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Musk Buys Twitter!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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April 25, 2022 8:09 pm

Musk Buys Twitter!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 25, 2022 8:09 pm

Musk Buys Twitter!

Steve talks about Elon Musk and how he bought twitter. What are his plans for twitter and how does this change censorship for people?

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. Will the real Tony Stark is so wild with the real Tony Stark please stand up Elon musk. The real Tony Stark on Sunday. He brings astronauts back from the international space station on Monday. He gets the deal done with twitter. Yes Twitter has accepted Elon musk buyout deal and also the new wit when we had trumpet trumps can win the first time that I'm moving to Canada or trumps going when the second time I'm moving to Canada. So now this is the new liberal cry of freedom or subjugation. Whatever I'm this is the new I'm moving to Canada Canada and I'm canceling my twitter account which is so funny in and of itself simply because, let me run you through some numbers. Welcome back. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall, and with a real Tony Stark please stand up. I think he is on the TV screen right behind me so there is with his two thumbs up, musk and that's a great comment from Elon about the situation with twitter and then now, but I'm not all town and I bow to no man bow to no billionaire. I bowed to know social media platform or I bow I bow not to democracy or any other things of this earth. So we will take all of this the green assault and we will continue to observe as we have been doing at least on this show since 2007, applying a biblical worldview and the word of God and the truth of God, and it doesn't matter whether it's Elon musk standing at the home plate or Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

And what is Donald Trump thing about twitter is to go back on. He actually came out today already, so I've got that story so this will be fascinating to watch. I had a new friend on Facebook suggest to me that I watched the end of Elon musk's recent interview with the Babylon PC have the Babylon P which is satirical. Those are Christian guys that are currently off of twitter. They been shut down on twitter, including the CEO that the city of Babylon be in in Adam Ford.

He shut down to and then you have not the be which is where the Babylon be people put out actual new stories as opposed to satirical story so Elon musk was on the Babylon be about an hour and 1/2 interview recently that what is available. You can watch online not on twitter but at least not yet. To be so fun and at the end the last six or seven minutes, one of the Babylon be guy says to you, I muster off three the Babylon be guys and then, sitting around a table. Four of them and he says I would you like to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior right now.

They save that question for the end of the interview. It was interesting. Elon musk.

Obviously, as taught, I think he was raised in the Anglican church is been taught some Bible's facts and figures he was talking about his he appreciates the teachings of Jesus and turning the other cheek and love your neighbor as yourself.

All kinds of interesting things, but not a believer, and he's a bizarre dude okay just this is an interesting bird. He at what he think he started space X because he believes the planet will be uninhabitable. One day we need to be a multi-planet species. As he says. And so that's why started space X to get to Mars because we're all gonna die if we don't and so there's some odd things about Elon musk.

But this is a beautiful story of democracy is not where the powers that be are pushing one direction and then you get somebody outside of that system like Elon musk are our modern-day Tony Stark who says he's got a problem with attacks on free speech. He is a free ardent free speech supported by the way, so will see now is going to have to put his money in his mouth where his mouth is and will see what happens on twitter meaning what can happen. Babylon be able to get reinstated and he was just on their podcasts as well as their president and Fort Alex Berenson is been great on COBIT, you know, COBIT truths and coven theories in covert information and COBIT 19 tests and masking reports and studies around the world on stuff always getting shut down on twitter but Alex Berenson did a great job, Steve Bannon, you know what to trumps guys originally Michael Flynn project Veritas with their leader James O'Keefe, Lynwood Mike Lindell Marjorie Taylor green a course Donald Trump.

See you later. All those guys on twitter but now that Elon musk going to take over what can happen and how do you feel about him to get your calls when we keep going here, but let me read. This is from CNBC when it broke earlier today. Twitter sport has accepted an offer from billionaire Elon muster by the social media company. Take a private, the company announced Monday.

Quote free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy and twitter is the digital Townsquare were matters vital to the future of humanity are debated, no twitter didn't say that Elon musk said it in a statement included in the press release announcing the $44 billion deal. Quote I also want to make twitter better than ever. By enhancing the product with new features making the algorithms open source to increase trust defeating the spambots and authenticating all units because is a lot of just computer, but when they see boxes like computers of fake accounts putting out information and advertising, whatever, including Russia and all kinds of Russian disinformation that's been a part of twitter and Facebook. Okay that's out there defeating the spambots and authenticating all humans that's a little blue checkmark.

Twitter has tremendous potential. I look forward to working with the company in the community of users to unlock it to be interesting to see how many people stay at twitter because all of a sudden they're having their ultimate toy taken away from them is their ability to silence people. Twitter today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by an entity wholly-owned by Elon musk for $54.20 per share in cash and it in cash in a transaction valued at approximately 44 billion under the terms of the agreement, twitter stockholders will receive $54.20 in cash for each share of twitter common stock that they own. Upon closing of the proposed transaction. The purchase price represents a 38% premium to twitter's closing stock price on April 1, 2022.

You're welcome. Elon says to all of you twitter steak owners, which is the last trading day before Mr. musk disclosed is approximately 9% stake twitter here's the transaction terms and financing the transaction, which is been unanimously approved by the twitter Board of Directors is expected to close in 2022.

Subject to the approval of twitter stockholders receipt of applicable regulatory approvals and the satisfaction of other customary closing conditions. Yada yada yada. Mr. musk has secured $25.5 billion of fully committed debt and margin loan financing and is providing approximately $21 billion equity commitment that would be his own money are no financing conditions to the closing of the transaction. Morgan Stanley is acting as the lead financial advisor to Mr. Mr. musk, as well as a Bank of America securities and Barclays are also involved in the deal, but he'll be in charge. What will happen. What about Donald Trump. What's Trump going to do you come back well will read his statement. When we come back zero characters remaining. Oh, that was slowly busy and there listening to me instead of paying attention what's happening over there.

This is Steve Noble.

Welcome back with a real Tony Stark please stand up and it's obviously Elon musk. Apparently that's the deal. So that's cool. And I what's Donald Trump to do. I just jumped over the truth. Social that's Donald Trump's platform and I was only 504,000 in line and I have been for about the past 6 to 8 weeks but I just got in literally on the commercial break. I just got into true social so my friends on Facebook live are helping me pick my bio we were writing my bio input that I took a picture while I'm sitting here in the studio and I got a few more things got pick a cover image that's true social speaking of Trump, what's gonna happen now that Trump is going is that twitter is now being bought by you on musk River, Elon musk said free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy and twitter is the digital Townsquare were matters vital to the future of humanity are debated. I also want to make twitter better than ever. By enhancing the product with new features making the algorithms open source to increase trust defeating the spambots and authenticating all humans. Twitter has tremendous potential.

I look forward to working with the company and the community of users to unlock it so that sounds pretty good to me. But what's Trump saying what's Trump got to do it. Trump will not return to twitter, even as Elon musk purchases the platform will begin using his own truth. Social former president Trump will not return to twitter he says twitter on Monday afternoon announced agreed to be acquired by, must the former president told Fox news Monday that he will formally join his own true social over the next seven days as planned.

Quote I am not going on twitter I am going to stay untrue.

Trump told Fox news. I hope Elon buys twitter because he'll make improvements to it and he is a good man but I'm gonna be staying on truth, Trump told Fox news. So he will begin.

True thing. Over the next week Trump media technology group social media platform true social formally launch last month and is been up and running underage brand-new cloud services for four days after having been bed beta tested since February, says former representative Devon Nunez from California is now the company CEO are taking in millions of people and were finding it is that that the response on truth is much better than being on twitter or as bots and fake accounts and we're doing everything we can.

He added the bottom line is, no I'm not going back to twitter will see what happens.

Who's gonna win. Trump and his truth.

Social or Elon musk. My money is on musk because twitter is already out there and but it's good change. So this is all put an asterisk about all the stuff I mean after all, I am the guy a few weeks ago that said, I think twitter's going to choose ideology over cash but here they are choosing cash over ideology so oops, I was totally wrong and that but it took a little while and then you know you get pressure from shareholders and the board in community thought it was inevitable he was going to do a hostile takeover which means you just start buying up stock yes to go through some SEC stuff.

It's not super easy, but he can start doing. He could've started to do that and then twitter's going to lose anyway, so this way they act like they're in charge, like Richard Nixon quitting instead of being impeached and kicked out so it can be really interesting to see what happens here hopefully be a good thing is really bunch twitter people to quit.

I don't think musk will care about that.

I think you'll probably extend an olive branch to all the current twitter employees were losing their minds about some of the reactions on twitter actually kind of funny. I might have to I might have to edit here and there to make sure I don't say something I shouldn't on the air right so these are some tweets that have come health since the bomb went off. That Elon musk is taking over twitter Elon musk is buying twitter and everyone's freaking out everyone freaking out drives a Tesla. There's never been a dumber time to be alive.

That's probably true. A lot of the people that are gonna lose their minds over must taking over Tesla are taking over twitter probably Artie driver test is another one. All twitter had to do was leave the Babylon be alone right is another one to Matt Walsh from the daily wire works with Ben Shapiro my four-year-old just this is Matt Walsh. If you don't know who he is and you need to take this with a dose of salt. My four-year-old Pam gender child Stardust just asked Matt if you on musk takes control of twitter will hate speech be normalized is democracy over will life even be worth living. I looked at them playground pronouns and replied yes yes and no. We simply held each other and socks. So yes, hate speech will be normalized.

Yes, democracy is over no life will not be worth living.

Matt Walsh is no one.

Tyler said he can be a little frosty. I'm leaving twitter forever. I found out Elon musk.

But twitter and I fell to my knees and sobbed. I'm terrified democracy. It's been almost an hour now I'm lying in a puddle of my own, whatever. Luckily my four masks told the stench I'm literally shaking Pruden did this pay Elon musk.

It's a great week to free at real Donald Trump that was actually the house Republicans tweeted that C-SPAN Press Secretary on Elon musk purchasing twitter the president to so this is Jan's sake. The president has long been concerned about the power of large social media platforms, so good. The power they have over our everyday lives had long argued that tech platforms must be held accountable for the harms they cause now they're all about holding the tech giants accountable. Now that one of them to be owned by you on musk who believes in something that they don't re-speech that's so rich which takes me to the next one. This is why they are scared about Elon musk getting twitter the party that says men can get pregnant wants to control misinformation on the Internet is not a one imaginative Elon had bought twitter in January 2020. Instead of this week, the world would be a lot different right now. The censorship regime absolutely crushed and any resistance to the covert mania narrative. One man can make a huge difference in and Elon musk earlier today is the last thing is put on twitter. I hope that even my worst critics remain on twitter because that is what free speech means.

Amen to that. Okay. And that is the deal. So let me make sure were all being intellectually honest or if you believe in free speech and I believe most of you would say that you do all of you. I certainly do. Then free speech does not negate obnoxious speech. It doesn't negate an accurate speech actually doesn't negate false speech lessons Liber libel and slander.

It doesn't protect you from being offended. It doesn't protect you from bad information, or even false information getting out there free speech doesn't protect the American flag from being burned, nor should it. I asked that question with a bunch of my students in my history class in my civics class you want to find out about those for high school homeschoolers or even public school students who need to be saved to get the blue pill instead of the red pill.

Just go to noble you You can check that we just started doing that online teacher for 10 years noble you the U noble use and check out my US history and civics classes. So I asked them to you guys think that these are mostly kids, not a conservative Christian home that burning the flag should be illegal and about half of them say yes it should say what why look at this disrespectful. It's offensive and I said okay.

Do you want to live in a country where people can make laws based on what they feel is disrespectful or offensive.

Do you think you have a constitutional right not to be offended. You do not do the best thing for twitter short of like threatening crazy things terrible violence, pornography, things of that nature.

I think you can set it up to get rid of that but everything else Matt Snowmass back Snowmass Novak you want backs you don't want back she believe they work you don't believe they work eight Republicans eight Democrats. That's free speech. It should all be on there. We'll see what must us will be right back pretty sure that today playing on Elon musk of listening device, whatever that is probably his iPhone through his air pods is probably listening to some disco music today as he's deftly getting to do the victory dance because he is buying a twitter that's going to happen.

Twitter has agreed $54 and $54.20 a share, which is up 38% from April 1 okay not a bad deal for all you that own twitter stock 30% return based on his offer. Tender offer of 5420 which they're going to take and your to make 38% just since Jan since April 1. Not a bad investment in what 24 days. Thank you, Elon musk, so owe Darlene on Facebook live just asked a great question because I was like on the Facebook on the commercial break when you're listening to commercials on radio on Facebook live in YouTube live. We continue to converse kind of mostly me.

But I'm I'm interacting with my friends on Facebook live and I was saying that on outside this room that I still kind of talk with like a radio type voice. I mean I talk like this all the time anyway, but when I'm with my family and friends or whatever. I'll still use a dramatic pause. I'll change the donation of my voice. I will speed up sometimes in order to do that, but sometimes I will slow down and Darlene says love your show.

But how does your wife put up with you. That would be God's grace. The Holy Spirit and a really tender soft heart somebody that's about 100 times better person that's that's how that works okay by the way, we are talking on the break. About us section 230 is this can be an issue.

Section 230, which has to do with the social media platforms. They claim protection from section section 230 in order then go in and edit or remove your content, which is why Elon musk got all bent out of shape about twitter and it not being a bastion of free speech even though it's this incredibly influential source of information. Air quotes okay so twitter is about 25% of American adults are on twitter 80% of the of the traffic on twitter gets generated by about 5% of twitter case and it's it's been a liberal bastion and then they shut down all kinds of people because we know they shut down Donald Trump Mike Lindell the pillow guys Lynwood.

She was doing all kinds of trying to do all kinds of cases during the questioning about the 2020 election. The Babylon B and its founder Adam Ford Alex Berenson Steve Bannon Michael Flynn project Veritas James O'Keefe Marjorie Taylor Greentree Zawacki member of Congress by Steve Bannon, who was originally with the Trump administration now is his own show and pretty prolific guy and so that's why he jumped in their souls who have his last about 230 section 230 so as Bill is a recovering attorney aw shucks and I said can you put this in plain English section 230 gives legal protections to social media on the basis that they are not providing the content, just putting a platform out there, didn't anticipate the media from bending the rules and censoring one side so there you go. So we'll get some more information. I'll keep talking about that. Here's an example. Here's one of the problems with Twitter is there they started to go after the curtain on a little bit something called Libs of tick-tock. Okay, so lives of tick-tock was started by this individual.

They were anonymous and in the Washington Post who is which is owned by Jeff Pazo's went afterwards did some digging to find out lives of tick-tock and who started the account they change account names. Over the last year or two but lives of tick-tock as is been a pretty prolific and all the person and then they docked the lives of tick-tock person Doc Singh means they put out as much information publicly as they could, so that you know this anonymous person is where they live email address that kinda stuff okay that's Doc Singh it's a little bit different in each case, but that's what Doc Singh does. You also inhalants put out this person's address in their email and the but their real name when it was supposed to be an anonymous account they go after lives of tick-tock because lives of tick-tock just goes on the tick-tock and yanks down some of the most egregious examples of just crazy literal craziness on the left, and especially a lot of the stuff that were dealing with right now in school boards and school content around the country and Florida and Disney with all the trends madness. Okay so pansexual transsexual, transgendered trans man trans woman, all that kind of stuff. It's all blowing up Disney's shares are down like I think $40 billion in the last few weeks and so all lives. The tick-tock does is finds this. That's an that is elemental. It's part of the progressive movement.

This part of liberalism. This is now like I said on Friday. The Democrat party owns the and they they agree with. They have to because part of their worldview and they have to stay consistent. Which means there rules because if you start saying there's some rules.

You know like Pete Bridges before their child was born was not a human child was not a human until started breeding on its own, so 30 minutes before Pete booted Judge and his" husband their child was born.

Obviously a surrogate 30 minutes before. That was not a human being and I would imagine if I asked people to judge, it wouldn't have been okay to kill that thing 30 minutes before birth, thus denying you of your son or whatever and I don't know that son or daughter sex and gender. The same then he would if he is going to stick to his guns. He would have to say yes because that 30 minutes before and he's holding a little baby. Imagine this third and I would ask this question a fire face-to-face with them took 30 minutes before this baby was born. Sir according to what you've said. It was not a human. So the doctor could've killed and you would've been fine with it because it wasn't actually a human being that is now your son is that correct anyone watch him stymie and fall over his answer there, just like when we have a a new Supreme Court justice worn and she's asked what is a woman and she says I can answer that because I'm not a biologist, so when you throw down with the anti-God anti-Christian anti-Bible crowd.

Romans chapter 1, a reprobate mind you suppress the truth. Replace it with a lie. You have to go with anything and everything because it goes and you start saying well okay maybe there are only two sexes i.e. genders then you just violated the whole concept that it's autonomy and we can make up all the rules ourselves. You just ratted out your whole team. You can't do that. That's how given over there so here's an example is the young man lives of tick-tock, but this out this is the young man who's trying to present himself as a girl talking about gender and babies in abortion, this is a typical thing that lives of tick-tock put out that which put them under the heat encouraged to put this kind of stuff out there because it reveals the depravity of the Democrat party.

The progressive okay hit a lot of antiabortion also seemingly really into the idea finance their child sex really early on this because of his underlying cultural idea that gender confers humanity and no if you're against people aborting fetuses. You need to construct them as like fully people in one of the mechanisms to do so is by inferring in general. So Aquino we often talking this is it, or we can't even early babies.

We often call it no babies like it's crying because it's like not quite gotten gender is not quite become a person like a lot of conservatives who are really antiabortion and really Pro reproduction. They are obsessed with tendering the children before were even born. The coming to roughly gender because it's like how to humanize him to stop people from being able to have safe access to abortions. A lot of intern abortionists with Pro reproduction, not a person. Gender confers humanity can't beat you gotta gender them because then they can be fully people as opposed fetuses and this is a young man who's obviously really messed up reprobate mind given over needs help and that's just an example and then lives of tick-tock, especially recently, as come under fire because they're putting up people that think and act and live like this young man who happened to be teachers. Teachers in kindergarten teachers and first grade teachers in fourth grade teachers in fifth grade. One of the teachers was saying you know when that when you're born to talk into their class of first-graders on zoom when you're poor and you know the doctor takes a look at you and they guess your gender, this is the teacher talking to kindergarten or first graders and lives of tick-tock spends the time to go find these people on tick-tock you are willing to put their stuff out there publicly is just that lives of tick-tock now has the ability to amplify it. But they're finding the truth that these people believe in our living and our teaching that is grooming grooming children. Not necessarily for pedophilia, although that's probably a part of it but grooming them into this radical reprobate minded worldview and so your kids are out there in kindergarten through eighth grade and then ninth grade through the end of high school marinating in the stuff and these are real teachers who are out there really teaching real children and lives of tick-tock comes under fire from the left because there because they're revealing that the Emperor truly has no close that the progressive liberal world.

Now, as it embraced child sacrifice through abortion has now embraced child abuse through radical sexual gender ideology in kindergarten and first grade and they truly see you and me as the enemy were the child abusers because we force our children to think and binary terms which are just hateful, harmful, and lead people to commit suicide. That's without there.

So let's hope and pray and keep an eye on Elon musk now acquiring Twitter deceive it in fact does become a free-speech bastion, a bastion of free speech where we can call out the evil for what it is and lives of tick-tock can continue to shed light on the darkness will be right back with the money Monday update back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show interesting to talk about you on modifying Twitter today dollars said that the toilette the 30% increase in stock price since April 1. So Elon to our Twitter users, Twitter stockholders, you're welcome and will be adjusting to see what happens there, and that these things are interesting and a Steve is not more important things going on the world. Yeah, I know, but I've got an hour a day five days a week, 52 weeks a year plus years and so as a Christian. I'm going to overlay my biblical worldview and every nook and cranny of life and that gives us a lot to talk about all that all the time so we have a we have room to run and talk about different subjects which we do on the show never never the same every day different things going on and that's just an operational biblical worldview is like your operating system and operating system on your phone affects everything on your phone the operating system on your computer affects everything on your computer and your biblical worldview should be your number one operating system and then use it to engage in any subject out there and apply biblical worldview as best you can and that's what we try to do including when it comes there is a finance. Did you know the Bible speaks more about money and finances. Then faith me literally faith and prayer literally mentions money and finances more than those so that's an interesting aspect there because I think the Lord knew that his creates his creatures made in his image that we would struggle with this particular issue when you have very little a little bit some medium amount or a lot. Most of us come struggle with it and it's important that were were good stewards. That's why, with a forward to talking to our buddy David Fisher every week landmark is always David how are you up a tension in her life. So what should we have. Balance their primary under program you're welcome. A balance is always diversity in the way we handle that as well as we talk about diversity in our holdings, but a great point. But before you get any of that stuff. Let's start, let's get our compass adjusted. I love this passage.

This is really effective for us in a really topsy-turvy time in our lives as adults living in 2022. Isaiah 41.

This is so good. Let's start there for I am with you. Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you with my righteous right hand.

So obviously during uncertain times will we do live in. I think it causes us to question more into the presence of God into word and to stand on his promises that yes we can be of this world, but you know in this world but not of it. We can be good stewards but will money the Lord, or should is not our God and his church were being stewardship of it and you know whatever may happen with Russia and Ukraine. No arch trust still is in the Lord and God. During these uncertain times wants to strengthen posts and help us lose and be close to us. Yes, it's an awesome thought, and whether were talking about things going on internationally. Things going on nationally when we talk about cultural things financial things the government the election coming up. I mean, the primary season that were in those things are all important. They can deftly drive us to to fear, but we have to remember whose side is that were online and who's on our side that he never leaves us nor forsake us in, and that so important. Remember that always go back to Scripture to make sure that your house is built on the rock and not the sand but those are great points and always appreciate start that way. David stocks down severely last week.what over 900 points on Friday that was a bloodbath. I'm glad I wasn't paying attention and and this morning it was down a bunch and it ended up up about 230 points just crazy lately, so what's going on with that about an update so we can try to keep our feet on the ground 981.2 was down hundred and 88. One point now closed up 230 branch flows total of 700 points swing from down the talk so bloodbath for a lot of start streaming Netflix down 70% motor down 45% from their highs. All major program critical support levels last Friday were start of the year in the 6040% stock bond index since they began 2009 and there is a big movement towards cash which caused the dollar to surge last week.

This all based upon, for the most part they came out on Thursday, the day before all this turmoil in late in the third says it's in controlling and creaming inflation is absolutely essential and they are saying were not opposed to 50 point race like this is off the table with broccoli on the table.

The next day the market started to break down last week. The bell down 1.9% S&P down 2.8%, making 1/3 week cost for both of the indexes she would go for straight loss limit is the biggest food losing 3.8% of and some are saying this is not over.

This is just the down payment for work could be coming so watch it and give you an update next Monday and see what happens.

Yeah, because this is the answer the question, are we done with the downward movement. I would say probably not, of course, we don't magic ball to look into it are a little magic eight ball, but that's sure doesn't seem like the downward movement and it's amazingly look at Netflix and meta which is Facebook, and the numbers going down NASDAQ down 3.8%. Lastly, committees are crushing blows and then lovey will surely that can't last, but surely it can't can't and I mean there's no reason to believe that it can't get worse during the same downturn last week. The IMF issued a warning and monitor refund said we could have a decade of a hockey inflation/global outgrowth look early Mike Wilson Morgan Stanley should inflation is no positive for stocks or earnings growth melts negative and he came out and said today that stocks this fall on Friday uses Snell stocks are poised to go into a bear market so I think Steve Weiss beguiled CNBC really great guy straight shooter associate. Even the believer.

For some reason, but is on 14 February. Don't rush in the butterscotch of day laborers, you should use in 50 to 70% cash. We talked about on their program and he said today. I don't think this market is doing going lower release of other things, well-being, cash flow, I tend to fall with the big money is saying that the group could go school Laura unfortunately said. But is this the only reason that the stock markets and having these kind of problems a minute. It's not just what the Fed is doing generated the downturn on Friday the third like with the match yeah but others are coming out with school work. Deutsche Bank should go shrink a couple weeks ago was the first major breakthrough said were going in the recession. Now they're saying today. The recession is to be a hard landing, so they're saying there's three reasons why Russia, even mentioning really the Fed to suffer a little bit here but they should note the number one reason to risk is Russia is going to get stronger in its aggression towards Ukraine which is give up on Western responses more sanctions and more military support just below the sink. Further, the second thing is they are saying that Fred is is is way behind the crew. They are saying. Inflation is much better than what the Fed is saying the Fed is going to get to 3%, which is a huge increase from here. Interest rates could record 1/2 a point and also send the third reason is that this whole thing with the covert shock outbreak in China is causing major supply chain issues and that's going to continue to spread into so many different economic areas so I will think well the windshear and I tend to follow what Deutsche Bank is saying you listen to the big-money people because they've got the most vested interested in the conversation gold and silver. I mean it was not long ago, gold was hit 2000 and mean silver was that they had a bump up crude oil is that like what 110 or something that's back down to 98 $98.58. So what's going on with the gold and silver markets retraces down today just under 1900 silver was up 25 and changes now at 2370 so there was a retracement in gold and silver which some people who don't own or gold silver company like myself like Mohammed Hill wrong is usually the only orange chief economic advisor you saying all this thing with the Federal Reserve I'm paraphrasing is to get out of the situation room is not easy and he is saying gold is you know well inflation hedge. Anything is going to hire State Street Bank's board showing boldly came out there, chief investment officer said in an interview on Bloomberg.

Bank of America still sees price of gold hitting record highs this year silver pushing $30 this year 2175 is what they're declaring for gold and Wells Fargo $2100 based upon the supply of the gold in short supply side is so much implying of gold supplies dropping to a five-year average, which is extremely historically bullish for gold and efflorescence and a couple more PMO capital markets. Gold is going much higher for gold is now $1800 and they're saying it's going to break over to 2200 and here's a guy name Lawrence Leppert. He writes for friend of French finance five times it is just a matter of time as it seems like right now people are just not quite sure what's going to happen. So there's a little bit of a holding pattern, but as things get cemented more into the bad side, then obviously we'll see gold and silver, and precious metals go up is that just some hesitancy out there. David stock market went down the short term. Short-term people want to get more educated.

I know it can sound complicated but want to spend some time you can actually figure it out somehow part of the more you understand me 575.

Call me 575 website I got bless you buddy.

Thanks so much look forward to talking again next week. Thanks.

Have a great day this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing outside to get real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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