp that we also know is Congress, don't we want to do that, don't we need to do that from stopping their power, their spending and how long they spend time up there absolutely will pick it up there with what's going 101 very briefly in article 5 of the niceties Constitution, the ways in which we can amend our Constitution are contained first clause is one, two thirds of both houses of Congress call for they can propose an amendment put it out the states for ratification by three quarters of the states all 27 of our member to come through this method. The second method, which is contained in the second clause says that when two thirds of states call for a convention, they can meet just like Congress and they can debate and propose amendments just like Congress.

So that's the People's opportunity to propose amendments and then those gods the states for ratification by the same method and so is the alternative method that was designed by the founders or time when the federal government became unresponsive to the people which pretty clearly describes where were at right now and so we found this project nine years ago to be nine years in August and the goal was to get to convention states to propose amendments and three subject matter is number one. Anything that would impose term limits on federal officials and members of Congress assess federal officials by the way, because we need to put term limits on the deep state staffers and bureaucrats and we don't we all know how bad that is now corrected is now number two is anything that would impose fiscal restraints on the federal government. Nothing a balanced budget amendment spending caps, tax caps, imposing generally accepted accounting principles on the federal government number three and frankly I think this is the least understood, but the most important is to impose scope and jurisdiction restraints on the federal government or federal government was given 17 enumerated powers under the original Constitution on nowadays because what the courts have done in Congress is done the numbers like 17 millions you and they literally have pretty much unlimited power. If we want to stuff that back in the box if you want to tell them know you can be involved in education or energy or healthcare know you may not pack the Supreme Court. The only way we can do that is by following a commissioner proposing these amendment so that's what were doing yet set Simon Percival when he or his works on the state level. Here, North Carolina but also on the federal level the other day during the show.

He said let me break those three things down and even simpler language. We want to take their power. We want to take their money.

We want to send him home so give us an update on where were at the convention of states and then let's talk about North Carolina will talk about the rally next week was a 19 states have passed out of the 34 Nesters Were Way past the halfway mark for states just in the last few months, that's Wisconsin Nebraska South Carolina your neighbor and West Virginia pastors in the last four months and they're locally we are just on the precipice of passing were ready as we passed the house. We tested handily. Good vote were now over in the Senate, we believe we have the votes were really struggling just to get them to let it out of committee and go to the floor.

I would say to be honest, there's a bit of I know what the right word is duplicity going on because we have our own whip count with count means just your vote count and we count that we have the votes and then we talked to the chairman of the committee, and Sen. Berger and they shall say look when we get in the caucus. There's four or five folks that are telling you that they're in favor they're telling us they're not in favor we want to bring to the floor until we know we have the vote. So we're close I were struggling to get across the line is to take your listeners to call their senators and let them know that this thing needs to happen really importantly it's going to be Sen. Berger, Sen. Raven. Those are the two key folks in getting this done Raven as the committee chair he's not been in favor in the past, but you know it's not that he's a bad guy think if we get enough pressure from the public on and we can get that done and and really Berger is the key to the whole Senate in my which is why I coming up on June 8 just on Wednesday just couple days away the rally to freedom rally downtown arrived on Halifax Mall everybody which is behind the legislative building building in downtown Raleigh from 11 AM to 2 PM Mark that that's why it's so important, hoping to get at least a thousand people out there just to could you get a put pressure as Ronald Reagan used to say either make them see the light which is education where you make him feel the heat, which is activism and showing up in and letting them know that were not going away that's required even in state that we would like to think liens read in many ways like North Carolina. Still, it's a challenge to what are some of the challenges that you run into, especially from conservatives or Republicans. Why would they have a problem with a constitutional exercise that is meant to return power to the people what's the beef with that yellow there's only one argument against it is made day in and day out.

I hurt all over the country and importantly it is the exact same argument from Planned Parenthood is the John Birch Society and Eagle for and when I say the exact same amend the same talking points and they say that there would be a runaway convention and we would lose our Constitution now to be fair, the radical left couldn't give a hoot about our Constitution right so it's just it's duplicitous there there saying something that's dishonest or just trying to scare people. I may have scared some people on the right into being their allies. It's unbelievable to me that conservatives in the North Carolina Senate conservatives and North Carolina politics would find themselves allied with Planned Parenthood.

When I say that I'm not I'm not being in any way facetious was a press release issued by common cause, which is a George Soros organization over 230 organization sign that press release was common cause center on budget and policy priorities. It was Planned Parenthood LaRose of is every public employee. Big public employee union all the bad people. The baby killers the America haters the Marxists the stone is all of these people signed a press release saying the convention states is the worst thing that could ever happen. And so to me it's stunning that you would have Republican senators that are on the same side of this issue, as all of those people and let me just explain why this is impossible, the idea of a runaway convention. The number one reason is just simple math. Not that smart.

But I can do math in the deal as it takes 38 states to ratify anything that comes at a convention convention is just a suggesting body and no power. They can't do anything other than make a suggestion and then goes out for ratification. And I keep hearing this one over and over which drives you crazy were to lose our Second Amendment happens convention is to run away their dinner propose the repeal of the limitation of the Second Amendment were to lose it and waste is this it takes 30 states to ratify the means it takes only 13 states to stop just the inverse math right. 25 states, including four added on this year have constitutional care needs.

You don't need a permit to carry a weapon so you got 25 states that have that you think you can you cannot get undercutting states that when reveals that if it gets more extreme, 24 states allow you to carry your handgun inside the state capital 14 states allow you to carry along got a loaded long. Got NAR inside the state capital. Are you telling me you kick at 13 states to say no to the repeal. Second, it's just not rational. Frankly this point frustrates me and I'll be blends: stupid.

So what what what's actually behind what so that's the excuse they're using. It's gonna be a runaway convention but that's ridiculous. The numbers aren't there. Nothing crazy could come out of that because it has to go through the process till still getting all a lot of states to say yes only crazy stupid anti-constitutional things from a bone and marrow perspective.

Like the second minutes not going anywhere. So what's really behind is this, they just are afraid to give people power.

Yes, I think you look it's just fear and this drives our opponents crazy, especially on the right, but I'm tired of hearing for fearful people who lack courage and in you know when God lists the things that he hates at the top of that list towers and I mean that's really to be to be really blunt and what I hear the arguments I hear what I testified in the legislature to go around.

I talked to people's I am afraid I am worried I'm concerned, I'm scared and I think thank God you people were the ones called upon to fight the American Revolution because there would be no United States of America and we are a country built on courage, not fear on taking chances not being risk-averse.

We're the country that has been built on doing the impossible. And these people are so fearful they're stuck in their paradigm and the maybe they love the status quo so much that they are resisting restoring the constitutional belts yeah I think that's very well said, and right on point. One last thing. Mark just challenge and encourage and invite our audience out there on radio on Facebook live YouTube live in the podcast coming up on Wednesday, June 8 at 11 AM Halifax Mall downtown Raleigh behind the legislature.

Why should we be there to support what's going on with convention states your legislature is hanging in the balance here about whether they're going to say no to Washington DC there is really no way for them to say no to Washington DC if you think DC is loaded being unresponsive, dangerous, and corrupt, then you need to, and let your legislatures know legislators know bring a chair, bring a blanket I'll be there Rick Green was America's constitutional coach will be there when my heroes Lieut. Col. Allen West will be there.

Jonathan and his cats will be there from.

He's American by choice American citizen by choice really powerful speaker is given a great lineup of speakers love a recorded video message from Sen. Rick Santorum is serves as a senior advisor to our organization where some fun in the biggest reason is I want to meet you all.

Personally, so if you come, come up and shake my hand, say hello, let me thank you for being an engaged and involved American citizen, a man I'm out right there with you on that. Looking forward to that. On Wednesday, seen here in town. Mark Meckler, Pres. convention of states. God bless you my friend. Thank you so much for your efforts and will see you soon right so that with Mark Meckler again present in the convention states and so that was just great interview is a great guy cares about the country loves the country any active okay he was minding his own business back during the startup of the petri tea party patriots right the tea party itself, and then he and Jenny Beth Martin and Jenny Beth Martin and her husband. They were basically broke they were in financial straits and Mark Meckler was just trying to make a difference.

The great thing about the tea party is just created a lot of activists. People that got off their rear ends all of a sudden said okay I gotta do something that was really about the government take over the healthcare system in so that gave birth to a lot of activists and he stayed with it. So Mark will be here this Wednesday 11 AM downtown Halifax Mall here in Raleigh right by the legislative building sequence look that up Halifax Mall. I got the links up on Facebook live will continue to share that I'll be emceeing the event starts at 11 AM. The freedom rally with our friends at the convention of states action here in North Carolina freedom rally June 8 this Wednesday 11 AM down to Halifax Mall right behind the legislature's Mark Meckler be there. Rick Green's great constitutional coach Col. Allen West and Jonathan category who is actually from Venezuela. People from basically communist socialist nations come here and want to tell you something you should listen so it's great information will be back tomorrow.

The full show. God willing, this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble show gobbling up talking then like my dad always used to say whatever form or another program powered by the Truth Network

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