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Money Monday: The Big Picture

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 7, 2022 9:35 pm

Money Monday: The Big Picture

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 7, 2022 9:35 pm

Money Monday: The Big Picture

Steve talks to David Fischer for a whole Money Monday to discuss online currency. Where is money going and how will it be used?

Our goal is to apply Biblical Truth to the big issues of the day and to spread the Good News of the Gospel to as many people as possible through the airwaves as well as digitally. This mission, like others, requires funding.

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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why you work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his shoulders. Great troop, no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 troop 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. Okay, welcome back. Funny thing, reminder, tomorrow the freedom rally downtown Raleigh with convention of states starting at 11 AM. That's Halifax moribund legislature will be BMC soap if you can come down tomorrow here in Raleigh.

Please do that and come support our right to a petitioner government in this case to try to get to take away some of their power. Take away some of their money and send them home sooner than they want to go home through a conversation about some amendments to the U.S. Constitution that Congress would never do on its own, which is why convention of states as I started that up nine years ago and are seeing a lot of activity across the country. A bunch of states of Artie passed it just to have a conversation so that's tomorrow. North Carolina here in Raleigh starting at 11 AM okay Wednesday, June 8 to make sure you're there for that I get the links up on Facebook were going to do a money Monday on a Tuesday but working to come out of a little bit differently today with our good friend David Fisher is working to be looking at some big picture items that are not showing up really on the front page of anything. So for example this is in the Washington just yesterday or this morning. The World Bank warns global economy may suffer 1970s style stagflation.

The global economy may be headed for years of weak growth and rising prices, years, friends, a toxic combination that will test the stability of dozens of countries still struggling to rebound from the pandemic. The World Bank warned Tuesday that since the 1970s when twin oil shocks sapped growth and lifted prices, giving rise to the malady known as stagflation.

As the global economy faced such a challenge. Follow-up from Russia's invasion of Ukraine is aggravated the global slowdown by driving up prices for range of commodities. Yada yada. This will be the sharpest slump after an initial post recession rebound that the global economy has suffered in more than 80 years quote the risk from stagflation is considerable with potentially destabilizing consequences for low and middle income economies that David Malpass present of the multilateral development institution based in Washington. There's a severe risk of malnutrition and of deepening hunger and even a famine in some areas that should sound familiar euros Doug student of Scripture. Persistent inflation raises the chances that the Federal Reserve and other central banks will sharply increase interest rates to cool off demand. That's happened in the late 1970s developing countries.

As a group or a record amount of foreign banks. That's not good, but the world's top economies will not escape damage get this big economists now expect the United States to grow this year by just 2.5% down from the 3.7% rate.

They projected in January and China, world's second-largest economy will fall short of the government's annual growth target expanding by 4.3% that would be Beijing's worst full year figure since 1990.

Excluding 2020 when the pandemic pressed activity so there's all kinds of things that are that are part that are being discussed. When it comes to the economy and inflation in the Fed and this that nothing but there's some other things going on. I would say behind the scenes that are big picture. 30,000 foot things that will fall into a biblical worldview. One way or the other. When you look at what is ahead of us. So we've got digital dollar not not just a talking crypto, but here in America. The Fed got said central bank digital currencies and then some something up. Talked about pretty regularly on the show for the last couple years, the world economic forum's great reset with Clouse Schwab sounds exactly like he's out of a James Bond movie so slightly different take today with our good friend David Fisher on full money Monday on a Tuesday. Just as the holiday week last week but will get back on schedule. But David, great to have you on my brother how are you doing good. Reminds me of the lines of Scripture seven years of great abundance by seven years of famine analogy of the all the lien cows eating his heart held no Scripture is riddled with horizon Paul countries nation's leaders and malicious part of the cycle of the of what God is ordained that's right that's right it's exactly like what what you're referencing. We go back to Egyptian Daisy seen this time and time again, but we know there is another story afoot. As we move towards the end of human history on on the earth before Jesus comes back. So today on our full money Monday with David Fisher from La Marque, M. Our As always working to come to look at some big picture, long-term things that have been developing and have been seeing a significant movement, David, but really don't make the front page when it comes to the news and that's that's a big big of a bit of a concern in and of itself, as well as the significance of each one of these things to talk. Ignorance is not bliss your money on it, especially when the ball so it goes for old Scripture. There's a few scriptures do you allude to the fact of maybe having a one world government one world currency topics were and talk about. So how do we get from world if were going the direction what are the steps and things are need to be implemented. Things were talk about today. We found global conspiracy, not because it is factual, documented data that the Fed admits and shoulders world leaders and weave into that old other crazy topics government in the world economic forum. I think a lot of eyeballs eyebrows will be raise and possibly eyeballs my pop a little bit.

It really is amazing.

You have to member all these things are. This is the easy thing about the disease and that were in is very little that's hidden anymore me know a great reset.

The world economic forum. They are right out there websites meeting Adamo's there putting their stuff out there all over YouTube.

I mean, this is not hiding from anybody. It's just that most of us live pretty myopic lives. David and were just focused on getting through the here and the now, especially with inflation and gas prices and all the challenges that we have, but these things are real select. Let's start here on the side of the pond in the looking to get bigger and bigger as we talk about the central bank in the world economic forum in the great reset. Let's start with the Fed right here working on their own version of people think crypto currency but tell us about the digital dollar will just set it up in the will hit the break and will unfold and come back. So this actually starts on the other side of the pond, but in trying to trying it was the warmest being plain shows 12 United States been playing checkers on this were way behind the curve. But we want to play a part of the game if you will shoulder trying to one, according to a billionaire for recorded many times who runs a huge head on.

His name is Kyle Bausch that's become a household name on your program. You said this just recently about the Chinese digital currency. It is, I think the single largest threat to the West in the last 50 years.

That's a significant statement coming from somebody that's is financially sensible as that. Gentlemen were talking to David Fisher just kicking it off and got a lot of big picture stuff to talk about that. Remember, we have not been given a spirit of fear, this is Steve Noble will be right back to Steve Noble show doing full money Monday day.

On Tuesday I know what day it is lack everyone. So if James schedule based on holidays or what have you with our good friend David Fisher from La Marque capital La Marque is his website is always landmark talk about some big picture issues and you started David again, thanks for being with us today at work I do a little extra time next Monday on when we would normally do money Monday update because were talk about these big picture things is all kinds, breaking news, David is on vacation. I was on vacation so I were to do two segments next Monday. But today were doing a full show talking about China way ahead of us on their own digital currency and then the Fed working on a digital dollar, what, what's going on with all of that and why are we moving so quickly towards digital currency at all. Exploring this idea since 2014 and they launched their test of April last year and what it is.

The Chinese and 20 Concord 20 cities skews me different cities in China. They do the test pilot and it was highly successful everywhere was given additional help on the phone just like you pay, you know with Apple page on your phone.

It was meant they made it really easy and different, though this digital system gets around the US dollar because currently right now. 87% of global transactions with China souls are sold in dollars, so this is an internal thing that was done to test it out was highly successful and the app on your phone does several things. Good traction. You were your your name, your equivalency of your Social Security number. Any independent identifiers. Another words, your contacts and where you are located at all your purchases. It also has the ability to critically: expiration so you gotta spend the money you lose the money so they jumpstarted the economy back in 2021. Through this digital out only about 90, 90% of national central banks are in the planning stages of launching week-old central bank digital currency in the Fed is one of them currencies out there right now besides 03 besides China one is in the Eastern Caribbean it's been there for two years. The sand dollar is been in the Bahamas and the occurrence she called and in the area in Nigeria which do very well because of their technology, but the Bank of International settlement estimates that this is going to be the way and that over 100 nations are in the planning stages to us. The Federal Reserve were behind this whole curve but could only start about three years ago, but they're moving at light speed.

The Boston Massachusetts Institute of technology is in collaboration with the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. They been working on the test pilots already gone to stage one stage one is based.

RFID technology were 1.7 million transactions per second can now happen, which is true .5 times the number transaction that Beasley can handle on their own network and the transactions were settled in less than two seconds. So this does work now to get ready to do. Phase 2, and that is the problem that this digital takes away your privacy.

It does not safeguard Americans privacy rights while balancing the goal of transparency to determine if there's criminal activity, so please choose. How do we figure out how to do both and keep the privacy format because were an independent free country and yet that's you bye-bye "the and while at the same time. The bad guys who were doing this stealing money and still make it operable so this is the challenge that have not yet forget about and I don't know if there's going to be able to figure it out because the background of the bed digital dollar when you look at it is in another article it says that their all-encompassing they would be all. Here's the quote. Imagine that the central banks would be a kind of powerful financial intelligence unit that can audit or block your account ensure that money can be spent on certain items and devalue the currency just by typing so this is this is because I think at first glance. David was talking to David Fisher and a full money. Monday I landmark At first glance is a little lower additional currency that that sounds convenient I can do it on my iPhone or my Apple watch or whatever, but with all the steps of a convenience in the digital world you're talking about control and privacy and then you go over to something like ESG scores environmental and in and governance in social scores and now they start to control the flow of our currency and if you don't have good environmental scores in social media scores and do you believe in the right things to celebrate the right pride at the right month and all that kind of stuff that starts to get massive control to people who are really behind the scene. We talked about about three months ago under program winds picked for the comp control is currency for his first pick on lawyers over who said publicly before she went before Congress and what her goals were is to have everybody have a Federal Reserve account where your account would be transferred to your private account will be transferred to current bank account be treasurer of the Federal Reserve and all the banking would be done through the Federal Reserve. This is the step that this encompasses. This relates to that. This is the platform for that show when we get there in our lifetime. I think if I do say yes or no. I think we will get there. I don't think it's too far in the distant future because of technology evolving and the intention of control and that's the thing that's scary and that's why we have to talk about this is where this movement is closed, and this goes dovetails right into the world economic forum to because that's the goal to but the goal is to have if we stand back and look at the big picture is to have a one world currency, one government, one will control will rebound to that system.

And this is steps along the way because we look back 40 years ago writing a check was the norm. We didn't know what debit card was the last time I wrote a short was last time you wrote a check. I can't remember the last time I wrote a check. It's rare. Most people don't use it all. So I think in the future which can become the norm is not using a debit card. What is going to become of the norm is using your phone. It's not normal to you and I in our age bracket right now is not for me but it is very normal in the millennial's and the next age group coming out. Give me $20 bill is like what's this you know everything is on Apple TV readings on the phone and now your Apple watch and just scan it across whatever and nobody's really thinking too much. Beyond that, other than the personal convenience, but there's a lot to unpack here and working to do that in the second half the shell is all the stuff in a fault quite nicely into the world economic forum's great recess.

I got some stuff on to read about that we come back on this one David. So many things to talk about. These are big picture issues going into the future. Fitting in with the physical world view of the end of human history.

It's not crazy. This is actually happening David about this and all will be right back buddy don't go anywhere back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble show, doing a full money Monday on a Tuesday with a good friend, David Fisher from Lamar M. and talk about the digital dollar.

The feds working on that central bank digital currencies are working on it 100 nations out there planning on it.

China's been working on it since 2014 Cialis digital currency which gives a lot of control to governments and then that's why I mention organ to get into the great recession world economic forum. That's why I mention ESG scores to get into ESG scores. That's environmental, social and governance him to bring David David bring up in just a second here and and right now these are being used for companies okay so were to look at these, but these companies organ agreed to give a grade.

I think the highest score you can get is like. I think it's 100 and there's three different sections environmental, social, governance and land want to think about this is personally how do you do your can have an ESG score yourself. China's already doing this tracking your social media thing. How do you spend money Bulova and they start to see what kind of a person you are okay. I'm not a good person for that Chinese perspective, I'm not a good person from a progressive perspective. The liberal perspective the Universalist perspective, a the world is a cratering perspective and not a good person because my ESG score below environmental resource use emissions and innovation social workforce like looking at a company. How diverse is your workforce human rights. You believe in a woman's right to manage her body the way she wants all your pro-life, I'm sorry that's gonna hurt your ESG score what your community like you have enough people in the from the LGBT Q IA plus plus community that we look at that get to me white people working there. The lawyer ESG score and governance, management, shareholders, and strategy management. Do you don't have enough LGBT Q plus plus whatever same thing with shareholders see and then Saul begins to manipulate people and then think of this.

On a personal level. How do you think you would do with an ESG score today as a biblical Christian. I think you would do. I'm guessing not so well right so here's a great reset and this is right from the website for the world economic forum now is the time for a great reset Cova.Cova 19 lockdowns may be gradually easing, but anxiety about the world social and economic prospects is only intensifying is good reason to worry. Sharp economic downturn has already begun and we could be facing the worst depression since the 1930s, but while this outcome is likely. It's not unavoidable to achieve a better outcome. The world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp get this all aspects of our societies and economies from education to social contracts like government by the consent of the governed, and working conditions in every country from the United States to China must participate in every industry from oil and gas to tech must be transformed. In short, we need a great reset of capitalism. I'm not reading that from some crazy sub Reddit form. Okay, that's right from the world economic forum great reset website.

Sounds pretty crazy, but it's true isn't it, David Fisher, Charles Schwab Mr. Schwab call Schwab thinks is the best thing since sliced bread is the one that started this whole thing and just a couple weeks ago, Sen. Rand Paul on Fox News said on Thursday said that the world economic forum gathering and all those is remaking that it is not talking thing. This is not a conspiracy theory. It's an actual organization that is seeking a one is physical, one world government. Rather, it is in their mission statement in this would be a government. He defines a world government where you don't get to vote on anything or anybody. So it is something that's been set up in the workings for almost a decade now and is we talk about the global you leave one usually refers to a small group of wealthy and powerful individuals that are somewhat like you know secrecy and this is just the opposite. Right after they make no bones about what they're going to do their pushing hard for the plan. In fact, I'm reading an article would like to go through.

I can list all 10 things of their wanting to do, but they will gather the seven of them and all seven because the hair on the back of my neck much here there, but they can't think go like wow this is really happening came and how their annual conference.

Just to let me just so you guys don't think just so you don't think that this is Clouse swab was obviously injured, and a few people and they get together they had 1500 private jets fly into Dallas Switzerland for this meetings. Couple weeks now and I'm looking at a full list of all the partners.

I'm just going to go a little bit under sampling from ANB.

I'm not going to the rest the alphabet not throw something out there so people can see the enormity and the power behind this great reset. These are all the people that are part of the world economic forum in the great reset games go through a few of them out there. I'm starting in a okay that's I'm just the AARP. Let's see who else Adobe we know that when a G you should know that what you've got to aggro America to a AIG massive insurance company Airbus okay think of that you know Airbus is Allied Bank ally digital services going back over here. Amazon, not exactly a small group of folks Amazon Anheuser-Busch it's all over the map who's in the APG asset management Apple I'm just in the Acer friends Apple Astra AstraZeneca is an hour and a big Pharma and that's just the A's axis Bank height limit crack open the bees and all just sampled. I will right-click and then let's dive in David right now looking at B Bahrain economic develop import okay pain and company that's the Mormon guy, the senator payment company that's the Bain capital. He's in there that's Mitt Romney Bain capital.

Let's see who else Banko BTG Paxil Banko Burdette scale a bunch of banks in here Bank of America Inc. of China, BASF care, this is all over the map David and I'm just in the bees and I'm just sampling.

Okay, this is real and this is superpowerful about your household name that affects your health. See how about Bill Gates and Microsoft.

That is one of the largest computer companies out there that you know creates this whole platform when we get into this that the technology were there going to use this to their advantage. The list I know it's a copy of Steve it's like just to summarize it this way, if you're a who's who you on the list right you mentioned this guy just I just queued up based on health okay AstraZeneca Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Nestl, Novartis, Pfizer, Royal Phillips. I mean it's crazy the amount of power here, but let's not work to this list of seven things you have to do want people to be eyes wide open and the steel. Number 10 penetrating governments. In other words, call Schwab boundary thinks that having a democracy is the fantasy thing and it doesn't really work. He thinks that's the obstacle for full globalization of the world dominance and so in 2010. She wrote a report called global redesign with proselytizing. This whole globalized world, managed by self-selected the correlation of multiple corporations, governments, things that you just listed a lot of American companies are in on this thing saying and also the UN is by the way, let's create the exact opposite of democracy work. Governments are no longer use as you argues in his statement that governments are no longer the overwhelmingly dominant actors on the world stage and that the time has come for now, a new stakeholder time paradigm of international governments show that's what he says is really important. Number nine. The comment on any of these Steve game mind controlling using sound waves in 2018.

The technology was developed use of limited use in the medical field for all timers and WTF world economic forum is now testing out mind control soundwaves will turn what you believe to what you think and alter what you will do also like this is the mindset that that they've got the answer all of us little plebeians so when were trying to deal democracy organ have a freedom rally tomorrow. No, no, no, because this is the progressive mindset is that's all about education and smart people and smart people can solve all the worlds problems we don't need to worry about morality. We don't need to worry about your little gods big G little G, whatever. It's just the wisest, smartest, most experienced people on the planet can solve all the problems in all of us just need to follow along your own nothing control nothing to be happy about it that's that's the great reset your doctor right will get to number one you will own nothing and you will be happy so that was developed in the paper in 2016 by a member of Parliament in Denmark and said, quote welcome to 2030 oh nothing, I have no privacy in life has never been better. That's the quote the world economic forum will love the quote they tweeted about it. In fact, they created you to get it on YouTube website it says I don't own anything. I don't recall I don't know what else I don't own any" sciences as I'm happy and I'm happy. Can you hear the hiss of the snake. David John holds talking about the great reset, courtesy of the world economic forum, you'll owe nothing, you'll be happy. Jesus came to think that you like the plan they want to take it off and go back to sleep.

Normal is the normal show talking about money Monday and Tuesday but some really big big big items out here as were talking about the digital currency. The digital dollar. The digital currency in China and talk to David Fisher course from landmark capital landmark 100 nations planning on it, digital currency, which gives them more control also is wacky dozen exhibit isn't all the things are happening in the check this out for yourself which then gets us to the world economic forum in their great reset run by a basically a bond that guy got Charles Schwab is just crazy. Call Schwab sorry and not just on their partners thing so you're worried about we talk about who socialism with the rise of Marxism. Those are ants. Those are ants biting at your toes.

Okay, elitism, corporatism, talk about the most powerful people the most powerful organizations.

The most powerful companies and then easily they start to sway even the most powerful countries out there, some looking at some of these world economic forum partners and I'm just in the one that's looking at information technology and needs of the companies that are involved. Accenture Amazon Cisco Dell technologies, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, way, way technologies, which is out of China, IBM, Intel, Infosys, MasterCard, meta, which is Facebook Microsoft mean these are Verizon visa. These are massive companies coming together with the most influential powerful people on the planet like Bill Gates and and that's just I know it sounds crazy, but it isn't and you look at it all for yourself just the world economic forum and a great reset and you'll find it right there and eyes wide open at sampling sites are not hiding from anybody which is amazing.

But it also reminds me just of the biblical worldview and we need to understand what God is Artie told us about where this world is going. Did he not David Fisher. Absolutely.

And so that's why were matching up going and overseeing the coloring of the drawing, being put to the canvas where we can see this is actually making a simple picture. You know it's going to happen soon as Michael talked about it so economic form is a powerful force without any of the Chancellor sale temperatures are just a couple more about pills that contain a microchip.

See your Pfizer in 2018.

So there you go. Developed how about we talk about in recalibrating your freedom of speech taking away your freedom to talk openly about having your cell phone put in your body.

By 2030. I have a device in my body electronic device that saved my life. Plus the doing of a huge miracle because sainthood here Mike H played I can tell you I will have another electronic device in my body.

I want to track me dictate my life doesn't tell me what thoughts I need to believe or think or act probably should live. But that's where this is going. So I would encourage all believers that are hearing my voice from experience for sure you go to the top and operation second of all you want to be controlled in that way because we don't have the spirit of slavery with the spirit of freedom and that it should be income based solution the world I want to say this is the mark of abuse or get way out there, but this is the direction that type of road is where this is all leading to and you have another article that's an update, not from the company, not from anybody with precious metals analyst for financial wellness is name is Aubrey Gilbert.

She wrote an article June 3 titled your bank shave. There will be no more bank bailouts and we talked about what a bill and is how your money is not safe how you can get your money safe you didn't advocate gold. There's other ways to he said, but there is news out there that everything I been talking about the big picture of the people in our writing about it. We don't have the spirit of allotment, but we have a spirit of peace, but that doesn't mean that we should not be engaged in the work gold and silver take a will and this is it puts a portion of your money outside the system that can be controlled you valued some of the crypto currency is not additional currency. They can't be controlled by the world economic forum outside the system and it happens to be something that's been around for 6000 years and is called money.

Not but you can these gold and silver as a hedge against all this is a private outfit so will save you from inflation evaluation and control bank bill and it does a lot of things that paper assets and can't do and that's why we talk about portion the seven or portion to aid because you do not know what tragedy may befall you, and there's likely there's there's instantly if they so glad to see this real economic form. The great reset. They have a group called the young global leaders.

Elon musk was a part of that before interest years ago actually spoke Adamo's they didn't like what he had to say very much, but were also walking through this article which I just shared on Facebook live on the on the live feed today.

The top 10 creepiest and most dystopian things pushed by the world economic form. Let me show you an example. This is number four David. That should particularly get the attention of Americans because these guys are all about a week what they call recalibrating freedom of speech is a direct quote from one of these people involve the world economic forum. This was the Australian Julie Inman grant to said the following, we are finding ourselves Commissioner we are finding ourselves in a place where we have increasing polarization everywhere and everything feels binary when it doesn't need to be.

Which is funny so I think were going to have to think about a recalibration of a whole range of human rights that are playing out online. You know from freedom of speech to the freedom to be free from online violence of freedom of speech gets to be a problem for these people because they don't and they talk about all we can be so binary. Are you kidding me there beyond binary. There just one. They have one view, one perspective, one idea and everybody else that comes against that. That's crap that's that's why free speech is a problem. This is crazy article in the conclusion. Steve on the last page there I think is really good to talk about this for the last few moments of doubt, it says upon receiving the list of common themes become obvious. The first theme is penetration the world economic form wants to penetrate governments using global leaders also wants to penetrate our bodies through pills, microchips and vaccines also wants to penetrate our minds using Shumway censorship and propaganda and the other females control they want to control what we think were we go, what we say we each and what we wear, and I would add to that, and what we believe and what we own, rather than what we don't own the reference right there in the conclusion were readings in this article that was on zero you know who agrees with the world economic forum China censorship is widespread societal credit system controls people's behaviors and covert it still uses an excuse for massive lockdowns, which by the way the world economic forum great reset loves lockdowns and total population control, not to mention the literal concentration camps. Despite all this, Chinese officials are constantly present in a world economic forum meetings. Why because China is basically laboratory for the world economic forum's policies and mean this is really all this is happening and they just want to control everything that's ultimately a spiritual, of course, because God Jesus came to make us free. St. just wants us enslaved in the world economic form of the great reset is exactly that to me that that's pretty obvious to me why Trident was the leader through traded into this world economic form is one of the major countries.

That's why they started in my opinion the digital long before the rest of the world and us, whether we are spirit, light years ahead.

And that's what were going to see the rest of the world, ketchup, and eventually I favor and have a one world visual system, and that might not be too far from being at the center of the world economic forum because that is ultimate control, which is what they want. Yeah, it's really it's really amazing which is why we have to again this is this is the strange tension we live in is Christians, we know that this is not our ultimate home. We know that we have a new heaven and a new earth to look forward to when Jesus comes back and writes all the wrongs and incidentals. Every account we know all that, but we do live in the here and the now David and and we need to be good stewards of what we have.

We need to let other people know because we can see people being controlled.

Which is it Satan's way to move them away from the gospel.

Everything about this. This is all spiritual. Don't think that were just talking money here in finance were talking spiritual stewardship.

What you allowed to come into your mind and control the bad stuff and get it out every thought captive to be kept in control of your body. Stewardship of your temple with the Holy Spirit resides not put things in your body that might harm you or cause short-term or long-term effects on not diluting to just vaccines in putting me in the box. I'm saying himself also look at the big picture show ways how to get away from a lot and you have to be a good steward of the funds of the Lord is entrusted you don't have your money in one asset class that includes gold and put all your money and put all your money in stocks will put all your money and roasting, don't put all your money in the bank but also money in all those areas and that's called diversification.

Jan will talk about that and unpack that a lot more next Monday. Again would normally do money Monday update just the last segment of the show next Monday but were executed. The second half of the show will do the whole second half of the show on the I'm back to kind of the issues that have the stuff is playing. Where were at right now with the usual topics that we talk about what the Fed is doing what's going on with inflation and the prices of food and gas and all of that, but we need to keep our eye on what's happening. The bigger picture, which is all I mean II said this to David Jeremiah spoke several years ago he wrote a great book this probably 10 years ago. About 10 things that kinda show you where were going right now what the kind of the end of human history. And I said to him. At one point in the interview I said you know what Dr. Jeremiah it's all lining up nicely as an any kind of CI and really look at it that way but that's exactly what's happening and that's why we should take a certain amount of comfort in God's word is true blabbing with your life on it and you can build your house on a David for people to get more information just connect with you what's best way to do that through 575024575 I'm I think I bless you.

Will talk to you next week. Have a great week. Talk to you and again tomorrow 11 AM downtown. The freedom rally with our friends at convention states. I'll be there to and seeing the event. 11 AM Halifax mall by the legislature. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shown God willing I'll talk to you soon.

Like my dad always used to say perform another program powered by the Truth Network

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