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Liberals Exploding!

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May 6, 2022 1:31 pm

Liberals Exploding!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 6, 2022 1:31 pm

Liberals Exploding!

Steve talks to Dean Nelson about abortion and Adina Safta about her run for congress and what people should be doing about elections. 

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show.

There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your house Noble well but hopefully God willing will be to screen your decision on that was leaked on Monday night by Sam Alito the overturning of Roe versus Wade. For example, Elizabeth Warren just exploding on the view were beginner alarmists greed by saying it's that the Supreme Court has not just said were not going to have Roe there now open the door to an investigation and an intrusion beyond anything most of us imagine. So now they've opened up the possibility of your contraceptive might be in a concept like an IUD that works after naked fertilized. The bugles acted shocked. She then went even more hyperbolic, adding that your miscarriage to what be investigated by the local police. She found an even more extreme example that you could be monitored that you lifted a package that was too heavy and threatened the pregnancy, thereby, are you thinking about killing your child in the womb. These people are going nuts. I've talked about ever to talk about some more today and interesting question. Why are they going nuts so it's helpful. That's because people on the subject that not only under understand it, because they been in the activism world in the political world for years, but because they have the guidance of the truth of the Holy Spirit.

And in this case one's skin color also have an impact on one's perspective on abortion because it has a disproportionate and an incredibly destructive impact on the African-American community sort always excited to have our brother Dean Nelson back on the air. He's the vice president of government relations at human coalition is done a bunch of stuff over the years of the Frederick Douglass foundation and the Frederick Douglass leadership Institute and we met each other the nothing is on the way back in like 2005 or 2006 at C&P but God bless your brother thanks for calling and how are you man, I am doing great good to be on a little offense every now and again good to good to be on your show man. Thanks so much for the opportunity is always you're very welcome. It was great seeing the week when you were here how interesting the timing was Dean and I ran into each other human coalition did a event here in Raleigh about what we do in a post-Roe North Carolina and we thought back then. Most of us, and I've always been very skeptical. I thought that we would get a decision that might limit it to 15 weeks and that would be major.

Given the extent of Roe V Wade and all the blood that's been spilled since 1973, but I was.

I was shocked on Monday night. When that came out. What was your reaction Dean shot sure I was actually in St. Louis at a major Church of God in Christ event. Whenever I go to St. Louis for the event something crazy always at the end of the bear when Donald Trump the very night that Donald Trump won the election of really Clinton. I was there like two years ago when they made a major announcement, a strong pro-life statement for their entire denomination. So everything happened minute it took me by shocked.

I was texting that I literally had to walk out of the ceremony to do some business because we had to come up with some tech talking talking points are*order but it was a it was shocking to say the least you at your mutual friend. I refer to him as my slightly older brother from another mother that would be Bishop Patrick a wooden senior and so yeah I mean it's been amazing to be on offense and ecstasy. Something like this. Why do you think the people on the left and Elizabeth Warren just one of a billion examples are so apoplectic.

Why are they so they're just going ballistic acting as if when Roe gets overturned that all of a sudden abortion will be illegal nationwide.

I wish that were the case, it simply isn't.

It just gets pushed back down to the states, but what he thinks. Behind that they are absolutely losing their minds I think. I think they're creeping up from my vantage point number one is because they ideologically they just bought think they think. Cannot believe that this day would come. We are of the mindset that people should have this type of lesion made by themselves and by their state legislatures voting not by seven people you know making the decision. You know, at the federal level as judges for the entire donation.

So I think number one. Ideologically it just hard for them to believe they just cannot fathom it on a number two is they are funded by a multibillion-dollar industry mean the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil, and I think Planned Parenthood in the abortion industry has had such a grip on the Democrat party that I believe that the other reason why they have gone ballistic and then lastly, I think they're going to continue to make much noise because they don't have anything else going into the midterm elections. They think that this is going to be like their issue. They can't run on much of anything else. And so I think that they think that this is the one thing that they have think that they're going to find out that Americans are wearied by this.

The vast majority of Americans want from limits on abortion even only 18% of Democrats want abortion completely on demand. So I think that when they ultimately here at the level above the boot in in November. I think that they're going to see surprised that everybody doesn't think just like California, New York, a lot of people in America would be shocked to know I soon the vast majority of our fellow citizens. Dean don't know that were only one of seven countries in the world that allows abortions after 20 weeks in two of those seven countries are China and North Korea.

I mean we are amongst the worst company on the planet when it comes to the destruction of human life in the womb. And it's good to be fascinating to watch it on a state-by-state level, but it's also to be a huge challenge for us. We been praying about it crying about it working towards it for decades now and then when it finally happens. Do you think were ready to hold you to the brakes.

If you have some extra time on the break. Without a doubt article thought so do you think were ready and what are we going to need to do RBC between now and November, but after November, and assuming Roe falls well number one is that we have to be in every individual state prepared to have good legislation in those state legislation that is going to protect innocent human life, but legislation that is going to be informed like what we've done it human coalition to really provide help for women who find themselves in these crisis situations for a long time. We worked in the private industry and more recently alongside no government to provide some type of support for women when they finally themselves in these difficult situations where partnering with organizations like million moms off of welfare to make sure that they get the support that they need for the same time we don't want anybody you know some dependence upon those things that the church has a huge step in the hell was talking to Dean Nelson, the vice president of government relations and human coalition coalition that works such an opportunity will be right back almost show a great conversation with my students. I about 110 students every week in my US history classes are a high school age homeschoolers here in the area, but we are adding online classes for the fall because I just know the Lord has called me to a disciple and teach as many young people as I can't. I teach US history. Now I teach civics was about two semester classes and I teach Christian ethics, and we been talking in all three classes this week about the enormity of what's going on with Supreme Court Roe versus Wade.

And if the Supreme Court all of a sudden can be pressured in one direction or the other because of public opinion or protests or getting talks to people showing up at your house. You just lost the Supreme Court your mother to take this report stick it in Congress because now we can go after Mike we can with members of Congress is just another political organization and I was glad to see Justice Roberts again.

He came out publicly speaking today at an event was really, that's the strongest terminology have ever seen him using so disgusted at what happened with this leak because also, you can turn the sprinkler based on public pressure. You gloss the Supreme Court you've lost the rule of law. You no longer live in a nation governed by laws you live in a nation governed by men. And it's the men that are the loudest and most intimidating that's tyranny and so this is massively important.

Besides the fact that if and when Roe falls and I believe it will.

You've got a Plessy versus Ferguson you got kind of a Lawrence B Texas, you certainly have a Board of Education Brown versus Board of Education level events here that's going to have massive implications for Americans and for American General and so it's gotta be engaged got understand what's going on here, but Joe Biden Jen Saki earlier today, Biden Saki says buying respect and understand separation of powers, but he won't take a view on whether protesters should pressure Supreme Court justices well when they BLM gone bad show up at the houses of these people that the Supreme Court justices for five of them and this stupid twitter group called Ruth sent to us by way better than a nod to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has said that some things in the past that she didn't think Roe versus Wade was extra good legal thinking, but they talks to members and Supreme Court meaning they gave out.

Looks like their home addresses in the present United States in the coming out blasting that one of the reasons that he's capable of things that cognizant but it's really remarkable. These are remarkable days and for us it's Christ followers who have the truth we have to engage with why were so excited as always to talk to Dean Nelson, vice president of government relations at human coalition. Thanks again brother for Colin.

It is great to be on your show and I will just tell you that multiple times that you know I have been down at the Supreme Court. It is a spiritual battle for sure. And the left does not care. I was there when Chuck Schumer made his infamous comments trying to scare like you last year you before you don't course that she and others. I mean, shouting in front of the Supreme Court like I dare you to do so means literally's other officials that you'd like challenging Supreme Court officials. They don't have respect for the court. They don't have respectable all they want things the way that they want them and I'm glad we still have a semblance of a representative democracy that we need to preserve yeah that's really shocking to see this kind of stuff. Of course, one of the words that immediately comes to my mind when I see some of you like Schumer or Pelosi never apoplectic Monday night is as is the word demonic comes to my front of my mind so quickly when you and you watch the protests and everything.

What happened in LA the other night and I put something out the other day and social media. Do you know Mike, I know what you're doing is watching the profits of Dale as their God is being attacked because it's the ultimate symbol for them of so many different things, not the least of which is money. As you mentioned, but put the abortion institution.

The act itself is their ultimate kind of middle finger to the God of the Bible and biblical morality in all of us included and it does represent the whole movement, the anti-God movement that's at the heart of progressivism in most ways and it's just wild to me to watch it, but through spiritualized primarily that we gotta remember that only oh my goodness. We have to remember that and I want to know now just call on you know every church you know in North Carolina in your listening area to make a priority, particularly fund it every Mother's Day but make a priority to pray for others that are in need.

Make a priority to pray for our nation as we head into you know this very contentious battle. I mean, I've seen the reports that some activist groups are calling on members and activists to go disrupt church services on Sunday. I've seen already this week we've had your pregnancy centers that have been attacked us over there. There is an attack is coming and we need to be spiritually prepared for that before. Before this comes at the my encouragement is to all of us to really take time to fast and pray, as this is moving forward and not just in the immediate future, but also the summer as move towards the election and certainly after this is not going to go away anytime soon and this is a God that's been running a little G God is been running rampant killing babies not just here in America but around the world and and that's not to go down without a fight. Those demons and I can go down the fights.

Am so glad you reminding us this is the first and foremost spiritual battle I want to reference this article you have in the world magazine's website, pro-life, regardless of skin color. This one just came out Dean. The black perspective is missing from the abortion debate.

What is the black perspective man, thank you for bringing that you know that article was really important to me because even as I mentioned earlier, there are large numbers like 1/3 of Democrats and they support you know Democrats for certain reasons, but 1/3 of them consider themselves to be pro-life and I happen to have mentored a young lady who is now the president of Democrats for life. She is an elected official in Michigan who is doing down the work you know her twin sister is a Republican, both pro-life and so my point really with that is that when a lot of these discussions are had a lot of times the those who have been impacted the most by the abortion issue sometime are left out. Of the Goshen and I think it is important for us to make sure that like groups like the Church of God in Christ with 6.1 million members. A national no Christian denomination has a very strong public stand on the sanctity of human life. Whenever you read articles. There's no mention of minutes the fourth largest denomination in the country is not even know that they had the strong pro-life declaration because it's very inconvenient to the movement to have pro-life black Christians out there because their assumption is every black person in America.

Christian or not is on their team when it comes to the abortion issue that simply not right.

Yeah we we we have to do our work and we criticize fairly across-the-board with no black churches that have voices and we got Raffaella Warnock you know who is an elected member, you know, and I have little particularly publicly slammed you know him and his position. We need to ensure that where we have it both ways.

But I do feel like that we have a huge opportunity to speak to and to engage with people just like you done with Bishop Glidden and we have to keep those conversations going in and only has to increase in that's for the sake of moms and dads and babies all across this country church. We have to be ready we are to be spiritually engagement to be physically engaged to be the answer that they're going to need when they have these crisis pregnancies, Dean Nelson, vice president of government relations, human coalition, everybody that's key to human is the website just one of the greatest pro-life organizations America human

I bless you Dean I appreciate you bro without incident, but you may keep doing yard work. I will do the same. Will talk again soon, that was Dean Nelson great brother man is out of been on the house on the front lines for decades and that's the type of people follow him as he follows price he's doing that all the time you will believe the video clip on the place for you to come back yet.

Well I think really what I'm about to say but is crazy what you're what you're about. So this was Anna Experience is executive producer and host of the Young Turks. The young Turks on YouTube and they are aggressive hand and shockingly so, and liberal progressive uber liberal you go look at her twitter account and if you struggle with reading or seeing or hearing bad language you don't want to go to in a Experience. Twitter account at NI cast. So if this is her little meltdown about what's going on with Roe versus Wade in the Alito decision not to listen. This is one part where she takes the Lord's name in vain. We believe that out day so it's about a minute and 20 seconds long. Just listen and working a deal with.

There's multiple facets on this particular diamond okay and working to deal with all of them. This is Anna Katz. And from the young Turks melting down over well, you'll figure it out pretty quick. I play these comments might be strong but it's how I genuinely feel I don't care that your question I don't care what the Bible says. I feel like it's a clown show like sitting here trying to decipher what your little mythical book has to say about these very real issues right here. If you're Christian for you.

Your religious liberty and Christianity believe in Christianity life. The Bible says control the right conversation in the way you interpret the Bible.

I don't care Bible and tell me in this chapter. In this I don't care to not believe in it. Okay, so hopefully this is the first time you heard somebody speaking like this. This is just there so much here that I have to unpack and get through. In the segment for segment or have our friend Adina's after back on who's running for Congress and very challenging when you run in a primary running against people in your own party and to run against the system and the machine it's challenging and she's just a small business owner. She loves the Lord and is trying to fight the good fight. According to the way she sees it, and she was on the show before it's over to talk about that for segment but go back to this that's go back to the scale so she's losing her mind.

Here don't do trying to because were trying to tell her all us Christians with what's going on Roe versus Wade trying to tell her what to do with her body. Are you trying to tell her what to do with her body. Anybody anybody in here trying to tell her tell and Very much to do with her body. Anybody is even trying to do that now. She asked me.

I have a conversation with her but is that what's really going on here in do you really think that Samuel Alito have you read the 64 page agreement 64 page opinion. Hopefully that ends up in the majority opinion. Have you read it. Anna because if you read it to find out it's not a Christian decision. It is, he's not quoting chapter and verse. He's not trying to impose his Catholicism on your body or your mind or your way of life.

He hasn't. He's dealing with it as a lawyer through a legal perspective, ma'am, your problem really yummy cerebrum of the Bible. Your bigger problem is the Constitution is the constitutional maneuver is something that the Constitution put in place is a way that the process works and that they should overturn a decision like this really is that what you were to say about Brent Brown versus Board of Education Plessy Ferguson. We should have separate but equal you're okay with that. Are you okay with the poll taxes you're okay with slavery know there's decisions that get made that have to get reversed later and she's just going ballistic. Want to know why here's the double edge sword because when you're pro-life it screams Bible it screams God not every probe like person is 20 pro-life atheists out there pro-life agnostics pro-life people that have nothing to do with Christianity okay but when you are pro-life people outside of Christianity, especially somebody like Anna who's who's so hostile to it because what fellowship does darkness have a flight to those who are perishing. We are the aroma of death.

So when you're a Christian and you actually stand up and say I believe the Bible I believe in God's moral law, then you you are just the fingernails on the chalkboard for a significant portion of this country and so right now turning over Roe versus Wade is turning over her little G God, which is herself. Her autonomy telling God the Bible and all Christians go take a flying leap and so when this gets reversed. This is an attack on her rebellion. That's how she sees it because ultimately this is a spiritual issue. It's got political and legal clothing on but added since this is a spiritual conversation, which is why she's apoplectic which is why Elizabeth Warren is apoplectic because this is a win. If he gets overturned and I believe to a certain extent for the word of God and the protection of human like the sanctity of human life.

Why is it sanctified. Why is it precious because it's made in the image of loops God capital G. Anna, and that's why you hate it because you hate the notion of God and they say hey I'll fight for your freedom of speech.

Yet, as long as we stay in the church and don't saving but man you realize Anna, listen, here's my deal. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe the Bible I believe in God's moral law you're a sinner I'm a sinner. The only difference between us in heaven and hell is whether we decide to go get our junk dealt with through the shed blood and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That's okay.

Good people don't but I haven't forgiven people go to heaven if we were to do it God's way.

The Bible's way, abortion would be outlawed whole sale not only here in America at all intervals in the pregnancy, and no matter what no matter how you got pregnant the sanctity of human life will protect children just like to protect middle-aged people and only people will protect you from euthanasia to protect you in the womb, and an abortion. Anna would be outlawed.

It is the Bible's weight.

It would be outlawed and the doctor that committed the doctor that did it would be guilty of murder that would be 1st murder, a capital offense. If you wanted at the at the rear.

To do this. The Bible's way in Roe versus Wade wouldn't push the decision back to the states. It would just be outlawed. Done. Steve, are you saying that you would prefer not to 10th amendment where we guarantee if it were not clear is not constitutional. We can make a clear case for the federal side and push it down to the states, are you saying Steve you have a problem with the 10th amendment when it comes to the killing of babies. Yes, I do. I believe this is a federal issue. I believe the Constitution protects all levels of life, from the oldest to youngest in the woman out of the womb I believe the Constitution applies to the unborn human being here in America. Therefore murdering them for whatever reason cheaply. For your convenience is illegal based on the U.S. Constitution.

So yeah that's what I think that's what happening here. Anna bulimia. This is going. The Bible's way it's going in that direction, but Celia pushed down to the states and is going to be probably half the states in this country at least that I can continue to sacrifice children on the altar of convenience and setting aside the exceptions, which is a much different much more difficult conversation, rape, incest in life and the mother setting aside most of this country will continue to bow down at the altar of dead babies and so Anna, you should be thrilled about that. The last thing you want is the Bible because you know what that means because the law was written on your heart. Anna, you have a conscience.

Anna that was given to you by your creator and you bristle about judgment, because you know your deeds are dark.

That's why you hate the light. I hated to. I hated the like to because I knew my deeds were dark.

I knew it I hated light, which means I hated God near either a child of the devil or your child of God and the only way your child of God is when you accept the fact you deal with the fact Anna like I had to that were sinners were messed up where train wreck. Morally speaking, and you can't buy your way out of it. Your good looks and get you out of your careers and to get you out of it. All the good causes that you think you're helping that's I can get you out of it either. As we both deeply offended, eternally offended.

A perfectly holy and just God.

We deserve to die forever. But that's not that's not that doesn't feel good does it doesn't. I know that feels terrible. I I didn't like being judged either but yet that is the truth. That's the reality. And you know it right now at this point your life any hate going to be judged, but it is the truth and you mock God and you take his name in vain. But you know it's real. Romans chapter 1 of the possible sorry I go to the Bible, God made it plain. You look at that start skill filled sky. Look at the ocean look at life.

Look at the ecosystems and you know that's an accident there's a designer and he designed you to me loves you and he died for you. That's only way to get out of this so I hope you'll consider it when I tried to force the Bible and God just do that I don't do a better choice of free will. This is the noblest ignoble children to come back and talk to Adina soft Adina for Boy it's tough to run in the primary, man, this is this is very very difficult very, very difficult. Talk to Dean about world history the world and certainly the history of entertainment and movies. It was just phenomenon Bruce Lee just amazing martial artist in and so that's the point of that song Albert Bruce Lee, 70 protect you something to fight for you and so we've got a situation in politics today and there's a lot about Donald Trump. I appreciated the return decent things about Donald Trump. I did not appreciate and in my there's my flesh side of my fighting side of my political side and then there's Mike, right side, and sometimes those sides don't fit well together. It's a very difficult environment to play.

I'm in here five days a week. I'm just talking about it off the air on Facebook live in YouTube live that I struggle with my anger and backlash them in politics can really bring help to worst in me and I struggle with it so we got but we have fighter so I can find somebody out there when I'm voting personally. Steve Noble voting not speaking about happening these radio stations are a that but when I'm when I'm picking people if I can find a believer to start there because then I have the power the Holy Spirit. At least I can invest in that. But just because you have the Holy Spirit as a means to be a good politician. Just because you have the Holy Spirit doesn't mean are necessary to run a good business right but if I can get that that's going to start their and then went in the world of politics where we have so much compromise and going along to get along. I would prefer to have something that's full of the Holy Spirit is also tough and willing to get in there and mix it up and people think that I'm I'm all for it because that's what we need. This is a battle it's a battle not just for our own lives, but for the lives of our neighbors that being about 340 million of them around the country, which I appreciate Adina soft opinion on today Adina for was in the studio. Recently, the fighting, fighting the good fight of faith trying to bring the truth of God's word in the political realm. That's not an easy gig. Adina, how are you I'm pretty good. So how do you as a as a sister in Christ and somebody that's trying to impact life here in North Carolina and and go up to Congress there in DC. The crazy pit of DC Honeycutt to keep it. I know it's just difficult.

We've communicated enough to keep it all together because the world of politics can be very maddening and very frustrating but I like even more likely think they are getting worse and worse thing you think about like you know I said there fighting right in their and so a lot of my no other that are getting the same thing you know, again, the devil is trying to work but got turned around and everybody wake up and they're going to hell you know that the devil trying really hard to get the belt out. I did not like that when you get harder I file okay thank you I realize having the devil give up on file and now Jean is fighting to be the Republican candidate for the second congressional district in North Carolina and it's a tough battle in in that you know you run into the existing machine. It's been out there for a while and a lot of instead of going on the outside and then get to the inside. Once you start getting on the inside it's can be frustrating because sometimes the machine just wants to do the thing that it's always done and it can be very frustrating and then to deal with opponents who also happen to be Republicans. In this case that's a challenge yet but what I like I think getting it repaired for the mainboard that are painful for me and my knee something that okay and questionable.

I need to bring it up. I think that that happen right back Wendy something that's not right. They bring out I think you for you know only the truth and being bold and not yet I find out that many how daddy follow the problems I have with primary candidates. Whether were talking about the grace here and it's a congressional district or anywhere else in the state or anywhere else in the country for that matter.

I never understand that when people and buds done this I never understand it when people won't go to debates about this. This is a country that was built on debate. We started debating the Constitution before we ratified it. That's where we got the Federalist and anti-Federalist papers and and you think be able to take the heat and get in there and defend your position. We should be able to do this, as Christians as well. I just don't understand people like I want. I really want to know any what you'd like I'm running onto believers right all that work for you. You have to get that. I know they had a debate just recently where they were worried about some covert. This made no sense to me.

You're worried about their word about some covert concerns and like hello, what are we talking about and then you go to zoom debate which is not the same. If I'm standing in the room with somebody that changes everything. The whole environment is different and if you're worried about coping you not to force anybody to come to the debate. I guess none not you and not your competitors. None of you had called it. So what's the big understand that okay Donald Brown when you know like my microphone was cut off like what people do when I was the only one writing everything from running your crazy why online people and now you know I'm just now I know a little bit about how that feels. So in terms of you been out talking to people in your engaging doing a lot of social media what what would you boil down kind of the most important issues to you that would want to represent North Carolina in Congress. What would be the most things. The things that are your most passionate about. After all, your experience now will I know hard on level. You know like I did not die anyone out the door and down like will actually need and why going to be credit you know like people to think they like the thing with over two years and was still talking about the mandate and I found that from an article to putting the pride that they would somebody bold called and they are Michael you will not do anything our community and I were on yeah that's that's the way that the ruling the country. Now it's exactly right, of course, another issue that that now everything is been pushed off the table, which was the plan because of what's happened with Roe versus Wade's were not talking about the economy were not talking about what's going on with our involvement in Ukraine were not talk about the southern border in the southern border is a total train wreck which is going to affect not only Americans it's affecting all the people that are coming there because it's setting them up for all the human trafficking the nightmares down there. What about that, what about the immigration issue right that we don't realize that you know the human trafficking after the criminal any money. I went into Carolina in Raleigh. Like any community under people party and our farm line. Locate and we look at what in our country and in our community and we need to import law and order without the people that are bold and build a law by writing better in their military border patrol grade-point that we know why you yeah so there's really important questions to ask about your competitors and appreciate your bringing them up. People can you go check out more about it. You need to reach out to her through your website. Gina for thanks for calling in Edina. We got around to think so much God bless you to talk to you later. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I talked again real soon. Like my dad always ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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