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Tomorrow is THE DAY!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 16, 2022 11:57 pm

Tomorrow is THE DAY!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 16, 2022 11:57 pm

Tomorrow is THE DAY!

Steve talks to Chad Slotta, Adina Safta, and Michele Woodhouse about their campaigns and what people need to do to vote well.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble tomorrow all across North Carolina. In fact, all across the country. Primary day in the safety of others vote November know that but to sign up at the big calendar for Ed no, that's not acceptable. You need to be in in this very serious situation is very serious game we call politics every time the opportunity shows up so that's why were talking today several different candidates all friends of mine. All people that I back in support and I will do that sit with a few more folks tomorrow at the state level as well as congressional levels with three congressional candidates today because we have to take back the house, the US Congress. The house up there in DC. We have to expand our majorities here in North Carolina.

Even wherever you live. If you're in South Carolina or Richmond Virginia Europe and solely Utah. I don't care where you are. You must be engaged in. This is the opportunity where you get to it's going to like playing kickball in your kids and you're the captain of the team and you want to play pick your players right so you go out there and you do your research and you pick the best players you possibly can. And that's your job.

If you say you care about the Lord you care about your neighbor then you get involved politics in order to love your neighbor well even if they don't understand that were trying to operate biblical truth which is why we engaged by our good friend Chad slot is doing the same thing running for U.S. House 13, which is a crazy wild game here in North Carolina chat. How are you do a great you're welcome you. Can you believe it. Tomorrow is the day it's been a lot of work. I feel honored to go out and everywhere we've gone in the voters and let people and the Lord have earned every back and forth so many amazing people have been one of the greatest honors of my life. We just received a really big endorsement Gen. Jerry Boykin and the family research Council action just endorsed me not to long ago former speaker pro tem and was just a legend in the state of North Carolina legislatively and the pro-life cause. Doors need Kenny Fitzgerald and he values coalition, has endorsed the former apex.

Nearly all of also so just earning the respect of people that you hold in the highest regard and really I count you among those is my dear friend, just to have your supported support of somebody's been one of the greatest honors. I like yeah it's going to be pretty amazing experience for people to be a giving money and then surveying and coming out and volunteering and being a part of it for people that are current for sure whether in your district or not Chad because things moved around a lot. Just describe briefly where is of U.S. House district 13. All the southern wake County. All of Johnson County Western Wayne County and in part northern and eastern Arctic yet so that that's a large area and it's been amusing to say the least to listen to two of your competitors absolutely going after each other any got a youngster and Bo Hines and they got daughter, you've got a lot of money and her dad. As is well known. How do you deal with stuff like that because you obviously are running against fellow Republicans.

How do you how do you differentiate yourself in a Republican race like primary wealth great and I'm the only right that it may number one of the issues in the value that I put forth as number one in our vision has been to realign America with the Judeo-Christian value the constitutional conservative principles and the America first policy that made us great dark vision for the country. My vision for what I want to do in Congress is unique been married 24 years, raised three kids here in wake County for many years in wake County schools for the first 20 years of my career as a pastor and actually the last seven at the senior pastor of a church that we plant eating everywhere we live today and since we lost my dad to cancer. A number of years back about to get your family small bit. There's really no one else in this rate has that type of background in United and praying these so hard for the people of our district everywhere. My wife and I drivers were going were praying back, praying, and in which is continually crying out to God because we talked.I know many so often I appreciate the focus that you place on your show dealing with the issues our nation is facing. We all know how critical these times are and we left. We all understand your listeners truly understand why we need new leadership in Washington did not just a leader who will maybe just check a box or cortical. Both the right way, but people who will be champions for the very core of who they are and this is really who I am is a man of faith. As a father and a husband. Again, a former pastor making the vision of the wise decisions necessary to bring wisdom, stability, standing back to government and to realign the country with those Judeo-Christian value which is of course what we all want and one of the things that I've appreciated, especially in the last 12 months Chad is you showing up at school board meetings. Whether you're running for office are not your your kids are in the public school system in your showing up in challenging them and calling them out on the things that we all understand are happening now, not just in Loudoun County, Virginia but all over the country, including here in the in the clinical Bible Belt in North Carolina in with your with your competitors adultery and Bo Hines at me I'm I'm just tired of people that have a ton of family money and they just cannot buy their way into the game and and I'm just like, I'm so done with that.

It's not even a question for me has no interest to me whatsoever.

As a voter and of course for you is my brother, but if you have been experienced if you had been running a business like I love all kinds of people that are my brothers and sisters in Christ. I wouldn't put them all in Congress so that what I think with one running down the pulpit. The company back 99 and when he got 60 the same way that I knew God called the pastoral ministry idea to goblet direct carry-on legacy of business that you built and so I've had the opportunity now to build balanced-budget to solve literally international. Why change issues on the front of a check to create jobs in America right here in North Carolina is well with our church and so those experiences I think that the upwelling and you we have a number of priorities. The first of which the sanctity of life and I'm telling the story everywhere I go, that your middle daughter. Not too long ago texted us that one. She was in third.

One day she said. Third. Class mom dad 1/20 people stood up for the Pledge of Allegiance. And then she said I was the only one, and you see that's why I'm running running to the sand with my daughter and to stand for young children you checks right God: all yeah I think that's that's for all of us and some of us. He calls in the public office, which is exactly what Chad slot is doing tomorrow. Get out and vote U.S. House district 13 southern wake and the other counties. Chad mentioned Chad slot. I think my brother got bless you. Will talk you soon. I felt will be right look back and see Noble to Steve Noble show tomorrow, May 17 a big day here in North Carolina many other states are out across the country. Primary races which is why PXE got you had a lot of candidates on yes I have and I will continue to do that between now and November because these races in the winners in these elections have consequences, and just if you want out. You want a perfect example. Just look at the fact that were even talking about overturning Roe versus Wade.

In the in the US Supreme Court because Donald Trump won election and then put three people on the US Supreme Court that would then have the backbone in the legal honesty to overturn Roe versus Wade which is is bad law, so we need to have fighters in their people that understand the system that appreciate the American system and I know how it works and have street-level experience and then not buying their way and because they have all kinds of family money. These are people that earn their own paychecks sign paychecks and operate small businesses more often than not have actual real-world experience, and that's why were going to continue to talk about.

This is the nation is obviously going in the wrong direction. We need fighters and their people that understand American, especially somebody getting us out there who's been on before and her parents and they all moved over from Romania.

After the revolution, so she has a perspective that we all need Adina how are you. Thanks: I'm good thank you, always ready for what's going on out there and tomorrow. Obviously a big day you been out there working nonstop. So tell us how it's going and what's happening in your particular race U.S. House to I think how welcoming I know that happening and I and our government and people are born there in front of the mall with one of my fine line without right now you are letting God and you know that that I don't have any Republican or before and I are you you mean a right then and now that I think in God is not for me that I would make you not one day away.

Yeah, it's truly amazing. So what when you're out there talking to voters in this district, which is a large district U.S. House district to what you finding from people on the street you're very practical person, Adina. That's one of the reasons I appreciate you and I support you your very practical you're down there at a street level you're not to come in the machine. If you can't buy your way and you gotta work your way and that is the American way. But what you running into what just constituents out there who live in house district to Everything will run one out meeting people thinking I know they the people that great on one thing that I would find that they were the pride again pointing people level of what everybody can't find formula but i think that my life and how he might i want your company to make it better, but not thinking how yet such a great point that people are shocked that it's actually you out there knocking on doors and making phone calls because these especially the congressional level. they can be such big machines and there's a lot of money. we just don't see a lot of candidates anymore that just gonna work hard to work their way in and up but that's how this country was built to you mean your family knows that you guys came here from romania.

i would nothing in pilcher way to both you and your sister and your parents and that's that's the type of experience that we need more of an american unless i like my water bottle i know no yeah and it's such an important example for the rest of us to see and it's been i appreciate it.

it's been topping in the primaries are tough because you're having to run against people that are essentially lisa declared to be in the same party. you bring up valid points adina. it's not it's not ugly it's not rude you're just talking about facts that need that we need to consider when looking at multiple people that wanted to go into the big race in november. you just deal with the facts that are out there no way any away for our way when they know me because you know that the people going know what you mean, how are valid. my one night.

people need to know why number one and number. the main one that i want my life now wanting to know you people and their people in early voting where i yeah think that's a great point in helping people understand where u.s. house district 2 is the second congressional district at the northern part right on. five) you people enrolled on a know it probably followed no got it adina thanks so much for calling in today were praying for you and supporting you and will see what the lord does, but you sure have worked hard and i appreciate every mile that you walked in every phone call you've made you been a great example for the rest of us will keep on fighting the good fight. amen thank you god bless you adina thanks so much, that was adina soft running for congress adina for is a website adina for by the way when we get through the primary we get moving into the summer, to be talking all kinds people schoolboard people you're running for school board. i want to meet you. i want to find out who you are.

if you're running for office even maybe he didn't have a primary i want to meet you on to find out who you are because i want to support a god fearing people is much as i cancel get a hold of me on the show will be right back, go back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show. I will be talking about the tragic Buffalo and ended all, and in it, it's so sad to me that he could spot it immediately becomes immediately becomes another political thing and it's about guns and the and there's a time and a place for those conversations. I don't get the whole AR 15 thing myself and am a Second Amendment supporter but in this case is just a psychopath in it that verifiably had problems. He's a racist, full of hate, oppressed or or just a chew toy for the devil himself and just completely given over and unstable and this is more about mental health issues which are worse now than they were three years ago by the way, and just terrific. So whenever the stuff happens, let's make sure that that stock to stop and pray. There's so much devastation from a situation like this that that we we sit from the sidelines and in get frustrated because nothing we can do. But that's not true.

We should all be leaning into these things in prayer. So let's make sure that were doing that in the case of a Buffalo and then I will talk at some point soon either this week or or perhaps after after little vacation. I did watch 2000 mules last night.

It was fascinating. I do did I have some questions and because I'm a skeptic every time I watch anything I don't care who made it. I don't care what the direction they're coming from so, but I did watch it and it was alarming and they did.

They actually have a lot of what I would consider to be pretty good evidence that we'll see where that goes.

Will see if anybody picks up that ball and runs with it, but I do want to talk about that at some point, but I did watch a lesson maker where that had a conversation on Friday was the day Steve Davis was here in the studio and did some events with Fred Voncannon Friday night a prime barbecue which is great and that he did a couple other events and met this great North Carolinians across the state on Saturday, but we had a company's conversation on Friday, which is why want to replay this about the. The importance of tomorrow in a primary in that we have to be involved all the time to try to put forth the best candidates we can and that I was talking about, you know, do we. We get so obsessed with Washington DC and it's important, but what about on the state level because Steve and I got this conversation it started on a commercial break. You would've heard it. If you're on Facebook Liber YouTube life and we continued it on the radio.

Blood break, but it's a really important point talking about making red states redder and redder areas redder and essentially we have two Americans forget DC are knocking to turn that thing around up there and it's just an important message that we have to consider as this country and I think this can be some great national divorce, but I do think you're going to have a deep blue and deep red states. I think of that we have to and you just live your life the best you can and that's what were gonna do with abortion, God willing, and some states are going to be just all given over to that, as they already are, and other states will not and then you have to choose which American you want to live in and and by the way, they're not going to divorce Steve mentioned this because most of the blue states are subsidized by most of the red state and federal level. So this is an important part of the conversation from Friday was Steve. They said it in and Kumbaya. That's I can happen again. I we can have a red American, a blue America and it sounds like Steve basically that's a reality that's what we have to do it to you. Go America forget the unit forget the uniformity in the Republic survive.

If you have a 30 red states and 20 blue states.

I don't know.

I don't know that I care I don't care either.

II think we just have to begin the self sorting process on her own and that means you need to make your red counties even redder.

Your red states, your red cities even redder. Your red states even redder.

It's funny when when Christ gives the great commission to his disciples, he does not say art begin with this vast Roman Empire start immediately at the seat of power go to Rome itself because we can swing this this we can swing Caesar convert Cesar everything will just fall in the wind.

That's not what he tells them first to Jerusalem meeting where we are right now then to Judea, so the rest of your native country, then to Samaria. The pagan country next door and then to the ends of the earth. He worked inside out, not outside. And we have done activism on the right outside in Outside In and the main reason why is there is a crap ton of money to be raised by putting all of the focus and careers and clicks to be had by putting all the focus on Washington and talking about were finally getting smart about that. It's about being inside out okay and and that's what we need to do is create communities where they won't even think about mashing your kids again.

If you walked into Samuel Adams hood in Boston in 1771 and said hey you know what there's there's a bad play going around to choke out your kids the next two words that that government bureaucrat would heard were tar and feather thought father were to skip that town to go to 10. That's exactly what we need to do here. Okay what DeSantis is a study taken one of the ultimate swing states in the country were in the last 40 years the presidential elections in Florida have been decided by an average of 20 have points he's made it redder than Texas and he's done in less than one term okay and he did.

Here's a guy that only one by fewer than 40,000 votes. You would think he would look at so that I praise you have made a committed essay writing amicable dude doesn't know I'm not doing that just came comes out what's wrong.

DeSantis's nickname, I come off the top rope daily. I'm just Jimmy super fly's looking off the top of the Steelcase everyday leg drop Randy macho man Savage my finger up in the air every day on Disney yes and what's happened is that leadership and the fact that it is led to good policy and outcomes has moved that state demonstrably to the right to write you and I think that's not enough so that that's the point. Okay he came in and like you said Steve that you go back 40 years governor races in Florida only been one by 2 1/2 points and DeSantis one by less than 40,000 votes in a huge state. Okay, what is a huge state tenement at 20 million people are. And he comes then by winning by less than 40,000 votes. And of course the political class in the typical political thinking would be like 00 boy you barely got in there minutes a squeaker, you better come in and play it.

Nope we walking on some egg shells here Ron around like there's only one thing to do with egg shells, men, and that's crushed and so that's what he did becomes. Then he goes know this is who I am. This is what I believe in. He is a red state leader and he's going to push that agenda conservative agenda up and down the subject lines and that's what he's done. He didn't come into play it safe. He didn't come in the worry about what the mainstream media was going to say or Disney or anybody else.

He just comes then a principal guy from the Naval Academy. Who knows how to fight any fights to win and he does is not. He hasn't been deterred as he not once have 100% agreement with them across the board, but golly, 85, 90%, and so that's what has to happen. That was Steve's point and I agree with you wholeheartedly are you you think you're going to turn Washington DC around the swamp. As Pres. Trump would call it, you're not, you should still fight that fight.

We just where we had three congressional candidates on the show today.

Absolutely you fight that fight. But the real crux of it for most of us on a daily level is down on the local level. You got that.

That's the Air Force right up there.

That's the big national fight, but your way of life can change drastically. Why do you think so many people have moved to Florida.

I think they picked up either 200 or 400,000 Republican voters since DeSantis has been in office because he becomes a magnet for conservatives.

He turns the state and it becomes a magnet so people like forget California forget New York forget Michigan. Forget Wisconsin. I'm done with winter up here in Minneapolis I'm moving man where you get to move Texas know Texas is starting to push towards purple because every big city in Texas is blue. You need leadership like Rhonda Santos on each state level and you both. Basically, you have the East Berlin and West Berlin. That's just the reality of it. Still Berlin still Germany but you're going to have that East Berlin and West Berlin. Juergen have to have red states and blue states and it's only going to get deeper and wider and Steve and I went on the commercial you're talking about. Were not talking about right off every blue state as a Christian know that that becomes becomes a mission field like our son out in San Francisco and is an ambassador for Christ in San Francisco, a place that most of you would never want to go but it is art for the city. He literally does, and the young lady he's going to get engaged to, and Mary has a heart for the city as well. Both homeschoolers they both love the Lord their heart for the city and we need to be willing to send our sons and daughters into these areas, not primarily for a political agenda, but for a kingdom agenda and that just becomes a built-in abortion worshiping areas with all the other stuff that goes along with progressive agenda. All the ungodliness and those are just built-in mission field.

Not easy, and then you have to protect your Jerusalem. This is like Nehemiah. I mentioned that the Steve basis of the selected Nehemiah man you got a build up the wall you build the wall.

You gotta build your gates and you have to protect your people and that's going to have to happen. As Steve said to make red states redder red counties more red what red cities more red that I know we want the big Kumbaya. Can we make America great again and there's things in DC.

We saw this on the Trump administration that were wonderful that were good for everybody, but that didn't change the culture that did not change the culture.

Trump didn't change the culture you change the political landscape. But even change the culture's politics downstream from culture.

She had to preserve your own culture and your way of life. Your Judeo-Christian life and in the rest of the country becomes like a mission field for Don to get a passport, at least not yet. To travel to the blue state.

I think that's the reality that were facing and Steve and I talked a lot about it on Friday to listen to podcasts or go watch it on Facebook or YouTube Steve Noble show paper will be right back to Michelle what how southwestern North Carolina Oconee back in Steve Noble to Steve Noble show how apropos Little Rock all music rock 'n' roll candidate. One of my favorites out there in North Carolina. Michelle Woodhouse, welcome back Sr., how are you I'm great how you know I'm pretty good think you do you mind if I referred you as a rock 'n' roll candidate.

Rock 'n' roll are here now. You really do well, that's because you're more mature right so that's just the deal. Looks like you had a great event with our Lieut. Gov. the other day with Mark Robinson tell me about that man prior event burn so you want to go when the governor with Aaron.

We then fell on her left think our campaign and we we are so grateful for the work that you feeling and we will carry on that family first freedom, mantle, Washington DC exactly right, which is exactly what we need. How are things going out there and U.S. House district 11 it's obviously been a wild race from redistricting and all that mess earlier in the year and late last year everything going on a mass in Copthorne and all the different people involved. Give us an update about where we are in the rate right now, or continue to make headlines and and unfortunately most of them are making by our current congressman and continue to pray for him if he worked through the issues that he had going on, but the Western North Carolina are cited America first fighter in Washington DC. One they know will get the work done for them, one that will never waver from front Christian principle well lab building out a you're on the ground work nine and going to DC and really saying the Bible and the filter of hot Western North Carolina.

Nate don't think that that works cited Eric cited and were ready for tomorrow. What is the what is the current Congress and the Biden administration doing to the beautiful part of North Carolina and Western North Carolina. Gina and I actually had not there Friday for four nights or to be in Asheville. But what's what's the current political situation doing to the people of Western North Carolina House District 11 suffering under the policy killed by yet every day in the grocery store and I with Wayne fell earlier had weekend.

And what happened to be at a gas station were putting $4.09 gallon gas Mark Hart and Wayne she's about 45 minutes talking to Arthur people there and everything to one thing. If you you will cost empty shell all about integration and we know that policy are really really hurting, true, God-fearing, hard-working people, not only here in the 11 but across the eight university a few hundred dollar for this year.

That family a for fuel and food and our average income in Western art under $50,000. I have more constituent and social security and Medicare and any other congressional district in the state.

I have more accurate than any other congressional district in the state.

We have a lot of people want and that $200 crushing and families are struggling with empty shelves who have ever thought that we would be having a conversation in 2022 about American mother not being able to find formula for their newborn baby. Unbelievable that Joe Biden is achieving his goal of turning the country into Venezuela is certainly doing a good job of that with everybody else.

Yeah, involving his administration at the congressional level. We haven't spoken Michelle since the leak came out about the Supreme Court and God willing direction can overturn Roe versus Wade help people understand where you're at on the issue of life. It should be obvious at this point, but I did want to ask you to speak in Nevada, and the opportunity that Roe versus Wade. Falling would give us important for me for well over at no honor in court when they were hearing the.I went back in Washington DC in January for the March like degree that the closet archived North Carolina but not Apple not directly up firing during both the trip to the capital. What young people engaged in the cold night at when we were out for the God-fearing Buffalo College from Liberty University.

When we were there and being there credible young people looking for wonderful women talk about how important like each one of them I knew at that moment that we were Roe V Wade overturned and you were all waiting with baited breath for the report.

Finally, really their judgment on that and will be an incredible turning point for our country for women for unborn babies in the if we don't like. If you write none of the other stuff that we talk about even matter.

We got to stand firm on that at the leak was absolutely unacceptable and we must have find out where that came from. It was obviously a political move and protestant working outside of the home of our Supreme Court justice said unacceptable at work and legal faith in what they're yelling my understanding of that and that the pro-life the pro-life community. This is our opportunity In a way that it will pull those wrong and he found market here over the weekend in Asheville ever happened in Washington DC across the country with the with the pro-abortion group time for those of us to stand for life no time for ropey weight overturn.

We must be very bold in the way that we are going to stand for truth and in a godly way. Part of your hope for North Carolina Michelle because this is a conversation I think a lot of us, myself included her like well I said to pray for Rhoda fall. I hope one day it does. But now that day. Sure looks like it's going to be upon us and all of a sudden working to be in the drivers seat except for Cooper, which is why that the state house and state Senate races are so important. We need to pick up three in the house to in the Senate and God willing. One of the Supreme Court and then we can just ignore Cooper and he could just, you know sleepers last two years in office. But what would be your vision for North Carolina for Roe versus Wade falls.

I think this is a question we all have to really work with an answer. Great question. Every voter that my whole tomorrow. My no matter where you live murky to me anyhow. You got the pole tomorrow. We got a new Republican Supreme Court. We've got to get it up for majority the house in Raleigh you that an opportunity to make the heartbeat on the parking lot was held by Roy Cooper didn't have number in the general assembly that detail at a we don't have the numbers right now in the Marine Corps. We must get Republican Republicans on that Marine Corps and we must get beat up the majority of the general assembly that great play January 3, 2023 when there and then the most important thing that we have to do going forward is 2024.

We must let Mark you probably think that Gov.'s mansion must get Republican Atty. Gen. and then we will make sure that it never becomes a sanctuary state for a portion yeah that's exactly right what what would be your biggest priorities Michelle when you get up to DC next January a great question important. When I really wait, I think I'll start with what's most important here on the ground and added opening off at the across all County congressional district is bigger than 48 were closer to three state capital and our own and we right now have one service office in Henderson County uric constituent in Cherokee County that need help with Veterans Affairs purity, or your past or you have five hour route, driving yet the pathetic, unacceptable today with the congressional district and we will be better. We will have off off all County will also have a mobile service that is often going to help our senior got it you are unable to get enough that we can make sure that the top priority. Day one building that out on the ground here and Washington DC Joe Biden about say things that need to be said to me, the first priority have to be closing the border making title 42 law blocking our own Sen. here kind of drive and legislation on the Senate side, my not that we need to end the mandate, they need to get back to the Trump energy policy, and I think you don't gain we get border close.

Title 42 into law. Any anarchy legislation that might be coming from the we and any residual mandate that we still have faith come January and we get back to the Trump energy policy, we will be able to quickly impact inflation and that will help American family. It's been amazing to watch how anxious and excited and willing this Congress and this president has been the poor literally billions of dollars into the sovereignty of Ukraine but not willing to pour it into the sovereignty of our own nation and Ukrainian people are suffering. I believe that there we have an opportunity to help however I agree with Rand Paul, we cannot borrow right help another country. We arty have $30 billion in grant that we have to manage and we need to be making sure that we got the formula for mother right here and that's right exactly right Michelle Woodhouse Woodhouse for is the number four Woodhouse for Western North Carolina get out tomorrow and so it's so important it's not just your civic duty miniature duty as a follower of Christ to vote for people, so that you can love God and love your neighbor well. Michelle will help you do that when she goes to DC. God bless you sister thank you so much for calling. You're welcome. We'll talk again soon on the victory. God willing, for Michelle Woodhouse and all our other friends that have been on today for Chad slot and Edina something tomorrow will hear from some more state rep in a few other people: and tomorrow. Make sure you get out folks that is your talent.

This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I talked again real soon.

Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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