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The Sin of Partiality

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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April 28, 2022 6:40 pm

The Sin of Partiality

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 28, 2022 6:40 pm

The Sin of Partiality

Steve talks to Dr. Sam Horn from BJS to discuss the sin of partiality. What does it mean to be partial? It might be different from what you think.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one noble show where you meet everyday life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble well I get a lot of mail messages on faith blog and social media people have ideas for radio show or a block or an advance or some idea some article they read once while an individual and so I pay attention to that severe have an idea somebody that you think I should get on the shower. Some topics and subjects them vent some organization.

Feel free to throw it out. Did you find me on Facebook or send me an email to the website, the Steve Noble and I'll look at it and every once in a while one will just come across the screen.

This is from a buddy of mine talking about this ministry they're aware of this gentleman that they know in his eyes.

His name is Sasha suits her off and he's from Russia and not only is he from Russia like Russia Russia, do we talk about Russia these days in United States of America. Yes we been talking a lot about Russia since about 1940. Prior to World War II in World War I and World War II especially, and then the Cold War and then the rise of the Soviet Empire and then we get into the 1980s and we get the Reagan administration and we get Gorbachev and we get perestroika in one thing after another in the fall of the Soviet Union replaced by just what we know today as Russia, and of course we talk about Russia and Ukraine and everything going on itself to be able to talk to somebody that's not just Russian themselves, but a follower of Jesus Christ and somebody that was a member of the KGB and an atheist, appropriately. I was like yeah absolutely so that's how we got connected with Sasha and excited to get to know our brother from Russia today Sasha how are you thanks for calling it right. I'm very well thank you very much and and I know that you're in the states. Perhaps a little bit longer than you originally anticipated, so I just think the Lord that we had a chance to to have you on the show today and thanks for your willingness to share you got a lot to share. Sasha and I want to give you as much time as I possibly can so not to tell folks a just a little bit about what's going on right now at the Moscow seminary and why you're in the states in them will go back in time to when you are part of the KGB in an atheist great sorry for creating or healthcare 504 full-time students from 600-0127 students are Ukrainian. Ethnic Ukrainian no function going to go to hearing the gospel. The gospel continues on.

We serve the which of course includes Russia or Ukraine Russia multibillion year would have liked so grateful I came stateside, state what you are about two weeks each time to release the scholarship will be the multiple 70 only time I got stuck because war broke out them. Confocal flights and older trains going back in Russia will hopefully see if I might get back I'm fine. I tried Frank Friday Crandall tried to stumble and Helsinki.

So far no well yes so well God will use this time well for you and to advance the cause the gospel back in Russia so that's exciting let's go back in time Sasha and take us back to the days when you were an atheist, and you were a part of the KGB and I know that your daughter came home one day so can paint a picture for us so we understand what life was like for you before you met Jesus for me earlier.

The multiple know my mom around. According to the legend what her lawyer for intruding quote you about your play solo persecutor now start questioning the whole concept because first of all us cute, sweet, don't look for Chuck. We didn't look alike and little meeting at which we decided we would never go for a DNA test for our mom compensating for the tricks. So she made us suffer. What I don't the classics and I mean just electric but very like the whole point. 22 boldness by Dostoyevsky story matter fixable. Well I played violin for 10 years professionally at the school market music school and the ideas for classical training for you a place to call the KGB headquarters and asked if they would make a KGB agent. I just wanted to swap my violin in foregone.

While they look to the Algerian old efficiency is what the BCI AMI six KGB most out there looking for North to be family allegiances with the state like James Bond find out in the sky. It was in the idea is to give up your number with your trip, but did you puke creek water from and what year is this a long time ago and so are in Russia so you get your Social Security key you to fix so I should have fun and cool. I am so and they left so architecturally but now you to know you grow up you get from education you call us back to Turkey with a deep but only file only by the time a lot to my wife and her front be a KGB colonel, so he pulled some strings I got on active duty and Kimberly Lanyon.

It was the KGB which execute the 212 can you most purchased 200,000 20,000, the minister said the KGB kill 200,000 John Holzapfel talking to Sasha since her off from Russia and you heard it. He was a KGB agent in an atheist and they came to faith in Christ.

His daughter had something to do it that somebody that she met and now is run in the Moscow seminary will talk about Ukraine as well. The Beretta was still fascinating opportunity today. As were talking and getting to know Sasha suits her off.

Who is that the Moscow seminary happens state usually comes twice a year, but once war broke out in Ukraine and they got Ukrainian students at the Moscow seminary will talk to Sasha about that. Now he's spending a little more time in the states right now than he did than he planned on sobered listening to his story and his testimony and grew up. I was in the orphanage that his mom ran and growing up in the full Russian contacts at communist Russia and I wanted to be in the KGB and they said wait a little bit and he came back around and he got in the KGB and that is an atheist, such as fascinating testimony. We really appreciate you being with us today.

Sasha thanks so much for your time so you finally get into the KGB and like what's that like what the job at the KGB like I want.

I was curious, Sasha, do you have to be careful. AMI 2022 of you have to be careful when you talk about this kind of stuff since you still live in Russia you girl. I volunteer anything with regard to each of HUD which execute 200 and Russia in 2003 churches, but they didn't care and you know I was a happy camper fight that while from a moral good always come up with a good excuse my excuse, of course, be to provide for my family right course of my family was set up one day my daughter and I and you at the time when she came back from school and you cut much on you from school, Mike Cooley your friend.

And that he from the United State of America exactly I I look like to keep him think about that she thought you looked pretty gross member of the company. I was amazed. I claim to know God. They she said that that he was looking Canadian I was, of course, KGB agents doing Mike you all the school from cool works by euro go by profession he was a Christian quite particular, the worst because I was throughout the Soviet Union so I need from the United States. Thank you very much and so I got with my own daughter. I didn't believe her instead I went to her school and I talked with her teacher. Only the teacher confirm a couple from the United States so far America and also about the couple was looking for a restaurant which almost goes as we say, but Russia anybody is going to speak the language because it takes eternity to elopement yeah well I will call that fleeting moment, idealized. They were not, as I had hoped Babel, but came to stay and that of course might be even more concerned with three KGB agent. So I came up with a plan for the fact that my wife just happened to be a professional question language. She talked of the need to get you near were officers from countries like Guatemala, you will come to get sleep in your grief will need to go. They would have to go to the question language fiber they could take a class at the academia in Russia, what if you got for living and I utilized that I wake my wife and gave me a chance to spot right people are all about Now undercover uniform and find my life and so I printed Luke completely enough work.

I would just go to that place where I was waitressing to my wife will get to with her left son, Michael only. Of course I will spare to listen to what they were told about and frankly boldly talked about was God depleted mark that they will live the Bible or textbook you and convertibles how to say the work in question and the way Jesus Christ is the love of God who takes away blue screen of the world and how to say and will not perish but have everlasting life for you. I will will I and my yeah and Mike. I give God a chance, which for me KGB agent will also track their huge step away from my you stick around.

Yes, just about God.

They were also about God somehow for unit number 03 praying beef and started beating the Bible gives us. They gave me a copy of the in the Russian language and vaguely mediate the Bible. I didn't want to blow my cover you right then I decided I would start from scratch we can make the gospel of Matthew. And so I gospel of Matthew school and then bookmark under two people only appear because the gospel of Luke, the person depicting Jesus talking with disciples and to bring up a dull thump. He is if you being people know how to give keep your children, how much more so will the holy father keep a hold. That goes west of idealized betterment.

What she did because the first part of what you will like to be perfect people.

I mean, I knew I wasn't able, but I know you get good lately. Think I will thinking and I mean if the first part would find a place to meet. Well then what is like to me as well and got five holes the guys like talking to Sasha since our session about John all there in Russia KGB agent getting to know the Lord God can get you no matter where you're at, will be back in Steve Noble to Steve Noble, shall have a great fascinating conversation glorifying the Lord through the testimony of Sasha suits her copies at the Moscow seminary.

Yes, Moscow, Russia that Moscow is in the states for little while and thank you Dave. My buddy who introduced me to Sasha and his ministry through email and so just I really appreciate the fact that we can have this conversation today, and Sasha, thank you so much for your willingness to share with us in such a blessing. So were the last segment here so what point just for the sake of time because I want to talk to about what's going on today at what point did you come to realize okay.

I actually believe all this now, I actually got a place all my faith in and what Jesus Christ did for me at what point that was there a particular thing that happens after that. You're like okay I am all in drinker 109.050. I will be overworked with my own eyes, and of course I experienced a good five to me up a hold of God.

The spirit felt like pure gold.

So I go back home I just had my converse about half because in my heart I knew Jesus was God, my wife and she is wrong with you what's wrong with me.

She said smiling. I had never smiled before she goes to her father. Our teacher to Col. never smiled.

So my wife wasn't only so he smiled that day without even realizing that my smile I gave me away and since I will be in Christ. I didn't find anything more beautiful than my wife that I became a German mouse and she knew that she become a key you don't get to the beach and all to complete Christ.

Frankly, we had no idea what to do with it whatever so we decided we would need a little bit more of the Bible. The Bible which got work which we need only to find those will come to Christ. The Bible would then plant a church. We blunted the church in Moscow, Russia to maintain the main keyword but I had my foot converse one by one hot one but because one day I learned by Mike got the call of the look of my life. All the cholos to deploy almost 1 which KGB agents to sleep with them to the need to plan to file to be executed thank learned that the key to people and so we blunted the thinking that if you could get one society that Dominican US place. Then came the blunted because we felt that way we could replenish the law, by the way, I could probably up blunted to another church and maybe get another church in my life.

You could do students in the black church reaching and will start at 17 which I was one of and no go to 1200 so doing it incredible story so life now in Russia as a Christian as a follower of Christ openly doing ministry is a very different world than it was back in 1990.

Obviously, with the fall of the Soviet Union. It's a whole new thing but it still it still challenging. Right it still risky.

Please keep her welcome. So you want. Russia does not want you through the city from Google prepare from the streets.

Russia does not form its first gold so your peace of Christ. Welcome. That makes perfect sense for you me so.

But so little level land lesson to us by the purification of Russia. The license allowing us to increase community youth from out of the church and to reach before course of each union with the work of God. The presence of the Lord God. 1200 felt good doing it through a man not working so let me ask you this is a few minutes left Sasha so how how how has the invasion of Ukraine affected you guys how are our your average Russians reacting to this. How do you deal with the fact that you got Ukrainians that are at the seminary.

It's a brutal situation. I don't her wherever I do the gospel gospel change.

We have Ukrainians, 21+ looking to complete (but we have more bedrooms with publicly right yet we don't really defeating. She would find double farm done.

They plant churches. Those in Ukraine praying goes down in Huntsville which is the groundwork about the gospel.

Yeah that's such a fascinating perspective and one that's going to seem kind of form until a lot of people over here listening to us right now because were such political people as Christians over here in America.

Sasha that we generally don't separate the two. When I go there will we just we just need to train ministers and we need to spread the gospel and leave the rest of the Lord. That's a very different perspectives on how you look at what would what would you challenge us with us American Christians in terms of how we look at politics and issues in the world.

I mean, it matters because it affects people, but it's not. It doesn't come before the gospel, how you value help us can understand well our unit. Russia or Ukraine for Belarusian yes I do I do I do what I will start to effectuate the got back in Virginia and everybody and you that change to train just about anyone in the former Soviet Union so we don't get the politics would do the groundwork of the gospel that would be my yeah that's that that's that took a lot from human perspective and trickle down from God perspective because he changes societies and we miss the in the first 300 years of the church. Their goal was not to turn over the Roman Empire, but the Roman Empire got turned over because of the spread of the gospel in the change of human lives, just like with your session such a powerful reminder how can we pray for you. Is there a way that we can get involved in what God is doing there at the Moscow seminary.

How can we help my phone number 171 312-317-1231. Give me a call if you want to hear when the state against my will. Nothing is flying back to Russia so I will vote for a couple weeks and if you feel you'd like me in the pool. The way people combined Bible study class anywhere in the United States or from a good Christian." I would come and share. So I just shared your phone number for folks that are watching the show and of course you're talking a bunch of folks on the radio so that that's just gospel forwardness there that disaster would just put his phone number out there 317-341-2312 is Sasha literally call 317-341-2312 and have them come share his testimony in what's going on over in Russia at your church or small group that would be incredible. How can we pray for you Sasha work to provide for the current credit) but they say you do everything possible to dilute the multiple at this point I'm thinking maybe like her a lot but I'm sure the plan. Pray for you.

You provide for my way back and print coolant beholding strategy about the war between Russia and Ukraine to go away for the federal people to work together, but you such a great such a message to all the Sasha got bless you my brother. I look forward to left me no meat on their meat that I look forward to meeting you in heaven. And I think I'm hearing and I will do this again I thought. Stay in touch. Your luck and God bless you, my pleasant. Are you welcome bye-bye that was Sasha sets her off from Russia is fascinating is that Bible the Bible can really be problematic you start reading that thing and you get to the gospel.

Same thing happens with Mormons or Muslims or an atheist KGB agent agent and the word of God is going to do what only it can do such a powerful thing in the father. Politics actually trust that the gospel will change the whole culture amazing what back Steve Noble to Steve Nobles, Joe, you know what an amazing way, was not Sasha's are off KGB agent atheist and then his daughter at nine comes on and says oh I made a new friend and her dad's a Christian missionary.

So Sasha jumps in as a new member. The KGB's like all their spies as part of the Rose. This is so funny. As part of the Rose, he has to play along the spine on him and that gets him into. Oh boy the word of God.

It's the word of God and the power of God and the truth of God that eventually converted the man and I talk about crazes that is one courageous do okay and and when I talk about politics. He was knocking to get go down that road for obvious reasons. Plus I think he actually believes in the power the gospel but that's courageous. Talk about a guy that can stand courageous that Sasha suits her. Rob, who literally gave out his phone number on the air sale come share my testimony and tell you about the Russian church. What God is doing over there that's pretty bold. Do we need more guys like cats do anymore American men, godly men that are willing to take a stand like that and stand courageously. No matter what happens, whether it's Twitter or Facebook or social media are your job or the government, and so I next Friday and I reference Randy Wilson. I was in the studio just recently he's the director men's ministry for family research Council FRC what Tony Perkins and got a big event coming up next weekend that stand courageous for us guys as men by next Friday and Saturday, May 6 and seventh High Point, North Carolina, and it's great to have Randy back on hey Randy how you doing buddy great to be with you again and always doing what great's testimony. That guy had. I'm talking Randy and I are texting earlier like sorry bro, you gotta follow the atheist former KGB that I got sick but that's a great example as I did that lead and a great example of what it means to be a courageous man and and we need a whole lot more people like that in this country than we have currently so tells what was going on. Stand courageous is just God's is doing a wonderful thing there and going to be in High Point, North Carolina, just west of us next weekend and tell us all about. Will you know work right everywhere economically. The energy crisis will cry with the cultural we are in a crisis here in America and were we need to amend the end up and show what we need men like Joshua who even as courageous as he was God brother you stand up I'll be with you. Do not fear and there's a lot of that going on. We don't know what's coming down the pike. We been pushed aside. We've been run over men as we grown up these years, there's a there's a concerted effort to take men out and the enemy is going to great job. We find us in the middle of crisis where universities are now defined manhood is a mental disorder. Masculinity is toxic and the issues. This is the issue that we are dressing up the stand, courageous conference next Friday and Saturday. High Point Green St., Baptist so we we focus on five vocal principles of masculinity know there's all kinds of things we could talk about but as you talk about the previous story and testimony going on when the word is spoken. It goes out it doesn't work and it never returns void. We believe as we talk about biblical masculinity. What that means.

Commander five thing week if we can get those right we change the home would change the church change communities across the country. It's no wonder that over the last 50 or 60 years on the right at the epicenter of Satan's efforts in the United States. America has been the family and to get the father out of the family and then to mock him and to minimize him into making basically the brunt of jokes and a lot of guys that's right, you know, we talked a little bit about this last time we look at Loudoun County, Virginia in the earth shattering changes that occurred there. It wasn't because a bunch of men stepped up it was because a bunch of women stepped up and praise the Lord for them, but we should either write in the trenches with them. Suddenly, what we should be called the men to talk about man is a provider not just financially providing men, providing your present your children need your present. You don't have to have a book out and teach them all kinds of things all the time 24 seven. They want your presence. They want you to be accessible. They want you to notice them at the Honda down to the questions that they have because they have in this is what the enemy is done is driven the men in many ways out of the home is broken and divided the relationship in the home primarily with the wife to get them out children as well and there left the aimlessly walking trying to figure out what life is all about. So we talk about the present and the importance of that but also about what that means. It's not what you normally think the offender is so many more things and then the men go YOU know I'm I don't know what to do what they need. They need somebody to hold them accountable winning the battle. But if we talk about that with our good friend Steve. While Stu Weber companies decorated military Vietnam. Talk about that military term and how important it is to have somebody who knows this. Who can speak with us to be a sounding board for us can hold us accountable and encourages along the road which we all need to write Absolutely were talking Randy Wilson is the director of men's ministry, a family research Council talk about stand courageous which is coming up next weekend. Okay May 6 and seventh. It's Friday night and a good chunk of the day on Saturday, over in High Point, North Carolina. At that that the church there and you can get all that information stand stand and by the way, I am planning on being there some excited to come over and join you guys that are we and so the other, but one of the challenges is that you know I think a lot of us have lost our way. In terms of what is a biblical man. Anyway, we tend to cannot have a secular perspective on that and you were mentioning Stu Weber was in Vietnam and of course general Jerry Boykin.

These are guys that you can look up to.

Regardless of your age and regardless of whether you're a baby Christian or or or or a mature Christian. We all kinda need this ongoing encouragement, which is just a gift of courage I mean what we are all kind of deficit early. Oh, absolutely. And Steve, you know, revelations we overcome little testimony, the price of the ticket hearing Gen. Boykin's testimony of his time going up at home his time in the church we learned there and then off to college and then into the military know he was one of the original Delta force members there and goodness sakes. The story in the battle he is. He's been in all major conflicts through the 80s and 90s that we been a part of anabolic Grenada. We are in Iran hostage crisis etc. use the general depicted in Black Hawk down this guy is a man man but what he says you know what I am no different than anyone of you.

He speaks directly to the men there is guys I've been there, done everything about that you have just differently maybe, but I am no different than you can do this we can walk this road would gotta walk it together and Steve. We have hundreds of men coming to Christ after general testimony amazing time you got to hear that man you got a call men here.

Gen. Boykin testimony because it will change your life and you work no different than he is, as I just said.

Therefore, you can step into the battle. You can step into the fray and you can rescue. You can save your marriage. You can save your family and you can make it different in the community. Yeah, I'm glad you mentioned people coming to faith because for all of us guys out there, men try to follow the Lord. Most of us hopefully know some other guys that don't know the Lord are kinda backslidden or just a cultural Christian so that's that that's a part of it as well as not just building up men in the church but inviting other men into the church. That's a big part of, and of course our our mutual friend that I've known since about 2005 Tony Perkins is the president family research Council what a gem.

He is what seeking to be talking about we talk about man as the chaplain. So what will you hold. How do we how do we present the word to our children primarily, Steve. It's all about consistent it and again it's all about showing up just reading a passage around the dinner table is purring together with the money that has impact the children talk about in years to come. As they start their own families. But what was the one thing that turned him around to put them on the pack and planted their feet was that small time seems small part of reading a chapter in the Bible around the dinner table or a prayer consistently home that you call your family to it is so simple man, but the enemy will make the heart of the enemy is going to college because he knows that that's the key to success in turn this country around the family together.

Yeah. And I think that's that's something whether it talk about engaging in leading our families are being more active in our communities are our schools listen I was minding my own business. Following the put the Lord back in Raleigh back in 2000 June 2003 and at thinking I was doing the right thing but I was at my boat was pretty much in a harbor.

I was spending all my time with Christians and husband and all my time at church around my little business and we were homeschooling but I wasn't having an impact on the world around me. And that's simply not an option.

As a Christian I think I mentioned this when you are in town.

Randy that that old quote from D.

James Kennedy, that Christian should be like hurricanes and wherever we go. Nothing stays the same, so that that's a called something more than just the kitchen table.

That's the whole culture around us where we need leaders and men are created to be leaders in the one thing you can do man, you can lead another friend and coworker delivered is your neighbor military guy unbelievable decorated veteran, gotta hear them come with me just come Friday night Friday night.

Now that's awesome so that's next Friday and Saturday in High Point, North Carolina next Friday and Saturday.

It's Friday night and Saturday during the day. Greenstreet Baptist Church and get all the information. Get registered. Get your tickets stand stand I hope you'll join us. Make sure you say hello to me and Randy when you're there and will all draw closer to the Lord together and become more godly men together. Randy I love you bro thanks so much. I look forward to seeing you next week to see if I just what a great opportunity stand and bring somebody with you.

We all need a tuneup.

We all need to be inspired. That's what happened. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I'll talk you again real soon. Like my dad always is ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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