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Disinformation 101!

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June 3, 2022 10:20 pm

Disinformation 101!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 3, 2022 10:20 pm

Disinformation 101!

Steve talks to a concerned father about a kid's camp that allows confused boys to be in a girl's cabin. He also talks about social media cancelling.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why you were.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his shoulders and walked through no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble and everybody hope over time is here. Obviously a good reminder that it was like what in the mid-90s for a couple of days called off today so that's nice but summertime is here in a couple weeks I'll actually be broadcasting from Nashville, Tennessee right by the grand old Opry at the Gaylord huge facility there there big conference center hotel thing faith and freedom which is root started by Ralph really done some things with them in the past and did his work on the grassroots level and across the country. They have their annual convention. There a lot of great speakers but I'm in.

They invited me to come be a part of radio row so I'm in a do the show that Friday. Which would you be June 17 live from Nashville and hopefully will be able to grab some great interviews gets big speakers while I'm there sort of work on that and a be a part of that and just try to gather more information and education and inspiration. Yes, I don't need a whole lot of that at this point my career I'm up inspired and engaged and informed. And so I don't really need a lot of progress has been embossed up so I don't go to a lot of, but a lot of that stuff but every once in a while I do. And when I have an opportunity I'll see that but again I am not somebody that lacks motivation for doing what I do urge being engaged what's going on. The national conversation or statewide conversation or even a local conversation, so I'll be there in a couple weeks next Wednesday. As a reminder, the freedom rally we heard from our friends at convention of states. Just the other day and then on Monday I just interviewed yesterday. Mark Meckler who started the convention of states movement nine years ago Marx could be here next Wednesday for the freedom rally downtown Raleigh Halifax mall it's that big grassy area behind the states legislature so there were to be gathering there.

I'll be serving as the MC Lieut. Col. Allen West is going to be there a lot of great speakers.

Mark Meckler is fantastic. I interviewed him yesterday he was awesome on the play. Part of that that interview in its entirety. Actually, I'll play on Monday so that's can be great, and that's all about trying to pressure unfortunately have to pressure our own government here in North Carolina in about 4 to 8 senators really particularly three. But a few others that are kinda soft on it and to show them that there's more more people waking up. The convention estates is is a is a constitutional mechanism and that got to. I didn't know this but this is a constitutional story just a couple of days before they finalize the constitutional convention there like Kate, we have a problem.

We messed up. We messed up on something. The only way that you can amend this constitution is going to be through Congress.

What about the people because what if our Congress up in DC actually isn't representing the people. Well, can we go around checks and balances is the mentality you want to have their and so they put into place convention of states which would allow states if you get enough states August 30 four states to say okay were to have our own convention and have a conversation and propose some amendments, but then you have to go through the rigorous process of getting enough states legislatures to to agree to the amendment. So the concerns that that would be an out-of-control going to destroy the U.S. Constitution is a ridiculous assertion and some people take that I'm there.

Afraid it would appear I don't get to give another decent reason they're just afraid to empower us in the case in North Carolina that would include a Republicans will have to go after Democrats want to pressure Democrats here in the state.

Thank goodness. Praise the Lord on that in the legislature.

We actually have to process to pressure Republicans and so that's the whole point of gathering next Wednesday. That's 11 AM downtown Raleigh. I'll talk about it again at the beginning of the week.

11 AM next Wednesday which will be June 8 at Halifax mall behind the legislature freedom rally down there to try to assert our rights as individual citizens and it's it's America to come together have a national conversation to try to take some of the power away from our clinical legislators open DC to take some of their money away into limit their time there and not something that that a lot of Americans agree on those things that we have major problems of Congress, but you really expect Congress to clean itself up not going to so I'll talk about that again on Monday with Mark Meckler and that interview and then the rally next Wednesday, June 8, 11 AM downtown Raleigh convention of states the website and go find out more information about that I should some links the other day and I'll do that again of you can just Google yourself convention of states action and you'll find information there so outward to be hearing from a dad who will use his first name, but were not can use his last name because, for various reasons, but we think of 4-H 4H club what you think of you know to me that was always kind I was thought is as basic a suburbanite that that was kind of a rural thing 4-H club, you know, maybe they do with farming or something.

I'm not really sure but it seemed kind of you know, Americana, American values, hard work, if you go to their website or what is 484H is America's largest youth development organization empowering nearly 6 million young people with the skills to lead for a lifetime. That sounds good for H we believe in the power of young people, we see that every child is valuable strengths and real influence to improve the world around us. Okay a 4H is delivered by cooperative extension account the community more than 100 public universities mark a bat across the nation that provides experiences where young people learn by doing.

For more than 100 years for H is welcome young people of all beliefs and backgrounds, giving kids a voice to express who they are and how they make their lives and communities better.

So one of the things that the 4H club does and then the state of North Carolina. They ally with North Ghana State University so you look up for H in North Carolina. You can end up in a North Carolina state extension website and for H.

North Ghana has a bunch of camps to get a budget can't sink centers and so summertime. Many of you probably have a son or daughter that has gone or will be going is basically three areas or three zones in North Carolina for 4H camps in their very popular and so when you send your young son or daughter, particularly her daughter up to a 4H camp and are to be in the girls cabin right there to be sharing the bedroom, the bathroom the showers with other girls and eat 10 years of age and almost were pretty young. Some teenagers well general you and think you have anything to worry about right.

Generally, in this father a concerned father just was curious and so he called the 4H just asked what the deal was with the cabins arrangements and he and he finds out and were ready to talk to him after the break that there actually allowing these young people to choose their cabins based on their take a guess gender identity that's the 4H club here in North Carolina and so you could have a 10-year-old daughter sharing a cabin room and showers with a confused 10-year-old boy.

Do you have a problem with certainly hope you do will hear from the dead come back right after this, Steve Noble, the noble show.

Okay parents and grandparents. It learned anything in the last two years that you should be suspicious. You can no longer really, at any level. Trust any organization implicitly when it comes to our children what are they being taught, what are the rules. One of the what's happening there with and it's reducing your kids off to summer camp even if it's up what you would think. Traditionally as a trusted organization like the 4H club all over the country.

They have 100 associations with the public universities and they been around for over 100 years and you would think this just got a good Americana good experience out there nature. Maybe you're going to send your son or daughter between the 11 ages of 11 and 16 to the first fish and game rendezvous camp, which is that camp millstone, a 4H camp in Ellerbee North Carolina. Look at the website looks like a beautiful place. What a great thing this reminds me of some of my days with Boy Scouts and what Indian guide stuff like that. Classes may include canoeing and rivalry in archery, fishing, orienteering, much more. Campers will also purchase meat, narco and hunter safety course.

This sounds cool.

So if you send your 11 or 12-year-old daughter off the to their you know that's obviously us, you can assume there to stay in the cabin with a bunch other girls of her age and that there can have some adults there and things will be under control. You don't need to worry about.

You live in that world anymore okay. You just have to realize that you do not live in that world anymore and so I had a friend text me this morning about another gentleman who was asking questions and more of us need to be like that and be circumspect and to be well on trusting of these organizations, especially when her children are involved, what you're talking about a church or school or youth organization.

The YMCA and care who it is or the 4-H talk to Van what that concerned father Van think so much for calling a man how you doing your very welcome. So let's back up a little bit and just come introduce everybody what happened here and how did you find out about what was going on at the four HQ. My daughter has been involved with for each of the level here in the local area in front of art that hey you should look into for H my daughter love the outdoors while the fish won't get in a hunting.

We were recommended. Take a look at the camp. I looked at it. She was very excited about it.

Find report. I paid my deposit couple months ago role for you know yesterday actually going to Mike on the phone with Chuck look to check in often make sure that we got everything we need for some of the camp. The kids are going to and I called the camp and I haven't heard from you are retracting every like everything's good will be sending out emails coming up like the question, how do you find building.

The lady on the phone will be broken down by age. As you note in the 14 or so, middle school or stay together. Girls prolonged by the camp boys are on the other.

We have helped you in the cabin so everything is monitored and I just cannot have an idea and I like you know I hate to ask this question, but how do you identify the boy. The girl for the purpose of your camp and align with, and along with that final and that we had a problem. What what what you don't fit we allow to select based on their gender identity are you telling me that my love and my preteen daughter could end up having a voice being in her Well for that sweet EER we don't make that determination.

We look term under gender and that elevate like the money for the next conclusion. How are you assigning your cattle. How do I know the one your CalPERS 16 or 17-year-old is going to be spending the night in my doors might get preteen daughters, Kevin Wolfer. At this point we have no CalPERS that we know of that identifying what I asked if you do have limited on the five wait as the parent will I be notified and again that final so I can't think. I can't find enough peer have to call you have to ask any questions.

Yeah this person obviously what was this was the millstone for each Office that you called Van what what what.

Who are you calling I'm going to millstone for H down in Ellerbee, North Carolina Fairmont Dr. Goodman trade with their very nice lady I like you, for I think she's talking about the tuition and that she's answering the phone and so I called back. I had looked like walk a little bit.

I got a couple hours go by and I called back while I got you on the phone when was your intent to let the parents know they camp all she come again, and all and she said well we are affiliated with E&P state outreach.

So I think there's something on their web as a parent I would to your website. I find up your other email know where you need to email that I that you spent me.

Has this been addressed that you were happy.

Gender Well I don't know that were going to do yourself up for a lot of problem if you don't let parents know that you alluded to in your intro. The average parent figure 220 over fishing again Soon that you have to worry about transgender liturgy at the Facebook right but unfortunately that is becoming the norm because there is a political and worldview battle going on. That's just a reality in it and nothing's going to remain untouched or unscathed by this. So for H because they connect with.

In this case North Carolina State University now. I went to NC State University's website where they have their 4-H information and when you couldn't sue and I'm looking into the rules and regulations about overnight camps and adults in rooms and children say though the word transgender doesn't show up anywhere so the assumption here, especially given the days that were in is that to your point Van they're not going to inform anybody they don't want to tell anybody because they know the vast majority of Americans even at this point are going to have a problem with that. So you unfortunately I have to assume that they've made a decision to essentially hide the information as opposed to openly inform parents will not agree with you more point.

The perception is that they are not going to address it builder called on the carpet on when I asked the question correctly. I got an answer but have I not all. I would not know. And through that and I got off the phone I called a couple of other. But I know why Kate and both were like new. Not a clue and I called another child is involved why the and again we had to go digging, but we gotta look out for you let us know that the YMCA out there overnight has the same policy should know. I think at this point, you have to assume you have to work through you get to them and asked the court questions which is exactly what Van and I are asking everybody across North Carolina to do and when it's your listening in South Carolina or Virginia where he happened to be listening. If you have children or grandchildren going to summer camp. I don't care what the organization is because most people I think like you, yourself, and in some of people you talk to oh YMCA all 487 be fine know it isn't because this agenda is permeating everything and you have to look out for your journal and they're knocking to tell you upfront because they know people like Bana people like me are to make that call, which is exactly what people need to do right then they need to call everybody got to pick up your phone call and got to know what would by trying to light the way. Like that's exactly right. Then think so much my friend keep me keep in touch will keep up following us to keep up will be right back. There is a man going around in the back.

It's the usual show. Just wanted to follow-up.

That was Van. We are just talking to a concerned father his daughter was planning to go to a 4-H camp this summer for fish and game rendezvous that millstone for each camp in Ellerbee North Carolina which looks perfectly fine when you go to the website just like a typical summer camping to be doing canoeing and rivalry in archery and fishing and orienteering using compasses in math, that's all great but they just checking up on things. And hey by the way, because we have in 2022 friends and if you send your kids away somewhere. You have to you have to find out what their deal is when it comes to gender assignments to be staying overnight. There can be in a situation where you'd be as apparent concerned about the mixing of Boys and Girls Club types of things should be front and center for you, then you gotta start asking this question about how do you determine who goes and what It because just to say the girls are in cabin P on the side camp and the boys are in cabin a on this side of camp anymore is not enough. That's ignorant of the reality in which we live. Currently, you have to ask the question, like Van, the father that just called then asked how do you determine who are girls and boys yes it's ridiculous that we have asked that question that's totally ridiculous.

It's ridiculous. Some of the words I could use but I'm not going to asinine about that.

Can I say that it's ridiculous and so you have to ask, because that's only because well we leave that up to the kids to decide someone else in the LGBT Q plus plus plus movement recently teacher that was on lives of tick-tock talking to their either kindergarten or first grade class and when you're born the doctor looks at you and guess is your gender, then again I guess any girl Audi boy set in stone. That's the deal. Okay, the overwhelming majority of people for the overwhelming amount of recorded history.

That's the deal, but not more.

Now your doctors guessing. So if you have a child going to summer camp. In this case, particularly for HOP look up for age there associated with North Carolina State University here in North Carolina and you go and you call them, or if you signed up for a specific camp like the with his daughter the millstone for HQ K millstone for H that's their website.

So if you or anybody you know org our grandson and granddaughter. Whatever the case may be, is planning to go to any 4-H campus is probably the deal at all okay this because this is a national organization and I'll send you got a problem and you need to be aware of it and like Van discovered they were going to tell anybody that looks malicious. They're not to tell anybody. Why because you're hiding it.

Why would you hide because the vast majority of people including parents in a lot of the students that go to for age would be uncomfortable with.

But you have your beholden to your woke ideology and so parents are problem just like the Biden administration and the FBI. If you're a parent that's involved and engage an informed and upset and you go to school board meeting. You might as well be some kind of domestic terrorist because you're coming against the system, but that's what you have to do. You cannot trust any organization go look up the new SBC convention report sexual abuse. Why because every single institution is made up of the same thing human beings and human beings are flawed.

We don't do all that stuff all the time, but we certainly all have a sin nature and it can get worse and worse and worse and more and more depraved and take you into a reprobate mind which is why they don't have a problem there's a reprobate mind operating somewhere within 4-H that says Marin Allawi working to take a 13-year-old boy whose confused and says he's a girl and organists to come in the cabin with a bunch other 11 to 13-year-old girls to use the same bathroom sleep right next to each other. Use the same showers and who cares what the girls say in your indulging a confused 14 13 boy. Whatever the case may be in your you can virtue signal and pat yourself on the back.

You're afraid to push back against the woke ideology.

That's up doing way to put that down is to push back to expose it, bring it out of the dark into the light like band. So if you have kids going to 4-H club. Specifically, millstone for H camp call and talk to them yourself. Don't take my word for it. Don't take man's word for buddy talk to him and he found out where to let the kids decide so that could be a situation that your son or daughter faces any of her right to find out do you not there's some people out there today would say no, you don't have the right your part of the problem you crazy parents. So whether it's for H YMCA. Whatever the campus you call and you ask about how cabins and people are split up based on gender and unfortunately you're probably be shocked and you have a decision to make a you still go. I am not saying by the way that every transgender person in America is pedophile or sexual predator because they're not, but some could be in some do you think there's any untrustworthy 14 or 15-year-old boys out there that once they know the system that they could actually think I'll just claim to be a girl and they'll stick me in the You don't think there's some really messed up.

1415-year-old boys out there that would do that. Of course they will wake up and smell the proverbial biblical coffee human depravity. It's real, it's out there day. Goodness gracious thing God prevent good job and so for H camps.

Whatever can't you call it millstone for H camp: yourself millstone for H okay you do your research you find out. Don't take my word for it. Don't take man's work for it, but if you have kids or grandkids going to summer camp asked that question okay. There's a great article. Thanks to my father-in-law and Wall Street Journal came out last month, May 13, spend the rest of the show in this how disagreement became disinformation, especially in light of COBIT, but now with everything okay this is an excellent article to take my time going through it because I want to make a bunch of points for all of us.

All of our edification education to awaken us and equip us to understand what you're dealing day. This is excellent, but Barton Swaim, Wall Street Journal, May 13. The preoccupation with misinformation and disinformation on the part of America's enlightened influencers last month reached the level of comedy he's talking about the homeless. The Department of Homeland Security chose a partisan scold. Nina Janco wets to head its new disinformation governance board that despite her stoic history of promoting false stories and repudiating valid ones but sort of scenario, only a team of bubblers or gifted satirist could produce less funny. But similarly paradoxical, was Barack Obama's April 21 address this year lamenting online disinformation in which he propounded at least one easily just provable assertion tech companies, the former president said, quote should be working with not always contrary to those groups that are trying to prevent voter suppression that specifically is targeted black and brown communities." Is no evidence. This writer says voter suppression in black and brown communities and plenty of evidence of the contrary, it is much as black and Latino voter participation reached record levels in the 2020 election, which is true. One of the great ironies of American political life in the 2020s is that the people most exercise about the spread of false information are frequently paddlers of it. Their lack of self understanding arises now were to get in the weeds here, but this is really important. That's why I'm slow. Normally I speak too fast to slow down their lack of self understanding arises from the belief that the primary factor separating their side from the other side is an ideology principal or moral vision information you need to think in terms of COBIT okay masks and then cortical vaccines, raw data, requiring no interpretation and no argument over its importance is a hopelessly simpleminded worldview. No one apprehends reality without the aid of interpretive lenses and it's a dangerous one. The roots of the self deceiving Outlook are complicated but worth a brief look okay so this is a worldview your worldview your presuppositions about the nature of reality, right and wrong. Hoosiers should be in charge. God know God ultimate moral rules no moral rules as her ultimate truth.

No true that's all worldview stuff okay.

The animating doctrine of the early 20th century progressivism with its faith in the perfectibility of man think biblically here, you know that's not possible in this life right so use a biblical worldview.

Progressivism with its faith in the perfectibility of man held that social ills could be corrected by means of education Melanie at the pause button if you study American history political history or just American history in the early 20th century the early 1900s that frigate Teddy Roosevelt and especially Woodrow Wilson who were intense progressives, intense day. People do bad things in this view because they don't know any better, they harm themselves and others because they have bad information that he was almost totally false. As a moment's reflection on the many monstrous acts perpetrated by highly educated and well-informed criminals and tyrants should indicate right is because your highly intelligent and well informed and educated doesn't mean you're to make good decisions, they they can go off the rails and they did and they killed about over 100 million people in 20 century alone, but it's unattractive doctrine for certain kind of credentialed and self-assured rationalist places power, including the power to define what counts as good information in the hands of people like himself okay so this is what think COBIT think Dr. Faucher, Pope Ouchi think Berks think big Pharma think the dharna think all these guys okay that's going on here were to continue to unpack this. This whole notion of disinformation misinformation what's going on in my class like people are so excited about you on my spine where this is really important is going great and noble to Steve Noble show great day. Just another.

The Lord think you father for that father Van who called in earlier.

His daughter was going to the millstone for H camp this summer and found out that there's putting kids in different cabins based on well you think the boys go over here and the girls over there but now anymore.

You put that in your quotes. So we called and they settle. Actually, the kids get assigned based on their gender identity to get a 12-year-old boy who says that he's actually a girl in the put the 12-year-old boy in the girls To use the girls cabin the girls showers in the girls bathroom. See the problem. So if your kids and for H camp or whatever camp they're going to the summer or your grandchildren, grandparents asked the question you need to call these places and ask just like Van called the millstone for H camp and talk to and praise the Lord for the lady that he talked to their who answered him, gave him that the true answer.

He couldn't find it anywhere. They didn't email anybody in sale.

By the way this the way we separate the cortical Boys and Girls Club are cabins here at the overnight camp this summer. He had asking and much to her credit, she told what she knew and bent, then you can act on it right and that's it so. Whether it's 4-H or some other organization make the call, but in this case for H is on the hot seat because his words happening.

So if you're part of that. If you know anybody that is your own homework you make the phone call. You asked the question. Okay, just don't take my word for it even bans were for the active, you cannot assume anything right back to this article world Wall Street Journal May 13 how disagreement became disinformation right what were big believers a disagreement.

That's how this country started disagreement, disagreement and debate.

That's what America is all about.

You can even disagree and debate against your governing authority you have that right.

You can do that you have a right to petition the government for redress of grievances. You can take to the streets and to a certain extent you can push back we can throw them out of office day, but all of a sudden you take a contrary position. COBIT 19 masks, cortical vaccines, but dharna Pfizer. Whatever you go against Pope bounce Eagle against Dr. Birch you go again swell a trumpet the time than Biden any of these people doctors whole organizations.

The school target. Whatever your disinformation and misinformation. So this this is pulling back the veneer on that and looking at the pathology behind its excellent article.

There was also among a host and back. The article, a host of intellectuals in the middle of the last centuries because we started with progressives early 20th century okay rethinking the answer. People can be perfected.

We just need good education, go back and look at the Frankfurt school, look at that mode of education in the snouts organ control population via education and education is what we tell right, but man is perfectible wrong ultimately glorified in Christ in heaven but not on this earth, you have to assume a certain level of human depravity.

There is also among a host of intellectuals back. The article in the middle of that last century, the expectation of a post-partisan future of technocratic centrism in which the large ideological questions are mostly settle what is mainly needed from the political process, the thinking went, isn't visionary leadership, but skilled management, Arthur, and Celeste injures the vital center 1949 is an expression of that outlook as our John Kenneth Galbraith, the affluent Society in 1958, and Daniel Bell's the end of ideology. In 1960. Listen to these writers wanted the cool control of experts, not the messy brawling of democracy which which they felt lent itself to too much to eat too easily to revolution right.

That's why they treated us that would question mass that would question shutdowns lockdowns what we did with our kids.

The vaccines themselves" vaccines. All because were revolutionaries were dangerous where this comes from quote the tendency to convert concrete issues and ideological problems to invest them with moral color and high emotional charge.

Bill wrote this to invite conflict school, which can only damages society shut up and do it the educated people traded one quote follow the science right goes on the technocratic impulses now an integral part of our politics. Those most given to it tend to view themselves not as adherents of any conception of political life, but simply as people who acknowledge the world as it is, they regard differing outlooks as deviations from reality that can only cause trouble for no good reason. They believe their critics who look at the same facts but draw different conclusions aren't simply mistaken, but a rational, corrupt, or both. COBIT would Facebook twitter, YouTube you disagree with masking no politician deploy the rhetoric of technocratic post-post-partisanship more openly than Mr. Obama and a 2007 speech to Google employees. He said that early in his campaign. Quote the American people at their core are decent people. He allowed quote there's a generosity of spirit there in this common sense there you can hear the blood coming, but he said it's not tapped you continue mainly people are just misinformed or they're too busy either trying to get their kids to school there working but still have enough information or they're not professionals that sorting out all the information that's out there and so our political process gets skewed, but if the guys give them good information. Their instincts are good and they will make good decisions and the president listen to this as the bully pulpit to give them good information on questionable source of truth, there how Mr. Obama the self regard implicit in that observation is astounding. More important, as that is the navet, the prevalence of bad information is nothing new. Lies have trues wild exaggerations and article inventions are part of Democratic politics and always have been Mr. up.

That's why the answer to free speech. The danger speech misinformed speech is more speech, not less. You challenge yet the debate Mr. Obama's remarks reveal a failure to understand that large complex arguments always involve assumptions and philosophical commitments, i.e. worldview arising from background, experience and personality for him talking Obama politics is simple, Manichaean struggle in which the righteous and well-intentioned, use good data in the malign and ignorant use that they view themselves like a elfin sand thought on Fox They view themselves not as proponents of a particular ideological conviction but is disseminators of good data.

Just follow the science right so they claim. Their position is right, and holy and just because they put a quote follow the science and you're a science denier is during the Obama years. Not coincidently that fact checking took firm hold on American journalism. This doesn't refer to the old-fashioned practice of scrubbing an article for errors before publication.

Instead media organizations issue fact checks of statements by public officials, candidates and pundits. Websites such as put it backcheck dock or in the Washington Post Pinocchio issuing fact checker consider themselves America's arbiters of true but is that what they are, they are not. But what looked like a renewed appreciation for factual accuracy quickly became at this newspapers talk about the Wall Street Journal James Toronto points out relentlessly and easy way to lend preemptory authority to badly argued opinion pieces and undermine defensible arguments as false or mostly false or going to quote lacking context ever seen that on your Facebook post. In many instances these allegedly scrupulous fact checkers would count true statements false. Even as they conceded the statements were actually true. So here's an example, during the 2020 presidential debate to take one memorable instance Joe Biden claiming Obama's ration had separated children from parents caught illegally crossing the border. CBS's fact checking unit then published a piece claiming Mr. Biden statement was true on the grounds that the Obama administration only separated migrant children from families under certain limited circumstances. The other plane around the issue here probably unbelievable. And that's why we get to this thing where they wanted to have just recently and then I got shut down because like the 4-H thing another summer camps. You have to get involved. Yet the pushback you call things out that she started talking about a digital regulatory agency right and that's where you get Karina Serena Janco, it's who they were put in charge of basically the truth please write skeptics mostly attribute this new support for censorship to bad faith. I prefer the author. This article says a more charitable explanation. The new sensors sincerely mistake their own interpretations of the facts for the facts themselves, their opinions altered unconsciously through biases and experiences are to them simply information, their views aren't views that all but raw data competing interpretation of the facts can only be one thing, misinformation orbits deliberate disinformation right got it exactly where it to get postmodernism right which of course said there's no objectively knowable truth, but now today he says a college students have now retracted into a rigidly facile non-philosophy in which there is no interpretation, only objective" facts. Oh, such as the mental disposition of America's enlightened politicos and media sophisticates when the pandemic it in early 2020.

The challenge public policy as they sought was not the fine practical brother acceptable solutions. The challenge rather was to find and implement the scientifically cortical correct solution, the one endorsed by quote unquote experts sound policy for them was a matter of gathering enough data and then following but of course can't follow data data just sits there and waits to be interpreted. The situation called just what they did right in this what it called for. This is great. The author of this world Wall Street Journal article, the situation called for the acknowledgment of risk.

Imagine that the weighing of costs against benefits because we train wreck ourselves.

The clear declaration of reasonable compromises between competing interests. What happened was an exercise in societal self drilling to your pandemic response. Now all but over. What stands out most of the absence of any acknowledgment of error on the part of anyone who advocated disasters exactly so they think they neglect the fact that their political worldview, hacks, and then take their position on the data and call back the facts themselves. So when you disagree with their position because they think their position is fact then you're guilty of misinformation or disinformation to the point.

There is a gap the pushback on that with the truth, unrelenting Steve Noble and Michelle God willing will talk to my dad always used to say another program powered by the Truth Network

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