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Too Young!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 18, 2022 10:08 pm

Too Young!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 18, 2022 10:08 pm

Too Young!

Steve talks about the candidates that won the congress elections. What do you think about who won? He takes callers to answer this question.

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One noble show you why your own work.

Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his shoulders and walk through no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now is your house well it out of well it out.

Winners or losers another always top primaries or top 12 and so there's Fred Voncannon on Facebook like huge props to Jean all explained that a second. He was one of the winners.

Congratulations Fred that's awesome friends been on the show a lot recently and an easy site for the winter North Carolina Senate seat Senate District 18 Fred's in-house district 34 Ashley Cecil she one that is not going to house 34. These are all people that were on my personal list and then North Carolina Court of Appeals district 11 Michael stating he one night, a North Ghana Court of Appeals, District 9, Donna Stroud, she one Ghana Supreme Court associate Justice is a huge deal that raced Ray Allen he one that's great. My buddy Chad slotted on U.S. House. 13. What an incredible man of God.

His time will come, but Bo Heinz pulled that one off, which is fascinating and asked that question today at 26 years of age is Bo Heinz too young Madison or anybody else. This is in particular to Bo Heinz medicine Copthorne is 25 was when he went into young what you think.

Minimum age for the house of representatives is 25. So what we think about that just too young.

I mean 25 today is not exactly a 25-year-old in 1789, when they wrote the U.S. Constitution, so he won that one. Bo Heinz and then Courtney guilds who are really in a sport hard coming through the summer and the election of the fall going up against a in a been a blue area over there in Durham, Chapel Hill area and then Dena sopped up meant she fought harder.

Dean is the one that was born in Romania.

Her family came over. She fought hard, but that winter Christine Villa Vernie and then my buddy Mark Walker great man of God. He served in Congress for three terms in the house did not win the U.S. Senate seat that went to Ted Butts organ to do whatever we can to help Ted because that is a seat that the Republicans cannot lose going into the fall.

So now we turn the corner and this is where we all have to cut up, get over it get over the losses and now come together conservatives and then now you have a team that's going to be on the field for this November. And that's where a lot of people struggle right to make a decision.

I got forget because there's some people that aren't as conservative as others that when people that you don't particularly like that when I but then when it comes to some of these races, it's important especially when you're looking at the federal level, but I will continue to be purchased recently here NC 32132 one fire, not 321 blast off 321. Let's make North Carolina ardently pro-life, state, and God willing Roe versus Wade will fall and it goes to the states and we have to have in the next two years, Gov. Cooper is still in charge here North Carolina, and wherever your listening you might have the same problem and then the Republicans right now North Carolina do not have a vetoproof majority so they can pass all kinds great legislation in the North Carolina legislature controlled by the Republicans in the house and the Senate. But then it gets to Gov. Cooper's desk was an uber liberal wouldn't even sign the infant born alive acts so disgusting. Pray for the man we need to pray for these people right. I get really disgusted by Gov. Cooper I think is an empty suit.

Intellectually, yada yada yada. But he is somebody made in the image of God that Jesus died for, and he needs Jesus just as much as anybody else. And God loves him just as much as he loves any of us. Those of us in the family of faith. So we need to pray for these people. Yes, speak truth to power and criticize when necessary and as strong a possible terms is necessary when required, but pray for them and care about them as individuals made the image of God as well.

But you gotta take his veto away from him and he only will you do that is you have to be here North Carolina and you better make sure you understand in your own state of your listening somewhere else.

What's the deal what's on the line this fall so narco and we have to pick up three seats in the North going to house with pick up two seats in the North Carolina Senate and in we really need to pick up a seat in the Supreme Court and switch that conservative control because a let legislatively drunk liberal Supreme Court state level or federal level will legislate from the bench. They don't care about the rules of the game. They just care about ideology and so you have to be able to flip that to. So where I'm in a praise the Lord big time, God willing this Roe versus Wade decision actually comes down and in boom it goes back to the states and here North Carolina pretty mean conservative in many ways, but what with Gov. Cooper in the governor's mansion doesn't matter doesn't matter how many conservative pro-life people you have in the state because Gov. Cooper, all he has to do is veto so you have to have a vetoproof majority, which is why were to do whatever we can to help across the state. Where were were really the only North Carolina focused Christian talk radio show in the state on multiple markets in and around multiple stations around the state where the only one there's a few other Christian broadcasters like Michael Brown down to Charlotte is awesome but he's on in several different markets around the country so his focus while he does talk about work on issues predominantly. He's on national level. So he's got a national focus that I used to be in the and just felt the Lord was like hey bring it home.

Let's focus on Jerusalem and today I what's right here in our backyard. So were really yet where the only North Carolina focused statewide Christian radio show in the in the state and so we have an opportunity to push on these things and speak into it and get candidates on and rest assured I will, which by the way, if this is you see the value in the show.

In this particular platform and you want to help us out in a week. We had that we hit the top seasonally get in the beginning of the summer in terms of finances so we have our events, our fundraising event. Our summer event coming up at prime barbecue. My favorite places, you know here in town night Dale and that you know the cost of money to put one of those on about 2530 bucks a head to do that but if you want to come to that, and you can donate more than you eat because that's the point.

To be brutally honest with you if you like, hey Steve, I can only give you 20 bucks.

What don't come. I love you and I appreciate your support. Pray for me and send $20, but don't come eat a $25 meal and give $20 because we just lost five dollars. That's just the reality of the situation so it's Thursday, June 9 and if you would like an invitation to come. We been sitting about our regular people here locally but that doesn't cover everybody you like to join us on Thursday, June 9 an incredible night of barbecue incredible full meal at prime barbecue will blow your mind. You'll get blast and hopefully will bless us back by helping support us financially. Just send me an email and I'll send you an invite will send you an invite.

Come join us can be also night we ought to cover when we come back to Steve Noble noble show so it's good to be on the other side of my Merry but we are up for the November election. Lots of things going on at the federal level, taking back Congress.

Hopefully the house in the Senate to neuter president bite. The next two years. Same thing has happened here North Carolina.

If you live elsewhere, South Carolina, Europe, and Virginia you're over Utah where you live in your listener will watch a show or listen to the podcast. Make sure you understand what's at stake this November. Not just the federal level. I know the federal level sexing everything as we talk about all the time, but we really are and have to start focusing on the state level, much more than we ever have, at least in my lifetime we talk to Steve Davis about that last Friday because you talking of and I agree. Listen, you can have some national divorce. I don't think we can have Civil War 2.0 but I do think this idea to America's is going to get more pronounced and like Florida under Rhonda sentences become more much more red.

Remarkably, so it's going more red than Texas. Texas is pushing towards purple as every big city in Texas is blue.

One day you're gonna see the state of Texas become purple, then you might see it turn blue because that's where the population centers are and so you have red states and blue states in Steve Jason's point. I agree with it. It's red states need to get red or red counties need to get red or red cities need to get redder and then you just live the way were going to live. He brought that up a piece of it goes in a John Adams hood back in the day I list some British nonsense that's knocking to go well for you.

Your to get tarred and feathered forget you wouldn't want your junk you're not buying what you're selling go to California go to Colorado go up to Wisconsin. Whatever but we don't. That's not that we will do that stuff here North Carolina and that's why like with the Roe versus Wade issue. We need it working. We need to be a pro-life state.

Now you go right up the street, Virginia out of Virginia be up for grabs.

Because the leadership is change their but district of Columbia know it's going to be abortion. Central New York abortion Central California abortion central Colorado abortion Central Michigan probably abortion central Wisconsin probably on and on goes Massachusetts abortion central in your to have two different America's and the way you establish that just live with that reality is that as it is, is to get really focused on local election sorting be talking about that a lot

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